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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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ahead. real-time cloped captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. the news at noon begins with middle school murderer michael herds. good afternoon, everyone. ten years ago he was sentenced to prison for killing a classmate. >> christine: and now hoping to get a lessersentence. elitsa bizios is live where testimony is underway. >> reportfr: good afternoon, ladies.
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this morningng that michael herds is still a menace, still a danger to society f. we can take you straight into the courtroom there. he's getting a new sentencing. all of this is happening because in 2012, the supreme court outlawed mandatory prison sentences for juveniles. hernandez was 144 years old when he slit his classmate's throat. they're opening psecution saying hernandez should get life in prison and review at 25. he's painting his family in a veryry negative light. the convicted killer's father taking the stand. the prosecution questioning him about chilling jailhouse calls from just this summer. take a listen. >> he had you look up information about serial killers as recent as june of 2015? >> no. >>that's not correct, sir?
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information about a serial killer known as acid king? >> i don't recall that. >> reporter: and while his father hado recollection of that, the prosecution going onto play those jailhouse calls where you hear hernandez, where you hear the convicted killer and his father talking about fous serial killers. one of them h.h. holmes, america's first seria killer. another brought up that his father would play very dark music, with very chilling lyrics. the defense going and then talking to the father and then, you know, they explained that it's just a dad trying to connect with his son, a person that he truly does love. another thinghat was brought up this morning is that a prisoner pen pal web site. if we can take a full screen, you see hernandez here. he has a profile on this site. the prosecution saying that this
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solicit to get pen pals and the prosecution saying that the family helped him do. this again, defense saying this is just a father, just a family trying to connect with their son who they love very much. this is all still going on right now. we are on about an hour break and we will bring you more later today. for now live at the metro justice building, elitsa bizios, 7 news. and bond granted to a man police say is a serial peeping tom. brandon beyer is live tat broward county courthouse with what convinced this judge to do more than just an arrest hereful brandon? >> reporter: well, diana, this is a case that we've been following now for a couple of months ever since the pembroke pines police dedertment reached out to the media and asked them to help locate asuspect. and today, the suspect, who has been in custody since his arrest, is now being granted a bond, an an $80,000 bond. let me show you video friend
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county courthouse earlier today. battery. and um basically peeping tom situation, where he was knocking on womens' windows in pembroke pines and doing inappropriate things. the police then after several women came forward released these very clear surveillance images. shortly after the media released those images to the public, the defendant, turned himself in with his attorney and he's been in custody ever since. today his attorney was able to successfully argue to the judge that he should be at least issued bond. he can prove his client was elsewhere when the crimes were committed. >> that all of the facts point to someone else. i've been saying this from the beginning. there's been a lot of misinformation and it continues in court, out of court, through
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taking the time to hear the defense's side of the story because the court heard our side of the story and we already know what the court's determining and where the court ended up on that. >> reporter: of course, that attorney there referencing the bond that was granted today, an $80,000 bond. he has been in custody since he turned himself in, in early january. his attorney said he may be able to come up with that money to get out in the next day or so. again, he is facing charges of burglary and battery for peeping tom case in east pembroke pines. for now live downtown fort lauderdale, brandon beyer, 7 news. one down, two to go. police nabbing an armed robber suspect. it took while to catch up to that man.
