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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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leaving her daughter alone inside their burning home. >> robbin: a teacher in trouble. being accused of bad behavior with a student. >> jeff: the teenager in the flames. we'll hear from the humble hero. >> robbin: and democrats caucus south carolina. the results coming in on one side of the race for e white house. >> jeff: and a fire fighter take part in the rescue. shococd when he realized who he is helping. hello. good evening. i'm jeff lennox. >> robbin: and i'm robbin mmons. 7 news starts right now. first at five, a mother crying in court, accused of leaving her little girl all alone while flames tore through their apartment. the alarming allegations coming after this 5 year old s saved from the burning home. >> jeff: and now w her mom tonight is facing tough questions. elitsa bizios is live in northwest miami-dade where the girl was rescued.
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>> reporter: jeff and robbin, the little girl resting and the good news is she was released after being treated for smoke inhalation. she is with her grandmother. the grandmother issued the order to take care of her. but before we talk about the grandmother and the little girl, we want to give the background. her mother was arrested for leaving the little 6-year-old child, little g gce in the apartment when it was on fire and then taking off. this afternoon she was in bond court. we can go straight to that video feed. judge charging her this afternoon with child neglect and great bodily harm. you can see that the mother clearly gets upset there. she was given a $7500 bond. her little girl, as we said, was pulled from their building home on west flagler street and 95th court. her life saved by a fire fighter. once again the child was released from the hospital today to the grandmother after being treated for smoke inhalation. that all happening at nicholas childrens hospital. also another court hearing and
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that the child should be placed with the maternal grandmlther and we did catch up with that maternal grandmother at the courthouse after that hearing. she tells us that her daughter is sick. that she suffers from depression. she's tried to get help for her and just hasn't gotten that help and this is as she says what happens when people c!n't get help. >> this is the end result of the situation that could have been prevented and i thank god, thank you so much for the rescue that saved my grandaughter. >> reporter: also today the judge issuing a no contact order for thatmother. so if or when she bonds out, she's not allowed to see her mother and her child. for now live in northwest mimii-dade. encinger litsa bizios, southwest miami-dade. >> now to the story you saw
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e high school teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with the student getting out of jail. the report sending ockwaves through the area. >> jeff: we were there as he bonded out earlier today. >> the bond set at $75,000. >> reporter: the sosoh florida high school teacher accused of having sex with a student now on house arrest. >> the defendant is her current english teacher. >> reporter: the 40 year old accused of having a sexual relationship with the student twice after school at palmetto senior high. >> this week we received a disturbing allegation concerning the inappropriate relationship between a male teacher and underage female student.t. >> reporter: parents notified by the automated voicemail. >> it's scary and disturbingng >> you trust that your kids are
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environment and sometimes they're not. >> while waiting for the day in court he's not allowed near students or the campus and looks like he's out of the job. >> we have terminated that individual. this is the type of behavior we do not accept. >>eff: a south florida teen haild a hero after saving her sibling from a fire. the mobile home going up in fire on northeast biscayne boulevard. the officials say the 15-year-ololescaped the fire and then went back inside to save r 9-year--old brother. >> in school they teach you stop, drop and roll. i didn't roll much but i was crawling towards him and just saw him. i guess he was lost in the smoke since he couldn't see. >> jeff: brave little girl right ththe. the two were not hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the man accused of breaking into the south florida business caught and cuffed. that man right thererfacing a long list of charges including burglary police say earlier this momoh
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them stealing from the bubbles laundromat in molten manors. according to investigators hehe confessed to the cre after being arrested. >> robbin: two south florida at odds. the president of the miami fraterl order of police, javier ortiz, saying not to work concert security at beyonce's concert. they say they had an anti-release message and. he tweeted a picture of her with the words ack the blue, not beyonce." and the fraternal order of african american officers called for them to abdite the sworn duty by boycott the upcoming concert is another example of whatathas proven to be a long pattern of irresponsible behavior on his
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miami's s police chief told 7 news beyonce's concert will b properly staffed. >> and now the republicans squaring off in south carolina. >> i've been told in south carolina y'all kind of liabling your guns. let me saas a texan, i understand. >> they didn't knock down the world trade center. >> i have a message for the cuban government. we're keeping guantanamo. you're not getting it back. >> the democrats duking it out in nevada. >> senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. >> the secretary will say what she'll say. >> tonight team 7 coverage of f the race for the white house. >> robbin: and here is our first look at the early results with 42% of precincts reporting, hillary clinton has almost 51.7% of the support. bernie sanders very close behind with 48.2% and the numbers just don't lie.
