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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 5PM  FOX  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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7 news at 5 starts right now. captioning provided by: u.s. captioning company, depere, wi >> robbin: police on ththscene of the high priced heist when a south florida jewelry store is targeted. they started pistol whipping the employee. >> jeff: and the owner says he got away with nearly half a million dollars in stolen jewelry. 7's elitsa bizisos live with our top story tonight. elitsa? >> reporter: this family-run business, these owners are typically not open on sunday and obviously them getting robbed today, almost half a million getting taken, is not what they expected. they open today, of course, because it's valentine's day and becae they want tod make that extra money and wanted people to be able to come in and buy their loved ones guests but unfortunately that thief struck. a valentine's day jewelry heist in hollywood. the family-owned of joulers. it happened just after 9 on sunday morning an hour before the storm was supposed to open for the holiday.
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walked in wearing a ski mask and pistol whipped one of the employees and locked that employee and another in the bathroom. >> crazy. i don't think k that normally happens in the neighborhood. >> reporter: crime investigators on the scene of sheridan street. for several hours on sunday dusting for fingerprints. this woman says these types of robberies don't surprise her and that's why she has a conceal carry permit. >> i wish they would run up to me because i'm always strapped. >> the robber did get away with half a million in jewelry but it's not the first time it was hit. >> just mad cops flying down the road. >> the 4 men went into o the jewelers demanding money and cash and jumped in the getaway car. after they followed the body guys cops were able to arrest them. when it comes to the employees that were here when that heist happened, they are doing just fine. but police would like to hear from you.
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the number to call crime stoppers 954-493-tips. for now live in hollywood, elits a bizios, 7 news. >> reporter: cameras capturing several crooks in action pulling off a series of grab and go burg lyeser. police say thieves are targeting electronicks and cell phone stores and each one happens the same way. 7's brandon beyer has the story from hialeah. >> reporter: crooks in hialeah going on the saturday spree striking at least 3 electronics stores. one of the owners convinced the crimes are related. >> starting in hd so we have all their faces and we're pretty comfy in the way we're going to identify them. >> reporter: marco's surveillance video might give cops their biggest clue. you see several men in the store ransacking cell phone cases, cleaning him out. >> they took basically most of the funds in the store and now we're cleaning and looking at
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>> also the same day, same motive. in this case the own her to board up his business. again cameras catch the break-in and you can see the crooks actually smashing their way through the front door and then the mess they left behind. and not far on west 35th street also on saturday. a very similar crime. this time the crooks brazen enough to actually flip on the lights so they could see better. >> it's insane. like we have the system but even with that they come in the middle of the night and nobody seems to hear nothing and even from the front door and it is just a little bit, i would call it insane. >> reporter: if you have any information about the creams, you can get some cash the legal way by calling crime stoppers 305-471-tips. in hialeah, brandon beyer, 7 news. >> jeff: the unholy act in the south florida church with the temple in northwest miami-dade
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late thursday or possibly early friday morning. the bishop now reaching out to the public for help. >> if anyone would help us to assist us to, you know, to get some of these instruments would be so good. >> reporter: the instruments are worth about $10,000 and it's not the first time this church on northwest 8th avenue and 11th street has been hit. crooks stole the air conditioning unit there 3 years ago. >> robbin: in the news today, the body of justice antonin scalia arriving at a funeral home in texas escorted by state and federal law enforcement officials as the family prepares to bring him home to virginia. his death sparking a fierce political battle in washington and on the campaign trail. >> jeff: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle fighting on who should replace him and when that should happen. live on the satellite center with the latest. walter?
