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tv   7 On Your Side at 7pm  WSPA  February 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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literature the "starving artist cafe"... to read poems. students say... fish had written a poem... relating to a class book... they were reading. it contained a curse word... and one student reported fish.. to administrators. the district says ... they can't comment on the matter.. but did place him on leave. the teacher had been at the school...for more than 15-years ... and had become a favorite with students: ----- he creates a safe place for everyone in the school. his room and the yearbook room is somewhere i can go and express myself, and i can say what's upsetting me and feel validated, and with him not there, i don't have that. ----- the students at easley high school are planning a sit-in tomorrow morning. the school district responded saying every student needs to be in their appropriate class or they will take necessary action. we have new details on a deadly crash - that killed four upstate college students tonight. the spartanburg county coroner has released the toxicology reports .. showing the driver of that car..and at two others...and at two car..driver of that car..and at two others...were
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the coroner released it... after one family asked that the toxicology reports not be released. the coroner sought the opinion of the attorney general who said toxicology reports don't have to be released because they are medical documents and are hippa protected. but the coroner ... who is not a medical professional ... said he felt it was within his power to release the information. "with the release of these toxicology reports that this will bring greater awareness to our campus and our students so that they kno things ppto them, that not everyone is immune." there was one student in the car that was not under the influence.. joshua lee. and the alcohol results of the passenger that survived were not released. how does a double-murder suspect ... get out of jail... and onto "house arrest"... that's the question... many are asking tonight...after deputies say a suspect cut his ankle monitor... and went on the run. bradford williams ... was arrested in december 2014...accused of killing two men thanksgiving morning in the parking lot of a greenville night club.
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circuit judge granted him a 50- thousand- dollar bond and put him in the home incarceration program to await his trial... last month... a greenville circuit judge granted him a 50- thousand- dollar bond and put him in the home incarceration program to await his trial... now deputies say ... williams cut his ankle monitor and vanished. the solicitor's office tells us...anyone is eligible for the home incarceration program.. even though county documents say people facing violent crime charges are not elgible. deputy drew pinciaro says... he doesn't understand it ... but they are and putting him back behind bars. understand why a double murder suspect would have been released." "we wou csir him mea dange a nel aanye o has anymabo m oanythinon crimestoppers." greenville county deputies say... they are "all hands on deck"... trying to find williams. they think... he could still be in the area... maybe in anderson or oconee county. if you know anything... they want you to call them... or crimestoppers at 23 crime.
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girl.. is being treated for severe injuries..after a fire destroyed her family's home last night. she was flown to the augusta burn center overnight.. the family says when the fire broke out.. they quickly ran to get out.. but once they were out... they realized one of their youngest ones.. was still inside. they tried to go back in.. but the fire .. and smoke.. were too much. when firefighters arrived minutes later .. they went in... and found 5-year-old between the couch.. and a wall... "she is a very fun loving bright brilliant little girl who is just a joy to be around." firefighters say .. sophia... didn't appear to have any visible burns.. but suffered severe smoke inhilation.. the fire is still under
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a greer man is suing the sheriff's office.. and the deputy accused of shooting him. the shooting happened on scruggs circle in greenville county.. in 20-14. court documents show a deputy came to the home fora a domestic violence call. jerry reynolds claims he was holding an unloaded rifle..and wasn't given a chance to put it down .. before the deputy started shooting. reynolds was seriously injured. the lawsuit claims negligence. and last week we told you... that the family of another greenville county man ... shot to death by deputies... are also suing the department. charles rosemond senior was robbed on
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greenville county deputies responded to the call... and entered his home. court documents show.... deputies never mentioned they were law enforcement before breaking into rosemond's home. now rosemond's family is seeking compensation for his death. tonight another man is facing charges ... after police say he was involved in a string of vandalism. mark epperly junior is accused of helping another man...damage buildings and cars in the simpsonville area. police already arrested robert grigsby... and charged him for the crime. but during the investigation they found out... epperly was also involved. he now faces 19 counts of charges. another victim has come forward...accusing a greenville county pastor of sexual misconduct. last month we told you... that christian life center pastor arthur facing three criminal sexual misconduct of a minor charges.. two of the three incidents dated back to 1989. now lehr is facing a fourth charge ... after another victim told deputies..he was five years old .. when he was assaulted.
