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tv   Eyewitness News at 500  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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well being of its employees is its number one priority. today employees at the lowe's customer support center at mooresville are on high alert, iredell county's health department confirmed today that two employees at the center have tested positive for mumps. a disease that's highly contagious and can easily spread by coughing and sneezing. >> we're working diligently with all those involved. our communicable disease nurses are working with anyone who could have came in contact or been around someone who has been a confirmed case or connected to a probable. we're working diligently with all those involved. today lowe's told channel 9 it sent two emails warning employees about the out break. the company sent us a statement saying the well being of our employees is a top priority at lowe's. we've communicated with employee's and provided the health departments information about preventing and treating mumps. health workers say they've even visited the facility to answer
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employees here some very serious instructions. >> the important thing is to check your vaccination record. know the status of your vaccine. if you've had one, get a second. it's recommended if you're exposed. the vaccination, it will not help if you've been exposed. but it'll help in the future. and anyone that gets vaccinated. if you contract it, your symptoms are so muchchmore mild. >> in an effort to keep this from spreading, the health department is warning people who think they have symptoms and work at the facility to not come to work. we'll tell you about the other cases that are being investigated by health care workers here in iredell county and in other areas near charlotte. reporting live from mooresville, tina terry, channel 9 eyewitness news. even if you've had the mumps vaccine, the cdc says you can still get the virus. people who have received two doses of the vaccine are nine times less likely to get it than somebody who has not been vaccinated.
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about the mumps and what you just look inside tina's story on our home page. north carolina now has its first case of the zika virus. the state health department made that announcement this morning. but it's important to say that the mosquito born illness was carolina. health officials say the person recently traveled to a country where the virus is prevalent. and one of those is brazil, which will host the olympics in just a matter of months. but today, the head of the world health organization is predicting that the virus will be less prevalent there by the time the summer games now we turn to more breaking news, this time in concord, where a tractor trailer crash is causing major back-ups. >> the clean up is happening on i-85 in the southbound lanes near mile marker 60. eyewitness news anchor allison latos is monitoring these >> the north carolina highway patrol says the tractor trailer
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but the clean up is still going on chopper 9 sky zoom is live over the scene where you can see that huge dent in the big rig's roof. it has one lane shut down on i- 85. and traffic as you can see here is backed up for miles. troopers say it doesn't look like anyone was hurt in that crash. right now it's not clear what caused the tractor trailer to flip over. we'll continue to bring you any new information. scott? thank you. and breaking developments tonight, newly redrawn congressional maps are now law and north carolina voters will have to head to the poles twice for pririry elections. eyewitness news reporter jim bradley has been in raleigh for the past two days as lawmakers figured out all the moving parts in this political debacle that's impacting everyone. >> reporter: it took two days and multiple meetings with multiple votes in raleigh. but now major changes to the state's congressional districts have been set in place and approved by the legislature here.
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landscape of the 2016 election. after taking up congressional maps and the election calendar separately on thursday, the north carolina house and senate swapped issues today and voted on them again. those in favor will say aye. >> the final approval of both issues marked the end of a short but tumultuous special legislative session called after a federal court ruled two of the states congressional districts, including the one that touches charlotte were unconstitutional. democratics said it still marginalized republican voters. >> we went through the criteria. it was laid out what our chairs interpreted the court's instructions to be. and we have followed those. >> reporter: the new maps will make election voting more complicated. voters will still cast ballots in primaries for the president, governor, and other races on march 15th. but the north carolina
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moved to june june 7th. >> this is going to create chaos and confusion. has done. this is their process. >> now it'll be up to state voters to begin figuring it all out. democratics are expected to ask if federal court to reject the maps that were approved by the general assembly here. but for now the changes are in place and the confusion for candidates and voters begins. in raleigh, jim bradley, channel 9 eyewitness news. republican lawmakers are still hoping the u.s. supreme court will stay, the appeals court order that called for these new maps in that happens previous voting boundaries would return and congressional primaries would go back to march 15th. we're breaking down how this could shake up your district and who's all ready considering a possible run. tomorrow will be the big day in south carolina. >> the number of voters headed out to the poles for the south's first primary is expected to be record breaking. presidential candidates on both
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each other. but republican candidate ted cruz facing a bit of extra backlash from a voter in illinois. a judge heard arguments today from a man named lawrence joyce who says that cruz should be disqualified since he's not a natural-born citizen. >> ted cruz has known about this issue for years. and he could have done something about it. he didn't lift his little fifier to do anything about it. >> cruz was born in canada. his rival donald trump has also threatened to sue cruz over his citizenship. trump's fight with the pope over immigration continues. ahead tonight at 5:30, eyewitness news reporter greg suskin is asking how this global battle could impact the voter's choice. tsa agents seized two guns in two separate incidents at charlotte douglas airport the guns were found within ten minutes of each other yesterday morning at different check points. one was a glock 42 handgun.
