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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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both of those down side ways. a big mess for crews to clean up. in the past 30 minutes, we got video of a tow truck towing away the suv involved in this crash that caused all of this and you can see the damage to the front of the suv. a driver crashed into the poles around 4:30 this morning. we know one person went to the hospital but is expected to be okay. let's go back live to the pictures and as you can see, duke energy is on the scene. they have a lot of work to do. still, the traffic signals in the middle of the road blocking the intersection of little rock and tuckaseegee road. we're asking how long the road will be closed but it does lack like a long time because of what you see. let's go to traffic team 9's mark taylor for alternate routes. >> this happened around the 6600-block of tuckaseegee road around 4:30 this morning. that is what is blocked. this will be at little rock road. this will affect your morning commute and those students headed to west meck high school as well. to set this up for you and where
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use wilkerson boulevard as the alternate route if you typically head east, take tuckaseegee road to wilkerson and if you head west towards little rock, take mulberry church west. update here, 485 outer loop. we have an accident scene. minor delay as you're making your way through. it is not blocking any travel lanes. these on looker delays only. cold temperatures this morning but this may end up being the last morning we see temperatures near freezing. 33 charlotte. shelby is down to 29. chesterfield 28 degrees. the chill will be in place to quickly. later this morning, we're in the low 40s by nine. mid to upper 50s return today. we keep the beautiful sunshine we enjoyed yesterday. this weekend we may start to sunshine. we'll show you the new data it
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but no big rain chances as of yet. stephanie? >> breaking news this morning, everyone inside a duplex in gaston county got out safely after an overnight fire. >> you can see the house was smoldering. this was two hours after the fire started. it started after someone left food on the stove. firefighters were able to get this under control in 30 minutes. the red cross is on scene helping out the people who lived here. today, north carolina leaders will make a final vote to delay key primary races and potentially change who you can vote for. >> they met all day yesterday sorting out major changes to congressional districts. eyewitness news reporter joe pruno is live along i-85 to explain what will happen now? >>reporter: lawmakers worked late into the night to bring the changes, they're impacting more than just congressional candidates, all vote years in north carolina including those in district 12 which runs along i-85. now, the state senate is the
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after a three judge panel ruled two districts as unconstitutional based on race including the 12th district which stretches from charlotte to greensboro. to accommodate the new district, they agreed to move the primary from march to june. there are no run off elections for congress and the top vote getter will be the nominee instead of needing 40% of the vote. it gives more time for the supreme court to step in. candidates will have to refile. many lawmakers maintain there was nothing wrong with the districts struck down. >> fair and legal and constitutional. >> final votes are this morning in raleigh beginning with the state senate at 9:30. reporting live in north charlotte. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> thank you. north carolina presidential primaries will be held march 15th as scheduled.
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register to vote in the primary and the deadline to change your party affiliation. eyewitness news reporter jim bradley is in raleigh following today's votes. follow him on twitter @jimbradleywsoc9 and watch for full reports. a water main break in concord caused several people to go without water for several hours. this is near george lyles parkway around 1 o'clock this morning. we're asking crews what caused the break and if they've been able to fix it since then. channel 9 will update you as soon as we get information about that. iredell county health officials have confirmed a second case of mumps and are investigating several more possible cases. our partners at the statesville land mark report that both cases are linked to the same workplace. three cases of the virus are confirmed in our area.
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unc chapel hill expert explained why we may be seeing those cases now. >> they circulate and the outbreaks are genetically different than what is used in the vaccine. >> it is important for people to get evacuated. there is a -- vaccinated. >> faa officials will be in union county investigating a deadly plane crash we told you about last night. overnight. channel 9 learned the pilot killed jim cook from lexington, north carolina. he was returning from day tone florida where he had flown a client yesterday. night. the union county sheriff's office told us cook reported having engine trouble before going down near salem road. >> well it was heavily wooded. air craft. it is in pretty good shape.
