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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lots of sunshine in place today and we'll hover around 70 later this afternoon. not too shabby. here on the next few moments i'll talk about the chance, maybe a few sprinkles to start the day today and how the rain chances will pick up in a few spots as we head through the rest of this week. the time is 6:00. let's get over to mark taylor and see where we have alternate routes this morning. >> we'll continue to monitor the truck fire that has jake alexander blocked in both directions. this is north of 150. there are multiple ways to get around it. statesville industry. main street back towards jake allewander as the alternate route. -- jake alexander as the alternate route. heading towards china grove. traffic is moving right along at 68 miles an hour. now, live in the north charlotte, this is on i-85 near 485 heading towards the university area. traffic is building, especially in the southbound lanes.
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through uptown charlotte. back to the breaking news in east sharment. police are looking -- east charlotte. police are looking for a driver who hit and killed someone overnight in east charlotte. in the past half hour, officers cleared the crash scene on central avenue. >> eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live at an apartment complex nearby where officers are focussing their investigation now. a? >>reporter: that's right, stephanie, we're at the green briar apartments a quarter mile away from the accident scene and you can see right now, police are in the process of covering up the windshield of the silver honda odyssey with, i believe it is some sort of blue tape. we were here earlier, we were the first on the scene, and actually got some video of that car. we got a closer look, you could see the window is smashed through. there is heavy front end damage. the bumper was nearly falling off. police tell me they have not made an arrest in this case. this car was left here at the apartment complex but they do
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we were at scene of the accident around 2:30 this morning. police tell us that somebody was walking in or along central avenue when they were hit by a car presumably this honda odyssey here. the victim was a male. they have notified family, but, again, they do not know exactly what happened other than the fact that the driver who hit the victim fled the scene. we'll stay out here trying to get more information from police about who they may be looking for in the case. one person dead after a fatal hit-and-run accident and the vehicle was right there. he will probably stay there for another hour or so and it will eventually be towed away. angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness. breaking news, a truck crashed into a cleveland county home causing an explosion that killed two people inside the home. >> debris is scattered flou out the neighborhood. -- throughout the neighborhood. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live in fallston with a
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>>reporter: the driver went left of center. he was driving this truck right here. he lost control and ran into the home. he hit a propane tank as well and the house exploded you can see the incredible damage scattering the area a husband and wife in heir 70s were sleeping at the time and in the past 45 minutes i learned they died in the hospital. we were here as fire officials came back to the scene about three hours ago because the fire rekindled. they resprayed the scene with foam to presprent more flair ups. neighboring homes have reported damage as well. you can see this trailer behind the home completely destroyed. as for the driver of the truck, he has nonlife threatening injuries. we're told by police he will be facing charges today. coming up in 30 minutes, what a first responder did to try to live. reporting live in fallston, joe news. >> thank you. channel 9 posted a slide show of the damage on our website. of
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center as firefighters battle a huge fire at a burger king. this is the scene at the restaurant on jake alexander boulevard and lincolnton road. you can see firefighters still continuing to pour water on the fire. they've been fighting this fire for several hours now and in the past five minutes, we learned employees are showing up for work at nearby businesses and finding out they don't have power. a witness spotted the fire shortly before:00 this morning. look at this video. you can see the fire pouring from the bidding within the past half hour. firefighters have been calling in extra crews to help them battle this. channel 9 will remain on the scene and keep you updated throughout daybreak but as you can see, still pouring water on this and trying to get the flames completely out. we'll have more for you on daybreak. area of a charlotte douglas airport where you pick up your rental cars will look different. the budget rental car building will be demolished. it is the first phase of
