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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  December 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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forced evacuations. plus in fewer than 48 hours thth clemson tigers will face the oklahoma sooners,college play offs from south florida. straihhweare going to take you there for preparations on the orange bowl. first we are learningnew details about a s sooting in taylors a short while ago. a 7 news crew is at the scene in mountain trace townhomes on buttercup way in taylors. we've confirmed a woman was shot in the leg and was taken to the hospital expected to be okay. investigatoseesga suspect and you'll find updates on this story as our crews get new information 2015 coming to a close with flooding in parts of western north carolina this mon the county where you see flood waters tearing through a mobile
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a creek shreds foundations, ripped out insulatintore up pavement and toa shed and threw it against a home. crews needed aboat to rescue the man who lives in this house. next d water reached the top of the steps and got so high it forced the people who live inside out of their home. >> yeah i've lived in here probably 25 years. this is the worsi've ever seen it innere. >> witnesses tell us the red cross helped some of these folks find somewhere to stay. we have not heard of reports of anybody being injuredbut there's a huge mess to clean up. and that now the roar of raging flood waters from the river this morning in jackson county north caroa itsoalo families in the temporary shelter after they were forced to evacuate from th hes yolive in the biltmore forest area you can't dial the police department directly.
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to flooding. you can still call 9 911 and other agencies wil in touch with the po department. here inhepsteweeks of rising waters resulted in the flooding banks this morning in landrum farm. thmts s had to move 200 of his edue to heavy rain over the past couple of days. tonighthere's a high water emergenin effect at lake greenwood's buzzard dam on highway 34. that's goinggto require a release of water from the lake greenwood area into the river. if you lvetriver you need to be aware of the heavy flow of water that's going to move down stream over the next few days. so tonight sc dot officials keeping a close eye on the saturated ground that could effect upstate road pavements and repairs that have been made. the roads are driving on right now dave has more on that but first meteorologist jason
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looking forwardto tonight and on our morning commute. >> dry for tonight but a flood watch up for tomorrow and for good reason expec t inch of rainfall on the saturated ground. stream creek and rain flooding possible as well as rock slides in the higher elevations inn yorday on wednesday. moisture striup from the south eventually. rignnot much green on the map but i can promise you you will see an increasas in moisture fromthe gulf of mexico and the atlantcin the overnighttnd thawill eventually get here tomorrow. here's the forecast into the 60s above average temperatures and rainfall. we'll see a chance for thuhuderstormsa few which could be severe and i'll be tracking also your new years eve forecast which right now looks pretty good. this picture in your five zone forecast. >> all right jason. anybody that's eon the roads lately it's like playing pin ball out there and crews
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norlto get all of that fixed. live inspartanburg county w hpart of the story, dave? >> hey there gordon. generally whnthere's been a heavy rain dot crews move in and fix the pothole and then they move out but apparently there's more rain moving in and that's going to take the repairs a lot longer to handle. south onhas some of the worst roads in the country and last week's rain didn't help. receding water revealed potholes aplenty. >> lately they'been showing up a lot after this rain damage. >> lo found that out the hardaway hard wayafter hitting a pothole. he showed the new repaired tire. >>'a lot of money out of your pocket for a tire or a rim. >> brandon wilson a dot maintenance engineerdrove over
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way to work this morning. he say sone of many. >> we came in today tofind out there were quite a few potholes that developed over the weekend. >> fixing them is not going to be easy. more raiforecasted for the rest of the week which caused the patching material used to repair potholes to wash away and the overcast condition caused more problems. without the sun the potholes don't dry out are not able to get the material to stick so it causes a burden in trying to keep the roadways in good shape. >> not the news moon dragon was hoping to hear. >th' lot of potholes and i think we should get them fixed. >> antelling me they are taking this very seriously. we are told that this is an all hands on deck situation. they are using everyone they can to try to get these potholes fixein a timely fashion. by thway they are asking the public if they know of any potholes to reportthem and if your car has been damaged they
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it could take four months to decide whetheror not you should be reimbursed for that damage. all of that information on our website under links mentioned. liv tonight along i-85 dave jordan seven news. >> dave thank you. tonight floodinbig concern in columbia. the national weeservice issuing a river flood advisory for the congery river. it was at 15 feet just shy of the 19-foot flood stage. two months ago a breeched levy triggered this flood and flowed into a nearby treatment plant leading to boil water advisories leaving eo iul efor days. all of the latest weather alerts available withe touch of a button. download to youdroid or smart phone. find itihapp store or google play.
