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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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spread out across charlotte at this point but we're seeing the highest number of outages concentrated mainly in south charlotte. duke energy is reporting thousands of outages also in gaston, union, and rowan counties as well. it could be tomorrow before all of these folks right here dealing with outages get their power back on. we want you to look at this. this tree blocking old potters road near sugar creek road in north charlotte. you can see it right here but at this point, not causing a major traffic issue. but eyewitness news reporte bruno is live. part of queen's road is blocked by this downed tree. joe? >>reporter: yes, stephanie, this will take awhile to clear. check out how massive this tree is. it is stretching across queen's road here heading towards southpark. a major effort to restore power is impacted the huntersville
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photos of exploding power lines and a small fire that broke out mack wood road. crews worked through the early morning hours to reopen wilkerson boulevard. yesterday, the severe weather caused a power line to fall and the poles to lean towards the road. most of the damage we saw yesterday is with fallen trees. several homes will need to be repaired including this home, the charlotte fire department deemed unsafe to enter. they will need to find a new way to work after trees fell on their cars. he sent me a picture of the car and i was shocked. >> 45 to 60 seconds before the tree fell. >> and a local home owner tells me the city was supposed to come out here and remove this tree yesterday. they never made it out. they're supposed to come this morning but it will take awhile for them to clear the scene for alternate routes on how to avoid this part of queens road. here is mark taylor. >> so right now, the part of queen's road that is closed is
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from moorhead to the hinley place. you can actually take moorhead down from south kings drive over to moorhead or use providence as an alternate route. something we'll watch and monitor here. we're monitoring a couple of accident scenes inclu1 towards indian lane. south carolina 160. we have green conditions. minor delays only there as well as one out towards the airport. this is on wilkerson boulevard near harley avenue. not causing a big issue but if you want to jump on 85, we're not seeing big issues here. storm damage. look at this video right here, the homes completely flattened in virginia from overnight. we know that a 4th person died in the storm after a funnel concluded destroyed his home. a -- cloud destroyed his home. a 2-year-old was one of the others who died in a mobile home park in waiverly near norfolk. >> the trailer is gone across the street went down.
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officials were urging people to stay home today because so many roads there are blocked by trees and power lines. if you know someone who's power is out here in the charlotte area remind them, they can watch our news cast live on our wsoc-tv news app. we're 48 hours away from the south carolina primary and today, former president bill clinton will be in rock hill campaigning for his wife, hillary. he will host a rally at freedom temple ministry. the event is free to attend. the event starts at 11:45. hillary is expected to beat her opponent, bernie sanders on saturday. she is stepping up campaign efforts in north carolina. the hillary for north carolina campaign will open a charlotte office tonight. jennifer roberts will be there for the event at 7:00. eyewitness news reporter greg suskin will be at president bill clinton's rally today.
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he'll have updates and a full report at 5:00 p.m.. ciaa events will ramp up today with the men's quarterfinal basketball games a fan fest and concerts. it starts at five at the convention center. thousands of fans will be in uptown as the games and party continues through the weekend. parking garages are charging extra because of the high demand. there will be a big shake up in charlotte leadership after the city manager decided not to renew the contract. only channel 9 questioned the mayor about ron carlee's departure. >> eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live in uptown to decision. >>reporter: ron carlee's contract ends on april 1st and he decided not to renew in this three page resignation letter, carlee told city council tl was a pleasure and honor work -- it was a pleasure and honor working for the city. he reflected on accomplishments and challenges. he spoke about his role in enhancing community and police relations.
