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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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one driver actually captured the mighty force of nature taking shape with his dash board camera. > christine: trees unable to stand up to the storm's winds crashing down onn a mobile home trapping people inside. and in northeast miami-dade, an apartment complex with damage to the roof. then winds ripping away a huge flunk the top of the building. the tornado triple threat leaving quite the mess across two counties. >> christine: now that the danger has passed, storm victims are beginning the daunting effort of cleaning up. lorena estrada. >> reporter: christine, it's a beautiful, busy day after all the wicked weather. i have toell you, crews have been out here since 6 o'clock this morning. we have seen a whole lot of progress. you see that big tree thaha was uprooted and had fallen on top of a table, we can now finally see that stable. >> my horse was in the stall eating, otherwise it would hav been in the fenced in area where the tree's inside of at this
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would have landed on my horse. >> reporter: a close call for one of nancy olsen's horses. fortunately her horse, firecracker, survived the tornado at sands equestrian park tuesday morning. >> trailers were mangled. they were moved. one was almost on top of a stall. it was right up against a stall and it's completely mangled. >> reporter: one driver capturing an ef-1 tornado in the making with his dash cam l video. >> 15 seconds later, everything blew up in front of me. kind of scared the crap out of me. >> reporter: families looking for coverage once the tornado warning went into effect. >> first i heard the alert go off on the iphone thing. and i was like is that an a tornado warning? i looked jut side and let's get in the closet. >> reporter: they were safe but the car wasnsn. the tornado ripped through the city tearing up trees and lifting off roofs. one on dixie highway getting the
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chunks of the building scattered across the parking lot. >> my roof, everything gone. >> reporter: another woman's from her car. >> and you see the metal signs. >> reporter: the damage extensive and the outcome not as worse as it could have been. >> i have never experienced a tornado and thankful to god that b everybody's okay and nobody's hurt and we clean it up and start new. >> reporter: yes, we are also glad everyone's okay. crews are in the only busy here. i want to take you to the warehouse disisict off of dixie highway and 5th place where they're also working on some repairs there. you will see crews on top of a roof working to fix all of the damage that was suffered from yesterday morning. that is not too far from here. the equestrian park where we are reporting from this afternoon. and by the way, crews hereell us it could take up to a week to really clean up everythin here.
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lorena estrada, 7 news. from the mess in pompano beach, team coverage moves to hollywood. >> christine: brandon beyer standing by live on a tree that crushed a mobile home. brandon? >> reporter: and that tree, christine, traps a woman and her husband inside. it is because of their neighbor, they say, as you look behind me here at the cleanup process underway in hollywood. it is because of their neighbor, they say, that they got out of this alive. >> there's aman, he saved me. >> it's okay. >> reporter: summer thanks her husband tom. she said he saved her life tuesday morni after powerful winds destroyed her hollywood trailer and trapped her inside. >> used to live in this trailer and he knew how to get in. >> i just ripped the wall open. the doors were jammed and they
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>> reporter: summer and her husband just moved from california and lost everything they had inn a moment. >> my home demolished and my car. >> i feel very blessed. just kind of hard too look at. >> reporter: by wednesday morning, cleanup wasunderway. trees cut back. what's left of the trailer removed. a friendship remains in tact, maybe strlnger than ever. >> they were screaming. they couldn't get out and she was hurt. so we got her out. we got you out. she's okay now. >> reporter: well, summer and mer husband, william, said they will turn to the red cross now for a place to stay. live in hollywood, brandon beyer, 7 news. and now let's gate look at the damage in davie. >> christine: 7's elitsa bizios coverage. >> reporter: and just this morning we learned from the national weather service that a tornado did sweep through davie at this one home here.
