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tv   Noticiero cierre de edicion  FOX  January 11, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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explosion. timeo check on today's top stories. >> lorena: diana diaz is in the plex. >> diana: divers pulled out three people and rushed them to broward health medical center. two of them did not survive. a fourth person did mage to get out by himself. he's being questioned now. and music world mourning the ath of david bowie, legendary singer and song writer just released his 25th album while fighting a battle with cancer. he was 69 years old. and u.s. and mexican officials and set down with el chapo. live in the plex, diana diaz, today in florida.
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accident shutting down southbound at 47th avenue approaching 167th street you're looking at that suv, completely destroyed the whole front end of it. it rear ended the box truck. that's the whole rear end including the electronic lift, box. southbound. rolling to work the palmetto looking good and seeing delays rounding the big curve to 103rd in hialeah, northbound 826 coming up strong from coral lane and delays at 107th all the way out to red road westbound delays at 27th avenue approach of lejeune road and friends we are seeingtop and go delays on 95
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to the 112 expressway. here's lauren lane. good morning, south florida. i-95 doing exceptionally wellful we have no problems on i 9-95 you will tap the brakes and use the turnpike instead. that's 7 traffic. more coming up in 15 minutes. we are off to a cool start and will start to see some evening showers. going into tuesday night, that will be the coldest air we receive for the entir week. as far as the radar is concerned, it will be mostly dry. temperature readings in the upper 50s, use those light sweaters and jacket.
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breezy side from coast to coast we go, lake-effect snow around the great lakes and cold arctic air will continue to spill through the upper mid wes and northeast in the next few days. for us, w will start to see some showers tonight and then the very same front that crossed through the area will continue to push to the south and bring a reenforcing shot of cold air. we are going to be feeling the 50 and 40s to wake up to wednesday morning. it should be nice and dry before the storm chances increase by friday with warmer weekend. that's your 7 on 7. mother nature unleashing a big explosion. an a rock fall splashing into a lava lake creating that big blast there. scientists say this happens when the la level is high causing
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thankfully the explosion is not threatening nearby communities. >> incredible video. we were just talking about hawaii. >> lorena: a trip there. stay away from the volcano. if you like a bowl of soup, we've got one with a twist. hey, i'm belkys nerey. who likes thai food?
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let's grab a bite next. >> welcome back. if your like a nice warm soup, we oo ear grabbing a bite with belkys. >> reporter: hey, everybody. today we're making soup. i love a good soup and today
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soupful why order out, stay in, get cozy. for this one you're going to need: we're going to start with some chicken stock, which i've already added to my pot. now we're going to add in some coconut milk. don't freak out. it comes out in a big old glob. just break it up. we're going to add our gin ger and it's going to give that yummy asian flavor. now we're going to add in all the rest of our ingredientsful you can get the fish sauce where they sell the soy sauce in the supermarket. we've got fresh lime juice, ewe' got some diced, skinless
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to throw that in, break it u. we've got our p ingredients. we're going to let this simmer for an a while and then a yummy thai soup. i used chicken, you can use shrimp, if you're vegetarian, skin it and use the veggies. the options are endless and so are the flavor. it's been about ten minutes. give it a stir, check the chicken, nice and white, piec pink is gone meaning it's cooked through. there you visit. thai coconut soup. it's so easy. if i can do it, you can doit. >> ashley: i'll just have belkys come over an make it for me. for more information on this and other recipe, check ott out our web site at and click on bite. for the latest and greatest on
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belkys bite blog on our web site. think i could talk her? . >> lorena: i don't know, if she accepts, will you invite me over? >> ashley: a big old thing of soup. we will get an a final check
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and man sees someone in need. welcome back. the man literally gives his third to a man. >> he was visibly shaking and man offered the t-shirt he had been wearing. the heart-warming capture as temperatures dipped to around 45 degrees. so nice. looking at an earlier accident that p happened, this is 47th avenue, suv and box truck so hard, whole back came off and shut down at this location. minor detour of the area, the palmetto expressway is n affected with no delays.