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in order to expand concourse a. the project calls for several upgrades to the airport including 25 new gates and a concourse built at the site of the former rental car facility. the entire concourse will take more than three years and 310 million dollars to finish. in just a few hours, the deputy aviation director is expected to reveal other specific changes to affect your trip to the airport. we'll get an update on the number of mumps cases in north carolina. there are three confirmed cases across mecklenburg, cabarrus, and iredell counties. two of those are linked to lowe's headquarters in mooresville. there are nine other probable cases. some of the people have already recovered. a burke county couple will be in court accused of abusing their three-month old twins. authorities say nicholas clark's
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clark called 911 to their home at the beginning of february. officials say both babies had injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. 12 states will hold presidential primaries for super tuesday. they're questioning donald trump's stance on the ku klux klan. david duke endorsed trump. he didn't give a straight answer when c thank n asked if he would deny duke's support. >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't know anything about him. >> trump later tweeted that he already denied duke's support on friday. the new york times report some of the republican party are talking about ways to stop trump from getting the nomination. it says since the party can't unite they may try to prevent him from getting the majority of delegate votes at republican national convention. delegates vote again and are not
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candidate their state told them to vote for. this hasn't happened since 1952. on the democratic side, hillary clinton's campaign hopes to open sanders tomorrow. her win in south carolina on saturday was the largest margin since 92. early voting for north carolina's primary starts thursday. it runs through march 12th. the prime vaechl on march 15th. -- mimery is on march -- primary is on march 15th. burke county is changing the early voting because of this fire. our partner said it will be moved to hildebrand church. investigators are trying figure out what caused the fire. they can't go into the building yet because of safety concerns. we posted a full list of all of the voting locations for you at it is along with the latest campaign news leading up to super tuesday.
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assigned to the pentagon will northbound court facing murder charges investigators say ronald hamilton shot three officers sunday night in wood bridge virginia. rookie officer ashley guindon was killed. it was her first day on the job. the area's police chief says officer guindon will be missed. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself. >> the officers were responding to a domestic call at the time. investigators say hamilton killed his wife before officers arrived. the other two officers are expected to make a full recovery. >> a cruise shefrp returned to the new jersey port instead of making the trip to florida. this time the captain of royal caribbean anthem of the sea it was because of a norovirus outbreak. cruise line has not said how many were aed by this. it is the same ship that sailed into a bad storm.
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hurt as the ship sailed into 30-foot waves and 120 miles an hour winds. the ntsb is investigating the decision to sail into the storm. 6:09. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday. if you like the weekend, you'll like today. >> we have a bonus day. it will be the 29th and bonus weather out there. it will be beautiful. a few sprikles in the mountains. this is he did of a cold front here this afternoon. cold front by name, it won't cool us down. a cooler pattern will roll in throughout this week. we're starting out the week mild. we'll show you the futurecast, how it is a few showers in the mountains this morning and a bigger change in the throughout the afternoons, it will feel like spring like weather throughout end of this week. let's get over to mark taylor. see if alternate routes are needed. >> we're noticing big delays in north charlotte on prosperity church road heading northbound up from 485 north of mallard
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we have reports of some debris roadway. prosperity church this morning is very, very slow. you want to avoid that by taking 85 and then take 485 back towards prosperity church. we're working to gather more information. i wanted to get folks caught up on work scheduled later this morning. we'll see north summit avenue closed between 6th and 5th street. this is storm water work going on through may 6th. to get around this, martin street and frazier avenue as alternate routes, get updated on the traffic issues on our website,, click on the traffic tab. witnesses say road rage may be to blame after a shooting after this crash in kannapolis. >> the guy swung at him and guy shot him. >> he did at 6:30, the training two witnesses had thoo that helped them stabilize the victim until help arrived. >> dramatic video shows how dangerous north carolina highways are for bicyclists. ahead on daybreak, the reason
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video now and what they're asking drivers . >> it is one of the most alarming scams we've ever seen at action nine. >> someone close to you has paid us to kill you. >> action 9 investigates the death threats some people here in charlotte received. >> what they're saying is scary.
