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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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eat janelle is one of the many residents who were concerned and angered by the dozens of thefts from firefighter's cars from all across the charlotte area. all done while firefighters were out on calls. >> firefighters, our rescuers, it's sad that somebody would do that. >> it was at the latest case at the flint hill fire department in fort mill this week where police were able to make a huge break in the case. the warrant states a flint hill firefighter found a wal-mart receipt by one of the cars that was broken into. the receipt was from an ammunition purchase from this wal-mart off north trion. police looked at surveillance footage and an officer recognized 26-year-old johnny bing from past breaking and entering cases. >> one little receipt led us to the bad guy. >> reporter: police eventually arrested bing at north lake mall on wednesday and
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staying at this quality inn off wood lawn. police searched his room but the warrant shows they recovered two ipods. but in all, nine guns were stolen from firefighter's cars in charlotte, kannapolis, and greensboro, we asked cmpd if they've recovered the guns or if they could have been sold, a spokesperson didn't comment saying the case is still under investigation but this doesn't sit well with many people. >> you never know who's got the guns. it can be very dangerous. >> police were able to recover one of the guns. they found a gun stolen out of greensboro in bing's car. reporting in north charlotte, eyewitness news. tonight we're still waiting for police to confirm the other break-in cases that bing is now charged with. a mecklenburg county state representative is arguing that charlotte city council leaders
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this week's lgbt non- discrimination ordinance. a key part of the non- discrimination ordinance allows people to choose which bathroom to lose. meanwhile north carolina's largest lgbt rights organization is calling on lawmakers to reject the house speaker's call for a special session to discuss that non- discrimination ordinance. we first told you yesterday that speaker tim moore sent out a letter gauging the interest of a special session before the non-discrimination ordinance takes effect april 1st. governor pat mccrory is the only one who can call a special session. a quality inn said quote it's nothing short of shocking to hear speaker moore call for a special session just weeks before a scheduled session at a cost to taxpayers. especially when this general assembly seems to be unable to find necessary funding for
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we followed the controversial ordinance every step of the way. and what it means for people in charlotte. you can read how the ordinance impacts you at just san jose for it on our home page. police in hickory are asking for the public's help after a couple stole expensive diamond rings from a jewelry store. investigators released these surveillance pictures of the couple. you see them there looking at rings inside the jewelry exchange in hickory. police say the man who had his hair in a bun and a tattoo on his neck grabbed those diamonds and just walked out. the couple was last seen in a silver colored four-door sedan. 24 hours after he was charged with his mother's murder a judge denied a bond today for this charlotte man. mark becker has been pushing investigators for answers about why it took nearly two years to make an arrest. >> scott erwin feldman was in the courtroom for two minutes here. he looked a little nervous. and the only thing he said was
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thought he would have an attorney there. the judge told him that will have to wait until his next court appearance. erwin feldman said nothing to reporters as he came out of the police department last night on his way to jail. he had the same stunned look on his face here this afternoon as he stood in front of a judge for the first time and no wonder. more than two years after he first called police to his mother's home in south charlotte to report finding her dead, he has been charged with her murder. police say they have new evidence that gave them enough to arrest feldman yesterday. but they're not saying is. some of that evidence may welcome from a search police conducted here at feldman's home just yesterday. in fact, we're told they also searched his office and his car. more than two years after the crime he allegedly committed. >> the fact that they served search warrants suggest that there's some level of a bomb shell. stoke tony is a defense
