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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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mecklenburg county right now. crews have worked to restore some power since we reported 11,000 outages on eyewitness news at 11:00 last night. we are going to sghoom right now so you can see how widespread the out yamgs are across charlotte and when we zoom in -- outages are across charlotte and when we zoom in, see how numerous they are. duke energy is reporting that they may not be able to repair some of the outages until tomorrow and there are thousands of people in gaston and union county without power right now. also breaking news right now, dozens of flights are cancelled across the country right now as airlines scramble to recover from yesterday's severe storm. we just checked with charlotte douglas right now there, are only a handful of delays and cancellations for arrivals and departures as that storm moved up the east coast yesterday, airlines nationwide cancelled more than 2,000 flights. also breaking news right now, look at this. live pictures, this is old
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large tree that is across the road right now. it has been done since about 10:30 last night and as you can see, police are making sure drivers don't go into that area. you can see they have it blocked off until crews can get out there to remove the tree. traffic team 9's mark taylor monitoring the situation. they have alternate routes for us just ahead. >> part of a busy road in meyers park is still shut down. this is more than 14 hours after strong winds brought down this massive tree right into the road. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live at the scene for us on queens road near henley place. what is taking so long,? >> the crews will be out here this morning but in the meantime, check out how major, how huge and big this tree is. the tree is lying across the southbound lanes of queens road heading towards southpark. across the carolinas, many towns and citys are dealing with damage from yesterday's storm. channel 9 received these photos
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a fire broke out on the power lines near mack wood road. crews were able to reopen wilkerson boulevard just yesterday, a busy road was shut down because power lines fell and poles were leaning toward the road. many home owners are waking this morning with damage from fallen trees. one person we spoke with had just arrived home when a tree fell on his car. >> she sent me a picture of the car and i was just sh. >> and crews will be out here to clear this tree from the road this morning, but in the meantime, you can expect it to be shut down for your commute to work. now, for alternate routes we'll send this over to traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> it is heading outbound or southbound. that is the issue heading out this morning. this is queens road at henley place which can be part of your
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which can include moorhead. we're talking about the closure, this is old potter's road north of sugar creek. this is going to be your best bet around this closure. something we'll continue to watch and give you perspective. this is on sugar creek south of harris boulevard up from christenberry road. >> this is king street in boone. the wind is whipping in the mountains. that is not all. if you look at the lights here, you can see snow is falling right now up in the mountains. we're checking with the schools in the area see if there are any delays or cancellations. none so far that we have found at this point, but definitely something we'll be keeping an eye on if they delay or close. we'll have that for you. a wintery scene up in boone. the mountains and foothills have widespread storm damage yesterday. wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour in some places took down a tree and power lines.
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channel 9 they were inside their home when look what happened. this tree came crashing down on top. >> i heard a loud crack. treat was blowing, the tree snapped and you heard crashing. >> the strong winds forced firefighters in hildebrand to back out of the old school building. there we showed it to you burning live on monday morning. avery county, they closed, by the way, and asche county are on a three-hour delay. now we're getting the confirmation. we put together an extensive slide show for you showing storm damage across the area you can find a link right on the home page, a major shake up in charlotte leadership, city manager ron carlee announced he will not seek a contract extension. >> channel 9 went straight to the mayor, jennifer roberts about the decision and the next steps. eyewitness news reporter angela hong is outside the government center in uptown.
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of next . stephanie, it certainly does and in this three page resignation letter to city council carlee reflected on his accomplishments and challenges during his three years as city manager. specifically, he talked about the trial of officer randall west kerrick and transitioning charlotte douglas airport to new management and the city's budget crisis last year. there were times the members of city council were not happy with carlee's handling of the high profile cases including the fire investigator who accused the city of wrongful termination and accused him for being responsible for the police chief monroe. we wept to jennifer roberts who told channel 9 that carlee has been a great public servant.