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clemson tigers showiow thursday afternoonih orange bowl and asyou might imagine the anticipation is growing for the big game. the 13-0 tigers squad facing the 11-1 sooners. and the twitter account posted with the new cleets and gloves the tigers will be wearing during thursday'sm dmayrthe two teams and todd summers who has been having a pretty good time down there it looks like is joining us from south florida. hey there today together. >> gordon we spent the last several days breaking down aspects of the football game but today was media day so we decided to ask them who can dance and who canwho can run and who is flat out slow? >> who's the fastest player on the team? >> peek. >> peek. >> peek. >> coa scott. >> your teammates disagree.
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we've got a lot of fast guys on the team. >> we line them u and run 40s who is the slowest. >> tyrone crowder. >>'o with tyrone crowder. >> have some teammates that might or might not have pointed you out. >> i'm the second fastest on the team. [laughter] >> yoo think it's you. >> i'm not the slowest. i'm the second fastest. >> who's the best dancer. >> my teammatesatmu i say it's trayvon. >> g hop or trayvon. >> who do you not want to see stand up when the music comes on. >> let me see probably hunter. >> who is the worst dancer on this team? i'll give you a hint one of your teammates said it was you. >> well it wouldn't be me because i don't dance.
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>> casn >mdancing in the locker room has been an internet sensation all yearbut if you put us side by side i'm unquestionably teof them all and no i will not show you just how bad of a dancer i am. live in miami gardens florida todd summers back toyou. >> who thought we were going to see todd dance there? come on. live iflorida all week. todd's with the team as you see giving you an inside look as the tigers prepareto take on oklahoma and be sure to catch the special that the teaha been working hard on wednesday night live from south florida. the tigers continuing to drive to the championshi t you ready with an orange bowl special preview andd night 7 right here on 7 news. next 7 news at 6 fresh veggies
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membersicaup so tonight...we're embarking on a
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say goodbye to 2015 just two more days. tonight we are embarking on a new year prepared to say goodbye to 2015 in two days. according to the statistics brain research inst45% of americans make a new years resolution nof the people surveyed the top five goals are to stay fit and healthy, enjoy life to the fullest, spend less save more, get organized and lose weight. it comes to losing weight have to fork over a of nto a gym. start with your grocery list. they urge you to focus olean protein like chic a carbs from foods like brown rice and beans. prep your mlsftwif you can. and having a gym membership is not necessary buta work out buddy because ithelps you
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to oc on is having a short term goal and longma and one of the begto do is walking or running. >> overall nutrition and fitn e say it's most important to keep track of everything youefyou have a smart phone there are severalra that will help you do that. next on 7 news at 6 from your car to your smart phone thieves are constantly looking anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible
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security experts are predicting what kind of hacks we might face in 2016. everything from your new at 6 cyber security experts are predigwhat kind of hacks we might face in 2016 from your smart phone to your car cdbe a target. the more to prepare the more you protect yourself so diane lee explains what to look out for in the 7 news consumer watch. >ebback when fishing e- mails were all we had to worry about on line. steven weiss burg's conditions
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>> very frankly what scares me the most is the possibility of the hacking of our infrastructure, our electric grid, our power station. >> last year he foresaw hacks on the healthcare industry. a few months later hackers broke into the data base and stole 80 million records. in 2016 that will only get worse. >> you could end up having your insurance not just accessed but you may have lost coverage because it's already been used. >> there's not much you can do to prevent that but there is a way to avoid sneaky hacking methods like this one. >> they basically ripped off an ad campaign for an actual car and at the last minute they made code vulnerabiis people who weren't surfing bad parts of the internet were still getting expo to it so keep your anti virus up to date
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>> he adds a hard drive back up that stores data in increments is essential. >> experts predict mor of your stuff will be a target. all increasinglytto attacks. >> the internet of things can reveal small bits of data to turn broader scams to targeted fishing and you can avoid becoming a victim. in greenville, diane lee, 7 news. [ music ] another round of rain is coming our way tomorrow. so flood watch up for the national weathereuntil thursday morning for some river flooding potentially streams and rsmore probable as a look at thatatforecast now with the flood watches up and that is for just about the entire area of the western carolinas through thursday fheavy rain tomorrow.
