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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it will be closed and has been closed since january. now it is march 18th. the alternate route is taking nevin to statesville road. old statesville to given road. we've been watching an accident scene to the north near harris boulevard near rocky river road. we're expecting minor delays. stick with harris. we'll watch that, if that changes, we'll let you know. in a few hours there, will be an emergency meeting to determine who you vote for next month. people who live in this area right here could become part of north carolina's new 12th congressional district. this is a far cry from this current district 12 that was declared unconstitutional. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live in north charlotte to explain the complicated process that comes with such a big change right before the elections. joe? >> hundreds of thousands of voters could find themselves living in a different district
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live along i-l 5 and district 12 -- i-85 and district 12. interstate. north carolina lawmakers made new lines yesterday. district 12 is split up and most people across the state find district. the general assembly is under pressure to get this map approved by tomorrow's deadline. without new lines, the congressional primary can't happen next month. voters we spoke with say they are very conc. >> why weren't we given more notice about the changes? i like the changes it is more clear and not questionable, but it is very close to the. >> it is still unclear how congressional election will be impacted even with the new lines including here in district 12 which would be left without an incumbent. the special session begins at 10 a.m.. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. state republicans hope the u.s. supreme court will grant their request to delay friday's
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however, channel 9 has learned the supreme court is altering the schedule following the death of justice antonin scalia. justices won't hold the scheduled closed door conference torso there will be no orders issued in 24 pending cases. it is not clear whether the redistricting case is one of those. channel 9 will have a crew at the emergency meeting in raleigh. watch eyewitness news at five for complete coverage. breaking news this morning. cmpd is investigating a shooting on pine street that sent one person to the hospital. this happened after 11:00 last night. police tell us a man was shot twice but is expected to survive. we're asking police what led to the shooting and if they have a suspect at this point. count on channel 9 to bring you the latest as we get it. today parents will have another chance to ask questions about possibly sending thousands of cms students to new schools. some are concerns not everyone will get their voices heard.
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hong is live in south charlotte to explain what groups are doing to help those parents. a? >>reporter: in about three hours, the group meck ed will hold a meeting to discuss student reassignment and busing. meck ed is a non-profit that pushes for equality in education no matter where the students live. channel 9 has extensively covered past meetings where hundreds of parents turned tout express concern that their children may be bussed to schools outside of the neighborhoods but groups are worried some parents are not able to voice their opinions at the meetings because they're too far and the timing is inconvenient for parents who work multiple jobs they want parents in all communities to be able to weigh in on the topic. >> my child right now goes to a predomesticantly african-american and hispanic school.
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but it can be inconvenient to sglarnts they plan on holding listening events in differents are so many parents can participate. today's meeting at the meeting center is stoet start at 9:00. reporting live -- is set to start at 9:00. new this morning, charlotte may not be home to the air national guard c-130 mraeps much longer. we told -- plains much longer. we told you about -- lanes much longer. we told you about this. the air force wants to station c-17 planes here instead. they're much larger and are used to transport large, heavy cargo. today channel 9 is asking the air national guard what this means for air men here. watch our full story today on eyewitness news starting at 5:00. in about an hour we'll find
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they will release the 4th quarter earnings. the duke energy estimates four out of quarter -- five -- four out of 59 quarters earned. despite the slump, the operations are still strong. we'll bring you the earnings as soon as they're released on eyewitness news this morning. this newly released video shows moments leading up to a deadly officer involved shooting in south carolina. they showed officers they pulled over for marijuana. >> this is a little misdemeanor. >> you can see the suspect pull out a gun and shoot an officer in the leg. they cleared both officers from any wrong doing. the long view board of alder men fired the town administrator.
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pay roll advances without approval. the they told the news hera forced a signature to get 10 weeks of paid sick time. he plans to pay back the advanced pay but says he did not do anything joong charlotte leaders will get an update on a plan to end chronic homelessness. channel 9 was there last bhon volunteers walked around to count the number of homeless people. they released their tally in april. charlotte center city partners will get updates on other priorities from the city including the north tryon vision plan. some people want to move the men's shelter from north charlotte to west charlotte to bring more develop maenlt to the north tryon street area. today people in harrisburg can weigh in on a request to rezone 100 acres to make way for an industrial park. the developer wants to rezone that land off muscle berry road near i--- mulberry road near i-95 to start a quarry mining there.
