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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> diana: several are beieing treated at jackson memorial hospital and that's where we find alex de armas with more information. alex? >> reporter: i want to get right to that video that we shot. in this video, you can see jose walk into the substation of the miami police department with his attorney. he refused to talk to the media, but his attorney is speaking for him and saying that jose was in fact -- or is in fact the owner of the suv involved in the hit and run over the weekend. he, again, did not say whether or not his client was driving that car at the time of the accident. just listen to a little bit of what he had to say. >> the police identified the owner of the vehicle as involved in an accident as beiei all over the media. he is owner of the vehicle and ca here just to speak to police. it's ongoing investigation. didn't have much to saytous and we don't have much to say other than that.
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this investigation is just getting started. in the meantime, two victims are still here at jackson memomoal hospital recovering. > just flip me off my feet and threw me out my shoes. i couldn't believe i could flip like that. >> reporter: speaking mony morning, they still can't believe what this surveillance video shows. >> one minute you see everybody happy walking to the car and next everyone vanish, gone >> reporter: these are surreal images of the hit-a-a-run accident they were involved in. it happened early saturday morning. >> the car just wiped their bodies away. >>ike paper in the wind. >> reporter: the driver of the suv slamming into a group of friends in their 20s. all five rushed to ryder trama center with injuries. >> this is where i fell right here. >> reporter: they met at the scene near northwest 7th apenue and northwest 44th street right in front of the three fingers lounge.
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they they're surprised they blessings. >> we are blessed, all are blessed, everyone is blessed, all five of us are blessed. >> turn back around and i'm getting hit flying down the street. >> reporter: miami police have identified the suspected hit-and-run driver. >> he's speaking to us through an attorney. he should be coming in soon. >> what the hell is this? got in the car and left. somebody in the car says go, go, go. >> r rorter: still in the hospital, two women. >> just left us there for dead. >> reporter: all victims hoping for justice. >> turn yourself in. that's your best bet. just turn yourself in. >> i would tell him to turn himself in. we are really hurt. we feel like he didn't careful he just want him to turn himself
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>> reporter: and so just a few minutes ago like we mentioned, this man, the suspected hit-and-run driver did wk into the sub stwaj his attorney, no word on whether or not he was driving, but he does own that car. this investigation just getting started. reporting live from outside jackson memorial hospital. alex de armas, 7 news. developing this noon, a cruise ship that sailed through a storm is about to head into port. they snapped pictures and video of everything that's going on. >> diana: moren this developing story from lorena estrada live at corpwrate headquarters inside port miami. >> reporter: we arealking about one of the newest and largest cruise ships in the world. it's royal caribbean anthem of the seasful i want to show you a
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aboa the ship are 4500 passengers and 00 crew members on a week long trip to florida and the bahamas. the ship left the new york area and headed to port canaveral florida when it was hit by this massive storm. passengers took to social media saying they were slammed by giant waves over 30 feet tall. and there w@re four minor injuries reported, but thankfully everyone is okay and royal caribbean says the ship is safe to be at sea. i want to show you a statement released by coral caribbean.
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anthem of the seas face edd a storm bigger than expected. the captain asked everyone to stay in their room. the weather did improve, no doubt a terrifying experience for mostly everyone aboard t. good news also is that the ship on its way to port canaveral florida. brandon beyer will have much more later ts afternoon. lorena estrada, 7 news. south floridians chilling out but may not last for long. it's warming up in the 60s after temperatures beginning the day meteorologisvivian gonzalez is in the weather center with a look at the forecast. >> vivian: good afternoon, ladies and south florida. thank you so much for joining us. we had a chilly start, but it's nice and pleasant. we're going to be following a train of cold fronts leaving us on the chilly side for the next several days.
