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tv   Eyewitness News at 500  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it can detect the difference between a rain drop and a snow flake. i'm looking for where is it doing what? when you see every color in the rainbow in one area, that's the radar saying there's a little bit of everything. snow mixing with sleet and rain. this is the southside of charlotte down johnston road. this is 485. the highway 51 corridor toward providence to independence boulevard. thing is, it's very dry outside. and temperatures have plummeted in the last few hours as the moisture falls through the atmosphere, it cools it off. down to 45 in charlotte. we're in the 30s now. lincolnton, hickory, shelby, in the 20 thes up across the high country, the bulk of this is going to fall in the form of rain in the charlotte area. here's a track of the leading edge through lancaster and monroe in the next few minutes, marshville and albemarle a little before 6:00. here's the future cast. primarily rain. this initial batch out of here by 8:00. the mountains will see snow. and accumulating snow. when i come back, i'll show you how much. you can download our free wsoc-tv weather app to track
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not near your tv, you can get severe weather alerts and use our interactive radar. >> now to our other top story tonight, more controversy for the i-77 toll lanes after a bankruptcy filing in texas. we're breaking down how in development could impact the project, your tax dollars, and north carolina's election. work is under way on the i-77 tolls that thousands of drivers will use everyday. eyewitness news reporter jenna deery went straight to centra to find out how this bankruptcy will impact our local project. >> i found out why that texas project is bankrupt. according to these court records leading to more hesitation about the state partnering with them to deal with traffic here. today construction went on as usual to build toll lanes on i- 77. despite the chapter 11
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project on state highway 130 in texas. >> it has no impact on us whatsoever. for us, it's business as usual. >> both projects are linked to centra. centra is a spanish company that runs toll roads in ten countries. but here in the u.s., it separates each project into separate llcs. the bankrupt austin toll road is owned by one i-77 mobility partners is another. spokesperson jean leer tells me projects under separate llc's the bankruptcy of a texas project doesn't effect one here. >> you have different investors and your own financing. >> but they don't have the revenues to pay the debt service on the loans they borrowed. >> glen thompson is a bankruptcy attorney. he's not tied to centra. but he says the filing shows its subsidiary is struggling to pay back its $1.3 billion in debt to build the toll road.
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after a 2014 bankruptcy filing on a project in indiana. continuing to cause centra and its subsidiaries to quiet doubts on whether their project will work here. >> we're convinced of what this project can do for the area to move traffic. >> these court records say texas is off the hook for centra's short fall. ncdot told us that north carolina has the same protections in its contract. the governor now wants reassessed. at 6:00, i'm looking into whether we could still end up with toll lanes here even if centra is out. live in north charlotte, jenna deery, channel 9 eyewitness news. we're still developing this story for 5:30 tonight, lawmakers battling the tolls say this bankruptcy may have just solidified their fight. how they could impact north carolina's elections this year all the way to the governor's office. our coverage continues at you can see a full statement from i-77 mobility partners and
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the number of mumps cases has gone up over the past few days. the state gave channel 9 an update in the past three hours. eyewitness news anchor allison latos is here to break down where the most recent confirmed cases are located. >> the state says there are a total of 15 confirmed and probable cases. the cases are in mecklenburg and iredell counties. mecklenburg county is dealing with four confirmed cases which is up one from monday. in iredell county, there are just still two confirmed cases. and four probable cases. the most recent case emerged at unc charlotte this week. the school confirmed one student contracted the illness. but that student lived off campus and had stayed off campus for seven days. and two weeks ago, we told you about the mumps cases in iredell county linked to the lowe's headquarters in mooresville. health officials say that two employees at the support center tested positive for the mumps.
