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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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not necessarily yet today, but heading into tomorrow, it will be much, much cooler. hover near 60 all morning. very low chance of rain, but a mist here and there. coming up, i'll show you the time, not just when the rain starts, but which neighborhoods will see the best opportunity for that rain. let's head over to mark taylor and watch the situation on here. >> we had blue line construction that started to schedule on friday. closing harrison, and it looks like that now we're on the scene, we had some turn restrictions as well that is no longer the case, even with the barricades out and about, we are not seeing any big slowdowns in the area, other than a lot of the construction borrels out heading from the university area down closer to town. be so far, so good. if you're heading out and traveling 77 out of cornelius, traffic is getting by, no problems.
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are 74 miles per hour. john. >> i'm in the breaking news center to update you this fire in burke county. we've been following this the last 30 minutes. there is smoke. it is pouring out from behind the town hall. an old schoolhouse there, that is what is on fire. it's right next to the town hall. dave faherty is there. >> reporter: you mention the old schoolhouse. i just talked to the fire chief. everything is being done to prevent this fire from going over to the town hall, which is off to my left. let me step out of the way. this is the old schoolhouse. you can see the heavy smoke pouring out of the building. trying to get some to the fire and also trying to get to the front doors of the old schoolhouse. it is nearly 100 years old and has been the center of a major controversy on whether or not to tear this building down. in fact, i don't know if you
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fencing around the building to keep anyone out. that is because it has such a controversy, it ended up in the courthouse. the town has voted last year taboo actually tear down the building, but there's been a citizens group trying to keep this building still here. a lot of precious memories for folks here in the area. i'm going to push in. you can see the smoke pouring out of the top of the building. but i was told by the fire chief that he believes the fire started somewherein the lower floor in this area of the building. i'm going to show you something. we have been hearing there's still fire units arriving. you can see all the fire trucks that set up here. again, a major fire this morning, the old school in hildebrand. >> more breaking news, a huntersville house caught fire
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>> firefighter remain on scene. more than three hours after the fire started. joe bruno is live near burkedale commons with the latest. joe. >> i just spoke with the fire chief. he tells me crews are getting ready to clear the scene right now. you can see a couple firefighters still left and bringing down the hot spots so they could see the fire they were battling. if you check out the photos, you can see what the house looked like when firefighters arrived. we know this house was vacant at the time. no wop was inside. it was in the process of being remodeled. no firefighters were injured. 30 firefighters were on scene. it took them an hour to control the flames. one person was taken to cmc. we are told that he was a bystander and inhaled a lot of smoke. i asked the fire chief for any
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here's what he had to say. >> he was -- so he came up after the fact. >> reporter: in the past five minutes, crews just reopened the commons parkway. this is right near the burkedale village golf course. a major housing complex is near the country club. coming up, what the fire chief told me about recent break ins and how his crews are handling those while they battle this fire. channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a big story you're following. charlotte leaders will consider a controversial ordinance. >> they are expecting a huge crowd to voice their opinion. angela is live in uptown where the governor is weighing in at this point. >> he is, john, and groups like quality nc are saying it's a
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we were the first to report an e-mail. now in the e-mail, the governor went on to say that thth ordinance banning lbgt dediscrimination in places like taxis and bathrooms. he says that the ordinance would affect the entire state. if state lawmaker chose to step in with legislative action, that we how old support it. some business owners are also planning to speak out. she and about 150 other people are signed up to address city council tonight. ghazi showed her support by putting in a restroom in her restaurant for all genders. >> i actually get to speak from experience. and the fact that things that are being promoted of the what ifs haven't happened. haven't come close to happening. >> over night, went on to say
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correspondence is coreographs. city council today, urging them to spart or -- they will be here around 4:00 to hold a rally telling city council members. >> angela, we'll have a crew there tonight, bringing you complete coverage of the debate and the council's decision. also tonight, city council will vote on an $18 million contract for upgrades to time warner cable arena. a city and the charlotte project. it includes improving suites and locker rooms. most of the work will be done during the overseason. this is partially to get that stadium ready for next year. the contract with rogers builders to manage the project. >> today is the city is kicking off a big week at the arena as the basketball tournament returns to town. the game starts tomorrow, but
