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tv   7 On Your Side at 530pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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go along with it. deputies say it's going take a few months to complete, but it all started today, symbolically, digging the shovels into the ground. >>reporter: one by one. >> kevin copper. spartanburg county sheriff's office, february 27th, 2007. >>reporter: the ten names of those killed were read. for these men and women, kevin's name is the most difficult to hear. many of them knew him personally, and saw him every day before he was killed in 2007. >> kevin was one of those peerjs he'd do anything for you -- people, he'd do anything for you. i miss him, i miss his smiling face and pray for his family, his kids are growing. >>reporter: this is the night, almost nine years a deputies say he was shot after chasing a driver who ran off during a traffic stop. one bullet was stopped by his vest, the other went through his sleeve, hitting him in the
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>> you can't give no more of a sacrifice than that. >>reporter: now, his name will join nine others, dating all the way back to 1904. >> now, this will have names, this will have a seat h%re. >>reporter: a project william renfroe says he's happy to donate his time and money to, taxpayers won't be seeing the bill. >> the way that the police officers had been disrespected lately and we just thought this was a great opportunity for us to do something for them, and let them know that there is a large group of people that love them and appreciate them, and proud of them. >>reporter: showing they remembered them then. and they still remember him now. >> we hope and pray we never have to add another name. >>reporter: now, the sheriff says this memorial will be approximate complete by may, and they're also having a formal dedication, mid may on law enforcement memorial day. live in spartanburg, 7 news.
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nine years since deputy harpers was killed. thank for that report. police in texas investigating the death of a spartanburg county man, william farr was kied in san antonio -- killed in san antonio sunday morning. the police say they found the deaf man face down on the sidewalk with a nen his hand. today, we spoke to his sister, she was in shock and disbelief when she heard the news. anyone. he just liked to be seen. he likes to travel, because he's been to a lot of different states, he decided that san antonio was going to be his home. and he'll approximate b mis-- be approximate missed. >> his care taker admitted to shooting him and is in custody. a fourth arrest in the deadly shooping that -- shooting that happened at a mauldin
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the 16-year-old girl will be charge as an adult. 3 more teens are facing charges in the january 30th shooting that injured two people and killed 19-year-old allen of greenville. the trial of for dylann roof, the suspect in last summer's charleston church shooting has been delayed. attorneys wait to see if the federal government will seek the death penalty. the justice department is expected to make a decision in march or april on that. and roof's attorney says if the government does not seek the death penalty, his client is prepared to plead guilty. the wife of the georgia man accused of intentionally leaving their young son in a hot car to die, has filed for divorce. justin harris's fyffe, filed the document this the week, claiming their marriage is irretrievably broken. charged with murdering the couple's infant son.
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wife must answer questions, the judge says she may refuse to answer questions that call for testimony. a date for the deposition has not yet been set. let's get back to our campaign 2016 coverage here, the republican presidential hopefuls all over the state today, hoping to drum up more support ahead of next weekend's primary. >> i'm sensing, you know, a lot of support out here, w but you've got to take the support and put nit positive action. >> that, john kasich, the ohio governor, had stops in georgetown, north myrtle beach, and florence. >> this the future, i think, is going to be, there's going to be a big challenge. and the question for people in south carolina, who do you want sitting behind the big desk when that happens? >> and that is former florida governor jeb bush, also in florence today. he's making his way towards the midlands, his stops include sumter and columbia. >> to try to unite this country
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>> a quick stop along the coast for marco rubio, he has returned to the upstate now, he just wrapped up a campaign event in simpsonville. ben carson also paying a rift to upstate this afternoon, about 2000 people inside of -- 200 people inside of gaffney's visitor center. the intimacy and s what he's looking for. he says he's focussing his attention on the thing that sets the state apart. the other two primary states, which is the diversity of voters here. >> we're going to be going after all different demographics here. because the issues that affect our country affect all demographics. >> doctor carson says he'll be in sk is sk campaigning -- south carolina campaigning for next several days. >> the republicans campaign, the democrats are getting ready for a debate. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off at the university of wisconsin milwaukee as they focus on the nevada caucuses. >> an important and exciting
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have drawn almost even with each other. >> the key for clinton is going beyond showing her knowledge of politics, and instead, she must connect with key voter groups, including women, young people, and african-americans. the same grounds where sanderss has been making gains. >> meanwhile, the republicans will hit the debate stage this saturday, in greenville. cbs news coverage of that event get at 9:00 p.m. and 7 news will be on the air at 7:00. face the nation, also broadcasting live from the peace center sunday morning. the gop primary is saturday february 20th. next, on 7 news live at 5:00, flying can be frustrating, from tight spaces to crying children, we run through travelers biggest pet peeves as voted on by you. >> good evening, i'm tom crabtree, a warning about cyber america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know...
