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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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impact with the other state. here is i-40 on i-77 head north -- heading n. near memorial hwy. it is just north of that. i-77 north and southbound, all travel lanes are open. you can still use 21 as an alternate. will continue to monitor this in the traffic center. minor delays expected on the s. brown pkwy. and south of the valentine's common parkway. the rain has moved out and still wet roadways and charlotte. to the northwest on i-40 from statesville through hickory, fog settling in and temperatures up there are close to freezing and still above freezing but just barely. no reports of icy conditions right now. wet roads here and no trouble in the mountains. squirrels are out again today
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especially on the secondary roads. morning drive, roads may be damp but they are drying up the low 40s by 9:00. 50s today. the numbers are going way higher in the upcoming weekend. breaking news. northway charlotte. a man was shot in the leg three times. mcdonald street off of lasalle street. medics confirmed one person was taken to the hospital and police say witnesses are not operating. we're asking them what led to the shooting and if they have a suspect. channel 9 to continue breaking the story. police are looking for the people who were in the silver car left the scene of a crash. offices said the driver hit the back of a city truck on i-85 past the w. sugarcreek road. area around 12:30 am.
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closed for 30 minutes. the city truck driver was not her. more than 600 people showed up to the first form about possibly sending thousands of cms students to different schools. they voiced concerns and questions. angela han is live in uptown. >> reporter: a majority of us saw parents at the meeting last night. they were concerned their children would be best to schools outside of the neighborhoods. cms board members at the meeting try to address concerns but parents said they were still worried that busing would be a part of the reassignment plan. the idea is a controversial plan to create diverse and academically successful schools. elyse dashew told the crowd that the majority of the board did not want to see changes to
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hear that busing would not be a part of the plan. >> i don't necessarily think it is good to take them out of their community and bust them potentially. there will be another meeting like this one in district 5 on monday. board members are the only ones considering changes to education policy. coming up, i will explain the reason mecklenburg county leaders are trying to implement user -- universal pre-k for children and how they are looking to to help pay for the initiative. angela han. this morning school districts in york county are considering new school calendars so students can take exams before winter break. the plan would give all four districts the same spring break. districts say the proposals come after parents surveys in the county. rock hill already takes semester exams before break.
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out who robbed a south bend restaurant worker you can the police cars outside of the phat burrito in south central last night. the robber pulled a gun on the restaurant manager. he has a message for the robber. get a job. i work for my money and you should work for years. i don't steal from people. they were to customers inside the restaurant during the robbery and no one was hurt. we are asking police for a description on the robber. a former hotel operator accused in the deaths of three her to guess may not go to trial. david malatesta charged with three counts of involuntary manslaughter after three people die from it carbon monoxide leak at a best western. prosecutors told our partners that they are in talks with the attorney and
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geralyn charlie jenkins died in 2013 and jeffrey williams died in the same room two months later. his mom got very sick but survived. investigators found carbon monoxide linked from the water heater. both families filed a lawsuit against the hotel. and the town and other companies involved. yesterday a couple in court today accused of hiding marijuana in their daughters stuffed animal. amanda stone are facing drug charges. police told our partners the couple sold drugs out of the home on friend circle. they are both in jail on bond. people run inside the store. it is something you may see often or even to yourself but police say it is leading to an increase in car thefts. >> joe bruno is live in west
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>> reporter: >> a lot of people don't think anything of it before they leave their car running and step outside and had inside stores like this quiktrip. more cars are being stolen this way. in the past three months there have been 85 vehicle stolen with keys left in the ignition. that is up 67% from last year when 51 vehicles were stolen. police say this is preventable and most people leaving cars running in the driveway or outside of this is to warm up. we have been here for the past hour and we spotted a handful of cars running with no one in the. the drivers didn't think they were doing anything wrong and will be more careful. another driver locked her car before going inside and she said it would be crazy not to. if you leave your car running and it gets stolen that is on you. i will be safe.