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it is not clear what the developer wants to do with the land at that point. the meeting is at 6:00 at town hall. president obama will visit cuba next month, becoming the first sitting president to do so since 1928. the white house made at announcement late last night coming a year after the controversial decision to mend relations with cuba the country has reopened embassies and they announced they will allow commercial flights. in two weeks we'll find out if any of the flights will be from charlotte. american airlines says it will apply to fly to cuba from miami and one other hub. it will announce which other hubs after the application is submitted. meanwhile, president obama promised to sign a bill for stricter sanctions against north korea. congress approved the bill saying north korea has refused to stop the nuclear weapons program. the u.s. and china have been negotiating to develop new sanctions. china is worried the sanctions will devastate north korea's economy.
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years and this morning we're learning they will finally get a bus stop closer to the va clinic in southwest charlotte when it opens next month. the closest stop the clinic was on tyvola road, about a block away. congressman robert pit everythinger says it is about -- pittinger says it is about time changes were made. >> it took persistence but that is the nature of what we do. >> he said in the past if they didn't put a closer bus stop, he would set-up a shuttle. new numbers show more people visited national park sites last year than ever before. 307 million visits were logged.
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great smoky mountains with more than 10 million v. those spots will be busy this weekend as this gets warm. >> no doubt about it. go to the neighborhood park. you may have to wait in line for the swing. it will be a busy weekend of outdoor plans. clear sky this morning, cold out there, though. a few clouds left over in the mountains. those are clearing out. it will allow the temperatures to boost upright again. the preview into the weekend is for 60-degree weather to be on track. sunny and dry to start the weekend but the clouds will start to build. i'll explain how that may throw a small rain chance into a small part of the weekend activities. so far so good fort interstates for folks heading south out of cornelius out of iredell county southbound. still moving right along. drive time technology showing 72 miles an hour as the traffic
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down closer towards gilley road of sam furr. no problems getting through so far. closer to town. you're at 58 miles an hour. so things getting busier there and around 277 on the john belk. 66 miles an hour. heading in from south charlotte around arrow wood road. you're seeing moderate to heavy traffic flow. the closer you get towards tyvola road near clanton and billy graham parkway, it is no big issues there. over the years we've investigated a lot of scams. people trying to take your money but channel 9 is uncovering one that was new to even us. cmpd just a arrested this man here accused of tricking car dealers out of thousands of dollars using fake credit cards. ahead at 6:30, the sophisticated way police say he pulled off the crime as the sales people watched. cable companies making billions a year by leasing
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. federal agents are working to figure out if this man suspected of robbing banks in charlotte is an infamous armed
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>> the name is lerpis fite -- lewis fite. he is accused of rob tweeg banks. his picture looks similar to the suspect in 11 bank roberies in tennessee and kentucky. >> a little scary he could be a possible robber. >> fite faces a felony robbery charge. it is unclear if he is connected to all of the cases though. experts say they will likely track places where his cell phone has been to see if he was in the area of a bank about the time it was robbed. all charges were dropped against a man accused of shooting a 1-year-old girl in chapel hill in christmas day. davis had been charged with first degree murder and assault. he shot maleah williams. she died three days later. prosecutors never upgraded the charges and say conflicting evidence led prosecutors to drop the charges against davis. two others are charged with first degree murder in the case. new this morning, right now
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application to get into college must answer questions about whether they got into trouble in high school. a group wants those questions removed. 620 colleges and ufts use the common application including davidson, johnson and wales and some have concerns over the youthful mistakes haunting students into adult hood. the crisis over lead levels in the water in flint, michigan has many concerned about their own utilities. charlotte leaders want you to know the drinking water is safe. it comes from mountain island lake and lake norman. charlotte water says it is high quality, frequently monitored and at low risk because lead pipes are not common in charlotte. earlier this year, we told you new testing found lead in the drinking water in york county. linea water services found lead in the fox wood subdivision and fort mill and river hills in lake wylie.
