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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the snow chances are calming down quickly. you may see minor accumulation left over but the wind, still gusting to 40 miles an hour. even down the foothills seeing decent winds. our wind, much more calm in charlotte. 34, starting it cool down more. high clouds beginning it move out. causing the temperature to drop. 30 in lincolnton. we may fall near freezing in charlotte before the morning is done. of course, the mountains are in the 20's but it feels like teens with the windchill. no issues for the morning drive. . we'll be in the 30s at 9:00. pack the sunglasses, only near 50. i'll show you the timeline. the temperatures will struggle to warm back up. our time is 6:00. let's head back over to mark taylor in the traffic center where we're monitoring issues out there. >> 5:00 on statesville avenue off of the ramp on i-85, we're seeing minor inbound delays on statesville road heading towards i-85.
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you can jump on beatties ford or i-77 but something to look out for. drive time technology showing both interstates rolling along. 85 from the university area. near 70 miles an hour heading the interchange. 77 southbound. if you're coming from north lake towards uptown charlotte. 63 miles an hour and about a nine-minute commute. john? breaking news right now, duke energy restored power to more than 1,000 customers overnight. but still about 800 without power right now after wednesday's storm. it will be tonight before everyone you see on this map here gets their power back on. you can see most of those outages, they're centralized in south charlotte. that is where we're seeing the bulk of it. duke energy says yesterday's strong wind delayed the crews because they weren't able to safely go up in the bucket trucks to make the repairs because the wind was whipping so hard. they made it a priority to restore power to several schools that closed yesterday because of power outages.
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governor pat mccrory declared a state of emergency for mecklenburg and gaston counties along with other parts of the state. it allows utility crews to work longer hours so they can get the power back on as soon as possible. a charlotte school is closed today because of a norovirus outbreak. 70 students at metro school were sick yesterday. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live there now to explain why this is an even bigger concern for these families than it would be for others. joe? >> yeah, this is a school for students with developmental disabilities, today it will be closed for cleaning after dozens of students contracted the norovirus. channel 9 has learned 70 students and even some teachers possibly have the gastro intestimonial virus. symptoms include nauza. vomiting and die -- nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. they're trying to determine what
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they have 250 students with developmental disabilities. the under lying health issues make this virus a major co. >> we have fragile children and any illness like this is possibly deadly to. >> cms officials told us that they decided to cancel class here at the metro school here today so the building can be properly cleaned and disinfected. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> we expect to learn if norovirus is responsible for making dozens of students sick at wyngate university. an illness caused several dozen students to suffer symptoms similar to norovirus. the university says tests are expected to come back today to determine the exact illness. today cornelius town commissioners will consider the future when the group aims to you knowite leaders. -- you knowite leaders.
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hundreds voted to leave the group. they have not said why but it comes after a failing effort to stop the state from building toll lanes. they wanted an extra free lane for anyone to use. the mayor matthews plans to meet with others to discuss possibly splitting from splitting from charlotte-mecklenburg schools. mayor jim taylor and other town mayors are considering separating from cms because of concerns about student assignment. taylor says he wants to discuss creating a task force. it would twoshg figure out exact -- to figure out exactly what it would take to form the district. >> hilt and bernie sanders -- hillary clinton and bernie sanders will rally today. they spoke to undecided voters who said his speech may have secured their vote. >> both have great ideas. .
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be more realistic chance of being accomplished. >> the party chair predicts 350 to 400,000 people will cast ballots saturday. that is half of the record weekend. . the republican presidential candidates debated last night tuesday. donald trump's rivals tried to slow down his momentum leading to tense moments. >> i don't understand because your ties and the clothes you china. you'll be starting a trade war against your o. >> why not make them in america. business. >> you make them in america. >> one candidate felt left out during the debate. at one point ben carson asked, please? channel 9 will have full debate we'll update you there as results come in from south carolina on saturday.
