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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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whrert off the top for you at 6:30 this as we continue to follow a developing story coming out of fort lauderdale where police say a car was stolen with a baby girl inside. gek once again everybody. a mother liefg that infant alone inside the car to make what was to is supposed to be a quicker rand. >> lynn: now police on the hunt for the thief who took off with her precious cargo and her car. vanessa medina live at the scene with the latest developments. this haseen going on two hours now vanessa. >> reporter: that's right. tense moments for this family. they are still sitting inside the laundromatat as we speak. you can see them there. mom is wearing the pirvqg shirt. pink shirt. there ra r ratives next to her also fort lauderdale police. they have been here since 4:00. that's when everything unfolded. we're getting a boo better idea ever who this suspect could be. let's go to the first piece of video. surveillance video from inside
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according to fort lauderdale police, the suspect was inside the laundromat. you see him walking out. he is described as a young male 19 to 20 years old wearing dark long sleeve jacket or shirt, blue jeans andnd timber lan boss. the mom pulled up her 2014 chevy crusms her baby. her 10-month-old baby snreepght back see. if he can go to the next piece of video. this is similar to twhwhnlt a 2014 green chevy cruz with florida tag number pbs7436. the mom coming up to the lawn droo mat and because her daughters were sleeping, she left the baby inside the car. she thought she would run inside and grab the clothes she leflt in the drier and return to t car only when she went outside her car was missing a whrong with the young daughter. if we can go to the next piece of video. the little girl was ten months
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helpless and sleeping in the back seat car. 22 pounds. black hair and brown eyes. now the car is mission and td child is missing. >> we went to a fort lauderdale police just a short time ago and this is what they had to say. >> we're asking that every one get involved and please help us locate ts vehicle. we're actively searching for this dark green chevy cruz two door, 2014 with tinted windows. >> i came to pick up my clothes that i left in the drier and i left the h- baby in the car because she was asleep and i didn't want to wake her when. i came out, cart was gone. >> >> reporter: again, back out this is the the car again, a 2014 green chevy cruz with the tag number pbs7436. a statewide amber alert has been issued. if you see this car with the tag
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police are actively searching for this car. searching for their child. back out liveere, you see fort lauderdale police. they have been out here at scene since about 4:00. one more look at this family. just waiting on pins and needles hoping to find out exactly what happened to their car, their young child. information. if you know anything, they are asking to you call 911. if are you in touch with the suspect popoibly. they are asking to you call 911. there's a small child inside that car that desperately needs to be back home tonight. reporting live in fort lauderdale. vanessa medina. 7 news. 6:30, candidates canvassing new hampshire. >> bush say total light weight. >> we are here c@mpeting for the vote. >> and making their case to voters i think we'll be just
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>> and i will awlings always have your back. >> with one day to go, hopefuls making their final primary push.h% >> lynn: here we are. the count down downtn on for the new hampshire primary. >> danieiee: and they are doing everything they c!n to court the votes. jeff lennox live in manchesterr with the latest on the race for the white house. jeff. >> reporter: and we are entering the finals hour of this race. the primary tomorrowoworning. candidates right now in a final push for votes here in the granite state. candidates on both sides have a number of visit scheduled througiewt jiewt the evening before the race gets heated up tomorrow morning and we can tell you tonight the heat is on for the candidates. >> as the clock clicks towards tuesday, presidential hopefuls not waist age single minute. they know that tuesday's results could major break the campaign. >> when the lights get that
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>> and hoping to capitalize on the remoorkz he m me to rubio on the last debate and heill point out his in p experience on monday morning oog commander in chief is not about reeling a the tell a prompter well and having a nice smile. >> and body blows from chris tee. >> most important job as president is to be commander in chief. i'll say this to you without any doubt there, is no one running for president who haze better understanding or better judgment on national security than i have. >> reporter: jeb bush turned haze tension to trump. he says trump is not a true conservative and wouldn't stand clinton. rhymes tiems. you can't say the thing he does and dispair aj people and divide the nation and expect to win. >> donald trump lding in the polls heading into tuesday's'sry mare ray. trump in londondary new hampshire. hererin the granite state we saw
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game compared to what we saw leading up to the caucuses last queek. >> jeb is not going anywhere. total stiff. >> >> reporter: ted cruz pulling third in new hampshire trying pull the liberal movehe to his site. say no to the washington cartel and no to the clone nism. and say no to the bipartisan corruption in washington and get back. >> on td democratic side we are ver mont sanrs is still leading clinton by double digits. >> reporter: and clinton back in n n hampshire after stepping off the trail in michigan a. and her husband ripping the cam for sexest taks that are coming from sanders supporters and bill clinton also saying this. >>t bothers me to be in an election where debate is impossible because if you disagree, you're just part of establish meant. >> reporter: okay and a live look here at a berniee sanders
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we can tell you he is not respond threeblghghd attacks on his supporters to hillar clinton. and talking to bernie sander a top campaign aid said he his support orsz have kcked on close to 50,000 doors in new hampshire this week alonen. the ground game very important inhis contest leading up to the conventions coming up later this summer. around me 250 degrees here -- 20 degrees here in manchester in the storm of. and candidates pushing hard to get the votes and undecided voters and independents dom on their side before the primary tomorrow morning. the polls open here in new sham hire. we'll be there. live in new hampshire. jeff lennox 7 news. >> lynn: also in the news tonight. furniture flying. cruise ship passengers call thrirg dream vacation a royal pain. look at that water.
