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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  ABC  March 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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albemarle. then into northern stanley county. locust at about 5:40. and albemarle at 6:05. other than that, it's primarily rain east of the mountains and primarily light snow in the and it's spotty. this is not going to be one of those huge winter storms. there's the future cast showing the snow tapering off in the mountains. this future cast just updated. you can see rain in the evening. and again, a few wet snow flakes as far south as i-40. but this is history by tomorrow morning. very little threat for heavy rain. no lightning or gusty winds and the threat for snow in charlotte is done. however, advisories are up in the mountains and adjacent foothills. upwards of two inches of snow will fall in the lower elevations. and two inches or more in the higher peeks. good news for ski country is. >> track the rain and snow with our weather app. use the interactive radar on your phone. suspensions at charlotte
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>> but crime and violence are still increasing. it's a problem that we've investigated for months. eyewitness news reporter mark becker poured through the more than 100 page report to break down these new numbers. >> alison, this report gets into interesting details. for example, seven guns found in charlotte mecklenburg schools in 2014/15. also 258 school personnel were reported assaulted. but it also suggests that one of the strategies they're taking to work with discipline problems here is working. the report addresses crime and punishment in the classroom from just about every angle. over all the number of crime reports was up 2% last year. short-term suspensions, ten days or fewer were up 5%. while long-term suspensions, 11 days or more dropped slightly by 1%. here at charlotte mecklenburg, the number of crime reports rose by 14%. while short-term suspensions
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and long-term suspensions more than tripled. up 318%. and once again, a large percentage of those suspended here and across the state last year were african american. we took the report to school board members who were meeting on other business this afternoon but they told us they hadn't seen the numbers and didn't feel comfortable talking to them yet. but while the jump in crime reports is sure to catch their attention, the slight drop in short-term suspensions reflects an ongoing strategy to keep more students with minor infractions in schools. an approach that many here welcome. >> you're working with a lot of kids who have problems and they're usually low income. >> he's a grandparent who also runs an after school program for middle school students. >> you have to deal with the problem and not put a band aid on it or dismiss it and put them out of school and leave them home on the streets where they're more prone to crime. speak the report tracks drop
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in mecklenburg county and it shows that last year there were about 1,000 kids who dropped out of charlotte mecklenburg schools. that's actually down from 1400 four years ago. mark becker, channel 9 eyewitness news. you can see the full reports for your child's school district on we've posted the links inside mark's story on the home page. now to another major story tonight, the company building the i-77 toll lanes just had another road that it operates declare bankruptcy. we first told you today at 5:00, governor pat mccrory ordered a full review of the project that will effect thousands of drivers. some say this development could also directly impact the upcoming election in north carolina from local offices all the way up to raleigh. reporter jim bradley says it's giving some people a lot of power in these elections. >> yeah scott, of course, early voting for the march 15th primary in north carolina
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and on the ballot and the race for governor. and pat mccrory's name is on there. that bankruptcy down in texas puts him in a tough spot. because opponents of the toll lanes project here believe they can use political pressure now to get him to cancel the deal. centra is still clearing the way for construction of toll lanes on i-77. but the company's bankruptcy filing on a similar toll road in texas is giving new life to opponents of the 77 toll lanes. like state representative, charles jeter. >> i think the chance of this being canceled between now and where we were 24 hours ago has gone up exponentially. >> they're wasting no time in turning up the heat on governor pat mccrory. for months he's steadfastly backed the 77 toll contract. but today in asheboro, he opened the door to a change of heart. >> i've instructed my team to review every option that's available at this point in time. >> mccrory is sending his
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texas for discussions with centra. that's a sign the governor maybe looking for a way out of the controversy. he hasn't been able to shake so far in this election season. >> i think it's getting to the point where it makes sense for the governor to get rid of this now and that will give him time to recover by november. >> charles jeter says he believes canceling the state's toll contract is no longer a long shot. >> we were the under dog, you know, 50 to 1 odds. now we're the leader and the favorite. we're the betting odds favorite on a cancellation now. >> reporter: it's not just local toll opponents weighing in. attorney general roy cooper who is expected to be mccrory's opponent issued a statement calling on mccrory to cancel the contract with centra. this is an issue voters should expect to continue to hear a lot about. jim bradley, channel 9 eyewitness news. for eyewitness news at 6:00, reporter jenna deery is digging into why the charlotte area could still see toll roads even if the state decides to
