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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  March 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the powerful few. . right now we're tracking more heavy downpours moving toward the charlotte area. i'm liz foster. >> i'm blake hansen. today's rain is just the start. tomorrow we could be dealing with serve weather. >> meteorologist john ahrens is using charlotte's most powerful radar to track it. >> we'll see more downpours coming at us in waves the next wave, looks like it will come in our direction by about 9:00. let's go to live early warning doppler 9 where it settled down in uptown charlotte. a little while ago, if you live north side up in highland creek in huntersville, it was coming down. still moderate rains right now in rowan county over kannapolis with a pocket of heavy rain. this guy moved through crowder's mountain. heavy rain and wind at 25 miles an hour pushing into concord. the next destinations for this will be the communities of rock well and granite quarry, northern side of rich field and
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meisenheimer. this is getting ready to move into parts of earl and kings mountain will be next. if we time it out further than that it will be near the community of stanly by 7:04. that will kind of settle down and get ready for the next wave. look how far the rain goes back. kansas. i'll pinpoint how long we'll deal with this rainy weather when we come back. >> thank you. to track the rain in your neighborhood. download the wsoc weather app. use interactive radar on your phone. >> tomorrow morning, republican presidential frontrunner donald trump will be in hickory for a final push out of tuesday's primary election in north carolina. >> his visit comes after several of the rallies turned violent over the past few days. tonight, eyewitness news reporter elsa gillis spoke to officials hosting tomorrow's event about security. elsa? >> blake, tomorrow morning there will be a very different scene behind me. this is where donald trump will be speaking. the university says they're
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than they're used to but smaller compared to other trump rallies. the facility holds just over 1,400 people but they expect more people to come, including protesters. for a small school, this is a big event to organize. security, a top priority, especially after trump had to cancel a rally in chicago when protests got out of hand. the university tells me they're hoping everyone is respectful of one another and they're not expecting any violence, but they're preparing for the crowds and all scen. >> we have our own university security that has been working with local law enforcement, the hickory police department, of course, the secret service, and that has been in the works from the beginning. certainly we have every confidence that they will handle it beautifully. >> the new police department, the catawba county sheriff's office and highway patrol will also be assisting tomorrow.
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gillis, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> the gop frontrunner is taking heat after all of the violence at his rallies and after cancelling his chicago appearance, trump keeps taunting demonstrators, even accusing them of being from the bernie sanders campaign. >> send them back to b! >> sanders is fighting back saying trump is lying, we'll continue to monitor the preparation for trump's event in hickory tomorrow, watch tonight at 10 and 11 for an update on security. just in the last hour, republican presidential candidate ted cruz spoke at a rally in concord. >> eyewitness news reporter alexa ashwell was there as he delivered his final message to voters ahead of tuesday's pr. >> yes, blake, liz, right now workers are tearing down the stage where this rally happened. crews spoke before hundreds of supporters here in concord for about 20 to 25 minutes. he talked about jobs, freedom, and security and asked the
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their vote on tuesday hand in hand and with the crowd on their feet, ted cruz and his wife took the stage here at the z-max drag way in concord. >> the heart of our economy is not washington dc. >>reporter: crews did not -- cruz did not sway from his rally a week ago in kannapolis. he vows to repeal "obamacare," pass a flat tax and secure the borders, akszs the senator says will impact wages and help with jobs the crowd used the bleachers as their sounding board as he talks about his >> i will not compromise away your religious liberty. and i will not compromise away your second amendment right to keep and bear arms! >> cruz also drew large cheers when he spoke of the need for
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supreme court and more support for our military. words that really resonated with stanly evans. >> being in vietnam where we had our hands tied behind our backs, i believe that we need a strong leader. >> and others. >> we support ted cruz. i have my family in israel. >> i brought my boyfriend here, he is undecided. hopefully this changed his op. >>reporter: now, i didn't notice any protesters here today when it came to talks of other candidates, trump remained the number one target, of course, because he remains the number one, the frontrunner for the gop nomination. cruz hopes the people of north carolina can help close that gap. reporting live in concord, alexa ashwell, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> okay. thanks alexa. tomorrow, the democratic candidates for president will be charlotte as well. >> bernie sanders will hold a rally at the pnc music pavilion at 4:0 p.m.. hillary clinton will be at an event outside of uptown at the grady coal center. doors open at 4:30 tomorrow night. in a few hours, clinton
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town hall at ohio state university. this is the last one for the candidates before tuesday's primaries. we'll have a complete coverage of the main talking points tonight at 10 and 11. channel 9 is your complete source for the 2015 presidential race. -- 2016 presidential race. you can find more on the candidates and their campaigns on website joobs a maryland a police officer has just been shot. there may ab an active shooter on the loose. residents should avoid rat and stay inside. authorities say the shooting happened at the landover police department. one person has been taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound. police haven't talked about the condition of the officer. we're monitoring a story right now and we'll bring you any new information on-air and online. new developments tonight. a judge has thrown out a man's 30-year prison sentence because
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the attorney is former north carolina law maker nick macky. the appellate judge over turned the case friday citing testimony from other testimony and jurors. some say macky slept frequently morning and evening for 30 minutes at least. the suspect was serving time in prison on drug and prostitution related charges. macky ran for mecklenburg county sheriff in 2007. he won the race but the decision was over turned by the state democratic party. he also pleaded guilty to a contempt of court charge after failing to show up for a trial in 2007. i called macky's law office but did not hear back. a devastating story in was the comba ga county after a -- watauga county after a 16-year-old boy was killed in a car accident. our partners at sent us these pictures. it went off mask gap road and down an embankment. the teen died. his 12-year-old brother survived.
