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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> right now at 11:00, three major stories. breaking tonight, a deadly plane crash. we're on scene as investigators work to learn what went wrong. and breaking in raleigh, the north carolina house just voted to change the date of the congressional primary. we are there asking what this means for your voice in the election. plus, new at 11:00, a father breaks down after the hearing his son is accused of trying to smuggle guns from charlotte to africa. >> he is my only son. i love you. >> what he believes his son was really doing in ghana. first, we want to get right to breaking news out of union county where investigators are on the scene of a deadly plane crash. i'm erica bryant. >> and i'm allison latos. in marshville, four hours ago. within the last 45 minutes, eyewitness news reporter got an update from investigators. dashawn. >> reporter: allison, in the
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me the man killed in that crash was 68-year-old, james howard cook of lexington, north carolina. officials also say that cook reported engine trouble before the crash. a spokesman at the union county sheriff's office said the first reports of this crash came in around 6:45 this evening. now cmpd's helicopter helped union county deputies to locate the plane in a wooded area a half mile down here and also new salem road. officials say cook was the only person on board. they also explains more about his flight. >> the pilot had flown a client to daytona earlier today. on his way home, was due back in the lexington area around 7:00 p.m. >> and the faa has also been called in from charlotte to further investigate the cause of this crash. reporting live in union county,
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and she'll stay on top of any new developments. you can follow her on twitter for updates. tonight, this man is facing charges accused of trying to smuggle guns from charlotte to west africa. >> we first reported the arrest as breaking news earlier at 5:00, but eyewitness news reporter spoke with his father who was shocked to hear about the allegations. erica, this indictment says richmond purchased a total of 85 guns and attempted to smuggle some of those into west africa where the family is from. tonight, his father told me these allegations simply break his heart. >> sampson showed me where federal agents broke through his home in north charlotte. investigators were looking for his son, richmond. the 33-year-old is accused of trying to smuggle weapons and ammunition into west africa. >> it is saying your son
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>> father was shocked as i read him the allegations. this indictment says over a 2 1/2 year period, ata bought 63 firearms and 3500 rounds of ammunition, then traveled from charlotte to ghana. and later returned with more than $30,000. most recently, it says he hid an additional two dozen weapons and 3500 rounds of ammunition inside a washer and dryer and tried to have them shipped to ghana. u.s. customs found them. the indictment says he purchased several of the weapons locally, including -- and lied on the application saying the guns were for him. tonight, a manager told me he bought the guns online and they simply handled the paperwork. >> if it is true, that he has been doing it, then not in this house. >> his father firmly denies any knowledge of a drug trafficking scheme. his son is a good man and the accusations, enough to bring him to tears.
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i love him. i love him. i'm just praying. you know. >> and i asked his father why his son went to ghana. he believes he went there to visit his girlfriend and their child. reporting live in north charlotte, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> channel 9 spoke with a former fbi agent. quinton williams says gun smugglers falsify gun records because the weapons will be used in future crimes. >> drug activity could be used for government activity abroad. government entities that may want these weapons. >> williams says the u.s. government does not take this type of crime lightly and will work to make this case a message to other people trying to smuggle guns out of america. >> breaking news tonight out of raleigh where in the past three hours, the north carolina house
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congressional primary to june. eyewitness news reporter, jim bradley was there for tonight's decision and explains how it impacts you. >> it was a long day and night here at the legislature in raleigh and now it appears major changes are on the way for 13 congressional candidates in north carolina and the voters who want to support them. the new congressional districts approved by the senate effectively pressed the reset button on the state's 13 congressional races. tonight, working well into the night, the state house voted to move the primary date for those congressional races for march 15 to june 7. >> essentially, we will have to redo the congressional primaries entirely. >> but changing the primary date to accommodate newly drawn districts could carry baggage, since tonight's vote eliminates all run off elections, too. democrat, rodney moore says there are few choices for legislators. >> a second primary is really
