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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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our numbers will peek early today around 60 and start to taper off through the day. i don't see a lot of wet weather for your morning drive. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures still very warm to start out the day today, but i'll explain how those numbers will go down through tomorrow, as the rain chances build up through this week. time is 5:00 a.m. weather and traffic every ten minutes. let's head over to mark taylor. >> the interstate is looking good. bringing conditions through charlotte on the interstate. 85, 485, also independent boulevard, 77 out of the huntersville area. no big issues there. joe bruno is on the scene of that structure fire. and an update in just a minute. blocked just east of devonshire drive for the few folks making your way through there. snow laying over towards north view lane, back over towards highway 73. that will get you around that closure. other than that, it's the light amount of traffic on 77. 66 miles per hour coming from mooresville.
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>> right now, we are following breaking news in huntersville where investigators are working to determine the caws of a fire at a vacant house. >> we first brought you the live pictures about 30 minutes ago. eyewitness news reporter, joe bruno is live at the scene now. we learned the medic did take one person to the hospital. >> yes, in the past 15 minutes, i learned that person was a bystander who inhaled too much smoke. i've been here for the past hour and a half and there's a heavy smoke presence from this house that caught on fire. that bystander was not living inside this house. this house was vacant at the time and being remodeled. you can see there are some firefighters still inside right now. they are checking out the hot spots. trying to figure out how this fire started. now if you take a look at photos. these are what the fire department took. you can see that the house was completely covered in flames. they will be here all morning as they try to figure out how this started. how much damages they are and
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family. we are still waiting to talk to the fire chief as soon as we have any new updates, we'll bring them to you live on air. reporting live, joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. a major story we'll be following if r your day ahead. charlotte city council members will ban dediscrimination against the lbgt community in public places. >> angela is live outside the government center and angelo, the governor is now weighing in on this issue. >> reporter: stephanie, he is. we learned that governor pat mccrory sent an e-mail saying he would support legislative action if this ordinance passes and now others are responding saying the governor should not be stepping in. now, the ordinance would ban lbgt dediscrimination and taxis, businesses, and public restrooms. in the e-mail, governor mccrory called the guidance misguided.
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state and state lawmakers could act immediately. an action he would support. overnight, denounced the governor's words calling it cor chore ographed. julie is one of them. her restaurant already has a restroom for all genders. >> we have an opportunity here in our own space to use our own little voice. to be able to say, let's do things that then create a safe place for everyone. >> today, people who support this ordinance, they are going to show up here at city council and deliver petitions to this charlotte city council. meanwhile, those opposed, they plan on holding a rally urging city council to vote no. channel 9 eyewitness news. >> angela, thank you. tonight, city council members are expected to approve a plan aimed to improve traffic on independence boulevard.
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than $200,000 from the dot to build a transportation system along the road as part of the widening project. the system uses a series of fiberoptic cables and traffic cameras to remotely adjust traffic signals in response to changing road conditions like accidents. this comes as work on the widening project remains at a standstill. after the contracted company walked off the job earlier this month. work could resume by the end of march. also tonight, city council members will approve donating two retired buses to the community. one of the buses will go to o will impick high school in steal creek where students will use it to learn about diesel mechanics. the others will be donated. firefighters will use the bus for training and to learn how to better respond to bus fires. count on channel 9 to have a crew inside tonight's city council meeting. we'll have are the full developments on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. it's 5:05 right now.
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this man is expected to face a judge today. accused of going on a deadly shooting spree. community members gathered in this church here to remember the six people killed and two others critically injured. channel 9 followed every development since police say jason dalton started shooting people on saturday night. three different locations. last night a church held a prayer vigil to help residents cope with the violence that rocked their community. >> why does something like this happen? why does something like this happen in our community? these types of tragedies happen, the distant places. they don't happen in our backyard. >> investigators say dalton, an uber driver and former insurance adjustor did not have a criminal record and they believe he chose his victims at random. now uber's security office released a statement saying in
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help out in any way we can. the sheriff's office will have deputies dedicated to stopping speeders and impaired drivers. our news partner reports the office is getting almost $220,000 in federal money. it's expected to pay for two deputies and two fully equipped patrol cars as part of a new traffic enforcement unit. 15 people died in crashes on lancaster county roads last this year. this afternoon, you can give your opinion about what a developer should do with the new quad at unc charlotte. last month, crews finished taking down the tower on campus and the plaza will replace it. a concept is expected in april. but the school's chancellor and board of trustees will be responsible for final approval of the plan. today's forum is scheduled from 4:00 to 6:00 at the lucas room in the university center. right now, republican presidential candidates, marco rubio and ted cruz are battling to become the alternative to donald trump.