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this month alone, police say there have been five cases of fliers trying to bring guns through security. the most high profile was last week when the former chairman of the unc board of governors was caught with a gun at airport security. a gunman is on the run after shooting and killing a woman outside of this gastonia motel. we first brought you this story as breaking news at noon today. all new tonight, eyewitness news reporter dave faherty is live at the red carpet inn near i-85 and dave, you talked to a witness who rushed to that scene after hearing the gunshots. >> that eyewitness told me that he heard one gunshot and then saw a man run off in this direction. he says when he got down to the woman there was little he or anyone else could do to save him. much of the parking lot at the red carpet inn was blocked off by crime scene tape this afternoon. not only were police looking for evidence, but we could see the district attorney here as well.
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clues into what happened. >> one shot. >> reporter: this man who asked we not show his face heard the gunfire and saw a man run from the scene and get into a silver hatch back with a woman and another man inside. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: an hour of the shooting we saw family members show up at the motel. >> she was a good person. a good heart. always thoughtful, caring, and this is very unfortunate this happened to her. >> the shooting happened just outside one of the rooms. police say the 28-year-old was a guest at the motel. tonight family members have more questions than answers in the case. >> she's a people person. help anybody who would need help. i wonder why they killed her? for what? >> reporter: i've been in close contact with authorities this afternoon asking about a possible motive in this case, right now they're telling me they don't have a motive or are not releasing a motive as far as the shooting is concerned
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at this point. reporting live from gastonia, dave faherty, channel 9 eyewitness news. we have dramatic video tonight of a house fire in stanley early this morning here. take a look. you can see the fire completely over taking this duplex on morris street. this started on the stove and spread throughout the house the man who lives here ran next door to warn a sleeping neighbor and thankfully he did. they got out safely, two kittens died in this fire. you see there, an electrical wire sparking. the red cross is helping those men out tonight. new tonight, a state trooper and his estranged wife are both facing charges accused in a domestic assault. robert clark trespassed at jennifer clark's home last week. it says he threatened her. his wife faces misdemeanor assault charges. our partners at the news harald tells us clark is on administrative duty pending an internal investigation. people had the chance to meet the new police chief face-
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is holding a meet and greet to get to know people. he started on the job earlier this month. before this, he was the police chief in peachtree city georgia. clark says he wants to help the department move on from a rough year. a private company investigated the department at the city manager's request. after the investigation, the former chief, charlie franklin was fired. the city sited 16 reasons, including harassing employees and being absent from the job. that meet and greet with the new chief is thursday. it runs from 5:00 to 7:00 a the belmont police department. there will be light refreshments. it's been a somber day in washington as thousands of mourners lined up to pay their final respects to justice antonin skalia. we want to take you to live pictures from the supreme court where his flag draped casket has been since 10:30 this morning. he died on saturday in texas. in keeping up with tradition, justice skalia's former law clerks have been there. they've been taking turns all
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his casket is also on the same pedestal that held the casket president abraham lincoln. many who came to honor the late justice remember him as a man who stood by his principles. >> he brings his all to both what he did and to his faith life and prayer life and shows that you can be openly catholic and in public life. >> his casket will be removed from there at 8:00 tonight. his funeral will be held tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception. >> making moonshine illegally in the area. in a channel 9 investigation, an inside look at the illegal trade and how law enforcement is cracking down on it. then despite protests and concerns about public bathrooms, why charlotte city leaders say a controversial anti discrimination ordinance
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in the upper 50s this afternoon.