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different ways, gotten us through tough issues and has been a great manager. >> right now it is unclear if carlee will stay on as interim city manager until a new city manager is hired. reporting live in uptown, angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> thank you, ang los angeles you can read the letter that -- angela. you can read the letter that carlee wrote. look for our story on the home page. a source tells cnn republican may be looking at a republican to replace antonin scalia who died nearly two weeks ago. the white house is vetting nevada governor brian sandoval. he is a former federal judge and is considered a moderate republican in his home state. he spokesperson says neither the governor nor his staff has talked with the white house. the supreme court's doctor revealed scalia suffered from extensive medical issues that contributed to his death. records list coronary artery
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some of the health problems. it shows there was nothing suspicious about the justice's death. bank of america is eliminating some of the positions in charlotte as the company continues trimming the work force under ceo's push for increased sufficiency. they wouldn't say how many they were cutting. 10's of thousands have bee over the years. meanwhile, piedmont airlines says it will add 300 jobs to the operations at charlotte douglas. that is a 25% increase of employees. piedmont is a sub sidry of american airlines. they will be hiring managers and entry level ramp appeared customer service representatives. they will be at the job fair at
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airline is accepting job applications though. we're we put a link on ours, click on news and scroll down to latest links. people in belmont can meet the new police chief. they're holding a meet and greet to know the community. he started on the job earlier this morning. clark previously was the police chief in peach tree city georgia. he wants to help the departrtnt move on from a rough year. the city manager requested a private company investigate the department. after that investigation, the former chief, charlie franklin, was fired. the city cited 16 reasons including harassing employees and being absent on the job. today's meet and greet runs from 5 to 7 tonight at the belmont police department on chronicle street. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday, severe weather center 9 still dealing with yesterday's severe weather this morning.
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the storm is way up in new england. nice, clear picture, we'll see a few clouds off of the mountains. they're seeing more snow piling in from the northwest. the northwest flow of wind helps regenerating the snow. i'll show you futurecast in a moment. that may be the case all day today for you. still breezy in charlotte but overall, positive changes as we work our way toward the weekend. more sunshine is moving in. cool for now but i'll talk about the late weekend warm up that may get us back outside before the weekend is done without jackets. we'll get you back on the roads. trees are down leading to traffic issues. >> meyers park, this is something we'll watch as crews make their way out and start breaking up the tree. in the meantime, the southbound lanes at hinley place. they're backed up with the giant tree. if you're headed out, you'll have to seek an alternate route. to set this up. queens and hinley heading south.
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providence as an alternate route. we have the tree up north off of sugar creek, this is happening on old potters road. cut through around back towards sugar creek. this is happening on sugar creek south of harris boulevard and just above krisenberry road. an emotional reunion for a man who rescued a puppy. the positive signs the puppy showed when his rescuer walked into the room. >> the severe storms that pushed through our area that spawned a tornado leaving a path of destruction. the errand one man-made right before the storm hit that may have saved his life. page land has been without a police chief for four months
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h x$ . still following breaking news at 5:15. this is old potters road. look at that large tree blocking the travel lanes. it has been blocking the road since 10:306789 you can see, they're making sure that folks don't use that road right now.
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we'll get alternate routes from traffic team 9's mark taylor in a few minutes. people m pageland want answers about suspended police chief larry brown who has been off of the job for four months. >> they held a lengthy meeting but they ad adjourned without getting any information. they left the community cleary frustrated. >> we was there from 6:30 until 1 o'clock in the morning and they came back, no discussion made. >> -- no decision made. >> they won't release any inform. >> chief brown did not return our phone calls or messages. we spoke with police tomorrow will rogers and told -- with police tomorrow will rogers and told us they'll update us. channel 9 learned of the 12 cases mumps across mecklenburg, cabarrus and
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confirmed while the others are probable. two cases had been linked to the lowe's corporate headquarters. . count on us to bring you the latest number as soon as that information is released today. you can read more about the symptoms and prevention on our website. new this morning, preliminary data says the flu vaccine is doing a better job this year. the vaccine is 59% effective which is a big improvement from last winter's brutal flu season where the vaccine was less than 20 percent efktive. so far -- effective. so far has been mild but hasn't reached the peak just yet. the international monetary fund says the global economy is highly vulnerable right now. it is suggesting the u.s. and major governments come up with a con tin againsty plan to pro -- contingency plan to promote growth. the lending agency says the 20
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safety nets if growth continues to fade. channel 9 got an inside look at technology mecklenburg county officials used during major weather events including yesterday's storms. authorities with the storm water services say they used real time rain and creek cages to monitor heavy rain fall and they have a number of cameras on creeks, especially in areas that have created problems in the past. >> we constantly keep an eye on these areas to make sure that the creeks are not flooding and that the people who live nearby are safe. >> storm water services keeps a close eye on the popular sugar creek greenway because of the danger it could cause drivers. take a look at this heavy rain here in north carolina. wow. the fayetteville resident shot this video on the cell phone as that really came down hard and fast. it is also forming a big, muddy puddle there on the grass. much of the state saw heavy rain and high wind yesterday.
