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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. off the top at noon, the superintendent of miami-dade county schools showing his support to students after a classmate is gunned down. >> christine: the latest victim of gun violence, a six-year-old. family and friends demanding justice as the police search for the killers. good afternoon, again. they have another shooting to solve. jeff lennox the. >> anchor: the family saying
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>> reporter: he was full of life, loved football, candy. that's how they say they will remember him. it's a walk to van e. blanton elementarychool a walk he took every day. >> i'm here with a big smile. everyone knew king carter was bigger than life and we will remember him for that. >> reporter: the first grader was killed over the weekend just a few blocks away from his school. miami-dade police say he was playing outside an apartment complex near 103rd lane and 12th avenue when two men started shooting. it is unclear who they were targeting. one of those bullets struck king carter ending his education and football. a day after the shooting, hundreds of people in the community took to the streets to march against gun violence. they stood by carter's grieving family.
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corner with his eyes open. i found my son, man. >> reporter: they also called for change and justice. >> we know somebody saw something. >> reporter: according to king county -- county schools w know he is 21st. a crisis that the superintendent the community needs to put a stop to. >> we should n be making coffins that small. >> reporter: and they need to break the code of silence on the streets. >> i know people are afraid of giving up information. call me directly. e-mail me. send me the information, call me. ly speak with you aanna mousily. don't give me your name. just give me somebody's name.
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are still out there. if you don't call superintendent alberto carvalho and find the courage to call authorities because you have information that can help, call miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. you see that number $25,000 -- that's how much you can get if your information helps authorities make an arrest. and back out here live at the school, earlier today we spoke to a littleirl off camera and she brought a little teddy bear to school today. she wanted to bring it here in honor of her friend, king carter, because she was too afraid to take it to thehe scene. miami-dade, lorena estrada, 7 news. team coverage continues with a meeting othe minds in miami gardens. 7's jessica holly is live at buckingham park where a community is coming together to street. >> reporter: community eninvolvement is the key to
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according to the police chief in miami gardens. just a few minutes ago this parking lot was full of p pice cars. let's show you what they were doing minutes ago heading out in the community. you will see police officece, code enforcement officers and many with local government organizations that live in the area of buccaneer park in miami gardens. several groups headed out knocking on doorsrs with a number of issues from crime concerns to child care. the chief said this is playing a big role in bringing about change. >> and when we go out and talk and they see that we're human and want to help them, it creates a better atmosphere. a lot of times, in most cases when we pack out the information for crime stopper tips and bounty tips we get phone call with any other information we wouldn't have gotten if not for that context. they've helped us solve numerous crimes. >> reporter: and the chi said
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in april called peace in the gardens my life matters. it will be another way to bring community and police together. jessica holly, 7 news. a teenager struck crossing the street. police searching for the driver behind the hit-and-run horror. sheldon fox is live at jackson memorial hospital where the 15-year-old is being treated. sheldon? >> reporter: and that 15-year-old said to be this critical condition by members of the miami-dade police department. let's take you t video and show you what happened. an awful situation in northwest miami-dade area. you're looking now at the intersection of northwest 9th street and 22nd avenue. the call came in around 6:24. that 15-year-old was hit and critically injured as he and his bus. the little brother was not injured, thankfully.. they were coming from their sister's home headed to their mother in the wynwood area hit by somebody driving a silver
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us pieces of that car moments ago. watch. no doubt that's a mercedes? >> correct. no doubt it's a mercedes. and there were pieces left all over the scene. >> reporter: traffic homicide detectives tell uss there is video in the area -- they're looking to get it and turn it around. the mercedes driver had gone through the green light and wouldn't have been at fault, according to cops. but that driver hit -- listen again to member of the miami police department. >> the family is very concerned right now. like i said, they're in the hospital with him. he's got severe head trama and they're pying hopefully that he recovering all well. >> reporter: and we met with that family moments ago. they're too distrght right now to give a television interview and you can understand why. they're at the bedside of a 15-year-old boy who was eventually headed to school with
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struck in the street. if you know anything about this one? there'ss a silver mercedes with serious damage to it, front end damage, hood damage, missing the emblem. they think it might be a newer model. your help if you know anything about it, 305-471-tips the number to crime stoppers in miami-dade county. collect cash for the right anonymous tip to police. live at jackson, sheldon fox, 7 news. also inhe news today, new details following a wrongway wreck on the turnpike that left one person dead. 7's alex de armas is live near the scene of the accident in davie with the latest. alex? >> reporter: well, jeff, we are getting new eerie details that explain a little more about how all of this happened. we're learning more about this 26-year-old man who was dring the wrongway right here on the florida turnpike overnight. this 26-year-old was driving the wrongway on the florida turnpike
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he died after smashing into an 18-wheeler. >> we had report of a wrongway driver, at which point we had units en route. unfortunately, that was a tractor-trailer that did not -- or was not able to avoid that % unit or that wrongway driver. >> reporter: troopers say the wrongway driver was behind the wheel of this hicle. on friday, this was posted to his facebook page about what he did wednesday night. quote i started driving dowow 195 from miami beach, then headed north on 95 ready and determined to get on the florida turnpike and drive the wrongway against traffic and crash my car hea on into a truck and kill myself, end quote. he was driving the wrongway on the turnpike just before midnigig sunday until smashing into a truck. >> reports of other vicles narrowly missing this wrongway driver. >> reporter: including this friend.