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it's gotta be d's. . we're in the breaking news center staying on top of three stories for you. this is a live look at the green briar apartments near central avenue where officers are searching for the driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run overnight. we'll have a look at evidence for you here just ahead and only on channel 9 in the next 15 minutes, you'll hear from a firefighter who tried to rescue an elderly couple from an explosion that destroyed this home in cleveland county and firefighters are battling a fire at a salisbury burger king. we'll have a look at the impact to nearby businesses. a story we'll be following for the day ahead. the union county board of education will hold a special meeting this morning. leaders are not saying exactly what the meeting is about other than it deals with a
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at announcement comes or came friday hours after investigators said criminal charges will not be filed against superintendent mary ellis. back in november, the union county launched an investigation into complaints of possible conflict of interest involving emis. ellis is an of a company that employed two top school administrators and school executive from lenovo. lenovo was a in the middle of a contract to sell thousands of computers to the sdool skool district. ellis did not profit from the deal. the unc will start. the group claims several members of the board secretly recruited spellings last year. they krit seized her background and raised questions about her plans for the campuses. dash cam video shows the
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carolina deputies on a 10 mile . >> ma'am! ! >> back up, back up! >> take a look at that. police were called to the wal-mart about a shoplifting case. they searched la quandon brorden's car. she took off. you can see two officers are hanging off of the car before letting go, finally. she finally stopped after an officer stood in the road with his gun drawn. she faces several charges including hit-and-run and shoplifting. president obama will award the highest military honor to a navy seal. edward biar's junior helped rescue a doctor held hostage by the taliban. he was the second seal to burst into the hide out where dr. joseph was. the first seal was killed. he will never forget check. >> you know, he will forever be remembered and you know, the
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sacrifices that he made. >> he will be the 11th living service member to receive the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. if you're planning a walt disney vacation this summer it might cost you more. disneyland and walt disney world will charge three different prices. a one day pass, monday through thursday, will drop to $95. most weekends and summer weeks will jump to $105 and for peak days including most of december, spring break weeks and july weekends, the price jumps to $112. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. keith? >> we're looking out the door this morning with beautiful weather and a bit of a breeze. you can see the flag near the speedway flapping around pretty well. the winds around 20 miles an hour in charlotte. we've had wind gusts around 40 plus in the mountains. we're close to 50 degrees. not bad. and we're around 50 in charlotte as well. as a matter of fact, the coolest spot on the map is in
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for most of us, way, way above average to start the temperatures today. at&t and they keep climbing quickly. over to the mid -- and they keep climbing quickly over to the mid-50's. the timeline, 50s turning into the mid-60's quickly this morning through midday. near 70 this afternoon. it will be two degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday which was picture perfect holding on to bonus weather out there again tomorrow today. now would you state your full name for the record, please this warmth and the sunshine, the pollen is starting, you probably seat trees blooming and those tree pollen numbers will keep going up now over the several weeks and months, cedar, elm and oak, so far the culprits but sniffling and sneezing, getting worse here as you head towards march. we may find a few clouds and sprinkles but this will only last to midday as the cold front pushes through. you may find a few clouds around but then this afternoon is full sunshine for just about every neighborhood on the map and that
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really cool us down much at all throughout the week to start off. we'll see a bigger change in the forecast in the numbers later this week, and then tomorrow night is a chance for a downpour rolling through. that will be out of here quickly on wednesday morning. another shot of rain coming through on friday. we'll show you the futurecast timeline in the next half hour, how most of the rain chance for the tuesday should be holding off until very late in the day. staying on top of the weather forecast throughout our week with the wsoc-tv weather app. download it free. get the latest current conditions and forecast outlook at any time. the five-day forecast. keep it in mid to upper 60s tomorrow. rain into the evening. out of here quickly on wednesday morning. back in the mid-50's for thursday and friday. after another quick chance for thursday and friday. we're clear and dry for the weekend. upper 50s saturday. another nice rebound next sunday. expecting highs back na the middle 60s. our time is 6:20. let's get you back on the roads.