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guaranteed. so i think it's a good move and it helps us become more expedient. >> the house vote came hours after the senate approved for congressional boundaries after a panel found them unconstitutional. >> absolutely. the other. fair, legal, and constitutional. >> both this new congressional map and the changes to the election schedule still need friday. but with republicans firmly in control, both issues are expected to pass, making the 2016 election even more interesting. in raleigh, jim bradley, eyewitness news. >> and because of the pending changes to the congressional district's candidates will have to refile. the filing period will begin on march 16 and end on march 25. and there will be no runoffs as jim mentioned. the voter, whoever gets the most votes, would win. eyewitness news reportedder will be there again in raleigh
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the scheduling change. watch eyewitness news at 5:00 for complete coverage. breaking news right now out of gaston county where authorities seized 23-pounds of meth during a traffic stop. this woman and four men are all charged in the case. each faces up to $250,000 bond. by now, we're asking what led police to make that traffic stop. >> in the last 90 minutes, medics said five people were injured in a serious accident that shut down an intersection in southwest charlotte. you can see heavy police presence tonight. medics said four people were taken to cmc. one with life threatening injuries and another with potentially life threatening injuries. the other two had minor injuries. what caused that crash. right now, police say they are looking for a second suspect who ran off during this traffic stop in the united states city area. we first brought these pictures to you right off i-85 at 6:00.
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make a traffic stop and the car eventually crashed near reagan and hampton way. medics said one person was minor injuries. >> a shelter in place order for students at umass was just lifted. hours after reports of a hostile armed person near a dorm. campus police surrounded the residence hall interviewing witnesses. the school said that there was at least one suspect, possibly two. everyone was told to stay where they were and to take shelter. again, that order has now been lifted. by now, there are no reports of injuries. >> a man is charged with threatening a lincoln county judge. authorities say the judge denied james robyn's motion in support court. responded quote, i guess i'll just have to go get my gun. the judge found him in contempt of court and sentenced him to 30 days in custody.
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describe the frightening moments a helicopter crashed near the uss arizona memorial at pearl harbor. we first brought this video to you as breaking news at 5:00. at least three people were hurt and one is in critical condition. a total of five people on board the tour helicopter, when it went down just after 15bg this morning. people who saw the crash jumped into the water to pull the victims to shore. when we first saw it, i turned and i said, do those land on water? because that looks like it's coming and within a second, somebody yelled to get down and we turned and ran and tried to take cover. >> the cause of the crash is under investigation. right now, three republican candidates for president are wrapping up a town hall in columbia. two days before the south carolina republican primary.
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john kasich answered a variety of questions and each had a different message to voters. >> regulatory reform, common sense, lower taxes, business and people, and balancing a budget you will see an explosion. i think the presidency should be, we should be respectful of the constitution, but whatever powers are afforded to the presidency, the president aught to use them. >> i have a great temperment. you don't build a great company with very little debt and all of the things that i have, and i have employees that have been with me for many, many years. >> in the meantime, democratic candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders wrapped up a town hall in las vegas ahead of saturday's democratic caucuses in nevada. >> hundreds of people are expected to pay tribute to the late supreme court justice, scalia. he passed away last saturday at a ranch in texas. he will lie in repose tomorrow. president obama and the first
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to pay their respects. a funeral will be held on saturday. our d.c. bureau will be at the viewing to honor justice scalia and bring you coverage on eyewitness news at noon as people across the country pay tribute. next month, charlotte city council could get a formal request from the police chief for more officers. today, cmpd chief made a plea with city leaders. he says his department needs more resources to battle the rise in violent crime, build community relationships, and keep up with the growing population. the plan to pay for it hasn't been layed out yet. city council works on a new budget next month. all that sunshine, when i come back, i'll show you if the sun will stick around and warm up any as we head through the weekend. >> plus, remembering nascar legend, dale earnhardt. >> a lot of guts.