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pipes that serve 3,400 customers but levels are back to normal. the problems are mostly found in pipes inside of homes. after the situation in michigan, some people say this needs to be investigated further. >> with flint and that, you know, someone has to be responsible. >> company officials want people to run water for 30 seconds before drinking it as a precaution. new this morning, 2014 was a banner year for tourism in south carolina. tourism generated $19 billion in the palmetto state. officials say the state is starting new marketing campaigns. one called the satisfy your thirst campaign is designed to draw them to businesses that make everything from beer to tea to milk to moonshine. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 and we've bottomed out here for the day on the temperatures. >> it is cold this morning. the sky is crystal clear. it is allowing the temperatures
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look at the nice colors showing up on the sunrise from the norman camera the sunrise is a pretty view to start the day. we're at freezing in charlotte. in the mountains you'll find numbers well below freezing. some portions of avery county are in the teens this morning, so pretty cold out there, still. 40 by 9:00. crystal clear skies to begin. a couple of clouds bubble up today. 50 a by lunch time and high into the mid 5's is close to the average this time of the year, so we're looking nice as we start out the ending portion of the work week. the numbers will keep getting warmer. makes you think about spring, about baseball. the charlotte 49ers are getting ready for a game set this weekend. the numbers will go up in the upper 50s. mid to upper 60s for saturday and sunday. a nice stretch of weather will continue here for the next couple of days. one thing we've been talking about more here is the rain chance sunday. it is not great.
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don't see much of any rain fall making it to the neighborhood but a couple sprinkles will work back in. there are significantly better rain chances coming this week and outlook has a high probability of below average temperatures that will likely put us back into the 40s once again. that would start up on tuesday and wednesday of next week, so get ready for another blast of chill. right now as it stands, the long range forecast models have a rain event coming this week. we'll keep an eye on that as the rain chances build up into monday. it will be mild at the onset of the rain coming through but with several days of rain adding up. 40s could be a good possibility. enjoy this stretch here for this weekend. it is not long lasting five-day forecast, weekends always in view. 5's turning to 60s. we'll come into saturday. couple light, mountain showers for this weekend. we'll work our way into town. headed back to school with the
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temperatures dropping as we work our way through the middle of next week. time is 6:20. let's get you on the roads with mark taylor. >> stalled vehicle in east charlotte we're watching in the traffic center on sharon amity. if you're headed through the area minor delay expected there. independence boulevard it is beginning to pick up but not seeing big delays. an hour. just 12 minutes, not bad c out of matthews. construction zone looking towards sharon amity from the albemarle camera where you can see the traffic is getting heavy in the area especially through the construction zone. no accidents, but we are getting word from d.o.t. about an accident on 85 in concord. delays next. a change in federal policy means local police agencies can no longer use money seized equipment. at 6:30, the changes state lawmakers considering that would
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local health officials concerned after six more people reported symptoms that could be mumps. the reason just washing your hands will not be enough to protect you from getting sick >> cable companies make a lot of money by requiring you to lease converter boxes. the fcc is considering new options. the reason opponents say the
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. it is 6:24. a federal grant is helping make housing more affordable in york county. >> the catawba indian nation is getting more than one and a half million dollars from the federal government. the department of housing and urban development announceded the grapt yesterday. each year the government -- grant yesterday. each year the government districted money under the grant program. happening today, the fcc will vote on new rules that could change the way you get cable television. usa today reports federal
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$20 billion a year to lease converter boxes from cable companies. they're looking over new rules that would allow them to offer a special device with apps for smart phones or tablets. opponents saturday regular laces would take too long and end up costing consumers more. they're raising concerns about privacy. privacy advocates are praising apple's ceo tim cook for fighting a court order to give the fbi access to iphones of the san bernardino shooters. in a public letter, cook warns complying with the order would entail building a back door to the iphone. he said it would leave users vulnerable to hackers but james comey says recently encryption restricts them from identifying a terr. >> we need to be employing encryption as the standard and it can't be weaken by the government. >> there is a bill in the house
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with electronic encryption which some believe could change our expectation of privacy all together. congress will be responsible for weighing the balance when they return from recess next week. this man is responsible for a scam that surprised even seasoned business owners. >> as long as he can reach your credit card machine for two seconds, he will get away with a lot of money. >> the way the suspect was able to convince car dealers to give him access to the credit card machines. very clear this morning and we'll see plenty of sunshine this week. we're looking over futur data. even though we warm, the clouds will be returning.
