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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> police tell us the customer, 25-year-old bernardo gray bought 3 cars with bogus cards. we talked with workers at one. >> he took his card and we ran it, swiped it and he put in what we thought was a pin, the card came back with approval. >> it got police involved but gray called back a couple days ago asking for his money back. >> absolutely threatened to call channel 9 and expose us, to say we were doing things, taking his money. >> gray is not in custody. police tell us warrants for his arrest were signed yesterday. ace auto says they became suspicious and called to get police involved. allison? >> blake, you found out the suspect isn't a stranger to law enforcement? >> reporter: in fact, we checked florida court records and they show 2013 he served prison time for a conviction on fraud, a
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giving false information to a pawnbroker. live in east charlotte, blake news. we are following breaking major news, late this afternoon, local health officials confirmed they are now monitoring 8 potential cases of the mumps virus in our area. >> in the last hour we told you about the spike and reported symptoms and how international travel is contributing to more people getting the contagious virus. eyewitness news reporter jenna deery is live with the concerns from local people flying from charlotte airport. jenna. >> reporter: mecklenburg county health officials told me they believe this all started at an airport where one of the patients was exposed to the rare virus but they tell me tonight it did not have to do with their case confirmed here in the county. tonight, public health nurses are investigating 8 cases of the mumps between cabarrus,
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2 cases have been confirmed in mecklenburg, iredell too, 6 are tested. they believe they are co-workers or acquaintances. someone contracted the mumps traveling through an airport. health officials say airports can be an illness incubator, they are confined, closed off space wheres passengers know they can come across anything and good hygiene is key. >> the fact you are in a lot of closed quarters with people, you don't know what they have been exposed to. >> my concern is because i have young children. if i were to maybe come in contact with a carrier and go home, maybe pass that on to my children, that makes me nervous. >> reporter: health officials say some who contractd the virus had received vaccinations and while they believe vaccinations
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to hand fuls each year, they aren't always full proof. jenna deery, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> the mumps is a virus that causes fever, headaches, loss of appetite, muscle ache, it is spread by coughing and sneezing, and is considered very contagious. our coverage of the growing mumps case continues online at you can find much more on the virus under our story right on the home page. breaking news now tonight at 6:00. >> in the last 2 hours state lawmakers got their first look at a map that redraws these local congressional districts that have been ruled racially biased and unconstitutional. that is the old map. it shows district 12 stretching from charlotte to greensboro. now i want to show you the proposed updated map drawn overnight. you can see some vast changes in district 12 which includes a quarter of a million people only in mecklenburg county from south
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it includes big changes for u.s. congressman robert pitinger's 9. southern mecklenburg east along the state line. this is the first version of a map to be released since state leaders agreed to over haul yesterday. the state will not be allowed to hold elections, including march proved. governor mccrory ordered all state lawmakers return to raleigh for a special session about the district map tomorrow morning. count on channel 9 to is a reporter there when the hearing begins 10:00 a.m. eyewitness news is investigating the impact on local neighborhoods and voters if this map is finalized, we will break all of this down for you, coming up tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. after a third straight day of positive gains on wall street, talks of a rebound are tossed around by financial experts.
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800 points in the last 72 hours, and the biggest loss we have seen since 2016 have been cut in half. when trading ended for the day the dow was up 257 points and nasdaq up 98 . the contract of charlotte city manager is set to expire in 6 weeks and we still don't know whether he will get an extension. channel 9 learned a committee appointed to help decide ron carly's future has finished the meeting, council will make a decision in closed session but city leaders don't know when that will be. we are asking the police if they made any arrests in a shooting that happened in northwest charlotte. we first reported this on daybreak, a suspect shot someone along mcdonald street. medic told us the victim was taken to the hospital is non-life threatening injuries, police believe this all started as a robbery. local police departments
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loss of federal funds to keep the charlotte area safe. last year the federal government pulled the plug on a program that allows some agencies to keep some money seized during drug busts and other investigations. channel 9 reporter tina terry learn smz agencies are pushing for a state laegs-- learns some agencies are fighting back. >> reporter: they have accepted more than half a million dollars in those funds from drug busts and other investigations, they used the money to enhance public safety so you see why it is so important to them and other agencies to get this program or a similar one back up and running again. >> we use funding to supply our officers with tasers. >> lieutenant said they have benefited from programs that
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and other crimes. >> very beneficial. >> his agency and others have lost out on the funds since december when the department of justice suspended a popular asset forfeiture program. they are hoping leaders will create a law allowing officers to hold on to seized assets. former mayor jeff tart said he understandathize benefits. >> we absolutely took advantage of the program and were able to do budgetary items rather than out of general funds. >> he is open to the discussion but said state programs should have safe guards to prevent abuse. >> there is an appropriate place and use for that type of program potentially. there are ways it could be tremendously and grosly abused-- grossly abused if used inappropriate-- inappropriately.
