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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> we have a couple of problems here in the traffic center as well. something f. to get you caught up on, including charlotte. then we are expecting minor delays due to an accident being investigated with possible injuries on north caldwell near 277 277. checking conditions around 277 where it is wet and we're seeing the rainfall around the freeway with fog to deal with. this will be an issue this morning. if you are heading out, use minutes early. we are getting a better look at tornado damage from the same system heading toward >> meteorologist vicki graf has been in the preaking news center throughout the morning showing us the flattened homes that are left behind. vicki?
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crews are searching for people possibly under debris in convert, louisiana. this is just after a tornado ripped through the campground yesterday leaving two people dead. authorities say at least 30 were wounded. seven under critical condition. dogs with are brought in overnight to search the piles of rubble looking for anyone still missing. >> it's just major destruction. one individual i was speaking to when i first got here couldn't find his trail other, couldn't find his brother. >> this also did damage in pensacola, florida. authorities say the storm left holes in roofs and flattened homes and garages. we'll continue to gather more information and new video as the storm system rolls into charlotte. the governor put the fire department's rescue team on stand by in case north carolina gets hit by the severe weather, and it looks like it will. firefighters in the mountains and foothills told us they are preparing for flash flooding.
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inches of rain in the past few days. make sure to download the free wsoc tv weather app. we'll send you alerts when severe weather targets your specific neighborhood. troopers ticketed a tractor-trailer driver who they say was distracted and caused a crash on i-85. this all happened about 12:30 this morning. they say a car pulled into the emergency lane near sam wilson lane. troopers think the tractor- trailer drive wears adjusting the gps at the time and hit the car. look at the damage here. the car's driver had minor injuries. the truck driver got a ticket for failure to maintain control. in the race for the white house, donald trump juan the nevada caucuses. the final tally came after a record number of people voted. >> we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning. >> marco rubio beat ted cruise for second place by less than 2,000 votes.
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caucus sites were too crowded ballots. the nevada republican party says there were no official violations. each republican candidate other than donald trump will be part of a fox town hall news tonight tuesday. 12 states will have the primaries this coming tuesday. south carolina is up next for democrats. clinton will make campaign stops there today while bernie sanders moves onto the midwest. they answered questions from south carolina voters during a cnn town hall last night. clinton has an 18-point lead going into saturday's primary. we posted everything you need to know along with the nevada results on our web site. we have a special vote 2016 section on wsoc charlotte may stop offering trash services to thousands of people, and it's all in an effort to save money. "eyewitness news" reporter joe bruno is live at the sol it
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to explain who would be impacted by all of this. joe? >> reporter: the route that the trash trucks take, specifically the homes and apartment these go to might change soon. some id waste services is in talks to eliminate trash removal from thousands of renters and homeowners from charlotte. channel 9 uncovered a proposal that eliminated city trash service for many renters and homeowners. the proposed changes would affect complexes with more than four units in charlotte. we also impact those on city contracted dumpster collection services. the city has said nothing is finalized, but it's being proposed for budget reasons. property managers we spoke with said it's bad for renters and soon may have to pay a third party for trash removal on top of taxesp. >> having a higher fee outside taxes is just ridiculous. >> reporter: channel 9 has learned city officials will
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but an official vote will not happen until may. reporting live in charlotte, joe bruno, channel 9 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. and budget priorities will be discussed for the next year. they'll spend time talking about the budget for c.a.t. they will have to hire more workers in 2017. they'll also follow up on last month's budget retreat when we learned cmpd wouldn'ts $17 million to pay for -- wants $17 million to pay for more officers. body cameras were bought partially from money from user groups. every officer will wear a poddy camera. fans will return to uptown for the next round of the ciaa tournament. >> "eyewitness news" reporter angela hong live outside of time warner cable arena with the specific area police are
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>> john right across the street from the arena is the transit center here at east trade and brevard. cmpd officers are focusing on this area because there are crimes here every day. officers would cmpd's central division were out at that corner tuesday as owe part of their new cops on the corner initiative. officers deal with crimes and robberies, prostitution and drugs here. inside of the arena, there was an increased security presence. charlotte's city manager extraordinary event. that gives officers the right to ban certain items and more officers say they hope the presence in the area gives out- of-town visitors peace of mind. >> seeing a group of officers on the corner, especially for people out of town it has to be here. >> reporter: now, police told us that the first day of the tournament went well and they believe their presence here deals.