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this enormous tree uprooted. look how large it is, how many damage was caused here. the national weather service grading that tornado as an ef-0. that means it had 80 mile per hour winds. let's go to surveillance video from this moment. you can see how strong, how powerfrf, how fast this storm came through. the people who were inside this house at first did not realize what was happening, but then the windows started shaking in the house and they took cover. >> it was quick, very powerful. we heard it inside. it shook the house, very noisy. it was dramatic. all things considered, glad that everyone's safe. >> reporter: and back out here live, i mean, you can just see once again how powerful this storm was, how old this tree is, how big this tree was and that storm just uprooted the whole thg. and, of course, today as you heard this guy, frank, who o os
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he's just happy that no one was hurt and now he's got to wait for insurance andnd they will move on with their lives. for now live in davie, etsa bizios, 7 news. miami-dade county also feeling the effects of the tornado weather. >> ashley: we oar standing by live surveying the damage in alex? >> reporter: well, we showed you everything from downed power lines to heavy debris. but this is something else. follow me this way. here, you see a caralmost split in half by this massive tree. the man who o own this is cartels me he was actually inde just three seconds before he saw this tornado pick it up from the other side of the parking lot. now he's left without a house and without a car. a day after a twister ripped through parts of northeast
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have their hands full. those who live here along 191st street also helping out and for a good reason. >> cleaning guy car's split in half. if you look there, it's actually split in half. >> reporter: he's not kidding. take a look. this is his carful he saw the tornado carry it across the parking lot. >> my car, my home, my anything. >> reporter: this ef-1 tornado really leaving its mark on miami-dade. this northeast miami-dade apartment complex missing a chunk of its roof. this trampoline tossed into a tree. >> wow, that's a start to the morning. >> reporter: and a transformer exploding, lighting up the stormy sky. >> oh yeah man, woke us right up. room. >> there's trees behind my window, bashing against it, everything was just going sideways. >> reporter: most of the damage on northeast 191st street near 14ththavenue.
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ground, cars barely visible, power lines on the ground. people who live here so scared they hid. >> like a freight rain. it was amazing. i got the girl, we wake up and go straight to the bathroom. you hear the windows wiggle and shattering. >> reporter: over in north miami beach people not sure where this air vent came from or this canoe. in miami gardens, a child care's roof p ripped off. >> hope it t will be normal today but not going to be that way from the looks of things. >> reporter: it's still a mess out here but many, including this man who h h no home or car, are thankful to be alive. and that man is definitely lucky to be alive, especially when you consider the fact that h was in this car just three seconds before it ended up like this. the good news, though, in all of this, people here in this northeast miami-dade neighborhood for the most part have power once again.
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any injuries in the county. for right now reporting live from northeast miami-dade, alex de armas, 7 news. and south florida's weather picture returning to normal just one day after all of that tornado activity. 7's meteorologist vivian gonzalez is in the 7 weather center to tell us if it's going to stay that way. >> vivian: and it's definitely going to stay this way for the next several days. so it's been a mild wednesday temperature readings. we had a refreshing change in the airful but, indeed, we did have three confirmed tornadoes from yesterday's event because of that cold front that crossed through the area. luckily, the local storm-tracking radar is showing dry weather. and at least until early next week, we're not introducing a chance of rain in the forecast. but this is the path of the davie tornado that took place yesterday and srted near weston road. and in the enhanced scale, it is considered an ef-0 with winds nearing 80 mileses an hour and some trees were definitely
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and the tornado traveled or at least trackeded between 6 to 7 miles nearing nova drive and south university drive in davie. now, so far since january, we've hadbout five tornadoes impact broward and miami-dade. we have two in january. one in coconut creek with the intensity of ef-1 and one near the everglade, luckily not bothering anyone. the intensify for thatt one is not known. and then in february, three tornadoes, one in northeast miami-dade, the other one in pompano and the third one in davie. but, of course, i'll be back th a whole lot more on the local forecast in a couple of minutes. tire trouble on takeoff for a cargo jet brings it back to miami internatiol airport in dramatic fashion. 7's omar lewis is live at miami international airport with more. omar?
