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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday 700A  ABC  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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center i'm brittney johnson. medic says it responded to an accident around 3:00 this morning on i-77 near the john belk freeway and west boulevard. this is video from our d.o.t. camera there. you can see that backed up traffic there in the southbound lanes that is all from the crash. the crash itself happened off camera. crews cleared that area around 3:45 this morning. medic says no one was injured. we're asking how many vehicles were involved and what caused that crash. police responded to this two car crash around 2:20 this morning. the car was making a u-turn when it hit an suv. the passenger of the suv was take ton the-- was taken to the hospital. the man driving the car didn't have a license only a visa. we are asking if he will face any other charges. vicki graf is in severe weather center 9. starting off
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>> that is right. we will see lots of sunshine through the day today. if you are heading out early grab that jacket. temperatures just updated. we're in the upper 20s from as well. going through the afternoon sunny skies. if you are heading out to the krispy kremey you might want a jacket. the polls are now open in south carolina for the democratic primary. eyewitness news reporter elsa gillis explains the strategy the two have been using trying to win this primary. >> we are down to two very strong candidate. >> and all voters hitting the polls agreed. >> i just kind of tie between two.
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>> reporter: dr. karen kadrawski says that both vying for the vote. hillary clinton has a song relationship with the african american community but senator bernie sanders has worked to solidify that vote as well. >> he's been raveling around to historically black colleges and universities. he's been appearing in a number of african american churches. >> reporter: but this past week clinton and her husband have made several appearances in the state where sanders is focused on the states that will cast ballotings on the upcoming super tuesday. >> i think he's metered himself for the longer run. he is running the marathon, not the sprint. >> reporter: but a run for clinton could set the stage for other southern states. >> hillary clinton sees south carolina as a position of state and she wants to do extraordinary well and win as
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>> reporter: last week's primary broke records bringing out 700,000 voters. for this one experts expect 400,000 people to come out. report handgun in fort mill elsa gillis channel 9 eyewitness news. >> for the candidates today's primary is really a battle for delegates. they vote for the parties nominee at the democratic national convention based on the winners in the primaries and caucuses. the democratic party also has super delegates that can vote at their discretion. clinton has amassed support among many. you can count on channel 9 to bring you complete coverage of the primary both on air and online at republican presidential candidate donald trump is expected to formerly open a campaign office in north carolina today. organizers are hosting a ribbon cutting this afternoon in fayetteville. a number of local politicians will be there. it's unclear if trump will make a campaign stop in fayetteville
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trump is seeing his most prominent endorsement yet in the election. yesterday new jersey governor chris christie backed the republican front runner. he says trump is rewriting the play book of american politics. trump says the endorsement really means a lot to him. breaking over night the russian military says air strikes have stopped in syrian areas where armed groups requested a cease fire. that agreement went into effect around midnight our time and brokered by the u.s. and russia. also over night syrian state tv says a car bomb happened within -- isis and al qaeda are excluded. channel 9 is keeping a close eye on the story. we'll bring you any new breaking details as soon as we get them. police in hickory are asking for your help finding a couple that stole expensive diamonds from a jewelry store.
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surveillance pictures from the jewelry exchange in hickory. take a close look. airport nevers say -- that is when police say the man grabbed the diamonds and walked out. they stole more than $220,000 in jewelry. police in rock hill are look for a man they say chased a jogger with a knife near the downtown area. this is a very disturbing story. investigators say the woman noticed a man following her down laurel street thursday afternoon. when she turned around he saw her running at her with a knife. that is when she ran into the bathroom of a nearby bank. all of this happened a block away from winthrop university. police hope surveillance video will help them track down that suspect. we're asking for that video this morning. new this morning there could be a special legislative session in the works after charlotte city council approved a nondiscrimination ordnance that includes a measure to
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they use. the ordnance will go into effect april 1st. several weeks before state lawmakers are due back in session. but now republicans are considering whether to step in and try to stop that policy before it even starts. sean long of the advocacy group equality nc says it's not a state issue. >> our state has gone a little bit crazy getting involved in local issues when they are totally ignoring state issues. >> republican lawmakers say it is a state issue. they are calling this a public safety concern. state house speaker tim moore calls a special session it would cost taxpayers $42,000 per day and a three fifths majority of house members immediate to sign on before it's called. developing this morning. channel 9 has learned yoko ono the widow of john lennon has been hospitalized for flu like symptoms but not a possible stroke.