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gables where the stolen car was recovered. >> reporter: the stolen car was recovered behind the gate here and earlier this morning one of the carjacking victims picked up the car. about an hour and a half ago we saw officers return to the scene here to see if there was anything else to pick up. with the help of a k 9, coral gables police search for a weapon that may have been left behind. a weapon used to shoot and pistol whip two men in southwest miami-de tuesday night. this man an another agreed to meet three suspects at an abandoned home on 135th court and 254th street around 9 p.m. the meeting turned into a carjacking. >> once at this location, three black males approached the victim, produced firearms and began shooting the victim t. subjects fled in the subject's rental car, which is a 2015
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>> reporter: both victims were taken to the hospital. hours later they spotted the car. it comes to an end on lejeune road in coral gables. the suspect tried to bail but was arrested by police. this man heard all of the commotion from outside his home. >> the policicen look all over the place for two hours they were looking. >> reporter: the victim later seen picking up the car after being released from the hospit. and at this time, it isn't clear why these two victims were meeting with the three suspects in the first plple. that is under investigation. but, again, miami-dade police is on the hunt for the two other suspects believed to have been involved in the carjacking. for informaon with information is asked to call miami-dade crime stoppers an at 305-471-tips. live in coral gableses, lorena estrada, 7 news. also this noon, police searching for a missing teen an
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rose rodriguez last seen at her pembroke pines home. police say the 17-year-old ran away and took her two-year-old with her. she suffers from depression and bipolar disorder and may be living on the streets. police looking for a missing south florida coupleful brandon and alexander both 21 last seen early sunday morning. her mother says she last heard from the pair when they were headed to cadillac ranch in kendall. activity from their son shows their lt known whereabouts near bird road. if you've seen them or the 2014 red vehicle they were in, call police. danger on duty for a cabby. a woman was driving under the influence when she hit a taxi near collins avenue and 38th street this morning. the impact smashing the back of the c and flipping the woman's suv. the cabby taken to the hospital. the woman arrested charged with dui. and what caused a plane to plunge into the waters off south
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informs gators on a mission to fine out. >> reporter: using tug pulling it in more than a thousand poundsful >> reporter: if only it were that easy. it would take ropes connected to a series of tugboats and small plane only brought to the surface by the air bags. >> the impact was so hard it ripped landing gear right off the plane. >> reporter: d for eyewitnesss they say it's a sight you never expect to see while enjoying a day out on the water. >> i was on the beach and suddenly an airplane start eded dropping and fell in the water. >> a plane went down outside bake r's haulover. >> reporter: justefore noon, the tiny piper dropped out of
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veteran life guard, marcel, dove innd swam as fast as he could. >> he said help my partnerfrl i give the board to one guy, secure the guy and get the other guy and they come in together. >> reporter: the two student pilots onboard just 19 and 20, walking away with barely a scratch. their rescue taking a far shorter amount of time than the recovery of their plane. the currents coming through the haulover inlet not helping the situation. >> it was rough. >> rorter: slowly racing the setting sun towards the boat ramp. >> making sure we didn't leave no pieces behind. >> reporter: after a day of unexpected work, the recovery wreckage was complete after the last pieces came back to land. and miami-dade fire rescue tells us the plane toom off from marathon. as you saw this the story, the pilott too shaken up to talk to us about what happenedful we do know the plane was taken to a hanger in fort pierce where
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out if this was caused by human error or some type of malfunction. reporting in northeast miami-dade, omar lewis, 7 news. a scare inhe air for passengers on a flight between bahamian islands. frightened passengers united in prayer uncertain what would happen next. >> heard a loud bang and then everybody kind of like acted a little bit crazily to the sight of the engine shutting down. this is right over the barrier islands. we were about ten minutes into the flight. and, um, we j jt turned around and went back. >> the plane made it safely back to its deporting airport in nassau. two passengers taken to the hospital possibly suffering from high blood pressure. the others boarded another flight. it's not clear what caused the engine to failful police searching for three shooters who unloadad a barrage
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women sitting inside. alex de armas is live where the women are being treat ared. >> reporter: three women shot and two in the hospital. they are a mother and daughter, sister and daughterold us they're doing just fine, but police are still looking for those shooters. >> calm down, call down. >> reporter: grabbing her cellphone moments after she was shot, recording this video she posted on facebook tuesday morning. >> calm down, calm down. >> reporter: she was with her mother and fally friend waiting at a burger king drive through u in opa-locka. she and her mother are being treated now for gunshotounds at jackson memorial hospital. car carolyn mills is was treated and released. >> i'm hurt, it's myy mama.