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virus but it's hard to prevent the spread of because it can take up to 25 days for the symptoms to appear. scott? we have continuing coverage of the mumps at you can follow us as well on facebook and twitter. we send out updates as soon as they come into the news room. a couple of hours ago, a woman accused of killing three people, including her own husband returned to a gaston county courtroom. today crystal faced a judge for the murders of jeffrey and stephanie. police say the two along with her husband were found shot and killed at the gambino family home in alexis monday. all three were found naked. crystal told her family she found her husband with another woman. charlotte mecklenburg police have not released the name of the officer scene in this video after a chase punching a suspect repeatedly. investigators say that malcolm elliott was driving near independence boulevard tuesday when he hit another car and then kept ongoing. police followed him and then
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sardis place apartments. a neighbor recorded seven officers surrounding elliott and then one of them hitting him several times. internal affairs is investigating to determine if that officer used excessive force. new information just released minutes ago, an autopsy shows a man who was shot and killed by raleigh police was not shot in the back. it shows akil was shot four times in the chest, both arms, and shoulder. witnesses say senior officer dc twitty shot him as he was running away. in the mean time, he told his attorney he fired in self defense. this case has led to protests there in raleigh. stocks rallied late today marking the third day of gains on wall street. the dow was up 45 points. the nasdaq up 4 on the day. a local economist says we don't have to worry about our country going back to another recession. despite recent reports the economy is doing fine.
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employment and also wage growth which he says is significant. he said the one down fall we'll see over the next few months is rising gas prices. >> we're going to see the rise by 15%. when you put the number together, it's probably 2- dollar gasoline by the summertime. or a little over that. 2.10. >> because this is an election year, we may not see the federal reserve raise interest rates any time soon. phony, fraud, and playing americans for suckers. harsh words used today by former republican presidential candidate mitt romney in a scathing speech against donald trump. romney made a plea to the american people not to vote for the realestate mogul. he says that trump should not be america's next commander in chief. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president.
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of that speech on twitter. he wrote that romney begged him for an endorsement back in 2012 and that unlike romney, trump says he knows how to win. romney's speech happened as conservatives met at the annual cpac convention in washington. those in the crowd say they're more concerned about bringing the republican party together and uniting behind one candidate. our vote 2016 coverage will continue ahead tonight at 6:00, early voting started today in north carolina. and voters explained to eyewitness news reporter ken lemon why trump is maying them change their party affiliation. >> channel 9 obtained new search warrants on a northwest cabarrus high school student charged with making a false bomb threat, also sexual exploitation of a minor. the court documents show detectives searched paul warner's cell phone in january while they were at school. they said he gave them permission to search his phone
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claimed he tried to join isis. they found images and videos of children under 10 engaged in sexual activity. warner admitted to trading the videos and pictures online. they searched his home computer where they found another explicit video. he has another court appearance next week. a two-year-old boy and his mother are recovering after the child's father stabbed both of them. tonight family members are questioning whether or not it could have been prevented. they told eyewitness news reporter dave faherty they've contacted the state months ago with their concerns. erica, deputies say that that toddler was air lifted to carolinas medical center after family members say he was stabbed twice in the chest. tonight his father is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and locked up under a million dollar bond. sonia pit showed us a picture of her younger brother henry last christmas.
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to get to him after the two- year-old and his mother were stabbed by william. >> it's sickening. really no words to describe it. i mean, that's my baby brother. >> pit says she contacted dss about her father earlier this year over concerns of substance abuse issues. dss began an investigation. making two visits to the home. but they never drug tested him. >> they visited twice. that was it. they didn't do nothing. all that could have been prevented from one drug test. >> we visited the department of social services to ask about the investigation. but a county spokesperson told us under north carolina law dss cannot confirm or deny any investigation to a place. samantha lee hopes her father gets the help he needs and isn't allowed around her younger brother. >> i'm hurt. i love my daddy, but i want to hate him. i'm so confused.
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that's my own father, and no, i wouldn't want him back on the streets. >> because of the steep bond, he won't be getting out of jail any time soon. i checked with sheriff deputies in caldwell county, they're telling me the mother and that two-year-old are listed in stable condition tonight. reporting live from lenoir. dave faherty, channel 9 eyewitness news. tonight police aren't releasing the names of two people taken into custody after a shooting. witnesses say several men opened fire off south boulevard. nobody was hit. the bullets damaged some cars. police are investigating why the shots were fired in that popular charlotte neighborhood. tracking the leading edge of this storm. i'll show you which neighborhoods are still seeing snow, rain, and when all this mess will move on out. this sign criticizing sagging pants and hoodies is getting national attention since our story aired. the message other charlotte restaurants have for the owner. then a possible motive for murder, the new search warrants just released revealing why
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killed his mother and why it
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took two years for right now we continue to track this huge system dumping snow and rain across our area tonight. take a look at live pictures right now from lenoir. snow is falling fast in some areas across highway 321 tonight. it just started lightening up. easing up a bit in the past 30 seconds. chief meteorologist steve udelson will return in a moment to map out where the snow and rain will head next. >> well after checking for the last five days, channel 9 finally got the search warrants connected to an 82-year-old woman's murder.