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in storm of trouble while making it's way to florida. massive waves rock the ship putting passengers on edge. 7's alex diprato is live at watson island in miami with this story. alex. >> reporter: lynn, that ship was heading from new jersey here to florida at cape canaveral when it went into a very bad storm. tonight there are calls for a federal investigation. deck chairs sent plieg on the royal caribbean crews an them the seas bit strong winds and high seas. the ship rocked by what passengers say were 30-foot waves while sailing from new jersrs to port canaveral here in florida. passengers on the ship ordered to stay in their state rooms by the captain. passengers took t tse photos after heavy pots were tossed around. chairs sent flying and what appears to be roof panel came
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here's some of the collateral damage from the storm. they tried to to keep the water out but it's squish ei. the rails are broken. >> reporter: passengers say they were in the storm for about 12 hours yesterday. a newspaper editor on board tweeting, the good news, they never lost the super bowl signal. pepeect tv picture throughout storm. royal caribbean releasing this statement. an. they seas will turn around and sail back to cape liberty new jersey. returning to cape liberty minimizes the risk of farther bad weather affecting our guest's voyage. we're optimistic they will have a smooth sail home. >> reporter: senator bill nelson is calling for the tra national transportation board to investigate investigate. >> the thing about this storm wooz it was forecast for days so why in the world would the cruise shiwith thousands of passengers go sailing right into
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>> reporter: you mayemember last year the el faro cargo ship sank off the coast of the bahamas when it sailed into a hurricane. as for this time, royal caribbean is offering all the guests full refunds. on watson island. 7 news. >> danielle: and at t 40. we continue to follow this developing story that's been going on foreclose to three hours now. police looking for this green car you s s here. this chef chevy cruz. more importantly they rk looking for the baby inside. the car thrown from outside the laundromat at 201 west sunrise boulevarar mom went in for a few minutes to pick up cleaning. she came out. car gone. baby gone. as youing mack she is distraught. police right now searching desperately for that thield child. in fact an amber later has been issued.
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picture of what they believe might be the suspect. between 19 and 20 years old thvment is the surveillance picture that the couple of them looks similar to this, three of them from the laundromat. this is from surveillance@ video tape from the laundromat where this vehicle was thrown with this dhield again. a ten month old. going on now for nearly three hours. police searching for this baby, this car and suspect. we have reporters on the story. we'll have updates four throughout this newscast.
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>> >> lynn: well, we all want to see a happy ending. nearly three hours into the search for this missing 10-yr-old and stolen car. there appears to be what might abe happy ending. >> danielle: and let's get out to the news desk.