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to follow charlotte's lead when it comes to the lgbt community. two groups want the asheville city council to pass an ordinance banning discrimination against the lgbt community. charlotte city council passed the ordinance-four. it bans discrimination in many locations including businesses and public restrooms. they sent a letter gauging interest to take up the issue. only the governor can call for a special a man will be in kourlt after he targeted fire stations from fort mill to greensboro. >> they've been telling you about the break-ins. eyewitness news reporter angela hong is is live at the jail to explain what led investigators to that suspect. a? >>reporter: right now, johnny bing is here at mecklenburg county jail on two charges but investigators believe he is behind 40 recent car break-ins
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carolinas channel 9 told you on monday that firefighters cars were broken into at the flint hill fire station in fort mill. it was here that he left behind a key piece of evidence. that evidence led police to follow up with a local store and they got security footage of the suspect. since february 11th. firefighters at greensboro, fort mill, charlotte, mooresville, cornelius, and china grove have had their cars broke glean while on calls or sleeping. they're grateful that there has been an arrest. >> you get up middle of the night, go to calls, we take a look at the parking lot, as we return from calls, we would look in the back parking lot, see if it looked like any vehicles had had been hit. >> police caught up with bing at the parking lot at north lake mall and found in the car a stolen gun from greensboro and
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we dug into his past appeared found out he has been convicted before of felony breaking and entering, actually 13 times. reporting live in uptown, angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> thank you, ang los angeles charlotte based bank of america wants to resolve a federal investigation into whether the bank did enough to protect certain customers. bank of america made the announcement wednesday night in a filing with the securities and exchange commission. the bank says the federal regulators have been investigating whether the bank's merrill lynch unit took the correct steps. charlotte douglas international airport is hosting a job fair tomorrow morning. variety of companies are offering full time, part time, seasonal and temporary employment. hundreds of positions are open. airline services and maintenance. morning. it runs through two at the clt center on wilkerson boulevard. carolina panthers ron rivera says the team is using the off
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meet high expectations of another play off run. he spoke at nfl combine yesterday. he said linebacker luke kuechly's shoulder surgery was successful and cautious cam newton will find specific skills to work on during the off season like he did last year when he zone. he knows other teams will be targeting them since the panthers are three time nfc south champs. >> i think those guys all want to compete and they all want to win and we're in the middle of the cross hairs and we have to be better because if not, we'll get over taken and so that is what makes the division so exciting. >> coach rivera talked about how making it to the super bowl was great for the team and the carolinas as a whole. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday. keeping an eye on this for us and he has a decent forecast. >> nice outlook for the weekend. seeing a few blips on the radar screen. you may find a few flakes falling. it actually looks like there is
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actually falling. the wind is blowing things around. we've had clouds over charlotte. those are moving out. we're chilling down here to start our day and it will be a cool start to the weekend but a nice warm up is coming in for the weekend plans. we'll explain how we're in the midst of a nice dry spell not just through the weekend. maybe a good part of early next week. let's get over to mark taylor, looking at activity here in uptown. what is going og? >> we're looking in the area of the time warner cable arena. not much happening but the championship game leading up to it with the events through saturday. we're expecting things to get really busy in the area specifically around time warner cable arena. 13,000 folks expected to be at the championship game on saturday night. turning restrictions, you'll see around -- tournament restrictions you'll see around and it will be all around including trade, college,th street. davidson, parts of brovard street. if you're headed through the area, use the light rail and
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>> like mark said, uptown will be packed with fans for the ciaa games the official and unofficial games that go along with it. they will induct the hall of fameclasis class this morning. there is a -- fame class. p there is a class this morning. charlotte a declared this an extraordinary event giving police more authority to keep people safe. nine years after someone shot this teen at a birthday party. police are taking another look at the case. why they believe they can crack this cold case now. >> police are looking for the driver who hit a north carolina high school student as he waited for the bus. at 6:20, the new details investigators just released about the possible suspect's vehicle. >> people who live in north charlotte say thieves are stealing packages right off of the porches. >> we live very close to the city and in some transitional