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fort mill, the newest problem on carowinds boulevard near i-77 a trouble spot. looks like it is causing a minor delay only if you're headed through the area. use caution. the interstate is moving right lpg at 64 miles an hour through carowinds boulevard heading into uptown charlotte. that is a 12-minute commute. a little closer towards uptown. john belk heading southbound for the interstate. we're not seeing any delays as we mentioned coming from in from the state line. if you're headed from statesville, iredell county up towards charlotte. no issues there as well. sglon. >> three men are facing felony charges accused of shooting dozens of rounds into a car and building. during the ciaa. the most prevalent problem police dealt with this weekend. take a look at this terrifying vehicle as a driver nearly hits a family of three while trying to pass a group of cyclists. >> we're trying to be as courteous as possible. >> next this morning, the actions this group of cyclists
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deciding to pass.
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give u . 6:24. with warmer weather, more bikes will be on the roads which has the cycling community pleading with drivers to be more patient and careful. >> we told you about a crash in johnston county that involved a car. a cyclist caught on his go pro camera watch what happens as a silver suv tries to pass this group of riders and runs off the road to avoid hitting that other car right . >> and i won't say it is every ride but it might be every 2nd or 3rd ride. really dangerous. videos here. cyclists want drivers to be alert and slow down. wait to pass riders until you're on a flat straight away. the city of statesville is working with several local organizations to find ways to prevent violence.
6:25 am
forum at the unity center. city leaders say they want to prevent tragedies like the charleston church shooting. the forum will last from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight. a north carolina man will northbound court after police say he stole more $40,000 worth of equipment from a church. police say jeffrey silvers took the items from built more baptist church in arden and pawned them off. the robberies happened back in december but he was just arrested yesterday. he pawned testaments at three locations. new this morning, a south carolina man admitted to selling fake health insurance policies to more than 17,000 people nationwide. investigators say william worthy worked with a company in tennessee to market these plans. together, they embezzled more than $5 million. a tennessee judge sentenced worthy to 82 months in prison. we're continuing to follow multiple breaking news stories in three counties including this fire here in at a burger king in salisbury. ahead, the way the fire is
6:26 am
neighboring businesses. >> blue sky out there again today. sunrise getting under way now. still spring like for the moment. you're tracking a cool down as we head through the. >> massive damage and two people are dead after this truck hit a home and a propane tank.
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took to ge . channel 9 is staying on top of multiple breaking news stories from our brd center. two people died in a cleveland county house after a truck crashed into the home causing multiple explosions and a fire. the lucky break first responders got at they work to get the couple out of the house. breaking in east charlotte. channel 9 was first to bring you these pictures of a vehicle blofbed to be involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash. that is the vehicle there. the activity our crew saw at the scene in just at last 20 minutes. >> breaking in rowan county. firefighters are at the scene of this fire here in burger king in salisbury. the challenges crews are dealing with right now and how it is affecting workers at nearby businesses. good monday morning to you. i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. it has been a very busy morning
6:30 am
we'll get to all of the stories in just a moment. first meteorologist keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with a look at the weather and we're waking up pleasant temperatures and a beautiful sunrise. >> it is a great weekend wasn't it. we had spring preview. close to 70 yesterday afternoon. we may be warmer today, believe it or not. a beautiful picture, the colors coming through. it will be very clear. the temperatures, that is the story. we're at 50 this morning. 51 charlotte to matthews, 51 ballantyne to woman haw. 52 in -- waxhaw. 52 in concord. a bit of a breeze is keeping the numbers on the warm side. we'll warm up to 70 this afternoon. we're in the mid-60's as you head out to lunch. keep the sunglasses with you. heavier jackets at home. don't put them too far away we'll see colder air working through this week. i'll show you the timeline with
6:31 am
let's get you on the roads at 6:416789 let's head over to mark taylor following the news from overnight. >> this is happening jake alexander at lincolnton road. this is north of highway 150. so it is blocked and traffic is having a hard time getting through with the back-ups starting to build through the area. so from town, you can see this so innus and main street back to alexander. a new wreck came in in the last five minutes at mount holly, huntersville road west of bell haven. i'm expecting a minor delay there. not a bad commute. 50 miles an hour is the achlg speed heading to town -- is the average speed heading to town. breaking news in cleveland county. is this what is left of a house that exploded when a car crashed into it overnight. >> it killed the elderly couple who lived inside of this home and channel 9 spoke to the firefighter who tried to rescue them.
