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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  ABC  March 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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damaging winds and hail by far the greatest threats. >> you can use the wsoc-tv weather app to track the storm as it approaches your neighborhood. it's free for iphone and android devices. to our other major story tonight. thousands of voters have come out to see the presidential candidates vying for their vote. we have crews spread across the area tonight in northeast charlotte where democratic candidate bernie sanders is speaking at a rally right now. to elizabeth where voters are all ready lining up to see hillary clinton who won't speak for another four hours. and then thousands couldn't even get inside when donald trump was at lenoir rhine in hickory today. >> eyewitness news anchor erica bryant is here to take us through the events in the area today. >> a huge day in our area with the candidates doing everything they can to sway voters before tomorrow's big primary. for senator bernie sanders,
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economy were strong issues. while speaking to a huge crowd at pnc pavilion. >> we have the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of almost any major country on earth. it is worse today than at any time since 1928. >> and in elizabeth, crowds are building to see sanders rival, hillary clinton at the grady cole center. now she's not expected to begin speaking until after 9:00 tonight. but the supporters are all ready there. they say they wanted to make sure they got a good spot. >> i'm here to support hillary. she has been such a fighter for women's rights and also criminal justice in all minority communities. so i'm here to support her. to cheer her on, go hillary. and on the republican side, supporters and opponents of donald trump clashed outside of his rally today in hickory. police ended up citing six people after a small fight
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even on the inside. trump's interview with new jersey governor chris christie was put on hold while a small group of people were there chanting and boos. but he said his critics are wrong and his rallies are full of love, not violence. >> these things are so incredible, it's a movement, and it's a love fest. and we love each other. and we're going to do so well. >> in the mean time, authorities in fayetteville are deciding now on whether to charge trump after they say one of his supporters punched a protester. the cumberland county sheriff's office says it's considering filing a charge of inciting a riot. alison? the tension at these campaign events reached a new level this weekend when violence forced donald trump to cancel a campaign stop in chicago. today in hickory, dozens of police were on hand to control clashing between trump supporters and protesters. eyewitness news reporter jim bradley talked to experts about
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during this election. >> this primary season has all ready been so different in so many different ways. and now you can add protecting these candidates to the list as well. we've all ready seen how the antagonism at some of these rallies has bubbled up into out right violence. a couple days ago we saw secret service agents rush in to protect donald trump as he spoke to a crowd in ohio. today there was plenty of evidence of security around trump again as he drove from charlotte to his event in hickory today. but for all the presidential candidates. in an unpredictable campaign. experts say security details are being more focused on the crowds and how they're acting. >> what many of the law enforcement professionals are really being made aware of is they have to try and anticipate that flash point. >> now there were plenty of protesters at the donald trump rally. we'll keep a close eye on that bernie sanders rally for the
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closely when hillary clinton speaks later in charlotte. plus i'm taking a look at how unusual it is to have all this political tension in the charlotte area in the same day, that's coming up at 6:00, jim bradley, channel 9 eyewitness news. with north carolina's primary now just hours away, channel 9 is investigating which presidential candidates are getting the most financial support from people in the state. >> our producers and i spent days digging through thousands of individual campaign donations. we found the man leading the republican race in north carolina is not getting a lot of financial support here. when it comes to elections, political science professor eric says money is ammunition. >> money is important. because it gives you the ability to get your message out. >> and we will pass -- >> mostly in the form of tv ads. >> we can make a political revolution. >> like the ones you've seen running more and more the past few days. so who's raised the most so far in north carolina?
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nearly 3700 individual donations in north carolina. totaling almost $1.4 million. bernie sanders had more individual donations, 7,000. but they add up to less. $466,000. and some think that's a sign. >> her high number, you think that's a sign she has more support here. >> among republicans, ted cruz had almost 4500 donations for almost $500,000. marco rubio had nearly 1200 donations for 326,000. john kasich had 57 donors giving almost $42,000. and look at the bottom, donald trump. 107 people donated a total of just over $30,000 to his campaign. but some people think that doesn't matter. >> i think his name is definitely out there. so he doesn't really need a whole lot of extra boost. >> i know absolutely no one. no. >> who donates money to politicians. >> no one.