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ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. it seemed like it came fast and in pocket s. it was in and out quickly. 10 minutes. that is about it. we're dealing with snow in the north carolina high country. this is banner oak. snow covered road down there. you can see the oak statute in downtown. not a continue to of snow right now but it is building -- not a ton of snow right now but it is building up. . . it is near freezing in the mountains we're on the low 40's. even numbers you don't see that too ooven where everybody is about the same temperature. that is because the wind keeps the numbers consistent. the winds are gusting over 30 miles an hour down in monroe. 22 miles an hour winds in charlotte. 50 plus in the mountains and that is giving us a windchill in the low teens. you'll find single digits in the higher ridge tops.
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gusty this morning, at least around 30 miles an hour at times. we're in the low 40s by 1 o'clock. plenty of blue sky today. it will be gorgeous out. there low 50s at noon. we warm into the mid-50's today and still, 10 to 20 miles an hour winds in the afternoon. it will stay very breezy all day long. it is only the mountains that deal with the snow fall and maybe heavy at times this morning. the darker purple showing up on the futurecast. that would roll into the afternoon up there. it will ease later tonight, not before, producing at least 1 to 3 inches of snow on the lower elevations, higher ridge tops, 3 to 5 inches of snow. they're seeing spots in avery county. higher ridges between 3 and 6. pretty impressive. the weekend looks great. we warm things back up more on sunday. we're back to 665 maybe cool fort next -- 65 maybe cool for the next several days. we're seeing a lot more sunshine staying with us.
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temperatures are going down, low 50s tomorrow. 20's saturday morning but then the 60s return into early next week. we'll enjoy lots of sunshine, a few more clouds heading our way into monday. time is 5:20. let's get back there on the roads. >> barricades are blocking the roadway in north charlotte because of a tree that has fallen. this is along old ponder's road. this will be just south of harris boulevard off of sugar creek so for a few folks making their way. this will be a big issue. it looks like they're in the process or getting ready to cut the tree up. for now we'll get around this and this is your best bet heading towards sugar creek from old potters and then out of meyers park we had queens road blocked southbound at hinley place from moorhead street which you can use heading south to moorhead or use providence road. we'll continue to update you
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it on twitter as things come in @trafficteam9. this six-week old puppy shot multiple times with a bb gun will soon have a new home. ahead at five:#45shgs the reason rescuers -- 5:45, the reason rescuers chose this new forever family over hundreds of other applicants. the new student assignment is months from being finalized but it is causing divisions. the drastic measures that could split up the district. dow is down 40 points, the nasdaq is down one points. mecklenburg county health inspectors spend every day checking out the sanitation of the local restaurants for your safety. we've been going through the reports and found a long list of restaurants that scored in the 70s with long lists of violations. some of the names might surprise you.
