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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  CBS  February 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight... family and friends are mourning the loss...of an upstate high school senior. greenville county school administrators confirm... that lauryn agnew... died in a car accident... last night. the coroner says ... the car the 17-year-old was driving... hit a patch of ice... on verdae boulevard. it crossed the center line... and hit a tow truck...head-on. agnew... passed away... at the hospital. she was a student ... at "southside high school." hundreds of drivers... were stranded... after they crashed their cars...during the ice storm last night. they're wondering ... why they had to wait so long... for police to get there. today you could see wrecked vans... with crime scene tape ... abandonded where they crashed... last night. you could also find jerri and ray varner... standing with their car...after -12- hours of waiting... for the highway patrol. troopers say... last night...there were over -200- wrecks ... across greenville and spartanburg
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change the wait time ... for the varners: ----- "to file a report you need the report from highway patrol...and then the wrecker informed me they couldn't pull me out until the highway patrol gives them the okay to." we learned the law would have allowed the varners to leave the scene.. if you are in a single car accident that doesnt create property damage and less than a 1 thousand dollars of damage to your car... all you have to do is report the wreck to highway patrol within 10 days...weve linked to this form on family members continue to search for a man that's been missing for eight days now. adam worley was last seen on february 8th... family and friends searched the property where he lived for nearly three decades this afternoon. they say they didn't find anything substantial. family members say his girlfriend told them he was gone .. but they don't know what happened before that. they say they'll be searching the area again at the end of the week.. with the sheriff's office.
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wrapped up the us- a-sean summit and held a news conference. after his remarks .. the president addressed questions about the supreme court vacancy. "the constitution is pretty clear about what's supposed to happen now. when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is supposed to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination. the president said he understand the pressure republican senators are under.. because the court is split..and the president's pick will be the deciding vote. donald trump... he's the guy many south carolina republicans want to send to the white house.... for others...he's the celebrity they want to send back to the trump tower. trump spent the day... in greenville ... campaigning for votes... just days away from the g-o-p primary. he gave "7 news" reporter addie hampton ... the
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unique campaign style: ----- we were the only upstate station invited to join the trump caravan today as he made several campaign stops... that ride along ...opened the doors to see just how popular ....and polarizing the trump campaign is.... and how celebrity status could be the game changer that has other candidates worried....--- with a snap of the camera.... and a signature thumbs up.... donald trump knows how to draw a crowd... the seemingly untouchable republican frontrunner...has an average 20 point lead on the competition... making them sweat ....just 4 days before the primary.... a plate of tommy's ham house eggs in front of trump...a ted cruz approved attack ad behind him ... for those that support trump...he's the guy that says what they want to hear.... i just believe he's going to do what he says he's going to do. for tommy's ham house waitress...martha hutchins... trump left a large tip and a good impression i thought he was nice. friendly. real friendly. gon' vote for 'em most everybody i know is already gonna vote for trump... everyone but leonard brown's own flesh and blood i have met any one
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daughter.she's got a law degree and she thinks he's a little rough. during the ride to our next stop...i spoke to political experts who agree with brown's daughter... saying trump's dramating lead in the polls is inflated... and an r-n-c nomination isn't a sure thing. volunteers at trump's greenville headquarters.. .think differently...cheering loudly as trump rallied his troops....making the final push to saturday's primary and as he ended his greenville trip...waiving to cheering fans lining main street... it perhaps solidified the celebrity aspect of this campaign... to see him live and in person is fantastic.... but only the ballot box will tell if south carolinians feel he's presidential. mr. trump headed to north augusta...this afternoon and is currently speaking in beaufort. remember the republican
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presidential candidate ted unveiling his plans ... for rebuilding the military. he's in anderson tonight... getting ready to talk to a crowd of people... in about 30 minutes. "7 news'" reporter tony cedrone is there... with what senator cruz... is proposing... tony: ----- right now we're waiting for ted cruz to join us in about a half hour. many people are here to support him before the primaries this saturday. earlier today cruz was in mount pleasant where he unveiled a plan to rebuild the nation's military and protect its national security interests. hopefully he'll be talking about his plan tonight during tonight's rally, as many voters are still undecided and must decide who they're voting for this saturday: ----- sot: "the nation must be
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of multiple, near simultaneous conflicts." ------ south carolina polls show trump ahead of cruz at 38% while cruz is at 22% support. i'll have more on this and a recap of the candidates in the state tonight in our evening broadcast. live in anderson county, tc, 7news. former president bill clinton... is making a strong push ... to help his wife, hillary clinton...lock up key supporters ... ahead of the democrats' february -27th- primary. as the former secretary of state...meets with civil rights groups in new york... her husband hit the campaign trail to bring her message to voters. more now... from "7 news" reporter dave jordan: ----- dave's look live intro the south carolina primary is
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secretary clinton leads senator sanders by a wide margin in this state, she's not leaving anything to chance. secretary clinton unleashed what many consider to be the most powerful weapon on the campaign trail -her husband former president bill clinton. before a packed crowd of supporters inside the west end community development center, the 42nd president made the case for why his wife should be commander in chief. sot bill clinton 1:07:11-21 she never gives up and she won't give up on you. and she knows if we're going to go into the future together, we gotta have shared prosperity, equal opportunity and inclusive communities. the message seems similar to one we've heard repeatedly from senator bernie sanders, once considered a long-shot but in recent weeks has tied secretary clinton in national polls. support for the vermont senator climbed with younger voters who president clinton also addressed. sot you got working people saying, what about me? and you got millenials and college students saying 'what about me? the reason hillary is running for president is to make sure the american dream is available to 100 percent of the american people. clinton went on to praise his wife's work with children, affordable health care and her foreign policy particularly
