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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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ahead. >> lynn: now at 4:30, backyards bashed and debris littering parts of south florida after severe storms rolled through. >> danielle: danger at daycare. howling winds from this morning's storms ripping a roof apart. >> lyn and the storms slamming several stables and dozens of horses suddenly vulnerable to the terririing elements. thinking? the storms spawning a pair of tornadoes across south florida. >> danielle: miami beach with hits from the twisters and several other communities as well. we have team coverage, and jeff lennox is live in davy wherehe residents have been cleaning up. >> reporter: yeah, gusty winds moving through early this morning, and i'm standing in the midstt of a pile of damage here
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we have piles of branches and palm fronds, and as we zoom to the backyard, a largeicus tree knocked over this morning when the nasty storm moved through broward county. >> it was scary. >> reporter: whipping winds and heavy rain. >> it was almost deavu for me. >> reporter: residents in davy based fur the unexpected as the severe weather moved. my wife, being as diligent as most wives a a, she said come on, we have to go, and the next thing we know, we heard a loud roaring and come on, let's get to a safe closet. >> reporter: in the early morning wake-up call for the family on 17th avenue. they got severe weather alerts on their cellphones. >> it was very quick and all over in a matter ofsembled, and the next thing you know, we're
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something happened here. >> reporter: reality sunk in, when this family looked at their backyard. tile stripped off their house and a massiveree uprooted. >> that was a beautiful tree, a great canopy and shade in the summer. >> reporter:r:he powerful wind, lifted the tree from one backyard over the fence into another neighbor's backyard in davy. on 87th terrace, a metal rooftop peeled off of one home. >> the roof wrapped itself around this tree, and it was completely around the tree. >> reporter: the rooftopped and crumpled up like a piece of paper. and as the clean picks up, the neighbors are grateful they made it out unharmed. >> we're alive and unhurt and we're g neighborsrs are coming by and people are checking. >> reporter: yeah, neighbors
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dave neighborhood and there's more coverage here. it's a miss for this family to cleanup in davy, but the good news, no injuries when the storms moved through early this morning. live in davy this afternoon, jeff lennox, 7 news. >> danielle: incredible there were no injuries, jefeff. thank you so much. and our team coverage moves to miami gardens now for the damage done at a daycare, and lorena estrada is live there. >> reporter: danielle, that storm left significant damage at the chive center. and the kids didn't have the chance to play. we have a large piece of insulation from the roof here, and you can see a large portion of the roof here, and the tree, it's branches were snapped off. the scary thing about this, there were %7 children inside of the daycare, and they heard the strong winds.
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couldn't see that was happening. you'll see the wind pick and up playing ground. and the little girl could hear the strong winds, and unfortunately, when that roof was ripped off, the director of this daycare center tetes tells us that the roofegan to leak, so she called all of the parents and asked them to pick up their kids because there were several puddles and they lost power for a few minutes. let's listen to what the director had to say. >> it was scary, a we do actice tornado, and the roof went. and then the water started to
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>> back here live, they are starting to work on the roof the sad thing about this, the daycare center was hoping to upgrade the playground. but coming up at 5:30, you'll he from one of the children inside, and we will talk to a mom who said that she's glad that everyone i okay. lorena estrada, 7 news. >> lynn: thank you, while it was a frightening moment for kids this morning, the storm rocking a group of stables, and liz nagy is in pompano beach, where the caregivers are feeling fortunate. >> reporter: they have already gotten here, trying to pick up all of debris that was left behind. they had 50 stables damaged, and there's heavy equipment trying to cult up the branches and the
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flew off all of the various stables at the ec weststrian park when the ef-1 tornado blew through this morning. we want to show you an injury to one of the horses. all of people are fine, but look at the long gash in one of the horses who happened to be standing in the way of some flying debris. we spoke to the horse owner who was feverishly trying goat here to check on her horses as soon as she saw the bad weather blowing in this morning. we're about 1,000 yards west of that blimp hanger in pompano beach, and this is where the worst of the tornado that touched dowow in pompano beach landed. so they're picking it up, and none of the people at the stable were injured. but it's just that one horse, who is going to be okay. we talked to the owner.