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miami, 50 degrees, 48 in fort lauderdale, 58 in key west and the morning low in west kendall was 45 degrees. now, the local storm-tracking radar at least is showing dry conditions and rain really won't be introduced in the forecast until early next week. so enjoy this nice, quiet weatherspell. we're going to be needing those sweaters and jackets for quite some time. we're in 60s. 63 in fort lauderdale, 63 in miami to 64 degrees in key west. we have the winds out of cold air direction from the west-northwest between 9 to 12 miles an hour. now, the front that crossed through the area yesterday is currently over the florida straits and anchored to a spin of low pressure that's been intense fig off the carolina coastline moving into the northeast and continues to spread strong gusty winds and lots of snow over eastern new england. this will be the trend at least
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front. so what does this mean for us? we will look at that in my full forecast in a couple of minutes. as the temperatures drop, one organization is opening up to help those in need. last night. the salvation army of fort lauderdale opening its doors to provide a warm meal and shelter for more than 50 people struggling on the streets. >> these people have been very kwiend the crowd they have to manage in here. they've treated us very kindly and nicely to help us be safe and out of the cold and rain at night. >> christine: those in need telling 7 how grateful they a for the organization's help and don't know what they would have done without it.
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after a driver has a show and run in with a business. vanessa medina is here. >> reporter: jerry was trying to buy a vananor his growing family and some how crashed into the business. the van goes straight into the business crashing this metal doorornd right inside. the man was buying the car and mistake. people who know him say that he says the brakes failed. so when he tried to stop the car, it didn't work. now surveilnce video shows him driving through. he was taken to the shortly after the accident t. van has front end damage. heoesn't know what happened or what caused him to drive through his business. >> the guy who ce in, he work in the car wash.
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and i got no idea. i think he misjudge the pedal and went straight to the gate and broke it. he's a really good guy. i have no idea how it happened. i wish he's okay. that's the most important thing. i'll fix it. everything's okay. my wishes go out to him. >> reporter: soy just spoke with one of the employees who spoke to a relative of jerry's and appears he suffered minor injuries and he's expected to okay. reporting live in west park, vanessa medina, 7 news. a crane collapse in hialeah. car. one suffered minor injuries but was not taken to the hospitalful f fr people caught and cuffed after an armed robbery.
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and women in custo in hialeah. officers caught up witit them in the area of southeast 5th street and 10th avenue. they found stolen items and stun gun inside their car. they believe the four are behind an armed robbery in miami beach on sunday. residents near the scene of shake down taken up. >> it's scare wrichl live ore here in protected arere who would ever think come from streets. >> reporter: one person was injured and sent to the hospital after police say the four crashed into a police cruiser. no word on that person's condition. a home up in flames in northwest miami-dade. firefighters responding to the scene onnorthwest 61st place and 170th terrace. no one was hurt. the fire causing extensive damage inside. the officials deeming the home unsafe. they believe the fire may have started in a utility shed. crews battling a fire in miami.
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fire destroying several businesses. no one was hurt, students and parents taking a stand after school announces it may be closing its doors. dozen demanding change outside christian school in miami lakes. the school is struggling financially but potenal so lieuings aren't sitting well with many. >> there's possibility that i won't graduate and it's february andraduate in may and possibility as juniors they may not have a school next year and might have to transfer and that's horrible for college admission. >> we've asked for a meeting and all members are entitled to have a meeting and among christians we should be able to air our differences out. >> reporter: thechool superintendent said they took a vote either selling land in broward county or having church do a takeover.
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manner that allowed full and unbiassed participation. consequently parent, faculty and ststents want a free vote. antidiscrimination bill may be underway for lgt rights. heard. many seeing this as the party's changing attitude on gay and same-sex ghts. and just t the polling sites go up in new hampshire, the snow starts to coming down. it could bee a factor just like it was in iowa. jeff lennox is here with the update.
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6 to 12 inches are expected to fall tomorrow on primary tuesday here in new hampshire. will this snow starm, all of this snow affect turnou in the grab nit state. only time will tell, a good 6 to 12 inches are expected tomorrow. live at community college. here in a few moments, we should see hillary clinton and her motorcade move on throughful they're going inside for a towel hall and then another event coming up later today. hillary clinton deciding to take a day off the campaign trail deciding instead toampaign over in michigan, flint, michigan, where a tainted water scandal is currently unfolding. she is trailing bernini sanders hampshire. the primary unfolding tomorrow. on the gop side, candidates continue to clash. on the republican side, donned a trump is the leader. in new hampshire t candidates are entering the final hours before the polls open on tuesday. on the republican side, donald
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competitors by double digits. he spoke to 7 news one-on-one. you have a commanding lead here in new hampshire talking to the voters, what are your chances? >> i feel they're good. we have a gre relationship with the people of new hampshire and great relationship with the people of florida. that's going to be great. >> reporter: trump going after jeb bush for bringing his mother and first lady barbara bush to new hampshire to help him campaign. >> poor, poor jeb bush bringing his mother because he needed hellful. mommy, please come walk in the snow, mom. i like his mother but i don't like that stuff. i don't like that stuff. we've got to do it all our own. >> he's a whiner. he projects this i'm stronger than life. i'm the winner, i'm the winnerful you challenge him and that's happens to bullies. they respond b b bullying.