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last week accused of killing her. and new tonight, reporter elsa gillis went through the warrant that suggests investigators may have found a motive. >> for two years, police in charlotte have revealed little about ina feldman's murder. now this search warrant reveals new details from the crime scene and a possible motive. >> the search warrant affidavit raises suspicions about the conduct of the son. >> some suspicions include what he did the night of his mother's murder. he drafted a list of his mother's total assets and intended distribution to various family members. and he was the beneficiary of his mother's life insurance policies. although other relatives didn't know she had one. legal expert james wyatt says that raises questions. >> on whether the son got the mother to get a life insurance policy for his benefit and not let anyone else know about that. >> as for the crime scene, police say they immediately knew this one a burglary.
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and there were numerous valuable items not taken. the only missing items, a comforter, pillows, flap sheet, and a lamp beside feldman's bed. they also found biological evidencelinging erwin j feldman to the crime scene. according to the after, he says he was at work in south charlotte on the day of her death. when he couldn't reach his mother over the phone, he went to check on her and found her dead. >> it doesn't answer the question of where he was that evening. so the real question is going to be, can the police link his conduct to the death of miss feldman. >> feldman came in on his own to be interviewed by police. but with physical evidence and several interviews they had probable cause to arrest him. elsa gillis channel 9 eyewitness news. breaking news out of huntersville where chopper 9 sky zoom just arrived over the scene of a school bus crash. this is along old statesville
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medic telling us they're treating four patients with minor injuries on the scene. huntersville fire and north meck rescue also responded. we're asking what led up to the crash and if any students were on board the bus at the time. wake county health officials confirm their first case of zika virus. it's the fifth in the state so far. health officials in the county say the patient got the virus abroad. the mosquito born virus is suspected of causing severe birth defects. well outside, we started out with sun. but it's not ending that way. >> welcome to march. things fast moving. two days ago, temperatures in the 70s. this leading edge we're keeping an eye on. those shades of yellow and orange. as i explained, likely mixing with sleet and snow from the elizabeth plaza midwood neighborhoods outside highway 74 independence boulevard and 24, 27, albemarle road into portions of stanley county.
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orange or red, harrisburg, red cross, that's likely falling as some light snow. and dual pole radar detecting the same thing. shades of yellow indicating some wet snow. i took a peek outside the studios in north charlotte. there seemed to be snow grains mixing in with the rain. it's on the initial burst. the rest of it will be a chilly rain as this vibrant storm takes its energy and pushes out. notice the storm south of the atlanta metro. that's where the bulk of the moisture is with this thing. it's pretty moisture starved. but boy have we cooled off. in the 50s this afternoon. we're down to 45 in charlotte, university city, and harrisburg, 43 in belmont. and readings are in the 30s as you go toward i-40 and below freezing over the mountains. for the charlotte area this evening, for the most part, a cool rain, temperatures, now that they've cooled, they'll level off. around the low 40s. here's the future cast showing pockets of rain through this evening, again, this is not a big storm by any stretch. still some left over showers at 11:00.
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the shades of blue. and they are gone by the time we get up tomorrow morning. as we've been forecasting, a very fast moving storm. and i don't anticipate problems with frozen roads south of the mountains. temperatures will be in the mid 30s above freezing. only the high country will see freezing roads first thing tomorrow morning. at 5:30, we'll show you how much snow is in the forecast. we get sunshine back as we head through tomorrow afternoon. the mountains will likely be mired in clouds a good chunk of the day. late tomorrow afternoon, skies will clear out some. we'll be in the lower 40s in the charlotte area by mid to late morning. 50 at lunch time. and i'm forecasting temperatures in the mid 50s. well below average but hey a step in the right direction. your neighborhood forecast out in chester in the midlands, skies will clear out. we'll warm into the mid 50s tomorrow afternoon if not a little bit better. different story in blowing rock. there maybe some snow showers first thing in the morning. and then we'll gradually clear the skies as we head through the afternoon. there will be a bit of a breeze making it feel cooler. the weekend forecast, i haven't had a change.