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the attorney general's office told us tonight that north carolina is unique in that under our constitution assets seized here go to public schools and not to law enforcement. reporting live from matthews police department, tina terry, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the charlotte-mecklenburg police department tried a new unique effort to prevent stolen vehicle cases where owners aren't doing enough to protect valuables, they teamed up with quick trip to make sure people weren't leaving cars running before running into the store. 85 vehicles have been stolen this winter because the keys were left in the ignition. that is up 67% from the same time last year. >> they are not looking to steal the car, ship it somewhere to make a large amount of money. a lot of times it is juvenile
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crimes. >> letting your car warm up makes it an easy target. cmpd handed free drink coupons to those who showed keys. authorities say officers executed a search warrant at this business, our crew on scene saw a pick up truck loaded with gaming equipment. it is unclear if the truck was connected to the sufrp warrant. american-- search warrant. american airline chose to deboard passengers before take off after someone reported smelling smoke. you can see in some of the video, fire crews out there on the scene at charlotte douglas airport to check the aircraft. the airline said the flight was deplaned as a precaution. americans did not specify when passengers finally made it to their destination. american airlines will submit an application to fly to cuba and in 2 weeks we could know if that includes charlotte. the company made the
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will apply to fly from miami to havana but they said it would not be specific about other hubs until the application is submitted. those are due march 2. nikki haley just endorsed republican presidential candidate marbo rubio-- marco rubio, these are live pictures in south carolina. the governor is making the crucial endorsement 3 days before the south carolina republican primary on saturday. the sunset just 2 minutes ago, what a beauty it has been. hope you had a chance to enjoy it, made better by the fact we were mild. we will show you how much longer the warmth will last. an 11-year-old on a trip without family. her flight delayed and diverted. >> they don't know what city she was in. >> her mother said the airline left her in the dark after she care. >> they blatantly lied to me about where she was.
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only see on channel 9 only see on channel a parent's nightmare, an 11-year-old girl traveling alone on a flight to charlotte that was delayed for hours and then diverted. the girl's mother says american airlines didn't even know where
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>> blatantly lied to me about where she was. they really didn't know. >> new tonight at 6:00, that mother is sharing her terrifying experience only with channel 9. eyewitness news anchor liz foster took her concerns to the airline to ask how this could happen. liz? >> reporter: in the last hour and a half i got a response from american airline as to why 11-year-old maggie's flight never made it here monday night. after bad weather there was a maintenance issue but her parents are upset they were never notified the flight was canc sxld the plane was-- canceled and the plane was in south carolina. >> she just said help. that just killed me. >> corinne told only channel 9 about her 11-year-old daughter maggie's flight home after spending time with family. she was supposed to arrive in charlotte at 8:50 mund anight. american airlines confirm td was delayed because of weather-- confirmed it was delayed because of weather. 1:30 a.m.
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she was in columbia, and someone was taking her off the plane. >> i am getting trantic-- frantic. upset. they calld to say turn around to go to charlotte only to be columbia. a representative for american airlines told her maggie was in columbia airport. corinne said 5 minutes later her daughter called saying she was on the plane. >> they lied to me about where she was. >> corinne said the airline never called her to let her know it was diverted and canceled, even though the airline charged an additional $300 for special care because maggie was an unaaccompanied minor. >> they need to look at the system, they are charging people $300 for, and they need to examine where it has failed
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>> a spokesperson for american airlines told me parents of minors are typically notified of flight changes once passengers are off the airplane. but maggie was still on it when she spoke to her muth sxr the flight had not shown up in the system as canceled. the airline is apologizing to her family and represents will reach out to them. >> reporter: liz foster, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you, liz. this story has many of you, many parents talking tonight on our eyewitness news facebook page. if you want to join in the conversation, check wsoc and click the like button. deputies say an attempt to serve a warrant led to this large police presence in roan county yesterday. belmont place in rockwell 5:00 yesterday they flew over trying to serve high-risk warrants on suspect chad kirkman, considered
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when deputies answered the home kirkman had committed suicide. eyewitness news is covering the carolinas county by county. iredell county an over turned log truck caused headaches for drivers during the morning commute. channel 9 brought you breaking news updates from the scene on i-77 throughout daybreak this morning. the accident happened near mile marker 65. look at that. the driver told the police it was foggy out when the truck hit the strip, over corrected and turned in the median. in mecklenburg county the former mayor of huntersville has a job, jill swain is director of huntersville connection, the organization voted tuesday to become the huntersville chamber of commerce, she will be in charge of transition, including recruiting businesses and creating a website. right now, this is a view from our charlotte cam of the sunset, we are having longer days, more daylight to enjoy, here is our chief meteorologist
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>> we enjoyed every minute during the day today. we gained an hour and quarter since the shortest day of the year, the start of winter before christmas, we continue to gain over a minute each day. the only folks that didn't see sunshine across the high country, clouds locked in, avery, northern caldwell county, east of there skies are clear we were 58. it is down to 52 charlotte, university city only 51. 53 harrisburg as well as valentine, 52, hickory, statesville, lincolnton, 40. around freezing in the high country. outside this evening, again, sun is down, taechs steadily fall to the 40s. unlike last night, we are not forecasting the fog to reform, maybe low clouds over the mountains, that will be it. for the charlotte area we will be fog free as temperatures bottom out around freezing most of the metro.