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city hospital ono is staying in this morning. her representative says ono did not suffer a stroke and says the artist went to the hospital on her doctor's advice. she should be released today. a man accused of break into cars at several local fire departments is facing new charges. we obtained a copy of a warrant yesterday that shows a total of nine guns were stolen out of cars within the last two weeks. one was recovered when police arrested johnny bing wednesday. police say they tracked bing through a receipt left at one of the fire stations. we have reached out to police to learn more about the new charges. we have not heard back. officials say they are investigating a south carolina shooting that injured a deputy. burkely county sheriffs deputies say the suspect travis smith had a history of criminal activity including forgery and altering checks. around midnight friday corporal gist spotted a suspicious
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a fight. that is when police say smith fired several shots at her. police eventually found smith at a house nearby where he shot and killed himself. gist is doing well this morning but she may need more surgery. new developments this morning in a stand off in washington state. officials say a 12-year-old girl appears to be the only survivor of a shooting that left five people dead and she is related to those victims. authorities say yesterday a man called an officer he dealt with in the past and said he shot and killed his family of four. officials negotiated with that man for three hours before they entered the home and found the victims. they say he took his own life. we checked over night and none of the victims nor the gunman's names have been released. in kansas police say 90 minutes before a suspect opened fire thursday he got served a restraining order. the harvey county sheriff
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lead cedric ford to kill three people and injure 14 others. a 28-year-old woman is charged with knowingly providing a weapon to a convicted felon. she gave ford two guns including an ak47. today is the big finale of the ciaa tournament in charlotte. many tell us they come back every year because they feel like there is something for everyone. this is the 11th straight year charlotte has hosted the tournament. the 2014 tournament brought in nearly $47 million. and if you plan to go to today's ciaa tournament, you might need a little extra cash for parking. the green parking garage on south tryon street near the mint museum is charging $10 instead of $7 for parking. drivers will also have to prepay before entering the parking garage. traffic team 9 mark taylor is breaking down the headaches you might run into.
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additional traffic around time warner cable arena for the events leading up to the championship game. so right now we are expecting about 13,000 attendees for that championship game. there is going to be turning restrictions in and around time warner cable arena and very heavy traffic and pedestrian traffic as well. this will effect the roadways if in and around caldwell. you can see davidson, fourth street, and college all effected as well as sections of north tryon and mlk. so i would avoid the area. if you are heading to the event, use the light rail. if you are going to get more specifics, go to our website and click on that traffic tab and there is an update. take a look at this live view from our speedway cam. i'm telling you, you are getting ready for a beautiful view. starting off a little chilly. vicki graf is trafficking what will be a warmup. >> if you can turn your eyes to your tv screen for a second here and take in this beautiful
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cooler start to the day. temperatures in the upper 20s and 30 in chester. 29 in boone and jefferson. going through the afternoon keep the sunshine around. it will be a little cooler though. if you are heading to the ciaa tournament in uptown, highs will be in the mid 50s. you'll want that later this evening. we cool off into the low 40s by 9:00. tomorrow will be warmer. we'll be in the mid 60s. i will show you how long the warmth will stick around. a south carolina senator has been blocking a bill to fund roads and bridges for two weeks. at 7:45 the changes lawmaker may make to prevent future frustrations like this. >> this is one of the biggest events that i've done in a long time. >> at 7:30 the financial impact this tournament has compared to other big events the city hosts. >> but first the health officials are monitoring several cases of the mumps in
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this morning the newest warning
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impacted by viral infection. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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good morning. take a look at that. we can see the sun out there from our lake norman cam. hopefully it will warm us up. we are starting off pretty chilly. hovering around freezing across the area. but we are going to start we'll have more from vicki graf in a bit. officials are warning residents to be vigilant when it comes to the mumps. while there are no more