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centra. there are more calls for state lawmakers to address charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. the city council passed it last week. it protects the rights of the lgbt community. but the controversial part in question here allows trans gender men and women to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. state leader phil burger and senate judiciary committee co- chairman buck newton said they're ready to take action when lawmakers convene in the coming weeks. >> under charlotte's policy, anyone with a nefarious motive could use this loophole to prey upon others. >> newton also pledged to day to introduce legislation to counteract the ordinance. opponents of the ordinance launched a statewide petition today urging that special legislative session. people can sign the petition on the keep nc safe website and contact local lawmakers. governor pat mccrory wants
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the case until the next legislative session starts which is april 25th. those against the ordinance say that's too long to go without discussing it. a rock hill inmate who walked out of a prerelease center more than a month ago was caught. police captured zack reeves yesterday. he'll be extradited to south carolina and charged for escaping and crimes investigators say he committed while on the run. they believe he broke into academy christian school and stole a gun hours after he left the prerelease center. a north carolina man who wrongly served two decades in prison for molesting his daughter is a free man. the judge says the justice system failed howard dudley and declared him innocent. he was serving a life sentence. his daughter who is 33 said multiple times that she lied about that assault. dudley says he still loves his daughter. a white police officer in alabama now faces murder
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of an unarmed black man. authorities say 23-year-old aaron smith shot and killed gregory gun last week outside of a home in montgomery after a struggle. investigators say it looked like gun had a weapon. but it turned out to be a painter stick. the officer's now out on bail. gun's funeral is saturday. his mother says she's hoping the officer will be there. local congressman robert pittinger is fighting to get federal funding back for local police. the justice department suspended a program that allows them to keep money seized during drug busts and investigations. pittinger wrote a letter cosigned by 17 other members of congress to attorney general loretta lynch urging the doj to resume the seizure program. channel 9 was told losing the money means they can't afford critical equipment to fight crime. now some agencies are pushing for a state law that would allow them to get that money back. major developments tonight.
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suspects accuse of robbing a busy east charlotte gas station was only 13 years old. the store sits right at the intersection of monroe and sharon amity surrounded by homes and businesses. today we talked to neighbors concerned the crime happened in their community. >> reporter: the manager of this 7/11 on the corner of monroe and sharon amity roads says it was a sloppy robbery. the three suspects took around $160 some cigars. but dropped most of them on the way out. >> it's crazy. >> they don't listen to authorities. and they don't listen to their parents. >> the suspects didn't make it far. a police dog tracked them less than a half mile away parked on mandarin boulevard. channel 9 cameras were there as police took the men into custody. we're blurring their faces because one of the suspects is only 13 years old. it's not good.
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neighborhood or anybody. especially that age. >> jeff lives on up and down reason i boulevard not far from where the suspects were arrested. he thinks it's disappointing to hear what happened nearby and the age of one of those accused. >> you don't start out to be a criminal in life. you make choices along the way. i think it's a sad state of where the economy is and where our culture is. that this is not okay. and people need to know that. >> no one was injured during the robbery. and the manager says his employees will be back at work tomorrow. we just received the names and mug shots of the other teens accused in the robbery. 17-year-old mark addison and 18- year-old ahante jackson are both in jail tonight. a hit and run crash knocked out power to 1300 people in west charlotte during rush hour this morning. police say a tractor trailer hit a pole at the intersection of bradford drive around 6:30. you could see the pole -- and the power lines lying in the road.
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>> keeping an eye on the rain and the snow continuing to push across the carolinas. i'll be using future cast to show you when it's on out of here. a drug bust at an apartment complex across the street from an elementary school. next at 6:00, the potent drug they uncovered and the details about the cross country operation only on channel 9. this northeast charlotte restaurant has been inundated with phone calls after this sign criticizing saggy pants and marijuana smells went viral. >> we're getting calls from people we don't know that are saying you guys are doing the right thing.
