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tv   7 On Your Side at 5pm  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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though nby much, the closest iowa democratccaucus in histor. folks who did not think bernie arcould win, that we coucompete, i hope that thoughtagain. >> beesanders who had never sought casa democrat gave hea run. this wasnot victory for hillary tnext up is new hampshire, the fiprimary inthe nation wil be tuesday. arthat, we in south carolinahead to the polls for the first in the south primaryand candidates are shiftintheiratnn. >>d jordan is live where ted cruhas a rally this be more important. lus about that. >> people are watching this very, very closely. south ayvoters esel wto see if the seemingp could be done. lodtrump win iowa and could h stopped? he did not winiowa and many
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took the question to a politicscience professor and he tellsus marco rubio came in third i night's caucus and he dbe the spoiler in the soucarolinprimary becausehas a better ground game in the state than ted cruz. amay play better with the southoeic base. they would be comfortable with rubio and that is likely to bthe future in south carolitthere will be moveou>reoredid reach out to thecampaigns of marco rubio and aloted cruz to talk about sy and what their plans aosouth carolina and we have not heard back as of thisncoyou guys. >> daei am sure a lot of folks are wondering what about donaldma going to be his stratehayou hearing? >> rri went to his officin downtown greenvill
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hoffice is buzzing with activito k upsigns. i spoke to the south carolina state chairman for his election aied mcmullen and he tells ground game is in place he believes he will win the state. you will hear more from him at 6:00. is also predicted that hillrclinton will win the primaryhere too. much more on this and an entire wrap on the iowa caucuses and effectosouth carolina's prm ogtonight. >> thanyou tedcruz got a big endorse from jeff duncan.>isn't the only one findinr 6may be the most importac i am putting confidence and trust marco rubio. >> the south carolina senator tim scott threw his support behind r released this video on youtubeit announce the endorn isrubio will take us
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bernie sanders snaggd ahereesaeealis the third lawmaker to endorse arhwnesthe main reason for his endorsement is because the middleclass is in deep trouble his the candidate that is speakintthe need and the situaoncontmiddle americatoday. >> neal believes sanders' posineducation, healthcan social security are what speaks to those middle class s ta with 7 news as we onto bring coverage of campaig6 here and online. logon to right now for the latest on the candidatm dates, informaon polling specialtand politics eo >time to talk about our weather. da nw verychilly. drop drth day. a cold air wedge is in place. conditiov arain
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and asour major storm system approomthe west. now iis pushing into the westerpof tennessee. lthered outlines are tornawfrom kentucky all the way back to southea n c are in effect here bdurntomorrow there is the possiy tha we could see a few severe thunderstorms. there are two main threats. floodinwh could mainly occur in southwest mountains noeup state but in generawanto watch for pondingaand also slow down and thunderstormsae :ao0p.m. is the best window of opportufor a few severe storms pi goweathe app if you don't hit already. think about staying in for lunch. r lt be a good day to be on the road especially at midday ulook out the window and you caesee anything, it wa a foggy start. >> and things went downhill from there>>esthey d christie is not
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prdi a that's right. >> therno shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forc! that is punxsutawneyphil and he called for an early spring groundhogday. it waswelcome news for those gatherin gobblers knob in pennsyla phlpiohn rihonly 39% of the time. georgia's groundhog general beaurelee also predicted early spring for the southeast. fialsay the groundhog did not see his shadow, another good sihnational weather service a has co beutwice and he has been recognized by four gggoverno we have a groundhog making prediocloser to home. >> grady the groundhog has a 50% accyratover the past five yearnotoo bad.