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several reported across our area. early symptoms of the mumps include fever, loss of appetite and headaches. it also causes puffy cheeks and swollen jaw. channel 9 learned of 12 cases across mecklenburg, cabarrus, and iredell ks. three confirmed. the others are considered probable. two confirmed cases have been linked to the lowe's corporate headquarters in mooresville. developing over night a port engineer testified the captain of the el faro ship wrote about a storm in his daily report. that was a day before the ship sank last fall. during a final game of a ten- day hearing engineer tim nissan said the captain michael davidson was aware of the storm. the ship sank during a hurricane october 1st killing all 33 people on board. a second hearing will be scheduled later this year. an asheville man is charged with having a weapon of mass
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their neighborhood changed when keith and his sister moved in with their grandmother. police records show that home right there has been the center of 329 police calls. police forced neighbors to evacuate. >> we heard a loud voice and i'm assuming it was fire in the hole. as soon as that happened, police were standing in front of our driveway went like that. and then you know it was all over. >> ashville police have not said exactly what that was. but the suspects father claims it was some gun powder and lead balls he has for old muskets. pennsylvania police say a man who posed as a high school student since 2012 is now charged with statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors. they say that arthur was having sexual relations with female students while he was claiming
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police say he is actually 23. he used falsify documents to enroll at a high school. >> what can i say? i did abuses system. >> his adoptive parents helped him to get a birth certificate under a different name and social security card. the adoptive parents have not responded to those allegations. the white house says president obama's list of supreme court nominees is not final list. he started screening candidates to replace the late justice antonin scalia. he has been carrying around that binder full of potential candidates and information. more names could still be added to that list. just this week republicans on the senate judiciary committee sent a letter vowing not to hold hearings or meet with president obama's eventual nominee. the majority leader says the responsibility to pick a candidate should belong to the next candidate. we are still around 20s and low 30s across the area. it's a cold start to the
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but we are expecting a lot of sunshine this afternoon. that is the good news there. clouds on live early warning doppler 9 mainly in the mountains and foothills. the clouds will clear out as we go through the afternoon. we're in the upper 20s for boone and jefferson. 26 in lenoir. 27 in mooresville. you will need the layers early on. going through the day today lots of sunshine a great start to the weekend. it is going to be a little cool for this time of year. highs getting into the lower 50s. but if you are standing in the sun, it will feel pretty good. make sure to grab the sunglasses if you will be out and about. clearing later today. finally warming up a little bit more. we'll make it into the low 40s. not quite as windy as it has been either. tomorrow's forecast in charlotte it's going to be even warmer. highs get into the mid 60s. so we are going from cooler average today to warmer than
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so really just a great weekend ahead. as we head toward next week, the warmth will stick around but maybe a slight chance for showers monday and tuesday. we're looking at wednesday though as our next best chance for rain. this will be approaching as we head through the early morning hours and as we head through wednesday afternoon, we could see up to about half an inch of rain in some spots. this isn't going to bring us as much rain as we had from the storm system that moved through last week. as of right now we could see a rumble of thunder but over all severe weather threat will stay low. this will add to the rainfall we have seen this year. and coming up in the next half hour,ly break down where we -- half hour, i will break down where we stand. you can always track the current conditions in your neighborhood and also track the rain as it moves in next week with wsoc tv weather app. also get your hour by hour forecast. going through the weekend lots of sunshine today. mid 50s though.
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if you are heading to the tournament in uptown grab a jacket. tomorrow looking great. it will be a cool start and warming quickly. we're talking mid 60s by the afternoon. seeing some more clouds build in by monday but we'll have to wait until next wednesday before we see our next good chance of rain. massive cleanup effort surround way to help a north carolina community that was hit by an ef2 tornado on wednesday. many grandville county families are sifting through the rubble. they're trying to find any belongings left intact. neighbors are also helping. he says that next week more members of the faith based organization are going to come to help that county rebuild. >> sometimes good things come out of bad things. >> the department of agricultural and the forest
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community helping with the recovery efforts. >> we are expecting several job fairs across the area.