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dixie highway, we had a number of businesses with structural damage, and roofs torn off and it appears that the twister came in a northeast direction, it came across 5th avenue and toward the stables and headed to the golf course and did damage there, and went over r the movie athletors and did damage there and headed int lighthouse point. so we can clearly see theheath that it took. >> i was sick, i was crying goingdthrough the traffic lights, and it was had hard, the traffic was so bad, a a the skies were black still, and it was early. >> reporlfr: you can certainly understand why that horse owner was so scared after you saw the injuries that one of the horses suffered. again, i was the only horse that suffered injuries, and they have made quick work about cleaning up out here. they have organized the debris from the outside. and they will be out here for several more hours, at least as
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trying to cleanup as much as they can. liz nagy, 7 news. >> lynn: liz, thank you. >> danielle: the damage and the debris a sign of what hit us earlier today. >> lynn: but if you looked at the skies now, you would never be able to tell, it's lovely. and chief meteorologist, phil ferro s. live in the weather center with what's in store. >> phil: it was truly scary this morning with parts of broward and not miami-dade with the twisters, but now tonight, nice and mild temperatures, and a rain has moved away. and we could see a coolish thursday on top. meanwhile, here's the radar, the best news of all. the long line of thunderstorms that had hit the area, long gone, and we're still looking at a couple of isolated showers, and they will clear out tonight. this is what is responsible for the nasty weather. a front that will go over us this morning. yesterday, this caused dozens more, 12 tornadoes across the southeast.
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and now it continues to move into the atlantic. mild tonight. and then as we move in through wednesday night and thursday morning, we could see a nice morning chill. and then a very mild and sny afternoon. as far as what we can expect temperature-wise, the average low is 63. tomorrow, waking up to 62. the previous model run had us thursday morning waking up to 39, but it looks like it's only going to drop to 61, and then we'll be around the low to mid 60s next tuesday. i'll have a lot more on tornadoes later on. >> all right, phil, thank you. >> danielle: coming up from the nation, a family getting answers. >> lynn: mother nature causing plenty o damage today. but she can't be blamed for this trouble on the water.
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during a basketball game. >> danielle: a scare bringing a girl's basketball tournament to a sudden stop. a player falling to the floor, and everything initially seemed to be fine. but other teams reaeazing that she couldn't get up because she had been impaled. diana diez has the story. >> i mean,here's no rhyme or
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>> reporter: a quiet c crt was filled with confusion when a player came to sliding stop. >> she said there's a piece of wood stuck on me. >> reporter: the board had s sit in the middle and stuck into the young player. r mom, the coach, was quickly by her side. >> it was 3 or 4 inches long, and in some parts, probably a quarter it a half an inch deep. >> we thought they were going to have to remove the board and take it to the hospital. >> reporter: they didn't have to do that, but the teen was loaded up on the stretcher andpent the night at the hospital. luckily, none of her internal organs are hit by the wood. >> i i hope that this never happens anywhere. >>eporter: he was especially surprised that it happened here, where the floor is 15 years old. for now, the sliver o wood is
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cans,nd it will be fixed in a week or so. >> we'll be playing on it. >> reporter: he doesn't expect any legal action. >> it's kind of like a strike of lightning, where you don't think those kinds of things will happen. and it was a complete fluke. >> reporter: hoping that lightning doesn't strike twice. >> there's no reason for the phenomenon. >> reporter: the injured teen is said to be okay and she could get backcko the court in a couple of weeks. >> lynz: well, you know we have had a very very bad day of weather. there were power outages, and now we're getting word of a power problem in aventura, that's going to go on for at least another three hours. >> danielle: has prettyong, especially after what everyone has been through today. right now, the residents are the only ones allowed in and out of community. but the power is expected to b b restored by 8:00 tonight. we certainly will continue@ to
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the rest of the news of the day. >> lynn: a woman afraid in her own home, saying that there's a spy in the sky. she says a droneneas been flying near her home and is over her bedroom windows. >> danielle: scary, and the police are not been able to do anything about t joereports from stockton, california.
