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tv   Channel 7 Weekend News at 11PM  FOX  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the news continues next at 11. >> robbin: a community in tears and out for justice. >> reporter: a pretty dry weekend but rain on the way starting to make its way closer towards south florida. your complete forecast to get you through the work week is coming up.
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from south carolina's primary d nevada's caucuses talking about the highs and lows in the race for the white house. hello and good evening. i'm jeff lennox. >> robbin: and i'm robbin simmons. 7 news at 11 starts now. >> jeff: tonight residents holding a rally for change after the little boy is killed while playing outside. >> robbin: and police hope a large cash reward will entice witnesses to come forward. the night team's walter morris beginning the team 7 coverage in northwest miami-dade. >> reporter: miami-dade police do have a couple of leads but that 6-year-old killer still on
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grieving family turning to the public for help for the killer. the community mourning a 6-year-old boy killed by a stray bullet. >> we know somebody saw something. we know. >> reporter: sunday afternoon hundreds gathering at the apartment complex where king carter was gunned down the day before. miami-dade police say the first grader was playing outside with friends saturday near northwest 103rd lane and northwest 12th avenue when two men got out of the car and opened fire. carter critically injured pronnced dead at the hospital. >> he love his daddy and i love my son( when i heard the shots i ran out of the house. i ran everywhere around here asking where is king? and me, i had to find my son in the corner with his eyes open, and me, i found my son, man. >> reporter: supporters surrounding the grieving family as they marched through e neighborhood. many carrying police fliers and holding signs. >> we cannot stop until justpice is done for king. >> reporter: and while the
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police still looking for the shooter. calling to help find the gunmen as this memorial for the life taken too soon. >> look around you. ready to stand together to stop the violence! >> we need you to tell us where to go and who did it and how they did it so we can go get them and protect you and your children and your families and your schools! >> we love you, king! >> reporter: if you know anything, call 305-471-tips. there is a $23,000 reward and you can remain anonymous. walter morris, 7 news night team. >> robbin: and the man in charge of miami-dade county schools speaking out about the shootingng 7's elitsa bizios continues
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emotiol demand for action. >> and this is terrible. >> superintendant carvalho saened and angered over the murder of another of his students. the victim this time king carter, a first grader. >> over the past 12 months alone, over 100 children have been shot over the past 12 months alone. 24 kids were killed. only a fraction of those have been solved. rep the child gunned down while playing outside his northwest miami-dade neighborhood just blocks away from his elementary school. the latest killing comes on the heels of another rally held friday when school leaders, parents and pastors made a call to action asking community members to call for lawmakers in hopes to better protect
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>> my fear is another mother will be crying in a few weeks. >> but that fear becoming a reality all too soon. only 24 hours after that rally news of little king's death. by sunday the boy's family, his community, teachers and superintendant all pleading with the public to speak up. >> right now the right time to do the right t ing for the right people for the right reason. do not wait another second, nute or hour for there will be another mother and father who shall grieve and take the >> reporter: superintendant carvalho also saying today if you're too scared to call the police, call him. our bsite. them. and tomorrow at the little boy's school, there are going to be grievance counselors to talk with the students and teachers.