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the hundreds o channel 9 has learned the salisbury high school principal and assistant principal were suspended for several days. the district will not say why or if their suspensions are connected to this brawl that was caught on video at a basketball game. this happened two weeks ago. several players were suspended from playing next year because of that fight. leaders say about 19 of them are innocent. assistant principal dr. michelle taylor was suspended without pay two days last week and luke brown was also suspended without pay for three days this week. but district leaders won't say why. charlotte douglas air poor is hosting a job fair. they are offering a various positions. hundreds of positions are open including retail, airline services, and maintenance.
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morning and runs through 2:00. it's at charlotte center on wilkinson boulevard. one of the companies is piedmont airlines. they are looking the to add 300 jobs to its operations at charlotte douglas. it's a subsidiary of american airlines and handle ramp operations and regional customer service. they are also hiring managers and entry level ramp and customer service agents today. union county board of education says it will hold a special meeting on monday. it is not saying exactly what that meeting is about other than it deals with a confidential personnel matter. this atownment came yesterday just hours after investigators said criminal charges will not be filed against the union county superintendent mary ellis. back in november canal 9 learned that union -- channel 9 learned that union county launched an investigation into complaints of possible conflict
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ellis. leo know slow was in the middle of a contract to sell thousands of laptops to the school district. upper 20s in the mountains. and grab the sunglasses too. lots of sunshine today. a little cooler than average in the mid to low 50s. tomorrow though going to be even warmer. mid 60s tomorrow. keeping upper 60s around next week before we trade that for rain coming next wednesday. >> great weekend to enjoy fresh air. for the last two weeks the south carolina senator has been blocking a critical road funding bill. at 7:45 the changes lawmakers want to see to prevent this from happening again. >> this morning the cdc has a
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women when it comes to the zika virus. at 7:45 the reason the virus could impact travel to the olympic games in rio. >> but first thousands will hit ciaa tournament. the financial impact this is
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today thousands will pack uptown charlotte for the last day of the ciaa tournament. the financial impact the tournament provides compared to other big events the city of charlotte hosts. >> officials say that this years flu vaccine is more effective than in years past. this morning the reason north carolina health officials say don't let your guard down just yet. >> and take a look at this. that is a beautiful clear view.
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across the charlotte area. your time is 7:30. we're also starting off pretty cold. good morning i'm brittney johnson. let's go ahead and check in with vicki graf. that cold is not going to last or warm up. >> we are starting the day off below freezing. turn your eyes to your tv screen and take this this beautiful sunrise from our lake norman camera. that sun casting a little bit of prism on the lens there. we will keep the sunshine around through the day today. but cooler. so we're in the upper 20s right now. low 30s for chester. even upper 20s in the mountains. and highs for today will be cooler than average in the low 50s. if you will be out and about though, a great day to do so. tomorrow will be even warmer in the mid 60s. coming up i will show you how long this warmth will stick around and when we can see our next chance for rain. we have great weather for the finale for the ciaa tournament today. fans will continue packing time warner cable arena. eyewitness news reporter dashawn brown breaks down the major impact this tournament has on charlotte.
7:31 am
tell me they keep coming back to this tournament because they feel like there is something here for everyone. that also includes the city of charlotte which could be the biggest winner of them all. fans say it's like a reunion. >> yeah. pretty much. >> reporter: year after year and now 11 straight in charlotte. the ciaa brings in fans by the thousands with lines here almost as long as the drive for fans like sharon. >> too long. 6.5 hours. >> i like seeing all the celebrities and just having a good time being able to see family you haven't seen in a long time. >> reporter: glenda is a first time vendor here at fan fest and says expose your like -- exposure like this isn't easy to find. >> this is one of the biggest events i have done in a long time. >> reporter: and one of the biggest events for the city of charlotte.