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co right now we are tracking this storm that is dumping rain and snow across the area. here's a live look at blowing rock where we've seen the snow falling on and off for the last two hours. it's starting to show up there on the ground. steve will be back in minutes to pinpoint what's headed for your neighborhood. new developments tonight on this charlotte restaurant sign that's gone viral on social media. on our facebook page alone, more than 700,000 people have taken a look at this story. and phones at the japanese
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been ringing off the hook. angela hong found out the restaurant may have a new following. >> reporter: since our story about these signs at this restaurant aired, the owners say several people have called expressing their support and some business owners have toll them they may borrow the idea. >> right now, no regrets. >> the owners of this restaurant stand behind their signs. they're independently opened and operated but this one has signs saying take your hoodie down, pull your pants up, finish your phone conversations and marijuana smell not allowed. the owners say it's about respecting other customers. >> we're getting calls from people we don't know they're saying you guys are doing the right thing. >> in fact, people came to eat here yesterday because of the signs. since the story was posted, more than a thousand people weighed in. most saying they like the idea.
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establishment looking classy. >> others commented saying they're put off on the sign. on facebook sara elaine said i think it should have been written out more respectfully. i think the sign is unprofessional. >> the fact it's so rudely stated and directed at the -- some points out that other charlotte restaurants have similar signs like midnight diner in the south end. they ask customers to pull their pants up too. >> i think it's very inappropriate and disrespectful to other people in the restaurant. >> the north carolina restaurant and lodging association says they do not have a stance regarding these signs and it's not something they've heard a lot about restaurants doing. but they say because this is on private property, the owners have every right to post them. reporting in northeast charlotte, angela hong, channel 9 eyewitness news. we'd like to know what you think about the warning to customers, join the conversation on our wsoc-tv facebook page. we're covering the carolinas county by county
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firefighters had to respond to a dust explosion at a plant in folston. this machine clogged up and caused a fire. it clogged with dust and caused a dust explosion. nobody was hurt. residents will be able to voice concerns tonight. the public hearing will address a permit for controlling a potential air emissions. neighbors have been pushing to stop the construction of the materials plant on highway 421 south. they're concerned about toxins seeping into their yards. the hearing is set to start at 6:00. it's being held in the watauga county court in room one. that's on west king street. a beautiful morning turning into a dreary afternoon out there. steve has the latest on rain and even snow.
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going to be an evening problem. nothing terribly heavy. but enough to slow things down. and excitement as snow flakes fell in the charlotte area. the vast majority of that changed over to chilly rain. from ansonville to new salem to monroe. southwest into lancaster county. where you see shades of yellow and orange from indian land south on 521 through lancaster toward heath springs. there maybe wet snow flakes or snow grains in this. it's sliding east along highway 9. tracking the back edge of this initial burst which is just about to clearlake norman almost to gastonia. it moves through huntersville? the next minute or two. at about the top of the hour. matthews and indian trail, a little before 7:00. but we've cooled off. 50s this afternoon. hanging on to 50 down east where the rain is just now going. but mid 40s from charlotte to chester. 38 in shelby and lincolnton.