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only 2% to 3% of the population donates. he doesn't think trump's lower number is a reflection of his support. and trump hasn't made an effort to raise money. and he needs it less than the other candidates. >> trump's relied on free media attention. he has a knack for getting coverage for using social media to get his message out. >> we also investigated which big local companies are supporting the front in runners donald trump and hillary clinton. while many of them do have political action committees, so far none of them have donated directly to either candidate. but a small number of their employees have. among the workers, the ones at bank of america stadium, wells fargo, duke energy, lowe's home improvement and new core steel have overwhelmingly supported hillary clinton with 68 donations to her campaign. five for trump. there could be a reason for that. >> corporate america likes stability. so they tend to favor moderate democratics and mainstream republicans.
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charlotte leaders who each donated $500 to hillary clinton's campaign including lyles. clinton's campaign. eyewitness news anchor liz forter is inside the bernie sanders event at pnc arena. she'll have a full break down of his message to voters. and hillary clinton is expected on stage at the grady cole center after 9:00 tonight. watch hillary's event live at you can also see all of our coverage from today's events. ask you can even look up all the north carolina individual donor donations to all the different candidates. right now we're following breaking news happening in huntersville. medic is responding to a gunshot wound on townley drive near the very popular shopping center birk dale village. chopper 9 sky zoom is on the
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medic took one person to cmc hospital with life-threatening injuries. we're calling police and asking them if they're looking for a suspect in this case in what led to the shooting. chopper 9 is not too far away. we'll bring you new information and live pictures. stay with us. crime scene tape surrounded this lancaster county home for hours today after police say a man shot and killed his stepson and then turned the gun on himself. it happened before 5:00 this morning on connor street. greg suskin found out what happened when officers searched the home. >> they went in, first police found the body of tj price jr. in the bed room of that home as they were moving along to search other rooms they heard a gunshot coming from another bed room they were approaching. family members and friends filled connor street for hours awaiting any word on what left two people dead here. >> i still can't believe it. even though i'm standing right here. >> she's a cousin to the
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shot and killed by his stepfather, 48-year-old barack early this morning. it happened in their home after the family had been out together last night. >> it's a tragic loss. i feel like we've lost one of the good ones. >> the family moved here from great falls five months ago when their home there caught fire and police told me they had no prior calls here about this family. tyrell hayes was with price hours before he died. a man who he says always encouraged him. >> i looked at him as a big brother. he'd give me money and anything i needed. >> he seemed upset last night and acted strangely but they didn't know why. police called sled in to investigate and spent seven hours inside the house. they wouldn't comment about the gun used or release statements from witnesses. and police also saying very little about motive tonight except this appears to be an argument that simply escalated out of control into violence.
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men for tomorrow morning. we're live in lancaster, greg suskin, channel 9 eyewitness news. i'm tracking the showers ask storms now in the mountains soon to be marching east through the charlotte area and then eventually into the pd river valley. we'll use the future cast to show you the track. a busy night for police. after they say a shooting led them to three different scenes. channel 9 takes a closer look at the private club where police believe the violence may have started. the case against a man sentenced to 30 years in prison thrown out after his attorney allegedly slept during the try. >> i've been practicing the law for 32 years and i've never
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we're asking there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education.
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will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sandersand i approve this message. tonight we're keeping a close eye on this powerful storm system pushing closer to the area. now approaching the mountain communities. steve will be back in minutes to break down the biggest threats. and we have new information on the breaking news we told you about out of cornelius. police say a shooting near the birk dale village only involves one person and there's to threat to the public. medic took one person to cmc with life-threatening injuries. also presidential
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less than 24 hours from north carolina's primary. this is a live look outside the grady cole center where hillary clinton will take the stage in about four hours. and coming up next at 6:00, we have team coverage of all the campaign events today. a former state representative from charlotte is facing new controversy involving his legal practice. last night at 11:00. we told you a judge threw out a man's 30 year prison sentence because his attorney, nick mackey allegedly slept during the trial. >> he saw our coverage and sent a statement saying those allegations go back to his battle from mecklenburg county sheriff. blake hanson went straight to him for answers. >> reporter: the legal world is buzzing today after this blistering opinion on a case handled by state representative nick mackey. >> the facts of the case are bizarre. it just doesn't happen that a lawyer falls asleep during a very serious trial.