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the head of the ciaa will welcome fans and lay out what visitors can expect throughout the week. it brought in about $47 million last year. a private security firm told channel 9 they'll have extra officers outside the arena to make sure fans are staying safe. last year, police reported five arrests in center city during the tournament weekend. they also responded to a shooting at a west charlotte nightclub hosting an unofficial party for fans. the year before that shooting at an uptown hotel left fans scrambling to safety. posted the tournament schedule and other information you need to know about the ciaa on our website. look under the cooler section of >> democratic presidential candidates are focusing on south carolina. hillary clinton has the advantage because the polls are
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bernie sanders made a surprise stop at a black church near columbia yesterday. a "new york times" reporter pointed out most families continued eating instead of rushing and talking to sanders. sanders later spoke to a crowd in greenville. >> south carolina has the opportunity to make american history and i hope you will. >> he and clinton will be part of a nationalized town hall in columbia. that is scheduled for tomorrow night. and new this morning on the republican side, senator todd tillis from north carolina endorsed marco rubio. rubio narrowly beat ted cruz in south carolina's republican primary. after getting a key endorsement from governor nikki hailey. donald trump took first place. republican candidates are campaigning in nevada, which will hold caucuses tomorrow, then the focus will turn to super tuesday. ten states will hold primaries
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everything you need to know ahead of saturday's democratic primary in south carolina. and north carolina's primaries on march 15. go to and click on the special section under the news tab. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes, here is keith monday. folks will need an um bell larks but they don't need it right now. >> most of those dry up, but we will see moist air. those temperatures are dropping, and developing more fog. it's not getting too terribly dense. a mile of visibility, as you head north on i-77, once you get past mooresville, you'll find more fog travelininin towards statesville this morning. be cautious of that. ahead, when the rain begins to really pick up and how big our thunderstorm chances can be coming our way later this week. our time is 6:10.
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roads and see if alternate routes are ready just yet. >> responding to an accident in east charlotte. this could cause problems on monroe road. or we can get more information. it's happening at monroe road. that's where the accident occurred. you can jump on 74. we're seeing green conditions coming in from union county. you're at 51 miles per hour and it's 13 minutes. this is closer towards the road heading up from sharon avenue, heading toward the freeway. sot volume here is light. it's a good alternate around the wreck that we'll get more information for you. john. >> and for a toll road through gaston county, just hit another setback. ahead, the decision the federal government just made that could keep the garden parkway become a rally. >> it hearted to t an ultimatum. cut down on screening delay
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if the tsa cannot fix the problem. >> the biggest seller of hover boards telling customers to
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next this morning, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99, it's gotta be d's. breaking news center as we
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fire at an old schoolhouse. the smoke is pouring from that schoolhouse. this is on center street in hildebrant, it's next to the town hall. here's what we know as we get more details. it started on the lower floor there. firefighters preventing it from spreading to the town hall. they are trying to contain it. last year, town leaders voted to tear down that nearly 100- year-old school, but it is still standing this morning because there is a group fighting that. they want to preserve the building. renovating would cost about a million dollars and contains as asbestos. it's'sikely causing problems for firefighters. we know there are firefighters across the area responding. we have dave there. he is gathering more information. he's going to have another live
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we're also posting updates at >> tainted drinking water for the past five years. lead levels in the water exceeded a federal safety standard. most of the contamination was found near columbia and rock hill. health officials say the spots with elevated lead levels are only 4% of the nearly 700 systems. last week, we told you new testing found lead in drinking water. carolina water services found led in fort hill and river hills. carting say as a precaution, people should run water for 0 seconds before drinking it. the trials for six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray are on hold for now. a judge ruled the mistrial of officer william porter complicates the trials of two police officers porter agreed to testify against. porter's attorney say he cannot testify without incriminating
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his own trial would compromise his new trial, which is scheduled for june. the hpv vaccine which combats the virus that causes cervical cancer is more effective than experts originally thought. according to a "new york times" report, since its release, the number of teen girls affected with the hpv has decreased by almost 2/3. but the federal researchers say despite the success, immunization rates are still low. only about 40% of girls between the age of 13 and 17 are vaccinated. >> 6:17 right now. swagway, it's one of the leading hover board sellers is now warning customers to stop using them until they are deemed safe by the u.s. product safety commission. this weekend, the cpsc deemed the boards unsafe. demanding sellers go through two certification processes. the first involves ensuring the bat ryes.