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process of removing a body from the air craft. >> the plane nose dived into the ground but the plane is mostly in tact. overnight we also spoke with a friend of cook's who told us he was a long time pilot for richard childress racing and had retired from the team dozens of congress members will travel to north carolina to explore civil rights. lindsey graham is hosting the visit. the orangeburg massacre. the 60s. they will worship at emanuel ame church in charleston where dylann roof is accused of killing nine people at predomesticantly black church in june. he -- predominantly black church in june he wanted to start a race war. deputies went to charleston
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the conference all focussed on domestic terrorism. iredell county sheriff says one of the lessons they talked about was forming good relationships with the churches the -- churches and the community. matthew carpenter, michael lubors and kristin zalewski face possession charges of black tar heroin. they got information of the sales around highway 150 and i-77 near mooresville. surveillance and undercover operations led to the arrests. we have followed the growing black tar heroin epidemic and how it is getting into the charlotte area last year, authorities believe they made a dent in stopping it from coming here. a judge sentenced mexican drug cartel leader carlos ramon to 11 years in prison. he shipped more than $1 million worth of black tar heroin into charlotte. new this morning, south carolina senate leaders cancelled two committee meetings
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the state newspaper says that allows senators to debate a plan for the crumbling roads. they wept home following two days of a filibuster by tom davis. he did the same thing for the last three weeks of the legislative session last year blocking a gas tax increase from passing. it is not clear how long this current filibuster will last. 10% of the nation's bridges have structural problems and they may be unsafe for you to drive october builders association found nationwide more than 204000000 people drive daily -- 204,000 people drive daily over the repairs. in south carolina, about 11% or 1,000 bridges are deficient. southwest airlines says it is adding more nonstop flights to give regional flyers more options including those right here in charlotte. some of the flights will go between charlotte and nashville. you can get the flights for as low as 69 bucks.
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august 7th. airline consumer complaints were up nearly 30% in 2015. the u.s. department of transportation says the aviation division saw more than 20,000 complaints, up from 15,000 in 2014. two american airlines flights were logged for having the longest tarmac delays exceeding three hours. spirit airlines received the most complaints and had the lowest on time arrival rates. consumer complaints range from flight problems, booking and ticketing, even refunds. fans can purchase regular season charlotte knights tickets beginning tomorrow morning. they go on sale tomorrow at nine. at noon, single game tickets will go on sale online and by phone. prices for single game tickets start at $8. the home opener is set for april 14th at 7:05 against the durham bulls. we're getting close it baseball season. >> we are. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> it will feel like baseball season tomorrow at least. here is meteorologist keith monday with the forecast.
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unc charlotte has a baseball series this weekend. enjoy great weather here for all of the outdoor activities. nice, clear picture across the map and entire carolinas. barely a cloud to be found. that may be the case heading into the weekend but they will gather in the next few days. i have futurecast data to show you in a moment. need the umbrellas. we'll talk about the rain chances starting to build up much more for next week. let's get another update for the problem on tuckaseegee road. >> west charlotte, if you typically use tuckaseegee road, it is closed because of a crash that took out a utility pole and lights in the middle of the road. was we have crews on the scene right now including police blocking the road completely. for folks heading out to west meck high school, that will impact you. this is happening at tuckaseegee road at little rock road. if you head east toward
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you have to take tuckaseegee road over to wilkerson boulevard or mulberry church road to billy graham and wilkerson boulevard. monitoring a wreck, reportedly not blocking the lanes from nc-dot it is on the outer loop, seeing the delay here. from old doud, take wallace neal and jump back on the interstate and we'll get around the delays. friends of the charlotte woman who tried to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband say her 10 year prison sentence is too much. the factors they asked the judge to consider before her sentencing. >> the cdc says many americans are not getting enough sleep and chances are you're feeling like you could hit the snooze alarm this morning. ahead on daybreak, the steps you can take outside of the bedroom that could help you get the extra z's. >> they only won two games but
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. from the breaking news center, we have breaking news at 6:14. this is the intersection of tuckaseegee road at little rock road. you can see that intersection is closed because an suv hit a utility pole, also brought down