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we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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7 news "live at 5" is back... we could go on o, on this, 7 news live at 5:00, discussing everyone's biggest pet pooefs when flying. >> we told you earlier, congressman trying to make sure that the tight space we squeeze into doesn't get any smaller and 7 news anchor tom crabtree has been checking on that. we had a poll out there, and a lot of responses. >> if you've ever flown, if you've ever flown, you probably relate to at least one of these pet peeves, but look at what our respondents are saying tonight. too little space to be comfortable, nearly half of you say that. passengers with oversized bags, 22%.
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cold, that's yucky. and a crying baby. 12% there. >> i'm glad to see that the crying baby was last on people's list. you feel horrible, but it is hard to stop. >> i'm glad this isn't a problem anymore. when i used to fly internationally, when they allowed smoking. >> the last three rows are smoking, but the smoke doesn't stay there. >> it finds you. >> 6 foot 5, i'm a big fellow, i feel like i'm in a clown car when i sit in those things, i barely sit in the chair. unbelievable. >> thanks for sm. it's getting cheaper to fly, the average price has dropped more than 6% to $370, the lowest since 2010. experts say the expansion of low cost airlines and the lower oil prices are getting credit for that. big airlines matching low price airlines dollar for dollar on some routes
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that the average gas price for 2016 will be $1.98 a gallon, the lowest since 2009 and the average household will save $320 this year. the current average price per gallon is $1.72, that's nationally. prices should peak at $2.08 this summer. those are national numbers and locally it will be much cheaper. five students stepping in to help presidential hopefuls on the campaign trial. how it's earning them high markss in the classroom. >> and it felt pretty nice out there today after a bitterly cold start to the day, but don't get used to the milder temperatures, i'm tracking an arctic front that will put a
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back with today's fun fact .. sz 7 news live at 5:00 is back with today's fun fact. 80% of people say they did this three types times a week in college. >> the answer is ate ramon noodles, they're 49 cents, at least they were then. as the presidential campaigns are heating up, the students are helping out. >> how millennials are playing a big role. >>reporter: will and a lisia are driving around putting out signs supporting jeb bush. >> he's a good man, so i knew i'd be, you know, feel comfortable working for him. >>reporter: the two clemson students vol unfear for the campaign -- volunteer for the campaign, 20 hours a day. >> i've done phone banging, door knocking, before class, on the weekends, around clemson and greenville. >>reporter: they trnt only ones,
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tells us they've launched 91 college campuses across the state, and encouraging students to get involved. furman university says it has many students volunteers with presidential campaigns locally by anna, who even scores her political views on her backpack. >> i think that young people play a very important role in politics. >>reporter: she's the cochair of millennials for cruz at furman. >> i am doing this all because i love ted cruz and i really love what he's doing. >>reporter: furman students gets class credit for an internship with carly for america. >> you know, i don't want to get into politics. >>reporter: fiorina suspended her campaign this week, sarah says she still learned valuable lessons. >> how to work with people, how to talk with people i didn't know, how to put myself out there, make phone calls, write professional e-mails, it was a good learning experience all around for me.