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who said the bomb shell could be anything from a key witness to physical evidence. detectives have developed in two years since ina feldman was murdered. but he said detectives may also have been quietly building a case over the last two years that finally came together when feldman came down to answer their questions yesterday. >> or they were just putting blocks on blocks on blocks and have just gotten to the point that they think they can charge. >> detectives were not in the courtroom this afternoon. deck you can see raw video from yesterday's news conference in mark's story on the home page. we're staying on top of breaking news out of dilworth. in the past 20 minutes we
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cleared after a charlotte fire truck crashed outside of levine children's hospital. officials say the fire truck along with two other vehicles crashed at the intersection of brunswick avenue and kings drive just after 4:00 this afternoon. drivers in the other cars were taken to cmc. no firefighters were hurt. they say the fire truck was responding to an emergency. >> whenever an accident occurs involving a cfd vehicle, we have other units that will pick up the incident that they're responding to. >> we're asking if anyone will face charges, the crash is still under investigation. new tonight, north carolina will award film grants to three projects. there's a dirty dancing television version show that will get up to $4 million in grants. an independent film will get 3.1 million tv series shots fired will get up to $90 million. that series will look at the
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shootings in a small town. it comes months after the carrick trial divided charlotte. officer randal carrick faced voluntary manslaughter charged in the death of jonathan farrell who was an unarmed man. u.s. health officials have confirmed zika virus infections in nine pregnant women. all of the women contracted the mosquito-born virus over seas. three babies have been born. one has a brain defect. two other pregnancies ended in miscarriages. the cdc is also investigating ten more possible cases of pregnant women with zika virus. the south carolina senate is stuck in neutral over a bill to fix roads and bridges. they've been held up by a filibuster for a week now and it shows to signs of ending. the house passed a bill last year to raise the gas tax to pay for road repairs but work has hit a wall.
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channel 9 senate rules may have to be changed to prevent this kind of frustration in the future. >> this is the most important thing we'll take up this year. it's crucial. >> he says he supports voting to end the filibuster but others don't. it's not clear what will happen to the bill now. cornelius' controversial diverging diamond interchange you see here is getting some tweaks. less than two years after it was unveiled. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno breaks down the changes and asks if this make over will finally ease the traffic headaches there. >> as the diverging diamond was being built, a lot of problems came with it. drivers complained traffic and back-ups disastrous. >> you couldn't even get on the road. >> reporter: some drivers say a lot of problems still remain. >> it gets backed up during the
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>> now ncdot is making changes because of the problems. this spring, crews are adding the option to use the middle lane to make turns to i-77 northbound. part of the pedestrian refuge will be removed to make this happen. here's a map of the changes the town of cornelius sent to channel 9 today. construction is taking place in the spring. to prevent similar issues that they've seen in the past, this year ncdot is doing all construction on the diverging diamond at night. the die verging diamond is becoming a popular strategy for ncdot. just last month channel 9 reported exit 23 in huntersville will receive this interchange set up in 2018. drivers we spoke with are hoping the changes make things better at exit 28 be minimal disruption. >> hopefully it'll be for the better. >> it looks like they can figure out something better than what they got. joe bruno channel 9 eyewitness news. you can get a closer look at the map and the changes on we posted it inside joe's story
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in our county by county coverage, troopers are investigating a deadly pedestrian crash in union county. 64-year-old william robinson was hit and killed while walking on nc 75 in mineral springs. they say he was walking in a dark area during storms monday night. the driver told officers she didn't see him. no charges have been filed. well tonight the anson county animal shelter is pleading with anybody to rescue or adopt some of their pets. they put out a message on facebook. the shelter put a moratorium on euthanasia in december. but the shelter is full of animals. if people don't step in to adopt them they will have to euthanize again. theyeyave 75 dogs and 16 cats. in iredell county, the school district is deeming with a teacher shortage. and a high turn overrate. nearly 200 teachers left the district since last year.