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woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. . davidson residents can attend two roundtable instructions on downtown needs. including more parking, retail
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improve public space. the meetings run from 9 to 10:30 and 6 to 7:30 tonight at davidson college church congregation house. southwest airlines is the newest dhap could be headed to cuba in the near future. they submitted an application to be one of the 20 daily round trip flights to the country, if approved, they could start as early as next year. last week, the u.s. and cuba agreed to resume commercial flights in the latest effort to reestablish a relationship. we'll also find out soon if any flights from charlotte will head to the country. american airlines says it will also apply to fly to cuba from miami and at least one other hub. it will announce that other hub after the application is submitted. a granville county family is picking up what is left of their home after a tornado destroyed it. >> when you look at this, it is not real. >> next and all new this morning, the last minute
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out of the home before the storm hit. >> still very windy out. there especially in the mountains. gusts over 50, i'm using futurecast data to show you how long it takes to get the winds to relax today. >> some local up tos are threatening to pull out of the charlotte-mecklenburg school
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i'm angela hong live in uptown, (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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answer the call al . this morning we're tracking strong winds across the carolinas. wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour in the mountains. when those winds will begin to calm down, and the major warm up ahead for the weekend. >> only channel 9 was at a meeting with cms superintendent ann clark as she worked to ease parents concerns about student assignment. the drastic steps some towns are taking that could divide the district. good thursday morning to you. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. let's check the first forecast. meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 and we are still seeing the powerful winds.
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the strongest of which are up in the mountains. we have now avery, watauga county schools are out today. they're under a three-hour delay. we'll see if that changes. winds in jefferson gusting to 55 miles an hour. 22 miles an hour gusts in charlotte. 32 into monroe. not that bitterly cold. most of us are around 40 degrees in the metro but you'll cut that down to near freezing with the windchill to start the day today and it will be noticeably cooler all day long compared to the 70s that we enjoyed yesterday. we won't see that for awhile. we're looking at numbers in the mid-50's. breezy all day long. we'll have timeline in the futurecast when the winds do relax. it may take awhile today and the outlook heading into the weekend as warmer weather will be returning. the time is 5:30. let's get on the roads with traffic team 9's mark taylor to monitor the trees. >> one over meyers park we've been monitoring since yesterday afternoon and it is still there and as crews come and take it away.
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reopens but it is the southbound lanes of queen's road that are blocked. this labor massive under taking this morning. if -- this will be a massive undertaking this morning. if you're headed from moorhead, take south kings over to moorhead or use providence road as an alternate and the one up north we've been following where it has the roadway blocks. old potter's road. checking the interstate travel, you're moving at6 miles an hour. 11 minutes from the university area to uptown. stephanie? a story you're seeing for the first time right here on daybreak. take a look at this incredible storm damage video after a tornado ripped through a north carolina home. >> the severe storm that brought heavy winds and rain here caused this damage in granville county yesterday. you can see a massive pile of debris. that is all that is left with ann williams home.
5:31 am
on his sofa where her husband, rick, normally rests. he has a hearing problem and she believes a last minute trip to get dog food is what might have saved his life. >> with his hearing problem, he never would have heard it coming and so i thank god that god told him to go get dog treats. >> it destroyed six other homes nearby appeared ripped a -- and ripped apart a cattle farm. she is thankful she was able to find her six dogs after the storm. residents in gaston county are dealing with heavy storm damage. look at this. a massive tree there. that crashed on to a truck and car on green circle in gastonia. really big issues. the owner says he just sat down when he heard the tree start crashing down just about three feet away from him. right now, we're monitoring thousands of power outages throughout the area.