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hong, channel 9 "eyewitness news." today the ciaa is hosting education days to reach out to middle and high school students to encourage them to go to college. for the first time this year, army recruiters will also be there as part of an effort to recruit more minorities. 5,000 students will attend today's event at the convention center in uptown. the naacp is demanding the board of governors open as several board members secretory recruited her. authorities are criticizing her background and raising questions. >> i've grown app grown as a holistic person because of my education of unc. i believe any privatization will not allow others to get the same opportunity. >> spellings will take over in less than a week after the tom ross.
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from both parties are criticizing president obama's plan to close guantanamo bay. if his plan goes through, some of the terror suspects housed there would move to the navy brig in charleston. >> just like with the nuclear waste issue, south carolinians are tired of being targeted because almost a feeling of being dumped on. >> threat from the prisoners is no different from the threats we already face. state legislature has no power to stop the president from lawmakers said public opinion is the biggest weapon to prevent it. new this morning, your morning drive may soon get worse because there are more drivers on the road than ever before. americans set a record by driving 3.15 trillion miles in 2015. previous record was set in 2007 before the recession. the cheap gas prices are what led to the increase.
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drivers immediate to take it easy because of the wet roads. >> we have moderate showers lingering and it's keeping the roadways wet. more are filling in now with a big batch of heavy rain to our south, which is dying out and works its way into south carolina. the severe weather risks are diminishing. another batch is not severe but it's developing more heavy rainfall. you can see the chances going up as we head through the day. after already 2 inches have fallen this week, any additional rain can cause flooding concerns. i have a news time line to show you how quickly things can get stormy and quickly you can dry things out later into the commute. let's get back over to on the wet roads. >> one of the things we're monitoring in uptown is right
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where we are seeing delays on caldwell and 12th. belmont avenue towards brevard heading towards 277 as the alternate route. we're also en route to malfunctioning traffic lights. graham. not a huge delay. 77 near uptown, traffic continues to build. john? schools and businesses across charlotte have until april 1st to comply with the city's anti-discrimination ordinance. that at 6:30, the protections police say will protect the public. >> two south carolina teens face animal cruelty charges, accused of shooting this puppy 18 times with a bb gun. ahead on daybreak, what we've learned about the puppy's prognosis. >> presumption drug misuse is a growing problem on a north
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ones you might think of.
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you can see the rain picking up and we'll check in where the rain is headed next. also, more on the threat to severe weather coming up later today on daybreak. this man is still in jail accused of trying to smuggle dozens of guns from charlotte to ghana. >> we first reported the arrest of richland ghana last thursday. prosecutors say he bought 63 guns, lied on federal applications and came back from a trip to ghana with $30,000 hidden in a shoe. the judge called the allegations alarming and refused to grant bond. in an exclusive interview, the u.s. attorney expressed concerns. >> once you are out of the country, we have no control where they eventually could end up. they could be criminals. they could be terrorists. >> if convicted on all charges, he faces 85 years in federal prison. prosecutors don't know where 36
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prescription drug misuse among seniors in north carolina is a big concern. a new survey by home instead senior care found one fifth of seniors had difficulty managing their medications. health leaders say children need to talk about this with their aging parents. >> the seniors live by themselves and they are handling their own affairs. they don't have anybody checking on them. >> loved ones go with seniors make make sure they are using one pharmacy. it is also a good resource. participating doctors can get a list of the medications their patients are on. rock hill's mayor wants to ease fears about the quality of the city's drinking water. last night, he said the water is high quality. people were concerned after reports of high levels of lead
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the carolina services found lead in river hills. officials believe it came up to serve 3500 customers. they say levels are back to normal this morning. breaking this morning, officials say 23 people on board a plane that disappeared over the nepal mountains are dead. searchers found that wreckage a few hours ago. a spokesman says it took off from a popular tourist destination. the flight was supposed to last just 19 minutes but lost contact after eight minutes. we're working to find out if any americans were aboard that flight. the next time you are visibly angry or sad, experts say don't get behind the wheel of a car. virginia tech's transportation institute says emotional driving increases your crash risk nearly 10 field. in addition, distracted driving doubles your risk of a crash. researchers say more than a third of the united states $11 million annual crashes could be
