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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 11PM  FOX  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the 7 news continues next at 11. >> robbin: off the top at 11, colder weather coming our way. >> alex: a horrifying hit and run. reacting to new video of the crash. >> jeff: candidates from both parties raising tracks cooz new hampshire. the primary les than 2 days away here in new hampshire. the ght team reports from manchester. >> and bucking the panthers in super bowl 50! good evening. i'm robbin simmons. >> alex: i'm alex diprato. jeff lennox is on assignment. 7 news at 11 begins right now! captioning provided by: u.s. captioning company, depere, wioff the top at 11:00 people bundling up on this
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>> but in a few hours 'll wake up in the 40s. the night team's walter morris is on miami beach where ople are coping with chilly change. >> disappointmeme from several visitors. >> and from arguaranteina expecting ld climate. >> are you disappoint? >> a lot. >> reporter: the wind chill in the 40s and giving ny the chance to break out clothes they rarely use. >> the sweater, almost never. that? >> i bought it a ar ago and the first time i could wear that. >> reporter: the temperature dropping steadily bringing folks to linkon road in layers. broward county declaring an emergency. the salvation army opening the doors giving men and women in need a warm place to sleep and d hot meal. >> we had 180 over capacity in january that was provided for so you can see a tremendous
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>> meanwhile the forecast not stoppingngthese beach goers. reminding miami natives it could be worse >> so we recall that. >> are you kidding me? it was snowing the other night and this is joyful. >> it's like a scre for us. it's like september. beautiful septememr. and in boston. >> and that cold weather emergency will be in effect in broward county until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. reporting in south beach, waler morris, 7 news night team. >> so how low will the temperatures go? meteorologist brent cameron is in the weher center to let you know how to dress for the day. >> maybe it's cold weather we didn't get here in south florida. heaters humming tonight. expecting lows as walter mentioned getting in the frigid 40s in south florida. not too far away fm that in
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into monday with breezy sunshine. not the kind that warms us up with that pattern involving cool whetherer as that series of cold fronts continues to move down through the florida peninsula. through the temperatures bimini at 51 and fort lauderdale at 53 . 54 steady from last hour in miami. up a degree in marathon but extra blankets required as we wake up to the lower 40s across the western suburbs. that means doral,est kendall. mid40s in hialeah. miami gardens and the beac locations in miami. same setup for you in browar county. western suburbs. lower 40s likely first thing in the morning around daybreak and 7 a.m. and mid40s in hollywood. the breeze still waiting on the wind speeds to come down but they will through the duration and the chilly breeze in the
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more coming up in a few minutes. >> after being hard hit cameras capturing the moment the car sent them flying. newly released video shows the hit and run and elitsa bizios says they're lucky to be alive. >> the car took their bodies away and wipe them all out like paper in the wind. >> capturing surveillance video with the driver of the white suv slamming into the group of friends in their 20s. all 5 taken to ryder trauma with injuries. >> knocked me off my feet right here. >> they met 7 news at the scene in northwest 34th street saturday after watching this
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they all survived and are counseleding their blessings. >> to be standing here where i could have lost my live, we're all blessed, all 5 are blessed. >> i turn around and getting hit. >> they were outside the 3 fingers lounge and the driver identified by miami police as jose casa2ki8a. >> he's speaking to us through an attorney and should be coming in soon. >> he said what the hell is this! got in his car and left. someone in the car said go, go, go. >> reporter: still in the hospital two with broken bones and arin a lot of pain.n. still processing what happened. >> and juju did. >> new all they want is justice -- n n all they want is justice. >> just turn yourself in. that's your best bet. just turn yourself in. >> all they're asking is the suspected hit and run driver turn himself in. miami police also hoping for
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for now we are at jmh. elitsa bizios. 7 news night team. >> 4 people caught and cuffed after an armed robbery in hialeah. officers catching up with them in the area of fifth street and 10th avenue. they found the stun gun inside the car. they believe the 4 are behind the armed robbery on 73rd street in miami beach. and residents near the scene taken up.. >> who would ever think something would come from miami beach and end up on our streets. >> one person was justified and sent -- injured and sent to the hospital afr the incident. the ford crashed into the police cruiser. no word yet on that person's condition. >> the count down is on.
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just 2 days away and candidates not pulling any punches. jeff lennox has the latest on the race from the white house. >> delivering closing arguments across new hampshire and the primary now less than 2 days away. >> in new hampshire the candidates are entering the final hours before the polls open on tuesday. on the republican size donald trump is leading the nearest new hampshire competitors by double digits. he spoke to news one-on-one. >> you have a commanding lead in new hampshire. what do you think your chances are on tuesday. >> i think they're good. we have a great relationship with the people of new hampshire and really great with florida and it's very soon and look forward to that and it is going to be great. >> and going after jeb bush to help them campaign. >> and poor, poor jeb bush
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mommy, please come walk in the snow mom. and i like his mother but i don't like that stuff. i don't like that stuff. we have to do it on ouron. >> he's a winer. you know? he projects m stronger and i'm the winner but you challenge him and that is what happens with bullies. they respond by wining. >> and shifting his focus instead to hillary clinton. >> i n't know if you saw yesterday, i think it was madeline albright at an event. did you see this? she said there's a special place in hell for women who don't vote for, i guess, hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] well, here's the good news, ma'am, you don't have to! you can vote against her and still find salvation! >> reporter: the io caucus winner ted cruz pull nothing third in new hampshire. the electorate in the granite
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been an uphill climb for cruz. >> and i'm convinced the most long-lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who actually stand for liberty. >> on the democrat side, senator bernie sanders ing after clinton citing her vote for the iraq war as a big mistake back in 2002. >> i was right that issue. hillary clinton was wrong! >> sanders spent sunday with new hampshire voters while clinton hohoed off the trail in town hall in flint, michigan. she's ndemning the state's response to the polluted supply. >> this is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both. what happened in flint is immoral. >> reporter: hillary clinton back in new hampshire and again the primary with voters hading to the poll. >> and it is live report from
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tabs on all the candidates in new hampshire right through tuesday's primary. >> and now taking a live look at denver where the streets are filling up with fans thrilled for their mile high celebration after the bronons win super bowl number 50. >> denver domination with the second title. mike dipasquale live in the plex with more on the broncos' victory over the caroli panthers. mike? >> reporter: have to give credit to the denvers' defense.e. the swarm with cam newton in the offense. carolina favored by 6 points and cannot overcome 4 turnovers. newtononand the panthers look for the first ever super bowl wen.