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these types of emergency landings, things can quickly go wrong. the pilot of this 747 cargo plane was perfect prepared for a tricky touchdown. however, drivers around the airport this morning were in for quite a few headaches because of all of this. >> traffic reporter: we're understanding that there is a plane that has potential hydraulic or other control issues coming into mmi international airport. >> reporter: wednesday morning started with an emergency for the crew aboard a cargo plane headed to buenos aires. it all. >> traffic reportete they moved all of the airplanes on the south side of the airportaway from this runway. >> reporter: so around 8:30 in themorning, takeoff turned into touchdown again. international airport for the crew. officials say a blown tire caused the panic. emergency crews snding by for any potential problems. >> traffic reporter: look at all of the fire rescue equipment
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that's perimeter road. look at the equipment chasing after this 747. >> reporter: as a safety precaution, miami police shut down surrounding streets just in traffic flow. 5th avenuend the dolphin expressway closed. drivers also putting the brakes on at northwest 7th street to pepemeter road. >> traffic reporter: you can see the left mainlanding gear is damaged on this airplane. tire is off. you can see smoke coming off this airplane. >> reporter: spectators watched as thelane made its way down. >> it was good idea they have safety procedure because that plane carrying a big load. >> reporter: with a bit of smoke and lot of worry, a perfect landing for this cargo % plane with a blown tire. >> traffic reporter: this looks like a very good landing by this airline crew. thumb's up to even. >> reporter: and back out t here live this afternoon, you can see that things are back to international airport.
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closed this morning were reopened within about 30 minutes of the landing the plane that was involved here. it was taken p off the runway shortly a little while ago and now sundays going maintenance. no word, yet, on when it will be back in t air a. for now live at miami international airport this afternoon, omar lewis, 7 news. crew this is morning returning to the sitit where a plane made an emergency landing in pembroke#pines. the plane's pilot made that tricky touchdown on u.s. 27 near pembroke road yesterday. the plane is still parkjd in the median and is expected to be removed later on today. e two people onboard making that difficult landing after having e&gine failureful a man caught in a chemical combustion when something went wrong. bonaventure boulevard. he was air-lifted to the
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injuries from the blast. 7 news live on the scene in a fort lauderdale neighborhood. residents there breathing aigh of relief now crews are repairing a sewage problem. 7's jeff lennox is standing by live with a progress report. hi, jeff. >> reporter: hey, christine. that's right. behind me,ou can see a water pump truck. the cleanup has been well underway since the sewer main break happened yesterday afternoon and muc better seen now compared to what was going on yesterday night. let's take a look t our first piece of video. the sewer main break happening at the reef gal trace apartments t. 500 block here in fort lauderdale, again, crews have been pumping thaha water@ away, power washing the roads as well. at one point, the water covered five square blocks and was as much as one-fefe deep in some portions of this neighborhood. obviously neighbors have had to deal with the stench throughout the overnight hours. we take a look at another piece of video. 7 skyforce over the scene
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much worse in this neighborhood. the break was so bad, the water started to spill jut side of the complex into a nearby day care center. people were trudging through this waterer with plastic bags on their feet and trying to get their vehicles out so they wouldn't flood. it was tough scene yesterday. here today, we talked to neighbors and they say it was really tough to sleep in the overnight hours because of the break. here's what they had to say. take a listen. was it tough to sleep with the smell? >> the smell and also the noise becausehey got the trucks still in there in the compound it. you close the window and you don't want to close it because smell in the house. >> reporter: yeah, tough night for these neighbors at the reef gal trace apartments. some staying with family and friends jut side the neighborhood because the smell is so bad. you can still smell it. it lingers thisafternoon. because of the sewer main break
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city crews have put up an advisory, recreational water advisory for neighbors in this area. basically sayo swim, no jet skiing in rivers and canals in the downtown fort lauderdale area. that advisory is still in effect and likely be in effect throughout the day. at this hour t cleanup is still underwayayor this sewer main break. we will have much more coming up today later o 7 news. we are live north of downtown news. crime on camera capturing a plantation. surveillance video from february 6th shows the man entering the nob hill road. armed with a knife, he taunts the clerk to open the register. takes off. if you know who thisp man is, call crime stoppers. that number 954-493-tips.
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words when it comes to donald ump just three days before republicans square off in south carolina. >> christine: a new poll shows just how tight the race is there ahead of saturday's democratic caucus. reporter joel has the latest on the candidates. >> he has done such a louse si job as president. you're lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran because you would be a one-term president. >> reporter: donald trump returning heavy fire securing. >> president obama: i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. >> reporter: but a new university poll runs contrary to the president's prediction showing the new york billionaire with a 20-point lead nationally over second place marco rubio.