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be from atlanta. >> my mama neverent through nothing like this. she don't bother nobody. she's a christian woman. >> reporter: what was this all over? >> nobody knows. >> reporter: the opa-locka police department anther agencies looking for the shooters. 7 skyforce wap over the scene just off of opa-locka boulevard and northwest 27th avenue tuesday morning. you can see the bullets riddled chrysler and police, as they begin the man hunt, for the shooters. >> according to the preliminary investigation, it does look like they were directly targeted. >> i'm feeling bless td because they're all well and aliv god is good. >> reporter: other family members were feeling positive tuesday night outside the ryder trama center, as this mother an daughter are still recovering. and right now, several agencies are investigating this case f. you have any information at all that can help investigator,ick up your phone and call crime stoppers.
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county is 305-471-ps. remember you can stay anonymous and if if your tip leads to arrest, you can receive a cash reward. live outside jackson memorial hospital, alex de mas, 7 news. live pictures from new hampshire now where former secretary of state hillary clinton is holding a campaign event encouraging eligible voters to voice their choice in the primary next week. another canned dalt dropping out of the race for the white house as an it winds through new hampshire. >> diana: and the presidential hopefuls are fanning out and stumumng for support ahead of next week's primary. jeff lennox is live with those details. >> jeff: hello. on the republican side, marco rubio is target.
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tohis momentum. no doubt about it, after a strong third place finish in iowa, the gop candidates see senator marco rubio as a big threat. >> i think people whwh they attack you, they don't attack if you're not doing well. >> reporter: he's garnering as much buzz as ted cruz. >> i realize folks want to talk about the third place finish. >> reporter: and donald trump leads most polls in the granite state, cruz is focused on rubio, slamming him for working with the democrats on immigration. >> a bit humbled from his second place finish in iowa, trump appearing more reservrd about his chances in new hampshire. >> wouldn't be the worse thing in the world. i can think of worse things. i would like to finish first. i would like to finish first. >> reporter: as the gop race wages on, rand paul suspending
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he made it official wednesday morning. the democrats down to. two bernie sders going head-to-head after razor thin win in iowa. it has bernie sanders with a sizable lead over the former secretary of state. >> i think that democratic voters and other americans want to know w wt are the principal differences between me and my friend and opponent senator sanders. >> senator sanders from nearby vermont set to win next uz tuesday's contest, which could make itt a long battle. >> we're going to fight really hard in new hampshire and going to nevada, south carolina. we look forward to doing well around the country. >> reporter: and big day ahead in new hampshire. the democrats have a town hall. we will have the highlights at 10 p.m. and republicans face off in a debate. live in the plex, jeff lennox, 7 news. and 7 news partnering with the university of massachusetts
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>> orbly jones live in the new -- ashley joneses live in the newsplex to break down the numbers. >> ashley: at's right. bernie sanders and donald trump are still in front. let's look at where the candidates are standing. first to the republicans. donald trump is 24 points ahead of his closest come pes tor. cruz at 14 percent. former florida senator marco rubio up two points to 12. jeb bush and john kasich have 9 and 7 representatively. chris christie has 6 percent. ben carson and carly fiorina are tied at 3 and rand paul has 2. let's track it day by day. trump is holding steady, same as cruz. rubio apparently catching a two-point bump out of iowa. bush sta flat while kasich drops two. chris christie getting an extra point. moving to the democrats. it was neck and neck in iowa,
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lead in the granite state. he's at 61 percent and hillary clinton has 32ful but that does mark a four-point shift since clinton's razor thin win. they down play new hampshire an we will bring you the newest numbers a week long. in the plex, i'm ashley jones, 7 news. >> diana: and now is a good time to download the 7 news voice your choice app. and six new cases of the mosquito-borne vir in the sunshine state. two in miami-dade bringing the total number f cases to four. meanwhile, the cdc confirms the first case of the illness being transmitted in the u.s. and by something other than mosquitos. >> z can be spread primarily by mosquitos associated to tropical
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the endemic and in dallas county, we see it spread other wise through sexual activity. >> christine: the virus has been linked to brain deformity. >> and shoppers urging to be vigilant. a pervert is on the prowlful and ahead, thieves preying on a preschool stealing computers from kids. and look what surfaced at one apartment complex. and, south florida, we have lots off sun shine underway with warm temperatures statewide. 80 in fort lauderdale to 89 in west palm beach.