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saturday afternoon. upper 50s, sunday, the pick of the litter. we'll be around 60 degrees and a very nice afternoon. my five-day forecast, oh by the way, next week hasn't changed either. still looking at a big warm up. the start of it on tuesday with highs around 70. >> gradually moving up there. >> it's going to be a nice uphill climb after tomorrow. >> thanks steve. crime and violence rising in charlotte mecklenburg schools. >> i just think you have to deal with the problem and not put a band aid on it. >> the strategy the district is pushing to keep kids in school and out of trouble. then over riding charlotte's lgbt ordinance. the support lawmakers now have and the action they want the governor to take. >> there is no clothing big enough to make you feel protected. a south carolina teacher quit after a student leaked
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the steps students are takithe st some south carolina high school students are calling for their teacher to come back to class after controversy over nude photos forced her to resign. leeanne arthur taught at union
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she says that a 16-year-old boy took her phone then with his own phone took pictures of nude images found on her phone and then posted them to social media. arthur says that all this was done while she was out patrolling the halls during a class change. >> he had to hit my apps button and to open all my apps and my gallery. >> the school district is still holding her responsible saying that she made her phone accessible. but students have started an online petition now asking that she get her job back. we want to ask what you think about this story and if she should get her job back. join the conversation by liking us on facebook. police identified the driver in a crash that killed a west mecklenburg high school student austin lock was behind the wheel. he's in the hospital tonight in critical condition. he was speeding police say on windy grove road when he lost
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15-year-old heaven died in the crash. police say charges are pending. police also released the name of a pedestrian who was killed in a hit and run in east charlotte. they identified jose gutierrez as the victim here. officers say he was crossing central avenue around 2:30 monday morning when he was hit by luis fernandez perez ramirez. all new stories are next, including new developments on this controversial sign at a charlotte restaurant. >> right now, no regrets. >> the new support for the sign and the trend it could start. and then three people including a 13-year-old in jail accused of robbing this east charlotte gas station at gunpoint. the trail they left behind that led police right to them. then suspensions down but up. the schools with the most
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or crispy 10-piece chickenmcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab your crew today. hurry inand say - lemme get a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ba tonight snow is sticking to the ground and homes across the north carolina mountains. we even saw some flakes in gastonia and mooresville. now look at these big flakes, eyewitness news reporter dave faherty captured while in lenoir. just a few moments ago. we just got video of snow
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if you look closely, you can see it there in statesville. closer to charlotte. we're seeing clouds and rain from our lake norman camera. i'm allison latos. >> and i'm scott wickersham. steve udelson is in severe weather center 9 tracking all of it. >> there's a lot going on. as the small vibrant storm really lit up our facebook and twitter feeds this afternoon. about 4:00, we started to receive reports in northern gaston county of snow and is that spread northeast through the charlotte area over the last hour or so. the area of concern, the oranges and reds on the radar. typically, this time of year especially, you see radar look like that, and you'd say heavy rain, that's not the case. that's actually falling as sleet and snow across lake norman thorough juan county, it's history. the same thing developed near lake wiley. it's sliding quickly to the northeast into portions of rowan county. the shades of yellow mixing
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albemarle. then into northern stanley county. locust at about 5:40. and albemarle at 6:05. other than that, it's primarily rain east of the mountains and primarily light snow in the and it's spotty. this is not going to be one of those huge winter storms. there's the future cast showing the snow tapering off in the mountains. this future cast just updated. you can see rain in the evening. and again, a few wet snow flakes as far south as i-40. but this is history by tomorrow morning. very little threat for heavy rain. no lightning or gusty winds and the threat for snow in charlotte is done. however, advisories are up in the mountains and adjacent foothills. upwards of two inches of snow will fall in the lower elevations. and two inches or more in the higher peeks. good news for ski country is. >> track the rain and snow with our weather app. use the interactive radar on your phone. suspensions at charlotte


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