7:32 am
the cities tourism agency last year. in 2012 the democratic national convention brought in $164 million. the 2017 nba all star game in charlotte is expected to net $100 million. and right there on the list the 2014 ciaa tournament with the boost of merely $47 million. >> just the atmosphere, my parents are here. my parents are in their 70s. they brought me here. i bring my kids here. >> i'm excited. i think tomorrow will be huge. >> reporter: and of course today is the final day of tournament weekends. organizers should expect the fan numbers could reach up to 150,000 people. reporting from time warner cable arena dashawn brown channel 9 eyewitness news. >> channel 9 is your source for everything on the ciaa. you can find a list of events, also ticket information in the water cooler section of our website you can also check those traffic restrictions under our
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7:33 right now. police are investigating after a man says that he was pulled out of a vehicle and beat within a steel pipe. our partners report the assault happened thursday along union road. the man told officers he was in a friends vehicle sitting in a parking lot when he was pulled out of that car by two suspects. police say the suspects beat the man in his head and back with that steel pipe. the charlotte man right here he is going to be in court again next month after police charged him with his mother's murder. channel 9 was there thursday night as police took irwin feldman to jail. a judge refused to give him bond. police say he killed his mother at his south charlotte home two years ago. >> either some bomb shell came up two years into the investigation or they were just putting blocks on blocks on blocks and have just gotten to
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>> police served search warrants thursday at feldman's home and his office. changes are coming to controversial diverging diamonds in cornelius. nc d.o.t. making improvements to the diamond by adding a turn lane. ncaa hopes to fix the congestion issues with these improvements. construction will happen during the nighttime beginning this spring. today a puppy that survived being shot 18 times to w a bb gun in rock hill is going home with his new family. he is such an adorable dog. he has been adopted by ten-year- old kailey she is struggling with anxiety issues. they decided to let kailey adopt brettty because they shared a special bond.
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liked this wonderful story on our wsoc tv facebook page. our area will see a host of job fairs including carowinds. the amusement park will hold a job fair this afternoon from 1:00 until 5:00 and it is at the park. carowinds is looking to fill 4,000 positions from entry level to supervisory positions. they include rides, entertain, life guards, and other positions. the park expects to hire about 250 employees to operate the facilities including food service, tickets, and ride operations. the 2016 park season will begin on april 8th. north carolina state health officials say that when it comes to the flu this year, do not let your guard down. there have only been four deaths reported this season which was far, far less from
7:36 am
health officials say while the vaccine is proving to be more effective this year, they are still seeing an up tick in cases. >> we hoped the little piece we saw around christmas would be it for the season, but it seems we're on an upswing now. >> officials say this years strand targets middle age adults and children the hardest. that is compared to last years strain which mostly impacted people 65 years and older. health officials say there is no official end to flu season but people should take care of themselves for the next few months. records show those who did get the flu shot were 59% less likely to get sick compared to people who didn't get it. last years vaccine was only 23% effective. a candle light vigil honored a gastonia woman who police say was murdered. mothers of murdered offspring held the service for kianta
7:37 am
she was killed last friday at the red carpet inn where she was staying. police are still searching for a suspect this morning. this morning we are asking what caused this crash involving a charlotte fire truck. two cars and the fire truck collided outside of lavigne children's hospital. the drivers of each of the cars were taken to cmc. no firefighters were hurt. channel 9 got a new photo a few new photos of an apartment complex that a developer is wanting to build in south end. in these photos you can see there would be hundreds of apartments built on west tremont avenue. the charlotte city council still has to approve the rezoning plan which would include adding retail space and even more apartments. city council is expected to take up this plan in may. the cdc is asking pregnant women to avoid the olympic games in rio.
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the weekend off but it will be a little cooler today with
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i'm tracking a warmup time is 7:40. it is nice and somewhat cooler start to the day. here is a view from our charlotte camera. we are not going to warm up as much as we go through the afternoon. highs in the lower 50s. to start the day off we're in the upper 20s right now. most neighborhoods below the freezing mark. and it will stay that way for the next hour or so. our threat tracker shows it's not going to be quite as wickedy today-- windy today.