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nevada, aiming to drum up their support before the state caucus. after the win in south carolina, the two senators are pulling out all the stops ahead of super tuesday to be the voter's conservative choice. >> it is now apparent the only campaign that can beat donald trump is our campaign. >> last night was truly the beginning of the real republican primary. i'm the conservative that can win this election. >> rubio beat ted cruz to be coming in second place in south carolina's primary. his campaign now expects to pick up jeb bush's supporters after he dropped out of the race on saturday. ahead at 6:00 right here on daybreak, the endorsement rubio just picked up in north carolina. channel 9 is your complete source for election 2016 coverage. you can find updates on all the candidates at with e have a special section. it's the election section under
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>> gas prices dropped, but they say it is becoming less likely prices will continue to slide as we approach the spring and summer months. right now, the average price for a gallon of gas is 56 cents less compared to this time last year. however, prices are expected to be a lot higher by memorial day as some refineries cut production because of supply and low crude oil prices. we just which he could, gas prices in charlotte and the average price is $1.66. that's two cents less than the state ravage of $1.68. in south carolina, it's much cheaper at $1.51. the national average is $1.77. you can find out where the cheapest gas is in your neighborhood by simply visiting our website, just go to and click on the traffic link on the home page. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here's meteorologist, keith monday, we're not seeing the drops now, but later on, we
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>> we may not need them at the moment. so the moisture has returned. had a few light rain drops coming off the mountains. you can see them rolling on in. they fall apart once we get past hickory. some pockets of cool air are allowing the temperatures to fall and allowing fog to settle in. statesville here, you are finding visibilities from a mile or less. some fog is settling in. we're going to keep it fairly gray throughout the entire day today. rain chances pretty low for now. show you in the future cast data, the newest information straight ahead. this afternoon, many folk wills be needing those umbrellas. let's get you back out on the roads. watching 77. any trouble here? >> south charlotte looking great. it's quiet, heading up, northbound, not a whole lot of folks out and about. you have lots of room to move around. from the state line south out of iredale county, folks looking good as well. in fact, checking drive times, if you're going to be near the
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that's a 12 minute commute. highway 49, folks coming out of the bridge, out towards lake wiley heading into uptown. average speed, 36 miles per hour. right on top with a 25 minute commute. john. >> horrific scene when a driver hit four cyclists along a rural north carolina road. >> i'm worried about my friends and how they are and you know, how badly they are injured. >> ahead at 5:45, the reason the driver told police she couldn't avoid hitting them. >> a north carolina business owner is fighting the irs after it took more than $150,000 from its business. at 5:30, the law the government used to seize the money even though the man did nothing wrong. >> leaders in burke county are making plans for a new park. next this morning, the features they hope will bring more
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area. to that lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. 5:14, taking a live look from our speedway camera. there's a little bit of fog hanging in the air out there. we also have a few showers that keith is tracking this morning. they will be with us in a few
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store for the rest of the day. a man arrested is and charged in a deadly shooting in a gastonia motel will be facing a judge today. >> charged with second-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a felon. hill shot blake in the parking lot of the budget inn motel on west franklin boulevard on january 23. we're asking police if hill and blake knew each other. investigators say they found hill with a handgun at the time of his arrest saturday. in 2007, hill was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. he pleaded guilty to the crime the following year and was sentenced to 13 to 16 months in prison. >> the u.s. supreme court will be back in session today for the first time since the sudden death of justice antonin scalia. arguments will get underway, but no regularly scheduled orders this week. chief justice, john roberts, is expected to mention scalia's passing from the bench. white house officials say president obama is starting to look into possible replacements
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the binder that you see right there in the president's hand includes information about potential candidates, careers, records, and experience. republicans are threatening to block the president's nominee. they say the next president should choose scalia's replacement. >> burke county leaders are unveiling a plan for a county park and state trail. that they say would attract outdoor enthusists and tourists. this is the plan for the 5-mile state trail. the long-term plan is to link with trails leading from morganton to marion. playground, fishing pier, picnic area, and an event pavilion. according to our partners at the harold, construction is expected to start in april. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is keith monday in severe weather center 9. it will be a glam eye gloomy first half of the way. >> a few glimpses here and