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palmetto expressway southbod all the way down southbound problems at 135th the right express lane blocked and use 441 to the west, you can use north miami, second avenue and biscayne boulevard east, delays on the dolphin, quite fierce from 107th all the way out to red road. make it a great monday. here's lauren lane. we have a tap of the brakes as you make your way southboundnd
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blocked before 25th street. be careful, i-95 east and westbound looking good passing pine island. that's 7 traffic. make it a great monday. we are waking up with times of straits. as far as the radar is concerned, we are seeing a few spotty showers and dry in broward p, dade and the keys. 59 in fort lauderdale, 60 in fort lauderdale, 67 in key west to 64 in marathon and north-northwest picking up between 10 to 16 miles an hour. so here is the big view. we have another front setting up texas. the upper midwest dealing with some snow. we have lake-effect snow in the
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coal air will continue to spill through the upper midwest in the xt couple of days and it's freezing right now. the big apple in boston minus 8 in minneapolis. so here's what to expect. the very same front that crossed through will cross through bringing more moisture an then throughout the day, we will see another push back o the south to allow colder air to filter through an we could be dealing upper 40s on spots and certainly the coldest air so far this year. if your plans take you beat or boating, use caution, seas building three to six feet, outside the reef coastal ekeys with a use caution and choppy.
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key largo, for tonight more clouds will be around with a chance of showers an lows in the 50s. your extended outlook is calling for a roller coaster ride. we're going to be chilly, warmer th storms returning to the forecast. hope and healing in ball harbor as south florida raised money for research. i had the honor of hosting the event. and i also met some amazing children, cancer survivors and families. the event aimed at raising funs for the patients and research. >> lorena: you looked beautiful and you said you raised a lot of money. >> ashley: we did. >> lorena: thanks for doing
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hollywood award season kicks into gear. we've got the golden globes and the looks to impress. and we've been asking you to send in your picture perfect morning. one of the everglades posted on instagram. looks like a post guard. keep sending the photos.
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back. welcome back. the stairs line on the red carpet and the golden touch. the golden globe awards honoring the best in tv and movies. hollywood's biggest stars glamming up for the gold pen globe awards. winners and losers declared on the red carpet before a single award is announced. the actresses bringing glitz and glitter for the cameras answering the age o question who are you wearing?
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thank you so much. i feel like a princess, i feel like a womanful it feels like a second wedding. >> lorena:ennifer lopez had the night's most talked about looks. >> beautiful structure, i tone know. you guys describe it. >> reporter: the ladies weren't the only ones looking good. mc cclenn cc ccclenan. so f to watch. attention. the drastic world actress saying
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niman marcus. topping the buzz, a list that she was almost cast in an 80s classic. the charm star coming close to nabbing the role in beetle juice. she said she was a teen at t the time an wonder how her life would have differed if she landed that part. the force is deaf net tly with harrison ford. he's crossed more at the box office than any other actor. ford has r red in about $4.7 in ticket sales, much of that thanks to big success star wars the ford awakensful he bumps samuel l jackson to second place. the playboy mansion is on the market. before you get out your checkbook, there are several strings attached. whoever purchases the property, would have to allow hugh hefner in to live in the mansion until he passes away.
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also, perspective buy rs can tour the growns an not allowed in hefner in's bedroom. the asking price for the six acre estate that was built in 1927 is north of $200 million but hey you get hugh tooful star wars the force awakens taking over top spot in fourth straight week in total 812 million in the u.s. the revenant starring leonardo caprio taking unexpected ride to second place in the opening weekend making $38 million. and the comedy daddy's home in number three earning $15 million. >> ashley: i still want to see that, daddy's home. >> lorena: i know. i want to watch all those three. >> ashley: we have a lot to do. you with ear watching today in
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back. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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that will do it for today in florida at 8. i'm ashley jones. estrada. more news and weather on today
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