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thing heis forecasting onhjason parker shows you what grady is predicting for 2016. pethis is the 130th gngday in the united statesyou did not know that. rthis is our 11th annual og what happens if he doesn't see his shadow. >> the sun comes up. >> it's early springg >> y spring. >> what do you think? do youthink he will see his shadow>yes! >> you do? >> that's not cool. >> hey buddy. >> reporter: grady has been predctus since 2010. we have been doing groundhog day for11 years but grady has only bn here since 2010. this is only his second year predcthe super bowl but last yehe was incorrect in the prediction. >> whione? >> oh! he is a north carolina groundhowere hoping he would gfor the panthers but
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wlswhat happens i guess coming up sunday. >> mayhe forgot his glasses or something. >> he was bribed, i think. >> yeah let's face it, he needs work on hssports prediction uthe was siding with the other groundrearly spring. we sure hope it comes around.rd dayhas been looked at over the past 100 years. it'snot really scientific but i read that the male groundhog comouin early february for a mate.eis not making a prediction. heis looking for a girlfriend a he was morphed into this. >> am i the only one that's had the groundhog movie song stuck in my head too? >> finmore fun facts about gr and groundhog day on wspunder links we mentionin the big blue box. cosby ca
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and sexassaulting former temple university employee at her homein 2004. she seea civil case against yin 2006. his attois accusing the new diattonof reopenicase now for politicali the former district attorney says thwenough there. it was a civil matter. insteada decade later, one ocampaign later, we are here. we, we are asking a judge to dismiss the charges against cosby. a whatshe's saying. he is currentfree on $1 million eco get up to ten years ii prison convicted. twollawsuits surroundi the death of a clemsorudt will move for as one case. a judge orethe lawsuits filed to be consolidated for conveniand efficiency. the family is suing clemson's fetand three members of the fraternity.
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after an early morning run with his pleclass. columpolice released pictureofa person of interea sexual assault case re on usc's campus ove . victim says she was attacke man she didn't know before 4:00 am saturday near the capto house dorm. if you have any information utthe investigatinor the man inthis picture, call crime stope1-888-crime sc. a new location in downtown rveth facility will be located t peace center. it will be in addition to school'ebuilding on south pndrv rdetails are to be announc week. >>eare counting down to super 50. we will you live to the stadium the big game will be playe that'sgha cckout this live look at the newest addition to the greeneo a new giraffe has been born.
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with the early morning "live t back... with oururcountdown... to "superbowl 50." h showdow..between the panthers a live 5:00 is back with our count down to super bowl 50 and show down between panthers and bridays away. >> we are bringing you live coveragas the teams prepare. p i hope you have recovered fm medaday. >reportei tell you one thing,it was quite the swarm, quit the experience as it always is. i still have not gotten a certaiimage out of my mind. we com from the stadium in santa clara. it is only a couple years old. this iswhere the 49ers play. it's parof this vast space theye holding the super bowl activitaand obviously the reason we are here will a i place bs latnight was one of the signatmeof super bowl week tha new branding to it if you will. with a very primetime feeto
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to theevening and called it openinbit didn't lose tof what media day became,a vai str w. idon't think we had this in new orleans, this kind of atmospherh. but i see somebody in a costum ordid you lose a bet? >> ee did you know miss universwas here? >> idid not. >> in building >reporter: on the floor. you might get to meet her. >> it would be an honor. >> reporter: hold up that microp. found our nn 7 cousins. >> reporter: even the players got involved as josh norman shoeiside or is that the ei he wants in the broncsheads leading up to signiny oh yes indeed, josh norman known as a guy with big smile and big intensity.
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obvioy wanted to as how mushe hates steve harveynesseems to be dialedithe game. everonin the area is approathe ball game on sunday evening which we'll have for you right here on channel 7. we are live in santa clr vstadiumius. the super bowl is closing in less thaweek away. >> havto hear from you, i heard somany odd questions are kon media day of the players, cplt random and not having to do with sports. wha the weirdest thing that you hea>i heard some folks that soundedlike they had scottish a sense accents asking playerthat sethe time is not what they're used to, what are the priotips to be able to handle the fatigue. itswhat we saw that jumped out as much as we heard. the gu they put on the
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star players, you can tell they're armed and ready for anythihrrrfor it. cam was e by a guy in a super hero's costume. i thinin that story we had a shot of a fellow who was a reporter from a foreign network wearinga dress. ififnot, that was something else we saw. it's as much as what you see as what >> wdo have a game to be played eriey se iis the super bowl or do they g a break? >> repor: no. the nfl like every level of footbal ed and ritual experience. tuesdaythe inform's universofand obviously this istypical game week with a game on a sunday. on a monday or thursday, that chaneerare acting as if they'ren lo they jupto be on the west coast. they ar s went
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media dtw be normal practice week >> thy much. >> we will have more from pete and brian smith all week as they gyou a front row seat to all the action in califor> have a one hour super game previ ahead of the match up. lle airing at 7:00 this fridig >>t leasof course to the big gam that you will see only on 7 news and cbs. super w50 kicks off sunday even 6:30. football players aren't the only ats gthe field on super bowl sunday. furry will participate in the trd kitten bowl on the hall machannel. 100 reekittens will fill up this bite sized football field whcsdecked out with a scratchgoal post, plenty cat toys, to keep the action moving.hwa taped in october and all thetiny players have since been adopted. that br uto our question of the day. who do you think loves their owners?