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douglas airport to new management and guiding the city through the last year's budget crisis. charlie's three years as city manager weren't without controversy. some city council members were not happy with how he handled the fire investigator who accused the city of wrongful termination. some also accused carlee of having a hand in the departure of former police chief rodney monroe. we reached out to carlee and city council members. when they didn't respond, we went straight to the mayor. >> it is my hope that we can continue to have the service through budget season and i'll be in discussion with council and with him to see, you know, what that all . >>reporter: right now it is unclear if carlee will stay on as interim city manager until a new city manager is hired. reporting live in uptown, angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> thank you. a left leaning political group wants the state board of
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governor pat mccrory is violating campaign rules by working with a committee pushing to pass a $2 billion bond package. nc progress says the ad from connect nc in which he talks about the state's growth and debt will require a tax increase violates rules on using corporate funding in a campaign. it will provide funding for statewide infrastructure projects and will be on the balance the committee has to respond to the state board by tuesday. new this morning, palmer corporation is set to in $40 million on a site near mid land. the company is a subsiderary of the group. it will add about 49 jobs. they're considered a leader in the packaging industry. happening today, the mecklenburg county park and
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discuss improvements to the nature preserve. residents are invited to attend the 6:00 meeting. officials will discuss the construction of a new nature center expected to start by the end of the year. an airport manufacturer says it might have a solution to passengers having a hard twiem airline seats shr -- time with airline seats shrinking. this is what air bus is suggesting. a row or two of benches in airplanes until of individual seats. the company filed a patent for a passenger seat could accommodate not only larger passengers but small children. they would lock in with adjustable, deattachable, seatbelts. the panthers general manager is defending the right tackle. he faced criticism in the super bowl loss that he didn't protect cam newton as she was. they pointed out the team won 22
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about how excited he is for wide receiver benjamin to come back from an acl injury next season. >> he really has taken the bull by the horns like any other young kid, too it took him a couple of minutes to get over the woe is me. >> benjamin will be ready to go by training camp in august. the charlotte hornets are getting a first look at what the new score board will look like. it is pretty neat. crews will install it over the summer. costs? $7 million. the city is pitchin $18 million to help the team pay for upgrades to time warner cable arena over the next 44 years. this new score board will be 180% larger than the current one and will be one of the largest in th. >> i just want one part of that screen for my house. >>. chapel grove elementary school in gastonia will be closed today.
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that is two schools now in gaston county because stanly middle school is also closed thanks to power. >> meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. that wind not doing us any favors this morning. >> it is not. even though it is a little lighter than when it was at the peak it is still very windy. the mountains, the wind is generating snow showers working their way through the high country and this will be with us all day the wind direction, the northwest flow will be in the high country all day long. we'll show you how much they add nupt futurecast in a moment. positive changes overall as we head through the rest of the week with more sunshine and we'll discuss the late weekend warm up on the way. it is 6:10. let's get over to mark to look at alternate routes. we have a tree blocking the southbound lanes of queens road at hinley place. expected to be that way through a good part of the morning. in the meantime, you'll take moorhead or use providence road
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other than that it is quiet and we're checking on the major arteries including 77 checking in with york county from fort hill -- fort mill, rock hill. it will take 12 minutes with no accidents at this time. stephanie? immigration advocates ay undocumented teens are being targeted for deportation, sometimes right outside their homes the concerns about the stepped up paroles and agents say they won't target students. thieves are targeting firefighters again this time in the piedmont hitting three stations in a matter of . >> you can't control everybody or any. >> the brazen move the thieves made and the steps the departments are taking to keep this from happening again. a charlotte man facing federal charges accused of trafficking marijuana.
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say he made involving say he made involvin . we're looking live here in boone as snow is falling. you can see it piling up there on the roads and the wind, strong in the mountains right now. gusts as high as 50 miles an
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creating slick conditions. we have school closings and delays at this point. watauga ended up closing and avery closed ashe on a three-hour delay and this is because of the wintery mix up there in the mountains. a suspected drug trafficker is behind bars in uptown charlotte. he planned to use a machete to threaten a man he thought stole marijuana. >> prosecutors filed charges against james alexander brown. new court douchlts show he was trying to move loads as mu 60 pounds into charlotte. he plans to threaten the confidential source and potentially their 12-year-old son to get marijuana back. agents arrested brown in mooresville on the way there with a large machete, zip ties, duct tape and a pair of black leather gloves in his car. >> it happened over and over again where threats are made to third parties and undercover agents and sources are able to
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dea or the fbi or the local law enforcement and they can actually prevent bad things from happening. >> investigators think brown was able to get so much marijuana because he got them from legal marijuana growers out of state. new this morning, the university of south carolina is joining state officials in a new effort to fight cyber crime. governor pat mccrory announced tuesday the formation of sefk c cyber. they offer cyber security training to schools, businesses and government employees. they will also be a research and development hub. back in 2012, hackers stole social security numbers of 4 million adults and their dependants after they e files the south carolina taxes. 22% of the class of 2015 passed at least one advanced placement test during high school. the washington post reports that is a big jump from the roughly 13% who did the same 10 years ago.