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minutes to enforce this. they will be rewarding good drivers. just show car keys. joe bruno. charlotte leaders will talk about the first steps in a new study to make sure women and minority business owners have a fair chance to do the work in the city. charlotte has done similar disparity studies in the past. they will do another one this year. the economic committee will talk about finding a company to conduct the study. mecklenburg county will get red ventures $170,000 to bring new jobs. the incentives were approved. indian land base company will invest $5 billion to open an office in university city. charlotte city council approved $100,000. the company tasked with building lanes on i-77 is exactly beds to move forward. it is focused on major hurdles,
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bridge over davidson and widening the lanes over lake norman. once completed the express lanes will stretch for 26 miles from uptown charlotte to moore's well. please take down trees on i-77 median. this is video we shot from our chopper. they are clear calving near lake norman. it is the first step in getting for north carolina judges are deciding the fate of a law that could prevent property owners from improving their land. the state transportation officials shall reserve a possible route for a future highway. it is designed to hold down the cost of building -- buying highway land. real estate is unlikely to appreciate in value per threat of the zika virus brought some of the best doctors to washington dc. experts met at the national
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what is now considered a global crisis. doctors say there is a link between the infection in women and babies born with birth defects. the virus is not expected to spread in the united states. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> this is keith monday. a big improvement today. numbers funds -- bounce back up again today. 38 this morning and a lot more warm air to the south and it will keep streaming and over the next several days. we will take a few steps back today. this morning there are many spots in the mountains that are near or below freezing. it will leave slip travel and avery county. south on i-40 in morganton, freezing again. precipitation is done but you may come across a few minor slip patches in n the foothills said take a lot of cautions.
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warm-up on the way as we head towards your we can. we have a couple of new crashes including the one on 77 in iredell. south charlotte, minor delays, crash near parks farm lane south of downtown comments. we had one on south trying on around the billy graham parkway. minor slowdowns heading up towards i-77. something we will monitor. this is happening north of memorial highway, north of i-40 in statesville. overturned a logging truck and it lost some of its logs in the southbound side. all travel lanes are now blocked. used 21 as an alternate route.
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to cmpd for dealing with drug activity on their streets. the new tactic offices will use to deter crime. failing grades for helping
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areas where the state
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a live look at the scene near memorial highway at 15 miles north of i-40. a truck on its side. it was hauling some logs and it tipped over there on i-77 and its build the logs into the median. we learned they are not on the road at this point so the lanes are open to the crash originally happened northbound and the logs went into the southbound lanes. cars hit those logs. the driver of the truck went to the hospital and now we are looking at some of the debris in the median. all this will have to be cleared up. they will have to get the truck out of the way so we are waiting to get a timeline and when that could happen, once they decide to get this cleaned up and took the truck over you with the lane closures in place. we talked with mark taylor in a few moments.
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woman in her own car killing her was sentenced to eight years manslaughter. yesterday. they told the derek williams tobeler was alive she would want him to change his life imprisonment she would give the young man a hug and tell him that she wished him the best. >> channel 9 was the only one in the courtroom yesterday when williams expected a plea deal. he ran over tobeler with her own car on halloween night in denver. she died two days later. williams apologized to tobeler's family. it hurts me . so that's all. mother were there that night and police say they did nothing to help tobeler. they are charged with accessory after the fact. set. north carolina man is
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over the red truck drivers. carl robinson has severe limitation on hiring anyone with a criminal record. the high cost of insurance restricts businesses. robinson wants to change laws in dc to allow his company and others to fill a need for skilled labor in a shipping industry. >> you have trucking companies that they have vehicles just sitting because they can't get people to drive them. >> it is part of a north carolina delegation that went to washington last week to meet with the economic anxieties -- advises. american airlines is suing to try to get out of his contract with a company that provides its wi-fi service. the airline filed a lawsuit against gogo. american said the internet is too slow and has a better offer from a different company. gogo will have a certain amount of time to fix the problem and persuade the airline to stay.
