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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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there are 10-3. 10 republicans to 3 democratics. we don't believe that's a fair representation. despite their objections, chairman bob insisted major changes announced yesterday will satisfy federal judges who ruled the current districts unconstitutional. >> we achieved everything required of us. >> you feel like the maps are fair. >> absolutely, fair, and legal. just like the other, fair, legal, and constitutional. >> the districts make major changes in charlotte and consolidate many other districts across the state. approval. that. >> it's questionable as to whether this particular map will actually satisfy the judges. >> while the senate has been talking about this map, house
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whether they need to move the march 15th primary date to another date down the road to accommodate all these changes. they go back into session at 7:00 tonight and could decide to vote on these maps as well. we'll be here following developments and let you know what happens on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. jim bradley, channel 9 eyewitness news. north carolina ncaa leaders are discussing how to best target voters in light of the pending redistricting changes. the chapter expressed concerns over the timing of the primary and is working to educate voters. the head of the chapter told channel 9 the group is waiting to see how state lawmakers proceed. they expect to release more details tomorrow. as all the retricking talks continue, a pole released today show the majority of north carolinians won nonpartisan congressional districts. 59% of voters want the law
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drawn along party lines. 9% are against that move. and the rest don't have an opinion. turning now to a developing story, cases of the mumps virus in our area, it was late this afternoon that lincoln county confirmed to channel 9 that a potential mumps case that it was looking into is not the virus. so far, two cases have been confirmed in mecklenburg and iredell. six other cases are still being investigated. the cabarrus health alliance says it has one of those cases and it's currently waiting on test results to confirm if it is indeed the mumps. in the mean time, they're asking people to follow proper hand washing guidelines. and to try to avoid people who are coughing and sneezing. >> what we will be doing is looking at why we have some cases suddenly that we've never had before. and is it a vaccination gap? is it people who didn't get vaccinated? is it a problem with the vaccine? >> today experts told us that vaccinations can help to
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serious side effects of the virus. channel 9 has been following every development since the mumps cases were first reported on tuesday. you can find the list of all the symptoms and look at our past coverage by going to this former mecklenburg county worker who tried to hire someone to kill her ex-husband is heading to prison for a decade. and to day for the first time, he spoke with channel 9 about the case and today's sentence. eyewitness news reporter angela hong was at the federal courthouse for us this morning. a group of supporters came to the federal courthouse this morning and they call themselves team fasha they begged the judge to consider the woman davis was before this crime. today marked a year-long ordeal for jodie davis that started with his ex-wife's plot to have him killed. >> i thought it was the right sentence. >> a nurse supervisor and former mecklenburg county
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maximum ten years in prison. she hired two hit men to shoot her husband in the head. they were actually undercover police officers. >> do you think your ex-wife is a changed woman? >> ill leave that up to her and god. >> davis had several supporters in court and they begged the judge to be lenient. they argued she was a good person and frequent volunteer. she was an active member in church and bible study. >> that shows you what her heart was like. she's such a giving, caring person, and that's who she was. and this is so out of context for her. >> i think it's harsh. i think it's harsh. >> they say ten years is too much for davis who they believe was a mother going through a bitter custody battle and trying to keep her daughter safe. >> i think she was pushed to a point in her own life that she just lost it. and that she was very regretful and very remorseful. >> in the end the judge said he
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who had such a good support system was able to organize such a heinous crime. now jodie davis is looking to move on. >> i'll get through this. >> once davis gets out of federal prison, she'll have to be on supervised release for two years and also receive mental health treatment. reporting outside of the federal courthouse, angela news. some new information tonight in a channel 9 investigation we first brought to you at 6:00 yesterday. a suspect accused of ripping off car dealers across charlotte will be back in court next month. we told you this morning that bernardo gray was taken into custody last night. he illegally bought cars last month using fake credit cards and then a code that made the transaction seem real. he'll be back in court on march 1st for a bond hearing. charlotte mecklenburg police chief laid out details
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he needs more officers. he met with the council committee today to go over last year's spike in crime and the efforts to bring it back down. it was all to support his request. he wouldn't say how many officers he wants to add. >> i'm confident that we're going to get what we need. i don't know how long it's going to take. >> next week, charlotte city leaders will be in working on the next budget. we're told they may go over the chief's formal request next month. channel 9 has been following breaking news out of hawaii for the past hour, one person is now in critical condition after this, this chopper crashing right there into the water near pearl harbor. a witness feet away from the crash shot this jaw dropping video of the chopper plummeting, hitting that water. then it starts to over turn and spin. it went down near the world war ii memorial for the u.s.s arizona. the coast guard saying that everyone was able to make it
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tonight people in a bessemer city -- are dealing with repairs after a pickup truck slammed into it. >> the driver was found dead after the crash. eyewitness news reporter ken lemon first wreck the story at noon and spoke with the homeowners who were inside at the time. >> reporter: police say the truck was speeding at 65 miles per hour when it hit this house. it left the road and traveled the length of a football field, knocking a parked truck on it side. >> luckily there was no one else on the roadway. >> he watched it happen. >> no brakes, no nothing. >> police believe the driver may have had some medical condition that made him lose control. price heard the blaring truck alarm and rushed over to help. >> i kept hollering sir, will you answer me? are you conscious? he wouldn't reply. >> she saw him take one last breath. >> we kept trying to check on
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>> chopper 9 flew over the crash site as rescuers tried to add extra support beams under the wall smashed by the truck. the elderly woman inside the house didn't know what happened. her husband told her. they're fine. there are questions about the structural integrity of the wall. the elderly couple who lived here were able to move out for a couple days until the problems can be resolved. ken lemon, channel 9 eyewitness news. firefighters in catawba county rescued a woman after a crash south of claremont. this happened along bethany church road before 10:00 this morning. the highway patrol telling channel 9 the driver of an suv turned into the path of a car. firefighters rescued the 65- year-old woman who was trapped in that car. and she is expected to recover. charlotte based duke energy missed wall street expectations but still grew during its fourth financial quarter.