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did, north carolina had 21.7% of students meeting the requirement. south carolina, a little bit lower at 20.2%. ap exams looked to gauge whether students of have mastered truktry college level -- introductory college level material. three pregnant women who travelled outside the country tested positive for zika. leaders with the national institute of health told congress they need more research to better understand the virus. >> we're working around the clock to find out achz as we can, as quickly -- as much as we can, as quickly as we can and are learning more every single day. >> the virus is suspected of causing severe birth defects. the cdc is investigating 14 reports of cases that may have been sexually transmitted. number seven unc beat the rival nc state in a close game last night. this allows unc to stay in first
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bryce johnson picked up 22 points. 11 rebouns, allowing the team to -- bounds. allowing the team to pick up a win. this spart of the team's strat geechl build leads and stretch them instead of letting the -- strategy to build leads and stretch them instead of letting them back in the. weather and traffic e ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. when do you expect this wind to die down for us today. >> it will be most of day before the winds can relax. we're looking up at boone here on kings psychiatry. you can see the snow just blowing on the streetlights. road here not looking too bad. treated it very well but this snow will continue all day in the mountains. we're at 30 degrees up in boone and jefferson. lower 20's at higher ridge tops. east of the mountains all around 40 degrees. the wind keeps temperatures even and gusty around 20 miles an hour in charlotte. some of the stronger wind gusts
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the city have relaxed but the winds have stayed breezy all day gusting near 50. our wind makes it feel closer to freezing this morning. dress for these numbers headed out to the bus stop. we'll be in the low 40s by 9:00. gusts around 30 at times. a lot of sunshine all day long low 50s. highs in the mid-50's today. a big difference from the lower 70s we enjoyed yesterday once the rain moved out. today we keep it sunny and dry. it will be much cooler. notice the snow it remains up here all day long today. lasting probably into the night for tonight so this will add up to at least 1 to 3 inches from jefferson, boone, to blowing rock. three toinches of snow fall -- 3 to 6 inches snow fall. you'll see a lot more snow work its way in. the temperature friend toward the weekend it is going to go up veptly.
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it is hovering in the low 50s. the trend will be back upward this weekend close to 70 early next week. temperatures will go down for a few days. keeping more chill in place especially in the nighttime hours, closer to freezing or below. it stays sunny, dry and calm as you get ready for this weekend plans let's head over to mark taylor talking about the issues from overnight. >> we have the roadway blocked down in meyers park on the southbound lanes of queen's road because of this massive tree still in that roadway and crews are en route. when they remove it, we'll let you know. this is from moorhead on queen's road at hinley place. use moorhead from south kings drive heading outbound over providence route. one of the newer wrecks we're monitoring here is on johnston road near marvin road down to the south.
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cms's discussion on student assignment is raising concerns with town leaders throughout the district. . >> the bottom line is we want to continue to have the ability to send our kids to local schools. >> the drastic move some towns are considering and why some could ease parents concerns. >> thieves hit three fire
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every da (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. . channel 9 told you thieves broke into several local firefighters cars over the last two weeks. new this morning, we're learning greensboro. >> three fire stations reported similar thefts there during the middle of the night. thieves broke into 11 vehicles, stole personal items including electronics. the difference between the cases, the greensboro fire stations were inside the station
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>> we went back and check add our records. none of the stations that were hit in greensboro were actually on any calls at that period of sgliem officials are trying to increase security at the stations including adding more cameras and police increasing patrols. several fire stations were targeted. firefighters came back from calls find the car windows smashed out. the latest happened last sunday in fort mill. some departments had security cameras that did not catch any of the images of the thieves and in huntersville, firefighters began parking the personal trucks inside the station to prevent thefts. in noda, veteran woodie williams is standing guard. cmpd will recognize the aviation units 45 years of service. the et vept begins at 11:30 -- the events begin at 11:30. one of the original members
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cmpd aviation pilots will be on hand answering any questions you have about their role. that event runs through 1 o'clock. undocumented families on edge after a left lane teen was arrested on his -- after an undocumented teen was arrested on his way to school. >> he saw the lights from the car for the ice agent. >> next this morning, the concerns advocate groups now have about why the teens are being targeted now. >> great view at the skyline. it is very windy. i'll show you the futurecast and how long it will take for the winds to . >> some mecklenburg county towns are threatening to leave cms because of student assignment.