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comes in at just 4 percent, as he continues to defend has brother george w.rom an onslaught of criticism from donald trump. >> this is way out there. this is michael moore talk when you say my brother caused 9/, that he should be impeached and didn't know about weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: a new poll in nevada shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck before this weekend's first in the west presidential caucusful nevada. that poll also shows clinton and sanders in a virtual tie nationally. in washington, joel, fox news. apple is heading into legal battle standing for privacy versus security. the apple ceo fighting the demand to unlock the phone of farook, one of the san bernardino s`ooters. he said developing this technology could put all of
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phone could contain important qnformation on the attack where farook and his wife killed 14 people at a holiday luncheon. kwau joaquin guzman is getting so little sleep that he feels like a zombie. you may rebel chapo escaped last year fromprison, reaarrested last month and is now you shall close watch. u.s. po francis wrapping up his historic trip to mexico today, t not before stopping at a high-profile prison and t u.s. boarder to discuss immigration. it comes after the pope was caught up in a fan frenzy yesterday in a stadium near mexico city. peel tugging and pulling on his arm causing him to fall onto a child in a wheelchair. after recovering from that stumble, a slightly agitated pontiff began yelling to the
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selfish. coming up next on 7 news at noon, a south florida teen in trouble with the law for what he was allegedly doing in a clinic. and we will have more on a cuba.
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then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings. more adventures. detectives shutting down a medical practice where a teen was pretendi to be a doctor. an 18-year-old accused of practicing micine without a license and he was even running his own clinic in west palm beach. >> malachai, they say you haved been practicing medicine without a license. >> reporter: cameras rolling as they arrest malachai robinson for practicing medicine without a license. he gave a physical exam and medical advice to a womanan who is
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>> they say you examined a patient today. >> you will hear from my lawyer. >> reporter: he was charged with practicing medicine back in october. he had opened a medical practice in west palm beach, setting up a web site and facebook page for the clinic. concerned family members calling the health department worri he was posing as a doctor. the health department later contacting the sheriff's office prompting the narcotics task force to investigate love-rob inson continues to deny the allegations. >> these allegation wills be cleared up and you will hear from my lawyer. >> reporter: the eriff's office and health department said he was practicing medicine without a licensesend slapped ndcuffs on him. the teen charged with practicing medicine without a license and being held at palm beach county jail on $6,000 bail. >> i'm hurt because of the accusations and allegations. like i said, this is not if firs time where i've been accused and i will pursue this. >> repepter: and the health
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cease and desist letter prior to arresting him but it went ignored. and ahead on 7 news at noon, flying from cuba to the u.s. is about to get easier. see how after the break. and later on, we will show you what scientists right here in south florida are doing to stop the spread of the zika
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report: put to the test. s sething new the taking off in the historic change in relations between u.s. and cuba. flying to the island is about to get easier. first, and it's important to point out, general travel by tourists is still illegal under u.s. law. >> ashley: but if you fit into one of the category where is travel is allowed, things is about to change.
12:28 pm
>> reporter: that's because for the first time in some five decade, commercial flight wills fly between the united states and cuba, a radical change from the charter flight service that has been available. diplomats evened the agreement tuesday in havana. the daily service could begin as early as fall. >> it represents a critically important milestone in the united states's continued efforts to engage with cubub and normalize our relations as president obama set out to do just 14 months ago. >> reporter: the adoption of this memorandum is an important step that will allow for the start of the regular commercial flights between the united states and cuba very soon. >> reporter: almost immediately t treasury department opened bidding. u.s. care injurieie vying for as many as 110 daily routes. among them, jetblue, a arican and united.
12:29 pm
the evolving relationship. yesterday they gave u.s. company permission to build a factory on the island, the first since the castro revolution. it will construct equipment for sail to cuban farmers. >> we're committed to trade with the t countries in a win-win situation and i believe that by doing so, we can show the cuban people that there is good things about capitalism. it is something that can make the two people understand each other better. >> reporter: i'm craig stevens, 7 news. >> ashley: and back to air travel, the agreement also allows 20 commercrcl flights to havana daily, in addition to 10 to 15 charter flyings that already fly. the remaining flights would involve other cuban destinations. coming up next on 7 news at noon, south florida scientists on theront lines against devastating virus. see how they're battling zika in a special assignment report: put
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and details of garbage truck over the edge. investigator res covering something from the debris that may tell them what went wrong.g. (stock market bell) >> and we are watching wall street this noon. the dow is up roughly 240 points. the nasdaq is up 89 and the s&p is up 29.