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>i have some of each. >> heato or our faceboopage to share your thoughts. e inmtpr yo it's going to be raining caa dogs as we get into tomor. a live look at nashvilln erclcourse in the heof the day and are a lot warmer than we have been. they areon the look out for severe sts yo see rain in the background. that's clrto where our stormtis that will be impactiweathelate tonightndgmuch of the day tomor w h this cold air wedge in placacross western carolincin up state into northeast georgia. temperatuhan cooling off instead of warming up. overnilook for steady to rising temperatur as our rain chancestto increase. rain wilbe likely during tomorrow eecdung the
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thune will be able to developwell. a small chance of severe weatherrleup with the weather for tomoowe olsystem pushes out by tomorrngand things quietdand cool off for the latter of the weekend and the weeken notice how we have been socked in with cloud cover. to the southwest is where we have showiv increas harea of rain will start to impact of us later this evenn still protected with the cold awedge. we are not looking for thunderstothevening. to the though you see all the red polygons. these resn watches neffccl in advance of this coldfront that's moving our waeonews is that this won't h-will be in the area for the coolest part of the day. severe hchances are low but stillntand thundersto chances will be with us. ul8:00 am we expect widespreadrain to be impacting nortca parts of the up stateththe mainline to track
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weathetllroll out during the afternonorth winds will bring dr air and help cool us off for thursday morning, left ov clouds early and otherwise ns and cooler temperatufot afternoon. as far as severe chances, isolatedsevere storms will be possiblols and grg, tbest time for us during first part of the day. ywarm to the west, setting the s for severe weather while we have temperatures with 50 and even some 40s in ashevillet'74in columbia. there is a huge temperature change from north to south. here is what to expect. a warday tomorrrw, we'll look for a chance of showers and thundorr u can top two and three incin the mountains, one to two for the up state. we are drying out thursday with 57 for the 53 is the high on fridy yo weekendis always in view,
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50s. ll be active tonight and tomorrornwith storms possibletmountains as well as some flooding. oofor quieter colder weather fo the end of the week. >> thany up next, police responding to a call of reckless driving and t a pretty good idea of what was going on because the 1 came from inside thec untl hear this story. >> hereis a look at your closingnumbers from wall street. hdda
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ari "li"back wh new plan ... to help reduce drunk dr and it could me .ocould get a d- a5:is back with a new plan to reduce drunk driving. could mean you could get a dui after fewer drinks. ntsb wanto lower the legal alcohollevel. in the last 15 years, 1/3 of higwdeaths involved
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about possible dui from inside the car. oersawhen the drier deborah mwoul't pull over h 16 year old daughter called 911> noticed her mom was weaving all over the road. she asked her mom several times to pull over and also her friends the car. >> iis unfortunate that it takes a 16 year old with more maturitybuthe fact of the matter the 16 year old did therighthing. >> in thlong run, she could have saved her life. >> miller is now facing dui charges>>preeacandidate ted cruz is trying to keep momentum going aft winng in iowa. we will s you how he is hopingrally more support in south carolina. >> the up state's beloved gifibirth. now the is counting on the communfoa name. we are going to show you how to help as we take a live look at the new baby giraffe.
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thank youfor joinin it's 5-2. d happening w ..supporters for a frontrunner in the g-o-p race for president are getng suprsfor a front runner ingop race for presidentet ready to rally. thdoors just opened at the td convenn center where ted cruz is holding a rally tonight. n,ett sge for us. >> reporte troom is empty now other than a few media and secret service in the room. but tha is because senator ted cruz isn't supposed to hit that stage unt about 6:30. there are a lot of people alreadylined up outside those oors.
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