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next, i'll expptown, with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. from classic to contemporary,
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. trees down, roads blocked. now. impact of yesterday's storms. we'll read the alternate routes around this road.
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25 miles an hour in charlotte. 50 in the mountains and we're also tracking snow up in the mountains. avery and watauga county schools are closed today. ashe county schools are on a three-hour delay. >> chapel grove elementary school in gaston county, they're closed because they don't have power. thanks for joining us. i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. it is 6:30. meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with your first weather. it feels a lot colder out here because of the wind. >> the wind takes the edge off of the warmth. we had a nice warm day yesterday. we'll replace that with more chill. beautiful picture of the glowing sunrise getting started at charlotte. there is venus in the eastern sky once again. beautiful picture, but it is still very breezy out there. the winds are gusting around 20 in charlotte and then it has relaxed from what i saw when it first came into the studios this morning. we saw gusts around 30 for 3:00. it has gotten better but in the mountains it relaxed some what
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snowing up. there we're clear and dry. all of us around 40 degrees in the metro and our temperatures today will still warm up from where we are now but not the 70s of yesterday. we're in the mid-50's this afternoon. the breezy hangs on for most of the day. we'll show you that and the amount of warm up we can enjoy. time is 6:31. let's get over to mark taylor to give us an update on the roads trees. >> southbound lanes, queens road blocked because of the massive tree that fell yesterday afternoon and this will hinder folks heading south or outbound from moorhead if this is part of your commute to meyer's park. this is happening on queens road near hinley place. moorhead from south kings drive. you can use providence as an alternate route around it. we have a possible leaning pole
6:31 am
crews are en route to check on this near wend over. it is not closing any delays. that could change. if it does, we'll let you know. >> i'm in the breaking news center, 6,500 customers are without power in mecklenburg county right now after strong winds knocked over trees and power line that's fell during the storm. this is down by 700 in the past half hour so we're seeing improvement but you can see right there from the map on your screen, these outages are spread across charlotte mainly in southern charlotte. duke energy is reporting thousands of outages in gaston, union and rowan a counties as well. it could be tomorrow before everyone gets their power back. this same storm caused the damage here that moved through pennsylvania overnight. look at the tree on top of the car, also, also several reports here of buildings that collapsed and roofs torn off. .