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says they should not be a $100 bill. audrey sommer said the bills of -- should be scrapped. he cites a new study that argues eliminating larger denomination bills would have little downside of the study says it would make life more difficult for people breaking the law. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> keith monday in severe weather center 9. >> dry things up after rain last night. the rain was heavy yesterday. it a nice picture from the lake norman pictures. the clouds are moving away from us and you can see dean is hanging out. you can see it fog to deal with in an area where it is getting close to freezing again. i-40 quarter west out of statesville hickory towards drexel and valdez. disability -- visibility is low this morning. let's assume to the north and
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37 in morganton but spots around conover where it is 32. you will find little pockets here. 31 in taylorsville and lincolnton, be cautious of the roads. may be an isolated slick spot but not like yesterday. clearing out this morning and low 40s by 5:00. staying in the low 50s this afternoon. not as warm as yesterday thanks to a northerly wind direction. yesterdays went was out of the west. today we fall back a few degrees and bounce back up quickly to the rest of the week. sunny skies across the region today amounts may be slow to clear but you will get back goes on. high countries are in the 30s for one more day. the weekend looks fantastic. upper 50s through friday. mid to upper 60s on the way through saturday and sunday. it is a big change from last
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low of 19 and this sunday getting close to 70. breakout the shorts and t- shirts this weekend. it will feel warmer than those numbers because it is been so cold for so long. five day forecast, fantastic with temperatures going back up to the 40s to near 50. we have these two incidents that are causing issues. in south charlotte we were monitoring if you accident scenes that were causing minor delays. on the billy graham parkway at. south of that we have one on what road south of the ballantyne commons parkway. use caution and minor delays their. we watch i-77 north of statesville and i-40. this is near memorial highway north of the overturned logging truck. southbound side has an accident
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this is what we would watch looking for delays. a suspected gang member to learn if you will face death if convicted in the murders of a lake wylie couple. the specific details prosecutors are asking for now. health officials in iredale and mecklenburg county's are
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with the mumps virus. north carolina didn't do so
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>> the state got a d, physical activity, mental health, tobacco use and alcohol abuse. a report says the best way to improve health is to help parents improve their own health. the state did get a b in insurance coverage and teen birth and dental health and immunization. a new study suggests eating fish more than three times per week during pregnancy could be associated with increased risk of childhood obesity. data from 26,000 pregnant women and the children showed women who had this more than three times per week gave birth to children with higher bmi values compared to women who ate fish less than that. fda recommends a woman should eat fish but no more than 2 to 3 servings per week. police and nashville are launching a program aimed at getting her when addicts the help they need. it would allow them to give up
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punished and buying counseling. police said the program can help dry at the heroin supply. one woman whose sons are both recovering addicts say the drug is responsible for some of the worst days of her life it develops slowly and then when you make the turnover from prescription drugs to here when , i said you have to go. you have to leave now. >> in the last three months police said the county has responded to 65 overdose calls. charlotte south bend is growing and merging with older neighborhoods. the crime has a strong foothold. the primary change it is making it easier for officers to stop crimes and how they are reaching out to the community. a beautiful day but not as warm as yesterday but i will
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yea, that fe
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77 and is causing delays in iredale county. thanks for joining us. i am stephanie maxwell. >> this is a live look at the scene of the logging truck near memorial highway, 15 miles north of i-40. the truck is sitting on its side right now. just now the state trooper left the scene and he had been parked there for a while. the crash happened in a northbound lane. you can see it the middle of the screen one of the logs sticking out their. the driver lost control somehow and we're not sure how i neither our troopers because the driver was taken to the hospital. when the driver crashed the wood started spilling out and some of it did go into southbound lanes. two cars ran into some of the logs. those drivers were not hurt. it caused issues. you can tell the traffic is moving in both directions
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the road contained to the median . that does not mean we are out of the woods because their slowdowns in this area and mostly due to the onlooker delays. we saw 10 minutes ago, troopers and flashlights examining the wreckage trying to get more information. we are trying to get more information as well on that driver and why they lost control and where they were headed. this will be picking up throughout the morning as the drive gets busier and busier. we could see more delays especially when it comes to getting this thing up righted. let's get to traffic team nine mark taylor. >> 77, happening north of statesville heading towards harmony and north of i-40. the traffic lanes or "we were seeing onlooker delays heading north and south so used 21 as an alternate heading to and
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right now all lanes are open. that could change later this morning. we have other updates as well. earlier problems including an accident at the billy graham parkway. that has since cleared. traffic is building southbound 77 around cornell yes at 45 miles per hour heading towards how to build. lake norman camera telling a good story this morning. the clouds are moving out and a little bit of light fog down below. the fog is not thick enough to cause travel issues around charlotte. statesville and hickory, the fog is really settled in, less than a mile of visibility. catawba county west into morganton. some neighborhoods are close to freezing again. 4 below in lincolnton. 31 taylorsville. no widespread problems of
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ice could show up today. we haven't talked about the bigger warm-up coming into the weekend. more answers about mumps cases in our area. >> health officials in mecklenburg and iredell counties on alert after two adults have the virus. joe bruno learns how where this is. >> reporter: vaccines have been cases of mumps where but there are still a few cases in north carolina each year. channel 9 learned to adult happy and common infection. the two adults work together and the cases are contained. the health department is looking at potential contact the to have may have made to prevent a major outbreak. mumps is contagious and has sneezing or coughing. similars a symptom test similar to the flu.