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back. tornado terror making a big mess in south florida. at least three confirmed tornadoes touching down in miami-dade an broward yesterday. one house destroyed in those storms. countless t tes and power lines brought down. a cargo plane makaking an emergency landing this morning
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the plane headed for argentina when the pilot noticed a problem with one of the tires. the plane turning back around and landing safely. ros were shut down near the airport as precaution, but they have since reopoped. and cleanup efforts underway after sewage main break yesterday afternoon in fort lauderdale. waste spilling into the streets causing a snky situation for residents there. a boil water aisory for areas near the new river around the performing arts center. good afternoon, south florida. so farit's looking great out there with mostly sunny skies. and the radar only picking up dotted shower activity around the straits and it is nice and dry from broward, dade to the florida keys. temperaturewise very pleasant feel is out there. 75 currently in miami, 73 in fort lauderdale to 72 in palm
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85 degrees, the w wmest spot is nassau in the western bahamas. now, the breeze is out of the north-northeast between 5 to 10 miles an hour and expt it to pick up throughout the next couple of days creating a r p current risk for swimmers. otherwise, very quiet around the nation's mid-section into south florida with a few snow showers around the great lakes. now we have more rain developing around parts of california turning into some snow in the higher el vagusful now, our forecast is call for a nice and pleasant forecast going into the upcoming weekend. a shot of cooler air arrives tonight with lows dippingdown in the mid and upper 50s around the inland areas and will be turning breezy with the winds picking up out of the north-northeast ass we round up the week. now, as far as your beach an boating forecast is concerned, luckily today we don't have any advisories, since the winds have subsided. wins are out of the north between 10 to 15 knot, seas two to five feet, bay watererare at a moderate chop.
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well with seas building inside the reef between one to three feetful and the winds nearing 15 knots at times. next high tide in dade a broward, 4:26 this afternoon, 5:46 this that afternoon the lower keys. otherwise, mild sunshine will contue, high wills top off in the mid to upper 70s. tonight's lows inhe mid to upper 50s inland to about 60 degrees along the coast, including f the florida keys. on your extended outlook, outside of a quiet weather pattern and winds turningng on the windy side on saturday, our weather pattern will be quiet through sunday. monday of the upcoming week, wee introduce a chance of showers and storms. that's your 7 on 7. as fears of the mosquito-borne zika virus spread across the globe, scientists are on the front lines working to put an end to the outbreak. >> christine: 7's danielle knox shows us how the researchers are put to the test.
12:36 pm
the university of miami, top scientists are working around the clock to put an end to the zika virus. >> my approach to this, we have to hit hard and early. >> reporter: experts say pressure is on them to fine out what this mosquito-borne disease can do. >> we should be concerned it's up to scientists to come up with the evidence to support an absote link between zika and for example, microcephaly, which has been the cause of all of this fear r d rightfully so. >> reporter: fear over a terrifying condition causing babies in brazil to be born deformed a and with brain damage. >> that strikes a cord when you see infants born with microcephaly. >> reporter: thth link between zika and microreceively is still unknown. but dr. stevenson said the race to stop this virus becomes more critical as each day passes. first to get the tool wes can
12:37 pm
and then by the time we have that we will be ready to find why zika is causing microreceively and other afliks. >> reporter: the team working in miami and brazil has completed an important first step developing a test for zika. >> develop it here, ewe it in brazil to identify individual who is came infected with zika. and those individuals we will obtain the antibodies fom. >> reporter: and those antibodies are what they need to come up with the vaccine. >> to stop them from being infected and if they are infected to reduce. >> reporter: the goal to stop e spread of zika all together. >> our goal as scientists, if zika comes here, we are ready for it. >> reporter: and vaccine should be available within a yearful for more information, log onto our web identity in the plex, i'm danielle knox, 7 news.