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device check from a private safety company. they have already received a total of 52 reports of hoer board reports. that includes one in december. the hover board in the family room when it started smoking and caught fire. >> here is keith monday in severe weather center 9. we enjoyed warmer temperatures, but that's going to go away. with we were almost p 0 yesterday afternoon. that tells you how warm things were. this morning, a few sprinkles up in the mountains, very little rain chance to start out our day. mist in the high country. may find a few misty starts. but the temperatures start out, that's our home. 59. still very warm. we did not call down. we're 50 into sullsbury, and
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across the northern counties this morning and push south through the day. our numbers may peek early in the day and drop off this afternoon. so a lot of cloud cover this morning. low rain chances, a few rain showers start up around lunchtime and not a lot in the way of sunshine. 61 already as you head out for lunch. but then, the numbers start to taper off. steadier light rains into the afternoon, most of which will be from charlotte south, we'll see the numbers fall back in the low to middle 50s. pretty quiet for now, but look at the rain drops starting to form, especially rock hill, rockingham, going to be the southern tier of counties. and then it's just on for the rest of this week for the most part, at least until wednesday afternoon. some steadier showers coming in. tonight, more rains are working on through. none of this will be terribly heavy.
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game starting tomorrow. solid chance of moderate rain. wednesday holds the chance for bigger thunderstorms. dry wednesday evening. we come back into the 50s. storm classes coming on through. this is a sign. heavy rain, large hail, strong winds, i'll detail more on the time line. the weekend always in view, it's going to be a damp start to the week. rainy skies tonight and that will be with us through wednesday afternoon. we dry out for thursday and friday with sunshine. we're staying in the low to mid 50s and a great weekend is ahead. lots of sunny weather and a warmup on send. the upper 50s. our time now is 6:20. let's head over to mark. >> one of the accidents that we're watching closely in east charlotte.
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we are seeing a slight delay outbound monroe road. if you're heading out in the next couple of minutes, you can stick with monroe where you can jump on 74. no delays there. the delay right now is slight. something we'll continue to watch and monitor here in the traffic center. looking right now around 277. this is the john belt freeway heading toward the brookshire. here's heading toward wilkinson boulevard. yes incident free. the wreck on monroe road are clear. i'm updating it as it comes in. you can get updates as well. stephanie. >> not to help you sober up, ahead at 6:30, the traumatic benefit researchers say you can get from two cups a day. >> activists are taking steps to educate parents as the dead lin nears to take the student assignment survey.
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family or one student or one person. >> ahead at 6:30, the misconceptions that are clouding the debate. >> it is one of the biggest loaders in the country. fed up with the tsa. the action the airport is threatening if the administration cannot get
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>> the dow we built our factories here because of a huge naturalresource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something inamerica means so much, to so many.
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6:25, you may want to check your fridge this morning. health experts are monitoring a salmonella outbreak. 18 people across 15 states including north carolina were affected. no one died, but four people were hospitalized. the illness was linked to garden of life raw mule organic shake and meal products. health officials are warning retailers no the to sell any of the shakes. the cdc and fda are working to find out what caused the outbreak. we have posted a link on our
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head to and search salmonella. one of the nation's biggest airports replacing it with a private contractor. atlanta's hartsfield-jackson say they need to do a better job of handling crowds. sometimes they just miss their flights. last year, the tsa did boost staff by more than 7%. the airport says that was not enough. pope francis wants to suspend the death penalty for one year. an international conference will take place. yesterday, the pope asked all catholic politicians worldwide to suspend any executions for the next year. the request goes along with the church's holy year of mercy, which will continue through november 20. plans for a toll road through gaston county are on hold again after losing one of its biggest supporters. next, the impact a setback could have on the garden parkway.
