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tv   7 On Your Side at 6pm  CBS  December 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bickford has more on the radar. yeah, but it's diminishing. and you can see the umbrellas with the reporters have eased up. light rain and it's about it. farther northwest, mostly dry and a couple of bursts across abbeville, greenwood, southern laurens and union counties, and all of this is gradually moving to the east. this is still a lot of runoff from the rain that fell and flood warnings that remain in effect especially in the southern upstate. and water could still rise from some of the rain we have received. much of the area is under a flood watch. stay away from rising water, and there were issues with water over roadways this afternoon. so do not drive through high water or flooded roadways and never go around a barricade to do see. we will have the forecast coming up.
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and all the vein flooding roads and yards. >> urthomas has been watching the conditions all day in spartanburg, and laura, it looks like it haslet up there. >> reporter: yes, it has let up significantly from pine street in spartanburg. it's hard to see because it's getting dark but the creek here is rushing from the rain and water that fell earlier today. meanwhile, people nearby the area are just trying to keep the water from getting anywhere near their home. wanda ross woke up to water surrounding her home. >i' going to be flooded out. >> reporter: and at her house, the water was gushing next to her nail box up to the front steps. >> and i said, my lord. i can't get out to go to my doctor's appointment. so, you know t don't calm down
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>> reporter: across spartanburg, we found flooded streets, creeks, and fields. this is what it looked like outside the campbell home this morning. >> saw the flood coming up, all the way up. >> reporter: and they say it floods like this here every few years. >> and she said it was floating in the water a bit. so i had to rescue it. >> reporter: and while wand awaited, she decided to get out before it gets worse. >> i called my daughter before it get real bad to come and rescue me. >> reporter: many of us are letting you know -- you are letting us know that you are seeing problems, and it was a fluid situation with the rain and flooding and the waters going down, and many of the folks in spartanburg are hoping
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quickly. laura thomas, 7news. many of you are sending in pictures and video of what's happening where you live. a lot of flooding tonight including in greenwood and blacksburg and cherokee county. you can keep sending information to our facebook page. use the report it feature front and center on the brand new 7 news app. >> that one in cherokee looks bad. this was the scene in greenville county. floodwaters forced some closures like this one, closing parks and trails. addie hampton is in gree with the latest there. addie? >> repor it was a soaker of a day here in greenville county, downtown greenville with the zoo closed due to the rainfall that swelled local creeks and river beds. elsewhere in parts of the
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down roads to traffic as waters kept rising. you're looking a eiaur. thethmoin tees poist ee e hearerfo, d atanetcee takeaway for 6 months. neighbors were stopping to stare in disbelief. >> i had never seen this. my neighbor keeps records. we have had over 80" this year. >> reporter: officials say they will be out in greenville county to monitor. >> a little problem with addie's report at the end. but in greenwood, the red cross has opened a shelter in response to flooding in the wilson creek area. officials say they are seeing flooding in the highway 25 north bypass, and it's at the main street united methodist church.
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information you need on this shelter on our website. also, emergency management rescued kids and adults that were stranded on the roof of a car this afternoon. officials say that the creek crossed over and swept the car downstream. crews were able tget everybody off the car, and we are told they are okay. in cherokee county, blacksburg is drying out after roads washed out and forced evacuations there. dave jordan is joining us live with more. dave in. >> reporter: it's a mixed bag. the town administrator is telling me that things have gotten better since the rain let up slightly. but for the residents here, there is a lot to be concerned about. take a look at this video. you can see exactly what women
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about. this is what blacksburg looked like. the d.o.t. had to block off several roads and bridges. at least one of them remains closed, the broad street bridge, and a nearby apartment complex needs to be evacuated. one woman on lancaster dr told us this is the worst storm she had ever seen. >> and it's all full of water, and it's uprooted trees and everything. >> reporter: torw, the d.o.t. will come out to blacksburg and survey the bridge to see if it's safe. the town is relatively quiet now but we are told it will move into clean up mode tomorrow. dave jordan, 7 news. >> all right. thank you for that. and let's run through the latest developments. a lflood warning in effect
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and cherokee counties until 9:00 tonight and greenwood and elbert counties until 9:30. and conditions will change quickly. the latest road closures on and there is a lot of information on this flooding there. if there is breaking news on this, we will get that to the 7 news app. you can download that at the app store for free. clemson's drive for the championship, and head coach dabo swinney confirmed the suspension of deon cain, ammon lakip and jj mccullough were sent them. the coach did not say for what reason. >> others will step up. young people, it's just part of
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there are consequences for your actions. >> now, let's check in with pete live in south florida with how the suspensions will impact them. >> reporter: amy, swinnai that the mindset is fine but cain is a deep threat. take octavius scott. the game here against oklahoma, looks like he was trapped in the backfield and he ran past three oklahoma defenders. but that is a deep threat. and this year, it would have been deon cain and opens the underneath passing game. scott talked about how important that was to the game, and you get the sense even though he didn't know at this time that cain wouldn't be in
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anticipating a deep threat would impact that play. >> any time you touch the ball first and score, we go out on the offense, and boom, score the first play. >> reporter: but swinney said it shouldn't impact the team, and keep in mind, scott is a top receiver with twice as many passes as anyone else on the clemson team. clemson still has plenty of weapons to go into the game tomorrow against oklahoma and should be able to offset the loss. more coming up tomorrow afternoon in sports. but that's it for now in south florida, 7 sports live. now, back to the studio. >> pete, thank you.