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that she was driving nto the turnpike and they just saw a car coming to themem and from then just run to see what's going on here. >> reporter: t tre is another post on his facebook page where he talks about being turned away from a synagogue. 7 news spoke to a rabbi at temple emanu-el who said he had been there before. >> unfortunately he could not -- the aess of the synagogue had to be restricted to protect the rest of the congregation. >> reporter: and so the truck driver and passenger involved in this crash are doing just fine. fhp continues their investigation. reporting live from hollywood, i'm alex de armas, 7 news. a south florida woman making a big step in road to recovery after vicious attack in her home. danielle jones spent the last week in a coma at jackson memorial hospital before finally
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yesterday. they said the 23-year-old was brutally beaten and stabbed by her roommate, byron mitchell, who she found on craig's list. police arresting him on attempted murder charges and he's behind bars without bond. officials say he's claiming self-defense t. two shared an apartment on northwest second avenue and 10th street. >> he could have knockek her out. at's self-defense. this was overkill. this is mutilation of the face, carving on her face, trying to take it off, you know, concussion in the head, severe trama that she's trying to survive from. >> christine: jones family says she will need extensive reh and long-term care. in the race for the white house, republicans putting south carolina behind thembnd the democrats moving on from nevada
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clinton looking to lock in more delegates. and it's down to 7 in the race for the white house, candidates are are going full throttle, gearing up for super tuesday, where 15 states will voice their choice. donald trump solid first place win in south carolina fuelling big crowds in georgia on sunday. >> you're going to say please, please mr. president we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. we can't stand it and i'm going to say i don't care. we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america great again. >> reporter: with the weekend exit of jeb bush, marco rubio getting a big boost from south florida's r@publican delegation. they will endorse the senator from florida the influential law may recollects were backing bush. meanwhile, ted cruz and marco rubio locked in a battle for second to donald trump. >> you can't just say you're going to make america great again, you have to explain how you're going to do it.
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he has high floor of support. >> reporter: the only governor left in the race all butut sitting out the caucuses. john kasich is not making any campaign stops there, focussing his efforts on crucial southehe states. fresh off her win in the nevada caucuses, hillary clinton unches a new ad monday morning, featuring the voice of morgan frfeman and reference to the high-profile florida shooting v vtim trayvon martin. >> she says their names. >> trayvon martin, shot to death. >> reporter: mrs. clinton trying to harness her win through push tough south carolina and super tuesday. >> the fight goes on, the future that we want is within our grasp. >> reporter: bernie sande is showing no signs of slowing down. his events packed full of me lineals and voiced largely anti-clinton. >> with wind is at our backs.
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weeks ahead. the rep p reps havehe nevada caucuses and democrats have the primary next saturday. it's big week as everything pushes towards super tuesday on march 1st f. you haven't done so yet, now is the time to download the voice your choice app. it's updated with all of the latest on the campaign trail. a fight between apple and iphone continues. the iphone used d the san bernardino shooter paid for and never installe a future that would have allowed fishes to immediately unlock it. last week the judge ordered apple to provide thefbi with software that allows them to hack in the phone to know if they provided others information about the attack. apple sai it could compromise users' informrmion. syed farook and his wife open fire in a countyuilding killing 14 people. both died hours later in a
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the cosbin't controversy continues and now his wife is set to takee the stand and to face tough questions in a defamation lawsuit. the lawsuit claims cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago t. legal team tried to have the deposition stopped and last night the judge ruled for it to move forward. a man suspected ofoing on a deadly shooting rampage in michigan set to face the judge. he will be arraigned on murder charges in the case. meanwhile, president obama talking about the shooting a short while ago. >> president obama: on saturday, another one of our communities was terrorized by gun violence. six people were gunned down in a rampage in kalamazoo, michigan. before i joined you, i called the mayor, the sheriff and police chief there and told them whatever federal support they needed in their investigation.