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cut off with low cloud cover. more rain drops as we head through this week. >> and a historic schoolhouse
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xy\]_bdegjknpqtuwz now, channel 9 eyewitness news daybreak continues. >> we're following two breaking stories right now. let's take a live look. you can see smoke pouring from this old schoolhouse as they try to douse it with hoses and this place has been the center of controversy. how history is causing challenges for firefighters right now. and in huntersville, house fire. the precautions they are taking when they respond to calls after a spring of thefts targeting fire stations. >> and it's another cloudy day in charlotte ahead of a rainy week. we will pinpoint when rain will move into your neighborhood today. good monday morning to you, i'm stephanie maxwell. >> it's 6:30, meteorologist, keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with a first look at that weather. some places seeing rain already. >> we've had a few spots of mist, drizzle out there this morning, even a couple brief showers. most, if not all of that has been north of charlotte. mist in town, roads are dry for
6:30 am
metro. in the high country, showers pushed east of boone. but you'll find mostly all across the mountain chain, wet roads because of light mist and drizzle, which could continue all day long up there for today. still inin@ upper 50s in charlotte. a bit cooler up into concord at 54 and going to see numbers drop off later today after peeking around 60 through lunchtime. you aren't going to see a lot of sunshine. the rain chances building up. i'll explain in a moment how today's rain starts out light. it will pick up much more with stronger thunderstorms later this week. weather and traffic every ten minutes. let's get over to mark taylor. >> we head into the weekend, friday through today, all lanes are open now on harris boulevard. where we had it closed and lane restrictions as well. if we can take a look at the cam, looking down in the area. traffic is able to get through, but is getting busy through the
6:31 am
all lanes have been restored. john. >> and i'm in the breaking news center. very busy morning. we're updating you on a fire in burke county. you can see the smoke pouring from the old schoolhouse which is right next door to the town hall. eyewitness news reporter is live on the scene where he just -- this fire broke through the roof or seeing flames. i can see it behind you. >> reporter: yeah, it just broke through in the last 5 to 10 minutes. you can see the smoke pouring out of st old schoolhouse. it sits next to town hall and efforts are underway to prevent this fire moving toward the town hall. i'm going to work the camera, i was just told by a firefighter that there was no way that they would send anybody into the building. not only because of the amount of fire, but because some of the floors have started buckling inside and concern over asbestos.
6:32 am
for nearly 100 years. there were efforts to save this schoolhouse after city hall voted to tear this building down. it's in the court system right now. i just talked to several people starting to show up. people concerned, people wanting to keep this building standing over the last year. they are telling me no power was running to the building. you can see the fencing, no one was allowed inside this building. we see firefighters for much of the morning. they are in defensive posture. that's what the fire department is telling me. you can see flames breaking through the left side of the roof. the fire chief told me a short time ago that he thought that this fire most likely started on the ground floor and then started spreading upwards. again, a 100-year-old schoolhouse on fire right now. firefighters from burke county here right now trying to keep this fire from spreading over
6:33 am
i want to pan over just one more time over in this area. they have set up this ladder truck to prevent this fire. you can see it's from long view. a number of firefighters still showing up here on the scene this morning. reporting live from burke county, i'm dave, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> dave, thanks so much for that update. this is breaking overnight, firefighters are trying to figure out what caused this house fire. meanwhile, we have learned some firefighters are taking precautions to protect themselves from another situation like this. eyewitness news reporter, joe bruno is live at that fire scene to explain what some firefighters are doing differently after a string of thefts. joe. >> yeah, the firefighters are on scene right now, there's a new worry in the back of their minds. huntersville firefighters will have to park their personal trucks inside to prevent thefts. the fire department tweeted out this picture and called it a quote, sad state of affairs.