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elitsa bizios, 7 news night team. >> robbin: and stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the child tragedy. we'll have the latest on air and online at >> jeff: a south florida woman making a big step on her road to recovery after a vicious attack. it happened inside of her home. she was stabbed by that man there, byron mitchell, her roommate who she founed on craigs -- found on craigslist. he's now behind bars without bound and is claiming self-defense in the case. the two shared the apartment on the corn of northwest 2nd -- corner of northwest 2nd aven and northwest 10th street. >> he could have knocked her out. that's self--defense. this is over kill. this is mutilation of the face,
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take it off and consugzes and severe brain auma she's try -- concussions she's trying to survive from. >> she'll need extensive rehabilitation and long-term care. >> robbin: an out of control car crashing into a miami home. miami fire rescue responding to the scene on nortrthwest 27th street and 29th court. the driver taken to jackson memori hospital. everyone okay and that car pulled away. they say they were inexperienced when the beat began to take on water. the men and woman reporteded had no life jackets. rescuers rrived and the woman was barely able to keep hear head above water. >> robbin: motorcyclists hitting the streetetriding in support of police ofcers. they started at the police benevolent association on
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at tropical park. the miami-dade commissioner, a long-time ririr, also there. >> this event simply to say thank you to those in law enforcement that put their lives every day on the line to haha a society of rules and regulations and a free society. >> reporter: at tropical park the ceremon was heheld with a fly over by the aviation unit. a salute to the men and women behind the badge. >> now a look at`the night team and nice and breezy but t won't stay that way very long. karlene chavis, tell me why you can't keep it that way! >> you'll keep it as we get into next weekend but before that point we have the winter warmth and it is going to return tomorrow and mid80s taken by the week and also
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of the front that's going to move in and be on tuesday anand crisp and cool the way jeff likes it as we go into friday and into the weekend. so current temperatures right w in the 70s across the board and 73 in fort lauderdale. here's the breakdown for tomorrow. 75 and then it is to the rain chances with the spotty shower or 2 and 81 will be the high and that evening going and see a few more of shows thundershowers just around the keys. the complete forecast is coming up. >> jeff: and in the race for the white house, turning their attention to central florida. >> robbin: now the gop field is a bit smaller with former florida governor jeb bush dropping out. >> nothing easy about running for president. i can tell you. it's toh.
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it's beautiful. [ laughing ] when you win, it's beautiful! >> robbin: if donald trump saw the beauty after winning the south carolina primary, the tough, nasty and mean side of the presidential campaign was left for jeb bush. >> in this campaign i have stood my ground refusing to bend to the political whims. we put forward detailed, innovative conservative plans to assess the challenges we ce because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> robbin: despite a $100 million war chest, the former florida governor ended his campaign saturday night. >> the people of new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i'm suspending my campaign. > reporter: candidates pr both parties have no time to rest on their laurels. former secretary of state hillary clinton stopping in texas after beating senator bernie sanders in the nevada caucuses. >> now the supreme court hangs
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3 key cases coming up this term started here in texas could have sweeping consequences for our entire country. >> robbin: but sanders headed to south carolina ahead of the primary there taking a swipe at clinton, seen by some as the inevitable nominee. >> we've taken on the e litical establishment. we have taken on the media establishment. and we are gaining momentum every day. >> robbin: republicans caucus in nevada tuesday. >> we are going to save social security and medicare and balance our budget. we're going to fully utilize our energy resources including coal and natural and replace obamacare. >> and squeaking out a win over ted cruz on saturday. cruz saying rubio has yet to win any of the primary contests. >> and point out even in
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polling in third place behind both donald and myself. if we're going to win, we've got to come behind a nservative candidate with a proven record. >> robbin: trump says he'llll just keep on winning. delegate. we walk away with 50. we picked up 50 and that's good. but we have a big vote. folks. the sec they call it. >> robbin: marco rubio will get a big boostomorrow when the congressional delegation formally endorses him. the influential lawmakers were backing jeb bush. and if you haven't done so yet, now is the time to download the 7 news voice your choice app. it's downloaded with the latest from a very, very busy campaign. >> jeff: and all continuos a monday tomorrow. coming up on 7 news at 11.
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drivers doing donuts in the middle of the busy bridge. >> and fiji in fear as the death toll continues to ris after a ferocious cyclone. >> reporter: i'm donovan campbell and@coming up on sports xtra, i'll be sportrtg my kevin spacey sweat shirt with my boy kevin. what's gog on on the show? >> we'll tell everyone about our remarkable turn of the season.