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eliminated. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here's keith monday in severe weather center 9. we have rain coming back with some of our communities right now. >> distractions out there enough with the rain out there. give yourself extra time. that goes without saying. most of this is moderate showers persistent into monroe and down mineral springs. rolling out of valentine. it's 45 seeing a few light sprinkles rolling on through right now. that is racing off to the northeast quickly. mar, field around 6:20. nothing terribly heavy. no thunder out of this. you will find very h. wet roads. additional showers adding to that. up to the north, the foothills and mountains. light mist and drizzle for the
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a little more of a shower moving into burk county. more heavy rain comes into our morning drive. that's the immediate threat for now. very low risk for storm threats. as we widen our way, though, to midday today, that's when things start to change. you can already see the atmosphere changing on us. lancaster has warmed to 10 degrees in the last few hours. the 40s and 30s are getting pushed to the north. the warm, more humid air is coming in. a few brief downpours at 9:00, but really, it's lunchtime. strong to severe storms flourish across the region. then they will quickly race off to the east and still be around 70 this afternoon and strong west and south west wind. then the thunderstorm threat will go down dramatically. all morning long, we'll tell
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it's doing a good job of redeveloping the downpours right around lunchtime near charlotte and racing them off to the east by 2:00 or 3:00. so we'll not be around for very long. we're still in the slight risk for severe weather. the more enhanced risk has been pushed to the east just barely clipping our far eastern county as a much greater risk today of a moderate risk of severe weather closer to raleigh this afternoon. we'll get more organized storms developing. we're not out of the woods yet money we can't give the all clear through lunchtime today. there will be from i-77 and neighborhoods east. we'll all dry out except for mountain snow. clear tomorrow at 56. we'll get back into a calm pattern in the weekend back into the 60s with a lot more sunshine. once you get past the afternoon hours today, we have a nice, calm stretch to go for the next several days there after. roads are already wet this morning.
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we're dealing with including downed power lines. we're heading out to the scene. this is just south of i-85 heading towards uptown. working to gather more information on what's going on and why the lines are down. we have reports of an accident this accident is reported at walled well near brevard street. -- caldwell near brevard street. ahead at 6:30, the tire restrictions that would allow the agency to focus on higher risk travelers. >> channel 9 rode along with alcohol agents as they investigated illegal liquor houses in charlotte. legitimate businesses that police say suspects used to skirt the law.
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a bb gun will likely carry the scars with him for life. >> it's hard to think someone would do something like this to defenseless. >> why this has police concerned even though they have
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it's gotta it's 6:25 right now. two teenagers are accused of shooting this 6 week old puppy with a bb gun 18 times. >> the ebenezer animal hospital is taking care of brody right now. doctors have not removed the bbs from his body because they say he's too young to go through surgery. sunday night a maintenance man at the wild wood springs apartment found brody bloody and injured. he saw a group of teens playing with the dog minutes earlier. >> kids that start out doing this like, you know, hurting animals sometimes go on to more
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>> brody will be at the animal hospital until he's well enough to be adopted, which won't be a problem. the hospital says they have received hundreds of calls and e-mails about adopting him. 17-year-old damonte douglas and a 14-year-old face animal cruelty charges. police won't reap lease any information about the juvenile except that he's been released to his parents. charlotte's anti- discrimination ordinance will go into effect april 1st. the steps lawmakers are already taking to change it. >> the real rough weather is down to our south. i'll show you the time line of storms and how windy a day it will be without thunderstorms.
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is being disguised as homes and eing breaking news in north charlotte. you can see police are directing drivers while traffic
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we'll have alternate routes for you just ahead. we're tracking the larger track today. we're predicting the possibility of flooding and tornadoes of. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. it's 6:30 right now. keith monday is in severe weather center showing us which areas are seeing the rain. >> the rain is relatively light and picking up in coverage. the intensity, though,not as strong as a few areas overnight. the roads are wet on the morning drive. in the city it's only hovering around mathews as you move into charlotte and mid-hills. from waxoff to indian back west toward clover, south into chester with moderate showers rolling in. >> moving through morganton and lenoir.