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you can see the crews right there trying to pick them upright now. a lot of debris in the middle of that. this has been closed for awhile. we're working to figure out when the intersection will reopen. it is a busy one during the morning rush. let's go to mark taylor for alternate routes. >> this is happening on little rock road. rather, on tuckaseegee road just east of little rock road but it is the intersection where we're seeing the traffic signals that has it blocked. for those heading east towards little rock, you'll have too tuckaseegee road to wilkerson boulevard. you'll take mulberry church to billy graham. dealing with a wreck on the 45 outer loop in west charlotte. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. a fundraiser will be held for the family of a woman shot and killed in front of her 12-year-old son. it will be held for mila and
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all of the proceeds will go towards the oaks family from her funeral including medical bills for jeffrey and their two sons. robert bridges killed myla and critically injured jeff. they were neighbors and had a year long feud. the shooting happened as the 12-year-old son's bus pulled up. she quickly got him on the bus and went to the next stop to call 911. a professor who embezzled money said he was giving the money to a needy student. he is charged with stea $70,000 from student agriculture clubs he advised. he was giving the money to a graduate student with medical issues and moupting bills and evidence he tried to transfer money from the retirement
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. . hard to watch this right here. three people were hurt. one person in critical condition. a total of five people on board the tour helicopter when it went down just after 10:00 yesterday morning. people who saw that crash jumped into the water to pull the victims to shore. >> when we first saw it, i actually turned and said do those land on water? because that looks like it is coming -- and within a second, somebody yelled to get down and we turned and ran and tried to take cover. >> an ntsb representative is expected to arrive to the crash today. the cause is under investigation. next football season, west charlotte high school will have a brand new field. they celebrated with a ground breaking ceremony. the panthers don$200,000 to
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students say the new field will motivate them in the games and inside the clas. >>. >> west charlotte is a project l.i.f.t. school for students who perform poorly in class. things are improving. there crews are working to rebuild the field which is a symbol that the best is yet to come. >> pretty cool. >> i love it. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday. the best is yet to come with our weather as well. >> it is, just in time for the weekend. we'll enjoy quiet weather. 33 in charlotte and a lot of 20's out thcool but this is it. the next several mornings will be warmer as we head into the weekend and good part of next week as well. chilly start through 9:00. we bounce back to 50 by lunch
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today at 56. a few degrees warmer than what afternoon. a few winds will kick in. gustier in the mountains today. maybe gusts around 20 to 25 but it is the southwest wind flow that will help to boost up the temperature. so by tomorrow morning, out the door in the low to mid-40's. already off to a better start. a big race in south charlotte in ballantyne. you'll be in the mid-50's by tomorrow morning. warm up will can quick as we head through your saturday. there will be high clouds that filter in. but overall, dry skies for tomorrow. sunday morning looks dry to start off but i'll tell you what happens. the clouds come back in sunday afternoon. here comes rain approaching through the mountains in the afternoon hours, we'll move through the metro into the evening so even by sunday, maybe late afternoon, we'll lose all of the sunshine it will be warm. but the rain chances are coming for next week. stay on top of the changes with
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the interactive radar to track the small chance of rain through the end of the weekend plans. the weekend always in view, right around the corner. warm all weekend. close to 70 on sunday with less sunshine. monday, the rain chances start up. it gets heavier on tuesday. look at the temperatures bottoming out. we have rain all day tuesday. we won't get out of the 40s. 6:20. let's get you on the roads with the big traffic news. >> tuckaseegee road still blocked. we're watching things as crews work to clear the scene which involves some utility pole that has been struck as well as the malfunctioning traffic lights that are also on the ground. this is on tuckaseegee road near little rock road. this will affect your commute this morning. options for you. tuckaseegee road to wilkerson boulevard or mulberry church road back towards wilkerson boulevard.
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loop of 485 on dixie river road causing these delays. use wallace neal as the alternate route. panthers fans will pay more to see the team next year. the stadium upgrades the team plans to use the extra money for. >> thousands of south carolina voters will take part in the state's republican primary. at 6:30, the factors other than losing that can that can cause candidates to drop out of the race. >> if you feel sleep deprived, you're not alone. next this morning, the steps you should take before you talk to
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mazola makes it better. . breaking news in the last five minutes. a u.s. air strike has killed more than 30 isis recruits in a training camp in liba. it was linked too two major terror attacks in tenisha last year.