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customers in mecklenburg county without power and here is just a closer look. it is widespread. you normally don't see this map lit up this way but you can see dozens here in south charlotte without power, actually hundreds of people without power in the southern portions as we scroll around. you can see 59 folks there. another 215 people there without power as we move to the north. just a few more here. it shows us how widespread this issue is. duke energy says some of these places might not be able to get their power back on until possibly tomorrow. so this map could be staying this way for quite some time. we're in contact with duke energy. you can count on channel 9 to keep an eye on them and let you know when power is restored on daybreak. channel 9 uncovered local towns considering splitting through from cms. this comes as parents fears and concerns grow over the district
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eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live in uptown. the mayor of matthews is spear heading this. >> that's right. matthews mayor jim taylor says that the mayor of mint hill has also expressed interest and taylor is reaching out to other towns to see what they think about this idea. now, taylor says parents want the ability to send their children to neighborhood schools. he is looking at the funding and facilities right now. such a move would require legislative action but the preliminary plan would be to split the northern and southern towns, about 7,500 students go to school in pineville, matthews and mint hill and in the north, 10 thousand students go to school in huntersville, son and corn. >> the fact that cms has not come out and publicly said they will protect home and school. if they would have done, that would have relieved anxiety in parents minds. >> we went to cms superintendent
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thought about the town's plans to leave cms. >> i haven't had a chance too talk with mayor matthews. in fairness, i would welcome an opportunity to talk with him. he has been a supporter of cms. >> clark made is it clear that the school board has not made any decisions about the plan for student assignment and won't for at least 4 to 6 months. in the meantime, matthews mayor jim taylor says there will be a task force up and running in the next few weeks. reporting live, angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> thank you. we posted our exclusive interview with superintendent clark on so you can see the answers to all of the questions we asked. you can find that story on our home page. cms leaders sent channel 9 an e-mail saying they're in the process of evaluating ordinance. they passed the controversial ordinance designed to protect the city's lgbt community.
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which bathroom they use. opponents of the nondiscrimination ordinance say it proves the importance of voting at voter turn out. when the ordinance failed, a coalition launched their turn out campaign and worked to put pro equality candidates on city council october monday, many would likely pass. they hope it will motivate outraged community members to vote in local elections. >> we need to endorse and them to city council and we did that. >> it is a tremendous message for voters and people that take the position that i take on this issue it is a wake up call. i mean, really and truly. >> voter turn out for the municipal general election was roughly 15% in november. despite the vote in charlotte, north carolina governor pat mccrory and some state leaders vowto stop it. house leaders say they started
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reverse the ordinance and prevent other municipalities from trying to do the same. happening today, york county leaders will unveil the plans fort countnts future and give neighbors one last chance to offer any feed back. the updated plan will refine the community vision, goals and recommendations to enhance the county's life style. today's open house will be at bank's trail middle school. you can drop by at any time between 5 and 7:30 tonight. new this morning, a house budget panel chairman says he wants south carolina to bo $200 million to pay for maintenance of state public colleges. yesterday, representative jim merrill says his sub committee will introduce the proposal next month. governor pat mccrory has opposed issuing a bond bill for colleges. no matter what, taxpayers will have to pay for the state budget
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time for -- higher tuition. it is crunch time for the several republicans running for president. >> republican donald trump's rise surprised political experts across the country including political expert eric hiberlig. it will be tough to slow down trump's momentum. >> the more trump does well, the more his momentum builds up and claim for the republican party that he is unelectable rings hollow. >> his supporters are extremely loyal. super tuesday on march 1st may be the last time for trump's rivals to stop them. the frontrunners have a lock in north carolina ahead of the primary. the elon university poll shows donald trump with 28% support from republicans, ted cruz with 19% and rubio with 16%.
5:38 am
democrats with 47% to bernie sanders to 27%. north carolina voters say they would pick clinton over trump 47 to 41%. channel 9 is the source for the presidential election. you can find these stories and more on our website, click on the election section under the news tab. developing this morning, secretary of state john kerry says it would take up to 30,000 ground troops to maintain a safe zone inside of northern syria we told you last month, the u.s. and other world powers reached a cease fire deal set to go into place on saturday but there are growing cause for other options for military action if this truce fails. many republicans are calling for the safe zone to protect the increasing number of displaced people but kerry says it is not as simple as it may sound. new this morning, a group of isis supporters threatened to take down facebook and twitter
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the group created a 25-minute video in response to the company's efforts to terroristic. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday at least we know uptown has power on. >> you can see that. the skyline is brightly lit up this morning. a little more calm in lake norman. we've seen more wind gusts southward. it is a breezy day. temperatures are ar 40 degrees here in town. cool air north that will start to spill in for the next couple of mornings we'll deal with more freezing temperatures. we're seeing that in the mountains. you're only at 21 right now and the mountains will all see snow throughout day. i'll show yout futurecast, the wind speed, you the futurecast, the wind speed. let's get back out to the road closures we're dealing with for yesterday's stormy weather. >> we're looking at north charlotte.