7:41 am
as we head through the afternoon, especially by lunchtime upper 40s and highs today still a little cool for this time of year. low 50s. but tomorrow will be warmer with highs in the mid 60s. we'll show you how long that warmth will stick around coming up. the price of a first class stamp is soon going down by $0.02. in 2014 the u.s. postal service was granted temporary permission to increase stamp prices but that was contingent upon a plan for price drop. commercial prices will also decrease. south carolina senator has been blocking a critical state road funding bill for two weeks. at 7:45 the changes lawmakers want to see to prevent this from happening again. >> but first the cdc has issued
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. good morning. take a look at this. you are waking up to really nice weather out there. we're talking blue skies. a little chilly this morning but it's definitely warming up throughout the day. we will get an update from vicki how soon we will get out of the 30s coming up in a bit. the cdc is recommending pregnant women avoid traveling to this years summer olympic games in rio. pregnant women who must travel
7:45 am
follow steps to prevent mosquito invite bites during their trip. earlier this month they said rio will be a safe environment for the summer games. u.s. health officials say nine pregnant women have the mosquito born virus. all of the women attracted the zika virus overseas. three babies have been born. one with a brain defect. the two other pregnancies ended in miscarriages. kay her and jordan along with wesley are charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, and outcharmings. the crime happened last july in clover. police say the trio woke the victim up and demanded money from the safe and ransacked his
7:46 am
henning was arrested a month later but breakfield and brooks was caught last thursday. ty on miller was shot the university house apartments just two days after thanksgiving last year. he says that he was walking on the sidewalk when all of a sudden he was shot. miller says he has no idea who shot him. the lawsuit claims the university house apartments failed to provide adequate safety. >> that should feel like home. you should be able to walk and not fear anything. >> he hopes this will prompt new security changes so it doesn't happen to anyone else. the university house apartments say they have no comment about a lawsuit after this time. that shooting was one of four near unc charlotte campus in just a matter of two weeks. three of the shootings happened at apartment complexes. the fourth was a road rage incident that left a 19-year- old paralyzed. students were upset the
7:47 am
campus alert system to let them know about the crimes. but university police say it's only used when there is a continuous threat or if it falls under specific guidelines. new this morning lawyers say a notorious drug king ping guzman could be extradited to the u.s. but only if he can be in a medium security prison. his attorney says the drug lord will plead guilty once he arrives if his lawyer can negotiate a reasonable sentence in addition to the medium security detention. guzman has broken out of maximum security prisons twice. he now faces a litany of charges in the u.s. and could york. we are looking at beautiful weather out there. the tower cam shot makes you want to get outside. day. we will keep that sunshine around through the afternoon. as soon as you step outside, air. 27 in carr let. 25 in gastonia.
7:48 am
mountains upper 20s and 30s in chester. grab the layers as you head outside. we'll have some clouds especially the mountains and foot hills but those will clear out as we go throughout the afternoon. a great day for baseball. we have double header for the 49ers. and it's looking good. again a little cooler but you might want baseball hat, maybe sunglasses because we are going to see a lot of that sunshine through the afternoon. your neighborhood forecast for monroe plenty of sunshine will low to the low 50s today -- we'll keep the mid to upper 60s. could be close to 70 degrees by monday and tuesday. but then clouds start to build
7:49 am
threat for rain as we head toward wednesday. this one future cast model tries to bring an isolated shower through on tuesday. i think most will stay dry. we're looking at this wall of rain that will approach early wednesday morning first in the mountains and the threat will come through the charlotte area possibly for the morning drive on wednesday. make sure to keep that rain gear handy. also make sure you have our wsoc tv weather app handy. ha will clear -- that will clear out by wednesday. as of right now, this will not be as potent as this past week. we to have a threat for heavy rain at times. flood willing not be a concern. a low threat for storms and strong winds keep up to date with any changes for the forecast. john will have more updates coming up on channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00 today. as far as how much rainfall we have seen this february, 4.5 inches of rain. that brings our grand total to 6.8 inches. so we are above average right now and with more rain on the way we will continue to stay
7:50 am