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played a role in the crash. they're investigating tonight. shots were fired in an east charlotte burger king parking lot during lunch time. cmpd responded to the restaurant on ablemarle road. the people involved had scattered by the time they got there. the incident is troubling. police don't believe anyone is injured. tonight police in hickory are searching for a man they say shot a woman early this morning. officers are looking for madison marola. they have issued warrants for his arrest for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. they found helen baumer suffering from a gunshot wound. morola confronted baumer and another man and shot baumer. >> new at 6, 14 victims are dead and six attackers killed after
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on beach goers in ivory coast. the government says six armored men staged attacks in three hotels in a resort town. there al-quaida claimed responsibility. this is the third attack on a tourism center in a west african country since november. in less than an hour, loved ones will gather for a vigil to remember a woman hit and killed while crossing a busy north charlotte street last week. police say kamika collins ran in front of a car on west sugar creek road near rutgers avenue on wednesday. the driver tried to avoid hitting herp. tonight's vigil is at 7:00 p.m. at that accident scene. one local town could vote on a residence tlugs split away from cms as soon as tomorrow. why they're fighting a plan that could impact where thousands of children go to school. >> we have more heavy rain from the upstate. this is not severe but we may be
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talking abou . happening tomorrow, matthews town council could vote on a resolution to split from the charlotte-mecklenburg school district. >> and this all comes while the school board considers changing student assignment. mint hill is also considering a similar resolution. many town leaders say the district's proposal that could move thousands of students to different schools is creating a lack of stability and predictability for parents. leaders in huntersville. cornelius and davidson all voted and passed a similar resolution for student assignment just last week. those three resolutions asked cms leaders to make sure every student has a seat in their neighborhood schools. lake norman's chamber of commerce also sent a letter to the school board asking the same thing. more than 27,000 people responded to a student assignment survey cms sent out. this week, leaders released the
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said school staffing is most important to them. 75% said school environment, 67% said location and how close schools are to home. matthews board of commissioners meets tomorrow night at 6:30 at town hall. the decision to separate from the school district requires legislative approval. we're told leaders in matthews and mint hill have contacted state lawmakers. new tonight, a lincolnton man is facing charges after deputies say he was selling high grade marijuana in the denver area on a regular basis. deputies say they pulled over samuel lulling yesterday on highway 7 approximately three. they seized a quarter piend of hido uponic marijuana w00 to $1,000. lulling will be in court tomorrow. huntersville police are investigating after firefighters put out a large brushfire behind hopewell high school this afternoon. officials said it started from a previous campfire. it took firefighters about twos to put tout. >> right now we're tracking more
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>> meteorologist john ahrens is monitoring when the showers will hit your neighborhood. john? >> i think it will hit most of charlotte after the 7:30, 8:00, around that timeframe. in the meantime, we have pockets we're in between right now. systems over rowan county hammered away with very heavy rain in cab ras as well. just over downtown concord. look at rain fall over kannapolis right now. we knocked out the rain rates with our technology. this is the same guy, we were talking about it for crowder's mountain and north charlotte. where it was pouring rain and it is still that way. closer to an hour. still coming down, but maybe az at a lesser rate in china grove up highway 85 the communities of faith and salisbury and cleveland, north carolina and spencer is starting to see those rains. all of this pushing off to the east.