6:33 am
to be aware. people tend to be knocked out a little bit longer than with a cold crisp and that there is no treatment for months. antibiotics are not effective. their treatments that people can take to relieve the symptoms. joe bruno. channel 9 will talk to iredell county health officials to learn what precautions they are taking. watch eyewitness to starting a 5:00. cnn released a new poll that shows democratic candidate bernie sanders is now neck to neck with hillary clinton out of the saturday nevada caucuses. 48% of caucus attendees say they will support clinton while 47% say they will support sanders. clinton is well ahead of sanders in south carolina. on the republican side tonight,
6:34 am
questions from south carolina voters. cnn will moderate the town hall cruz, and marco rubio. governor john kasich and donald trump and jeb bush will have a similar town hall. 38% of south carolina republican voters support donald trump. us senator ted cruz came in second with 22%. half of the voters said they are still trying to decide who they will vote for so it is still up in the air. nikki haley says she has not made up her mind about who she will endorse president. she did world out trump. we don't want a president that will come in bash and tell us what we are not doing right. we want a president help us fight and win back and explain why we don't want cinnamon --
6:35 am
>> she went on to say in a sense that trump was obama like. a new push to give all charlotte children access to break a. it would prevent kids from lagging behind when they get to kindergarten. angela hage is live in uptown. this could impact every child under the age of 5 in mecklenburg county. commissioner travel for would announce that the pre-k plan would roll out the different phases. all kids on a waiting list would be put in programs and in the second phase, all four-year- olds would be served. and then reaching children up to three years old, giving children access to early childhood education will help them become more academically successful. we spoke with parents who believe they could
6:36 am
worried about how it will be paid for. >> i am not plugged in and up to the numbers in the budget piece to know if it is feasible.>> commissioner fuller said they would need support from the state and federal level as well as nonprofits and businesses to help pay for this initiative. parents in mecklenburg county are concerned that the children could be going to schools outside of the neighborhoods. i will explain the reason that cms board members told parents they shouldn't be too worried about busing when it comes to student reassignment plans. angela han. state of the county address yesterday, they talked about taxes. mecklenburg county has an improving economy. they likely won't see a tax rate increase. trevor fuller says continued construction has kept the money coming into the county.
