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tv   Eyewitness News at 500  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> dr. keener says the vaccinations are effective, pointing to the county's average of 2 mumps cases a year out of a population of more than a million. but they aren't full proof. >> just like everything else, it isn't 100.0% effective. so it is possible. >> reporter: dr. keener told me that the mecklenburg county case did not stem from the airport or travel case, he could not say if the other 6 possible cases are also tied to mecklenburg county but at 6:00, i am looking into how common it is for people to be exposed to rare illnesses like the mumps while traveling. for now, reporting live in east charlotte, jenna deery, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you, jenna. as she mentioned, even if you had the mumps vaccine, you can still get the virus. according to the cdc people who have received 2 doses of the vaccine are 9 times less likely to get it than someone who has not been vaccinated.
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about the mumps and what you can do to try to prevent the virus on our website at, just look inside jenna's story on the home page. coming up at 5:30, we are talking to abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard beser about the cases about why this virus is still around and who is most at risk. to another major storae police say wit-- story, police say witnesses may have helped save a woman's life after they reportedly saw a man force her into a car with a knife and then beat her repeat with how they helped greg. >> reporter: this is cherry road behind me, one of the busiest roads in rock hill. over my shoulder you can see the witnesses were. the attack happened on the street directly behind me, evergreen circle in the middle
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police say drivers on evergreen circle heard the woman screaming a weapon. >> saw the guy force a victim into a car and they believe they saw a knife. >> another driver saw the man beating a woman who police say the suspect. she tried to stick her foot out and escape but couldn't. several people stopped to talk to police, one got a license tag number. some shoppers said they never imagined seeing such violence here. >> brings it close to home, something like that would happen is tragic. >> the help led police to an apartment where they arrested antonio wily and found the victim unhurt. one shopper said he is glad to see people step up and take action. >> apparently ordinary people saved a woman's life, by being willing to take a personal risk to do the right thing. >> they saw it didn't look right to everybody that saw it and they were-- and they were a big help. >> reporter: wily is charged
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his bond was denied this morning. police did find the knife they believed was used in the attack so the victim did not need medical attention. live in rock hill, greg suskin, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thanks. we have details on a triple omicide in south charlotte and how police were able to track down the suspected gunman, channel 9 was there as police arrested and charged antonio robinson and juvon twity with murder. one person witnessed the shooting death of three back in december. the witness told afrs the suspect-- officers the suspects were inside the home for a few minutes before they started fireing and the victims had no time to react. the witness went on to say twity used two guns at the same time. detectives in lancaster told charlotte-mecklenburg police that bullets used in the triple
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murder case there. detectives in lancaster say twity was a suspect in that case. we reached out to officers to find out more information about that murder case. the trial is under way in colorado for a woman who is accused of cutting open the belly of a former aplatchen state student and trying to take her enborn baby. dynel lane used a craigslist ad about baby clothes to lure michelle wilkins to her home in march of last year. wilkins attended there 2007-2011 survived the attack but the baby did not. lane's attorneys have not revealed much about her defense in the case. right now police are trying to track down the peep who jumped from a car and ran off after hitting the back of a city truck in north charlotte. officers were called out to i-85 near sugar creek road after midnight. they said the 2 people inside the silver car just left it right there in the middle of the northbound lanes. the city truck driver was not
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to officers to see if they have a description of the suspect. it was the third day in a row of big gains on wall street, the rally wiped out half of the losses since the first of the year. dow up 257 points and nasdaq up 98. upward swing is thanks to gains in energy comp companies and the big rise in-- companies and the big rise in price of oil. nikki haley is expected to endorse republican presidential candidate marco rubio in less than an hour. >> it comes days before the state's republican primary. haley is expected to make that announcement at an event in chapen, south carolina, some say it could help rubio, facing attacks from ted cruz and jeb bush recently. donald trump and hillary clinton are leading the pack in the north carolina polls, public policy polling found that trump is leading with 29%, and cruz is in second at 19% on the
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on the democrat side, clinton has 52%, while her rival, bernie sanders, has 35% right now. new at 5:00, south dakota could become the first state that forces public school students to use the bathroom that fits their biological sex. gay rights activists say the bill discriminates against transgender children and puts schools at risk for a lawsuit. the state legislature passed the bill yesterday. the governor is expected to sign it into law. charlotte city leaders are preparing for a long meeting controversial lgbt ordinance. 100 people are signed up to speak on the issue. council pushed the meeting start time up to 6:00, and people will be limited to speak for 1 minute instead of the usual 3 minutes. the ordinance would protect the lgbt community from discrimination but would also allow them to use any public
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new tonight, they fight for our country, now north carolina is fighting for our military members who have been ripped off. attorney general roy cooper is saying that hundreds of military members were tricked into buying over-priced electronics, and then given loans through a company called roam finance, the company is refunding more than $250,000, or $1100 per service member and will also offer debt forgiveness. mecklenburg county is set to give an internet marketing company $170,000 to bring hundreds of new jobs into charlotte. commissioners approved the incentives last night for red ventures, the indian land based company plans to invest more than $5 million to open a new office in university city. charlotte city council already approved an additional $100,000. all day south carolina lawmakers have been debating how to raise hundreds of millions of
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bridges and could cost gas prices to rise, one boosting 12 cents a gallon and cutting the income tax, that could raise almost $800 million for roads. some south carolina drivers said they will support it if plan. >> if i knew for sure that is where the money would go, i would be good with it. really go. >> republican state senator tom davis's filibustering the roads bill and held up progress all day long. we are told no action is expected today. the issue of repairing roads really came to the historic flooding. were damaged. it sparked momentum to raise the gas tax to pay for the flood damage, but some lawmakers want to use a $1.2 billion surplus in damage. some spilled water might have led to this crash in north charlotte.