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it's 36 in lenoir. it's colder up in elevation, 21 banner elk. and upper 20s in the high country. that's the only place i'm worried about road issues later tonight with accumulating snow. temperatures in the charlotte area, now that they've cooled, we'll sit tight. upper 30s. low 40s through 11:00. bus stop forecast tomorrow morning, mid 30s. nothing falling from the sky. there will be left over cloud, lower 40s 8:00 or so. clouds in the charlotte area are pretty much done by lunch time. then we'll get sunshine back and late day sun in the high country. a look at hourly temperatures now. this is east of the mountains in the charlotte area. 40 or so 9:00 a.m. near 50 by lunch time. generally low to mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. shy of our average. which by early march is close to 60 degrees. neighborhood forecast in fort mill will likely touch close to the upper 50s tomorrow afternoon as we dry things out
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gastonia, temperatures in the low to mid 50s tomorrow. cloudy start. the clouds may linger through lunch time before we get sunshine back. and up in statesville, clouds will linger through at least lunch time but notice the temperature, around 50 to 52 degrees tomorrow afternoon. with a bit of a breeze, it likely won't feel that warm. the good news is, once we're done with this system, we're done for a while. the slightest risk of a shower north of charlotte saturday night. other than that, little chance for precipitation, try, right into the early part of next week. but then the promised warm up begins. upper 50s on saturday. about 60 if not better on sunday. and warmer as we head into next week. check out the five-day forecast, that's more like it. mid 60s on monday. 70 on tuesday. and into the 70s the middle of next week. but still chilly rain we'll be dealing with tonight. >> a couple more days and spring will get here. >> it's getting closer. >> thanks steve. paying tolls to use i-77. at 5:00, we asked whether
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if the projects parent company faces money troubles. >> new at 6:00, why some say critics can't stop the developer but toll lanes around charlotte are inevitable. a local mother of two shot and killed outside her job. the car of this suspect made to his grandfather after the
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every da we want to get to breaking news we're following out of los angeles about a police chase. let's head over to anchor erica bryant in the breaking news center. >> that chase just ended. the suspect is now on the ground outside of a honey baked ham store out in the los angeles area. we have video from a moment ago. you see the suspect running there on foot. police say he ditched his car after a high-speed chase where they say he hit at least one other vehicle.
5:55 pm
police then raced in with guns drawn. and pulled him out. now we want to go to live pictures from the scene. this is from our abc affiliate in los angeles. officers have just put the suspect in the back of a patrol car. we're working now to find out why officers were chasing him in the first place. of course we'll continue to follow this story as it develops. we'll bring you new information as soon as we learn more. all right erica. thank you for that. people in south carolina complained more about car issues last year than about any other issue. the state's department of consumer affairs says it received nearly 4,000 complaints in 2015. and that resulted in more than $1 million being given back to customers in the form of credit, refunds or adjustments. utilities and debt collection were also high on the list of consumer complaints. a florida representative wants to ban iphones, ipads,
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federal officials until apple agrees to help the fbi hack into a terrorist's phone. david jolly introduced the bill in the house today that would forbid taxpayer money being spent on apple products until the company complies. apple's refusing to unlock the phone used by one of the san bernardino killers. we're tracking the powerful storm pushing across the area tonight. it's dumping snow in the mountains. some of it's sticking to the ground and the roofs of the homes and there's rain in charlotte. coming up next at 6:00, steve udelson pinpoints what's headed
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this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. for the last hour, we've been using the most powerful radar in charlotte to track a line of snow, sleet, and rain racing across our local neighborhoods. in most of the neighborhoods around charlotte, we've seen snow, it's been brief, but didn't stick. and communities in the mountains, they're preparing for a few inches to settle there tonight. i'm erica bryant. and i'm scott wickersham. steve udelson is tracking all of it for us tonight. >> we're tracking this line as forecast arrived just in time for the evening drive and the leading edge producing some excitement with snow mixing with sleet in and around the charlotte area. and sliding to the north and east. plain rain uptown. south of town through pineville, ballantyne, indian land down the i-5 corridor and toward monroe, the shades of orange is where it maybe mixing in. and a big shade of orange,
6:00 pm
north of highway 9. you'd see this, and you'd say, it's got to be heavy rain, let's show you the real deal. we can show you the difference. it can detect the difference between a rain drop and a snow flake. now we're seeing snow grains. north of lancaster. and plain old wet snow flakes on the highway 9 corridor. that changes to rain. don't worry, this is not a snow issue. one of the things we're dealing with, dry air, it's moistening up. as it does, it makes rain just about everywhere east of the hit and runs, -- mountains. 38 in salisbury and lancaster and hickory. in the high country, readings below freezing. there's the steady rain. more of it will be pushing out of the upstate. this is plain rain in the upstate. moving into chester and york county in the next 40 to 45 minutes. rock hill a little bit after.


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