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fans and racing 15 years fans
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(dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. , we are back now live and staying on top of two breaking
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first, in the last 30 minutes, we learned 68-year-old, james cook of lexington, north carolina, was killed when the plane that he was flying crashed in union county. officials say that he reported having engine trouble before the plane went down in marshville. the faa is on its way to the crash scene to investigate. >> and breaking out of raleigh, the north carolina senate will vote tomorrow on a measure to change the date of the congressional primary. tonight, the house voted to push back from march 15 to june 7. the presidential primary would remain on march 15. you can count on channel 9 to bring you that on air and online at the last four hours, fans gathered to remember nascar legend and native, dale earnhardt. every year, fans gather for a special tribute to the driver of the number three car on the grounds of dale earnhardt incorporated. tonight, he was honored during
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>> i just remember watching daytona 500 with my parents and you know, that was today. and it's been, like i said, it hasn't been the same without him. >> it's been 15 years since earnhardt was killed when he crashed on the last lap of daytona 500. an autopsy determined he died of a skull fracture. he refused to wear a head and neck safety device and many experts believe it would have saved his life. in the years following his death, major changes were put into place to protect the drivers. softer crash walls, the cars have better seat belt stems and roll cages and nascar drivers are required to wear head and neck safety devices. this year's daytona 500 is on sunday and dale earnhardt, jr., won the first of two qualifier races. >> criminal records and disciplinary actions. tonight, there's a group pushing to remove questions
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eyewitness news reporter explains why they say it isn't fair to ask. >> it's called the common application. for years, it's been a one stop shop where students can submit one college application to a data base with more than 600 schools. along with academics, questions over a student's criminal past, simple accusations. some argue isn't fair. >> the administration, commitment to ensuring that students are safe on campus. but our concern is that there's little documented evidence that soliciting this type of information actually improves safety. >> brenda is part of the nonprofit, the lawyers committee for civil rights. now pushing the common application to take questions of discipline off. of the more than 100 million americans with a criminal record. 35% are black juveniles.
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on an application, it can be judgemental. >> works with area minority youth. many considered at risk. he's an educator of more than 20 years, but fouler once got that second chance and hopeful he's not the only one. >> just to have that second boys. eyewitness news. >> we also reach reached out to the college application officials. schools in our area who use that application include davidson and queens university. >> monday is the deadline to fill out a survey that leaders will use to decide how to reassign students. today, concerned parents packed into a forum about the issue. they are worried their children will get bussed to different schools. school leaders say their goal is to create more diversity. chief meteorologist in severe weather center 9 tracking warmth coming our way. >> yeah, allison. today wasn't bad. 54 in charlotte, what you would expect in mid february.
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building to our west. we were 70 degrees. as far north as south carolina and that bubble of warmth has the sight set on the carolinas. we have a cool night ahead. your wakeup forecast, most neighborhoods at or below freezing, up town at freezing, 30 hickory as well as lincolnton. 20s in the high country. forecast tomorrow morning, coats, gloves if you'll be out there for awhile. 6:00 a.m., we'll be around freezing. by 9:00 a.m. talking about readings in the upper 30s. tomorrow's future cast. i want to show you the winds because they are forecast to increase out of the southwest as we head through the afternoon. that's a sign of the warmth. tomorrow, we'll look like today temperature wise. we stopped the time line at lunch. most neighborhoods from charlotte south are around 50. 40s along the i-40 corridor and the mountains. warming into the mid 50s everywhere east of the high country tomorrow afternoon. not much different from today.
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head into the weekend. tomorrow, much like today's. features sunshine from start to finish. a few passing clouds up across the high country. that should be about it. as far as spring goes, hey, nothing says spring like baseball and the charlotte 49ers kick off their baseball season tomorrow. a three-game set this weekend. look at the temperatures. all over the charlotte area, temperatures rise through the lower 60s saturday. mid 60s on sunday. we will see an increase in clouds. at this point, most neighborhoods should stay dry. here's a look at our future cast. fairly cloudy, but no rain to be had. next batch of clouds comes at us on sunday. you'll notice showers start to break out early send evening in the mountains. one or two can't be ruled out, but the main body of rain is on the other side of the mountains, that's what i'm forecasting to arrive as we head into early next week. especially on tuesday into wednesday and we could see a fair amount of rain.