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this morning the energy giant said it made $477 million during the past three months. that's a profit of about 69 cents per share. duke is expecting full year earnings in the range of 450 to 470 per share. the stock has been climbing 6% since january 1st. today marks 15 years since the death of one of nascar's best. beloved racer, dale earnhardt. driver of the number three car, earnhardt died on february 18th, 2001 when he crashed on the last lap of the daytona 500. the 49-year-old won 17 winston cup titles and one daytona 500 along with a long list of other industry accolades. today fans in uptown remember the man known as the intimidator. >> it seems like it was yesterday. i still watch nascar. but i haven't rooted for
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>> an autopsy determined he died of a skull fracture. he refused to wear a head and neck safety device. many expert believe it would have saved his life. in the years following his death, major changes were put in place to protect the drivers and fans in the stands. tracks now have softer crash walls the cars have better seat belt stems and roll cages. and nascar drivers are required to wear head and neck safety devices. local fans of number three are invited to take part in an annual candle light tribute under way now in mooresville. the event outside dale earnhardt incorporated started at 5:00. it will go on for the next 50 minutes. people can share their favorite racing stories and remember his spirit. many of you have shared your memories about earnhardt on our eyewitness news facebook page. to join in on the conversation, search wsoc-tv and click the like button ott the top of the page. southwest airlines says it's adding more nonstop flights to give regional flyers
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here in charlotte. the airline says some of the flights will go between charlotte and nashville. the new flight schedule is set to start august 7th. sun just dipped below the horizon. just absolutely gorgeous. 50s weren't bad. i'll show you how much better it'll get. spoors people hunting for jobs and scammers hunting for them. >> the job seemed so good. it seemed like a dream come true. >> next at 6:00, action 9 investigates. >> how low was it?
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new wave of job scams and four wave o new tonight an action 9 investigation uncovered a spike in scams praying on people searching for jobs. >> we found con artists targeting people across several fields. action 9 investigator jason stoogenke has been scouring the local police reports everyday for weeks and uncovered multiple cases right here in the charlotte area. jason? >> erica, we're here at police headquarters where investigators are looking into these three cases. now i came across two others of my own recently. and i don't usually see five this close together. kristen smith recently updated her resume online.
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name santino contacted her about babysitting his daughter. he even sent these photos which smith now knows probably aren't his family. >> you want to believe it. you don't want to think that it's a scam. >> but it was a scam. >> he was going to send her a fake check and have her deposit it in her account. keep some and forward the rest back to him. by the time his check bounced, her real money would be gone. >> you finally get a bite and it turns out to be a scam. >> i was really -- i was sad. i actually cried. >> other job seekers may have cried also. they filed these police reports. one charlotte woman says she lost roughly $300. another, more than 1400. a third, more than 2100. and a lancaster widow told action 9 she lost almost $1,000 on a fake posting for a secret shopper. >> why are we seeing these now?
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>> bishop is a career coach with nc works. she says if you're job hunting online, be leery if someone hires you without meeting you in person first, wants personal information before you start the job or wants you to pay up front. even if it sounds convincing, like for a background check. >> any time you're spending money to get hired, you should be suspicious. >> i would be very suspicious. that's not the way we see it done. >> smith spotted that red flag and others like grammatical errors. >> the job seemed so good. it seemed like a dream come true. >> she told him no. it seems the same person tried to scam her again using a different name. just three hours later. and like we always recommend, do your own homework, go online and search the persons name, the person who's offering the job online. you may find other warning
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jason stoogenke, channel 9 eyewitness news. eyewitness news is covering the region county by county tonight. at 6:00, in gaston county, police say a woman had nearly 4.5-pounds of marijuana shipped to a hotel in gastonia. the drugs were shipped on saturday in three boxes to the value place hotel. police say the woman who they were sent to recently stayed at that hotel but now lives in ohio. officers have warrants for her arrest. in york county, carolyn says more than 2 million people visited the park in 2015. the park intended to surpass the 2 million mark when it asked for renovations. the park added a new roller coaster and is expanding its water park. right now in cabarrus county, harrisburg town leaders are considering whether to allow a developer to build an industrial park at the site of an abandoned quarry.