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last year. this comes as obama increases attacks. dale earnhardt will start 3rd after he lost the first of two qualifier matches. >> it came as the same day 15 years after his father, dale earnhardt died at the track. as they do every year, fans gathered on the grounds of dale earnhardt incorporated for special tribute to the driver of the number three-car. >> i just remember watching daytona 500 with her parents and that was today and it been it him. >> earnardt was killed after he crashed on the last lap of the daytona five #47bd. a north carolina couple filed a lawsuit against tackata and honda for serious injuries they received in a car crash. the lawsuit says cherokee county couple got into a low speed crash in andrews north carolina in the honda odyssey. the couple says the air bag exploded and hit the wife. the lawsuit says she fractured 13 ribs.
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gets the recommended eight hours of sleep every night. the cdc recommends going as far about your sleep. they want you to adjust your work schedule to allow you to day sleep journal. 68% of north carolina adults gets seven or more hours every night. seven hours. not enough sleep is linked to a range of issues including diabetes, heart disease and depression. pleas for leniency did not stop a judge from sentencing a mecklenburg county woman to 10 years after she tried to hire a hit man to kill her husband. >> this is so out of context for her. . >> the way the out pouring of support actually surpriseth judge. -- surprised the judge. >> a major intersection in west charlotte is shut down after a crash brought down power lines
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i'm angela hong live on tuckaseegee road. what i've learned about how long
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breaking news in west charlotte. this mess that you're about to see right here is right in the middle of tuckaseegee road and little rock road, it is causing a huge problem for your morning drive. >> a driver crash knockth traffic lights in the -- knocked the traffic lights in the middle of the road. >> eyewitness news reporter angela hong arrived to the scene and got new information about how this is impacting cms students. a? >> if you take a look at this intersection of tuckaseegee road and little rock it is a mess. cars have been rerouting all day and that is impacting cms buses. we learned from cms that there are routes that are impacted and buses will have to reroute to get to the stops. the buses will make all of the stops, it may just take them a little while and we have a shot of the intersection from our mass cam. you can see how wide this area is and a lot of the cars that are having to cut through
6:31 am
to just get around, there is one right turn you can make at a corner here of tuckaseegee road and little rock. cars are not able to get through other than that. we were here early this morning as cars or as police and tow trucks tried to remove that car accident. again, the driver hitting some power poles, knocking out power lines and also the traffic lights. that is a major issue now. and earlier, we were here as crews picked up the traffic lights but there is a lot of glass and broken plastic in the intersection and i spoke with a member of the duke energy crew out here. they told me they will be out here for several hours, they will get a bucket truck and try to fix that broken power line. you can actually see the sign thth is on the side in the broken power pole. they had to come out here and fix that and i'm told once that
6:32 am
getting fixed, police will have to direct -- while th getting fixed, police will direct traffic. we know this will take almost all of the morning commute to fix. you'll want to avoid this area so traffic team 9's mark taylor will give us alternate routes. >> we're looking live at the cam to give you a scope of the closures here. all of the folks on the scene right now in the process of working to restore the utility pole and the traffic lights as well. this happened around 4:30 this morning and this is the 6600-block of tuckaseegee road at little rock road. for those in the area, you've been given a couple of options. head west from tuckaseegee road and access wilkerson boulevard. you can use 85 as part of the commute. not seeing delays there as gaston county or mulberry church to billy graham parkway koufrp to 74.