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responder, by the way, did p an outstanding job in apprehending the individual very quickly. but you got families who with are shattered today. >> reporter: at least six people dead in kalamazoo, michigan saturday night. the uber driver jason dalton making his appearance in court today. authorities are trying too put together exact time line of the rampage. one said they were passengers in his car in between shootings. >> i would never expect someone out shooting people would come and pick us up. >> we're thankful we came out unharmed and our thoughts and prayers are with those who are not so lucky. >> reporter: police are looking into his employment record. he passed the background check
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might have driven him to violence. >> very different from limousine services and things of that nature and proper cause to get do that, i don't know that. >> reporter: for now, much of the community remains in shock. a prayer service last night giving people a chance too come together. many saying they ear still trying to come togethe with terms of the tragedy. >> see san bernardino and other community, sandy hook and what have you, are they that much different than us? >> reporter: police say dalton was in contact witheveral people during the rampage but are not expecting people toace any charges. in kalamazoo, michigan, mike tobin, 7 news. pope francis making a call to action. punishment. the pontiff proposing that world leleers, especially those catholic suspend the controversial practice for one
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schism pope francis has repeatedly spoken out against capital pishment following in the predecessors of pope benedict and pope john paul ii. rocks and trees falling fast to a mess creating a roadblock leaving a town trapped. and traffic nightmare. a dangerous drive in california is caught on camera. we're expecting a cold front to cross through late this week to chill us out a little bit over the weekend and hopefully can join me this sunday for the anf tour de broward at miramar park. morning lows about 50.
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up next. a driver doing donuts on a bridge forcing it to be shut down and this is not the only dangerous maneuver. the stunts were posted on social media. >> jeff: and now they're looking to put the driver behind bars. a reckless driver bringing traffic to a standstill. video shows the car doioi donuts across several lanes. a pickup truck was trailing the video as someone filmed the stunt that later surfaced online
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>> san francisco units responded to the scene. by the time we got there, though, no vehicles were located that were doing side shows or driving recklessly. >> jeff: further investigation was one of many shared online with the hashtag bay area movement. >> danger would be not only can the participants be seriously injured or killed, but more importantly innocent bystanders. it's very real and serious danger. reporter: participants seem to be taking a stand against law enforcement. one person scene throwing a plank of wood at a patrol car. and bikers wewe performing stunts on the highway. one performed a wheel and the other stood on the seat of a bike. though they may have gotten away, officers say they're authoritirily investigating. >> when these things come up, we take them very seriously. we respond and follow up on.
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into an instagram account th's connected to those sideshows. >> vivian: good afteteoon, south florida. so far looking wonderful. we are seeing mostly sunny skies a. few more clouds passing in along the breezespecially on the keys. to our north, this's where we're finding more clouds ahead of a developing cold front. as far as your lunch hour is concerned, nice and dry on the radar from broward,ade to the majority of the keys. only the lower keys have been showers. it's 78 degrees in miami, 78 in west. our friends in the bahama, 75 in grand bahama island and warming up to 84 degrees in nassau. now the breeze is picking up in the teens out of the east-southeast between 10 to even 14 miles an hour creating that risk of rip currents for swimmers and boaters, jast be extra caution out there since thieves are going from moderate to choppy at times.
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have a big mess starting to p develop around the deep south moving into the southern ohio river valley and this is our next front. we do have snow showers around parts of the upper midwest. the potential of seeing severe weather and florida, alabama, mississippi, georgia going into tuesesynd wednesday and from central florida through the mid-atlantic wednesday night. so isolated tornadoes can't b b ruled out. as far as our forecast is concerned, we're quiet going into tomorrow with just a couple of showers. then record warmth possible on wednesday. then the storms roll on thrgh morning. swimmers. bay waters at a moderate chop. coastal waters of the keys s e choppy. next high tide 8:38 tonight in miami, 9:01 in key largo with forecast highs reaching that 80 degree mark. tonight warm in the low 60s and 70s. extended outlook calling for
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are and clear out and chill out in the low 50s to wake up to on friday. that's your 7 on 7. a powerful cyclone tearing a fiji. six people were killed by the record-breaking storm. >> jeff: as 7's robbin simmons report, the prime minister declaring a state of emergency. >> reporter: tropical storm cyclone winsto making land fall wednesday night. 100 mile per hour winds. it might take several days until electricity can be fully restored. the prime minister declaring a state of emergency for t t next 30 days. crews still scrambling to assess the widespread damageful australia's foreign minister offering support. >> we have in place prepositioned supplies that are available.