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will be next along lake tillry as well, so make sure you bring it below deck, but i don't believe we'll see a whole lot of lightning strikes as far as that is concerned. rich field and stanly county will see the shower activity between now and seven. the rain is starting to get going in gastonia as we wait for the next round. bessemer city and crowders maybe not as heavy what's came down but it will be pouring again. gaffney, south carolina is where the rain is right now if on the western side of the county moving to the north east at 40 miles an hour. cherryville and across huntersville will be in for that between now and 7:30. rain fall coming across the high country as well. zionville about to be hit with moderate rain. jefferson to to glendale springs. none of these are severe but we may have to deal with the risk later down the road. we're not finished with this my friends. tomorrow will be another risk for us especially after four when it gets so humid outside.
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from tennessee. it could be very stormy into the afternoon and evening time tomorrow. temperature right now in charlotte. 71. let's go to the futurecast. the rain starts to emerge out of the foothills by 5:00. maybe later for the guys. the pocket of cells maybe a strong downpour coming through 9:00 in rock hill and gastonia tomorrow. keep it with interactive radar and we're providing updates with facebook, live twitter as well when more storms can move in. we'll track heavy rain and lightning as big issues. some can have severe wind gusts, trees down, power lines certainly possible. it will be very warm and muggy before that weather comes in. it will be up near 80 and that will be fuel for the fire for those thunderstorms. best rain chances will be across the mountains and foothills and then later on into the evening, charlotte as well. if you live south of the area in
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all of this on the website, showers and thunderstorms possible, i would say from 4:00 to 9:00 tomorrow and that is kind of like what is happening right now. it could be wet, if you're planning to grill out in charlotte or north charlotte. you could have problems. rain is about to move where you are. that is not severe. it is tomorrow that it certainly could be. >> definitely a good time to have that weather app handy. >> thanks so much, john.
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see where north c if you're doing everything rightbut find it harder and harderto get by, you're not alone. while our people worklonger hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders.
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we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all
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the powerful few. . after sweeping the regular season and tournament championship it was apparent that north carolina will be a one seed in this year's ncaa tournament. the tar heels capped off a fantastic season leading
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tournament championship game. carolina will be a one seed in the philadelphia regional with their sights set on making it to the final four for a 19th time in program history. last time unc won a national title was in 2009. last year they fell to wisconsin in the regional semi-final. it is a record 15 number one seed for carolina they will most likely in play in raleigh. the blue devils will have their work cut out to repeat as national champs. they're the 4th seed battling unc wilmington in the west region. the game will be on thursday night in providence. big south winners unc asheville will play villanova in brooklyn. they received an auto mattive bid in the championship game. they're in the south region. the one seed in that region overall is kansas. arguably the hottest team next to the golden state
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7th straight game marking the longest streak in the league as we speak. you know, this team may be for real when they beat a team that had none of the past 10 games. the hornets dismantled the hornets, 125-109 snapping a 10 game losing skid to houston. walker scored 28 points. that is a career high. charlotte has won 13 of the last 15 games. head coach steve cleford says it is no surprise how well this team is playing. >> i believe that we have a way to play that fits for the playoffs, we have a way that we practice, we have a way to shoot around so you never want to get to the end of the year and have to change anything. >> it is all about preparation. what you do leading up to the games and guys work hard. each and every day to make shots and when guys get the opportunity to shoot, they're making plays. >> the coaching staff and the players, they come in and focus
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everybody puts everything into it and right now we're benefitting from the results. >> the hornets have their 8th straight win versus dallas the mavericks have lost five straight games the nascar boys are hitting left hand turns in phoenix. kevin harvik is the leader. kyle busch won his 3rd straight yesterday. he is three for three in the early season and showed no signs of anything less than domination. he led for every lap with the exception of 25 of the 200, but the big story is the hornets and even bigger story, ncaa tournament. we'll have more on that later on tonight. >> exciting. >> it is. definitely. finally! >> thanks. more rain coming through but this will not be severe. we're tracking it for you on live early warning doppler 9. it will be moving into charlotte after 7:30, spots like mountain island by about 7:09 but again, nothing severe here. we'll watch for tomorrow, though, that could add more heat and humidity in the mix and that is where we could see stronger storms. tracking that on facebook,
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after that is gone, still going to be warm for an another couple of days but cooler traditional spring like weather coming through as we'll be in the low 60s by next weekend. >> ooh. >> back down.
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and i welcome to "world news tonight." critics calling inging donald trump the fire starter. protests, punches, now finger pointing. for some, a do or die primary day on tuesday. the sprint starts now. >> breaking news, a pair of deadly terror attacks. the explosion ripping through a major capital city. gunmen storming a popular beach resort. alerts alerts. and a tornado threat for millions as we come on the air. super bug.


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