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president obama says he wants to act quickly but republicans promise a fight and the justice who served the high court for decades hasn't even been buried. from washington to the campaign trail, news of justice antonin scalia' death sparking a heated debate over when his seat will be filled. president obama making it clear he wants to move forward. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> reporter: of course obama has to get the nominee through the republican-controlled senate in the election year. and the majority leader mitch mcconnell going on record saying he wants the next president to make that decision. >> the politics of it is tricky. on the one hand they want to fill it while they know they have the presidency. the problem is if obama picks a hard core liberal candidate, there's no way it gets through. >> reporter: with justice scalia's death, it's split evenly between liberal and
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decisions on abortion rights, affirmivative action and more all in actiti, it could shift the balance of power and candidates make it clear they don't want that to happen. ted cruz promising to filibuster any nominee and his campaign rivals not too far off. >> he clearly has the power to do it but given his choiois of the supreme court justices in the past, the senate of the united states should not confirm someone who's out of the main street. >> you do not have a lame duck president make a lifetime appointment to the highest court on the land. >> reporter: of course it's still unclear if residence will get their way. the leading democratic presidential candidates pushing back saying it's the senate's responsibility to act quickly. >> the idea that republicans want to deny the president of the united states his basic constitutional right is beyond my comprehension. >> president obama said he would nominate someone to the bench and that's exactly what he should be doing and leader
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constitutional process. >> reporter: and ronald reagan was the last president to nominate a supreme court justice during an election year. walter morris, 7 news. >> all right, walter, and we invite to you stay with 7 news for complete coverage on the death of the justice. updates right here and online at >> reporter: and now to the race for the white house in 2016. the republican candidates going head-to-head in the heated debate last night with the south carolina primary right around the corner. plus the democrats in the campaign trail this weekend not pulling any punches. a changein tone on saturday night as the remaining gop presidential candidates took the debate stage in greenville, success -- in greenville, south carolina, after a moment of silence for the late justice antonin scalia and the candidates left nothing off the table with foreign policy and jeb bush's foreign
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the war in iraq, things got personal. >> while donald trump was buildinga arrangement tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> how did he keep us safe when the world trade centers came down? the world -- excuse me. i lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down during the reign. >> reporter: trump and cruz going head-to-head. right now he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. i disagree with him on that. that's a matter of principal. >> you probably are worse than jeb bush. you are the single biggest liar. >> reporter: marco rubio trying to stage a comeback and shake the label of being the robotic candidate. >> reporter: there is no one left in the republican field who -- >> there is no one left that has more experience or proven to have better judgment on national security than i have. donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. >> reporter: ohio governor john
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with the ck and forth getting heated at times. >> i have to tell you, this is just crazy, huh? this is just nuts. >> reporter: more e-mail questions for hillary clinton, the final release of the e-mails scheduled for february 29th. the day before voting in several states on super tuesday. clinton in colorado going after the gop. >> if any of us needed a reminder of just how important it is totake back united states senate and hold on to the white house, just look at the supreme court. >> reporter: bernie sanders, meanwhile, continues to take on clinton and the relationship with wall street. >> the question that we ask is wall street and all of these other billionaires and wealthy dumb? why are they contributing so much money? i'll let the american people make that decision. >> reporter: okay and a couple of big weeks coming up here in the race for the white house.
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will be stumping for hillary clinton tomorrow. meanwhile the focus remains on south carolina. the republican primary is on saturday and the democrats the following week but first they have the caucus comingup in nevada. and a reminder down the road. 7 news voice your choice app very helpful this go around with the latest information on the news from the campaign trail. robbin? >> robbin: all right, jeff. lawmakers in haiti choosing a new leader. the senate chief sworn in as the country's provisional president. he'll hold office for about 4 months leading an interim government until the new president can be elected. the country's constitution barred the last president from seeking another term. violent protests and accusations of vote rigging have both delayed a runoff election. >> reporter: pope francis
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landing in one of the most dangerous suburbs in the country just north of mexico city. the 1.6 million residents plagued by duing-related murders and kidnappings for years. they held an outdoor mass at the center foadvanced studies where he urged people to resist temptations and into a land of oppounity. he's expected to travel tomorrow to where hoolhold a service and meet with mexico's indigenous community. be sure to stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the pope's visit to mexico. we'llhave the latest on air and online at >> jeff: 7 news at 5 is just getting started. coming up from ththnews station tonight, a ski trip taking a terrifying turn when the bus fill wide high schoolers goes up in flames. why this did not stop them from hitting the slopes. >> robbin: the deep freeze being felt in the northeast. how millions deal with the dramatic drop in degrees. >> and a few extra clouds.
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ocean. so will we see the showers
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the forecast coming up. >> reporter: scary moments for high school students on the ski trip there. the bus bursting into flames. they got off the bus and moments later fire was literally shooting out the windows. >> jeff: but they refused to let the heated situation ruin their time and the day on the slopes. the staff at mount baker ready to tackle what was supposed to be a normal saturday on the slopes. >> we were very busy with an awesome powder day. >> reporter: but things took a terrifying turn. >> not your normal ski day. >> jeff: a bus with a group of high schoolers catching fire on the way to the top of the mountain, just a mile from the resort. they were on the way to a ski day before mechanical error caused the flames on board. fortunately everyone on board
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long before they made it to the top of the mountain. >> within minutes we had them safely in the lodge as a group and went from there. >> jeff: high schoolers didn't let the fire ruin their day and still went skiing and offered up the free launch for those who lost their ski stuff in the flames. >> they were all still excited to be on the mountain and anything to help accommodate them to have a better day and good day in the mountains is certainly what we're about. >> jeff: not the normal ski day they were hoping for and not too bad for a day that began in such a scary way. >> reporter: all in all worked out all right. >> and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> robbin: a winter blast has millions feeling the breeze this weekend. people in baltimore bundling up with temperatures dropping into the single digit. some locals are actually loving the bitter cold and they have
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all in. >> and the time. >> it's 70 in texas right now. we're like what is this! >> we're from houston and see a snow flurry once every 4 years. >> robbin: in addition to the extreme temperatures and they're bracing for the snow to
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7 news at 5 coming right back. >> jeff: okay, a south oo flawoman turning the tables this valentine's day with a delicious proposal. her boyfriend just cannot refuse. and just one station was there to pay witness. he thought he was getting some free donuts. >> robbin: who wouldn't love that! but he got something even sweeter. >> this is really cool.