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it's cloudy already this morning. light rain up in statesville. find a few light showers passing on through along i-40 as you travel about. already beginning to die out. not a lot of rain showing up from boone up into jefferson, but roads are damp all the way across the mountain chain here this morning as mist and light rain will be with you for the majority of the day today. already falling back in the 40s up in jefferson. more of those 40s spilling up north as that fog is settling in. especially between statesville and sullsbury. 52, more fog coming in as well. upper 50 arizona, so low cloud cover in place for now and our numbers will hold steady for awhile with a lot of cloud cover and places to start out. the rain chances slowly develop. but i say the real rain comes in this evening. we briefly get around 60 degrees by lunchtime. falling back into the 50s just
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from charlotte south. that's where the better chance of rain will be. cold front slides southward, it will park itself right around the charlotte metro. north of that, may have mist at times, especially in the mountains. south from rock hill, monroe, and lancaster heading into this evening. see all the shades of green lighten up the further north you travel, a little lighter intensity on the rain fall. we'll keep the rain chances low. tonight the rain begins to really fill in. it's going to be the case off and on through tomorrow and especially into wednesday. we'll talk much more coming up at 5 k 30. heavier rain, we may have a decent severe weather threat coming our way later into this week as we head through the middle of the week, things should begin to quiet back down. as you step out the door today. the latest check of that forecast with the interactive radar. show you where the rain chances are moving right down into your neighborhood and how that rain chance will keep growing as we
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your five-day forecast with that weekend always in view, rain chances start out today, building up much more tomorrow. most of us have heavier downpours. we clear the sky out thursday. 54. 52 on friday. so we do cool down. we get lots of sunshine. it's going to be beautiful. temperatures warming back up once more on sunday. our time now approaching 519. let's get you out on the roads with mark. >> checking conditions for folks in gaston county. 85 moving right along northbound through the new hope road. folks from shelby, northbound, heading over into kings mountain, you're doing just fine. no accidents, stalled vehicles through the construction zone, and drive time technology showing we're about right on schedule. a 20 minute ride coming in northbound. heading up towards uptown charlotte, 62 miles per hour. later today, we'll see a lane closure for work going on the
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on the ramp to i-85. minimal impact expected. john. >> north carolina woman is facing charges after police say she slammed into a group of cyclists. ahead at 5:45, the mistake police say caused the driver to hit the group even though she saw them. >> the clock is ticking for parents to take a cms survey on student assignment. the action groups are taking ahead of the deadline and the next steps ahead in the process. >> and checking those wall street features. the dow surging 204 and nasdaq up 56. >> potentially dangerous chemicals in the water you and your family drink. in this 9 investigation, i'm digging into what is in the water coming from local wells and city water systems. i found some chemicals aren't regulated by the epa. where we found the highest levels. why the government can still
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the epa e changes with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. from classic to contemporary,
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have 5:23 now. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of huntersville as you can see where firefighters investigating a house fire. you can see from this vantage
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they are blocking the parkway. it is shut downright now as they investigate. we do know the house was being remodeled at the time. no one was home at the time. but one person was taken to the hospital. they have not released that person's condition. we'll have another live report coming up in a few minutes. today, winthrop university will host a marijuana summit to answer what happens if you legalize pot. this comes as the south carolina legislature is considering a bill to legalize the use of medical marijuana in the state. the blunt truth event will be held in the richardson ballroom from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. an expert will talk about the effects of marijuana legalization and what it has had on recovery services in the state. colorado legalized recreational use in 2012. tonight, parents can learn more about major changes that could be coming to schools. the district wants to move to the traditional elementary, middle, and high school grade
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right now, they have one school for 5th and 6th graders and another school for 7th and 8th graders. according to the independent tribune, the district wants parents to help decide what type of magnet program should be added to gw carver elementary. tonight's meeting is at the central aves on denver street. it's at 6:00. as huntersville firefighters investigate this fire. a new concern is in the back of their minds. what criminals are doing while crews are on calls and the action fire officials are taking right now to stop that. >> tracking very light rain this morning, l the downpours will be much stronger this week. >> today is the last day for parents to weigh in on a cms student assignment survey. i'm angela hong in uptown.