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attention dadeland mall shoppers, there's a pervert on the prowl. >> cops say he's struck three times in the last several weeks, including this past saturday. >> i'm not very happy about it, but u hopefully i won't come
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>> i hope you don't either. >> reporter: and here's how u this indecent driver does his business. he cruises the lots, drives up to women, puts down his window. andccording to a miami-dade police report, when the victims look at the male driving t vehicle, he lifted himself from the seat and an exposed his private part to the victims. the subject then fled westbound on the south side of mull street. >> i guess he's a pervert then. >> reporter: the pervy behavior took place outside saks fifth avenue and nordstrom. cops urging you to be careful, especially around dadeland unless this flashing creep is caught. n keil, 7 news. police will be looking at store surveillance hoping to id the guy f. you have any information for detective, you're urged to call crime stoppers 305-471-tips.
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anonymous. just one station with what could be a crucial clue in cracking a case. police reasing this surveillance image. it's a fairy clear shot of one of the men think ear looking for. investigators say he and another man robbed a cellphone store earlier this month, beating an pistol whipping the owner. the victim did not want to show his face spoke exclusively to 7 news. >> thank god i didn't lose conscious or anything likeful that thank god somebody heard and open the door. thank god made noise that day, otherwise it would have been worse. here is another look at one of the two crooks. if you recognize him, call crime stoppers. the number on your screen 305-4 # 1-tips. a computer crime caught on camera at a preschool in sunrise. policece say that the thief stole three lab top computers.
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north university drive and if you have any information, call the number on your screen 954-493-tips. good afternoon a, south florida. we have lots of sunshine underway across portions of the area and my clicker isn't working, so i'm going to grab the backup clicker where she going on here an here we go. we have a lot of sunshine underway t. satellite showing that we have at times a couple of high clouds starting to settle into portions of the area from the gulf of mexico. the bahamas looking wonderful. the radar, at least, continuing to confirm it's nice and dry. 80 degrees in miami and fort lauderdale, 79 in key west with the winds off of the ocean and picking up, up to 21 miles an hour in fort lauderdale. bu the big view is showing that we have some snow showers around the dakotas. we have an area of low pressure producing snow around the upper great lakes moving into the
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rain at times. now, this area of low pressure has an associated cold front stretchi into the pan hand offal florida. this one's producing flood ncerns especially around the panhandle, all the way into georgia, where advisories are currently in place. take a look at temperature reading behind the front. freezing around western half of the cocotry, 23 in salt lake city, 19 in minneapolis and much warmer towards the south, already 80 degrees in miami. now we do have a nice breeze off the ocean that will k@ep temperature readings above erage through at least friday. going into thursday night and friday, we will be watching our next front to bring us a better chance of sowers. on saturday, we will introduce a chance of seeing thunderstorms with another reenforcing front moving on throughfuf if your plans take you beach or boating, use caution. biscayne bay is at a moderate chop, coastal waters of the keys are rough. with the next high tide in miami
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4:34 in key largoful high wills top off in t t 80s. we will continue with the sunshine tonight, clearing sky, high humidity, lite winds will mid fight. your extended outlook is calling for chance of showers from friday through early sunday. g morning with lows in the 40s. that's your 7 on 7. a shocking find at an apartment complex a. 12-foot crocodile lounging yesterday. they didn't take any action to remove it. it was tagged in the past, meaning authorities had prior ntact with it. >> diana: so reassuring. she pulled over a police officer for speeding and now looking into this concerned iver's driving record.