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race. >> jeff: without a doubt and it could be a make or break night for candidates on the gop side. liz nagy live in the plex on the race for the white house. liz? >> reporter: jeff, we're two hours out from polls closing in south carolina and it could be a long night for republicans. the first ace spot is pretty sure to go to donald trump but it's the second place spot that is the one to win in nevada. exceptionally high turnout will make for another nervous night for hillary clinton. >> was made for you and me >> it's a little early for a victory dance, but self-proclaimed socialt bernie sanders has good reason to do a happy dance in nevada. he's locked in a tight race with hillary clinton who was once expected to run away with caucus votes there. >> if there's a large turnout, i think we'll do just fine. the low turn out, that may be
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>> reporter: based on long lines in reno, they look like they're taking the exercise seriously. >> the clinton pulling out the comedic star power of this video of will ferrell reminding when to people come out and caucus. across the country this could be the last stand for jeb bush if votes don't come their way for south carolina. he posed for first lady mom and supporters. this is the big day for the cuban american senators. marco rubio and ted cruz are duking it out for second place in the secoco republican primary. rubio has the backing of south carolina's governorn >> i can't wait to be the nominee of this party because we're going to take the conservatism to people that haven't seen it in a long time. >> south carolina and texas. we have a whole lot in common. >> front runner donald trump is now living a new reality. talking to south carolina
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>> i will do more for the african american people in one year than barack obama has done in his 7 years, soon to be 8 years and then, by the way, he's out and thank goodness. >> reporter: it's almost a 3-man race in the wildly predictable south carolina primary. south carolina will keep the reputation as a must-win state on the way to the white house. >> and when all the votes are counted in nevada and democrats will swap states. they'll caucus on tuesday and democrats m south carolina will go to thprimary polls a week from today. who is still in the running could be dependent on what happens tonight. live in the plex, liz nagy, 7 news. >> okay, liz, thank you. >> robbin: tonight it could be do or die for some of the republican candidates. >> jeff: so who has the most to lose? director fiu institute public policy joining us live in the plex right now and brian,
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have donald trump the front runner. cruz and rubio fighting for second. what could the results in south carolina do to the gop field in the end. >> thanks, jeff, i think first and foremost it's important to note we didn't expect trump to continue to slide through the prime easier the way that he is. sosogiven that that's a constant and next we want to look at who is going to foll into the second and third space. this is where the fiercecefight is going on between senator rubio and senator cruz and i % think that the push that the governor in south carolina has given rubio should help propel him possibly in this race and you might see rubio ending in secwnd place. now the real eye should be on jeb bush. again this could be his last stand going into and through south carolina. what we really want to see is whether or not the establishment is going to start to kind of pause and think about who they're truly going to endorse and much of the establishment failing to rally around a particular candidide.
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of been waiting and so a lot will be riding on this race in terms of where the establishment goes going forward. >> robbin: you spoke about defying expectations on the gop side. we talk about for the democrats. no one expected to see a senator bernie sanders being so close to where hillary clinton is. possibly the upset. what do you say about what we're seeing the democratic side? >> reporter: it's amazing what the outsider candidates are doing in this election. this is an liquids i've not seen in ite some time and actually i study latin american polilics and it's something you see quite often in candidates. those that support the fringe really rallying tremendous support within the electorate. bernie sanders s has been able to inspire a lot of young people so you have a lot of new voters making their way into the electorate and seem to be putting their backing behind bernie sanders. that said you still see a fairly confident secretary clinton.
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with respect to neva this evening, likely secretary clinton will hold on with respect to the elections, but don't forget, you also have the super delegates. they're likely going to fall in favor of secretary clinton and she'll walk out a clear winter. >> jeff: thank you, brian, and we'll check back in with you tater tonight as the results come in. >> thousands gathering to a say final farewell to supreme court justice antonin scalia. a mass led by his son, reverend paul scalia, shared personal memories of his father. >> the issue thth evening was not that i had been hearing confectis, but that he had found himself in my confessional line and he quickly departed it. as he put it later, like heck
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the feeling was mutual. >> robbin: memories of his father. after the ceremony people watched the casket be carried out of the church and place indeed a huser. >> jeff: 7 news at 5 is just getting started. coming up on the news station tonight, the scare at the supermarket turning into a frightening surprise when a fire fighter arrives to help. >> robbin: and the city living up to its nickname and even taking residents by storm. >> reporter: talk about me stubborn clouds. they were supposed to go away earlier but looking at clouds for tonight.
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coming up. >> jeff: and following a news alert right now.
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working a fire. >> robbin: they responded about 2:30 or so. the patient has been air lifted to jackson memorial hospital. we have a crew there. as soon as we get more information, we'll pass that along. again, a shooting in northwest miami-dade. a victim transported to jackson memorial hospital in unknown condition. >> jeff: in other news, a man collapsing inside of a agrocery store. the man becomes a family affair. the student one of the first people taking action during the rushed rcue. >> all before a fire fighter who responded realized the victim was his own father. emergency crews called into a grocery store in charlotte, north carolina, after an employee suddenly collapsed. >> i knew right then he probably had a heart attack. >> reporter: michael was stocking shelves when hihiheart stopped beating. co-workers rushed to his side and immediately started cpr as they waited for help to arrive.
