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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 6PM  FOX  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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video of a horrifying hit as they continue to search for the driver who took off. >> reportrt: candidates from both parties criss-crossing new hampshire trying to drum up support before the first in the nation primary. 7 news live in manchester. >> robbin: and as of today haiti has no president. their leader officially stepping down. od evening. i'm robbin simmon. >> anchor: and i'm alex diprato. jeff lennox is on assignmentment 7 news at 6 starts right now. from layers to sweaters, south floridians wearing cool clothing as the temperature dips. flip flops and tank tops nowhere to be seen on miami beactoday. >> robbin: and that where our team 7 coverage begins. covering our big chill. walter? >> reporter: that's right. folks are definitely bundled up here on lincoln road. check out this thermometer behind me now reading 62 . we watched it drop consistently
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it could get into the furt fos in some parts of south florida but if you talk to anybody frfr out of town they remind you it could be a lot worse. jackets and scarfs are in this weekend. many given a chance to use different parts of the wardrobe. how often do you get to wear that? >> i bought it a year agand this is my first time wearing it but this is see through so i'm not bundled up. >> reporter: the thermometer at bank of america on lincoln road ading 65 sunday afternoon. chilly for south florida standards. it's so cold... >> it's so cold i think i'm going to die. >> anchor: let's hope you don't die. it's only going to get colder. the national weather service forecasting overnight lows with the wind chill. broward county declaring a cold weather emgency sunday evening and the salvation army opening its doors giving those in need a warm place to stay. meanwhile the cold weather not
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uth beach and while some south floridiansmay be freezing, still cold climates. >> it can get worse than this. >> are you kidding me? it was snowing the other night ananthis is joyful! >> reporter: and that cold weather emergency in effect in broward county starting tonight at 6:30. >> the question how low will temperatures go? we continue with the team coverage from the weather center. brent? >> brent: and it's going to turn out to be one of the chilliest nights we had in central florida. the weather headlines heading into the work week. frigid temperatures first thing monday morning and breezy sunshine and beautiful sky coitions we're seeing as the sun sets. guess what. an extended period of cool air throughout this week and that is due to not 1 but 3 more cold fronts that will continue to
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here's what we're seeing on the teteerature map at the moment. lower 60s. these readings just switching on air. 59 in miami. and 57 in naples. and after the sun sets, as walter mentioned, we will tend to find those temperatures very much falling into the 50s this evening and in the 40s possible well after midnight tonight as we still have a breeze coming out our way in the wested/northwest and not as gusty as today. broward and miami-dade and not much different and compared to the beach locations and we'll find temperatures a little more mild on tuesday and temperatures slide down once again and go up just a bit but come towards the end of the week that kind of week in which we'@ll need the jackets and
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we'll have the forecast ahead. >> new video of thehehard hit after slamming into the car filled with people. tonight the hunt continues to find the person behind the wheel. 7's elitsa bizios is live outside jackson memorial hospital where the victims are recovering. elitsa? >> reporter: alex, 2 of the five victims still in the hospital recovering. a very major development. the major development this afternoon is that police now sathey think they know who the suspected hit and run driver is. a hit and run in miami caught on camera. 5 people plowed by this suv. the suspected driver identified by miami police as jose cacadilla, still on the run. >> he's speaking to us with an attorney so he should be coming in soon. >> reporter: the accident happening early saturday morning just after 3:30 in front of the 3-fingers lounge
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northwest 34th street. this group of friends celebrating chakita franks' birthday when the quick run to the liquor store turned into a horrific nightmare. >> he got out of the caand said who is this? you know. and that was it. he got in his truck and left. >> reporter: luckily no one s killed in the accident. the 5 victims in their 20s taken to ryder trauma. the two men released several hours after the hit and run, still in the hospital on sunday with broken bones. brown and frank. >> in pain, very serious pain. >> reporter: now these families served. >> please turn yourself in. please. i'm m gging you to do it and i'm praying for you that you do do it because my daughter or her friend or no one else deserved what you did to them. >> reporter: again the the driver has not turned himself in. but once again police have been
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for now live at jmh, elitsa bizios, 7 news. >> robbin: all right, elitsa. 4 people caught and cuffed after armed robbery. taking two men and women into custody. it happened in hialeah. officers catching up with them in the eas of fifth and 10th street. >> it's scary. we live over here and in that protected area and who would think someone would come from miami beach and end up on our streets. >> reporter: investigators believe they are behind an armed robbery along 73rd street and harding avenue on miami beach. they crashed into the police cruiser sending one person to the hospital. >> anchor: crews also battling a blaze in miami. the strip mall fire breaking out destroying several businesses no one was hurt. this fire is under investigation as well. students and parents taking a stand after a school announces it may be closing its doors.