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looked down when he spilled some water and that is when he hit a power pole on dalton avenue and flipped his truck. he is expected to be okay. he was cited with drivering with a revoked license. a water main break, an alert from 2 rivers utilities was sent out to those on old chestnut place, crews started working 12:30 today and say everything should be repaired a little after 5:00 p.m. during the repair work, residents might have experienced lower water pressure. students, teachers, and staff were evacuated from hickory ridge high school in cabarrus county because of a suspicious package there. students said they arrived at school today to see the deputies and the bomb squad outside of the building. they say they weren't alarmed by the situation because a similar
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>> i was pretty surprised but not terribly surprised because this happened before at our school, 2 years ago, so i was kind of-- kind of knew what was going on when cops were blocking off. >> students waited outside 3 hours while officers investigated. they were let in after investigators found the package was not a threat. new developments, a mother who delivered her baby with the help of two college students is expected to be released from the hospital tonight. a 911 operator walked the students and a neighbor through yesterday morning's delivery outside a university city apartment complex. the family called channel 9 tonight and hopeathize new mom can reconnect with the strangers who helped her. uncovering more than a dozen cases of students found with dangerous weapons at school. >> students have brought guns or knifes to school. >> why schools aren't using the technology to keep those weapons out.
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fight a plan that could shuffle thousands of students at cme, a new push to have voices heard. sunshine was great, made even better by the warmth, upper
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local groups want to make sure that every parent's voice is heard about charlotte-mecklenburg's controversial reassignment plan. >> we were there as more than 600 parents packed in matthews church last night and new tonight, eyewitness news anchor stephanie maxwell are worried all parents aren't geting the same opportunity. >> some people can't get to
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people work 2-3 jobs. >> jones wasn't surprised to see hundreds of people show up at a matthews church tuesday night, or the last school board meeting to voice concern s about a cms plan that could impact where students go to school in the future. he says that it is the dialogue you expect to hear when parents are worried about losing their neighborhood schools or even busing. jones wants even more people to be part of this process. that is why the group one charlotte, that advocates for educational equity is planning listening campaigns where those with tough job schedules and out. >> are we asking the questions to people that always get their opinions heard? or reach out to those marginalized communities. >> they do a review of the student assignment plan but it struck a nerve in the community as it works to achieve diversity and high academic standards. so many questions for parents trying to soak up as much information as they can and groups making sure they for students.
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final say. >> my child goes to a predominantly african american and hispanic school. so i do understand the diversity part but as far as-- it can be inconvenient to parents. >> i think diversity would be great. i want my child to see as much diversity as he can. i think that is educational in itself. meck-ed is scheduled to have a conversation thursday morning, another opportunity to have this talk before the board makes some tough decisions in the months ahead. in charlotte, stephanie maxwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> one charlotte is working to finalize the listening campaign schedule, another group, cms families united for neighborhood schools is holding a forum next monday as well. for more information about the events and for a link to cms's survey, go to, we have posted the information inside stephany's story on the home page. we reached out to police to see if they made arrests after a
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restaurant in south end. a police report shows 2 men held up the phat bureteo restaurant off camben last night. there were 2 employees and customers, but the customers were in the restroom. they managed to get away with $1500 in cash, the workers were not physically hurt. ceo of apple, tim cook is fighting a judge's order to break into an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooter. they made attempts to crack syed farook's phone. investigators want to assess the involvement of isis and if there were accomplices in the attacks that killed 14 people. the fbi wants apple to create a software, but apple says doing that would endanger the data security of all of their customers. the fight between apple and the
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>> congress is debating new rules for security encryption software. privacy advocates argue if your cell phone security featureerize limited, then everything you keep on your phone would be accessible to hackers. but the fbi director recently said encryption restricts law enforcement from identifying and following terrorists. outside today, just look at this view of the sunset. gorgeous shot from our charlotte cam. lets go to chief meteorologist steve udelson, please say it will continue. >> it is going to continue. how about that? mother nature trying to kiss and make up after the last couple days. view from elizabeth park, john captured this, gorgeous deep carolina blue sky for a change, and temperatures warming up that you want outside, 56 charlotte, 55 harrisburg, concord, 56 gastonia, cooler i-40 corridor, upper 40s to low 50s and still around freezing in the high country, we had thick fog north