6:34 am
thievings targeted those personal vehicles. firefighters tell us they woke up at 6:30 to find their cars had been rummaged through, and thieves broke into cars at the minneapolis, china grove, and five charlotte fire stations, all while firefighters were out on calls. in some cases, cash, ipads, and guns were taken. right now, police do not have a suspect in custody and have not confirmed whether the cases are related. i asked the fire chief about the precautions they are taking today, but he didn't want to discuss them. >> i don't want to comment on that right now. i'm sure police are doing normal checks like always. >> reporter: and coming up in 15 minute, the action the crews here on scene are waiting for to happen so that they can continue their investigation. reporting live in huntersville, joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news.
6:35 am
cms students to different schools. >> two school board members will discuss. eyewitness news reporter is live in gown town where today is the last day to fill out a survey about the issue. stephanie, that's right. the school board will vote on the goals for student assignment and the board will decide whether those goals are achievable the 2017-2018 school year. parents in district 2, they had a chance to weigh in on this issue at a forum yesterday. some parents said that they wanted racially and diverse schools. others say it was a priority. misconceptions about didn't parts of the county. >> maybe the history of charlotte said this particular part of town, parents don't care.
6:36 am
>> and again, there are two more forums where parents can weigh in. one at mayfield memorial baptist church. both meetings start at 6:30 tonight. reporting live in uptown, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you, angela. channel 9 has complete coverage of this controversy on our website. we posted a link on tonight, the rock hill school board will discuss moving students in the head start program to a different building. the building on russell street has a leaky roof and vent lake problems. one of the proposals includeses moving students to different schools and building a center for instruction. >> a proposed toll road lost its last major report. the federal freeway administration, that means the state dot is the only group pushing for the project as it is now. last year, a federal judge
6:37 am
environmental groups trying to stop the project. any proposal will likely mean starting from scratch. today, city council will look at making improvements along i-85. our partners at the inned pint tribune report, began the second phase of an an i-858. the city could be sill reached out as part of this widening project. happening today, bill cosby's wife is expected to testify in the defamation case against her husband. speak. several women filed a suit against her husband. they claim cosby and his lawyers painted them as liars after they claimed he sexually assaulted them. the comedian's lawyers tried to get the deposition request thrown out. today on good morn morning argument, convince a judge not
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>> good news, upping your coffee intake may help reduce your canses of liver disease. drinking two cups or more may lower the cost of 44%. researchers say one cup of koa coffee is a 22% lower risk. four cups is associated with a 65% lower risk. >> daytona 500 winner made history yesterday. hamlin won by .10 of a second. according to espn, it was the closest finish since nascar introduced electronic scoring in 1993. look how close. hamlin gave toyota their first daytona 500 in more than a decade. >> i don't know where that came from. i don't know what happened. i can't figure out what i did. but it all came together. i got the push, obviously, from
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possible if this wasn't toyota sticking together. >> dale earnhardt, jr., did not have as much luck. he led for 15 laps, but he spun out ending in 36th place. his car's balance was a big issue. it's about 20 minutes until 7:00. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> and here is keith monday with a look at what's happening out there this morning. >> a lot of cloud cover in place. up in lincolnton, visibility less than a mile. 1 mile up in statesville. cold air settles in, or cooler air, i should say, is helping to generate more of the fog. we will keep gray skies around for today. it's going to be gray and damp start to the week. the rain chance increases into the night tonight. we'll show you the future cast by midday. a few neighborhoods will start to see that rain build up and a must better shot coming into our wednesday. let's get you back on the roads with mark taylor, watching activity. >> yeah, on 77, we're starting
6:40 am
see northbound coming up heading through the ford road. this is typical. we are seeing the brake lights. it is slow. if you're heading out, you will encounter some of these delays. minor delays in rock hill. just west of river chase boulevard. right now, if you're heading toward the interstate for your county northbound, you're about 61 miles per hour. john. >> stay with channel 9 as we continue to follow this major breaking news. look at this. you have to see this. this is live video of a massive fire. it is completely burning through. this is an old school building right next to the town hall. this just e represented and crews on the scene. this is a very dangerous situation. we have our crew on the scene. stay with us. >> potentially dangerous
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your family drink. in this 9 investigation, i'm digging into what is in the water coming from local wells and city water systems. i found some chemicals aren't regulated by the epa. where we found the highest levels. why the government can still call it safe, and the changes
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breaking news center
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old schoolhouse. you can see the fire is pouring through the roof of the historic building. here's a look at it right now. lots of smoke and flames. this schoolhouse, this is one the community has been fighting over now. been trying to save it for the past year, but dave faherty is live on the scene. they can't save this thing. >> reporter: they are in a defensive posture right now. you can see the flames pouring out of the roof of the building. i can actually feel the heat from where i'm standing right away. let me do this, folks, let me step over to the camera and show you what's going on. you can see it clearly. i'm going to push in. you can see the amount of flames pouring out of the top of that building right now. it is broken through the roof. this is the old schoolhouse in hild ebrand, it is 100 years old. the town leaders voted last year to tear this building down, but citizen's group worked very hard trying to save this building.