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compressions until ems got ere. >> halfway here dispatch came back and said it was cardiac arrest. >> steve kenny was one of the first firerefighters to arrive on the scene. >> i tooklover with aspirations and the chief asked if i was all right. >> he didn''t realize the man under the face mask was his father. >> then it dawn on me, this is dad. >> his father was rushed to the hospital where he spent several days until he was cleared togo home. luckily the heart attack didn't cause any serious damage. the family attributes that miracle to the long list of people who stepped in to help. >> and thank you, lord, for the people that help me and all the
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and i can't express how much i do appreciate. >> and here i thought i was gone and didn't see it. >> he would not have survived if not for the adequate i the grocery store. >> jeff: we have a news alert out of nevada. a hotly contested race between democratic candidates for the caucuses. hillary clinton and senator associated press reporting that race out there. >> robbin: and we'll have much more coming up for you.
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this quick break. >> robbin: folks s in illinois cleaning up today after powerful wind caused widespread damage. 70 mph gusts sending debris flying from two construction sites in, where else, the windy city! chicago!
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nearby housing complex, closed down streets and even shut down transportation across the states. it's knocking power lines over. one gas station awning nearly ripped from the ground. >> and taking a look at our forecast for today, brerey winds and no rain in the rain gauge even though we had clouds hanging around throughout most of the day. daytime e ghs into 70s with 77 and key west and fort lauderdale at 73. it's mostly dry storm tracker radar with most of the dry air in place and sticking around as well. they're stubborn and supposed to go away later -- actually earlier today and later on into the weekend for tomorrow. more of the peeks of sunshine and they'll still out there. currently 70s across the board and 71 in fort lauderdale and
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ral and west kendall at 73 and 73 in marathon. wind speed breezy in miamand 14 in fort lauderdale and the teens for the ys as well. gusts picking up 21 mph in bimini and also in key west. you can see the orange is in place ana lot of it is sticking around but the approach to the next front will bring in the better chance of seeing showers as we go into the start of the week. so we're still going tobe breezy with high pressure in control and mostly dry for tonight. n't rule out a sprifrjle or 2 with the clouds still hanging around. going into tomorrow. but temperatures in the seasonal range and still looking at a little bit more sunshine. and that on the beaches sticking around and biscayne bay with the moderate chop and use caution with the florida keys and coastal trop earlier with that moderate chop and still caful out there. the next high tide in miami-dade and broward coastal
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tonight for the lower keys. the overnight lows into the 60s and daytime highs tomorrow into the upper 70s. we'll still see clouds hanging around but more sunshine as we go into your forecast and taking a look for the forecast and cooler and sunny as we hit friday and saturday. >> and want to get back to the big news happening now in the story ofofpolitics. >> jeff: and we have information, news alert coming in out of nevada and the caucuses there. liz nagy covering the race for the white house. liz? >> reporter: the associated press called the nevada democratic caucuses in favor of hillary clinton. they say that she is the projected winner in the state there. we are waiting for her to come out and speak and expected in
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make next hour or so. bernie sanders closed the gap at the last minute and she may be waiting for him to come out and give a concession speech and then the race moves on and postininfor democrats and the big news right now hillary clinton has won the nevada caucuses. we will continue to stay on top of this and wait for her to speak and see what she has to say and bring it to you when we can. for now live in the satellite center, liz nagy, 7 news. >> robbin: thank you. >> jeff: watching the race in
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7 news back after this. >> hi, everyone. we start off wiwi canes basketball in chapel hill taking on north carolina with acc on the line and angel rodriguez drives with 12 points and tied at 8. in the half james turning around and fading and north carolina up by 9 at the break. second half and joe barry with the 3 ball and part of the 10-0 run. and this sums it up and passing anthony lawrence and north carolina the other way and dunk city and runs into the big time
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season and 10-4 in the acc and west virginia on monday night. heat and washington wizards toght on the aaa and dwayne wade is questionable. last time in atlanta robbins came off the bench with the career high 19 points for miami. heat beat the hawks@115-111 despite missing 3 key players. mcroberts the differencecein this one. >> he's an out of the box player. he's unique. you know, we have a few guys like that. but josh's playmaking ability clearly was key tonight but that is who he is. that's sports. >> jeff: thanks. >> robbin: that's 7 news first at 5. i'm robin simmons. >> jeff: i'm jeff lennox. see you back here tonight at 6:00. captioning provided by:
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depere, wi
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in a variety of sports in this week's show... we'll meet a pair of the nation's tot basketball players, andnde'll also step into the boxing ring with the son of an all-time great... and don't miss our story with a soccer star from a major league family... that's all coming up next on sports stars of tomorrow... (show open) hi, everyone, and thanks for being here... i'm your host charles davis... we have some great basketball stories on the way, but we're going to start in the ring with a young fighter whose last name you may recognize... for many boxers, the sport is a way out... a way to escape a tough life and find some success... but that's not the case for evan holyfield... he just loves the sport, the one that made his father famous. evander holyfield is a former


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