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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now. a man found dead ... this weekend ... new at 6:00, a man found dead this weekend, near a spartanburg county restaurant, the latest in the case, why investigators think a driver maybe involved. today ashville woman face as judge after being arrested with 3 others in connection with an amber alert. first violent weekend storms caused oh 40 deaths involving a deadly combination of tornados and flooding. tonight that very same storm system created blizzard-like conditions in texas, oklahoma and new mexico and could create delays for family and friends headed home from christmas break. more than 1400 flights have been canceled across the u.s., with 2600 others delayed.
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are under a tornado watch as a deadly storm makes its way east. a wind advisory and flood warnings in effect for parts of our viewing areas, including bunkham county, greenville, spartanburg, anderson and oconee counties. let's get to jason nappi. flooding concerns will get worse as heavy rain moves in from the west. a flood watch by the national weather service for counties in green, until thursday morning for two rounds of rain, coming our way, one tonight and one on wednesday. 3-5 inches total from the storms up to 6 inches locally and landslides and rock slides responsible with the rain. wind advisory for wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour, in the counties in blue, higher elevations western north carolina and power outages, here is the rain, moving in to northeast georgia, western north carolina now, continues the get heavier as you head towards atlanta, up and down
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rough go of it, for tonight, your greenville zone planner showing a temperature around 71, very warm for tonight, 30 degrees above average. tomorrow rain in the morning, showers in the day, more clouds than sun, i'm going to tell you how much rain you can expect coming up in your full 5 zone tonight, sptucounty investigators aretrying to figure out how a man found behind a restaurant died. mike, we are hearing investigators are calling this death suspicious, why is that. >> the man was found on the side of the road, the coroner says autopsy yesterday, did not show a cause of death, but did show several injuries on the man's body, within the past couple of hours, we learned the coroner's office is investigating this as a possible hit and run. what's going to happen." >> reporter: joseph bracket lives step from where investigators found the man
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>> it's a little shocking this close to the house. i'm always walking this road at night. >> reporter: the coroner identified the man as 36 year old brent tesneer. investigators say emergency responders took him to spartanburg regional with he later died, the coroner says an our topsy showed several -- autopsy showed several injuries but wouldn't describe the nature of those injuries. >> i heard about it this morning. >> reporter: william, owns a bar down the road. >> it's sad. i hate to see that. you got stuff all over the place. it's part of life now i guess. i talked with tesneer's ex-wife... >> reporter: i talked with his ex-wife off camera, she told me she hasn't talked with or seen him in a while, if you have
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information about the case, give crime stopper as call, reach them at 1888 crime sc. greenville county, a death investigation over the weekend has become a homicide case. it's a story that we have been following since sunday night after an argument ended in gunfire. deputies arrived a home on perry road and found nathan lee crouch dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. no suspects have been named. if you were in the area sunday night, and heard or saw anything, call crime stoppers at 23-crime. a woman faced a judge to face charges for a weed kidnapping. the kids were found safely in sway knowna. -- swannanoa. suspectsnatasha cantrell, christopher carter, and
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three other suspects, cattralls carter and again were found in georgia. the four knew the family who was visiting from out of town. >> we have evidence to go through determining who played a part in what. we don't want to jeopardize that. there could be more charges. >> the three georgia suspects are facing kidnapping and child abduction charges in ashville. we are still waiting to finds out when they will be extradited from jackson county georgia back to north carolina, so with unanswered questions, the motive still isn't clear. now to south florida, clemson is getting ready for the orange bowl. we are three days away from the battle with oklahoma sooners and 7 sports todd summers is in south florida with how the tigers are getting ready return during the early part of the season, defense looked as good as that defense from a year ago.
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it's just not been the same. north carolina scored 37 points, south carolina, had 32. tape. >> good defense, ea areas are there. we got to make sure we expose it. >> reporter: productive as of late. with over 145 yards a game, last six contests, and 12 total touchdowns during the span. that is where the confidence comes from. >> our confidence comes from within our locker room. we know that we are going to make plays, we know there is no defense in the country that can shut us down. he is confident in the result of thursday's orange bowl. >> they are just another team that has to get beat in order for us to go up.