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the political process and a front row seat for the south carolina college students. >> it's important because we need to be able to make our voice heard. >>reporter: many of these students are political science majors, but i was surprised to hear that some of them don't want to go into politic, they were just interest issed in learning the skills, talking with people, calling people, and learning some of those skills that they might learn on internships. there's this myth out there that millennials, younger people don't care about anything bigger, like these sort of political issues, these kind of campaigns, but you're not fining that, there's a lot ofkids involved. >> a lot of college students are helping out. >> and they've a big difference in past presidential races, the grass roots effort. not to be ignored. >> we'll see how they get out the votes. the boys and girls club are trying to point local kids towards a bright future, a new
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billboard that you may have seen around town. different professionals posing with kids. to let kids know about the many great career paths available to him dmr the home of the greenville drive, getting a big facelift. a new high-definition video board, for the field today. they say it will be up and run aring just in time for college baseball and that's pretty quick. it begins next friday, february 19th. hard to believe baseball season is getting closer and closer. well, today, we had beautiful weather, a lot of sunshine, all around. with that sun, and lighter winds, we were able to warm up a little better and got up to 50 for a high, officially today. at gsp. we're going to keep clear skies for several more hours, but clouds will be on the increase, another cold night. we're not going to be as cold as we were last night. still, most of us are going to be in the 20s by tomorrow
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mainly mid to upper 20s going into tomorrow morning for the upstate. so bundle up, it's not going to be as bad as it has been, but still, moderate freeze as cross many areas. clear skies for now, tracking a system that's going to very quickly move through the area tomorrow, that one is producingg some snow over iowa and the northern part of missouri, not going to have much to work with, but that could bring a few lice it's lated flurries to the area during the first part of tomorrow, then we're going to track our big arctic front, that will work its way into the northern part of the country tomorrow. and that will work its way into the western carolinas by saturday. so in the morning, look for cloud cover to be around, another freeze to start our day, so bundle up. a few flurries possible, most of us will stay dry. a chilly afternoon with increasing sunshine. as we get into saturday, that front sweeps on through, big winds coming in out of the north to pull in all of the cold air from canada. so it's not just going to be colder, but it will feel colder with the winds that we're pt anding out there and
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despite full sunshine across the region. as far as temperatures go, right now, we topped out at 39 today in asheville, we're still at 38, 50 degrees is the temperature in greenville. and we're at 52 in greenwood. here's your spartanburg zone planner, right now, 49 degrees there. we'll get down to around 30 for a low and expect a high temperature tomorrow in the m md to upper 40s. overall not bad for tomorrow. clouds to start the day, sunshine in the afternoon. high temperatures mainly will be in the mid to upper 40s across the upstate. and mid 40s in the foothills, looks like the mountains may see a few snow showers, especially in the higher elevations, stopping around 41 for the high. here's what to expect for the next 72 hours. again, that front goes through, up to 40 for a high on saturday. and again, lit feel colder than that -- it will feel colder than that, sunday'' high, 35, after starting out at 1.
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and changing to a cold rain by monday evening. heavy rain possible going into early tuesday, there's your mountain forecast. expect a high in the lower 40s tomorrow, could see a few mountain snow showers, dry weather for the weekend, but windy and much colder. and then some snow, and a wintery mix for the mountains. >> that valentine's day weather will give you an excuse to cuddle up inside. >> yes. next, live at 5:00, north carolina's governor heading to a post super bowl crash, and now we're going to show you the first pictures of the damage, that's up next. something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice
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i'm hillary clinton,
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welcome back to 7 news live at 5 .. a spartanburg welcome back to 7 news live at 5:00, a spartanburg county exit ramp is back open tonight. after an 1 wheeler crash shut it down for hours this morning. it happened at the ramp to -- on
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21 eastbound. the driver only had minor injuries, we have learned, but the crews had to shut down that road while a hazmat team cleaned up a minor diesel spill. the car that was carrying governor pat mccrory, someone rear ended the car. it was a mess. mccrory wrote on his facebook page, thank goodness i was wearing my seat belt, don't forget to buckle up. >> subaru is recalling 82,000 tribeka after reports that the hood could fly open while driving. so far, no injuries have been reported. bmw exported almost 10 billion dollars worth of vehicles from the assembly plant in greer last year, surpassing as year's numbers, it's the nation's leading vehicle exporting for a second year in a row.