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trying to shake off some of the blows he took shifting his blows to hillary clinton. >> i don't know if you saw yesterday, albright at an event. you see this? she said there's a special place in hell for those who don't vote for hillary clinton. here's the good news, ma'am. you don't have to. you can vote against her and sfwil okay. i'm convinced the long lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party, who actually stand for liberty. >> reporter: on the democrat side, bernie sanders going after clinton citing her vote for iraq war was a big mistake. >> i was rite on that issue.
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>> reporter: clinton hopped off the trail in new hampshire for town hall in flint, michigan. shs condemning the response for polluted water supply. this is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both. what happened in flint is immoral. >> reporter: okay. hillary clinton will have an event coming up later with her daughter chelsea. d bernie sanders is campaigning chris crossing across the state before tomorrow's primary. the p@lls open at 7 a.m. the winds are expected to be whwhping as 65 miles an hour as snowstorm moves on through. our live report continues later here on 7 news. live in manchester, hb hn -- new hampshire, jeff lennox, 7 news.
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the tracking poll as candidates continue to campaign. bernie sanders and donald trump are still front runners. they're both losing a lite ground.
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candidates stand: both down playing expectations. and look for more live reports from jeff lennox. he is keeping tabs right through the primary. flashing his live reports later today and through wednesday on 7 news as well. plus don't forget to download that 7 news voice your choice app. it is fre and always updated with the latest numbers from the campaign trail. presidential politics playing out. the president stepping down. anan interim government is set to take over the office until a new leader selected in miami's little haiti neighborhood protesters marched through the streets. they're calling for fair election and calling out the now
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>> he the last five years has destroyed coffer of haiti, all the money. now time come for him to lee power. he is cannot organize one election. >> reporter: in haiti, the presidential runoff was cropped after deadly protests broke out. new leader will take office may 14th. death toll has risen to 32 saturday. two dozen victims were pulled from rubble following the collapse. more havee been found alive since the collapse, including three people rescued earlier today. the apartment is one of 11 destroyed by the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. north korea claiming success after a controversial rocket launch. they sent a spy satellite into orbit.
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condemning the launch as long range missile launch. they're now calling for an emergency meeting. they release this picture of the leader signing the launch order. happy chinese new year. beijing ushering in the new year of the monkey. mark and hisife marking the chinese new year revealing their announcing the name. in a video message posted on the media site yesterday. we hike it. >> diana: she is so adorable. looking at other super bowl event, the ad game.
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quarterback matchup a and how peyton manning managed to come out on top. and things are warming up outside.
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foreca. it's mile high celebration. fans taking to the streets as the broncos took home the super
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denver'sefense was in control. the broncos forced four turnovers including one that ended upn the end zone for a touchdown. for denver's peyton manning, it was his second super bowl ring and over 200th winesetting a new record. he is not saying if he's coming back next season. >> very special, tracey. this game is much like this season has been. really tested our toughness, our resilience, unselfish nessness. and great bunch of guys. reporter: on a side note, there was an awkward moment involving peyton manning's brother. he didn't seem vy happy to see his big brother win the game.
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a piece. >> plenty of catchy commercials. five million bucks for 20 second spot. 7's alex diprato calling on a listers listers. >> reporter: commercials giving fans a chance to take a breather. there are plenty of animal, talking bears. a monkey baby hug hybrid from mountain dew. still not sure what that was all about. it's a parade of celebrities that mark some of the big winners. william channelled his inner marilynonroe and eugene leave i have popped up. arnold schwarzenegger was also in spot for video game mobile
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and there's also star george, comedian miller got attitude from a beer tap. >> i feel like you peaked in middle school. jeff gold bloom and little wane were moving on up. >> is that george and weeze? >> who else would it be. >> and scottbaio abducted by avocado loving aliens. and one we will be talking about is the dorito loving fetus. he decided to make an entrance. quarter. seth, amy and paul trying to unite america through beer. >> whoa, listen, folks.