12:25 pm
send p 3 reen to carry out surveillance particularly in the islands and do need for assistance. >> reporter: the record-breaking storm dumping several inche of rain shutting down roadways and damaging homes. officials concerned about possible landslides. more than 400 people hadad to be evacuated. they're nowtaying at emergency shelters open after the storm. curfew across the country has been lifted and the internationa airport has reopened. meanwhile, schools will remain closed for the rest of the week. the storm claiming at least 1 lives. but officials warn that number could still rise. reporting fromhe satellite stern, robbin simmons, 7 news. ahead from the newsplex, hot wheels on a highway when a bus burst into flames. passengers say something smelled funny from the start of this trip. and a check on home f sale turns into a survival story.
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a house is blown to bits. everything you need to know about life, you can arn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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rocks and trees sliding down a mountain slide. the massive landslide leaving the town trapped. no way in or out after debris fell on the highway. >> jeff: people running for their lives. ashley jones has it. >> ashley: amateur video capturing a landslide in idaho. >> comes a big bunch >> reporter: that soon turns to frightening. >> holy (silence) that whole rock is moving. >> reporter: nearly 14 tons of debris comes c2ashing down elk city closing off a local highway. as you can see, the person recording frantically maybing a run for it as debris slides along the mountainside. >> watch the power lines!
12:29 pm
transportation officials said it was about 40-feet deep and blocked off a aroximately 500 feet of highway. it is unleer when the highway ll reopen. no injuries have been reported. authorities say the trapped people are taking it all in stride. taking you cross country, hot wheels on a highway. cameras rolling on a smoky scene after a bus catches fire. firefighters say it was fulul engulfed by the time they got there. passengers said at one point they heard a loud pop and then an explosion. >> i heard a boom and i was in the bathroom and i came out it
12:30 pm
started walking down the highway, the bus blew up again and fire came from everywhere. >> christine: thankfully the driver and passengers made et out safely. a natural gas explosion levelling a homend damaging four others. they went to a residence in oklahoho city to check a sprinkler system. when he turned to leave, the home exploded. no one was injured. a coast guard rescue captured on tape, as you can see in this video released by the u.s. defense department. u.s. coast guard rescuing people near seattle. the men tried to hp the women and conditions proved too dangerousful all three are reportedly in good condition. check thahat out. lake superior putting on dramatic show.
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ice breaking near duluth, minnesota. sounds like breaking glass. patience paying off for set of twins. they hit it big with a six million dollar jackpot from a scratchoff ticket. they have been paying the lottery for now with no luck until now. >> you just never know if it's going to be you. it might be something big. i was hyperventilating like kim kardashian, ugly crying. >> jeff: ugly crying? >> christine: ugly crying. they plan to split it 60/40, the larger share going to the sister that bought the ticket. that's rit. >> jeff: i can't even win a buck off those things. >> christine: i'm with you. >> jeff: right? coming up next, dance party tat white house. this is good stuff. the president and first lady try
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[ laughter ] a c cld tragedy in northwest miami-dade where a six-year-old was killed. king carter shot playing outside his home near 103rd lane and 129th avenue on saturday. grief counselors along with superintendent alberto carvalho showed up at king's school to help students cope with thehe tragedy. a hit-and-run horror as a teen was struck crossing the street. the hunt is on for the driver who leftt a 15-year-old in the street to fight for his life. police working with clues left
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the teen was taken to the hospital in critical but stabl conditionful and the race for the white house, candidates are gearing up for super tuesday right around the corner. marco rubio getting a big boost now jeb bush has left the race. the republican delegation will endorse him. clinton tar w a new ad targeting gun violence. and bernie sanders not slowing down. the republicans head to nevada for their caucus this is week. a robber on the run in plpltation. cameras capturing the crook in december at a bank of america near west sub rise boulevard and north university drive t. armed man approached the victim at the atm demanding money from her account. she was scared off when another person pulled up behind her. if you know who the man is, call 954-493-tips. still ahead, a recipe to serve up veggies with a kick. hey, everybody.