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in shock after their pastor was killed at church.. yesterday. church members say... the 70-year old pastor had just finished his sermon... and went into his study following the final prayer. they say.. the pastor's up and followed him inside. then they say they heard the gun shots. police arrested..the man.. at the church. he appeared in court today... on a murder charge. hearing from the man who admitted to the deadly attack at a planned parenthood in colorado last year. robert dear.. is facing 179 counts.. in that attack that left three people dead. you may remember .. we reported in november... that dear owned property in western north carolina. now he is undergoing mental competency evaluation. this week... he spoke in a telphone interview... about what drove him to kill. "do you value life?" "of course! that's why i did it. i killed three and i saved 3,000." "killing is not the problem. it's who you kill. that's the -- that's the question.if you're killing to save lives, ah, that's a
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people that are innocent. i did it to save lives." the three victims ... each left behind two children. when dear was asked... how he feels ... leaving those 6 kids withouth their parents... he dodged the question. dear's mental evaluation is set for march. a major company is considering a proposal.. to make new planes in greenville. lockheed martin ... makes planes used to train fighter jet pilots in the military. if the air force approves the deal..the company will assemble a jet called the t-50-a in greenville. there were special flight demonstrators.. at lockheed's facility today.. to give people an idea on how the aircraft works. if the contract goes through.. it will provide about 200 jobs to our area. president obama awarded navy seal edward byers... with the medal honor today. byers is the first living, active duty member of the navy to receive the award... in four decades. he was recognized for his role in a 2012 raid that rescued an
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afghanistan. military leaders say he threw himself on the hostage to protect him from heavy gunfire and then neutralized one of the taliban guards, helping save the lives of several other seals. presidential candidate) "donald is not gonna make america great he's gonna make america orange." republican presidential candidates -- turning up the insults ...less than 24 hours ahead of super tuesday. and doanld trump became a target after he refused to disavow former k-k-k leader david duke on a sunday morning talk show. today he said he couldn't hear clearly because of a bad ear piece...his opponents aren't buying it. meanwhile hillary clinton is turning her attention to the general election. "i will turn my attention to whomever the republicans decide to nominate and i can tell you this, one advantage i have is they've been after me for 25 years and i'm still standing." cbs news polls has hillary clinton up 20 points or more in texas, georgia and virginia.. trump has big leads in virginia and
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winning in his home state of texas. next on 7 news .... leap year only comes... every four years... but some people may not realize why we have do it. coming up...we'll explain.. this day.. makes a difference. and tonight.. we get to catch up with triplets... who are turning 3 years old...but was born 12 years ago. we'll explain..what it's like
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every 4-ears...we get an extra day...added to the year. but many of you ... may not know. theoretical physicist michio kaku explains...why we have... leap years: ----- "why do we need a leap year? well, mother nature has a sense ou. shdnoma alcdast n u authsu is yth'w lnin
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h compenere quarr ayf fo a, e ome y ------ he goes on to explain... that julius caesar realized the calendar wasn't working... back in 46 b-c... and consulted with astronomers. together... they realized what the egyptians already knew ... that we needed that extra day...every 4-years... to stay on track. he called it...the "julian calendar." but even then... it wasn't completely right. so finally... in 15-82... "pope gregory the 27th"... fixed the glitch... and instituted the "gregorian today. one of the cool things... about a "leap cool things... one of the cool things... about a "leap day"... is the here's a look at some of the babies...born at upstate hospitals. this little boy ... was born at "greenville memorial hospital"... at 7-a-m today. his parents say ... he wasn't due until march - 17th-...but decided to come a little early. they're still deciding... his name. and take a look ... at this
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named her "alexandria" ... she was "spartanburg regional." her parents say ... they're glad she was born... on this unique day. we also caught up with a set of upstate triplets today .. who know what it's like to have to wait .. today is just their third birthday! 7 news photojournalist joel eaves shows us how they're
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) ) next on "7 news" ... planning a spring break trip... to "disneyworld"? the prices...have changed. coming up...we'll explain why this trip... may cost you more. but first here's a look at your primetime lineup
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a cyber hack into the i-
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thought. the federal agency says scammers gained access to more than seven hundred thousand accounts - more than double than previously estimated. the information stolen includes data that could be used to file a false tax return and collect a refund. the i-r-s is mailing notifications to affected tax payers. disney wants to cut down on crowds! disneyworld and disneyland are raising ticket prices up to twenty percent for the busiest days -- like holidays and weekends. this means.. a value one-day pass...monday through thursday.. will drop to 95- dollars. a regular pass -- for most weekends and summer weeks -- rises to 105 dollars. then price will then shoot up to 112 dollars on peak days. "apple"... is expected to release its newest i-phone... at the end of march. the phone will reportedly have a smaller 4-inch screen ... and look identical to the i-phone "5-s" ... except for curved edges... and it will not include... the 3-d touch feature. tech experts say ... the move could satisfy users... who like "apple's"
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"ben and jerry's" ... is going vegan...with new flavors...that include "chocolate fudge brownie"... "peanut butter and cookies"... "chunky monkey"... and "coffee caramel fudge." the flavors will be made... with ice almond milk... instead of cream. next on 7 news... on febraury 29..19-16... a woman was born... and now she's celebrating 100 years of living.... but she's only 25. we'll show she celebrating..tonight.
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today... a woman ... is one century old ... but on the other hand... she's only -25.- it's because...she was born on a leap day... 100-years ago. today friends and family gathered to help her make sure this birthday was extra special. now because she's only 25... she's got great granchildren hat are older than she is .. and only 3.. that are younger than her. she says the secret to a long life is eating organic food from her farm. thanks for joining us. i'll see you at 10 on the carolinas c-w... and we'll be back here at 11. until then... you can get the latest updates by logging on to wspa dot com. stay with us for
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