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future cast goes out this far to figure out how much rain we're looking at and many neighborhoods could see upwards of 2 inches of rain. a soaker, but keep in mind, coming over a three-day period, so the risk of flooding from that shouldn't be that great. we'll be fine tuning that forecast as we head into next week. in the meantime, let's enjoy a nice weekend. sun saturday, low 60s. plenty of clouds sunday, but even warmer still. >> you don't have to tell us twice. we will certainly try to enjoy the weekend. >> yeah, got to get outside. >> thanks, steve. >> the pope has a plan to stop the spread of the zika virus. the exception to the traditional catholic teaching that he says is acceptable. >> plus, a professor accused of embezzlement fires back.
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yea, that fe a former professor accused of embezzling tens and thousands of dollars was giving the money to a needy student. dr. scott is charged with stealing nearly $72,000 from student agriculture clubs he advised. now, search warrants show he was giving the money to a graduate student with medical issues and mounting bills. >> he could have gotten a group of people and said, we're going
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in our possible that we can to help this person out. >> the search warrant also shows there's evidence he tried to transfer money from his retirement account back into the student group's account. new at 11:00, we're asking police if they made any arrests tonight in a west charlotte assault and carjacking. this happened on tuesday just before 8:00 p.m. along wilkin son boulevard. the suspect took the 21-year- old woman's car, along with her purse, bank card, and driver's license. new numbers tonight show airline consumer complaints were up nearly 30% in 2015. the u.s. department of transportation says its aviation division saw more than 20,000 complaints. that's up from 15,500 in 2014. two american airlines flights were launched for having the longest tarmac delays. consumer complaints range from problems to booking and
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and breaking news right now out of iredale county, where the health department confirmed a second case of the mumps in the county that brings the total number of confirmed cases in our area to three. this according to our partners at the states landmark. we told you earlier this week about two confirmed cases in our area. one in iredale county, the other in mecklenburg county. officials believe those two cases might be linked. authorities say there's a total of eight cases. they are now aware of.
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the others are the others a with the front row set for daytona's 500, tonight was the next step in qualifying. pair of 60 lap races determining the rest of the starting order. dual number one set the inside row. lap 43, coal had the races weigh into the 500. but trying to make a move, rei began smith gets into the back end. bringing out a caution and wrecking the daytona 500 dreams. here comes dale earnhardt, jr., the inside. taking over the lead. he would cruise from there. winning his dual race for the second straight year. meanwhile, mcdowell racing his way into the 500.
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early, but got real interesting late. jimmy jom son, mcmurray tries to block, catches the 48 of johnson who comes down, clips curt bush, who is 5th, and watch the 20 car of matt get caught up as well. that's significant because he had clinched a front row spot on qualifying speed last sunday, he is headed to a backup car. that means starting at the back of the pack. kyle bush wins with him out instead of starting fourth, bush will start on the outside of row one. one of the nfl's all-time great sack artists came via trade and what was his last rodeo. jared allen is what the panthers needed. provided veteran leadership and known as an every down player accepted rise role, rotated in and out. award for his patience and appearance in his first ever super bowl. today the california cowboy announced his retirement on twitter and it was just about
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>> this was the part where i was going to ride off into the sunset. but seeing how there's no sunset, i'm just going to ride off. >> i love it. >> that's not an act, he's a cowboy. >> that's the coolest thing. great exit. thanks, bill. the pope weighs in on the zika virus. what he is suggesting to stop the spread that would go (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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new tonight, the pope says that women threatened by the zika virus in brazil could use birth control to avoid pregnancy. it's a deviation from the traditional teachings of the catholic church. >> pope francis says it's a better alternative than abortion. the explosion of the virus is prompting governments to urge
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the virus can cause babies can't wait for the sun. >> cloud cover as you head through the weekend, a little more warmth and enjoy it because next week, a chilly rain on the way. >> all right, thanks. thanks for making us your choice for news at 11:00. >> get the latest overnight news on daybreak starting at
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jimmy kimmel live is next. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show, i'm jimmy, i'm the host.


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