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aware of the issues and coming up at 6:00, sports, 15 minutes, let you know what the coaches said to the players to make sure the message got through that this issue wouldn't continue in to thising on bowl. and coming up wednesday -- orange bowl. con up wednesday evening at 7:30s we hope you will join us on 7 news for our orange bowl preview, a half hour look aheads to the game. the winner earning a spot in the national championship. it is the week of christmas returns. what if you g gift card that you don't want some stores like target, now offer an ex change program that let's you turn in a third party gift card for a gift card with lesser value. you can use gift card exchange web sites like card pool and card cash and scan a gift card at a coin star kiosk. they will make you an offer. if you wondered what to do with the christmas tree, can't
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imagine throwing it out, you might consider sinking it. the army corps of engineers is collecting real christmas trees through january. crews bi them together and sink them in different parts of why? they say it creates habitat for small fish, protecting them and that attracts larger fish to the areas. creating a fisherman's haven according to ranger jess fleming. >> we put the trees in and providing the structure and fish habitat. a small e eco system with a bundle of trees and it does in turn, the fishermen benefit from that. >> the corp.of engineers asked all trees be in the natural state when you drop them off. no lights ornaments or tinsel. straight ahead...facebook users don't be foool find r dro off location at a close look at a hoax tonight ... involving facebook creator mark zuckeand plans for millions of dollars.
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to college ... it doesn't mean that you have to live on the bottom of the foocn .tof the top paying jobs...labor officials say you
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it sounds too good to be true...then maybe it is. well ... tonight .. that's the case for .. co post... a case for a facebook post saying mark zuckerberg is giving millions of dollars. or gin of the false post -- origin of the false post, he announced the birth of his daughter. in the post, the zuckerbergs said they would donate 99% of facebook shares. the new hoax claims that by copying and pasting a post to your page, and thanking zuckerberg, you could bput in the running for 4.5 million dollars, some claim it was announced on good morning america.
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watchout for that one folks. despite one of the biggest hackings of the year, cheating website, ashley madison hasn't stopped signing up users. it now has more than 43 million member, that's up 4 million from the summer. it exposed information for estimated 32 million members. even with new members the website may not survive ashley madison's parents company faces numerous class action lawsuits. starting a career, u.s. labor officials are highlighting the top paying positions without a degree. dry wall or ceiling tile installers could earn you annual salary of $39,000. for the best paying jobs you can find with a high school diploma, elevateer in staller or repairers, they carry a
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straight ahead, at 6:00, from organ transplants to tissue donations, meaning life or death for those suffering medical issues. the story of up state professor
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upstate man..will soon be headed to california.o rose parade. but this trip..isn't just about the famous floats.. or the football... seven n reporterlauraha tells us..about what his all about. "nats teaching in classroom" professor.. miren ivanki.spends his days in the classrooms . teachingut.t andeuniversity.. in his free time .. he's always on the go.. rn. he t students at anderson in his free time he is on the go, running and swimming and staying active. when he was in his 30s, he noticed something wasn't quite right. >> all of a sudden, i had stiffness in my joints, just hips, a lot of stiffness, a lot of mobility, i felt some pain.