6:45 am
i was told earlier that there is not any power running to this building. you can see down here they had fencing up around the building. the fire chief told me a short time ago they believe the fire started in the basement area and then spread up to the second floor and then continued up to the roof. too dangerous to send any firefighters in initially because of the age of the building. we talked about the floor buckling here. didn't want to risk any firefighters lives and obviously right now, they are in a defensive posture, trying to keep this fire from spreading to town hall. i'm going to pan over to the right just to show you how close town hall is. you can see it over here. that is town hall. there's a breezeway that separates the two buildings. long view has brought in a ladder truck. there is no fire right here. they are trying to keep that area cool as this fire continues to spread rapidly across the old schoolhouse here in downtown hildebrand.
6:46 am
a number of people went to school here at one time in this building. a very sad day for those folks here in hildebrand this morning. i'm dave faherty, eyewitness news. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused another fire. >> several neighbors broke up to this fire right here and one got hurt while trying to help. eyewitness news reporter, joe bruno is live in brookdale commons with the latest. joe. >> yeah, there are still several firefighters here behind me. they are waiting for daylight so they can investigate how this fire started. if you check out these photos when crews arrived, you can see the house completely covered in flames around 2:30 this morning. 30 firefighters controlled the flames, but there is extensive damage to the home. the chief tells me the home was vacant, possibly undergoing renovations. one bystander was taken to the
6:47 am
smoke. coming back to the scene, you can expect more firefighters to be here as they continue to investigate this. right now, they don't know what started it. joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> joe, thank you. we are following big stories for your day ahead. charlotte leaders will vote on a nondediscrimination ordinance that would allow people to choose which bathroom they want regardless of gender. >> angela hong is live in uptown and learn the governor is weighing in on this issue. >> reporter: he is, and some groups, like a quality nc, trying to bully the charlotte city council. we were the first to confirm an e-mail exchange between governor pat mccrory. he says the ordinance aimed at banning dediscrimination and taxis, businessings, and restrooms is quote, misguided. he went on to say he would
6:48 am
take state action ahead of the ordinance. supporters are going to come here this morning and deliver hundreds of petitions urging the city council to vote yes on this ordinance and later on this afternoon, they will hold a rally, urging city council members to vote no. angela, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> complete coverage of the debate and the council's decision. you can watch eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. >> we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> keith monday in severe weather center 9. >> not looking at big rain chances. a few sprinkles. we've had some light mists in the mountains, and kevin far south, southern lancaster county may find a little sprinkle north of great falls along highway 21. it will pass south of lancaster. may find a few little wet areas here to start out. nothing much showing up on our future cast for now. starting around lunchtime, more
6:49 am
we may see more of a mist in the mountains, but i say southern counties around lancaster, you're going to have a better chance for more organized rains working their way back in. we have a cooldown on the way. starting already up north. we're around 50. we're closer to 60 in charlotte. but as the day goes on, we'll see numbers climb up to around 60 degrees through lunchtime today. notice how it's in the 40s in the mountains and these numbers cool from north to south through the day. back in the mid 50s. low 50s up in statesville. the afternoon. that's the biggest change chances. so you'll start off with 50s and in the 40s. light rain, mostly a mist and drizzle for a damp day ahead. far south in chester, the better rain chance will start into lunchtime. you'll hit the 60s. maybe even mid 60s for awhile. once the rain picks up, much cooler weather is settling in. we'll have rain showers likely for most of us out the door
6:50 am