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one lane is open. you'll have to get down and take ken yell worth to access i-77 to get around the lane closures. we're starting off this morning with a nice amount of clear sky and beautiful sunrise under way from the lake norman cameras. you don't need a lot of high clouds around to get the pretty glow. seeing great colors around the horizon. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. we're falling back to mid freezing. belmont is 20. 27 in mountain island lake. 28 in harrisburg. ballantyne. once the sun is higher in the sky. the numbers warm quickly. we're around 50 by lunch time. this afternoon, keep the sunglasses with you. weekend. i won't touch that but i'll explain how the moisture increases this weekend and will throw more clouds in our direction. >> the nation will have its eyes on south carolina as voters pick their choice for the republican presidential nominee. >> the candidates have been
6:34 am
reporter joe bruno is here to explain why this may be not relevant so far. >>reporter: historically south carolina has provided a big boost to candidates or it has been the final stand. republican officials are expecting a record turn out for south carolina's primary tomorrow. more than 600,000 turned o 2012. it is not an easy state to win. unlike iowa and new hampshire, south carolina has a large military, evangelical, retiree and business community. some are won based on where a candidate finishes in a primary, others win based on who wins a congressional district. delegates can vote their conscious. tomorrow's primary is make or running. >> anybody other -- everybody other than trump is following a standard campaign and it is just
6:35 am
>> another reason candidates may drop out is because they've run out of money. the frontrunners are businessman donald trump and former clinton. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> the question is whether the pope's criticism of trump will impact voter's decisions. the pope said anyone who wants to build roads instead of bridges is not christian. trump said a religious leader questioning a person's faith is, quote, disgraceful. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis which is, everyone knows, is isis's ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> jeb bush and marco rubio weighed in saying the united states has the right to control
6:36 am
that is not unchristian. eyewitness news has complete coverage of tomorrow's election results. we'll update you as they come in and will bring you full reports at 10 and 11. a former county nurse supervisor will spend 10 years in prison for trying to kill her next husband. last year, davis hired two hit men to shoot and kill her husband. they were actually undercover officers. supporters begged the judge to be lenient on davis. her ex-husband says he was not surprised to see the support. >> it don't surprise me. they're saying exactly what they portrayed to be to them. people. >> the judge said he didn't understand how someone who had such support was able to organize such a heinous crime. davis and her ex-husband were going through a custody battle at the time of the murder plot.
6:37 am
truck driver of a deadly hit-and-run. he was arrested in charleston accused of rear ending an suv earlier this month killing flora allenburg. we want to give you a live look now. this is the supreme court where just antonin scalia will lie in roe pose today. his -- repose today. his cast ket will arrive today. supreme court police will carry the casket will follow. they will take turns standing vigil by their former boss throughout the day and night. president obama and the first lady are among those who will pay their respects at court today. there will be a private ceremony for family, friends and justices at 9:30. scalia's casket will be on public view until 8:00 tonight. his mass is tomorrow. when president obama heads to cuba he will meet with raul castro but not his brother.
6:38 am
with members of the cuban civil society or activists who advocate for various social causes. officials say the u.s. still has serious differences with the government and that the president will raise issues of human rights and political freedoms with castro. north carolina republican senator richard burr is joining the call for apple to turn over phone data of the suspected san bernardino terrorists. we told you apple is fighting the fbi's order saying it could also allow the government into everyone's iphone. apple should not be above the law. he says san bernardino county owns the phone and has kenned to a search. -- consented to a church. apple is choosing to prioritize the business model above complying with a court order. channel 9 will sit down with burr today and question him more about the controversy. you may have to pay more to
6:39 am
after the incredible season. 2/3rd of ticket prices will increase between 5 and $12s prices will also offset upgrades being made. when the panthers return, jared allen won't be on the roster. allen announced this season would be his last. over his 12-year career haeshgs was known for his veteran leadership. he broke his foot this season and missed the nfc championship game but recovered to play in his one only only super bowl. the california cowboy announced his retirement in a unique twitter video. >> seeing as there is no sunset, i'm just going to rid. >> that is a good way to do it.
