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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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police if they have a description of the car or driver involved. >> in cleveland county, a crash and massive explosion sent three people to the hospital. we're in the breaking news center with the chain of events that shook the entire neighborhood. >> good morning to you. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. there is a burger king in sals biry on -- salisbury on on fire. meteorologist keith monday is with us coming off of a gorgeous weekend. >> it is fan task yivenlth maybe a little bit today with temperatures warmer than yesterday. it is breezy out there. winds at 35 times up in jefferson. we may find a few sprinkles in the mountains this morning. there is a cold front coming through today but it will have no impact on our temperatures today but it will as we head through the later part of this week. 53 out the door this morning. low 50s can be found into the mountains. everybody off to a warm start
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talk about the cool down and a rain chance coming your way into tomorrow. we begin from the breaking news center this morning. police telling channel 9 1 person was killed in a hit-and-run crash about two hours ago. eyewitness news reporter eye angela hong is live where it happened and police have the roads closed in both directions. >>reporter:. stephanie, that's right. central avenue between rose haven road and sharon amity road is closed for this investigation. you can see behind me the crime scene investigators are trying to recreate the scene trying to figure out what happened. this happened around 2:30 this morning and our photographer was out here and told me they actually saw car parts in the mid aeflt street and also, the victim's clothes. police tell us the victim was either walking in or along central avenue when a car hit them and then fled the scene. but just within the last 15 minutes or so, i talked with the captain for cmpd who told me that they believe they may have
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so they're not telling us what the description of the car is yet. and they're not giving us any more information about the victim at this point but still, a very active scene out here. police tried to recreate the accident. tried to figure out what happened. in the meantime, rosehaven drive and sharon amity is close aet for the investigation so mark taylor has alternate routes for us. >> for folks heading inbound, we're outbound. both directions blocked central past sharon amity as folks make their way towards rose haven. take albemarle road and use independence boulevard as the alternate route. you'll be in the traffic center monitoring this throughout the morning. we'll let you know when the roadway completely reopens >> following a breaking story out of rowan county where crews are fighting a big fire at a burger king. that is on jake alexander
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in salisbury. the fire is fully involved and not under control at this point. three fire departments are on the scene right now. lincolnton highway is shut down. somebody driving by saw the fire and called authorities. we don't know of any injuries. we're asking how the fire started. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you any new information from the breaking news center at daybreak. we're following new details after a huge explosion in cleveland county. right now #3shgs people are in the hospital. two of whom are in critical condition. after police say a truck crashed into the cleveland county home and caused propane tanks to explode. we have the live look here of what is left. look at this. this is along east stage coach trail. there is debris everywhere. it looks like the remains of a vehicle and a hood of a vehicle on the left. the fire chief told us some of it landed several houses away. police say a pick-up truck
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throughout yard, and hit the house that was standing there. we're told charges are pending against the driver but their name was not released. these are images we received from witnesses just after it happened. you can see the fire there. firefighters tell us they pulled two people in their 70s out of this house. a man who says the couple inside were his parents claims there were several propane tanks backside of the home holding about 1,000 gallons all together. the explosion was so strong it also caused homes nearby to catch fire. they tell us it looked like a swept through the area. this morning, eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is on the scene. you can count on channel 9 to follow this breaking story we'll bring you updates every three minutes. tomorrow these three men will be in court accused of firing 50 shots into cars.
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howard wright were arrested yesterday at the hyatt hotel on south caldwell street. thankfully no one was hurt. one suspect had a pistol and ak-47 when they arrested them. they were from out of town here in charlotte for ciaa events the city should rethink another tournament say some people. >> it needs to be reviewed and see if this is the kind of thing we want in charlotte. >> we reached out to the mayor. we're asking police about a possible motive. several venues were shut down because of code violations. cmpd arrested nine people. four were alcohol related. three were assault and two were trespassing incidents the fire release specific numbers and information on the venue that's were closed. we're asking police if they have a suspect in custody after gaston county. a man was shot on lanier avenue
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they say others at the party took him to the hospital where he later died. neighbors tell us the home owners had several disruptive parties this past weekend. again, we're asking police if they have a scombrukt we're working to find out the name and condition of a man who fell mountain. he fell around 4:30 yesterday afternoon after trying to take pictures the view. he was at highest point of the boulder's access area at time and was air lifted to cmc in charlotte with serious injurys the park superintendent says it is important to watch where you step. >> to get those views, you get in area that's have hazards so you have to watch your footing. >> almost a year ago, a mother of three fell to her death at crowder's mountain when trying to take a picture. as the weather gets nicer, park rangers are reminding people to be aware of the surroundings when they visit. thieves are using skimming devices to steal your credit card information. ahead at 4:55.