12:27 pm
time on the road. a a woman said she was a concerned citizen when she pulled over a police officer for speeding. now we're getting a look at her driving record. >> diana: and as alex diprato report, one was much worse than the other >> reporter: the police officer is daniel. >> you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> reporter: the woman who waived down and recorded the
12:28 pm
castillo says she first began recording him when he passed her without l lhts an sirens near miller drive. this is what she told us or the weekend. >> it's not to knock our police officers. i'm not trying to make them be the bad guys. they're not bad guys. but they are held -- they are held to certain principles. >> reporter: turns out she has an extensive drivingrecord. she has been cited 16 times according to the fraternal order of police. one careless driving and most recent last month. she's been cited five times for speeding, including once in a school zone, driving with no registration, driving without light, failure to stop and failure to yield, driving in an unsafe vehicle, driving with no seat belt, driving with no proof of insurance, driving with a a expired registration. there is also a criminal charge of driving with her license
12:29 pm
it was closed back in 1998. on tuesday, 7 news got a look at officer's personnel folder. we found no files on discline. he did have at least one preventable crash and he had many commendations in his file for his work habits, including several for his excellent driving record. i'm alex diprato, 7 news. >> christine: castillo is not commenting about her driving record and turned over the video she shot and police investigation is underwayful hot wheels on a south florida street. the viewer sending the video. the fire started after an accident along 66th street and 107th avenue in miami-dade. no one hurt. if you see news happening and can do so safely, shoot an e-mail. time for a break and check on wall street. (stock market bell) >> the dow is down 27 points right now.
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and the s&p 500 is down 10.
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back. a middle school murderer back in court hoping to get@ a shorter sentence. michael hernandez received a mandatory life sentence after stabbing a classmate to death in 2004. the supreme court has done away with such sentences for juvenilesful a jailbreak for a m m police are calling a peeping tom.
12:32 pm
has been in jail since early january since being accused of peeping into windows in pembroke pinesful and more cases of zika. there are six more cases of the mosquito-borne virus in the sunshine state, two in miami-dade. it can be transmitted through sex per the dea. ashley jones, today in floridaful still ahead, a florida woman gets cat fished an not the way you're thinking. >> dia: and he's no flash in the pan.
12:33 pm
skills. something fishy showing up in a mailbox. >> reporter: the homeowner was surprised when she opened her mailbox and found a dead cat fish inside. she thinks it could be kids playing pranks but worried it could escalate. the postman delivered more than
12:34 pm
when he opened the mailbox, he found a large dead cat fish inside. >> i was honestly in shock. it doesn't make any sense. it's just one of those things why. >> reporter: good question. and she's not the only one asking. two other people reported similar incidents this week. another one found in a mailbox. >> i have no idea why somebody would want to do thatful why cat fish, a fish in the mailbox at all? >> it may have been alive when it was left inside here sometime early sunday morning. >> if you look, you can still see all the dirt and all t t nasty sluch that was there from him. >> reporter: she said n/ one else on her street received the unwelcomededmail. she thinks that she's a reason dom victim. she doesn't know who put it
12:35 pm
she's worried it could turn into someing more serious. >> yes, it might be kind of funny, but not@ funny when it happens to youful it's not something as a kid you should be going around doing. >> reporter: she's checking twice before opening her mailbox hoping to never find another fish again. >> diana: and florida woman finding a scary snake surprise discovering an anaconda hind her home in melbourne tfl snake measuring about nine feet and said to be about a year an two old. the unwanted intruder leaving the neighborhood on edge. >> the look is something you will never forget. i was telling my sons and niece, don't go in the backyard we don't really know. >> it was later captured and take b to an exotic pet store to see if someone would come
12:36 pm
no one has claimed. >> christine: no takers? >> diana: i rather cat fis in mailbox any day. coming up next. >> diana: we're making a spicy seafood dish t. recipe when we grab a bite. i'm steve shapiro. the panthers break a long-time streak at washington. and dwyane wade's got a chip off
12:37 pm
we will show you in 7 sports. the chef, jean paul of marion in downtown miami. >> marion is restaurant, we encome pass the whole of mediterranean it's open monday through saturday and sweets and sour dough bread m me daily. the dish we're making today tuna pasta. >> it's a very popular dish. >> reporter: the chef puts the pasta in the water and sets the timer for three minutes.