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the rotating clouds a viewer sent us yesterday. there was a tornado warning but nothing touched down. you can hear a tree snapped in half and took down power lines. crews cleared that scene yesterday. channel 9 posted more video of the storm damage across our area on the website, you will see a slide show on our home page. channel 9 learned that some towns want to split away from charlotte-mecklenburg schools as parents are discussing plans to move to other schools. we were the only stiegs question the superintendent about the idea of splitting the district. >>reporter: john, that's right. matthews mayor jim taylor says that the mayor of mipt hill has expressed interest and he is reaching out to other towns as well. taylor sthaez parents want the
6:33 am
parents want the ability to send the kids to neighborhood schools. he is looking at funding and facilities. it would require legislative action but the preliminary plan would be to split the northern and sou towns. in the north, 10 thousand students go to huntersville, davidson and cornelius. taylor says it didn't have to come to. >> the fact that cms has not come out and said they will protect home schools. if they would have done, that would have relieved a lot of anxiety in parents minds. >>reporter: we went to cms superintendent ann clark and asked her what she thought about the towns wanting to leave cms. >> i haven't had a chance to talk to mayor mattews. in fairness, i welcome an opportunity to talk to him. he's been a real supporter at cms. >>reporter: clark made it clear that the school board has not made any decisions about school assignment and will not do so
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matthews mayor jim taylor says they're working on starting up a task force. angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news. two local advocate groups are accusing immigration officers of targeting teens on the way to school. nearly a month ago. one west charlotte woman tells us immigration officers arrested her 19-year-old son on his way to the bus stop. the teen is one of dozens who came to the u.s. without documentation from central america. advocates say now that they're turning 18 they're targeted for deportation. >> that created panic among other students and families and fear because they have been detained on their way to school. >> we reached out to a spokesman for the immigration office. they say officers are enforcing orders of judges in immigration court but are not targeting students in what they call sensitive areas like schools and churches. channel 9 learned a
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of shooting neighbors in front of the 12-year-old son is facing new chaj charges. robert bridges faces a femented first degree murder, assault and other charge -- new charges. robert bridges faces attempted first degree murder assault and other charges. myla died from her injuries. there was an on going feud between the neighbors. channel 9 spoke to the bus driver who quickly got the son on board. she says she was terrified and he was hesitant to leave his family. he urged him to get on the bus and get to safety. he called 911 at the next stop. the man accused of robbing two banks are-northbound court. the two men are facing charges. investigators believe they robbed a bank in norwood yesterday morning. they believe they robbed another bank in oakboro three weeks ago. groups fighting the
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monday to explain why they don't like the new districts. lawmakers redrew the maps after federal judges said they were drawn based on race. the new districts are very different now. the naacp says they're not any better. lawmakers will have a chance to respond to the arguments. the naacp says if the judges rule the new districts unconstitutional, the judges should draw them themselves. they moved the primaries to june 7th because of the new maps. it will impact who you're able to vote for. the newest version splits mecklenburg county between district 9 and district 12. kings mountain appeared lincolnton of -- and lincolnton are 65 cities getting grants to -- and five cities getting grants to enhance their city. lincolnton says it will invest it in building rehabilitation.
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center following breaking news out of new york. here are live pictures from our affiliate in new york city. this is happening at rock away beach in queens. we understand that a fishing boat ran a ground and a coast guard vessel then sent too rescue them over turned and -- sent to rescue them over turned and you're seeing this right here. the carolina queen ran a ground this morning. between 5 to 7 crew members needed to be rescued from the boat which was listing. it was not known why the ship ran a ground. a coast guard vessel also ended up over turning as you can see, a lot of firefighters right here. it looks like someone hoisting down to try to help with the efforts and we could see firefighters that were right there. it looks like they were working to try to help end the rescue efforts. five coast guard members were able to get to the beach uninjured and they're being treated and that is is why we saw all of the firefighters right. there we'll stay on top
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pictures and new information right here on daybreak. 6:39 right now. new this morning, a passenger filed a first lawsuit against royal caribbean after its decision to sail a ship near the north carolina coast despite a winter storm early this month. bruce simpson says when the ship began to rock and tilt violently, he was thrown nearly 18 feet against the cabin door. he was knocked out. simpson adds there, was insufficient emergency services available for passengers. weather and traffic e ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday and we're seeing some snow in some places this morning. >> mountains are seeing snow as the wind is kicking in. our weather is crystal clear and quiet from lake norman view. picture perfect this morning. we'll keep the sun going all day today. the warmth we enjoyed is a warm up. that is pushed to the south and east. 30s are spilling in from the north and the mountains are tapping into that. 28 in blowing rock. all of the communitys are
6:39 am
the high country and it will last for the majority of the day. i'll break down the windchill you'll be seeing out there and how strong the winds will be lasting as we head through the day for today. 20 minutes now until 7:00, let's head back over to mark taylor in the traffic center. >> we're dealing with the roadway in meyers park which we continue to monitor that has queen's road southbound blocked at hinley place. that could be used as an alternate or providence road. we have reports of a leaning power pole because of the wind over on independence heading outbound. we're not seeing road closures. traffic seems to be getting through. looking toward briar creek with the outbound commute. something we'll continue to monitor and we're getting new information about issues going on in ballantyne with malfunctioning traffic lights. we'll see if you need an alternate route coming up next.