you can keep track to any changes to the forecast with our wsoc tv weather app. through this weekend lots of sunshine, cooler today but warmer tomorrow. just a really nice weekend for any outdoor plans. by monday clouds build in and we're looking at what wednesday as our next good chance of rain. >> really warm even throughout the weekend. this is quite a bit above. >> should be around 58 degrees. other than today we will stay that way through next week. >> great weather for anyone in town. time is 7:50. charlotte renters and condo owners are voicing their concern over a city study to eliminate trash pickup. the city has been considering this move for the past four years and leader says it's an opportunity for them to save money by turning services over to contractors. many told us yesterday it would unfairly force them to pay more
7:51 am
the services home ordinary ordinary reasons -- homeowners would get. >> if you are going to cut my services, cut my taxes. >> charlotte city council will go over the idea next month but before they do another citizens forum is planned for march 11th. the south carolina senate is stuck over a critical bill to fix the states roads and bridges. senator tom davis has been filibustering or blocking the bill. they passed a bill last year to raise the gas tax to pay for the roads but work on a senate bill has hit a wall. yesterday senator hayes told channel 9 that senate rules will have to be changed to prevent this frustration in the future. >> passing the road bill is the most important thing to take up this year. >> it is not clear what will happen to the roads bill right
7:52 am
by more than $800 million and increase the gas ax by $0.12. north carolina's largest health insurer says it broke even in 2015. blue cross, blue shield reported yesterday it earned $500,000 last year. that is compared to $51 million in losses in 2014. the company says improvements in businesses like its medicare advantage helped overcome a $282 million loss on plans that comply with the affordable care act. we have told you for months blue cross has been facing a string of issues. it put 25,000 customers in the wrong plan and drafted the wrong amount. the company is now blaming a new computer system. the hornets faced a key opponent on the road last night.
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last night josh norman showed his athleticism isn't just confined to the football field. the premier free agent in the nfl was his familiar self even at his charity hoops game flying around making plays and talking trash. that was all in good fun and raised a bunch of money for his nonprofit stars 24 but norman
7:56 am
he is always seeking out competition. on the hardwood or football field he has been tested and proven he is in the conversation as the best corner back in the nfl. he is expects to be paid like it as well. negotiations began between norman's team and the panthers. if they cannot strike a deal before tuesday, the panthers will likely place the franchise deal on him. norman told me last night he is fine with it but don't expect to take a penny less. >> if i'm in the top, show me what is the top. and by doing that you have to open your book. there is nothing wrong with saying that. the tag is not going to disrupt me in any way. >> the charlotte hornets faced a key matchup in indianapolis last night. a win over the pacers would clench a season series. tie breaker could be crucial. marvin williams burying the
7:57 am
straight away three pointer good. team high 26 points in 35 minutes. kemba walker also on his wing bottoms. this went down to the wire. fast forward 20 seconds left. monta ellis hard drive and lays it in. seven seconds left. he'll attack. split the double team and get to the rim. hornets up one with two seconds left. last chance for the panthers they inbound to paul george. fade away winner. paul george. no good. hornets win it 96-95 your final. if you are heading out to vote in south carolina or ciaa tournament in charlotte it's a good day for layers. >> it's a little cool early on. temperatures just updated. we're above the freezing mark at 33 degrees but a lot of neighborhoods in the 20s. 53 degrees warmer tomorrow though. it will will be cooler early on
7:58 am
if you are heading to uptown looking good and looking better tomorrow. >> we look forward to the warm weather tomorrow as i mentioned earlier polls will be open at 7:00 tomorrow. thank you for making us your choice for news. >> good morning, america is coming up next on news channel
7:59 am
morning. good mornin
8:00 am
playing the trump card. the presidential candidate's foe signing on. >> there is no better fighter than donald trump. >> now double-teaming marco >> he was putting on makeup with a trowel. >> rubio, meanwhile, taking his own swipes. >> he was having a meltdown. >> the latest twists and turns and the predictions for today's democratic primary in south carolina as we head into a crucial super tuesday. zika alert. the cdc's startling report. the american pregnant women who visited countries with zika outbreaks. what happened? plus, the new travel advice from health officials. our dr. besser tells you what you need to know. opening up, the superstar jennifer garner talking for the first time about her breakup with ben affleck. her really candid comments about her ex. did ben's alleged affair with


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