i don't expect any heavy rain, but a steadier rain for sure. tomorrow afternoon. as we work our way into wednesday, more of the moisture streams in with bigger thunderstorms off to our west, very early wednesday morning. that should be here around midday. better severe storm chances may align further to the east into wednesday afternoon, but we're going to be close to that lain as a slight risk is put in place on the storm prediction center along and south of i-85. that would mean heavy rain fall, hail, and strong gusty winds. so, stay weather aware as we head through this week. especially through wednesday. our five-day forecast, we'll see the chance of rain building up, and we'll see the chance of rain diminishing quickly by the weekend. looks great. we're back in that sunshine staying in the 50s. stay on top of the weather chances all week long with our wsoctv app. of course, keep me up to date with those stronger chances
6:51 am
>> at least it will be nice right after that. >> immediately after that, it gets nice into the weekend. >> let's check the wall street features. the dow up 194. nasdaq up 53.5. and the massive fire in burke county. these are live pictures right now. the roof is pretty much gone at this point. this is a historic school building that had been in courts.
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looks it's 6:54. we're in the breaking news center with a major story we are following a massive fire at an old schoolhouse. you've got to see where things stand now. earlier about a half hour ago, all we saw was smoke, then these flames broke through. now the roof is gone. this is the old schoolhouse on center street. it is right next to town hall and we have seen several explosions. look at that. just pieces of the building are coming down. this is a very, very dangerous situation. our crews are back 70 yards because it is inevitable things are going to start collapsing here, because it has been
6:55 am
some time. look to the right there. you can see there are more flames up on that part of the roof and there are fences out front. the reason those are there is because they were going to tear this down. the city had voted to tear down last year. but it had been in courts because some wanted to save it. this is 100 years old. it was a historic schoolhouse. it looks like there's no way to save it. the only thing they are trying to do now is save city hall which is right next to it. they are trying to stop it from spreading. you see that ladder truck? they are pouring water down on this breezeway here to stop that fire from spreading to the right because when you get to the right, that's where town hall is. so that water, you see coming down, that is just to stop this fire from spreading. a very serious situation. they've called in extra crews and they will try to get this thing under control. but they are in a defensive position right now. they are not going to try to save this building itself, they further.
6:56 am
the only live crews. you're only going to get these live pictures here. we'll have updates on tv 64 as this continues. >> and john, we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. following a new wreck in north charlotte. >> it's near the county line. this is just south of concord mills boulevard out towards the county line where it hits mallard creek. the heaviest congestion southbound from cornelius. >> rain chances building up by this afternoon's drive. we'll see more of a rain chance coming in later tonight. >> your local news continues on tv 64. >> join us there now for that continuing coverage of this massive fire.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
update for you n good morning, america. donald trump on a roll. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> the gop front-runner celebrates big back-to-back wins now all eyes on the nevada, the next vote casts tomorrow. can marco rubio and ted cruz
7:00 am
the uber driver accuseded of killing six people. reportedly picking up fares during the rampage. now those passengers are speaking out. >> we were driving through median sfls and uber is responding to the attack. amazing escape. a megabus evacuated just moments before it goes up in flames. how they all got out alive rocket man out of this world mystery. the newly uncovered tapes revealing the, quote, weird music, astronauts say was playing on the dark side of the moon. what the famous rocket man really heard. i'm a rocket man >> ooh, that was bad. >> but it felt so good. >> great monday morning here on "good morning america."


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