6:37 am
something even if it is as low as a penny. we hear all the time about investments we make. those investments should pay back to the taxpayer and from time to time you should make a marginal adjustment for that. other highlights from yesterday include a jobs initiative to put 1000 people to work and $130 million investment in parks. cpd will hold a cops on the corner next week. as part of their efforts to reach out to people in the community and make their presence known. yesterday they were at the corner of south thailand and kingston. offices say with the new apartments in south bend and transformation of the wellborn neighbor had their getting calls from neighbors concerned about the existing drug activity and bordering. one way to curb it is to take over the quarter and show that we are not going to get
6:38 am
and the drug dealers. >> police say some of the crimes from older neighborhoods are bleeding over into the blooming south and. a similar event next week at the transit center. accused shooter of a lake wylie couple could face the death penalty. a review committee will hold a meeting later this month to decide. malcolm hartley is one of 12 members and associates of united blood nation gang indicted in 2014. he shot and killed dag and defense attorneys requested several pieces of evidence. one of which looks at whether the murder victims were engaged in criminal activity. this process offers an another layer of protection for defendants. there more safeguards in death penalty cases. >> the meeting will happen on the 29th of the committee is expected to make a
6:39 am
general. seven of the 12 suspects indicted have already taken a plea deal. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> keith monday. ashe county schools now closed in addition to a way. >> the snow has wrapped up that we will find as the travel of their. the weather service issuing a dense fog advisory from burke county and caldwell county all the way eased into iredell. the fog goes until 10:00. temperatures are very close to freezing again. take caution of their especially on the bridges and overpasses. it doesn't take a lot of the fog to cause split travel. no fog issues here, plenty of fun for the day and not as much of a warm-up thanks to a northerly wind. i will show you more coming up. storm let's go to mark taylor.>>
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into the traffic center. independence boulevard, two separate crashes. one inbound between the 277 split blocking the inside lane heading to the berkshire, causing delays. another crash at independence, blocking the right lane. independence jamming up. that alternate route is 22nd st. this is going to be east of i- 77, minor delays for now. where monitoring what is going on in iredell county on i-77 memorial highway. this overturned logging truck that lost logs in the southbound side. unc charlotte student helped a stranger deliver her baby outside of his apartment. what that women did minutes
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car thefts up 67% this winter. joe bruno is live with this stlive (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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give we keep an eye on the situation on i-77 northbound lanes, this is near memorial highway in this truck was hauling logs and a crash this morning.
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you can see those logs. some did go in the opposite lanes. the driver of the truck is in the hospital and we are working to get more information. right now it is not causing a big traffic issue although the truck there looks like it is blocking one lane. let me talk with mark taylor in a few minutes. police are watching for people who are doing this. they leave cars running when they go to the gas station. they say it is leading to an increase in car thefts. >> joe bruno is live in west charlotte.>> reporter: right now police are at local quiktrip gas stations making sure people turn off their cars before going inside the store. it seems simple but police say it is a major problem because cars are being stolen. the climb is down but in the last three months 85 cars were stolen because keys were left
6:45 am
67% from last year with only 51 stolen in the same time period. we spotted a handful of offenders and they told us they wanted to keep their car warm. police say that is a common mistake not only happening in businesses but also in driveways. joe bruno. channel 9 will remain at the gas station with police and we will update you. watch eyewitnesses this morning on tv64. police are trying to figure out who shot a man in the leg three times in northway charlotte. this was the scene on mcdonald street near lasalle. police say witnesses are not cooperating so they're having a hard time identifying a suspect. police are looking for the people who are in this supercar here who left the scene of a crash. offices said the driver hit the back of a city truck on i-85 past w.
6:46 am
the right three lanes were closed for about 30 minutes. city truck driver was not her. gastonia couple in court today accused of hiding marijuana in their daughters stuffed animal. amanda stone and eric bagwell are facing child abuse and drug charges. police told partners at the gazette that they sold drugs out of their home on bryant circle. they are in jail on bond. possibility of sending cms students to new schools is causing so much concern already more than 600 people showed up to the first form all about it. pierre worried their children may be best to schools. angela han's life with more. >> reporter: last night's meeting, cms board members told parents that a majority of the nine-member board doesn't actually support bussing
6:47 am
saying that they would take bussing completely off the table for student reassignment is a controversial plan aimed at creating more diverse and schools. even though the board try to delay their fears parents walked away from the meeting worried about how reassignment could affect the children. there will be a meeting like the one last night on monday from district 5. angela han. today the charlotte knights will make different announcements and one of them will be the 2016 aaa all-star game. the game is july 13 and will bring the best players to the charlotte area. channel 9 will be there for the announcements. we will let you know what they are. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> this is keith monday in severe weather center 9. you can see some fog in the my pictures. >> the fog is settled in. we haven't had the issue at charlotte.