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>> this six-week old puppy shot multiple times with a bb gun will is have a new family in a -- will have a new family in a few days. the issues the puppy will help with his forever family. >> a major road closed in charlotte after this massive tree toppled down. what we've learned about when the tree will be removed and the road reopened. plus the other damage we're seeing from yesterday's . >> mecklenburg county health inspectors spend every day checking out the sanitation of local restaurants for your safety. we've been going through those reports and found a long list of restaurants that scored in the 70s with a long list of violations. which restaurants got those c grades.
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you and we're asking . wind gusts in charlotte reaching 25 miles an hour. look at this. this is the american flag blowing at the speedway in concord. you can see, it is definitely moving this morning. i am back in the breaking news center monitoring the power outages that left thousands without power this morning. look at this. right now more than 6,500 customers are without power in mecklenburg county right now. you can see the outages spread through charlotte at this point. duke energy crews are making
6:44 am
more than 20,000 customers were in the dark. much better. duke energy crews say they could be tomorrow before everyone has their power back on. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live where a tree is across queens road and this is blocking it for folks trying to get on with the morning drive >> this isn't a tiny tree. you know how many old trees exception. it will take awhile for crews to clear this. overnight first responders and energy workers had a busy night. they reopened wilkerson boulevard for the commute after a power line fell and the poles were leaning towards the treat. . a firefighters sent us power lines that explodes. clean up will continue for home owners. city workers are expected to
6:45 am
for the morning commute. >> you'll find a trouble spot in meyers park because of the tree near hinley place near moorhead. there are various ways to get around this. take kings drive heading south to mooresville or providence as alternate routes. president bill clinton will be in rock hill campaigning for his wife hillary. the event is free to contained. doors open at 11. hillary is expected too beat her -- to beat her opponent, bernie sanders in south carolina's primary. she is stepping up work for in north carolina. mayor jennifer roberts will be on hand for the event at 7:00. eyewitness news reporter greg suskin will be at president bill
6:46 am
follow him on twitter @gsuskinswos9. watch the full story startingfive. a big story is a shake up in leadership. ron carlee decided not to renew his leadership. >> eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live in uptown to explain what we learned. angela? >>reporter: stephanie, merit told us she is sad to see ron carlee go and he was a great public servant. in the three page resignation letter, carlee reflected on his accomplishments and some of the challenges he faced. he referred his role in building police and community relat transition of the airport to new management and moving the city through a budget crisis. his three years as city manager did have controversies. some city council members questioned his handling of the fire investigator who sued the city for wrongful termination
6:47 am
contributing to the deport year of former police chief rodney monroe. she hopes to have have carlee's service through the budget season. angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 keeping an eye on the situation out there for us this morning. >> we are clear this morning. check out banner elk. the snow is coming down up here in avery county. it is windy. snow is adding up to this road here in the main street. the higher ridge tops here, especially in avery county, you'll see a lot more snow adding up. the west facing slopes, you'll see a lot of snow building in today. 30 degrees in boone and jefferson. everybody is near 40 east of the mountains, the wind will be steady keeping the temperatures kind of even. gusting around 20, although that has come down this morning and even the mountains, we're getting away from the mid 50 miles an hour wind gusts we had an hour and a half ago.