5:40 am
massive tree blocking the roadway. you can see it here. barricades are up. you can not pass in either direction on old potters road. this is happening north of sugar creek if you're coming south of w.t. harris so we'll show you where it is on old potters. you'll use earth drive around it and down in meyers park, the southbound lanes hinley place are blocked. east moorhead from south kings drive. those are your best bets outt at meyers park. we have an accident in fort mill that we'll talk about next. >> thieves are targeting firefighters. the primary difference between these crimes and those we've seen in the charlotte area. a charlotte man is behind bars accused of trafficking large quantities of pot. ahead at 6:15, the threat agents say he made and suspicious items
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six-week old puppy . is this is one of the best illustrations on how powerful the wind was. . this tree has been sitting here for 15 hours now. they have the cones up and tape up around it but have not been able to move it just yet. we have joe bruno there along with our photographer. he is telling us why it is still sitting here for this among. 15 hours blocking this road. we'll talk with mark taylor about how to get around this. >> two people charged with manufacturing meth will be in court. >> they arrested greis and chris conner after they found evidence of a meth lab. they are also charged with trafficking meth. three other people were also inside of the home and face lesser charges this morning. developing this morning, the six-week old puppy shot 18 times
5:45 am
has a new owner. the partners say since monday's attack, a rock hill family has applied to adopt brody. their daughter has anxiety disorders and brody isn't just a pet but also a friend to her after a special reunion yesterday for the man who called police to help . >> i'm happy he is alive. that says a lot to me i thought he wasn't going to make it. >> darryl called police after a boy told him about the shooting. 17-year-old demonte douglas and a 14-year-old used brody for target practice. they face animal cruelty charges the family adopting brody says he was welcoming to everyone he saw the the animal hospital including children. >> and after what he went through, that is a good thing because brody could have a different response right now. >> poor little puppy with all of his injuries.
5:46 am
because once brody gets really big! >> you can see that raw video and slide show of yesterday's reunion as well as brody's recovery. he is so cute. it is all inside of our story on website website. it is on the home page. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we have a lot of stuff going on this morning. we have the wind and then we have snow in the mountains. >> it is going to be a very breezy day today for everybody, very snowy day up into the mountains. you're only at 30 degrees up there and the snows will continue for most of the day ahead. everyone else is in the high country other than a few clouds, it will be completely dry. all of us around 40. every neighborhood is within a degree or two of 40 degrees to start off. it is windy though especially from charlotte south is where the winds have been the strongest at least around the metro 206789 plus miles an hour winds sustained at that rang 20 plus miles an hour winds sustained at that range.
5:47 am
the mountains all day long and we'll see the wind speeds ease up. look at color. still on the map until early afternoon. sustained winds near 30 in the mountains. 20 in charlotte. the wind gusts will be higher. you'll see this evening, the blue shade starts to fill in. the temperatures, or the wind rather starts to relax some what, it will still be windy in the mountains helping to keep that snow generation up there. ciaa tournament getting closer to the finals, it looks like a beautiful day in uptown. lots of sunshine it is breezy. temperatures holding back into the mid-50's. a nice warm up into the 70s yesterday. it is gone. in the mountains it is a different story. you stay near freezing in boone. most of the lower elevations around boone and blowing rock and jefferson will pick up the snow fall. the higher elevations 3 to 6 inches of snow at ski resort levels. it will be snowy up there today.