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noon, her performance in grease drew worldwide claim and now she may be in legal trouble after making the wroro type of impression at a national park. and later on in 7 spore, a wildly popul miami heat star
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deal. a possible critical clue what caused a garbage truck to fly over the highway over 100 feet below. now they have discovered something from the debris that
12:41 pm
omar lewis tells what you say it is. >> reporter: what caused the driver of th city of miami garbage truck to plow through the concrete barrier on the i-95 exit ramp and plunge 100 feet into park on monday afternoon. we learned the truck was equipped with cameras. >>t was equipped with a drive-cam device, which is a device that has a camera that's forward facing and faces in the cab. >> reporter: the equipment is supposed to record 12 seconds of video any time the driver slams on the brakes and wirelessly transmit that video to the company in california. but because of the impact of the crash, no video was ever transmitted. however, investigators have recovered a hard drive the video was stored on and have shipped it to the company. >> when ever we have video, we hope to have more knowledge as to what led to the accident. >> reporter: the driver has been employed by the city since 2006 and has driven trucks for
12:42 pm
his familyaid smith suffered a punctured lung and head trama from the unge. he remains at jackson memorial hospital. >> if i have to stay here all night, i will, you know, until i know that he's all right. >> reporter: no one atthe park was injured. it remained closed on tuesday as debris was cleaned up. the park director said because the crash happened on a holiday, president's day, the park was not as crowded with children, who would usually as have bee there in an afterschool program. >> we're fortunately it was quote unquote bad weather day a. little bit of rain, a lot of wind and holiday and school wasn't in session so there wasn't a lot of people in the park. >> ashley: that was omar lewis reporting. still unknown if investigator wills be able to retrievee video from the hard drive. they will be speaking to the driver once he's released from the hospital. 7 news at noon not over yet. coming up next.
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something value frbl their -- va@uable from their mentors. see what it is. i'm donovan campbell. the h ht will be back on the court and without one of their stars.
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shoot to 7 sports. american idol hopefuls getting some good adviceful they
12:46 pm
the competition. >> christine: we go behind the scene for tonight's episode. >> reporter: american idol's top 24 contestants are continuing to work with past winners and finalists in hopes of moving onto next week's live show. >> i keep thinking oh my gosh, i'm almost there. i'm almost there and this close to the live shows. i just have to maket through. oh my gosh it's crazy. >> reporter: helping to guide them are chris, kelly, jordin, david, hailly an constantin. >> absolutely surreal to be back here an really wonderful too. it's like a second home, just humbled to be part of television history to be part of this greatest television show ever. >> wonderful to gothrough the
12:47 pm
that come along with that. and getet the opportunity to kind of maybe help navigate some of fresh crop through it is pretty rewarding. i enjoy . >> it's pretty cool. it's an honor. i know wherehey've been. i know where they r. i know what they're going through and all of the things they're feeling. >> reporter: just like last week, contest tans are trying to absorb all of the advice that the former idols are giving them. >> she said a a lot of food singers have come out here and killed their song. they sang it perfectly. you can just tell in their eyes it wasn't real. and she said the judges can tell it. >> we talked about sol of the things that i needed to improve on le smiling with my eyes on stage because sometimes i can get a little lost in the song. >> making sure you're authentic an being you, you know. in this process, you can get sucked into the stress and the intensity and the differential thaent's around you. what she was saying is that
12:48 pm
each and every one of us are here. >> in the first session,n, have no notes for you. oh my gosh? okay. that was pretty co. i feel like that's what i got from him. be confident in who you are an know you're here for a reason. >> repororr: in hollywood, michelle, fox news. >> christine: catch the all new episode of american idol tonight at 8 right here on 7. topping the buzz, actress vanessa and her boyfriend may be facing vandalism charges. she posted a photo of her instagram of a heart carved into a rare red rock near a national forest in arizona. the picture prompted an investigation because federal law prohibits anyone from defacing natural services on property. they face possibility of half million dollar fine or up to six months in jail. and simpsons broadcasting live for the first time in the show's history.