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houma can how, mackey handled a case. although reagan was convicted, the new appellate court opinion sited witnesses who said mackey fell asleep during the trial. one attorney said the judge said mackey's name and mackey jumped up and sort of looked around and was licking his lips. a juror said he totally dozed off. matthew represented reagan in his appeal. >> he's happy that he gets an opportunity. obviously before he didn't feel he got a fair shot. >> today mackey sent a statement to channel 9 in part saying i've always maintained and still do maintain that the allegations against me regarding this case are untrue and are the result of a contentious political battle for sheriff. experts like james wyatt wonder why the sleeping wasn't addressed before the trial was over and reagan sent to jail for ten years. >> i've been practicing law for 32 years and i've never heard
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>> blake hanson, channel 9 eyewitness news. although mackey's license was suspended in 2010 on unrelated matters, blake checked and it's still active today. prosecutors told him they'll retry the case all over again. that means reopening a case more than ten years old and relocating the old witnesses. you can learn more about the string of problems mackey has faced in the last several years on we've put together a time line and you can look for it inside blake's story on the home page. today charlotte's mayor started her work to bring more after school programs to students in the queen city. jennifer roberts held a summit at friendship missionary baptist church with members of the faith, business, and nonprofit community to figure out how to expand charlotte's after school programs. during her campaign, she said she wants every child to have access to good quality programs.
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our youth stay in school, and gain productive skills they'll use later to be successful. >> the mayor is working with the community and private partners to create a central organization to help parents find those quality programs. now let's check in with steve. it looks nice over uptown charlotte. but some storms are forming out there. and steve, you said they're heading our way. >> they are. and john talked about this. these clouds beginning to billow up in the charlotte area. showing signs of more development. and we're seeing big storms over the north carolina mountains. this is up in ash county. grayson had a very powerful storm. 60 cloud to ground lightening strikes in the last five minutes. that's a powerful storm. heavy rain as well. rain rates an inch an hour. also as you work your way through caldwell and burke counties, we're seeing more of a general area of light rain. that moves through morganton and lenoir. hudson and granite falls by 6:15. hickory at 6:30. taylorsville a few minutes after that.
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where there's a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the greenville area. lots of like with it. putting a track on it. it's moving up the i-85 corridor. so give you an idea as to how long it will take to arrive, shelby at 7:30. assuming it holds together. right now it's showing signs it will. we'll see more storms develop. and it's being fed by the warmth and humidity. upper 70s to near 80 in the charlotte area. warmest where the clouds are thinnest. wadesboro, rockingham, and chesterfield, 80 plus. we have low to mid 70s along the i-40 corridor. mountains have cooled some with that locally heavy rain. about to light up the grill for dinner in the charlotte area, watch out for storms toward 7:00 or 8:00, especially west of town. temperatures before then in the mid 70s. and we should be fine. the future cast over night tonight, it's hard to believe it's mid march with readings like this when you get up in the morning. mid 50s in most neighborhoods. at least the sun is back tomorrow.
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and more warmth as well. temperatures as warm as they were during the day today. here's a look at hourly temperatures in and around the charlotte area. remember our average high is only 62. we should be there shortly after 9:00. low 70s by lunch time. pushing 80 as we get together again early tomorrow evening. rain chances after tonight. you'll be waiting until thursday for a few scattered showers and then possibly over the weekend, bigger story over the weekend, it may actually feel more like mid march. your pinpoint regional forecast in the mountains tomorrow, sunshine, look at the warmth, still up around 70 degrees. up toward the i-40 corridor. out toward salisbury. afternoon highs in the upper 70s. charlotte area touching 80. east toward albemarle. rock hill and monroe, low 80s. the south carolina midlands on highway 74 and along the highway 9 corridor. low to mid 80s tomorrow. five-day forecast, we're going to cool it down as we head toward the weekend. we'll see a couple showers on saturday. but it's the cool down.