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. this man just arrested accused of tricking car dealers. a scam that surprised investigators and business owners. . there are eight possible
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the way it is spreading even though most people have the vaccine. 6:30 let's check your forecast. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9. keith? >> you may still find icy travel in the mountains with a couple of days of snow. all dry right now. we'll enjoy a lot of sunshine working its way through into the day today. the temperatures out the door, though. pretty cold. we're at 32 in charlotte douglas. most communities are colder than. that we're 20 in harrisburg. a little warmer in the low to mid-30's. the chill is in place to start the day. the forecast timeline will get you out the door with hats, gloves this morning. we're back in the mid-50's. a lot of sunshine will be in place. fairly light winds and the weather pattern keeps going up as we head towards the weekend. we'll show you the futurecast how more cloud cover will come through this weekend. a precurser of more rain chances coming in this week. let's head over to mark in the
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big troubles yet or a few minor problems. >> minor problems only. we had an accident, keith. 85 southbound near exit 73 out of concord. it looks cleared out of the interstate. it is building but drive time technology showing still at 65 miles an hour. no big slow downs and that is when from china grove heading over towards where the accident scene occurred. if you're coming in from gastonia looking out towards the mall where the traffic volume is picking up out of cleveland county northbound heading through kings mountain and into gastonia once you make your way towards belmont and into the county line and over to the i-77 interchange. you won't see any big surprises or slow downs. there are now eight possible cases of mumps in our area. >> health officials are investigating how the virus is spread through three counties. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live in north charlotte and learned why it is so contagious. joe? >> it spread very easily and you only have to be three feet away
6:31 am
that is the same distance as i am to this fence right here and that makes public places a risk. now, a health official told channel 9 that they believe mumps made its way here locally because an adult got the virus while in the airport. officials haven't said which airport. officials told channel 9 2 adults have mumps. one from mecklenburg county, another from iredell county. 66 people are being monitored -- six people are being monitored all are co-workers or acquaintances. doctors recommend you and your child receive two doses the mmr vaccine. just because you receive them doesn't mean you're safe. >> as you're getting into the later teen years, the young adult years, many vaccine preventible diseases you see them come back . >>reporter: and right now, health officials aren't revealing the age or gender of the people affected.
6:32 am
similar to the flu except with extremely swollen glands and that this disease is can tagous. joe bruno. -- contagious. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. we have an update on a story we brought you at 6:00. cmpd arrested a man who has been tricking car dealerships across charlotte. he got cars at a total of three lots in january using bogus credit cards. we spoke with sales employees at ace auto brokers in east charlotte. they say gray tried to b $12,000 car with a credit card. when it didn't go through, gray pushed a code into the car reader to make it seem like the sale is accepted. >> we took the car and ran it, he put in what we thought was a pin and it came back as an approval. >> police are cautioning dealers
6:33 am
cmpd arrested bernard gray last night. he is charged with obtaining property under false pretense. police searched players wireless, a phone repair shop on farm pond lane yesterday looking for stolen ipads from schools they arrested this man who had one of the is and a stolen phone, two sweepstakes machines and counterfeit accessories. new this morning, the former appalachian state student who survived an attack that killed her unborn baby testified against her attacker. >> when she got closer -- [ indiscernible ] my wind pipe and i remember everything going black. >> prosecutors say danielle lane used a craigslist ad about baby
6:34 am
colorado home and lane knocked wilkins out and cut the baby from the womb. she was over come with the desire to have a baby so lane shouldn't be found guilty of first degree murder her lawyers said. presidential candidates bush and kasich will hold town halls in our area and will join donald trump in a televised town hall on cnn. cruz, carson and rubio had their chance to answer questions during cnn's town hall last night after rubio secured governor nikki haley's endorsement. >> i wanted somebody humble enough that remembers that you work for all of the people. and i wanted somebody that was going to go and show my parents that the best decision they ever made for their children was coming to america. >> haley is considered a potential vice presidential candidate. she earned national praise for her response to the charleston church shooting and the columbia