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next steps are tha now, channel 9 eyewitness news daybreak continues. >> channel 9 staying on top of breaking news where firefighters are on the scene
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the changes crews were forced to make at the station to keep their personal belongings safe while they are out on calls like this one. >> parents only have a few hours left to take the student assignment survey. the different concerns parents have about the proposal and what would come next. thanks for joining us, i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. keith monday is in severe weather center. >> i've been tracking light rain. mostly into iredale county, we've had very light sprinkles rolling across i-40. still mainly staying north of the community of cleveland. up in the mountain, damp conditions. no steady rain fall, but light rain drops around 7. sugar grove, up into jefferson. wet roads up in the mountains for this morning. with e have low cloud coverage in charlotte. very mild, we're at 59.
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still close to 60 in valentine. it will be mild today. but a lot of cloud cover will be in place. the rain chances will start to build up a little more as we head toward this afternoon. as we see the numbers fall off as we head into the later part of the day ahead. while the rain chances are building up, i'll show you the data, all eyes on wednesday it looks like for some bigger thunderstorm potential. our time is 5:30. let's head over to mark taylor in the traffic center. watching some activity. >> we had some blue line construction that started on friday. where we had these turn restrictions getting to and from wt harris. it looks like everything is wrapped up. we still have the barrels out. if you are trying to access harrison, you're able to. this is through the blue line construction. there's a lot going on. we don't see any big delays now. those restrictions have been lifted early. scheduled until 6:00 this morning. if you're traveling, drive time technology showing is it's
5:30 am
it's a 10 minute ride coming from the lower connector. there are no big issues here. through the same stretch becoming further north from nc73. you're looking at 73 miles per hour. 6 minute rides out of concord heading south. towards town. 85 also looking good. not big delays northbound through kings mountain from shelby and heading into gaston and mecklenburg county. john. >> breaking news center right now, we are learning firefighters are on the scene of a fire on the town hall. we made a map to show you where this is. the address is south center street. that building also houses the burke county sheriff's office. we talked to dispatchers a little bit ago here. there is smoke showing from the building. they also called in extra crews. eyewitness news reporter is on his way there right now. we'll work on getting new information and bring it to you
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>> new this morning, fire crews are taking precautions to protect their valuables while they are responding to calls. we have been telling you about, channel 9 has told you thieves have been targeting firefighters vehicles while they are out responding to calls. eyewitness news reporter, joe bruno is live in huntersville to explain. joe. >> reporter: yeah, as the huntersville firefighters battle this fire, trying to figure out how it started. they have a new concern in the back of their minds. huntersville firefighters have to park their personal trucks inside to prevent thefts. now fire department tweeted out this picture of the trucks and called it quote, sad state of affairs. now if you remember last week, we told you those thieves targeted those personal vehicles while firefighters slept friday night. firefighters tell us they woke up at 6:30 saturday morning to find their cars had been rummaged through. and in the past two weeks, thieves broke into cars at fire
5:32 am
five charlotte fire stations all while firefighters were out on calls. and in some casings, cash, ipads, guns were stolen and right now, police do not have a suspect in custody and the cases have not been confirmed whether they are related. coming back to the scene, we hope to speak to the fire chief to find out what other actions he is taking to prevent these thefts. joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> joe, thanks. breaking overnight, police are investigating an armed robbery at a family dollar. it happened around 11:30 last night at the store on west garrison boulevard. police confirm the suspect had a knife and got away with money. no one was hurt. this morning we're asking police if they have a suspect. >> tonight, parents will have two parents to voice their concerns about the plan. >> tonight is the deadline to take that survey on the proposal that could impact where thousands of students go to school. angela hong is is live at the government center with more on this. angela.