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the second super bowl win and first quarter denver up 3-0 and going to the end zone and denver leads 13-7 at the break. the 4th quarter and broncos up 16-10. and all on the 25 yard line and newton stripped ain by miller and coming up with the ball on the 4 yard line. now the ensuing position and then it's barreling into the touchdown. denver added the point conversion. broncos win super bowl 50 24-10. soon to be 40 year old peyton manning winning his second super bowl. >> very special and this game is much like this seasononhas been and really tested our toughness and resiliance and unselfishness so only fifiing they come out that way and great bunch of guys to play with. >> i feel very hopeful and been grinding all year long and won
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this and played great defense so just so proud of the organization and so proud of e players. >> denver wins the first ever since 1999. complete coverage of super bowl 50 and lots of on the field reaction. from the plex, mike dipasquale,e, 7 news night team. >> still to come on 7 news at 11. >> don't believe me just watch >> alex: football fans had to watch the super bowl halftime show and it did not disappoint! don't believe me? just watch!
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laughing and sometimes out loud. >> there she is. beyonce working during tht
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the favorite formation! cold play and bruno mars also lighting up the stage with what you can say isa colorful performance. >> yes, but it was queen b who had a big surprise, especially for fans here in miami. the festivities kicked off with military flare. oh, beautiful conspire spacious ies and amber waves of grain. >> the air force marines and coast guard performing america the beautiful. academy award winner marli matte lin signing for them and lady gaga who sang the national anthem clad in spangly red suit, blue nails and platinum white hair.
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gave proof through the night that our flag was still there >> reporter: but for many the halftime show is the in attraction and when you reach the 50th super bowl, one act just won't do! british band cold play. i used to rule the world >> bruno mars. don't believe me, just watch and the queen herself combining for the 1-2 3 punch and match up. >> and making it one not to miss. >> and the most electrifying halftime shows over the years helped to mark 50th show as one
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the audience spelling out color. >> i can only classify as alien. in miami april 27th. you heard it here. that first show set for marlins' park. the presell tickets go on sale february 9th and then february 16th.
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you used to call me on my cell fon -- phone >> cut, cut! perfect! here are the changes. >> i love changes. >> and plenty of catchy commercials dung the super bowl. companies paying a pretty penny for the hot shots. 5 million dollars for the 30 second spot. advertisers calling on a-listers and even animals for the memorable television times. commercials giving fans a chance to take a breather. the first ad comes from michelob ultra and talking bears fromhyundai. >> did he just talk start that car? >> i just wanted to hug him! >> and a monkey, baby, pug, hybrid from mountain dew.
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but some marked the winners. and arnold schwarzenegger in the video game mobile strike commercial. and getting attitude from a beer tap. >> i feel like you peaked in middle school. >> the catch with odele and goldbloom and lil wayne were moving on up. the blaeb decides it's time to make the entrance and that's s just in the first quarter. >> and coming to america. >> seth rogan, amy schumer trying to unite america through beer. >> listen, folks!
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>> steve harvey poked fun at his miss universe flub n a tmobile app. steve harvey has a disturbing skittles portrait. dream on >> reporter: and ryan renalds starred in the ad with himself. >> how many oscars has alec baldwin won? >> and getting into the war of words wiwi alec baldwin. >> shame on you! >> how about steve harvey? the 5 million dollar price tag setting y record for advertising in the big game. >>and this weekend lots of twists and turns in the south florida weather. as far as today the weather looks like this and around midnight and just after we had a little bit of rain in the
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keys in the 60s today and now back in the 50s with more colder air on the way. and i don't think that's the surprise tonight. the temperatures are going to continue to fall another 10 or so. just some distant thin clouds out of the gulf of mexico. so what does that mean to the morning on monday? as we wake up at around 7:00 daybreak. very chilly with wind speeds and justnder 10 h to make the forecast feel with the rising pressure out of the west and northwest. around the nation and going to 49 to new york city and chilly and 18 in the twin cities and enormous in the southwest. that's where the big ridge of high pressure is going to be.
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jet stream will send several more fronts our way. the next one slated to come through. probably coming through dry on tuesday with the reinforcing breeze. and a couple more cold fronts could follow this week. no real warming trend in sight. here's your boating forecast and the advisory for small craft continuing with 40s and 50s in the keys and temperatures tomorrow in the middle 60s and out 10 below average and as this pattern is goininto hold for the weekend with the weather on saturday and another
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7 sports after the break. >> alex: that is 7 news at 11. i'm alex diprato. >> robbin: i'm robbin simmons.
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have a great night. >> if this is his last game, peyton manning will go out as the super bowl champion. manning w upsetting the carolina panthers. thanks for switching over. i'm steve shapiro.
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the super bowl to be with us tonight!
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