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>> n neighbors at a north charlotte community are using a smart phone app to warn each other about possible thefts. >> cmpd says thieves are following delivery trucks and
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and they believe children are responsible. neighbors are using the next door app to instantly message each other warnings if they see something suspicious but police say not all thefts are reported to their depar. >> this is a challenge of bright walk but also a challenge of other neighborhoods that are seeing democratic changes -- democrat graphic a changes and -- demographic changes and new construction. >> this has been happening all over the city. they have gotten calls since december but they believe there may be more. new numbers show crime and drop out rates in north carolina schools increased last school year. the state board of education reports there are more 11,000-drop outs in the 2014, 15 school year compared to the more than 10 thousand in the previous year. a high school crime rate increased 6%. students bringing drugs into school is the most frequently reported crime. a channel 9 investigation we
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uncover drugs on school campuses have become a big problem at charlotte-mecklenburg school. the cms police chief says it spent $8,000 to purchase the district's first drug dog. it will start work full time starting next week. new this morning, some people are calling for a south carolina prosecutor to step down. this video here shows donnie meyers in a police car, the lexington prosecutor was arrested for driving under the influence on monday. meyers told the state trooper he only had one drink and he was run off the road when he crashed into a utility pole. this is meyer's third alcohol related charge since 2005 carolina. the lawyer of a michigan uber driver accused in a deadly rampage says his client was a attack. the family of jason dalton spoke to abc news through the attorney. dalton's wife and parents say he throughout the kalamazoo community. the motive behind him killing
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others is still a mystery but his wife said she sensed a change in his beh. >> in the last couple of days, his wife asked him and he said he was tired. just his demeanor, he seemed depressed and down. >> he told the attorney what he not dealing with any financial, marital or mental health issues before the shooting. he is in jail this morning facing six counts of murder. new this morning, surgeons say they performed the nation's first futeru -- uterus transplant. the cleveland clinic says a 26-year-old woman went through the nine-hour surgery which used . federal government in four states including north carolina are working on closing arguments in a major robocalling case and it change the way companies do business. government lawyers are suing
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broke the law by making 54 million calls to people on the do not call registry. the government in the four states are demanding billions of dollars in penalties. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 on this friday. a lot of people are wondering about the weekend. >> we're being rewarded with great weather here this weekend. beautiful sunrise under way. some of the cloud cover moved off to the east as we move over the sunrise. it will not be that warm today. overall, it may feel warmer than yesterday, though, as the winds will be lighter but technically by the number, we'll have a cool day. we'll bottom out to near freezing before the morning is done. 30 now over in shelby. the mountains in the mid to upper 20's and the wind is howling there. 43 miles an hour gusts at boone. the wind advisory goes on here until 7:00 this morning. the winds are relaxing. it will take longer for those to subside through the day.
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to single digits in boone and closer to zero as you head to avery county. a lot of chill to get through to start your day today. we're at 38 by 9:00. colder start to yesterday. less wind overall but not much warming. we're only in the mid-40's by noon. we're at 50 at noon. we'll be close to 50 degrees for the high today. well below your average. winds out of the north, fairly light at five to 10 miles an hour. that is an improvement. we keep the weather going up. 49ers baseball playing toledo. the series is through the weekend. mid-50's tomorrow. mid-60's on sunday so still the second half of the weekend that looks much better and completely dry all the way through the weekend and into early next week. as a matter of fact, the day is mid wednesday for the next significant chance of rain coming our way. we have awhile to go. all clear to wash the car, if you've been holding that off for the last couple of days, looking
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keep tabs of the temperatures in the morning hourses. we'll deal with chilly mornings this weekend with the latest current conditions right here on the wsoc tv weather app. we go from low 50s today to 60s on sunday and close to 70 by early next week. we wrap up february here into next week and march on the way, spring right around the corner. it will start to feel like it over the next couple of days. our time is 6:20. let's head over to mark t. east. that will be shelby road. right now we're not seeing big delays. drive time technology showing at 66 miles an hour on u.s. 74. something we'll continue to watch for folks heading towards cleveland county. right now, 321 to uptown on 85 19 minutes. we're right on schedule. street.