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the rest of the drive. that goes without saying. so far, the severe weather threat and flooding threat is down to a minimum for the time being. through midday, though, that is our time line with bigger storms to redevelop. the storms will turn into a very windy wednesday ahead. into the breaking news center with an update to the traffic problem we're telling you about in north charlotte. this is graham. there are police directing the traffic because, you know there's no power to that area. you can see the lights if you look up to the center of your screen, there they are completely out at this point. all lanes are closed. we can't see any lines down so we aren't sure what's causing the problem. we're asking police to get more information on all of this. this is a busy intersection, so it will be a place you'll want avoid altogether. we're keeping an eye on this
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>> we just got an update on what's happening here. as you mentioned, john, attando 29. so graham street is open but police. to get around the closure, you could use craig head as the alternate route. if you want to get around the congestion on graham street we're expecting because police are directing traffic, use statesville as the alternate route. we also have an accident on oak wood avenue near breton drive west of statesville road. meantime, you can use fontana road. the storm that keith has been talking about for days heads toward us. >> we see some of the video we just got in money vicki? >> reporter: we have been showing you incredible video mississippi, louisiana, and florida.
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this is what's left of a gold's gym in prairieville, louisiana. you can see a huge hole in the roof. look at the side wall. it's completely gone. there were about a dozen people reported tornado ripped through. >> i started screaming take cover." >> this is another look at the gym. that entire side of the bumming is sheared off. one. big threats in charlotte today will be downed trees like this one right here as keith and vicki are predicting. we could see gusts of wind reach 40 miles per hour and topple trees because the ground is so wet. this is the scene in south charlotte. that family inside made it safely. they say it shook the house. you can see that damage and send in any pictures of weather damage you see today by going to our web site, police in charlotte are using a new takic to cut down
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violent crime. >> "eyewitness news" reporter joe bruno is live for us this morning to explain this strategy. joe? >> reporter: one way police are targeting these illegal operations is by having charlotte transportation officials put no parking signs like this one in the distance up on the streets outside of these illegal liquor houses. channel 9 was the only station invited by cmpd to see how they are shutting the illegal liquor houses down. it's more than just serving alcohol without a permit. police have tied four murders and 13 shootings to these houses including a double murder on labor day on north hoskins street. police took us to winchester street to north charlotte. we went to box mere drive to hear music and see people going in and out of a business. police say like many liquor houses, it's being operated as something completely different in the daytime. >> it's actually a motorcycle
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shop. >> reporter: 17 illegal liquor operations have been shut down so far by cmpd and police tell us that's because they are getting tips into the anonymous tip line. joe bruno, channel 9 "eyewitness news." tonight, families have a chance to meet with cms superintendent ann clark. one topic they are sure to assignment plan. >> the school board decided whether to shuffle students to different schools. angela hong is live in uptown to complain the priorities. angela? >> reporter: stephanie, the cms school board vote 7-1 -- voted 7-1 to have the goals that impact thousands across the district. with the doles, they want to provide -- with the goals, they want to provide resources, reduce schools with high
6:35 am
with underperforming schools. board members voted against the goals saying they weren't necessary and may be driving some parents' fears about student assignment. some board members, though, disagreed. >> we've got to tell this community we do support that the neighborhood schools your child will be assigned a guaranteed seat. until that happens, i don't believe that the community, no matter what we say up here right now, is going to believe us. >> one of the things they do for me is that without using the language they recognize that student assignment is a matter of justice for all. >> reporter: the next step could be to develop the guiding principles for these goals that would go into details about how the cms board would be able to achieve the goals they voted on yesterday. reporting live, angela hong, channel 9 "eyewitness news." >> tonight's coffee and conversation with superintendent ann clark is at newal elementary school at 5:30. last night, the school board
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working on a time line to find clark's replacement. they extended her contract through the end of june 2017 to give them time to find a new leader. one day after charlotte passed a nondiscrimination ordinance, governor pat mccorey said he's working on an ordinance. the governor tomorrow us his only concern is the part of the ordinance that has the bathroom provision that violates the expectation of privacy money. >> there's nothing more private. i think they are creating more problems than the one they are trying to solve. >> reporter: if businesses don't comply with the provision and someone files a complaint, owners could face up to a $500 fine and 30 days in jail after three pryor convictions. charlotte mayor generaller in
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she says it's about equal rights. >> i think that anything that makes charlotte a welcoming place, it is a great thing for our future. >> at this point, the ordinance is set to go into effect april 1st. channel 9 has learned a bar won't face charges after a customer was accused of driving drunk then hitting and kiming a woman. police say gregory wheeling hit kelly putnam with his car last month. alcohol and beverage control police did an overserving investigation at whiskey warehouse, but the results are inconclusive. usa today reports the bill, which the house passed yesterday, would require all passengers to provide fingerprints, work history, and all other personal information. frequent fliers already vetted through the airline would have to do the same.