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140 markets world wild. one woman is more than ready for valentine's day. >> she is turning her house into a land mark for love, straight ahead. >> first, let's take a live look outside, thanks for joining us in valley falls, victory mills
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yard-decorating is i don't know if this something you'd do, you decorate your house or yard for a holiday, maybe christmas or halloween. >> yeah. >> usually. >> a family in virginia dpoez all out with its -- goes all out with its yard on valentine's day and the neighbors love it. >> with a name like stephanie loving, how could spreading love not be her mission. >> second day after christmas, i start decorating for valentine's day. it's the day i look forward to the most. >>reporter: the yard is filled with 4 foot heart, flashing with sweet valentine's day wishes. >> when i was a little kid, you know, when you used to make the
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them and stick them under the chalk board and everybody would put their valentine's day in there, i loved, i was so excited to get the brown paper bag. >>reporter: people can't resist stopping by for a little smooch in the kissing booth. >> people will leave coins in the kissing booth. there was four coins there, one was a quarter and the rest were nickels, and then one day i came home can one of my nickels was gone. >>reporter: it's a labor of love for all to enjoy whether they leave a nickel or not. >> absolutely love it, every year, i try to put something new out there for people to enjoy. >> i love the brown paper bags. >> back in school. >> stephanie's family inviting the whole community to share a kiss in their yard. stay with us, 7 news at 6:00
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this is 7 news at 6:00. and next on 7 news at 6:00, an upstate college college professor and student thrown out of donald trump's rally last night in clemson. their side of the story. >> also, tonight, the rest of the gop candidates are joining donald trump in the palmetto state, for their next debate. the track on the campaign trail ahead of the big event this saturday, right in downtown greenville. we have a lot more on these stories tonight. but first, at 6:00, cold weather getting colder and the threat of potentially icy roads in north carolina has led to 2 hour delays in the morning for madison and yancey county students. >> christy henderson for more. christy. >> tom, that's right, anything left over on the streets is going to be refreezing in the higher elevations. otherwise, a beautiful day and mild in the upstate, 50 for a high. right now, at 45 in spartanburg, 48 in anderson, mid 30s in asheville. down to 33 in hendersonville. we have clear skies, for now, so after sunset, look for a fast
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and then clouds are going to come in after midnight, so wooem we'll expect a slower drop and we won't be quite as cold as this morning. mid to upper 20s will be the range in the upstate. another freeze is on the wayy and make sure to protect the pipes and pets again. looking upstream, a system that could bring isolated flurries for us tomorrow morning, a big weekend arctic front and a system behind that one will bring in moisture to produce active weather into early next week. we'll cover all of that and what you can expect going into the weekend in a few minutes. can you explain why you're asking me to leave? can you explain why you're asking me to leave? >> that a piece of video there that has been shared thousands of times, showing a clemson professor being escorted outside of the donald trump rally last night. >> racial and religious pred diss got him kicked out. addie hampton is live with more. >>reporter: the doctor was
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head scar ch last night, now, he doesn't practice this religion, but he said he wanted to stand in solidarity with groups that he says have been marginalized by the donald trump campaign. this the prejudicc shown through last night. >> can you explain why you're asking me to leave? can you explain why you're asking me to leave. >>reporter: he documented the moment he was removed from donald trump's rally at the gars son livestock arena. the video has been viewed more than 150,000 times in a matter of hourings, based on how he looked last night, not how heth aed. he says it got him booted out. >> i also wanted to go dressed in a way that essentially did show solidarity. >>reporter: groups like muslim,


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