5:48 am
the week in the low to mid-50's all the way to the weekend. look at the jump on sunday and monday of next week. back in the mid-60's. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. a few clouds today but crystal clear skies are expected all the way into the weekend plans the nighttime hours near or below freezing. it will be pretty cold but slowly but surely the afternoon hours will be getting warmer. >> oh, that sunday, afternoon plans. already have them in my head right now. >> keith, thanks. weather and traffic e ten minutes on eyewitness news daybreak. traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> keeping tabs on the trees blocking roadways including one in meyer's park. check out this tree we have to remove this morning blocking the southbound lanes and has since yesterday's afternoon. something we'll keep our eye on throughout the morning to let you know when they clear. this happened at queens from
5:49 am
drive or use providence road as the alternate route. they're dealing with a couple of accidents on 521. you're seeing minor delays inbound from 16 of 0 down down towards lancaster and towards harley avenue near the possibly injuries involved medical responding to this. not a big delay. well. immigration officers are targeting students on their way to school. at 6:30, the panic some say it is creating among the immigrant community and the way ice is defending the actions. a charlotte man is in jail quantities of marijuana. the way investigators believe he was able to get such large quantitities the drug in the area. ron carlee is calling it
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cmpd is searching for the men who kidnapped a pizza delivery driver early this week. look at the pictures they sent channel 9. police want to catch this guy here. they say he and another man kidnapped a delivery driver in charlotte's cherry neighborhood tuesday morning forcing him to take out money at atm's along i-85. the man says the suspects let him go about 80 miles away in archdale, north carolina. >> still have wind out there and snow in the mountains. >> mountain snow will stick with you up there all day long today. so be prepared for some travel issues as we work our way through the day. the snow showers starting to pick up more as we work through late morning here. see how they roll on in. we'll stay dry all day in charlotte and our wind will still be quite calm. we'll talk about the mountain snow, how much adds up. i'll show you these totals on the futurecast and when we see a
5:54 am
let's talk about the road road closures. >> we're looking at 85 now. the interstates are building coming into town on the northbound side from gaston county. not seeing big delays southbound out of the university area. if you're watching the secondary roads, we're walking the interstates and road closures because of the tree that's are down on the roadways and we'll talk about those and get alternate routes and let you know if there are eta's and when the roads will reopen. >> we just learned stanly middle school is closed in gaston because of power. local families say immigration agents are targeting their children as they wait for the bus to walk to school. the reason advocate groups police are stepping up
5:55 am
deportation effo steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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@=d&/ . breaking news. two roads are closed for your morning drive because of trees like this one knocked down during storm. we'll have alternate routes around this scene on queen's road in meyers park. >> you can see from this flaggia and speedway camera look at this. strong winds sticking around. thanks for joining us, i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. stanly middle school is closed today because it doesn't have power this morning. >> and avery and watauga county schools are closed because of snow in the mountains. ashe county schools on a three-hour delay. >> it is almost t 00. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9. we have a lot of weather related issues this morning. >> and they're related to the storm that came through yesterday.
5:59 am
we're getting the after effects of the wind. still 20 miles an hour wind gusts from charlotte to rock hill. still breezy. not to the same intensity of last night but it is still breezy. the winds are gusting well over 50 miles an hour. we have a wind advisory winter weather advisory in the mountains. they're at 30, we're around 40, east of the mountains. consistent numbers as the wind speed is pushing numbers through. we'll see sunshine here in charlotte. lots of sunshine as a matter of fact with temperatures in the low 40s through 9:00. mid-50's for the high. cooler touchdown for sure. we'll show you the timeline for the snow in the futurecast and how much will add up as we head through the day up there. stephanie? >> i'm in the breaking news center. more than 7,200 customers are without power in mecklenburg county right now after strong wind knocked over trees and power lines that fell during that storm. that means 2,000 people got their power back in the past half hour. look at your screen right now.
6:00 am
spread out across charlotte at this point but we're seeing the highest number of outages concentrated mainly in south charlotte. duke energy is reporting thousands of outages also in gaston, union, and rowan counties as well. it could be tomorrow before all of these folks right here dealing with outages get their power back on. we want you to look at this. this tree blocking old potters road near sugar creek road in north charlotte. you can see it right here but at this point, not causing a major traffic issue. but eyewitness news reporte bruno is live. part of queen's road is blocked by this downed tree. joe? >>reporter: yes, stephanie, this will take awhile to clear. check out how massive this tree is. it is stretching across queen's road here heading towards southpark. a major effort to restore power is impacted the huntersville


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