12:38 pm
olive oil to an a hot pan and add onions. >> and add the garlic. >> reporter: and chili peppersful next capers and tuna in olive oil. if you don't have fresh, you can use canned tuna. >> i recommend brand here. >> reporter: and next add pasta and give it a tossful >> i'm just going to warm the tu u na up, using a little bit of oil. >> reporter: add salt and move off the heat ooh. next add lemon zest and juice an plate. he garnishes withh sour doe bread crumbs. so check it out f. you lick online extra, chef is going to show you how to make a toasted
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in the newsplex. and lady gaga set to sing at two events. first she will be belting tout star spanner bangle between carolina p pthers and denver broncos and planning to honor david bowie. she's said to be performing three or four of his songs to honor the icon's creativity. now it's re. the best team in the atlantic division against thehe nhl. panthers in washington, panthers get a break. back up goalie al montoya in the pipepe first period panthers in white. 9th of the year. panthers first blood. 1-0.
12:40 pm
power play to alexander. it's 2-0. way out wide. some how it goes in. it's 3-0 panthers still in the second. he whistled it. that snaps a two-game losing streak. the heat try and extend season high win streak in houston. the rockets witho center dwight howardful whiteside still out for the heat. dwyane wade drive, spins, up and under reverse. game was tied after one. half. the heatown by five at the
12:41 pm
no closer, no look past jones. the heat are down by 7 after ththe and houston pulls away in the fourth. the heat were down by 15. harden with a game high 26. rockets with 16 threes. the heat lose at houston 115-102. right back in it they play at dallas tonight. they say the apple does not fall farrom the treeful. dwyane wade has a chip off the old block. he's a lefty and killing it at a camp for kids in pennsylvaniaful has his onlyasketball mix tape, maybe better from pop from downtown and gets props from the referee. good stuff. the canes are home tonight against notre dame. that will do it. i'm steve shapiro. make it a great day, everybody. coming up next on 7 news at noon.
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with hollywood in their latest production. chris van vliet sits down with
12:43 pm
break. an all-star comedy set duri the hollywood's golden age. the stars dishing with 7 7news. >> diana: the latest star, sol of hollywood's heavyweights and
12:44 pm
hail cesar is prestige. >> reporter: hail cesar takes us back to the golden age of hollywood. george clooney gets kidnapped. josh bro lynn is the studio head who has to fix this problem and any thrown his way. >> every moment is about problem solving. >> sometimes solving problems means getting physical. >> looks like you're hitting him really hard. >> i am. he's daniel day lewis kind of guy, he likes tent, you're smiling. he does a lot of pacing and studying in that tent and then li a food method thing, so i
12:45 pm
i didn't want to, but it was for george. >> yes, he legitimately slapped me with that big meat pie of his. he got me a few times but he's a ry gentle slapper. >> you're never going to forget that again. >> i won't forget it hail cesar is a bit like ben hur and channing tatum channels his gene kelly dancing skills he learned from wife. >> she was teaching me and you're like ha? tap dance and just steaming on the inside. she's gifted and i just keep getting t. the feet doing it, it's her.
12:46 pm
>> wondering what's going on? >> reporter: chris van vliet, 7 news. >> diana: hail cesar is in theaters this weekend. american idol contestants hitting the stage again this time solo. idol hopefuls moving onto their nexthallengeful they will get no feed back before moving onful you ca catch the show tonight at 8 right here on 7ful and won't ith seeing melissa mccarthy in the reboot. the show's creator telling fans to stay tune because her character's absence will be properly explained. production for the reboot has already begu and will pick up present day an feature four 90-minute episodes. elizabeth banks is turning to the dark side signing on the
12:47 pm
desooens on the planet in power rangers. they will be played by some newcomers and baker montgomery as wellful she's so good at everything. i love her in the pitch perfefe movies. >> diana: and in the hunger games. >> christine: she's a great access. >> diana: you're the last one i'm going to say good-bye to.( i'm diana diaz. >> and i'm christine cruz.
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everybody. >> today on "fablife"... >> it's on!
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