6:40 am
again, we posted it on our facebook page. >> i took note on it it. >> you did? >> good. we have a nice sunrise under way. >> we do. let's go to meteorologist keith monday. good morning. >> sunrise coming today will keep it beautiful. cold air is riding into the sunset. see the purple pushed to the north. cold air is moving out. 33 is in charlotte. 22 at banner oak. blowing rock at 24. yeah, still chilly this morning, you want the layers for now but i'll explain how the numbers go up this weekend even though the moisture is returning, show the futurecast how clouds may blanket things out by the end of the weekend even though the warmer air will be with us. let's get over to mark. the traffic problems keep coming in. >> unfortunately, this is the big picture issue we're dealing with this morning. tuckaseegee road at little rock. this is completely blocked because of a vehicle that took out a utility pole and the traffic lights in the area so
6:41 am
it will be close the remainder of the rush hour. we've been talking about the fact that tuckaseegee road is blocked at little rock road. go west and take wilkerson boulevard to wilkerson boulevard and 485 seeing big delays on the outer loop near dixie river road because of a crash near west boulevard or down to wallace neal. utilize that as an alternate route. it may sound like something from decades ago but moonshining is still alive in our area. it is also still illegal. today at five, eyewitness news tracks down moonshiners who refuse to quit even though the practice is still against the law. >> yes, sir it is still being made up here. yes, sir. >> the people behind those operations and why officers still go after them. that is today at five on channel 9, eyewitness news. we're staying on top of breaking news in west charlotte where tuckaseegee road closed at little rock after a crash.
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6:44 am
e stop lights, powe . causing major traffic problems in west charlotte. the intersection of tuckaseegee closed right now. you can see why here. crash. a driver knocked the traffic lights and road sign into the middle of the intersection. we started bringing you the live pictures from the scene at 5:30.
6:45 am
angela hong is live there now as crews are trying to clean up this mess. angela? >>reporter:. >>reporter: within the last 15 minutes, a duke energy bucket truck actually just arrived. you can see it right here. they're trying to get the bucket out so they can get in the air and start fixing the power pole that broke. you can see it off to the side and the sign of tuckaseegee road and little rock sign that is now hanging off of the lines and the broken power pole, you can see how that car caused so much damage here and if you turn back to the intersection, you can still see the shards of glass remaining after the traffic lights actually fell down into the intersection. i did talk to somebody from duke energy and they told me they will try to clean up the intersection and then clean up the road and actually open up some lanes but even so, because there are no traffic lights here, police will have to actually be directing traffic here if some lanes do open up. they tell me this is going to take several hours to clean up
6:46 am
morning commute. for now, we'll head over to traffic team 9's mark taylor with alternate routes. >> this will take extra time to get through since the intersection is blocked. if you head east towards little rock, you have to head west and take brooks boulevard back to little rock. if we head west. take mulberry church head south to billy graham parkway and jump on to wilkerson. we'll let you know here as well twitter. breaking news in gaston county, everyone inside this duplex got out safely after an early morning fire. you can see the house on moore street in stanly was still fire started. it started after someone left food on the stove. firefighters were able to 30 minutes. the red cross is on the scene right now to help the people who live there. another major story we're following today is going to
6:47 am
lawmakers will hold two crucial votes today that could move the march congressional primary on june and change the district map. >> eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live to explain how the decisions today could impact you. >> the major changes are set to be approved after federal judges ruled that districts are unconstitutional including the 12th district that runs from i-85 from charlotte to greensboro. let's look at the updated maps. lawmakers are set to give the final approval to the new congressional map today. that means there will be a new primary date for congressional races. the state house approved moving the primary to june 7th. it will eliminate run off elections and open the filing period march 16th. lawmakers who drew the regular
6:48 am
reporting live along i-85 joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. 6:47. north carolina presidential primaries will still be held march 15th as scheduled. today is the deadline for you to register to vote in the primaries and to change your party affiliation eyewitness news reporter jim bradley is in raleigh following today's votes. follow him on twitter. we'll watch for the full reports as well on eyewitness news at 5:00 p.m.. 6:48 now. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes every 10 minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 starting to get more sunlight out there. i love this time of the morning out here. >> it is beautiful. we're seeing temperatures so cool. the sun is coming up. once it is higher in the sky, the numbers will move up quickly as we wind our way through the rest of the day. 33 in charlotte, 27 in lincolnton, salisbury and albemarle. a lot of folks below freezing to start the day. the mountains are as well. mid to upper 20's, not terribly cold, and no school delays in the mountains today. we're off to a very, very good start heading into the weekend.