6:32 am
bruno is live with what we learned so far. joe? >> the firefighter was able to remove the couple from the home so they could get to the hospital. in the past hour and a half, we learned the couple died there. it is all because of this truck police say, that crashed into the home and hit a propane tank. the tank exploded. you can see parts of the house everywhere right now. it has been a very busy morning for firefighters. they had to come back to the scene around three because the fire rekundled. they put out the -- rekindled. they put out the flames and put more foam on keep it under control. there was a top of work. all of this fire spread into neighboring homes as well. i spoke to the firefighter who entered the home to get the couple out. it was a terrifying scene inside but he wanted them to get a chance to leave. >> it went the opposite direction where we were at. that is how we didn't sustain any injuries from it. we were at the right place at the right time.
6:33 am
condition of that driver and what police will be asking them today. joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. right now, i'm in the breaking news center staying on top of two other breaking stories across our area. we'll show you live pictures here from east charlotte where police are looking for the driver accused of hitting and killing a man on central avenue overnight. this is the green briar apartments, just off of teal point drive. it is where police found what they believe was the suspect's vehicle. you can see a lot of police will there on the scene right now. within the last 10 minutes, our crews on scene saw the tow truck pull the van away. we want to show you what it looked like a bit early. there it is right there. heavy damage to the front of the van. the windshield is broken and front bumper barely hanging on. they believe the driver parkth van here shortly after the crash. this is video from the scene on central avenue around three this morning. the road has since reopened but you can see there was a piece of what police believe was a
6:34 am
the victim's family has been notified but his name has not been released yet. eyewitness news reporter angela hong is following this story. she'll bring us a live report with new information here in the next 10 minutes. we're also following breaking news in rowan county where fire crews are trying to get this fire here, this is the burger keng. they're trying to get it under control, pouring water on it. our photographer told us that they're putting 1,000 gallons of water a minute on it at this fire at jake alexander boulevard in lincolnton road. we learned nearby businesses are without power because of this. there are so many firefighters on the scene that all salisbury firefighters that are off duty have now been called in to cover the rest of the city. we'll continue to stay on top of the breaking stories for you on-air and online. everything is posted at tomorrow, three men will be in court accused of firing
6:35 am
derek bolton, kevin thompson and howard wright were arrested shortly after the shooting yesterday morning. it happened at hyatt hotel on south caldwell street. thankfully, no one was hurt. but police tell channel 9 1 suspect had a pistol and ak-47 when they arrested him. they saturday men were from out of town here in charlotte for ciaa events. now some say the city should retlifk another tournament. -- rethink another tournament. >> it needs to be reviewed and see this is the thing we want in charlotte. >> we reached out and have not heard back. this morning, we're asking police about a possible motive. >> 6:36, this morning, we're working to learn if anyone will face charges in a road rage shooting in kannapolis. this happened sunday morning on orphanage road near this church here. witnesses told us they heard two cars crash and ran out add and saw one driver shoot the other. one woman who is a registered nurse immediately took action.