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interstate out of the university area no delays here as well. john? >> a mother accused of trying to smuggle drugs into the lincoln county jail using this bible. the flaw that the jail staff noticed that led to that discovery. police charged this south charlotte for the murder of his mother two years ago. the reason police went back to the scene yesterday and the questions neighbors still want answers. >> police are looking for the driver who lost control and ran over a high school student as he waited for the bus. >> it could have been all of us. >> next this morning, the heroic
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before getting hit that may have g (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. . 6:24. a candlelight service is scheduled for a woman shot and killed in gastonia last friday. >> someone shot shawnta howard
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a witness reported seeing a man running from the scene but police haven't found or set any arrests. tonight's service is at 7:30 on neal hawkins road. we have new information this morning about the vehicle suspected of hitting a north carolina high school student at a kroued bus stop. we told you last night, a driver hit a teen in date of birthson which is north of charlotte. the town of dobson posted on facebook investigators think the vehicle might be a jeep grand cherokee. a newspaper reports the student, junior gonzalez is in serious condition. high school faculty says he pushed another student out of the way before he was hit. witnesses say the vehicle swerved before hittin. when i heard the skid marks, you know, i thought, well, then i see him coming through my walls. >> police are looking for the vehicle and the driver.
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will have damage and a spare tire on the driver's side. doctors performed a successful surgery on him yesterday. the way you do your taxes could be putting your personal information at risk of being stolen. a new study from experian found 7% of people do their taxes on public, unsecured networks. those are notorious for being hacked. do your taxes on a secure network. it can cut your risk of theft. make sure you have updated security software before starting your taxes. mother of this west charlotte high school student murdered nine years ago now crime. >> i just feel like somebody knows something. >> next this morning, recent police believe witnesses may be many years. >> beautiful morning under way out there. less wind for now, clear sky. we'll talk about the warmer that weekend. >> thousands of people in
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uno svxy\]_bdegjknpqtuwz t could have renters and home owners paying more money. .
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center this morning to monitor the search for someone who shot a deputy in south carolina overnight. the update we just learned about that deputy's condition. a man was arrested two years after he killed his mother. the biggest question police want answered now. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. 6:30 now. ashe and watauga county schools on a two-hour delay. avery on a three-hour delay. keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with your first weather. they're dealing with strong wind up there. >> the snow is wrapping up in the mountains. you may find a few flurries. little to no accumulation. wind speeds are gusting near 40 miles an hour up there. still seeing gusts over 20 up into hickory. in the foothills, we're getting a gusty wind. very calm in charlotte. that allowed our temperatures to drop off here this morning. we're at2 in gastonia. mountain island lake at 31. now freezing into monroe. so most folks are getting closer to the freezing point. it will likely settle there in
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done and then the warm up today, not that much. only near 50. is cooler than yesterday. may actually feel warmer though. we have a windchill kept in the 40s all day is what it felt like. today's numbers, cooler but they feel better out there as the winds should be fairly light april head we're talking about the cold start to the weekend -- ahead, we're talking about the cold start to the weekend but it will warm up. let's get over to mark taylor in the traffic center monitoring the roads. >> inbound traffic is starting to pick up a bit looking from the albemarle camera from the construction zone from sharon amity from the lane shift. haven't seen any big issues. the only other issue is debris reported 77 northbound around carolina. cameras. i'm not spotting slow downs on 77 heading into charlotte. inbound from union county. 601 to 485. still moving along at 45 miles
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inner loop from providence road, average speed is 73 miles an hour. it looks like it will take just five minutes. we're following a big story of your day ahead. charlotte leaders will discuss cutting trash service to hundreds of people. >> we told you about this possibility earlier this week. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live in uptown to explain for us. joe? >> charlotte city council is considering cutting the trash service for thousands of people in charlotte, even though these people are paying the taxes to support the service throughout the city. channel 9 learned charlotte city council members are discussing eliminating city waste service for people living in complexes with more than four units in charlotte. that includes those receiving curb side roll out service and people on city contracted dumpster and compact services. a means higher fees could be coming for the 10's of thousands live in charlotte. according to charlotte city council members, the move is made for budget reasons limiting
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but some people we spoke with say it is just not. >> in my opinion it just seems like they're nickel and diming things to do. >> nothing has been decided yet. an official vote will take place in may. there will be several community meetings beginning with one at 10 a.m. at the government center today. reporting live in uptown, joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. i'm in the breaking news center right now, we're monitoring two shootings at this point. in the past 30 minutes, a south carolina sheriff's deputy went into surgery after being shot overnight in berkeley county. this is video we just got from a station in charleston. you can see officers at the scene of the shooting. th in goose creek. they found his car. the deputy was trying to make an arrest. the name of the deputy involved has not been released. we're waiting to hear. that we've been gathering
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shooting spree in kansas. cedric ford, this man here, shot and killed three people, injured 14 others before police killed him in hesston which is 30 miles north of wichita. police have entered ford's home after a short stand off. they believe a roommate may have been inside. they have not said exactly what they found. now, 10 of the 14 victims that were injured are in critical condition this morning. investigators are working determine a motive. we'll monitor this case throughout the day. channel 9 is following both of the breaking stories as we get new information as it comes in. that's has been. we'll have that for you in the breaking center. this man here will be in his mother. they arrested irwin fieldman two years after his mother's death. eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live outside of jail to explain why this investigation angela?