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time teaching jobs open. the superintendent says the district added $10,000 to the human resources travel budget so they can go outside the state to recruit teachers. he honored his late wife with 100 love notes. still ahead, how charlotte's assistant city manager is using his wife's battle with cancer to help others taking on the same fight. start of spring four weeks away. we turn the clocks ahead in two weeks. when will it start to feel like spring? i'll show you. channel 9 investigates if
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bonds or bail. they're what hold suspects in jail. they can be high or low. >> channel 9 is investigating if some mecklenburg county judges are allowing suspects to get out of jail too soon. eyewitness news reporter mark becker spoke with two domestic violence victims who never even had the chance to speak up in their case before a judge made a critical decision. >> there is a degree of fear. >> ashley williams and her partner have lived with that
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johnson's exboyfriend literally tried to drive into their home. >> he said he was going to kill us. drove it into her lexus and her motorcycle that was parked in my driveway. >> his name is dejuan mcneil. police arrested him more than a dozen times over the last three years. most of them on domestic violence charges involving williams and johnson. a judge ordered mcneil to wear an electronic monitor while he was out of jail but last september police say mcneil cut off the monitor and disappeared for more than four months until a bondsman picked him up. a magistrate set his bonds at $130,000. but no one told johnson or williams that mcneil was back if jail. so they weren't in the courtroom two days later when judge charlotte brown agreed to unsecure most of the bonds essentially over ruling them and drastically reducing the cash mcneil would need to pay
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>> it's kind of like why are we being so lenient with this individual? >> we tried to contact judge brown. but a court spokesman told us judges aren't allowed to comment on pending cases. but we have learned it's not unusual for judges in that courtroom to unsecure defendants bonds without hearing from victims first. >> oh yes, we see it daily. >> jim camp is a bondsman. and he loses potential business when judges unsecure bonds. but he also says that almost 1 out of every 4 defendants who have had their bonds unsecured in court have missed their next court dates. >> you cut a monitor off and you run. that shows that you don't want to go to court. >> these are allegations. we have a pending court date to address those. >> he isn't minimizing the charges but says they should be presumed innocent. >> you're talking about incarceration prior to having a
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and that's a very difficult thing for judges to juggle. >> but jim camp isn't buying it. >> 773 got unsecured bonds. 208 of them failed to appear. >> he's collecting data to make it tougher for judges to open jail doors too easily or too soon. in charlotte, mark becker, channel 9 eyewitness news. dejuan mcneil has not gotten out of jail since his last arrest. he was sentenced to stay in jail until the end of august. he was a court date next monthment. if you're a domestic violence victim looking for help. go to we posted several resources inside mark's story. just look under the 9 investigates tab. after a dicey week, what a way to start the weekend. clear skies out there. and the sun is shinning. steve tell us if it will stick around all weekend. >> it looks like it's going to be a beauty. fair skies all day today. vicki graf and christine rapp
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earlier this afternoon. captured this beautiful video. it has been a gorgeous day all over. of course it's great to have a sunny friday. even better to have a newsweek. and it's starting off nicely. 50 in rock hill. as well as lancaster, monroe, wadesboro, and chesterfield. charlotte dipped below 50 at 49. lincolnton is down to 45ful morganton, 42. jefferson. 18 degrees in banner elk. country too. but if you're heading out this evening in the charlotte area or any where east of the mountains, grab a coat. temperatures quickly fall out of the 40s. back into the 30s. heading toward over night lows in the mid to upper 20s. this is unusually cool. about 10 degrees below average for late february. low 20s as we hit the high country. the morning walk tomorrow will be a chilly one. sun up a little before 7:00. at 8:00. we'll be above freezing east of the mountains. by 10:00 we're in the low 40s. the longer you wait in the
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and less layers you'll need. you won't need a windbreaker the last couple days have been really tough with the wind blowing. we're not forecasting that wind tomorrow. wind speeds generally below 10 miles per hour east of the high country and 15 miles per hour in the mountains and compared to what we've been seeing lately. that's not so bad. future cast, sunshine from start to finish. a couple of passing clouds in the afternoon. the mountains finally get to enjoy some sunshine. and a pretty decent warm up. mid 40s by lunch time. mid 30s in the mountains. low to mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. let's check out some neighborhood forecasts out toward salisbury, nice gorgeous chilly start. looking at temperatures in the low 50s in the afternoon. and out toward monroe, afternoon highs managed to warm into the mid 50s after that very cool start. five-day forecast, keeps us in the sunshine. gradually as we head through next week, we'll see the clouds increase and the chance of rain has to return at some point. that will be on wednesday. but before then, how about this warm up.