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but compared to where we've been. when you step outside this weekend, you'll notice the difference. >> the luck of the irish bringing the cool air back. >> afraid so. all right thanks. a shooting sent a man to the hospital and had cmpd officers spread out at three different scenes. at 6:00, what we uncovered about the private business police say had people in this parking lot until 4:00 this morning. hillary clinton's visit here tonight makes three major presidential candidates visiting the charlotte area within hours of each other.
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about tomorrow's north about tomorrow's north there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of goingto college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will bea birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an americawhere after a lifetime of labor, there is timefor rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carriesso much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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and i ask for your vote. in less than 30 minutes, a public meeting will start in cleveland county. it focuses on the cliff side steam station and rogers energy complex. the coal ash ponds have been
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they have to be closed and capped by 2029. this meeting comes a week after the state said well water near the coal ash ponds in gaston and rowan counties is safe to drink. the meeting starts at 6:00 at the boiling springs town hall on east college avenue. officials say the engineer of this derailed passenger train noticed a bend in the rail and hit the emergency brakes before the accident. it was going through a rural part of kansas when seven train cars jumped the tracks after midnight. 29 passengers were seriously hurt. many were shaken by everything they witnessed. >> one gentleman just stopped me kind of in the darkness of the field and said friend, friend, and i said, are you all right? what's going on? he said is there any blood and i shined my cell phone light and his face was very bloody. >> the ntsb is trying to determine the exact cause of
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>> a man in prison for two decades for a murder he didn't commit was found dead in his car. police haven't released the circumstances surrounding his death since finding his body. he was charged with the rape and murder of a news paper copy editor in 1984. he was exonerated in 2004 after dna evidence cleared him and another man confessed. new documents show dozens of workers were flagged for potential ties to terrorism. the paper work revealed 73 employees were allowed to work because the tsa didn't have access to all terrorism related data bases. the tsa says none of the employees were on a terrorist watch list and they don't believe any of them are a threat. severe storms developing now over the north carolina mountains. next at 6:00, chief meteorologist steve udelson will pinpoint when the storms arrive in your neighborhood. then presidential campaigns pushing for your vote on the
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primary, bernie sanders event just wrapped up and dozens are all ready lining up for hillary away tonight. coming up next at 6:00, we have team coverage and how important
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and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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now, from the news team that's covering the carolinas, this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. hail, wind, and heavy rain, potential threats from this line of storms that's marching toward charlotte tonight. we're using the most powerful radar in the area to pinpoint when it will arrive. now, for the last hour, we've been watching as clouds have been pushing in to the charlotte skyline. i'm erica bryant. chief meteorologist steve udelson joining us now from
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latest on the storms and the time line for all of this. >> scott, conditions are ripe for showers and storms in the charlotte area, pushing 80 this afternoon. we saw plenty of sunshine out there. look at the mountains seeing storms pushing across ash county, on top of lansing. a lot of cloud to ground lightening. and locally heavy rain. toward grandfather mountain, we're seeing a developing storm. it's about to cross highway 105. it's moving northeast through seven devils and boone in 15 minutes. the biggest storm on the map where there's a severe thunderstorm warning is over greenville south carolina in the upstate. that's producing a lot of lightning. and some large hail. i'm seeing signs of hail to the size of quarters. and that's going to push to the east south of i-85. so it's going to move toward clover at 8:00, lake wiley at 8:15. toward york and rock hill as well. here's a look at the future cast, it's not going to be one solid line of storms but we'll
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along with this line moving east through about 7:00 and 8:00. it reaches the peek in the charlotte area by 9:00. that's where we stand the greatest threat of heavy winds and hail. by 11:00 tonight, the stuff is history, you can track the storms as they roll into the neighborhood with our wsoc-tv weather app for apple and android devices. the free app gives you access to radar and gets your hourly forecast down there and weather alerts at your fingertips. >> three presidential candidates making a last ditch push in the charlotte area for your vote. pushing their policies. >> we are going to invest in jobs and education. >> on the eve of the north carolina primary. >> now thousands packed events today for donald trump and bernie sanders and people are all ready lining up for hillary clinton's campaign stop in


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