6:48 am
it will be a beautiful picture as we work to the next half- hour. the sun works in. great visibility in town. what you crossover iredell county north of mooresville upward statesville the visibility drops dramatically. the numbers are close to freezing in statesville, 32. the numbers much colder of north and we're all about 40 and their travel concerns with fog rising charlotte. along the i-40 quarter -- corridor, watch out for ice and a little bit of minor spots. most neighborhoods north will be upper 30s so we won't last very long. we bounce back to 50 by lunchtime and highs today in will keep temperature held down a little bit. for the mountains you don't want to give above freezing today. it will get more sunshine to
6:49 am
bounce back. 50s this weekend. mooresville, 50 today. sunshine back in place for the rest of the day. for the end of the week, wind direction out of the southwest and a breeze kicks in on friday, 10 to 15 miles per hour. it will help set the stage for much warmer weather as we get ready for the weekend. five day forecast, temperatures stay in the low to mid 50s in the 60s by a good margin on saturday. near 70 on sunday. we will all enjoy it a spring preview this weekend. this morning check out the current conditions down to your neighborhood on our weather out especially if you live north of charlotte metro. freezing fog potential. we had such a stretch. it would be nice this
6:50 am
10 minutes. is traffic team 9. independence boulevard, a few issues this morning and getting new information, this is inbound independence boulevard before the 277 split. towards brier creek we had an accident on the right lane and that has clear. now we're seeing some delays heading inbound. use seven straight. you are seeing roads heading to brier creek and part-time technology showing it is about 40 miles per hour and 17 minute ride coming in for matthews with an accident to the south. wall street futures for wednesday. dow up 99 points for nasdaq up 28 points. a student rush to help after he found a stranger giving birth
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we had been watching this unfold for the last hour on i- 77 north of statesville, a logging truck on its side and its build logs into the median. near memorial highway. 15 miles north of i-40. you see the rope, this is what it was carrying. you can see the guys in the dot crews on the same. there are said to truck. they threw a rope across the road and it looks like they are going to start preparing this truck to bring it back up right. when that happens i imagine there will be lane closures. let's go to mark taylor. the good news is not really a big traffic issue. we were seeing intermittent slowdowns for people heading northbound but perhaps -- past statesville north of i-40 heading towards harmony this morning, north of 901 -- past statesville north of i-40 heading towards harmony this morning, north of 901 memorial hwy.
6:55 am
caution but we could see lane closures when they start to operate the truck. we have other issues on independence boulevard. north lane blocked near 277. a big problem in north charlotte , oakfield road is closed coming up. unc charlotte student and his roommate helped a stranger deliver her baby outside their university city apartment. daniel couple said he noticed the woman laying outside of her apartment and thought she locked out. she was in labor. kepple raised up three flights of stairs and called his mom for advice. by the time he got back another woman was helping to deliver the child. after the women gave birth kepple said she pulled up her pants and was ready to call it. firefighters arrived and took the mom and the sun to get checked out.
6:56 am
foggy weather to the north in the i-40 quarter. dense fog advisory until 10 am on tv64. i will monitor the temperatures at their and if you icy spots here and there. local news continues on tv64. will follow the
6:57 am
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6:59 am
know when they shut down a know when they good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help. smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the next big vote. winter warning. a new alert about dangers on the ski slopes. the terrifying moment this young boy slipped dangling 30 feet above ground and the hero bystanders who helped rescue
7:00 am
the new best in show crowned after facing rough competition from thousands of dogs, c.j., the german shorthaired pointer walking away with the biggest bone of all now joining us live in times square only on "gma." all right, and good morning, america. there he is, c.j., the winner of the westminster kennel club's best in show award. he's just arriving here in times square. he took a walk there on our green carpet in case you missed it. we cannot wait to meet the top dog coming up. hear what he has to say about his win. the biggest bone of all. >> a great-looking dog. >> walks like a winner. we will get to that. we have breaking news overninight. apple is refusing to follow a government order to hack the san bernardino shooter's phone. the fbi believes important clues about accomplices and more plots


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