6:36 am
out of the church to save the victim's life. >> he had taken his shirt off and reached his hand out for the towel that i had and he applied it to his t-shirt where the boy had been shot on the lower left hand side. >> kannapolis police spoke with the man before he got into an investigator's car but have not said how he might be connected to the case. happening today, charlotte city council will hold a budget workshop, according to the addenda. city leaders will update the priorities regarding the general fund, solid waste services and employee compensation. they're expected to discuss a general community investment plan. the meeting is expected to start at 1:30 this afternoon. a new report out this morning shows north carolina's gubernatorial campaigns are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors outside of the state. a spokesperson for the democratic candidate roy cooper says it shows this is one of the top governor's races in the nation. he said cooper is getting support from former residents
6:37 am
republicans have made in the past few years. governor pat mccrory's campaign says his out of state support shows that people are noticing his strong leadership and rebuilding north carolina. both candidates have gotten at least 85% of the donations from inside of the state. starting tomorrow, teachers across north carolina will be able to weigh in about what it is like to teach in the state. the state board of education is asking teachers to take the survey on teacher's work conditions this comes months after state lawmakers gave teachers a $750 bonus. the teacher unions wanted acrossed board raises the average teacher salary in north carolina is among the lowest in the u.s.. we put the results of the 2014 survey on the website. click on news and look under latest links. a new aarp study says the price of prescription drugs has doubled over the past seven years. the study blames the lack of
6:38 am
low profit margins reduce the number of manager years creating a shortage. seniors are the most affected. they require patients to share their drug costs. today we're finding out how much money the carolina panthers will be able to move to negotiate salaries during the off season. the nfl said the salary cap will be 155.27 million this year. the panthers will use most of that to pay current players contracts. one of the team's priorities with the rest of the money will be resigning star cornerback josh norman. linebacker thomas davis says he thinks the two sides will reach a deal soon. >> as players, he our brother. we want him to be a part of us moving forward and so, you know it will be up to the organization for them to get that worked out. josh has earned every single thing he is about to get and i couldn't be more proud of the guy. >> tomorrow is the deadline for the panthers to pay to put a franchise tag on norman which would stop him from signing with another team.
6:39 am
every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday with a look at what we're dealing with this morning. >> most of versus a completely clear sky. we'll see clouds off of the mountains later on. as a cold front work atsz way into the east. working towards the appalachians. developing rain showers for the central appalachians but the northern mountains may see a few sprinkles coming in for the morning but it is behind the cold front, pretty significant temperature changes, we're all around 50, up the eastern sea board. from freezing to chicago to only one degree in international falls. a huge plunge of cool air. we'll get a modified version of that our way for this week but we'll show you how much more we fall as the week goes on. feels like spring. not for so long. let's get you on the roads, 20 minutes to 7:00. >> we had an accident earlier. i wanted to check back in fort mill. carowinds boulevard off of i-77. some minor delays here. the interstate still moving
6:40 am
big slow downs for folks heading northbound. and we had the accident causing minor delays, mount holey, huntersville road west of bell haven boulevard. at this point no alternate routes needed. something we'll continue to. was independence boulevard. you're working inbound near albemarle road. folks moving in from matthew. we're dry and clear this morning, if you're headed out in the next couple minutes it is smooth sailing. i'm angela hong live in east charlotte where police have found the suspect's vehicle involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash. the questions i'm asking police about the suspect and what we've learned about the victim. >> this rowan county man once aspired to be an army ranger. he is in prison convicted of trying to join isis and help terrorists. for the first time. donald ray morgan is speaking from behind bars only to channel 9. >> i consider myself to be a part of the islamic state.
6:41 am
he twisted her teachings and for
6:42 am
6:43 am
sp . we're following three breaking news stories for you. police are searching for the driver who hit and killed someone in east charlotte and then left the scene. they're focussing the investigation on an apartment complex off of central avenue. that is where they think they
6:44 am
>> eyewitness news reporter angela hong is live at the scene at green briar apartments where crews just towth van in the past 20 minutes and -- towed the van in the past 20 minutes and we're getting information about what is going on right now. >> the car is a silver honda odyssey with north carolina plates. we're the first station to show you the suspect's vehicle found at the the apartment complex a quarter mile from the crash scene. the van's windshield was smashed out. bumper was hanging out there. they did tow this van away. the crash happened at about 2:30 this morning. police tell us the victim, a man, was walking in or along central avenue near north sharon amity when the van hit him and the driver took off. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. we asked police if the suspect lived at the green briar apartments. the sergeant said they're not sure. they're looking for a suspect at this point. we'll follow this story for today. breaking news in cleveland.