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jeb bush responded to haley's endorsement saying he is disappointed but if he wins the nomination, haley would have a role in the campaign. the democratic primary is a week after the republican's this saturday. . local police departments are trying to figure out a new way to pay for equipment just like this. the federal government stopped allowing them to use money taken during drug busts. eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live in south charlotte to layout the solution to all of this. angela? >>reporter: local police departments want north carolina lawmakers to create a law so they can get some of the money back. we learned that in the past, before this program went away, the matthews police department were able to collect about half a million dmrarz drug busts and investigations -- dollars from drug busts and investigations. bobby davis told us the money is important because it allows
6:36 am
some departments used the money seized for things like tasers, vests appeared vehicles. channel 9 reported in december that they stopped the program because of budget cuts. police departments are turning to lawmakers to help them and make a new law. it is something state senator jeff tarte is willing to explore. >> we absolutely took advantage of the program and we're able to do that, supplements some of the budgetary items rather than coming out of the general funds. >> the program needs to be administered well so it is not abused and we found out that under north carolina's constitution, money from seizures and forfeitures go to enforcement. happening today there, will be two roundtable discussions on davidson's downtown catalyst feasibility study which will look at numerous issues including more parking, office housing.
6:37 am
it runs through 10:30 while the second grins at 6:00 tonight and runs through 7:30. they will be at the davidson college presbyterian c. this morning we're learning crews will clean up lake wylie months ahead of the normal schedule. usually the lake wiley marine foundation clean the lake in october but this year, our partners at herald report they're doing it may 21st because they skipped last year's clean up. we told you in december the clean up was cancelled because of the drought. commissioners said the water was too low and they would not have enough votes to get the job done. south carolina is expanding a program to help mothers to be on medicaid. this week, state officials announceded a $30 million nurse family partnership to get the mothers healthier and have healthier babies. they will make monthly home visits until the child is two years old. governor nikki haley says the
6:38 am
help moms break the cycle of generational poverty. new this morning, the average babysitter is making more than $15 an hour. usa today reports the average is $15.71. that is an increase from 14.91 in 2014. the increase is largely increasia attributed to higher cost of living in major cities which has driven people to pick up babysitting. 20% of sitters are getting tips on top of the 15 bucks an hour. >> better than what i was younger. >> you have three kids. you need me to come over and help out. >> not at that price. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday. >> sounds like a good plan, good side business. we're looking at temperatures, chilly, around 3 degrees in charlotte there -- around 32 degrees in charlotte. throughout the weekend it is not
6:39 am
warm up but the morning numbers will get better. we're in the teens and 20's. 19 at banner oak. morganton and granite falls. mid-20's. thankfully nothing falling from the sky and no fog to deal with this morning. ahead, the futurecast timeline through the weekend. how much warm up and cloud cover will start to work its way back in. let's get you on the roads right now. 20 minutes until 7:00. >> we're monitoring the project in north charlotte since it happened on january 19th. they're building a pedestrian bridge adjacent to nebin road over irwin creek. it will be extended until march 18th so if that is part of your commute, until march 18th. it will be closed. it is in the short stretch between leven brook road and the alternate route is taking statesville up to old statesville. minor delays are expected. this is happening on north tryon
6:40 am
harris. a local mother outraged after she says american airlines lost track of her 11-year-old after he paid hundreds of extra dollars to have her accompanied. the lies she says the airline told her after she found out the child's flight was diverted. this morning, lawmakers will finalize new congressional district maps after a court ruled them unconstitutional. the major impact the new lines would have on charlotte voters. >> two years ago i started reporting on the unusual number of cases of a rare eye cancer in huntersville, possible connections to the high school. patients would like to see environmental testing done to see if there is a link but christmas refused access to the -- cms refused access to the campus.