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corridor, low 20s in the hike. tomorrow morning, back to coats and gloves, temperatures around freezing, the sun will be out around 7:00 or so, and 9:00 upper 30s for the morning drive. tomorrow's futurecast looks like today. plenty of sunshine start to finish, northwest breeze does the drying trick and keeps all the clouds away. it will chase a little warmth away, a few notches cooler than today. futurecast showing mid to upper 40s at lunchtime and we will rise inthoolow toor mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. again, a little cooler than it was today. not by much. neighborhood forecast up town, a coat early on but by lunchtime, upper 40s, rising low to mid 50s. neighborhood forecast, sun is back, temperatures low toor mid 50 pns, a-- lower to mid 50s, gorgeous afternoon. monroe, afternoon temperatures will climb mid 50s, good deal of sunshine. after the seasonably cool start, the trend, i thing you like this, nothing but up into the
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a taste of spring. temperatures in the middle 60s. nothing says spring like baseball. our friends at unc charlotte, the 49ers kick off the season this weekend, triple header, temperatures rising. heading south, nascar is under way this weekend, the great american race, great racing weather, temperatures mid 70s for the race, plenty of sunshine, few on shore clouds, no chance of rain down towards daytona beach. 5-day forecast, again, keep this in the sunshine, keep us in the warmth. through the weekend clouds roll in but the rain waits until next
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>> gotta get my win back, my rhythm bam. 2 days was good dash back. >> 2 day-- back. 2 days was good. to the triple-a all star game, the knights host in july. the team had a couple announcements, the logo was unveiled sonic automotive is the corporate sponsor. the revival of the charlotte baseball hall of fame with the first induction of the all star luncheon the dame of the game. >> we just think there is a great story to be told out there and we need to be reminded of all the great players that come through charlotte that had major league baseball careers. >> long snapper jj janson signed a 5-year contract. few. >> thank you. month of february so far, am being gracious. it will get a lot better toward the weekend, plenty of sun, mid the rain back. enjoy the sun wile we have it. >> thanks for making channel 9
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>> join us back at 11:00 breaking news tonight. the new national poll. is donald trump no longer the front-runner? also, late today, the south carolina surprise. just three days before the high stakes republican primary, the major endorsement. could it sway the race? governor haley is not for donald trump. also developing, the fbi standoff with apple. after the terror attack in san bernardino, the fbi desperate to break into the gunman's iphone. the fbi. apple refusing. under fire. the two officers trying to arrest this man. he pulls out a gun. their quick action in the moments that follow. the alleged imposter accused of posing as a doctor for more than a month, undetected, examining patients. the sting right here tonight. and, lucky couple. winning hundreds of millions,
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handed the check. good evening. and we begin tonight with breaking news in the race for president, and it comes just three days before the high stakes republican primary in south carolina. a new national poll moments ago showing someone other than donald trump leading nationally. and south carolina's hugely popular governor, nickykki haley, just moments ago, endorsing someone else. haley making it clear she wants senator marco rubio to be the republican nominee. and that new national poll tonight showing senator ted cruz ahead of donald trump, 28% to donald trump's 26%. a statistical dead heat, but it's the first time cruz is on top. marco rubio at 17%. another poll earlier today showed trump still ahead, but these new numbers, just as we come on the air tonight, could reveal late momentum before this crucial primary. abc's tom llamas is live in south carolina to lead us off


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