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tomorrow into the afternoon and into the overnight. and then cooler and dry by new years if you have plans to do things outside just fine. you actually need that winter c tyou might have gotten for christmas and that won't be until thursday and frywhen you need that because another warm day tomorrow on and off periods of rain hevat times with thunderstorms an small chance for severeweather could be in the form of severe thunderstormswig coiupfrom the south. right now 24/7 live doppler is clear for all five zones. no threats to any commuting tonight. hoohsouth moisture coming off h atacdegulf of mexico to focus in on the front that left over and pushed through to give us the clear condition for today. eventuallthis front will turn into a warm front and lift north. you see the forecast here into wednesday taking u late into wednesday and thrain starts to move to the south. so i believe greenwood is going
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areas tomorrow. a southern part of lawrence and union counties as tr fson the southern part o the up state. here's the five zone rain forecast focusing on anderson, lawrence, anohhard hit area and northeast georgia. i beliear gets in on it and an inch to three quarters of rainfall to an already saturated ground will cause significant problems popping up tommid day afternoon and evening. now five zone wind speed the wind has really calmed down from what it was earlier on today and it's going to be pretty much calm for tonight. that's going to allow fog to develop in a lot of the valleys and also in some of the bigger cities. yourfzone forecast takes you into spartanburg, greenville, grethe mountains and d foothills all above average for temperature and rainfall. we'll see spartanbr67, a little 56.
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themoisture cominuthe south. anderson,low lying areas, clemson easterly and greenville seeing rain on off throughout the day and heavy at times through the afternoon you'll see that rain start to move through. next three days the forecast showing 60s but much cooler by new years. the atorr a chance of a shower thursday and for new years 50s for highs with lows in the 30s temperatures runni fillback to the averages as well for the mountains. we'll see that continue the next six days. >> jason thank you. still ahead at 6 they expect a battle on the field thursday
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for clemson and okl talk .....and generall clown around down in south florida
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it's a day to talk and generally clown around in south florida. the orange bowl media day today the guys blowing off steam before thursday's big game. good evening everybody. less than 48 hours from kick off the tigers and sooners wrapping up the part of the week today with the stage. todd sumeilive in south florida with more. 'nitodd is hearing us right now. well i'll tell you what let's go into todd's pieeas today there was a little bit of talking about the game. >> last year's clemson defense, they were a lot faster and a lot bigger. they have areas where we can expose. areas we are going to make sure we expose. >> when you see him talking about this defense not as good as last year's defense and he sees holes he can exploit what
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like you. >> we shall see at thursday at 4. i have a tough group of guys and we don't take kindly of what he said. >> were you aware of what he said? what wasy rctn>>i was aware and i was like that's the same guy that didn't do anything against t y so we are going to make sure he doesn't do that again. >> yesterdaathe running back said this defense isn't as good as last year's defense. they see holes and places to exploit. hyou hear that from a guy you are getting ready to face in a couple of days what does that do for a competitor. >> that mvsyou to tighten up and it's been the longevity of the season. things happen on defense. it's not always perfect. >> they feel like our defense is weak this year nwe are going to show them different when we come in the game. >> i don't think smack talk has ever actually helped everyone
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it's not a great idea to upset a defense that absolutely shut you down during last year's bowl game when clemson beat oklahoma 40-6. in miami gardens you. >> he probably should not be doing the talking. clemson oklahoma is nthe only big 12 bowl battle. north h rolina baylogoing at it. a 7-7 ball game so fin the first quarter. hillcrest of welling ton in california rams had the early lead but wellington goes on for a 69-60 win. one of two boys brackets going on in the tournament. 69-60 your final. last night 7th woods and hammond school from columbia doing their thing. they won 70-58 against greenville.
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north carolina playt i19 points in the win. east side the hos ag tfour teams advancing the winner's bracket. emily brwitbt right there as they play their semi finals tonight >e time for one more look w lbe a very soggy morning for us right? >> through the day tomorrow rain on and off they heavy at times. >> thank for watching everybody. we a back tonight with anothenca at 7. have a
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