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america is launching to better protect your money. shots fired near a kannapolis church and police say road rage is to blame.
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20 minutes until 5:00. a story we'll be following for your day ahead. the union board of education will hold a special meeting this morning. >> leaders aren't saying what the meeting is about other than it deals with a confidential personnel matter. at announcement of a meeting came on friday hours after investigators said criminal charges will not be filed against superintendent mary ellis. back in november, they launched an investigation into complaints of possible conflict of interest involving ellis. ellis is the president of a company called educatrix which employed other employees and lenovo. they're in a contract to sell computers to the school district. ellis did not profit from the
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naacp is demanding they open an investigation into who recruited spellings. they criticized her background and raised questions about her plan for the campuses. bank of america is using technology to help protect your information from thieves. ahead at 4:55, the changes you'll soon see at your local atm. >> a major demolition project kicks off today at charlotte douglas international airport. the specific ways it will impact your travel in and out of the
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bada . it is 4:44. we're in the breaking news center continuing to follow two major storys firefighters have been called back out to a home in cleveland county after a fire rekindled. this is right here, yeah, this is a live look at the scene. two people were seriously injured after a truck slammed into their home and several propane tanks exploded. the truck driver was taken to the hospital but expected to face charges. reporter joe bruno will have a live report coming up in 15 minutes. that is the video from cleveland county we were talking about the explosion. now this is the live look at east charlotte in the last 10 minutes, reporter angela hong learned police investigating a deadly hit-and-run on cleveland avenue and investigators at a second scene that could be tied to the vehicle that left that scene.
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we've also learned it was a man who died. there were witnesses helping police were this. angela will have another live in 15 mi. we're working to learn if anyone will face charges on a road rage accident. >> it happened near this church hee. they heard two cars crash and they ran outside and saw one driver shoot the other. one witness, who was a registered nurse took action and a paramedic ran out of the church to help save the victim's life. >> he had taken his shirt off and reached his hand out for the towel that i had and he applied it to his t-shirt where the boy had been shot on the lower left hand side. >> kannapolis police spoke with a man before he got into an investigator's car but have not said how he is connected to this case. this morning, police in page land are looking for this armed robber who hit a cvs over the weekend.
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from inside the store on south van lingo mungo boulevard west of mcgregor and you can see the suspect is holding a gun. police say he forced the store manager to open a pharmacy safe and hand over oxycodone. no one was hurt. mayor matthews plans to meet with others to look into splitting with charlotte-mecklenburg schools. we told you mayor jim taylor and local town mayors are considering separating from cms because of concerns with student assignment. mayor taylor wants to create a task force to figure out exactly what it would take to form their own district. many parents in the district have voiced frustrations about student assignment. some are worried the plan will force their children to move from their current schools. district lead years say that is not a definite outcome. the project aims to increase diversity in the district and improve student success. superintendent ann clark told channel 9 we'll get a clearer picture of what it will look like at next meeting on march 10th.
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douglas airport where you pick up your represental cars will look different. the budget rental car building will be demolished. it is the first phase of demolition that will take place in order to create concourse a. the entire concourse will take more than three years and 310 million dollars to finish. in just a few hours, the deputy avenuation director is expected to reveal -- deputy aviation director is expected to reveal other changes to the airport. we'll bring you those at 5:00 this afternoon. we had a beautiful sunday but can today be better than yesterday? meteorologist keith monday is here with the forecast. >> it looks like it might be. we have a breeze today. the winds began to kick up yesterday afternoon. the speedway camera looks fantastic. you can see the flag in the distance flapping so the winds
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most of us are around 50 degrees even from the mountains all the way through the metro, most neighborhoods, at least around 50 or above. we're still 53 here in the city. the warmest spot on the map. four l in rock hill, lancaster and chesterfield. some of the quote, unquote cooler spots. we work our way through midday today. middle 60s and upper 60s near 70 for the high. we'll forecast around 69 in charlotte. we'll see more 70s forming down south, rockingham, the mountains will stay in the 50s for most of the day today. we won't see much of a warm up. there technically is a cold front sliding through. it won't have any impact on the temperatures today. it is helping to keep the window breezy. winds are gusty around 10 to 15 miles an hour. gusts to around 20. we have gusts to around 30 miles an hour in the mountains this morning. the winds subside late in the day for today. we'll start talking about more changes in the outlook as we head through the middle part of our week here.