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closes at midnight tonight and it's an important component for the cms board to consider when developing a student assignment plan. the board will also vote on the goals for student assignment tomorrow and this applies for the 2017, 2018 school year. now there have been several community forums on this topic, including one last night in district two. some parents told us they wanted racially and socially diverse schools. hers said school choice and over crowding was a priority. unlike meat mings last week, busing wasn't the main concern for district 2 parents. >> busing is not the issue. some people may feel that way, but i don't think the grandma orty feels that way. parents want a convenient way for their children to be educated properly. >> again, there are two more forums tonight. one at meyers park baptist church. both start at 6:30.
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government center, angela hong. >> follow every development. watch eyewitness news at 10:00 coverage. a greenville north carolina finally getting his life savings back from the irs. ken said the irs seized more than $154,000 from his bank account. prior to 2014, the irs could seize a person's bank assets if it discovered a pattern of frequent transactions. and they didn't need any evidence of wrong doing to seize that money. but in 2014, the irs changed that policy and no longer pursue cases under $10,000. if there's no basis to think illegal activity is involved. the policy was intended to find drug trafficking, money crime. an attorney for the nstitute of justice sent a petition asking for his money back. they hi he will be getting that
5:35 am
>> health officials will release updated information on the number of mumps cases. on friday, we told you there are 11 reported cases. two are confirmed. one in mecklenburg county. the remaining eight are considered probable. the two cases have been linked to lowe's headquarters. health officials say two employees at the support center tested positive for the mumps. authorities are now working to make sure the 4,000 people who work there stay safe. mumps is a highly contagious virus that can easily spread. symptoms are much like the flu with fever, chills, headaches, and body aches. >> today a judge in connecticut could decide whether to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit. it's followed by some of the families. remives used in that massacre are due in court. adam killed 20 children and 6 adults, then himself in the
5:36 am
if the judge rules the lawsuit can continue, remington could have to release internal investigation about how it markets its weapons. now to a developing story, isis claimed responsibility for a series of bombings yesterday in syria that killed 130 people. these attacks started with two cars full of expleasives that ice dead enated near a bus stop. three steds bombers attacked near a shrine. the explosions targeted students and government employees heading to work. a united nations official says some of the vic ims a children. the attacks come as john kerry said the u.s. and russia worked out a cease fire to end the civil war there. president obama and vladimir putin could finalize later this week. close to sealing off, syria's largest city. today, city council will look at making improvements along i-85.
5:37 am
began the second phase of widening i-85 pa in caveras county. about embellishing bridge structures, and gateway signs as part of the widening project. >> time now is 5:37. today we could find out more about duke energy's effort to build a natural gas plant. duke applied to build a power plant in ashville. the state utilities commission plans to reduce findings. duke plans to add solar and wind energy. but that's not in the application yet. >> denny hamlin is celebrating last night's victory. it it was the closest finish since 1993. hamlin beat martin by .10 of a second. hamlin gave toyota its first daytona 500 victory. toyota drivers swept the podium.
5:38 am
hamlin thanked the company for sticking with him. >> i don't know where that came from. i don't know what happened. i can't figure out what i do, but it all came together. this wouldn't be possible if this wasn't toyotas sticking stick together. spun out on lap 170 and ended in 36th place. his car's balance is a big issue. chase elliot had a bad night. he lost control of his chevrolet in the middle of traffic and sailed into the grass. >> we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here's meteorologist, keith monday, tracking rain in our forecast. keith. >> the rainy skies will be a big story. even some fog this morning to talk about. about a mile of visibility, statesville, the same case where these neighborhoods are starting to cool down and the moisture is coming back in.
5:39 am
dense fog. i don't see this becoming a big issue. should be a close eye. the rain chances increasing and tomorrow. also be talking more about wednesday's storm chances and we may be looking ahead to severe weather risks coming our way. time just about 20 minutes until 6:00. let's head over to mark taylor. >> we're checking in the folks up in huntersville where we had that house fire. it's not affecting a whole lot of folks. if you plan a trip in the next couple of minutes, we have a small section that is closed as they investigate this fire right now that joe bruno has and we'll have another update in a few minutes. east east. so coming to or from, you can use the lane over toward nare norman view lane. we're checking conditions for 77 southbound.