6:49 am
around 50 degrees by lunch time today and we'll warm up to the mid to upper 50s today again. few degrees warmer than yesterday morning. mid to upper 40s for the mountains so everybody will seat temperatures hovering around average. up at boone today. lots of sunshine, back in the upper 40s here. forecasting about 48. you can add 10 degrees to that in wadesboro with temperatures approaching 60 for later this afternoon. picture perfect weather as we are ready for the weekend plans. it will turn more cloudy by the end of it. the clouds thicken up. mid to upper 60s sunday. we'll be warm but the moisture is starting to return. it is not a big chance of rain on sunday but watch the yellow be replaced by the green filling in sunday afternoon. we'll notice the clouds taking over. light rain drops, especially west of charlotte into sunday evening, but it is a sign of
6:50 am
the rain chances are going up heading into monday and tuesday. no big, big rain monday but wash out potential. we're looking ahead to a solid chance of rain and this may end up being just a plain rain event for mountains as well. into next week. the five-day forecast, the weekend always in view, the 60s are still here, the clouds are taking over. we'll warm up nicely and still in the 60s on monday with a rain chance starting up and with a solid chance of rain for most of the day on tuesday, they may not get out of the 40s. we're right back at it again next week. stay on top of the weather changes all weekend long with the wsoc-tv weather app and track the rain chances sunday with the interactive radar. >> saturday is the pick day? >> sunday is pretty good but saturday is probably the pick day. mark taylor monitoring the breaking news causing major problems on tuckaseegee road and
6:51 am
>> we have three big breaking get to. 1 tuckaseegee road at little rock. a big problem here. check out this picture of the intersection right now. we have an accident that has since cleared the accident itself but it took out a utility roadway. it will be the remainder of the lunch hour before the intersection opens up. some options we've been talking about this morning, tuckaseegee road at little rock. head west and take wilkerson boulevard over towards little rock road or mulberry church, head south. either way it will take extra time. plan accordingly this morning. earlier wreck on the 485 outer loop, just up from west boulevard. it looks like that is clear but check out the delays from congestion. nine miles an hour according to drive time technology.
6:52 am
outer loop near hamilton street bridge near i-77 is causing big delays. options here if you head up towards 77 to graham and trade street and 85 take graham street toward the intersection. we're seeing significant delays. >> checking wall street, the dow is down 52 points. the nasdaq is down 16 points. >> we're monitoring this big
6:53 am
tuckaseegee road and little rock (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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6:55 am
an . we're staying on top of breaking news in west charlotte. a crash with an suv at tuckaseegee road and little rock road brought down a utility pole and traffic lights. >> take a look. here is the scene as we've been covering this at 5:30 this morning. seven, a total of seven traffic lights were brought down. you can see this entire intersection is blocked off as
6:56 am
this is from the mass camera on top of the live truck. you can see nobody is getting through this intersection right now as they try to get this thing repaired and keep people away. >> you can see where they towth truck away and we do know that one person in the suv was taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of injuries. we'll have alternate routes from traffic team 9's mark taylor. this has been a mess for several hours now. >> if there is silver lining in this, one person is without power according to duke. the signals are out in the area and the intersection is blocked. . you have to take tuckaseegee road over to wilkerson boulevard heading east or you can actually take mulberry south over to the billy graham parkway. it will take extra time. we're monitoring delays on the 485 outer loop. an earlier crash causing big ups from wilkerson boulevard from 74 over to wallace neal is your best bet. keith?
6:57 am
of sunshine again today and the warm up will keep extending into the week. mid-50's for this afternoon looks great to get started an early jump start to the weekend. cloudy by the end of the weekend >> we'll take. >> your local news continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 64. >> join us now for the updates
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. heart-stopping crash caught on tape. a helicopter with five tourists on board plummeting into pearl harbor. new video of witnesses diving in to rescue the victims. cutting a 15-year-old free from the wreckage. those heroes are going to join us live only on "gma." donald trump versus the pope. those stunning remarks saying the gop front-runner is not christian. trump fires back all through the night. >> no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. >> and donald trump joining us live this morning. record heat. building across much of the country for the weekend. blazes sparking firenados. the wind warnings and advisories


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