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russia. that seemed to resonate with younger voters in this crowd. sot lance morsell, clinton supporter i think she has the most experience for the job to handle what we're going through right now from being secretary of state to senator from nyc. sot jeremy bankhead hillary has a good foundation, she has experience. she's been in washington for a while, so she's built a lot of relationships. dave jordan tag in recent days popular african american actresses vivica fox and angela bassett came to south carolina to campaign for hillary clinton. her campaign tells me you can expect to see the secretary back in this state well before the february 27 primary. in greenville dave jordan 7 news. "bernie, bernie, bernie..." ----- democratic presidential candidate and senator.. bernie sanders... got a warm welcome
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university south carolina in columbia... today. he was introduced to the crowd... by erica garner. she's the daughter of eric garner.. the man.. who was put in chokehold by a new york officer ... and died.. last year. sanders spoke to potential supporters.. about making public colleges and universities...tuition free... for students. ) "is this a radical idea? no it really is not. it exists, how much does college tuition in germany cost does anyone know? free!") "nothing is free, when you ok at other countries where you get free education, you still have to pay for it through taxes or whatever." ----- sanders also discussed a plan for criminal justice reform... raising the minimum wage... and taking down wall street. meanwhile senator sanders is playing up his support for two black leaders in new campaign ads. one ad says sanders was there when martin luther king marched on washington to fight for civil rights. the other shows sanders endorsing reverend jesse jackson during his
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boths sanders and hillary clinton have are courting black voters... ahead of the primary. senator sanders has talked up his past support for jesse jackson... but jackson says he's not endorsing any presidential candidate yet.. and says.. instead his focus is on voter turnout. but he does weigh in on what he thinks of the democratic race. "both of them are that's because bernie is hitting a raw nerve on this issue of bank behavior after all the impact of foreclosure homes, sub-prime lending, predatory lending taking peoples homes the impact of education unaffordable that is a nerve. on the other hand hillary has such a long resume relationship so really you have two decent people competing for the vote." jackson says his concern is that the candidates can continue to stay on the issues.. and don't give in to the temptation to attack one- another. next on 7 news .... want to reduce the cost of college? there's a new way to
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and it starts as early as 9th grade. the search continues.. teams.. are combing greenville county.. looking for this man.. missing since last week.. but.. are they having any luck? the
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a new tool to help you pay for college is redefining scholarships. it's called "raise dot me." students follow the colleges that have partnered with the platform... and apply for micro- scholarships for things like taking a-p courses, getting an "a" in a course, even visiting a college. there are a long list of how students can get money... and the best part... the awards are designated to qualifying students before they even apply ... and the money is guaranteed by the college if the student is accepted. " students are having a hard time understanding what their costs for that intitution is going to be, but working with
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to give them much more information, much earlier in the e rocess, earlier in their high school careers, that will get them one more information about colleges, but two a better picture of how colleges can be affordable." we should note...the student will only get the actual scholarship money from the college they choose to attend. it helps them see which school is more affordable. "raise dot me" is free, and highschoolers as early as ninth grade are encouraged to apply so they have more time to work towards getting all the scholarships they can. toy makers are showing off their latest creations... at the 113th annual toy fair... in new york city. breakthroughs in technology... are pushing the industry to new heights. with this " star wars" toy... kids to use their mind... to control the game: ----- "well what happens these sensors that are on my ears and behind my forehead will pick up my beta brain waves as i'm thinking about moving the holograms within the force
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tech games are making a comeback. this year... family board games...are a big hit. leaders in the industry say... the toy market is not just for kids... but the whole family.
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next on "7 news" ... a new trend is emerging... in the medical world... and it might help you... control some of your health issues. coming up...we'll tell you why many people... are turning to "salt rooms"... and how it works. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. if you suffer from allergies or asthma... maybe even have trouble sleeping at night... salt...may be the answer to your problems. salt growing in popularity... across the country. many people are turning to salt rooms and spas... as a natural alternative...for treating a variety of respiratory and skin conditions. one mother says ... she got her son to try it... after he had
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"after the first visit he had gotten rid of some congestion we didn't even know he had, and after the next visit, he only used the inhaler once all weekend during sports." ----- some experts remain skeptical...because of the lack of studies... on salt therapy. one doctor says ... while it's always best to consult your doctor... he isn't opposed to his patients... giving salt therapies... a try. the middle of february is usally the time when people give up their fitness goals .. they started at the beginning of the year. but there are some new fitness trends that could help you stay on track. more and more...people are getting in on the tricks with aerial arts. instructors say aerial arts can strengthen your core and help in weight loss. and as difficult as it looks...instructors say all fitness levels are welcome. "we have a great progression of skills and strength building so thatatven if you're not used to moving we will find a way.."way.." one man who tried it...
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couch potato to a flying acrobat.... and now he looks forward to his workouts. still ahead....lots of cute dogs...are competing.. to become the "best in show."
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nearly 3-thousand dogs from all 50 states and 12 countries will try to become "best in show" at the 140th westminster kennel club's dog show. tonight... some lucky dogs will move on... the final round. the herding group winner... is a german shepherd.. who is a favorite at westminster to win it all. this year...westminster invited -7- new dog breeds... to be part of the festivities bringing the total number of breeds to 199. the top sporting, working and terrier groups... will bound onto the green carpet at madison square garden at 8-o clock tonight. then judges will name "best in show"...before 11 p-m. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w.. and we'll be back here at 11. until then you can get the latest updates by logging on to wspa dot com. stay with us for "scene on 7"... coming up next.
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