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agency to make sure this information is provided online and at airport kiosks. a new study out this morning shows which companies are best at making customers happy. channel 9 looked at how companies from our area stack up to others in the industry. belling scored 77 points on a 100-point scale behind nordstrom. and dillard's which recently bought family dollar stored 76. lowe's outscored home depot with a 74. here's keith monday tracking our severe weather for the day. keith? >> starting out loy and the reason why, we have a big batch of rain south from columbianer near savannah, georgia. we've got rain, but it's not severe, heavy rainfall. back to the west, watching the thunderstorms develop ahead of the cold front.
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downpours are likely to form. we're still into the flash flood watch from shore lat west. if it does get heavier through the day, it may lead to more flooding issues. it will end up being a very windy day today, that matter if neighborhood. we're monitoring the traffic in north charlotte. >> reporter: we've got lines traffic. out into the distance, we're seeing the flashing lights because of downed power lines with a section of atando blocked between gray am street and north tri-on. they are also directing traffic at the intersection of graham street causing delays as well. so you can use statesville or even 29 as an alternate route. down towards lake riley, we
6:40 am
buster boy bridge near grand palisades parkway. a channel 9 investigation uncovered hundreds of homes across charlotte slated to be torn down. some of the demolition has been delayed for months or even years. >> it's not aborted up. >> for charlotte to be a be. >> reporter: we asked neighbors why this is still standing. ahead on daybreak, the specific criteria families would have to meet to qualify for lower home loans. >> and we told you about the proposal to eliminate trash
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next, the criteria (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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welcome back. we're using live early morning doppler 9 to track the massive system. the sever weather threat is coming to charlotte later today. just ahead, meteorologist keith monday is pinpointing which neighborhoods are already getting rain. and in the breaking news center with an update with a traffic problem that's been developing in north charlotte.
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this is at graham and atando. the cones are directing the traffic. in the past ten minutes or so we learned traffic lights are also down a couple of blocks away toward lasalle. so this is creating serious issues. all lanes are closed. we know duke is on the way right now to repair those lines. there's no word yet on how long that's going to take. we checked, and so far, there are not any other power outages in this general area. this is a busy intersection and police will l have their hands killed this morning. . >> folks heading on graham street expecting delays as well as atando. to avoid atando, it's closed.
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routes around. channel 9 lows the city may stop offering trash services to thousands throughout charlotte. >> "eyewitness news" reporter joe bruno is live in east charlotte to explain who would be impacted. joe? >> reporter: thousands start here at waste services. you can see drivers are getting ready to head out in routes. channel 9 has solid waste services is in talks to stop picking up talks in throughs of people due to budget cuts. that means people living in charlotte could lose their service including curbside rollout in city crews. it impacted city contracted dumpster services. nothing has been finalized but this proposal to cost thousands more money. officials are discussing this
6:46 am
the vote will take place in may. joe bruin yo, channel 9 "eyewitness news." -- joe bruno, channel 9 "eyewitness news." more people will arrive in uptown for the unofficial parties that will accompany them. angela hong is live outside time warner cable arena to show us police officer strategies to prevent crime during all of the festivities. angela? at the transit center. they were out as part of the new cops on the corner initiative. this was yesterday. police told us this corner sees crimes like robberies, prostitution and drugs. they hope the presence sends a clear message to the people committing the crimes and gives peace of mind to those visiting charlotte this week. the ciaa tournament rose to declare an extraordinary event
6:47 am
that means officers inside of the arena can ban certain items and conduct searches. also, we learned that through police that first day of the tournament went smoothly. angela hong, channel 9 "eyewitness news." all morning, channel 9 has been closely following breaking news from the severe weather outbreak across the south right now. the national weather service says a tornado hit pensacola, florida last night destroying homes, uprooting trees. the storm killed three people, including two in southern louisiana. this video here is from convert where crews are searching for people who may be under debris at an rv park there. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here's keith monday in severe center 9. it's something you have been tracking for quite a while now. >> so far this morning, it's the more light to moderate rain we've been dealing with. now it's appearing that the