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day tomorrow. the clouds are beginning to build in tomorrow morning, we may get a spotty rain shower chance west. i don't believe we'll have that much of a shot during the day tomorrow. by tomorrow evening, we may have a pretty good downpours moving off of the mountains and a few rumbles of thunder coming through this. any strong storm chances look minimal. that will bring a change in the forecast through the week as cooler temperatures roll through. your five-day forecast, weekend always in view. we'll be in the mid to upper 60s ahead of the rain chance. rain is here early wednesday morning. only 60 for the high winds. did i say only? we're close to 70. quick rain chance again late in the day on friday and the weekend looks great. we're back in the sunshine again, upper 50s saturday, middle 60s sunday. >> another pretty good forecast. >> overall it should be nice this week. no big, big temperature changes, the real warm stuff today and tomorrow. that will go away quickly. >> thanks. channel 9 will be closely
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cases across the state. so far there have been three confirmed cases across mecklenburg, cabarrus and iredell counties. two were linked to lowe's headquarters in mooresville. there are nine other probable cases. several of those people have recovered. teacher laebz able to weigh in about what it is like to teach in the state. the state board of education is asking teachers to take the survey on teacher work conditions. this comes months after state lawmakers gave teachers a $750 bonus but teacher unions wanted across the board raises. the average teacher salary in north carolina is among the lowest in the u.s..
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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. thieves across the country are using skimming devices to get your bank information. >> bank of america is rolling out its first cardless atm. skimming devices can collect your information in an instant. there is one thing you should always do before you swipe your card. >> this piece right here fits right over the card reader you would find. if you pull on it at all and it
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>> keep your eye out for tiny holes that could hide cameras. we gave you simple steps to follow if you think a skimming device is on the device you're using. watch the video on you'll find it under our action nine tab. 88th academy awards wrapped up last night and some of the awards biggest winners will be celebrating. brie larson won for best actress for room but the big win was leonardo dicaprio. he won best actor for his role in the revenant. leo has been nominated for an oscar five times but this is his first win. let's check on the roads with mark taylor. >> we're monitoring the breaking news in east charlotte where we had the fatal hit-and-run crash under investigation right now and central is blocked just past sharon amity. use albemarle.
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hong in a few minutes. keith? >> we're starting out here this morning with a little bit of clear sky. it will be a nice warm day out there today. really beautiful. temperatures warming up nicely. there is a cold front moving towards the mountains as we head towards the afternoon. we'll show you the futurecast how rain free skies for most of the day. we'll talk about more rain chances later this week. >> thanks. we're following three breaking news stories this morning from the breaking news center. first fire crews have just cleared the scene of a crash and massive explosion in cleveland county. here is a live look at the scene 36789 people are in the hospital. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live with the series of events that caused the devastation there. we want to give you a live look in east charlotte where police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run on central avenue.
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scene . it is a busy morning in the breaking news center. we're following multiple stories happening right now in three different counties. our crew is in cleveland county where a crash caused a series of
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and sent three people to the hospital. look at this damage here. the devastation that surprised even veteran troopers an the charges the driver is now facing. breaking news right, east charlotte central hospital is closed in both directions as police investigate a deadly hit-and-run. we're looking live here at the scene. we're mapping out the alternate routes for your morning drive as we press police for more information on this. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. we have a crew on the way to breaking news in salisbury where firefighters are working to put out a fire at a burger king on jake alexander boulevard. we'll have more on that in just a moment. let's get to eyewitness news reporter angela hong in east charlotte where central avenue is blocked in both directions right now. angela? >>reporter: john, since we last gave you an update, the medical examiner's office has removed the body from the median where it was laying around 2:30 this morning. we learned this is a male victim involved in this accident and
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process of notifying the family. channel 9 was here shortly after 2:30 after this hit-and-run. this fatal hit-and-run. police say the victim was likely walking in or along central avenue when this accident happened and the car fled the scene. you can actually see car parts still out here on central avenue this morning. i have also learned that there is a second scene right now where police are investigating and taking a look at the possible suspect's vehicle. we have not gotten a description of the car but police say this may be the car involved in this wreck. now, we'll stay out here throughout the morning and try to find out more information. in the meantime, you can see right now that the crime scene techs are still trying to recreate the accident. i talked to police about half hour ago and they told me that the road may be closed for another hour. this is on central avenue between rose haven and north sharon amity. we'll head over to traffic team nine mark taylor who will give us a way around the accident. >> for at least the next hour,


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