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steve harvey poked fun at a t mobile ad. steven tyler had a disturbing skittles portrait. and ryan reynolds starred in an ad with himselfful >> how many oscars has alex baldwin won? and dan marino gets into a war of words with him. >> shame on you. >> reporter: and super bowl ad that cost $5 million for 30 seconds. in the newsplex, i'm alex diprato, 7 news. good afternoon, south florida. it's looking beautiful under sunnnn skies and and we're not going to be worrying about rain in quite some time. the forecast is calling for dry weather all the w!y through the weekend.
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feels cool out there, 62 in cora springs, including davie, hollywood, to 62 degrees in miramar, miami-dade in the mid-60s in hialeah and surfside. miami international airport at 63, including west kendall an pinecrest. homestead at 64, including key west to 62 in marathon. we have the breeze out of the northwest. and this cold air connection will stick around for quite some time. the reason for the chilly air, it's anchored to a spin of low pressure off the eastern sea board. it's producing periods of heavy snow around eastern new england, as we speak, and spreading through parts of new hampshire, vermont getting a good clip o o
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could easily receive over eight inches of snow. and over a foot of snow possible for portions of new hampshire and maine. here at home, look for cool sunshine, dry weather and several fronts to crossp through the area to keep u u on the chilly side.. tomorrow will be windy helping temperatures to feel colder. this kind of weather will stick around through friday. we have have advisories for biscayne bay with and we will have an advisory starting tonight for the florida keys. 8:37 tonight is next high tide in miami, 9 o'clock in key largo, with forecast highs expected to just t top off in the upper 60s today. overnight lows not as chilly in the 50s and we're going to have the breeze building at time. the extended outlook calling for sweater weather south florida style to stick around aleast through sunday. that's your 7 on 7. still ahead on 7 news at noon, a south florida
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request for his birthday party an brought the police to his homeful and later on, it could be a new hope for recovering addicts.
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1 new details this noon about the cruise ship that sailed through h the storm. >> christine: ashley jones is live with more. >> ashley: we have new information. it was plalaing to head back to port canaveral, but will not be headed there. it will be headed back to new jersey. anthem of thee seas will sail back to cape liberty, new jersey. this was due to weather forecasted the next few days that is likely to affect the ship's itinerary. we are sensitive to the fact our guests have been in an uncomfortable ride. we are optimistic they will havav a smooth sail home. we appreciate their patience and
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we know it was a tough day on sunday and apologize for their discomfort. we are thanking the captain and crew for guiding the ship back to safety and better weather. they will provide a full refund of the trip and provide a future cruise certificate with 50 percent of the fair paid. that royal caribbean cruise ship headed back to port canaveral ll be headed back to cape lipperty, new jersey. that's the latest from the news desk, i'm ashlejones. planning a birthday party, most boys want to invite their friends. a coral gables six-year-old told his mom all he wanted was the chief of police to show up. >> diana: and with one phone call, that's what p happened. >> reporter: six-year-old got what he wanted on his bitter day. he got to be a coral gables police officer for the day. >> honorary assistant police chief for the day.
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like a police officer. >> reporter: the chief wanted his wish after getti a call from gabriel's mom. >> totally embarrassed to do it. he kept telling me i want a policeman. >> reporter: today's day and age if a bunch. six-year-olds want a role model of police officer, how can we not say yesterday? >> the chief not only made a surprise appearance, he brought surprises with him, including a police patrol toy car. it's a party he and his friend wills be talking about for some time. lorena estrada, 7 news. >> diana: and the chief has been with the department for nearly 30 years.p he was named chief last september. time for a break and check on wall street. (stock market bell) >> diana: thedow is off about 300 points.