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they still have several more interviews to do regarding this case. right now, irwin feldman is here at the mecklenburg county jail kiedz of mufrding his 82 -- accused of murdering his 82-year-old mother two years ago. we were there as officers brought feldman into police headquarters last night. in 2014, feldman called 911 saying he found his mother's body. autopsy results showed she had been strangled appeared hit over the head several times. police were back out at the victim's neighborhood on torrey pines court collecting more evidence. they have a bit of their piece of mind. >> i don't like things just hanging, you have no idea what really happened, why did it happen. >>reporter: and that is one detail of this case that police are not releasing yet. police did tell that you say feldman turned himself in -- tell us that feldman turned self in.
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since someone killed this west charlotte high school student and this morning, travis moore's case remains unsolved. moore was killed at a sweet 16 birthday party in east charlotte after someone opened fire into the crowd. police say the teens at the party were too scared to talk after it happened but now that they're older. police are hoping witnesses will come forward with new information. >> they're young adults now. more responsible, we're asking that these people, that they take a hard look at what happened and do the right thing. >> if you have any information, you're asked to call crimestoppers, we have posted that number on our website. you don't have to give your name and there is up to a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. morning, we're learning a unc charlotte student is suing an apartment complex near the school after he was shot there. they failed to provide an adequate safety for the residents. miller was shot two days after
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the shooting was not random but they have not made any arrests. officials are seeing a dramatic drop in the number of people who have died from the flu in north carolina. so far this year, four people have died, down from 184 people this time last year. health officials say the vaccine nation is making a difference this year but they add they're seeing a late season spike right officials are still encouraging people to get the flu shot. yesterday morning, channel 9 told you this year's flu vaccine is the most effective in years. so far this year, those who have gotten the shot are 59% less likely to get the flu. last year's was only 23% effective. new this morning, a usa today column says a hacker used the american airlines to hack his computer. he was on a flight no. towards uptown north carolina with another passenger approached him. the passenger, who was a convicted felon, gave him near word for word detail of a long e-mail exchange from his
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he said he did it to let him know what it felt like to have his privacy invaded. later this week, american airlines dropped a lawsuit against the wifi provider go go. the airline plans to seek other offers that could provide faster wifi. go go provides in flight wireless to more than 9,000 planes. a woman accused of using a bible to try to sneak drugs into the lincoln county jail checked out certain bibles for this crime. francis melton would not use a bible with the word holy on it. they say that she was trying to get drugs to her son, brandon kirby, who is in jail on nine charges but jail staff discoverth drugs after noticing an issue with t binding. >> she wasn't really being too smart about. it this day and time you don't take any chances on any material that is delivered to an offender. >> melton now faces a felony charge of providing drugs to an inmate.