5:40 am
coming to uptown and 9 minute ride. the interstates are looking good. we're dry to clear to start things off. >> one of the busiest airports, but atlanta's hartsfield- jackson is considering kicking the tsa out. new at 6:20, the group that would take over and the problems the airport is trying to fix. >> the governor now says hover boards are unsafe. the warning one of the biggest sellers is sending to its customers. >> four cyclists is recovering after a driver hit them. the reason the driver (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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it's g more breaking news this morning out of burke county. firefighters are at the town hall. there is smoke showing, we just got a picture. take a look at that. you can see the smoke in the background. this is the satellite office for the burke county sheriff's department. we have crews on the way to the scene right now. dave f is there. but we wantedded to bring you this picture, because we just now got it in and we're trying to get more information about exactly how this started and
5:44 am
so hang with us as we gather more information. we'll bring that to you here from the breaking news center. new this morning, four cyclists after a car hit them 30 minutes outside of raleigh. you can see the right side was smashed in. two of the victims suffered head injuries and two are listed in critical condition. the driver says she saw the cyclists, but there was another car coming in the opposite direction and there wasn't room to move. >> started to move and get on the road. it happened so quick. >> the charges are pending against williams. investigators say alcohol and speed were not factors. tonight, the rock hill school board will discuss moving students in the head start program to a different building. we told you last week the building on russell street has a leaky roof and vent lake problems. one of the proposals being considered includes moving students to different schools and building a center for instruction.
5:45 am
every ten minutes. here is keith monday in severe weather center 9. >> for now, the last bit of light showers are really drying out as they move in. north of salsbury. some light showers moving through the wood leaf community and you see they brush the north side of the statesville and north of spencer on highway 601. for the mountains, some light drizzle, sprinkles, beach mountain, up into boone and jefferson. nothing heavy, but the roads are wet for this morning. our future cast shows a few light drops. this afternoon, it's going to be mainly south and this is showing up heavier than what will fall. around rock hill, but this is the location where the better rain chances will be as we wind our way into noon. there's a weak cold front sliding south this morning.
5:46 am
which will hover near 60 for a good part of the day and drop this afternoon. we're around 61, 62 at midday. that will be our high, we're cooler in the 40s and 50s and watch that number go down later in the afternoon hours. once we get the clouds, the cooler breeze taking shape, we'll see numbers begin to taper off and get much cooler into tomorrow. up in boone, you'll hover in the 50s. temperatures fall back in the 40s. rain chances very light up here in the mountains today, but it will be damp. further south as you head toward chester, a small shower chance and the shower chances build up for you. depending on which neighborhood you're in, a wide variety of numbers. cooler north, much warmer to the south. tomorrow, more light rain will be around into our tuesday. come and go throughout the day tomorrow. no big, big rain expected for tomorrow. tomorrow night the showers drift in from the south and be with us early on wednesday morning.
5:47 am
will start to roll in late morning. looks like 2:00, that line will be around charlotte and that could be some very, very heavy rain fall. the storm prediction center has areas south and east of i-85 under slight risk for severe weather, which strong damaging wind potential, hail, and heavy rain working its way on through the region. right around midday, that time line. we're still going to fine tune that. so, stay tuned. your five-day forecast with that weekend always in view. the heaviest rain threat coming through on wednesday. only 50 tomorrow with a cool, dreary day. 60s on wednesday with bigger downpours. dry skies for thursday and friday with the sunshine and the weekend looks great. we'll stay in the 50s with a lot of dry weather hanging on later this week. stay on top of the weather changes all week long and you can get the latest outlook from
5:48 am
check out the radar to check those chances. >> it's nice to have that outlook coming our way. >> keith, thank you. we have weather and traffic every ten minutings. traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> looking over on east boulevard toward u.s. 74. it's been very quiet through the freeway section heading up to the freeway. stop, that's going to be about it no issues with wet roadways or we're dry right now. if you're heading out, checking those drive times, 14 minute ride, 47-mile st per hour moving right along. summer conditions on u.s. 40 at 14 minutes, 46 miles per hour. south charlotte, highway 51, towards up town charlotte, that will take you 15 minutes. stephanie. >> your morning cup of coffee could do more than help you wake up.