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kevin spacey sweatshirt! >> robbin: cameras capture a reckless driver on the san francisco bay bridge. the driver doing those stunts in broad daylight. >> and police on the hunt after it was all caught on camera. a reckless driver bringing traffic to a standstill on san
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cell phone video showing the car ing donuts across several lanes. a pickup truck was filming as it did the stunt. the video surfaced online and caught the attention of police. >> san francisco chp units responded to the scene. by the time we got there, no vehicles were located that were doing the side shows or driving recklessly. >> jeff: further investigation revealed the video is one of many shared online with the hashtag #bayareamovement >> not only from the participants beg seriously injured or killed being a danger or the bystanders. it's a real and serious danger. >> they also take a stand against law enforcement. one person is previously scene throwing a plank of wood at the patrol car and seen on the highway and one rider pulled a whemlie while another stood on the seat of the bike. while they may have gotten
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ppened. >> these things come up and we take very seriously and we respond and follow up on the dangerous video not funny at all. >> still ahead the tropical destination suffering a devastating cyclone. >> now officials are scrambling to assess the trail of behind. >> and had the mostly dry weekend and the dry air in place. now it's being replaced by that moisture all ahead of a front. as we go into tuesday, we are looking at chances for showers here in n south florida. now they are saying the stronger storm will be to the rth of lake okeechobee but
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coming up. >> jeff: a monster cyclone proving to be deadly in fiji. it struck ththisland nation over the weekend. >> robbin: and it was a strong one th 150 mph winds. the prime minister declaring a state of emergency. >> tropical cyclone winston gusting up to 150 mph winds and knknking down power lines and trees. it could take several days before it's fully restored and declaring a state of emergency for the next 30 days. crews still scrambling to assess the widespread damage.
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>> we are sending supplies and i offered the adf to send p3 orion to monitor. >> and shutting down roadways and damaging homes and officials concerned about possib landslides. they're now staying at emergency shelters opened after the storm. but a mandatory curfew of people across the country are lifted and it is there. >> they warn that number that could still arise.
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the breeze and that's about it. >> and there are 70s across the board as well as 66 right now in naples. 73 in miami and also in fort lauderdale. wind speeds are under 10 mph and both of those cities for 12 mph in marathon. say goodbye to the dry air. we have that in place as we went into the weekend and even on saturday we saw the clouds and then for the next few days we have that moisture moving in ahead of another front. the high pressure is in firm control and we start to break down and the start of the work week. the front is going to get closer with the warmer temperatures and we're returning to the low 80s as soon as tomorrow. so with that southeast breeze still going, keep in mind it will have a threat of recurrence at local beaches and also isolated showers off that breeze cannot be ruled outment so some showers gointo approach the system and it looks like tuesday with the wetter days and then it is going to tuesday with the
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it's the cold air going to make it clear and then it is going for the next weekend with a lot of sunshine. it's the high risk of rip currents for the local beaches for tomorrow and no boating advisories and biscayne bay at a moderate chop as well for the coastal waters and florida keys and the next high tide in miami and it's at 9:01 tomorrow morning and for key west at 10:29. as we go into the overnight hours the stray shower to write off that east breeze and overnight lows in the 60s and clouds still hanging around and see the passing clouds as we go into tomorrow and once again we're warming up and also that muggy feeling will return. so we'll be into the low 80s and tomorrow the keys and the upper 70s and getting warmer and that southeast breeze about 10-15 miles per hour. taking a look here for the 7 on 7 forecast. the damp days ahead of and yous especially on tuesday y and then a little bit less by wednesday and thursday. the coolerair filtering in by friday and into the weekendment
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that's the 7 on 7. >> you're watching 7 news. >> we'll be righf back. >> she raised her grandaughter like it was her child and then the baby's mother put her up for adoption. >> whahadid i do wrong? did i pay too much attention to the baby? was she jealous? >> so legally, can the grandmother get her grandaughter back or at least find out where she is?
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tomorrow at 10 on 7 news. >> jeff: hope you had a great weekend! i'm jeff lennox. >> robbin: i'm robbin simmons. lexus sports xtra is next! have a great night. captioning provided by:
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depere, wi >> i'm taming the animals in africa.
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>> reporter: and there you have it! steve in africa with, yes, a lion! i'm mike dipasquale. welcome to sports xtra. stevis kind of with us through -- can you touch him? >> i don't want to! he's here too much. i'm glad to have you here. i'll touch u. >> i don't blame you. you're our shark. have you ever been to africa? >> i've never been. i'd like to go one day. >> the most exotic place? >> my honeymoon. bora bora. i've been to australia. maui a bunch. bora bora gets it. >> i thought going to a dude kafrn moving cattle was -- ranch moving catt was wild. don't get eaten, steve! tim reynolds with the associated press and joining us to talk about chris bosh and the heat. it's :30 and this is sports


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