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do you have brussel sprout haters in your house? not after you get this recipe. check it out when we gb a bite next. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a t tr guide that's a ton of fun. race like a chtah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explorfour parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99,
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more visits. more savings.
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okay. everyone needs a good s se dish to go along with their favorite dish and we hav one that's delicious. >> christine: brussel sprouts are on the menu as we grab a bite with belkys. >> reporter: hey, everybody. today we're making a nice yummy, tasty side dish with brussel sprouts. yes, yes, you can make brussel
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i'm going to show you how. for this one, you're going to need brussel sprout, obviously, extra virgin olive oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, siratcha and salt and pepper for seasoning. cut the ends off the sprouts, slice it rite dow the middle. if this are leaves that look brown or ugly, get rid of them. we want to start by putting in a little olive oil. i'm going to drop in a little rice wine vinegar, then add some honey and, of course, where there is sweet, there's got to be a little spice. let's throw in siratcha. you can feel the honey stiff. then it thins out and you can feel it's all blended together. all whisked up. i'm going to put it in, making
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covered up, a little saltl, pepper. always season your foodful now mix that up. i'm going to put them on my baking sheet. i'm just throwing them on there. i'm going to go back and make sure they're cut side down. the brussel sprouts are going intoto a 400 degree oven for about 25 to 30 minutes. you will know they're ready when they're nice and gold pen brown and crispy on top and ready. so our brussel sprouts are nice and crunchy on the top, caramelized on the bottom. all we have to do is serve them up. there you have it. i've garnished with a little rmesan cheese, spicy and delicious. if i can do it, you can do it. i'm belkys nerey. >> christine: for more recipes and others log onto and click on bite.
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>> christine: the biggest stories in sports. i'm donovan campbell. we will show you how clean cut the marlins are and making magic on the ice.
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when we skate to 7 sports. welcome back.
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for finale. >> jeff: adam talks to mulder and skully. >> reporter: there's only one episode remange on fox's x-files mini series and they have been gratatul for the opportunity to revisit mulder and skully. >> i like taking them on and on and seeing where these people end up. that's gift for an actor. nobody gets to do that. >> reporter: they knew it would be challenge to reprise these roles. >> we were we were such trailblazers that i have assumed there was pressure for us to do just that again in spade, given everything else on tv and high production value.
12:45 pm
not what we're meant to do. and that's exactly what chris has given them. >> what the show does mostly, it poses questions and interesting questions and really the heart and soul of the show. >> special agenteinstein? >> reporter: x-files new cover shared details of what's in store for the last ep poed. in the finale, there's a big event that's affecting the world. there's a medical event and it has to do very much with the big alien conspiracy and is story line will continue with her character. >> i haven't heard anything from my ajentgent and can say it was
12:46 pm
people and i wouldld love to make more f they do. >> reporter: in hollywood, adam, fox newsws >> jeff: and see how the x-files six. part mini series wraps up toninit here on 7. topping the buzz this noon, getting a swift show of support, donating $250,000 to the pop star. this comes in the middle of a legal battle dr. luke. on friday, a judge denied rekwes request. and lockf john lennon's hair sold for $35,000 in dallas friday. the four inch lock was trimmed and kept by a german barber in 1966 as len monday was preparing for a movie role overseasas it was collected by beatles
12:47 pm
the hair was one of beatles-related property. fox reporter seeking # 5,000 $75,000. the hotel allowed a stalker to book rooms next to her, make peepholes and film her. a civil trial is set to begin. miami had enough and comes a
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>> and everybody free minded and just just react to push that ball. >> everybody's been healthy and we're capable to do that. when we do that, no matter who we ve, that's when we are at our best. >> hopefully the can keep it up. last night on the track we witnessed one of th greatest finishes in daytona history. chase elliot taking over for the number 24, jeff gordon. now 30 laps to go, one of the favorites, dale earnhardt jr. also spins in and out turn four. he was fifth at the time but his day was done. things got interest, matt kenseth in the lead gets pushed out of first by denny hamlin. he has to hold off martin truex jr. check this out. hamlin holds on for the winy
12:49 pm
the cloetest finish in daytona history. also marking the f fst time a toyota won the race. >> i don't know where that came from, i don't know what happened. i knowt all just came together. >> don't get more crushing thann that. that was definitely the position i want to be in. denny hah the run and he was going to go around me if i didn't block him. just got me tined sidays there. at 44 years young, jagr keeps making history. saturday night he came into the me one goal behind brett hull for third time on the nhl list. he tied hull with this redirection goal. in third period, he took the spot all for himself. the 44-year-old jagr is loving life with the cats. >> when i get the birthday cake for 44 birthday, you know, you got the wish. and i said i wish i going to be a goal scorer.