6:45 am
into their home and that caused an explosion. >> there is only debris in the spot that used to be their house. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live in fullston to explain how all of this unfolded. joe? >>reporter: police will be asking the driver if he was texting or if he fell asleep when he lost control of his truck right here. he not only hit a house but also a propane tank causing all of the damage that you're looking at right now. a couple in their 70s was sleeping at the time. a firefighter was able to rescue them from the burning home. but they did die in the hospital. crews just left the scene an hour and a half ago after flames popped up again. several fire crews came back to put the rekindled flames out. the driver has nonlife threatening injuries but we're told he will be facing charges. no one's identity has been released yet either. reporting live in fullston, joe bruno, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> channel 9 posted a slide show
6:46 am
you'll see on the home page of i'm in the breaking news center following our other big story. this south of salisbury. we want to give you a live look. this is the burger king that caught fire on jake alexander boulevard. you can see they're no longer putting water on the fire at this point but you can see there is not much left of this restaurant right here. that fire had been burning since before 4:00 this morning but again, you can see they have it under control. there are no flames anymore. firefighters say it will be a long time before they're able to go inside just to investigate this fire. channel 9 will remain on scene and update you to on firefighters progress on eyewitness news this morning coming up on tv 64. we'll get an update on the number of mumps cases in north carolina. there are already three con films cases across mecklenburg, cabarrus and iredell. two are linked to lowe's headquarters in mooresville. there are nine other probable cases. the state said some of the people have already recovered. in an iredell county man will be
6:47 am
on a chase while in a dump truck. james keith call pleaded guilty in june to robbing a worker at a produce stand. in 2014 and leading deputies on the chase. he crashed on i-77 and was in a stand off with deputies for nearly three hours. a lieutenant who was childhood friends with call eventually talked him into giving up peacefully. >> we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. our spring fever continues today. >> it will be beautiful and it already is. you can look at this view from the lake norman camera nice colors the sunrise under way. you can see a nice glow along the horizon. it will be picture perfect all day long for today with all of that sunshine. we're at 51 this morning, we've only cooled to the upper 40s. mountains in the upper 40s now. we have more cloud cover in the mountains for the first half of the day and you can find a few sprinkles or light rain drops to start out. that will be long gone as we work from lunch time into the afternoon. look at the warming coming in
6:48 am
the average high for this date is in the upper 50s so we'll be well above that all day hitting the upper 60s in charlotte. near 70 near lancaster. chesterfield, rockingham all very warm. it will be a beautiful day out. there other than the mountains seeing a shower chance early and drying out fast. it stays windy in the mountains all day. still mid to upper 50s today as you go through the rest of the week, we'll notice a temperature change in the high country. we may only notice highs in the 30s as we head to the middle of the week. in chesterfield, the neighborhood forecast warm. 70 degrees. high clouds off of the mountains, southwest breezes it will be gusty from time to time looking to be between 15 and 20 miles an hour. the futurecast into tomorrow, we start watching the next storm system out to the west bringing more clouds in in the morning hours, i don't think we'll see much of a rain chance during the daylight hours but into the evening, a lot of showers and thunderstorms coming through. so far it looks like severe weather risks will be well to
6:49 am
into the mountains. it weakens into charlotte tomorrow night and by wednesday morning, the rain is zipping out wednesday. it won't be around for long. you may hear a few rumbles of thunder tomorrow evening. behind that system, we cool back to 60 on wednesday. there is the first stage of the cool down. a much bigger drop of the numbers through friday. mostly cloudy friday with a chance for a light rain shower. highs in the low to mid-50's. things will get cooler as we week. the five-day forecast. the weekend always in view. we'll watch for a few downpours. morning. back in the sunshine wednesday and thursday. another quick chance for rain on friday before we lead up to another dry weekend. upper 50s saturday, middle 60s are back on sunday. stay on top of the weather changes through the week. track the rain tomorrow evening with the interactive radar feature on the ws on fc-tv weather app. should be very nice. >> thanks.