12:49 pm
homer will act using molion capture technology. anything he does or says, homer will do on screen at the same time. the live segment will last around three minutes and air at the end of the may 1 1h episode of the cartoon. kate ddleton will be a guest editor for the huffington post today publishing a blog called young lives matter, focussing on the mental health of young children. it will be followed by a sr. reese of articles bringing awareness to the issue. call it deja vu. almost exactly a year aftft chris bosh started treatment for blood clots, the heat big man has returned taking blood thinnersful bosh an -time all-star turns 32 and not only miami's leang scorer but arguably the most important player. he misisd the last 30 games last year with bloodlots in hisis lungs.
12:50 pm
situation in his leg early will get him back on the court sooner than later. >> it is not a minor deal. the simpl fact chris is talking b about playing basketball again in the next few weeks, forget next season, he's talking about doing it again ts year. the fact the clot apparently hasn't traveled any where is another good sign. very serious nonetheless and if there's reason high heat fans should have hope for chris bosh, it's that. >> keeping our fingers crossed for cb. the heat looking for another point guard, swinging a three-team deal brian roberts coming in averaging five points. miami trading away birdman anderson. he spent three years with the heat, part of the 2013
12:51 pm
memphisful he joinsns mario chalmers and by making the deal, the heat save aut six million big ones. the miami hurricacas baseball team swing into their night. a lot of excitement surrounding them, ranked as high as six in the country. they're coming off their first trip to omaha in 7 years. >> i hope the polls are rigig because they have us ranked in the top eight and there's eight teams going to omaha. and they host virginia tech at thee buck tonight at 9. that's sports. i'm donovan campbell
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good one, south florida. it's our last chance. major money mystery is expected to be solved. >> christine: yeah, the person who purchased the winning ticket
12:55 pm
giant $1.6 billion jackpot is expected to come forward this afternoon. okay, if i remember, there were three tickets that had the winning null bers. one solol in southern california, another at tennessee and another in store in melbourne. so far only the couple from tennessee has come forward to claim a thinker of the prize. the lottery jackpot is the largest in u.s. history. >> ashley: please be a relative. >> c cistine: you have someone in that area? >> ashley: no, i don't. >> christine: she can make friends easy. >> ashley: i would be running to get my money. >> christine: we don't win on scratchoff. >> ashley: won a gift basket one time, though we'll be here tomorrow. we guarantee it. i'm ashley jones. that wraps it up for 7 news at noon. >> christine: better luck next time. i'm christine cruz. see you tomorrow morning. realalime closed captioning
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company. >> today on "fablife"... >> our week ofnwomen who rock continues. >> tv icon turned entrepreneur jaclyn smith is here. >> with a beauty secret easy as one, two, three. buttermilk, honey, and oatmeal. >> diy. i love that. >> and "masterchef junior's" addison. >> that one's gonna win for the girls. >> yeah! >> surprise! transform your work space in four steps. >> you turned our work space into almost a living space. >> (gasps) >> and... >> i'm dripping in 1.5 million worth of diamonds, baby. (cheers and applause) welcome to "fablife," you guys. today is part two of our two-day event dedicated to women who rock! >> yes! (cheers) >> you guys, there are so ny amazing women we wanted to honor that we couldn't fit it all into one show. yesterday we had kris jenner on women who rock part one, and
1:00 pm
joined by tv icon turned entrepreneur jaclyn smith. (cheers and applause) wewelso have the first female winner of "masterchef junior." addison will be cooking up one of her winning recipes. but first we're kicking things off with a special fashion show that every lady is sure to love. >> all right, you guys, if we're gonna talk about women and rocks, you know, we're gonna have to talk about diamonds, right? >> bling >> 'cause you know that whole clich\ "diamonds are a girl's best friend." >> yes, they are. >> so, ware gonna kick this show off with a fashion show that is all about bling, but before we get starard, you guys, i think it's important to know that i'm gonna have to give you guys a little biof a diamond-ucation. >> ooh! >> a school? >> yes, you're gonna get schooled on your ice, all right? but to help me do this, because we really need the real expert here, please welcome the go-to jeweler for hollywood's "a" list, you guys, it's jason arasheben of jason of beverly hills. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> and, you guys, you really celebrities. >> oh, he is. i see him every awards season,


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