12:50 pm
maybe i'm going to cat wayne gretsky too. and no hair look policy going to be enforced by skipper don mattingly. his less follicle look had his son confuse. >> some guys like it and some won't, as long as we're consistent. at the end of the day, we're trying to win games f. this is a big deal, we'vedot problems. >> obviously i shaved. i mean, it grows back. that's sports i'm the clean shaven donovan campbell. until we meet again, make it a good one, south florida. over the weekend in boca ratont was all about hot antique rides and giving back to the community.
12:51 pm
automobile and motorcycle expo. the event sponsored and founded by rick and rita case of automoeive group. today it has become the largest exhibit for charity. >> ten year's ago rick and rita case, our event founders along with fair chair jamie mcdonald went to pebble beach and said hey wouldn't it be great to get one here to benefit the boys and girls club of broward county. >> christine: money raised benefits the boys and girls club of broward county. and making appearance tat galaful 7's belkys nerey and lynn martinez right there serving as emcees of the event. looking stunning. long-time late night host, jayleno, performing raising money for charity.
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a visitor who is young at heart. on this monday ternoon, it's a warm one. 8 degrees in miami, 78 i i fort lauderdale including west kendall. the sweeps are picking up some dotted showers around the lower florida keys and it is mostly dry for your lunch hour.
12:55 pm
concerned, we are getting a cold front that's starting to get stronger around parts of the mississippi valley. this is forcing some downpours, severe weather possible around these locations between tuesday and wednesday. now, the cold front is expected to swing through wednesday night into thursday morning. and that's where we're looking tat next best chance of seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms. once the front crosses through, we're going to gradually start to clear out and temperature readings will tume in the low 50s to wake up to on friday. so we will trade in the umbrellas for those sweaters and jackets friday and into the upcoming weekend. that's your 7 on 7. a visit to the white house turning into a dance session for dc resident. see what happens when she meets th president for the first time. >> president obama: how are you? >> oh fine. >> president obama: so nice to
12:56 pm
>> jeff: she couldn't contain herself. she got her groove on with the obamas at the white house and being invited to participate black history month celebrations at the obamas' house. she said how do you keep dancing at 106 years old?
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that's 7 news at noon. >> today on "fablife"... "fablife" is rolling out the r
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award-winning style, fashion, food, and gueses. next, award-worthy recipes for chef rocco dispirito. >> when you fry dulse, it tastes like bacon. >> chrissy's face doesn't look like it's bacon. (laughing) our red-carpet shoe-down. the perfect style does not have to mean it's expensive. >> and secret to making your skin red-carpet ready. >larice. (laughter) (cheers and applausese >> welcome to "fablife." so, today kicks off our special red-carpet week leading up to hollywood's biggest night, the academy awards! (cheers and applause) and joining us today is actress lisa edelstein, who's giving us the scoop on what really happens on the red carpet. i love her. and celebrity skin guru nurse jamie is lasering in on a-listers' favorite beauty treatments, and we've got all the details. but first, we're always happy to see him and even happier to have him cooking today. i'm not kidding. please welcome back our friend chef rocco dispirito. >> what's up? what's up? >> what's up?
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hey, everybody. hi, everybody. how are you? >> we love y y. >> i love it. we color-coordinated today. >> right? >> a handsome guy. >> i walked in the first time, and saw how he dressed, i was like, "i have to up my game, seriously." >> yeah, now i feel underdressed. wait 'til a commercial break. >> rocco, i have got to tell you, since the last time y y were here, i think i have had every recipe in your negative calorie cookbook. >> you stalker, you. you're my cookbook stalker. >> well, it's actually my mom. so, my mom's been here helping take care of the baby, and when she cooks dinner, she only cooks from your cookbook. these recipes, you guys, are out of this world, and she actually lost seven pounds ineven days-- >> wow! >> you have no idea how much that warms my heart, 'cause when i write these books, i have no idea if it's gonna work. i just put whatever i want on the cover and hope it works. >> it works. i'm here to tell you it works. >> and her mom is upstairs with baby ford, and she's probably freaking out right now. >> and she looks hot. >> she is hot. anyways, so while you're here, it's our red-carpet week, and it's no secret that celebrities y all sorts of detox tricks when it comes to looking their


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