5:49 am
risk of a dangerous liver disease by two cups a day. >> vote tonight on a antidediscrimination ordinance that includes transgender bathroom choice. the actions people on both sides of the issue have planned
5:50 am
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5:52 am
for good morning to you, almost 5:53. giving you a live look from our hd charlotte cam. keep that in mind as you are driving. we are also tracking rain for your day. that forecast for keith monday and how much rain we're going to see for this week before it finally clears out and gets nice again. two teens from our area are about to get the surprise of a lifetime today. the teens are getting a vip sendoff from lavine children's
5:53 am
>> this is cool. nba champion, steph curry. bring together two families for one dream experience. makes sports dreams come true for children with chronic illnesses, development disabilities and life altering conditions. pretty cool. >> i would love to see their reactions. >> a lot of people are dreaming of spring after this weekend. >> got a preview here. we may feel like that today, but it changely tomorrow. you can see the visibility not a big issue. a lot of low cloud cover. it's damp out there. no big rain chance, to our north, we've had visibility numbers go down. shelby, only one mile of visibility. you'll find a pocket of fog here or there as you head out the door. keep tabs on this. more importantly here at 6:00 a.m., talking about the rain chances really going up as we head through the first part of our week. let's get back out there on those roads. >> getting on to i-77 this
5:54 am
looking good right now. there's the interchange. traffic is picking up as we head towards the 6:00 hour. it's been quiet with the latest check. no big wrecks slowing you down. so good news. 85 out of harris now from the university southbound. traffic still looking good from concord south. in fact, we're not seeing any big issues from the university area to up town. that's 10 minutes. so traffic is getting through just fine. john. >> and channel 9 is staying on top of multiple breaking news stories throughout eyewitness news daybreak. we have pictures from the town hall that is on fire. there is a fire there right now. eyewitness news is gathering information for us. he could be bringing us a live report and these are live pictures, you can see the smoke pouring out of that town hall in hilde grandchildren brant, we'll bring you live reports
5:55 am
>> the fire department is on scene of a major house fire. i'm live with what the fire chief just told me about the
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
who was taken to the hospital. s take now, from the news team covering the carolinas. this is channel 9 eyewitness news daybreak at 6:00. >> we are following two breaking news stories this morning. first, look at these live pictures. look at that heavy smoke pouring from an old schoolhouse next to the town hall. eyewitness news reporter is there. we will have a live update from him just ahead.
5:59 am
this home caught fire overnight while under renovation. the neighbor's efforts to help that sent one person to the hospital. >> you can see clouds over charlotte right now as we track rain for your day ahead. pinpoint when it will move in. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm john paul. >> it's almost 6:00 with keith monday is in severe weather center 9. it will be a soggy week for us. >> throughout the day today, the rain chances will be getting better. it's gray and damp with low clouds, very little left over to get you out on the roads. you find wet conditions in the mountains, very light rain passing between 7 devils, beach mountain, over to boone. again, nothing heavy, but the roads are wet. that may slow you down. big temperature difference from north to south. 49 jefferson. 59 charlotte and all points south around 60. it's a weak front and that cold
6:00 am
not necessarily yet today, but heading into tomorrow, it will be much, much cooler. hover near 60 all morning. very low chance of rain, but a mist here and there. coming up, i'll show you the time, not just when the rain starts, but which neighborhoods will see the best opportunity for that rain. let's head over to mark taylor and watch the situation on here. >> we had blue line construction that started to schedule on friday. closing harrison, and it looks like that now we're on the scene, we had some turn restrictions as well that is no longer the case, even with the barricades out and about, we are not seeing any big slowdowns in the area, other than a lot of the construction borrels out heading from the university area down closer to town. be so far, so good. if you're heading out and traveling 77 out of cornelius, traffic is getting by, no problems.


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