6:50 am
every ten minutes every 10 minutes on eyewitness news daybreak. here is traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> police medic and fire responding to a crash in east charlotte on berry hill off of wilkerson boulevard. we'll work to get more information. avoid wilkerson and berry hill by using freedom drives as an alternate route. checking back in thoi accident we've been following on mount holly, huntersville road west of bell haven boulevard. minor delays here. 16 builds on 485 as we're used to seeing but no accidents actually on the brookshire and merging delays out of cornelius. 33 miles an hour from catawba avenue southbound through sam furr road and gilead road at 36 miles an hour before it breaks up. checking wall street
6:51 am
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for full meals starting at $4.99,
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. we're in the breaking news center following three major stories across our area.
6:54 am
put out a huge fire at this burger king in salisbury. this is video from a littl. you can see how much damage this fire caused. the roof is gone. this burger king is at jake alexander and lincolnton road. the intersection shut down. nearby businesses are without power. we have a look at the scene at a deadly explosion in cleveland county. live pictures of the debris. a car crashed into the home in stage crash trail. here is what is left after it exploded because it hit two propane tanks. there is debris everywhere. firefighters rushed out to try to rescue the people who died here but they died at the hospital. the driver is also in the hospital. police believe this minivan you're about to see is the one that hit a man and killed him overnight on central avenue. you see it right there. this happened at 2:30 this morning and police found the man in the apartment building parking lot a quarter -- the van in the apartment building parking lot a quarter mile from the scene. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> traffic team 9's mark taylor
6:55 am
>> we have an accident. the newest in the last few minutes on brookshire headed inboupds. you can avoid it by using recognize yell's ferry and we're getting reports of a -- rozelles ferry and we're getting reports of a crash. berry hill and wilkerson, camp green street and freedom drive will get you around that. checking conditions in south charlotte as we head towards the heart of rush hour this morning, we're starting to see some delays. 77 around arrow wood. the brake lights last through tyvola road but we're on schedule. no accidents out of york county northbound through south charlotte. it is beautiful this among and not that cold outside. we had a mild weekend, we're enjoying that today. we get this extra leap day today being the 29th of february. the last day of the month and we're joined by bonus weather. highs around 70 degrees.
6:56 am
typical high is only about 60. we're keeping lots of sunshine in place all day long. breezy southwest winds keep asian warm. it will be the warmest day of the week as the temperatures start to fall. we'll only be in the low to mid-50's by friday. we'll track rain chances coming in tomorrow evening, another on friday. overall, not a lot of big, big weather this week to discuss but we'll have a few minor tweaks to talk about through the week ahead. get out and ep joy this beautiful -- enjoy this beautiful, perfect weather. your news continues on eyewitness news on tv 64. >> we're following breaking news stories. we'll have weather and traffic updates. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am good morning, america. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's racist. >> leonardo dicaprio finally
7:00 am
>> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance. happens to you happens to you happens to you >> the moment that brought everyone to their feet. a rock star reception for donald trump. >> wow, wow, this is amazing. >> commanding a massive crowd in alabama. facing fire from all sides after failing to condemn the kkk. >> not only is that wrong, it makes him unelectable. front-runner's surge on the campaign's biggest day yet? and is hillary clinton on the verge of locking down the nomination? and we are taking you behind the scenes of hollywood's biggest night like only "gma" can from the red carpet to backstage. you won an oscar, brie. you won an oscar. >> i really can't believe it. >> we're one-on-one exclusively with the big winners. their first interview, seconds


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