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temperatures in the 60s. spring getting closer. i can feel the warmth. thanks steve. a principal and assistant principal at the same school suspended weeks after this basketball brawl. tonight at 6:00, 9 investigates why the district benched the two school leaders this week. plus some people in charlotte could be forced to
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why the city says property why the ci a charlotte man is making sure no one ever forgets his wife and the love they had for each other after she died from ovarian cancer. >> in tonight's family focus, eyewitness news anchor stephanie maxwell found out how he's using his late wife's
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chemo to make the experience easier for other cancer patients. >> around charlotte he's known as the assistant city manager. but he's garnered national attention for his way with words. especially his love notes about his dearest. his late wife, katherine. >> i was inspired to write love notes as a way to celebrate her life, celebrate the love that we had. and the life together. >> katherine died in november 2014 from owe ovarian cancer. he's spreading love to others fighting ovarian cancer by eliminating the one thing he says really made her mad about her chemo treatments. >> in order to get the chemo drugs, she had to basically take off the shirt. >> she said going topless for treatment robbed his wife of dignity. through donations, local ovarian cancer patients are
5:55 pm
during chemo at novant health. this shirt has easy access to the port. her dignity still in tact. >> i unzip. they access me and we're done. and i feel a little bit more private. >> look closely on the shirt, live fiercely, live completely. the way she did for the time she had. wores he live by everyday to honor his dearest. >> in some small way i hope it keeps katherine's memory alive. >> in charlotte, stephanie maxwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> a wonderful story there. hong's 100 love photos got attention from abc news and people magazine and all around the world. we posted a link on our facebook page about the love photos and a link to donate so more cancer patients can get those chemo shirts at it's all inside stephanie's story on the home page. there's a recall tonight that parents will need to pay attention to. even flow is recalling 56,000
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this covers transitions three in one combination booster seats made from december 2014 until january of this year. the company says children can reach a button that loosens the harness. even flow is notifying owners and they will send a kit to fix the issue. breaking news out of washington state. more sad news of a mass shooting. five people dead. including the gunman after a stand off with police outside of seattle. officials say the shooter called police and said he shot and killed his entire family. authorities say they negotiated with the man for three hours before the swat team went in. they found four people dead. the gunman shot himself. one girl survived and was taken to the hospital. stocks were mixed but managed to post a second
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the now, from the news team that's covering the carolinas, this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. a local principal and assistant principal suspended. both are from this salisbury high school, told to stay home just two weeks after this ugly basketball brawl. now, at 6:00, parents are demanding answers from the district. >> i would like to know what was the cause. why two principals were suspended. >> channel 9 spent the last 48 hours investigating those suspensions and confirmed the punishments against the salisbury high school principals late this afternoon. i'm erica bryant. >> i'm scott wickersham. eyewitness news reporter tina terry is still pushing the district to find out if the suspensions are related to that huge basketball fight we just showed you. tina? >> i've been asking that question since only this morning within the past two
6:00 pm
response from district leaders saying that this school's top leaders at salisbury high were suspended but they will not tell us why. it's been one controversy after another for salisbury high school. about two weeks ago, violence erupted at a basketball game between salisbury high and north rowan high. in this video you can see players and some fans apparently brawling on the court. >> it was getting out of hand. people just didn't know how to control themselves. >> the north carolina high school athletic association resumed against both teams leading to a loss of 2016 playoff privileges, a fine, and some students were suspended from game play next year. today the school district confirmed salisbury high assistant principal dr. michelle taylor was suspended without pay two days last week and headpins pal luke brown was suspended with pay wednesday, thursday, and friday of this week. they wouldn't explain why or say if the suspensions have


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