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the nextasking w (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answer the . we're following several big stories for your day ahead. there is another chance today to weigh in on possibly busing cms students to schools outside their neighborhoods. >> there is concern that some parents aren't getting their voices heard. eyewitness news reporter angela hong live in south charlotte to explain what groups are doing to . . >> the meeting this morning fa sillated by meck ed -- facilitated by meck ed will be held here.
6:44 am
the past like this one in matthews last week. it was packed by parents expressing concern that the children may be bussed to schools outside of their neighborhoods but groups like one charlotte say many parents are not able to attend those meetings because they're far and some parents need to work multiple jobs. they have parents in communities to be able to weigh in on the topic so once shoorlt is actually -- so charlotte is actually organizing listening conferences in different communities today will start at 9:00 this morning. reporting live in south charlotte. angela hong. channel 9, eyewitness news. in 15 minutes we'll find out how much money duke energy earned during 2015. the charlotte based company will also release their hadth quarter earnings. . duke energy missed analysts four out of the last five quarters. third quarter earnings are $300,000 compared to 2014.
6:45 am
despite the slump, the operations in north carolina are strong. we'll bring you the earnings as soon as they're rmsed on eyewitness news this morning. -- released on eyewitness news this morning. a judge will sentence a charlotte woman convicted in a murder for hire plot against her ex-husband. they found davis guilty last summer. she secretly recorded videos showing her trying to pay undercover officers she thought were hit man. she was in a custody battle with her ex-husband. she faces up to 40 years in prison. new this morning, charlotte may not be home to the air national guard's c-130 planes much longer. we've shown you these planes that are often used to fight wildfires. they've operated out of charlotte since the 60s but starting in 2018, the air force wants to station c-17 planes here instead. transport large, heavy cargo. today channel 9 is asking the air national guard what this
6:46 am
watch our full story today on eyewitness news starting at five. thousands of voters waiting for answers. which candidates will run and who can you vote for and will you even be able to vote? >> those are all key questions that will be part of an emergency meeting today about the up coming congressional primary. joe bruno live in north charlotte to explain the complicated process to quickly redraw district . >> lawmakers have to redraw the lines because of district which runs along i-85 from charlotte to greensboro. last week, a three judge panel ruled the 12th district is unconstitutional based on race. lawmakers created new boundary lines yesterday. here is a look at that map. you can see the districts have been dramatically changed. this new map has to be approved by tomorrow where north carolina's congressional primary next month can't happen. it is unclear what this means for absentee ballots and
6:47 am
left without an incumbent. they'll be holding an emergency session starting at 10. reporting live in north charlotte, jou bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> watch eyewitness news at five for a complete coverage weather and traffic e ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we have a nice sunrise already this morning. >> no cloud cover to help intensify the sunrise but the colors are starting to show up along the sky this morning from the lake norman camera view. you can see a little sliver out there. the sun getting ready to pop over the horizon. it is a beautiful start to the day today. cold start to the day. we're freezing in charlotte down to 25 in lincolnton and salisbury. bitter chill sl in place this morning. mid-30's down south and it won't take long to get the numbers to warm back up. but it is going to be cold throughout to start the day today. 40 by 9, 49 at noon. warming into the mid-50's. close to average for this time of the year and up in the high country you're finally shaking
6:48 am
back in the low 40s around boone and jefferson after a cold start this morning. we'll see a lot of the snow melting over the next couple of days. you'll be in the 50s in the high country. in the foothills and hickory, it warms up to the 40s by midday. back in the mid-50's. continue tos of sunshine through catawba county today and everybody enjoyed a great picture here as we head towards the up coming weekend. we see the numbers going up. we're back in the upper 50s tomorrow. nighttime numbers going into the 40s here through this weekend. . more clouds through saturday and sunday it will be the smallest little chance for a few rain drops to come in sunday. even saturday up in the mountains you may find a few sprigles in place but just a lot of high cloud cover will reach on through as we head through the day on saturday. no green on the map fort start of the weekend. so if you had to pick a better day this weekend. they look great. maybe saturday as we have zero chance of rain to saturday.