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quiet stockton street, the neighbors say that they have been hearing a buzz from the sky, a hobby drone. >> how would you feel if you're in the backyard with your kids, and some person is looking over your fence, so instead of the person, it's the drone. >> two drones in fact, and that's exactly what happened sunday night to this wom, who didn't want to be identified. >> i pointed at them and said, i see you, and they both took off and they kept playing with us and taughting us going over the house. >> reporter: this is the second incidents since december. first, the drone hovered eye level, looking through her children's bedroom woo. >> reporter: the woman said that it could be kids playing a prank, but it could be a sexual predator. she has no ideas whose eyes are on her home. >> what are their motives. >> reporter: the woman called her neighbor who said that the drones flew away after he sheriff' department a flashlight at them. >> reporter: how long did it
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>> about 15 minutes. >> reporter: they called the police and filed a report, but said that there was not of thatt they could do. the faa regulates drones, but specifically leaves privacy for the states to deal with. the bill about flying 300 feet over the prororty was vetoed by governor brown. >> what would you say to them. >> you don't need to be watching me and my kids. >> reporter: this mom hoping that the problem doesn't hover for too along. >> phil: it was a scary morning in south florida, two it tornadoes, one in fort miami-dade. fort lauderdale, an inch and a half, and here are the highs.
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skies are clearing up, and the humidity, 45%. look at the stormtracker because everything is nice and dry. just a little bit of moisture, and that will continue to move toward the east. we're looking at drier conditions from tonight all the way into the weekend. th is what it looked like earlier today. as we had the first tornado moving in, very close to i-95 to pompano beach. it was a fast moving system. and as a matter of fact, the national weather service is telling us that this system had a path of about 3-4 miles long. they haven't told us what the width is yet. the tornadoes are very discriminatory. they can tear down one building and leave the next one right next door undamaged. you can see that the damages also include a blimp hanger. a little bit later on, we have this nice echo moving in through miami gardenses, and that was the second twister impacting south florida today.
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one too had a path of about 3-4 miles. i'm sure later on tonight, they will give us a more detailed report as to the length and the width of these two tornadoes impacting south florida. now, how strong were they? both of them wereyy 1s. basically between 86 and 110 miles per hour. which can cause moderate damage, and we have seen it today all across the area. so aside from the tornadoes, we also had straight-line winds according to the national weather service, the strongest being in pembroke pines, with 6 miles per hour. so here is the front, and that will be torrow. no advisories, coastal waters, a light chop. next high tide, 6:27 and the
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the skies will continue to clear ouou overnight lows in the 60s. upper 50s for broward. and by tomorrow, the temperatures will be in the mid 70s. warmer in miami-dade. and here's the extended outlook. dry tomorrow, nice and cool on thursday, and then the temperatures near seasonal on
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that's the 707. >> you, see lifting it up out of it's roossments the concrete slab up off the ground. this was so frightening for people who were caught in the middle of it. >> >> reporter: this dashcam joyed shows the ef1 tornado forming. you can see it growing in size. that's a sweal swell there boys. that's a swell. >> reporter: anthony drives real close to. it you can see people breaking
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flying hitting his car. his thought, drive away and fast he is starting to seat funnel start circling and taking all the gree and started to come across the street and pummeling us. >> a lot of wind and before you flashes of light and trees started coming down every where. >> it was scary like shaking snoot con family watching the trees in front of their home fall crashing to the ground and on top of their car. >> first i heard the alert go off on the the i phone thing and then i was like, is that a tornado warning and then i looked outside and said let's get in our closet. >> it looked like aornado. >> reporter: the national weather service canvassing this parking lot just off copens where trees were uprprted and others ending up on cars. this warehouse district just off ditch i highway and 25th place shows piece. huge tees pieces of the roof mission. style scattered throughout parking lot.
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this is next door sto could ro what santa ta na's business. my roof, my home,verything down. >> she was inside her car when the tornado moved through.. >> it was ter able. you see the metal and you think you're going to die. >> reporter: her worker outside the roof above once was once a factory blew off the force of the wind so frightening for san nan, all she could do was close her eyes and hope. >> i pray to god. >> i pray to god for my live but you have to keep going you know. >> reporter: i have sad for san tan navment se doesn't know how her business will recoverage. she is doing what t tse workers are doing too. she is cleaning up and trying to cln up after this mess. coming up at 6:00.


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