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a dade christian school in miami lakes. the school is struggling financially but the potential solutions aren't sitting well with some. >> i'm a senior and may not graduate and we graduate in may. and juniors may not have a school next year and that's horrible for college admigs and anything. >> we asked for a meetetg and i've been turned down every time i asked for the meeting. being a member of the church, the members are entitled to have a meeting and among christians we should be able to air our differences t. >> reporter: the school superintendant releasing a statement saying in part the church congregation took a vote previously to solve the crisis by either selling land in broward county or having another church do a takeover. the vote, however, has not execut in a manner that allowed full and unbiased participation. consequently a large number of the voting constituents, parents, faculty want a clean
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-- clean and free vote. >> robbin: the count down is on with the new hampshire primary two days away and the punches. manchester with the latest on jeff? >> jeff: and robbin, here tonight a busy night on the campaign trail and live in manchester where the town hall with marco rubio wrapped up a few moments ago and popping up there among supporters and media signing autographs after the media that just wrapped up a few moments ago. senator rubio attacking policies and taking clinton and sanders to task in his stump speech tonight and this is also acting as a super bowl watch party y that will kick off in just a few moments. now because of what's happening on the trail right now, he is rising in the polls and seeing attacks come from all over with h
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night, new jersey governor chris christie taking rubio's record to task in last night's gop debate. the candidates blazing tracks on the trail in new hampshire. on the republican side a day after the debate, the contenders back at it. donald trump and jeb bush with the heat back and forth on the subject of imminent domain on saturday night. >> how tough is it not to take operty from an elderly woman. >> quiet. >> going one-onone after the candidates after the debate. >> he's a winer. he's a winer. he projects this i'm stronger than life d i'm the winner and i'm the winner but you challenge him and that's what happens with bullies. they respond by wining. >> the exchange last night. imminent domain with mr. bush. you say he's not a tough guy. >> he's not and doesn't know anything about imminent domain. >> reporter: fresh slew attacks against chris christie and senator rubio here trying to drum up support from the new hampshire voters ahead of next
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rubio running second in most polls in new hampshire. in the high stakes race he toto the time to go after the senator from florida calling him qualified to be commander in chief. >> you can't trust senator rubio to be the e nominee of the party and that's what i'm saying last night. we need someone to contest it and ready to go against hillary clinton. >> ted cruz calm in the exchange. the controversy he cant escape. the memo sent out that ben carson had dropped out of the race. the report false. cruz again saying this. >> when this transpired, i apologized to him then and i do so now. ben, i'm sorry. >> on the demomoat side bernie sanders with the cameo on saturday night live this weekend. >> so sick of the 1% get thanksgiving preferential treatment! >> reporter: sanders still with the commanding lead over hillary clinton. the two had been locked in the debaba over who is the more progressive candidate. clinton taking a break from#the khail in new hampshire campaigning instead in flint michigan.
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she'll be back in new hampshire on monday. >> the children of flint are just as precious as the children of any other part of america. >> jeff: and sanders and clinton will face off in the town hall debate in flint michigan coming up next montnt just before super tuesday so now we are down to the final 48 hours before voters head to the polls in new hampshire just 2 days away and it's all about the ground game. candidates getting supporters out there and knocking on doors trying to get the message to resonate with voters in new hampshire. again behind me, marco rubio wrapping up ththtown hall and now switches over to the super bol watch party ahead of tuesday's primary ahead here in new hampshire. another live report coming up tonight at 6:30. we're live in manchester, new hampshire, jeff lennox, 7 news. >> robbin: all right, jeff, thanks. and as the primary approaches watch for more of jeff's live reports and keeping tabs on the
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tuesday. >> anchor: also tonight the office. stepping down and the interim government set to take over the office#until a new leader is elected. the presidential runoff was set for next month and dropped after deadly protests broke out. the new leader is expected to take office may 14th. >> anchor: and we're just getting started on 7 news at 6. coming up from the news station, the ice emergency in wisconsin as the preezing lake swallows car after car. >> anchor: clean up begins
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big apple. >> robbin: parking problems you might say in wisconsin. icy vehicles swallowed hole. they broke through dudung the winter fest event.