6:49 am
two for sunday. stay on top of the weather changes. download the wsoc weather app. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. we keep the sunshine in place for the time being. more clouds and very mild. mid to upper 60s through sunday. now there, will be big changes next week, rain starts monday. still mild monday with the rain, but it will be a cold rain. it looks like on tuesday and wednesday of next week. i think 40s are coming back in. >> this is short lived unfortunately. >> good timing for the weekend. >> it is. weather and traffic every ten minutes on eyewitness news daybreak. let's get over to traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> a new wreck in east charlotte causing additional delays this morning. this is happening on albemarle at sharon amity. traffic is heavy in the area and we're expecting additional slow downs. use central avenue. bypass some of the added delay we're seeing. not a serious crash. 45 miles an hour. 16 minutes for independence. we're watching it closely but not seeing any big slow downs heading towards uptown.
6:50 am
north tryon around harris. minimal impacts here and starting to see the slow downs including one on 85 southbound ramp. there are no reports of any accidents on either interstate. checking wall street futures, the dow is up 83. the nasdaq up 25. a charlotte mom says american airlines lost track of
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next this morning, the steps this morning, the ste . five minutes until 7:00.
6:54 am
president obama's visit to cuba next month. >> late last night, the white house announced this trip which comes one day after the u.s. signed a major agreement reestablishing flights between the countries. republican candidate marco rubio says if he were president he would not visit the island nation unless it was a free cuba. ted cruz says he believes it is a mistake and that the president should push for a free cuba good morning america is closely following this story including the remarks from other presidential candidates. it is all next following eyewitness news daybreak. >> a local mother says american airlines lied to her about her daughter's where abouts as she waited for her to arrive in charlotte. corin shaw says she paid an extra $300 to make sure the airline took care of her daughter, 11-year-old maggie. when maggie's flight was diverted to columbia shaw says the airline never contacted her so she reached out to them who says maggie was inside the airport. minutes later she talked to her daughter who says she was still on the plane.
6:55 am
the policy and figure out why it failed. american has since apologized. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes on daybreak. traffic team nine mark taylor has a look at the wrecks. >> wrecks at north tryon. we have a fender bender near east 36th street. we have lots of room to move around as the traffic builds. added delays on albemarle road near sharon amity because of an accident. signal avenue will get you around some of those. we're seeing the congestion build. right now we're at 6:56 at 24 miles an hour toward cornelius through huntersville at 2 miles an hour but accident free at this time. keith? >> bright sunshine will be with us all day long today. chilly now but a nice afternoon with the numbers warming up close to average this time of the year into the mid-50's. we'll see warmer weather for the up coming weekend. we're on track for the 60s that come in. may not be brilliantly sunny this weekend.
6:56 am
the rain, the cold will be back in again. >> at least we have the weekend to . we continue on tv 64. >> join us as we monitor the
6:57 am
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6:59 am
pick up out ther good morning, america. dead heat. a brand-new national poll shows ted cruz and donald trump tied as trump takes aim at jeb bush. >> this guy, why doesn't he just give up, go home. go home. go home to mom. >> and hillary clinton trying to avoid another upset striking a pose in "vogue" just two days until the next big showdown. breaking overnight, president obama will travel to cuba, the first president to visit in more than 80 years and the huge events in the works in havana from major league baseball to beyonce. the 18-year-old arrested posing as a doctor accused of treating patients now out on bail speaking out to abc news. the question that made him do this. kanye west caught on a hot mike. the talent's temper tantrum backstage at "snl." >> by 50%, dead or alive.
7:00 am
meltdown. good morning, america. happy thursday. want to meet a dumb that can keep a secret? take a look at them right now. over a month they kept it. those winners in florida, the powerball lottery, $528 million check. >> even from their children. >> even from their children. >> wow. >> what else are you keeping from mom and dad? >> well, somebody out there is keeping an even bigger secret. search still on for the third winning ticket. >> anyone, anyone? >> i wish. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. we begin with the race for the white house. it is "your voice, your vote." just two days till the south carolina republican primary and donald trump is leading there. but take a look at this new national poll showing ted cruz and donald trump virtually tied. abc's tom llamas has the latest from charleston, south carolina. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, donald trump up early this morning tweeting about that new national poll saying, there are several other polls where he's still in the lead. he's not sure why the media is


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