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we will not see a repeat performance. we dried out nicely. left. temperatures upper 40s 7:00, mid 40s by 9:00, a chilly night but it is mid february, you can only expect so much. we will be around or below freezing in charlotte. upper 20s statesville, hickory, south carolina midlands. tomorrow, much like today except sunshine start to finish and won't start with morning clouds, steady northwest winds will keep us on the dry side, beautiful stretch of weather sets up. our forecast calls for readings around 40 at 9:00 a.m., upper 40s to near 50 by lunchtime and low toor mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. this is a few degrees below our average, which is 56. not so bad. our neighborhood forecast towards statesville, gorgeous, school start, upper 20s early tomorrow morning but rise to the lower to mid 50s tomorrow afternoon, towards cheser south of charlotte-- chester south of
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chilly around freezing but tomorrow afternoon. perhaps the best news of all, temperatures do nothing but continue to rise, how about the weekend? 60s both saturday and sunday, and we take a look at the 5-day forecast, not only do we have the warmth but we have a decent amount of sun. there will be some clouds sunday for sure, but all and all, a great almost early spring-like weekend before next week things go down hill again. >> just teasing us. >> that is the way it is this time of year, we get glimpses of what spring will be like. >> take what we can get. he is known as the move-quick bandit. tonight the fbi is investigating whether he could be in custody now in charlotte. >> the facial hair, the goatee, groomed the same. >> the other big clues connecting the cases and the evidence that provided some answers. half a dozen animals killed after a fire ripped through this charlotte barn. >> i feel sad that all those
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>> the accident that started it all and why investigators are not done with the case. drugs stuffed into a
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a man charged with hiding drugs in a little girl's toy box made his first appearance moments ago at the gaston county court house, eric bagwell hid marijuana in a stuffed animal and put it in the toy balk belonging to his-- box belonging to his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter. the mother, amanda stone is facing drug charges. they found the drugs during an on going investigation into the cup. they had complaints they sold drugs from their home. officers say it doesn't appear the drug had direct contact with the drugs. there is new relief on the way for hundreds of poor mothers to be in south carolina. this week the state announced a $30 million partnership to help first time moms on med made. nurses-- medicaid, nurses will make visits from early pregnancy until the child is 2. nikki haley says it is voluntary
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cycle of generational poverty. the federal government wants to clack down on where people can use food stamps. the usda says people are using them at restaurants and that congress did not intend for that. the agency wants to change the rules so in order for a store to accept food stamps, only gaen% of sales can-- 15% of sales can have food cooked on site. they are accepting public comment for 60 days, you with weigh in at, scroll over news and click on latest links. a study shows more young adults abusing adrole, john hopkins university research found adderall prescriptions have an increase but the number of people who got it from a friend sky rocketed 67% from 2006-2011. emergency room visited jumped
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be used to treat adhd and marklepsy. all-- narcolepsy. >> all new stories, a channel 9 investigation into security at charlotte schools. >> the students have brought guns or knifes or blades to school. >> after uncover ing more than a dozen cases, we are asking school officials why they aren't using available schools to keep weapons off campus. lead found in local neighborhoods drirnging water, why-- drinking water, why families they say deserve a new investigation. the feds are investigating if a man accused of bank robberies in charlotte could be
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investigators are going over andators ar days after this man was arrested for robbing 2 banks in charlotte, channel 9 has uncovered the fbi is now looking into whether he could be the same serial robber wanted in 2 other states, the notorious suspect in these photos earned the nickname the move-quick bandit.
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to kentucky. ken lemon found out federal authorityties are working the case together. >> the fbi in charlotte has been in contact with federal agents in tennessee, look ing at lewis as a suspect in several unsolved bank robberies, the obvious clues may come in images captured by security cameras like this one here, the camera at a bank in valentine's and a dozen other banks. police say that is a picture of lewis robbing the bb&t mallard creek road last week. this is a picture from a wanted poster, that is dubbed the move-quick bandit. we put the images side by side and showed people who shop in the area. >> the goatee, it is groomed the same. >> the guy does look similar to the tennessee robbery. >> police in charlotte say lewis quickly became a suspect for them at the last week's robberies here. they arrested him friday and learned he was already wanted
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authorities there have been busy hunting the move-quick robber. since july he hit 11 banks in kentucky and tennessee, he threatens to kill the tell er, considered armed and dangerous. >> little scary he could be a possible robber. >> authorities believe it is not a big leap to think he hit 3 states so close together. fife was apparently a concept promoter in tennessee before he became a man suspected of taking a very dangerous act on the road. >> reporter: authorities are not providing more information about the investigation but experts say they will likely track places where fife's cell phone has been and that will tell them whether his phone was in the area of a bank and about the time it was robbed. live in north charlotte, i am ken lemon, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thanks. here is another look at the move-quick bandit surveillance pictures, you can get a look on and if you have


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