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carolina senate will resume business following a ne two-week filibuster. we have told you, senator tom davis is trying to stop lawmakers from voting on a road spill. it could raise taxe $800 million. last year, senator lee bright stepped in for davis who vowed to do everything to stop the bill from going through. it would bootsz the gas task -- boost the gas tax. the national weather service is examining this. officials say cleep up could take weeks or months no one was seriously hurt during tornado. the red cross is helping the displaced family. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday tracking nice weather for the weekend. >> calm behind that storm system. that was the same storm system
6:40 am
wednesday which provided a bunch of wind damage and posted a cool satellite picture on the twitter account. you can see the clouds moved out quickly behind the storms and very clear this morning, a nice view from the lake norman camera chilly at 34 in charlotte. colder air to our north and that is working its way south. putting in the mountains at 17 now. still light snow falling. much less though for the rest of the day today. it will clear out. talking about how long it will take for the wind up here to die down as we head through the day. 20 minutes to 7:00. let's check back in with mark to see the updates for the road. reports of an accident in rock hill at 77 northbound, highway patrol investigating around highway 901 fore folks heading from rock hill to fort mill. we're seeing green conditions, something we'll continue to watch and drive time technology from 901, if it is there it
6:41 am
is something we'll monitor. 77 around arrow wood road. traffic is picking up and reports of an accident on nation's ford. we'll talk about that coming up next. tomorrow, this puppy recovering after being shot 18 times with a bb gun will move in with his new owner and as you can see, they make each other very happy. ahead on daybreak, the special way he is helping her as much as she is helping him. >> nearly 100 students from the same school all sick with the norovirus. next, this morning, the reason parents are concerned the sickness will be especially hard for these children to over come. >> when suspects are arrested, they're brought before a magistrate who sets the bonds, essentially the amount of cash they need to get out of jail. when they get out of court, all of that can change and without the victims having any say. >> it is kind of, like, why are we being so lenient with this individual? >> we're investigating how it
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. breaking news this morning at 6:44. duke energy restored power to about 1,000 customers overnight. there are still 800 without power right now after wednesday's storms and it will be tonight before everybody gets their power back on. possibly around 11. this is the map right now. most of the outages are in south charlotte and southeast charlotte.
6:45 am
they work to get these lines repaired. duke energy said yesterday's strong wind delayed crews because they weren't able to safely go up in the bucket trucks they used to make any of the repairs. another major story we're following. a charlotte school is closed because of a norovirus outbreak. 70 students from the metro school were out sick yesterday. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live there to show us the precautions the school is taking now. joe? >>reporter: only 250 students attend the metro school and 70 of them have symptoms the norovirus. cms leaders tell channel 9, the metro school is cancelling classes today so the building can be cleaned and disinfected. the norovirus is very contagious. the gastro intestinal virus comes with nausea and diarrhea. especially concerning to parents at the school. all 250 children that go here
6:46 am
cms leaders are encouraging all children for any symptoms. a cause has not yet been determined. news. >> thank you, joe, we expect to learn if norovirus is also responsible for making dozens of students sick at wyndgate university. an illness caused several dozen students to suffer symptoms similar to norovirus. >> today, cornelius town commissioners will consider a future with the group that aims to unite leaders here. earlier this month, huntersville commissioners voted to leave the group. they haven't said why but this comes after a failed attempt to stop the state from building toll lanes on i-77. the town leaders wanted an extra freeway lane for anyone to use. a man will be in court today after he stole from several fire stations spanning more 100 miles. >> channel 9 has been following this story of break-ins for the last couple of weeks.
6:47 am
to explain what led investigators to the suspect. >>reporter: police say it is a key piece of evidence that johnny bing left behind at the flint hill fire station in fort mill earlier this week. since february 11th, firefighters cars in greensboro, fort mill, charlotte, mooresville, kannapolis, huntersville, cornelius, and china grove were broken into while firefighters were out on calls or sleeping. things like guns, cash, and ipads were stolen and even though bing has only been charged with cases, investigators believe he is responsible for fighting into 40 firefighters cars and when we looked into bing's past, we learned he had been convicted in breaking and entering cases in the past. angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news. the ciaa semi-final games are in uptown charlotte and there are several events to go along with it this morning.