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>> belkeys: guys, to clarify a 10-month-old girl nat back of the car. this is her swrevment good news to report. the good news is police did find that car andhe baby is okay. as far as they can tell. right now. news. this child has been missing for a cple of hours now. police say that her mom left the car running while she went inside to get the clothes out of a drier at the laundromat. there ways suspect inside that laundromat, about a 19 to 20-year-old black male suspect thvment is the surveillance@ photo that police released to the media to try and track down this baby. apparently he saw an opportunity perhaps to steal a car, did not realize that that little baby, that 10-month-old baby was asleep in the back of that car which was a 2014 green chevy
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and that's when the search started. a statewide amber later was put out for that car and the good news again is that we understand that, that the police have found that car about five to 7 miles away from the original location fr where it was stolen from that laundromat. the baby is okay there is no suspect. the suspect has taken o. the good news the first half of all of this. the baby is found. it appears, she appears to be okay now police will i assume continue to search for that suspect. vanessa medina live on that scene in fort lauderdale at the laundromat at the original scene of this. vanessa. bring us u up to speed. i understand we're waiting to hear from the public information officer to get a little more info on this. but so far the news is good. >> thank god belkeys.
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unhampled we just spoke to tracey from fort lauderdale police and saying they found the child. still inside that car. the suspect ditching the car in the @900 block of mcnabb just like you saiaiseven to 8 miles way from this scene here. let's go to the picture of this little girl yeah rel leyva las ce. i just spoke to the parents as they walked out and said is it true they found the little girl? and they were all hugging and crying, just grateful that their baby, 10-month-old little girl was found at this hour. it is a cold night it is cold out. they were worried for that child. unsure where this car could of possibly gong but now again they found the car seven to 8 miles way. possibly dropped the child off and the car. again, the child again was found 10-mile way from here. this is the suspect that police e look for.
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that th laundromat at some point today at 4:00 p.m. the mom dropped, went inside to pick up dry clothes that she left inside. the baby was sleeping so she left her inside the car. the suspect seeing the car taking off in that 2014 chevy cruz but police are still looking for that suspect. again, if have you any information as to where he could be, that suspect according to police is still on the run. they need your help in finding him. again, so the very goodews out here, this child has been found. a aappy ending. this family can flow rest once they get to hug that little 10-month-old baby. that'she very latest from out here. back to you guys. back to you belkeys. >> lynn: could not have asked for a better ending. thank you so much vanessa ma defla and belkeys nerey. imagine how that mother feels right now. >> danielle: as vanessa said she can't wait to hug her little girl. we're glad it had a happy ending. stay with us. 7 news at 6:30 whrb right back.
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>> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: dry night in store for s. no rain right now across fort lauderdale. miami and homestead, the keys looking dry thing as well. more clouds tonight and tomorrow another front make it's way across south florida. we're going to see a series of fronts making their way across our area. keeping us with morning lows in the 50s. at least t tough the early part of next week.
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threat of rip currents. small craft advise roimplet biscayne bay choppy. and boating conditions are poow for you throughout the keys. next high tide 8:37. 9:47 for the lower keys. water temperature 70 degrees. tonight clouds will continue to build. over night lows will be be in the 50s to the l 60s. not as cold as they were last night and then by tomorrow partly cloudy skies. it will be breezy. highs trying to reach 70. here's your extended out look. 50 totart the day on wednesday. models very aggressive on thursday. and we remain with temperature into the 50s for morning lows through the early part of next week. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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>>ed. >> >> lynn: a test drive taking a terrible turn as a van crashes into a south florida business. >> danielle: the tenting business experience age drive thugh like never before. >> navalal is hoping to buy this van. he needs it for work. he checks the car out. kick the tires. gets inside and turns it on. seconds after he gets the car going, this hams happen ch he zooms straight into the business. >> he ta take for a smifnlt i did and when i did, i tried to to stop and i couldn't. >> danielle: ra valley going straight through chico's garage in west park. surveillance joyed capturing the incident. the own fler first thought somee was trying to break in. >> when they called me i thought someone was breaking in and
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surprise, very surprise sniez this bystander also surprised thanking goad wasn't in the waist car and driver. he was taken to the hospital shortly arriving h hrs later lim and complaining of back pain the brakes does not stop okay and i went right through the garage door. >> danielle: the car's windnhield will need to be replaced and have front end damage a. it is unclear who is response for that. >> and everythg is okay i'll fix. it everything is okay and jerry does appear to be okay he is suffering minor injuries. expected to be just fine. you're watching 7 news.
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>> >> >> danielle: that is 7 news agents 6:30. thanks for watching. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez vaivment great flight everybody.
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danielle at 10:00. >> danielle: good night. >> real-time closed captioning company.
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beyonce steals the show. budid she have a secret message to america? the black power salute. and what does the x stand for?
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