6:48 am
severe weather may be pushing toward the raleigh and fayetteville facilities right along the i-95 corridor. so this morning, wet roads, misty and drizzly out there. light rain on 601 back to the west. the more steady stuff is on 321 south of gastonia pushing around pineville up to 6:53. concord closer to 7:20. it's a story to work our way through the rest of the morning. there will be a flash flood warning. nothing imminent right now, though rains are spreading back in. we'll see more showers picking up in intensity through the late morning and midday hours when most of us will have the heavier rain threat. futurecast all morning long
6:49 am
been overdoing the intensity and widespread nature of the rainfall and watching the redevelopment to the east this afternoon. we'll watch for things to pop right along i-77 at noon and race eastbound between 2:00 and 3:00. it will not be around for long behind it. just residual leftover threat lasting an hour or two through the mid part of the day. heavy rains still a primary issue. not a great tornado risk. any time you get a scenario like this, there's always a possibility something brief could spin up. we're debting one of the -- back. in. lunchtime. already. increasing. sustained winds in our futurecast around 20 to 25
6:50 am
through the afternoon. while not everybody gets big thunderstorms, we all have the wind, a wet ground and could lead to trees coming down with the stronger wind gusts. now the cold air coming into the mountains tonight, there will be snow showers to break out up there. lower elevations with the higher ridge tops west of the tennessee line could be looking at 1 through 3 inches of snow tomorrow. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. keeping our guard up, stay alert. use the wsos the latest updates of any weather throughouts through the day. >> perfect day to have this on hand. >> age today, much mom color weather. monitoring breaking news
6:51 am
have lines that are null blocking atando. the malfunctioning traffic lights are in the areas with. police are directing you at graham and atando as well. statesville avenue is a good alternate there. medics are responding to the newest wreck 0 on mount holly huntersville road. checking wall street futures for your wednesday. the dow is down 128 points and nasdaq is down 45 points.
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1/2% of the vote it's 6:55. all morning, we've been updating you with the nevada caucus. all votes have been calculated giving donald trump the win with 45.91% of the votes in.
6:55 am
though, ted cruise and marco rubio after a close battle for second place last weekend in south carolina. rubio grabbed 23.85% of the vote last night while cruz grabbed 21.38%. "good morning america" is examining the close battle for second place. this election between cruz and rubio. they'll have live reports from nevada this morning following "eyewitness news" daybreak. for the breaking news center, traffic lights are out at graham and atando. police are directing traffic. in the past ten minutes, we did learn traffic lights are down a couple of blocks away toward lasalle. no word yet on what caused this or how long this will take. police are out there trying to direct the traffic. mark taylor is keeping an eye on it. >> reporter: we've got two places we want to avoid. basically between graham street and 29, you'll use greg head as the alternate route and police
6:56 am
intersection of graham and atando. it's something we'll continue to watch. keith? wet roads this morning. the rain is continuing to move in. the biggest downpours are tonight. local news continues now on tv 64. >> join us there now as we
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's huge win in nevada. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> record turnout. trump relishes his victory. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second and less than a week from the super tuesday showdown, donald trump and marco rubio are here this morning. oh, my goodness. holy cow. deadly storms tear through the south. 27 reported tornadoes across the gulf states ripping roofs off buildings, destroying hundreds of homes, flipping over trucks. now new warnings are out this morning as severe storms move east. erin andrews' emotional day in court, the reporter and "dancing with the stars" favorite takes on a hotel and a
7:00 am
lawsuit over invasion of privacy. did the hotel make it too easy for her stalker to spy on her? >> celine dion's triumphant return, the superstar singer proving her heart will go on taking the coliseum stage in las vegas for the first time since her beloved husband passed away. her powerful tribute this morning. oh, that was wonderful to see celine back on the stage last night. good morning, america. two big stories to get to, the big win for donald trump and those severe storms, sam, overnight. >> at least three dead, 27 tornadoes in 5 gulf coast states and we'll show you where they're going today. first the race for the white house. it's "your voice, your vote" and the biggest win yet for donald trump. more than 20-point victory in nevada last night. trump has won in the east, the


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