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i just updated our future cast st updated our future we're staying on top of breaking news on i-85 and concord where this tractor trailer crash is causing a traffic nightmare for people heading home. one lane southbound is shut down near mile marker 60. we're told there's at least a ten mile back up. that's huge. troopers say it doesn't look like anybody was hurt. that's good news here. but major back-ups. we'll stay on top of the delays for you tonight. in the last 15 minutes the deadline expired for anybody who wants to speak monday ahead of the controversial vote for charlotte's nondiscrimination
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>> it's a battle that's been building for nearly a year now. and today eyewitness news reporter jenna deery spoke with people on both sides of this debate. and she has a better idea of how many people have signed up to speak. jenna? within the last two minutes, i learned that there are 144 speakers signed up to talk in front of city council on monday. all of them limited to just one minute opposed to the usual three minutes. it's one of the biggest issues that has ever gone in front of city leaders. and the battle is just as intense today as it was last year. a new council is about to take on an old and heated issue. an update to city code to ban discrimination against the lgbt community in taxis, businesses, and public bathrooms. >> we are people that want basic protections on the basis of who we are. just like anyone else in this world. and we want those added to city code. >> last year, it failed 6-5.
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been replaced with a committed yes. leading advocates to believe they have the votes for it to pass. but matt hershey with equality north carolina says that's not the reason why they haven't held rallies or campaigns leading up to monday. >> the reality of it is we're being reasonable about this. >> but their opponents with the don't do it charlotte campaign have been very vocal. using loud speakers in front of the government center and handing out fliers. more than 12,000 people have signed an online petition so far. concerned the ordinance would burden small business owners and put women and children in bathrooms at risk. >> the people here know better. you put them up for referendum and we win hands down. groups on both sides try to reach city leaders some voters wish they could have been more informed. >> i heard about it. but i didn't know. i don't approve.
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to be full of people on monday. the don't do it charlotte campaign plans to hold a rally here where as many as a thousand people are expected to show up. also, the turn out charlotte group supporting the ordinance plans to be packed inside the meeting chambers ahead of this pivotal vehicle pivotal -- vote. the ordinance would allow someone to choose whether whether or not they want to use a men's or woman's bathroom. on monday parents will have more chances to share their thoughts on cms's controversial student assignment plan. the district is considering sending thousands to district schools to increase diversity and academic success. monday's also the deadline for a parent survey. parents can go to a forum with a board of education member
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at meyers park baptist church on queens road. at 6:30 there's another forum. on west sugar creek road. take a look at the video from the charlotte camera. the sunset's been gorgeous today. our chief meteorologist steve udelson is using that word to describe it. >> hopefully we can keep it around for the weekend. view from the lake norman tower cam, much the same. skies are fair, you see the fair skies and most of the snow has melted. at least in boone. higher elevations looking at snow. at 6:00, we'll take a look at the conditions up in ski country if you're planning a weekend up there, it looks good. 56 in ballantyne. 58 in matthews. 56 in harrisburg and mint hill. we have read investigation the mid 50s through the i-40 corridor and mid 40s into the high country. if you're outside this evening, you'll need a coat. sun down in about an hour or so. by 7:00, lower 50s.
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a light jacket will be fine. nothing terribly heavy. because we're forecasting clouds to roll in over night tonight, we won't see temperatures tomorrow morning. nearly as cool as what we faced most of this week. lower 40s in the charlotte area. 42 concord. 40 hickory and statesville. with the weekend always in view, we talked about the trade off we're going to see this weekend. there's no question we'll see more clouds. rain chances still look pretty remote in the charlotte area. but we will pump up the warmth, lower 60s tomorrow. and mid 60s on sunday. and again, slight chance of a shower, especially sunday afternoon, in the charlotte area. now the mountains will see a little more moisture,est fecially up by the tennessee line. -- especially up by the tennessee line. light showers in the high country. i greatly doubt we'll see anything push as far east as the charlotte area. maybe the foothills toward lenoir, hickory, maybe statesville but not the charlotte area for tomorrow.