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drive for the championship. a preview of the orange bowl between clemson and oklahoma airs right here on channel 7 tonight at 7:30 after 7 news at 7:00. for more orange bowl coverage, check out we said there was a flood warning in greenville, spartanburg, and the other one? >> cherokee. >> they expired at 6:00. so good news. the flood warning in those counties expired at 6:00, and in the southern counties, the flood warnings continue. we will talk about insurance for your home with the rising
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>> and a woman who we were in court this morning... when the woman who police say killed her husband in a hit-and-run...faced a judge. "angelita nicole we remember in court this
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who hit and killed her husband was there. police said angelita wright hit expnsd hilled her husband, brent tessnear. emergencresponders rushed in, but tessnear died. his father spoke to us. >> i am just thankful she is in court. >> and wright will find a circuit court judge to find out if she will get a bond.
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and next on 7 anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. we got one call after another today from we heard from so many of you today, calls, e-mails, facebook posts, homeowners that
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helplessly watching water creep up close or enter their homes. >> the most serious flooding is the flooding in your house. and we talked with insurance experts about what you should know. most policies cover water leaking through a roof or a burst pipe but do not usually cover water that rises from sewage backups or flooding. for now, if you are forced out of your house, your basic policy may include loss of use coverage. you a rmbr for lodging or other expenses. flood insurance costses about $700 a year and sewer coverage is about $70 a year. and one more thing. when it comes to yourcar, as
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insurance, any flooding would be covered. and the heavy rain continues to move away. but for some of you, you will see it a while longer with the runoff continuing pile up. but south and east is where the there are a few sprinkles. south and east, union, laurens, greenwood, south east is where the rain is, and for most of the area, it's down to light rain, and farther northwest, can't rule out a spray sprinkle, but for the most part, the heavy rain is done. we may not be done with the heavy rain just yet. we will have more moisture work up, but it won't be anything more than light showers from here on out. and a closer look, a couple of moderate downpours near and southwest of greenwood and newberry and southeast union county. but, again, all this is moving out of here, good news and a lot of the water from earlier continues to runoff.
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there is a band in elbert and greenwood and newberry county in excess of 3" of rain was possible and a couple of pockets elsewhere that may have seen that, and generally, a lot of 2" amounts until you get north of i-85 when things fall off. because of all the extra runoff, rivers and streams will run high and a few areas the flood watch remains in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning for all the upstate and northeastern georgia and north carolina counties. as we look ahead, the rain eases and flooding will continue through the night. we will dry out for tomorrow, however. so that's good news, and we will see cooler weather work in and generally just much cooler weather as we go into the new year, nothing weirdly cold for this time of year, just closer to normal with sunshine as we go through the weekend. for the year so far, we are
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rainfall for the gsp area and 6" of rainfall for this month. asheville, a good surplus, 9" greater than normal for the year and 5.25" for the month of december. 64 in greenville, spartanburg, and laurens, and look for a lot of cloud cover. you might see an isolated shower tomorrow morning and the heavy rain threat is gone. temperatures tomorrow morning, mid to upper 50s across the upstate and lower 50s in the foothills and upper 40s in the mountains. the highs, mid-60s and quite a few clouds. a lot of folks dry, a potential for a vai shower in the morning south and east of 85. greenwood, you. and foothills and mountains, 50s and 60s.
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saturday as the rest of the weekend comes into view. and we will be fending off clouds on thursday and friday and we should be looking at sunshine over the weekend and next week, the temperatures closer to average with highs in the 50s and the lows in the 30s and then in the mountains, upper 50s for tomorrow. it will be a while before we get that mild and dry with clouds and clearing later in the day. 39 tomorrow night and 51 for new year's day and 40s on saturday and upper 40s and lower 50s after that. all right, dan. thank you. and this is a great day to be in south florida.
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well, north carolina is its usual top 10 self. clemson comes in off lozs from south carolina and georgia. 0-57 tonight, so wouldn't it be a stunner tonight? good evening, everybody. back in south florida. so the news of the day is three players sent home from the clemson teams, the most notable is deon cain. that was cain earlier today at a news conference can dabo swinney who would love to get a win tomorrow but what about cain and his not being in the lineup? swinney poied out that the rules apply for everyone and he said they violented team rules. >> if you don't do the right thing, there are consequences.
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it's not a very complicated matter at all, just got 115 guys and 112 do what's right and three of them didn't. they don't have the opportunity and the privilege to be a part of the game. >> reporter: todd summers joining me now and various reports that the players were sent home for violenting the drug rules, but cain out of the lineup, that's not good. >> and the timing is not great. a lot of the game plan for this game against oklahoma, back in clemson and came here to practice a couple times and they only got one practice in miami without him. >> reporter: so who steps up to fill the void for a player who scored a touchdown in each of the last five regular season games?
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certainly travion will back him up, and artavius has made plays down the field. anybody on the roster that we have been playing, everybody has made plays. >> reporter: cain won't play in thursday's orange bowl or the national championship game, if they get er t dris open for his return. >> he will re-join the team at some point if he grows up and does what he needs to do. if he doesn't, he won't. it's simple. >> reporter: and 6 other players have been a big part of the tiger passing attack throughout the season, so they'll try and suv set the cain loss, and the wide receivers have stepped up. much more at 7:30 on the preview show. and a lot of basketball going on at the high school
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champions lle waived tonight. we'll see you coming up at 7:30. for now, 7 sports live in south florida. and we will have more news at 7:00.
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