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this is cool. excellent. thanks, babe. >> robbin: you'd probably be shocked, too, if your partner pulled off this unforgettable proposal. >> feeling amazed. i thought we won free donuts and i guess we're getting married! >> robbin: he's officily off the market thanks to his girlfriend and the folks at dunkin donuts. >> we had a lot of setbacks and this is something i felt like if we won, it was going to be really nice for us. >> robbin: the couple has been together for 7 years but soon their fair share of tough time she nearly lost jesse and their son after a bad car accident. they survived but struggled to make ends meet. that's where dunkin donuts comes in. >> i won an engagement ring so that we can get married now. >> wow! >> after all these years. >> that's co! >> so i wanted to know, will you marry me? >> robbin: kelly entered the restaurant chain's happily ever dunkin restaurant contest and
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chance to pop the big question. and you guessed it. he said yes! >> of course! >> yay! >> robbin: their first valentine's day as an engaged couple. dunkin donuts says they received 300 entries from miami-dade and palm beach counties and the couple says they're just trying to get a date and location for the big day. >> on this vantage point with biscayne bay and looking northward of course in the western sky and the sun getting ready to set and 72 in miami and 41 in fort lauderdale and miccosukee as well in key west. the temperatures today rebounding nicely and no rain reports. of course we have that cool start to the morning with lows commonly in the 50s around here
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so there are the clouds beginning to stream in off the ocean waters. a couple of sprinkles detected here around lake okeechobee and just north of the palm beaches. not amounting to a whole lot right now. but as the moisture does increase, we do expect some additional showers. probably not so ch tonight, but into the next couple of days. some in and out passing showers on this breeze. you notice the breeze today on shore and off the ocean waters. 14 but gusting above 20 at many times during the day today. i started my day today with the e-mail from upstate new york where the temperature e at the time, the actual temperature was 25 below zero. right now new york city 16. 11 in boston with dangerous wind chills extending across the great lakes states. nrou is not a huge amount of snow, but a little clipper system bringing snow showers to places like kentucky. there's indiana.
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additional showers in the form of rain and snow back out and it looks like small pockets and tiny rain showers coming in and over the next couple of days with cloudy skies and that dryer air should pass in from north to south to the middle part of the week. let's talk about your boating forecast. use caution and the rip currents still a threat and after 10:00 tonight, by the way th, is going to be upgraded to the small craft adviso for you boaters. probably one of the reasons we didn't see a whole lot of boats around biscayne bay in that first picturura moment ago. small craft advisory in effect for you already in the keys with the choppy to rough waters. we did have l ls of 50 temperatures last night. not the case tonight. the temperatures commonly in the 60s. here's the rest of your 7 on 7 and we find that the warmest day of the week is expected to be ahead of the front on
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the middle part of the week, especially after thursday and
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7 sports coming up. >> hi, everyone. the first place florid panthers look to regroup after losing 4 of the last 5 and continuing the home stand against pittsburgh. last night nashville took it to
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st. louis and gave up 3 goals before he was pulled. the head coach says it's not all louis. >> he hasn't been as sharp as he was, you know what i mean? but it's our team the last couple of days and nobody play list and that's what hurt your team and then autoa tough spot and men get through it and battle back and we're going to play the team and see what they're made of. >> reporter: and miami looks for the 20th in florida state. you had a tough test last tuesday against pittsburgh and win it 65-63. canes are second in the acc. back in january miami took it to the walls in coral gables winning 72-59. these two teams do know each other. >> still the same head coach at both schools. so we have a working knowledge of how other one things.
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and who wants to play more on the court. >> reporter: next sunday we'll have the daytona 500 race. the youngest pole sitter ever looking to make history. 20-year-old chase elliott with the first career sprint cup with the qualifying speed of nearly 9700 mph. his dad bill a 2 time day tona winner. doesn't sound like any pressure to follow his dad's footsteps and beco the youngest winr ever. >> this is a very cool opportunity. it doesn't come twice and want to make the most of this one. it is very, very special and cool way to start our 2016 season. >> matt starts in that second spots. that's sports. back over to robbin and jeff. >> that's going to do it for 7 % news first at 5. i'm robbin simmons.
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we'll be right back here for 7 news at 6:00. have a great evening. captioni provided by:
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depere, wi >> she datetedonald trump. what was it really like dating the billionaire? his former girlfriend speaks out. >> it was intense. it was extremely intense. >> wait until you hearwhat she says trump running for president. >> then, the oj simpson slow speed chase. but whatever happened to the real white bronco? 22 years later, inside about edition tracks down the long lost bronco. >> mysteries of oj's bronco revealed. >> and ...
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plus, guess who? inside edition goes undercover as an turkeyold lady. how vulnerable are the elderly to getting ripped off? >> $57,000. >> 12500. >> lisa guerrero goes undercover to fd out. >> i have been waiting for three days. >> now, inside edition weekend. >> donald trump's ex-girlfriend speaks out. what it is really like to be by the donald. i'm diane mcinerney and this is inside edition weekend. there may be some people surprised at mancedhis success on the campaign tra but this woman isn't. she is his ex-girlfriend. few people know donald trump like roanne brewer. she made headlines when the feet.


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