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drivers are fishing for cars. >> it was kind of scary. >> vincent st. jermaine didn't walk he ran after the loud announcement said cars on the ice were sinking. >> probably 4 cars in front of us trying to get out and i'm nervous there are so many cars close to each other on the edge we'll break through them. >> with thousands in town for the winter fest and u.s. national snow sculpting competition, parking was difficult. so drivers took advantage of the open space. >> it was a great spot to go and park. >> were you concerned because it hasn't been that cold yet? >> no, i wasn't really concerned because i seen all the people out there and seen the cars on there so for me it was okay, if there's multiple on there. >> julie thought the same thing. >> just had angels! angels watching over me. i know it. >> reporter: row was especially glad she was able to rescue her car. >> my mom passed away about 6 months ago and it was her car. >> they called in the tow company and already had half the vehicles out.
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are resting on the ice they were on top of so the weight of the vehicles pushing them down in certain angles. >> amidst the award-winning snow sculptures the mist is the bigger skeptical. >> and no more than any of the cars. >> and despite that scene, no one was injured. clean up underway following a crane collapsein new york city. crews cutting that crane into 35 pieces before it could be hauled away. authorities investigating what used the crane to fall. it happened while it was being lowered due to windy weather. officials say the streets should be clear as soon as tomorrow morning.
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we'll be right back. >> brent: temperatures this afternoon getting the mid60s with the beautiful sunshine. a windy day with winds expected to sub side somewhat. they will come down later on tonight with these temperatures which currently range from 58 at miccosukee to 62 in miami. when we woke up this morng we when you wake up this morning it's in the 40s with the drdr air in place. that is a big difference. remember we were tracking a lot of rain but now long gone off in the distant atlantic. across the state the temperatures are around florida are very consistently cool with the add breeze and not quite calm conditions but the set up for very chilly weather. there is the front that pushed
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of it and back to the breezy day tomorrow and more clouds from the west and there's weather system number 1 and the low pressure in the front and then another front is up in this vicinity and that what is going to settle our way in time. as a matter of fact by tuesday. so this is going to be a week of fronts. there's a chance we could see 3 before this time next week. 3 more cold fronts possible over the next 7 days keeping the prolonged and extended cool weather. and there is a small craft advisory that continues with the wind tonight. temperatures in the 40s except for the keys and in the keys looking at the low to mid50s. for you tomorrow the temperature hies about where they were today and heading into the week it's a below average week.
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as those fronts continue to come on down and valentine's day weekend looking pretty nini
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7 orts after the break. >> reporter: l.a. clippers in town. former olympic teammates and good buddies. duangwith 10-6 and miami early. second quarter and the heat up by 4. chris bosh with hassan white side there. final seconds of the half and miami up 2 and finds j.j. reddick down 3 with the heat down 1 at the break. st forward to the 3rd and heat down 10 with the d-wade and hoop and foul with 17 points and heat s@ill down 8. 4th quarter and chris paul just
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second 3 in as many possessions and deandre and heat lose to clippers and jordan and paul the big ones in this one.e. >> jordan is the hell of a defender. he doesn't get enough credit. he messes a lot of ings up to keep you off balance. >> down the stretch he made some tough shots and that is what he does and one we need to stop. >> looking to make it 2 in a row taking on georgia tech. first with tech inbound and the steal and gets it tonewton and with the right hand and up 1 at the break. mclullan with the team high 22 and up 5. later in the second half rodriguez with murphy and slams it home and newton will put it
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now 18-4 overall and 7-3 with the acac 16th-ranked lady canes hosting duke in the second quarter and canes up by 9 and hayes fights underneath for 2 of her 13 and miami leads 27-9. and game high . lady canes win 61-53 improrong to 3-4. the first place florida panthers with the off day and quick 2-game road trip starts tomorrow with the d-wade red wings. and it is going to the third with crosby and the assist with cats lolong 3-2 and it's the difference for the penguins. >> they're a good team and found the way to get the first goal and then they get a lucky
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we say lucky but he's pretty good. >> reporter: panthers maintain
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alex and robbin back after this. >> anchor: that is 7 news at 6. i'm alex prato. >> robbin: i'm robbin simmons. 7 news at 6:30 continues in 2 minute. captioning provided by:
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