6:48 am
hall of fame class this morning. there is a fan fest and step today. charlotte declared it an extraordinary event giving police more authority for searchs to keep people safe. 6:48 now. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> good way to start off a friday is with a look at forecast that meteorologist keith monday has. >> it will be gray headed into the weekend. great timing with all of the people in town for the ciaa events. it will be beautiful. already beautiful this morning. here is the view from the charlotte camera. looking similar to the lake sunshine all day. we may drop another degree or two before the morning is done. 29 in lincolnton and mid-20's found in a few spots in the mountains with the wind still gusting. it is getting further away from 40 miles an hour so it is stepping down. it will be the process for the rest of the day. the yellow and the red holding on here through midday and that will ease more this afternoon. our winds at charlotte, 10 to 15 at most as we head into the
6:49 am
a bit of a breeze kicking in from the north. so, in uptown, for the 50 degrees. heading out the towards uptown the games, we'll be looking at quickly. 40 degrees. late tonight we'll drop into the 30s fast if you're out and about dress for it. it will be cold tomorrow morning. over to towards uptown gastonia today, same story, less wind. looking at highs around 50 degrees. the numbers while way below average today will start to climb up much more for this weekend and a sign that we're getting closer and closer into spring time, more 5k races and usual one in rock hill, the krispy kreme race, you run two miles, eat a dozen doughnuts. what happens after. that looking for temperatures to start -- cold temperatures to start off at freezing. great. shed layers by sunday. preview. we jump back to above average with temperatures in the
6:50 am
stretch throughout weekend with the five-day forecast, the weekend around the corner. quiet for monday and tuesday. we keep to the mid to upper 60s. temperatures warming up nicely april head of the next weather maker that will be here probably wednesday. that is the next chance of rain working in. throughout the weekend, keep tabs the morning numbers. it will be chilly to start off. latest current conditions are right there. >> we don't get pretty perfect forecasts often. that is a good one right there. >> we earned it. >> we did. >> a lot of wind. >> thanks. weather and traffic every ten minutes on eyewitness news daybreak. here is traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> new wreck reported in the last two minutes on independence boulevard. if you're headed that way, use caution right now. we're seeing minor delays as folks make their way up towards matthews and we have one on nations ford. we have this one, outbound nations ford it is blocking the right lane but it is causing delays in both directions this
6:51 am
77 or take south boulevard in as alternate routes around that and watching the wreck near south carolina. 901. not seeing any delays here. a new wreck on sugar creek. we're looking at where that is and see if is causing delays next. >> checking wall street futures, the dow up 109. the nasdaq up 34. in a few days, this abused puppy will move in with his new family and you can see how happy the two make each other. >> it is like happiness for me,
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> next this morning, the recent morning, the rec steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
6:54 am
. 2013, when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill. where was donald? firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. >> i got along with everybody. you get along with nobody. you don't have one republican, you don't have one republican
6:55 am
every day of your life. >> those were some of the many heated exchanges last night during the republican debate in texas. candidates traded barbs on healthcare and taxes ahead of super tuesday. the democrats are getting ready for the south carolina primary which is tomorrow. good morning america is following both the republican debate and this weekend's democratic prime raech. they'll have live reports from houston this morning right after eyewitness news daybreak. tomorrow, a puppy that survived being shot 18 times with a bb gun in rock hill will go home to the new family. we have a double dose of cute. 10-year-old kaylee and her family adopted the six-week old puple. she recently lost her therapy dog, woodrow and says brody will help her cope with anxiety disorders. they decided to let them adopt after the two shared an instant connection. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. .
6:56 am
has a look at the roads. >> right now there is a new wreck being investigated on sugar creek. it will be south of the interchange with i-85. we're only seeing a minor delay. you can use diagram street if you're headed through -- graham street if you're headed through the next few minutes. this will be outbound. it is blocking lanes. we'll get you caught up on that in a few minutes and that one clearing up. outbound on nation's ford north of arrow wood road but it is causing delays in both directions. take arrow wood or use south boulevard as the alternate route. nice, clear morning under way. cold morning, it will be chilly all day long. the temperatures only warming up to around 50 today. there will be a lot less wind than yesterday. we hit 55 yesterday, with the wind we'll feel warmer even though we're not technically warmer. get ready for outdoor plans, we'll have lots of sunshine around and will feel much warmer as the weekend rolls on.
6:57 am
>> it will give us a chance to pick up the branches in the yard. some yard clean up and car waesh lines will be long. >> -- car wash lines will be long. >> your local news continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 64. >> join us there now. we're getting new information about the breaking news in south
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
in aicers are breaking overnight, deadly shooting. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> the chase to stop the rampage. four killed. more than a dozen injured. what we're learning this morning about the gunman and the hero cop who brought him down. fireworks at the gop debate. >> this guy's a choke artist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> if he builds the wall the way he belt trump tower he'll be using ill immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking to make it a two-man late with super tuesdays away? morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking video that erin andrews never wanted anyone to jury. the "dancing with the stars" host in tears as she gets set to


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