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quarry fought the plans to start mining operations there. the developer canceled the project but now wants to access to build industrial buildings. breaking news out of the university city area. chopper 9 sky zoom arrived moments ago over a heavy police presence over i-85. this is the ramp heading toward the 29-49 connector. as we zoom in here, we can see officers are around a car and the driver side door of the vehicle is open. we're told that officers have one in custody while another is still on the run. we've called police to find out exactly what happened here. why they may have been trying to stop that vehicle. but as we can see, we're spotting at least three or four cmpd cruisers. we're told one was transported with minor injuries. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and keep you updated with any developments. now other no chief
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where as the sunsets the temperatures dip too. >> it's been a gorgeous sunset. down to 50 in charlotte. 49 for harrisburg. concord earchecks in with 54. waxhaw at 47. gastonia 50. a slew of 40s north of town. east toward albemarle. and of course in the high country, we're down to 40 at jefferson, outside this evening, you'll need a coat pretty quickly. temperatures fall back through the 40s. if you're outside tonight, northwest sky, you'll see what looks to be like a moving star. it's not a star at all. it's the international space station and it's still flying. and you'll be able to see it for about three minutes. high in the northwest sky, about 7:43 is when it will pass by tonight. by morning, readings down to freezing. temperatures in the upper 30s by 9:00 a.m.
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february sunshine goes to work, upper 40s to 50 by lunch time. mid 50s again tomorrow afternoon. mountains in the low to mid 40s. not bad by high country standards for february. and helping that out will be all the sunshine we'll see. a few passing clouds in the afternoon. mainly over the mowns but all in all another stellar day. nothing says springs like the beginning of baseball season. not the knights yet but the charlotte 49ers kickoff their season tomorrow with a three- game set through the weekend. how about this for baseball weather. low 60s saturday. mid 60s on sunday. stray late day shower is possible. not only at but all over the carolinas. warm air comes in as well as more moisture. there's the future cast on saturday. just clouds at this point. as you head through saturday night and sunday. keep an eye on showers. mainly over the mountains. one or two may sneak into the charlotte area by this time on sunday evening.
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through monday and peeking on tuesday. and here's the latest guest on the future cast. the latest estimate by computer guidance on what to expect between monday morning and this time on tuesday. about an inch of rain in the charlotte area. a little less in the mountains. it should be over as we head through the day on wednesday. my five-day forecast, a mix of sun and clouds on saturday. more clouds than sun on sunday. can't rule out a late day shower. better chance of rain next week. >> enjoy the weekend. a charlotte man accused of smuggling guns and ammunition into africa, we first reported the arrest as breaking news at 5:00. new at 10:00 and 11:00, we're digging through the court documents. the tactics investigators say
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every day, for life. courtney lee was in charlotte today and will travel to milwaukee with the team but won't play. according to head coach steve
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conflicted with today's practice. he was a spectator. the two have a tremendous amount of respect for each other and their familiarity will only help lee's transition to his new team. >> you have a feel for him. there's a comfort level with his coaching style. he knows my capabilities and abilities. i think he's comfortable in that sense. >> jared allen was exactly what the panthers needed. allen provided veteran leadership in the locker room. and known in his twelve year career as an every down player. accepted his role as one of several defensive line men and rotated in and out. the award for his patience, his appearance in his first super bowl. he announced his retirement. >> this is the part where i was
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sunset. but seeing as there's no sunset, i'm just going to ride off. >> back to live pictures from the scene of a large police scene on the ramp toward the 29-49 connector. police have this vehicle surrounded. cmpd's helicopter telling our chopper 9 pilot that officers have one person in custody while someone else managed to get away. we'll continue to update you on what led up to this incident tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. keeping an eye on a warm up as we head into the weekend, temperatures in the 60s. i don't care what you're doing outside. you'll probably enjoy it. a few showers. a better chance of rain ramps up into next week. world news with david mueller is coming up in minutes.
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yea, that fe breaking news tonight.
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the helicopter crashing into the water near pearl harbor. civilians on board. a popular trip for tourists. witnesses say it dropped from the sky. several on board. the heroes jumping into the water. also tonight, donald trump takes aim at pope francis, after the pope suggests trump is not christian. the moment on the pope's plane. and tonight, trump's fiery response. the terror attack in california, and this evening, major developments. the fbi moving in. in san bernardino, what did they find? forced to pay. the hackers locking personal computers, trapping your personal information, your photos. forcing you to pay to get it back. now, a hospital, patients' medical records hacked. and drivers beware tonight. some of the most troubling bridges in america. millions still traveling over them. we've got the list. good evening and we'll get to that feud by donald trump and


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