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back. stories. an investigation underway after hit and run over the weekend. the crash sending five people to the hospitalhere two remain. jose coming forward to confirmrm it was his car. however, he has yet to claim any involvement in the crash. rough sailing for passengers
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the sea t. boat hit with huge waves and hurricane-force winds off the carolina coast. the cruise line has decided not to return to port in new jersey. and crash caught on camera in west park. a driver slamming into chico's window tinting. the man was testriving the vehicle when he said the brakes failed. he was taken to the hospital and
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for those battling drug addiction, it can be tough. >> diana: and now a small implant can help. he loves his family and country. >> i was in the army. he has a secret he's not so proud of. his addiction to prescription to pain pills. >> he statted taking them after getting injured in the army. it didn't take long before he started abusing them. started to deteriorate. nathan's life started going downhill after he took pain pills for car crash. >> i went to the doctors and they prescribed them.
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hooked. >> and he turned to heroin. >> it's wildly available and chper. stuff. >> reporter: south florida is filled with people like this. many try to get sober, but the draw of the drug is just too strong. go into excruciating pain and almost unbearable and do anything to avoid having withdrawals. >> now a new treatment developed re in south florida may turn the tides. >> the implants are going in the upper arm. >> reporter: they're filled with medication that stops the craving for opiates. >> patients are having steady release of medication. >> reporter: and since they don't have to take pills to stop the cravings, there's no chance for abuse. >> they were all of a sudden keeping jobs, happy about the way thingsre going.
12:37 pm
haven't wanted to go use. >> reporter: they say the new treatment changed their lives. >> i feel more alive than i have in a long-time. my wife is happy. my grand kids is happy. i feel humanagain. i feel whole. >> reporter: the food and drug administration is expected to approve the implant to treat opiate addiction by the end of february.
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news. if you weren't watching the game but waiting for the commercial, you weren't disappointed. >> christine: lady gaga kicked off the show. for many t halftime hoe is the main traction. when you reach the 50th super bowl, one act just won't do. cold play, bruno marz and beyonce all performing together,
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together. but there was another halftime for x tiles fans. fox released an exclusive clip. and queen bee announcing her formation world tour will be kicking o&f right here at marlins park in miami april 27th. a lot of the experts in vegas had carolina six-point favorites to win their first ever super bowl. denver played big game surprising a lot of people. the flyover may have been the best part of the game, most exciting. denver up, cam newton sacked. recovering for the touchdown, broncos up 10-0. that's a score in the second quarter. jonathan stewart leaps over the goal line. he does the grease hand jive celebration.
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story of the game. turnovers by carolina. can't connect with former dolphin ted ginn jr. intercepted by t.j. ward, it was 16-7 broncos into the fourth quarter. newton drops back, doesn't go after the ball, miller was named mvp of the game. broncos added@ two-point conversion. this is it for the soon to be 40-year-old peyton manning. what a way to go out with his second super bowl win. >> it's a special feel inging know how hard it is to get here. and their defense was stout, just like i thought they were. our defense was even better and they've been great all season.
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to say. they made more plays than us. that's what it come down to. i mean, we had opportities. it wasn't nothing special they did. we dropped ball, turn the ball over, gave up sack, threw errant pass, they scored more than us. moving on, la clippers in town as your miami heat look to win 7 of the last eight. first quarter, heat up two. luol deng drives and dunks. he had 15. 10-6 miami early. heat by four, chris bosh misses whiteside there. hasan had ten, heat up six. final seconds of the ha. chris paul finds j.j. rhettic. fast forward to the third. here's d wade, hoop and foul had 17 points on 20 shots, heat
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too much chris paul, paul led wall 22. canes hoops start with the men 17th rank miami he had a team high 22. canes are up ve. later in the second half, lobs to murray, slams it home. less tn two minutes left in the game. 17-3 in the acc. this was about pay back. 16th ranked lady canes.
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canessy six.
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have a great day, everyone. pda power taking over this weekend's box office. the period comedy making 11.4 mill rounding out the top three. bring total ticket sales to $149 million. that's christine cruz. i'm diana diaz. >> and i'm christine cruz, every. cap v great day. real-time closed captioning
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>> today on "fablife"... >> don't even think about walking down the aisle... >> until you check out our "fablife" wedding show. >> an entire studio full of bridesmaids and brides-to-be. >> lovebirds tisha campbell-martin and hubby duane martin. > what is the secret? >> there is rules that we go by. >> just don't wear flannel. (laughtete >> plus, what happens when bridesmaids fess up to the bride?
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