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>> reporter: he had severe arthritis, in both hips that kept him from the activities he loved so much. his doctor had to do surgery and used donated bone. >> i received the deceased person's bone that was used during my hip surgery. >> reporter: he is now back to competing, the tissue recipient took home 6 gold medals in transplant games of america. >> i completed in swim, running, cycling, track and field. >> reporter: on january 1st in pasadena, california. he is one of 24 people selected from across the country to participate in the donate life rose parade floats, the float pays tribute to the donors themselves. >> thiyear we are honoring 60 deceased donors. >> repor:a millions watch the parade and see the message, he hopes more people will learn about organ and tissue
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donations and hear his story of how the donations can change lives. >> because it's a shortage, people are dying. thousands every year, because they don't receive a life saving organ. >> reporter: laura thomas, 7 news. >> this is the 13th annual rose parade float. he is the first from up the state to go. only the third from south carolina to ride the donate life rose parade float. i'm tracking heavierain, pushing through the area tonight, we will see temperatures holding in the 60s, even around 70, very warm outside, for the end of desks and december. rain, two rounds of rain with a flood watch in effect through midweek. one round tonight, another round wednesday, around midday,
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cooler and dry for new years eve. 5 zone forecast, for tomorrow, a temperature around 70, warm and humid, fog in the morning, on and off shower activity, we will see those 50s for lows in to the overnight tonight. 24-7 live doppler, shows things mostly dry in the upper state now, that will change eventually, as the heavier rain tracks northeast and east, up interstate 85, northeast georgia and atlanta, heavy rain, also through tennessee, moving in to western north carolina, we will see that heavier rain start to make its way in to the mountains and the blue ridge, all of this rain associated with a cold front that is tracking east, clear in memphis, snow well north of chicago and the front is pushing through atlanta, ventsly, greer, over towards raleigh and dc. i will track it hour by hour now for you in to tonight, 8:00 tonight, light to moderate rain
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in downtown greenville, heavier rain, northeast georgia, there will be flooding issue there is at that time, put the map in to motion, by about midnight, see the heavier rainmaking its in to east of greenville, spartanburg, lawrence county, east of anderson as the line continues to weaken somewhat when it moves east and clearing out in clemson, over towards oconee and pickens. rain showers coming down at 3:00 in the morning, east of spartanburg, heavy at times, thin line of rain pushing east, begins to move out by the morning rush hour commute, we will see things improve significantly tomorrow, once that line pushes out. as far as the rain forecast goes, not that much rain in the forecast in the up state, heavier along the blue ridge, where the winds will also be a factor, watch the wind forecast up around 50 miles per hour gusts and power lines could come down in the forecast up towards western north carolina.
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breezy tomorrow, and we will not have anything in the way of high wind. 5 zone forecast for temperatures around 70, lows in the 60s and 50s, now, next 3 days , the forecast, showing 60s, well above average, around 2 of heavy rain on wednesday. friday, saturday, sundaynew years eve and new years day looks fine. we will see 50s with lows in the 30s and the mountains showing the 40s, 50s, lows in the 20s, break out the winter coats. what's the still ahead at 6:00, what is the deal with clemson's defense? back to south florida for some
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panthers have plenty of focus
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we got to play better. that's unacceptable in this time of the year. >> not a most wonderful time of year for the panthers, simple, win against tampa bay sunday, they got home field advantage, if they were to lose, and in the cardinals beat the seahawkses and arizona gets home field in the playoffs. in terms of the game week, it's wednesday, not a monday in clemson's world. back to todd summers in south florida with the tigers continuing their preparations for that ball game. >> reporter: against south carolina, they got 29 points in the second half, against north carolina, giving up 21 points in the final 17 minutes of that game. aloud the opponent to make the game too close for comfort especially for brent. >> i have been really displeased with our lapses that we have had in both the south carolina game and the north carolina game particularly
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got to have more of a killer instinct. >> reporter: laiob the coaches to the players. >> he took us aside, they laid out the stats to us and showed how we were playing. they tell it to us and got our focus back right. it was huge for us. >> we knew what our problem was. we accepted the challenge and going to go out and put on the show. >> reporter: put oa she, similar to the one the last time they played at sun life stadium when they beat miami this year, 58 nothing. the challenge will be steeper when they play the sooners on new years eve in south florida. hollywood, todd summers, back to you. a goose egg put out by the defense last time they were in south florida. wednesday nh we got a full half hour look ahead to the tigers and sooners second straight year they meet in a
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more on the line this time. elsewhere, women holdingon to number two in the ap poll. men move up to 24. both teams unbeaten. basketball tournies are undreway the area... high school basketball tournaments continuing around the area. a 10 point lead in the opening half against spartanburg. whitmore with the bomb. the vikings closed the game on a 27-12 run. spartanburg winning the opening round game over lawrence at the doorman boys and girls tourny. ladies sand lapper, east side. greenville, they roll over clennon by a final count of 83- 21. the texians win on sunday.
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different quarterbacks this year. the yankees make trade with the reds and get chapman. thank you for joinius see you here at 7:00 and i will be here at 11 tonight as well. hope you have a great night. thanks for joining us. lec e-
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