6:48 am
little bit. but we'll see strong, sustained at times. 40 in the mountains so the early part of the day. 20 miles an hour winds is how we go on the futurecast map. it will be breezy all day long for today. you'll see the blue shade start to fill in this evening the winds will die down. it will take time before we can get to that point. outdoor plans heading into uptown, ciaa tournament festivities, low to mid-50's for the afternoon. it looks beautiful for evening plans, we'll be in the mid-40's with a nice, clear sky coming on through. the wind will relax of more into the night. snow showers continue. temperatures close to freezing all day long and this could really start to add up especially at the higher ridge tops, the gusty wind coming through. we'll see 3 to 6 inches at higher ridge tops. most areas are around boone or blowing rock. as we wind through the weekend, we'll start to ease up and our temperatures will start to warm up very well. your five-day forecast with the
6:49 am
see the 50s hanging on through the next few days into the weekend. but at the end of the weekend, we're back into the 60s again. nice weather with sunshine, lighter winds, rain free skies moving on through. keep up to date with the current conditions on the wsoc weather app. it won't relax until late tonight. >> but the forecast, everything we've been asking uwharrie forest awhile. >> looking good. >> keith, thanks. mark taylor is focussed on breaking news as power outages affect the morning drive in ballantyne. >> we have traffic lights out near elm lane. we've been talking about the power outages all morning long wauz because of the heavy -- because of the heavy winds and trees falling. we're dealing with malfunctioning traffic lights. this was taken a few minutes ago. it is not seeing a huge delay
6:50 am
the 485 through the area is looking good. you want to jump on that. we'll keep update on this as well. we're dealing with the road collar out of meyer's park. queen's road is closed. southbound at hinley place. this is out of moorhead from south kings drive or use providence until they work to clear that. as they do, we'll let you know in the traffic center. checking wall street futures right now, the dow is up 26 points. the nasdaq up six. an emotional reunion between this six-week old puppy and the man who rescued him. the reaction the puppy had as soon as the two were reunited. >> channel 9 is following breaking news off of the coast
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under way after a coast steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve,
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woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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every day, for life. . 6:54. i'm in the breaking news center continuing to follow the breaking news we showed you out of new york a few minutes ago. you can see live pictures.
6:54 am
report for our abc affiliate in new york. this breaking news happening on rockway beach. what is happening is a fishing boat called the carolina queen ran a ground early this morning and the coast guard went out there trying to rescue this boat. it ended up over turning so the coast guard members, about five coast guard members, they were able to get to the beach and there is a rescue under way right now. here is some of the video where you can see the vessel that ran a ground and the coast guard went out there trying to rescue those folks. there is some of the rescue video as well. we understand seven people on the carolina queen are accounted for and not hurt but again, this happened not too long ago on rockaway beach. we'll keep an eye on this and have details for you coming up on tv 64. developing this morning, a six-week old puppy shot 18 times with a bb gun and left to die now can has a new -- now has a new owner. a rock hill family has applied
6:55 am
they will help her daughter who has anxiety disorders. darryl leitze who called police had a special reunion with brody. we were there for that. demonte douglas and a 14-year-old used brody for target practice. briarwood elementary school and east way middle are closed in charlotte that is because they don't have any power. mark taylor is monitoring outages causing traffic issues in ballantyne. >> it is affecting traffic signals at ballantyne commons parkway. it is something we'll monitor on tv 64. we'll keep you updated there as well as meyer's park. >> we have a beautiful day ahead of us. lots of sunshine, cool and breezy. at least we keep the sunshine in place all day long. we get to low to mid-50's for highs and the mountains see snow all day today. travel issues will be up there.
6:56 am
can see 1 to 3 inches in the high country. keep it warmer into the weekend. your local news continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 64. >> join us now as we monitor traffic problems and this tree
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
king queens good morning, america. state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be coming. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the first time about why he won't help the fbi break into the san bernardino shooter's phone. >> this case is not about the phone. this case is about the future. >> his message for victims' families and this morning, new reports isis supporters may be threatening facebook's mark
7:00 am
and charge. the elephants caught on camera heading straight for a u.s. senator. what happens next, an epic close call. and good morning, america. pretty scary moment for senator jeff flake. you kept the elephants calm. sflt slowest elephant can outfast the fastest man. safari jeeps. >> welcome back. great trip. a lot of news to get to including this rescue unfolding right now. a live look at rockaway beach. a fishing boat got in trouble and a coast guard went in to get it. see how rocky the seas are and the coast guard ship actually overturned. so far everyone is okay but the rescue is going on right now. we'll stay on top of in this morning. >> take a look now at waverly, virginia, where a state of emergency was declared.


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