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it may look like it wants to rain but chances are it won't. upper 50s by lunch time. and it continues to rise from there. your neighborhood forecast, kings mountain looks good. around 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. toward rock hill, low to mid 60s in spite of the cloud cover. chance of rain will ramp up as we head into next week. bottom line is enjoy the great weather while we have it. and we will over the weekend. a 20% chance of a shower in the charlotte area. really everywhere east of the mountains on sunday. better chance in the high country before we all get the rain next week. >> rain but it's been so long since we had rain. >> seemingly. >> that's sarcasm. >> we'll take the sun. charlotte firefighters who have had their windows smashed out, their cars ransacked, all while they were out on life saving calls. >> you're going after the people that could save your lives and save your children. >> why thieves are targeting them and how they know when to
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and coming up, a norovirus at a charlotte assisted living facility. the climbing number of cases and the steps to keep it from spreading. a suspected drunk driver smashed these traffic signals into pieces and closed this mayor intersection for hours.
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every day, for life. tonight, this west charlotte intersection is finally open again hours after police say a drunk driver crashed taking out traffic lights and a power pole. we brought you live coverage of the traffic mess all throughout eyewitness news daybreak. >> it happened at the intersection of tuckaseegee and little rock road. today eyewitness news reporter angela hong asked who's responsible for the clean up. >> around 4:30 friday morning, surveillance video shows traffic was light at tuckaseegee and little rock when an suv crashed into a power pole. you can see the lights at the intersection go out. then smoke started billowing from the car as police arrived at the scene. intersection. lights were strewn everywhere. >> brad griffin owns griffin tire and auto care nearby. mess. >> i've never seen something you know.
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at the right time obviously. >> the person driving the suv was drunk. he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and arrested for dwi. the wreck brought seven traffic signals crashing on to the ground. you can see the mangled pieces and wires right here. so charlotte d.o.t. crews had to spend several hours installing new ones at the intersection. duke energy also spent hours fixing damaged power poles. >> i wonder what it's costing. >> if the driver was at fault, a bill would be sent to the driver and their insurance company. it's too early to tell who would pay for this mess. he hopes it won't be taxpayers. >> i know most people have insurance or are supposed to have insurance. i'm sure there's some cap to what would be paid there. >> in west charlotte, angela
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at&t also had to fix their utility pole. use the wsoc-tv news app to get around traffic delays in your commute. it's free for iphone and android. all new stories are next at 5:30, first breaking news on area. we just received new numbers from the state. >> it's still being made up here. >> yes, sir. moonshine is making a come back. but it's still illegal. we tracked down local moonshiners. and donald trump verses the pope. the impact this battle is having on south carolina voters ahead of tomorrow's primary. first responders targeted yet again. firefighters at eight stations across the area have had cars broken into while they go out on calls.
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i really do think it's i re channel 9 staying on top of major breaking news tonight. less than ten minutes ago, we learned the number of suspected mumps cases has increased again. we were the first to report two of the confirmed cases are tied to employees at lowe's corporate headquarters in iredell county. erica bryant is in the news center with new information from state health officials.
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with the state health department which will handle the release of confirmed, probable, and suspected cases from now on. state officials just revealing that they are looking at eight probable cases now. they would not say exactly where they are. and there's still one confirmed case in mecklenburg county. two confirmed cases in iredell county. the iredell county health department says it's now working with lowe's to make sure that the 4,000 employees at its corporate office are safe. health officials say they're actively seeking out any person who might have had contact with one of the mumps patients and those who might be showing any symptoms. >> we are in the place we've provided staff, they're available to anyone. we're there working with them closely to make sure that this stays contained. >> now, lowe's sent a letter to employees and even held a question and answer session last week once those mumps cases were confirmed. scott?


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