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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time,closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. off the top at noon, a teen in the hospital after being shot in a south florida neighborhood. theylan to slap him with charges next. he came under fire after he tried to carjack the couple. >> christine: but police don't think he act aid loan. sheldon fox is live in miami beach with the details. sheldon? >> reporter: no, he did notct alone, according to cops and witnesses.
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off in the night after the shot was fired. at leaea two roundss fired in the direction of this young man as he tried to pull off a carjacking. all of this information from the north miami beach police department. we're also told this 13-year-old boy is a kid who attends a school within miami-dade county, though we don't know the school just yet. bubu we can show you the crime scene tape right here on the scene. this is 158 -- 159th and 16th avenue in the northeast section. right at the intersection there, the light, is where all of this transpired, according to cops. let's take you to video and show you what happened overnight. a very scary situation and an unusual crime involving a boy of 13 years old, according to police. it was a man and woman, a couple sitting tat stoplight hen they were approached by four men, four young men. and they were then approached by one who came closer to that passenger side window. that man had -- or that young
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appeared to be a revolver, according to witness testimony. and at that point, feeling threatened for their lives, the man sitting in the front seat, the female river driving, the man grabs the gun out of his pocket and fired two shots in the direction of the child going down to the ground. he was thenn air-lifted to jackson memorial's ryder trama center. he will be charged and is expected to make a full recovery. the witness is fully cooperating with the north miami beach police departrent, according to police. they are still on the hunt for the three others who ran off into the night here near 158th and 16th and 159th t to be specific. we also saw members of the north miami bch police department investigators out here on the scene this morning walking ound the sidewalk, looking for other clues. . we then spoke to a neighbor who said he just can't believe this is going on steps away from
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>> i went out and i saw six, seven police car and guy lying in the street. >> reporter: and so right now, police with their work cut out and they're still interviewing that suspect, a 13-year-old boy who has injuries from a gunshot woundfdf they're looking for others who are connected to this would-be car jabbing last night. and, by the way, we're told the person who fired o off those two that gun. we are live in north miami beach and also, i want to tell you, pick up the phone and call crime stoppers right away if you know anything about the hunt for these three men. 305-471-tips the number. sheldon fox, 7 news. people forced out of an apartment building by flames. firefighters with their hands full keeping it under control. ews tackling the fire from above. >> diana: now investigators are going in to determine how it started.
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lauderdale with the latest. >> reporter: that could be a lengthy process and you see the damage, considering the time 7:30 in the morning, it's amaze nothing one was injured. skyforce hd shows the damage from a giant apartment fire from lauderhill leaving as many as six families without homes. one girl's father woke her up to get her out safely. >> i scared. i didn't know what to do exactly. first thought was make sure no one was home. mom was okay. thank goodness my brothers were at school. >> reporter: this cellphone vio shows how fast the flames spread. some believe it was started from an iron that was left unattended. >> the man upstairs knocking on people's doors when erealized the eastern was on the bed. he left the iron on the bed and didn't pay attention to the iron and that's what started the fire. >> reporter: the fire started on the first floor and quickly spread. crews forced to switch to
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everyone got out safely. >> the fire department going room by room, lifting up every bed and check bathrooms and everybody was gone. >> reporter: amazingly, no injuries. the red cross will work with those affected families to get them safely relocated. you heard there in the piece, the mention of the iron possibly being blamed for that fire. of course, the actual cause, the official cause from firefighters, that remains urn investigation. for now live in lauderhill, brandon beyer, 7 news. president obama laying out his plan to close guantanamo bay detention center. >> christine: it is last effort for the adadnistration but the proposal will have to go through congress where it faces backlash from republican lawmakers. ashley jones is live in the satellite center with details on the president's plan. >> ashley: president obana speaking to america mid-day about long-time goal of closing
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guantanamo bay, cuba. the preside speaking from the roosevelt room in the white house and laying out his administration's plan to close the facility. the plan faces stiff opposition from the gop-led congress t. plan calls for the transfef of nearly 100 prisoners, who remain at the center, some to other countries and most here to the u.s. the president is asking for $475 million to build a new prison in the u.s. at a location that has not yet been decided. construction costs would ultimately be offset by as much as $180 million per year in operating cost savings. >> president obama: with this plan, where she the o@pportunity finally to eliminate a terrorist prop began that tool, strengthen relations with allieies and partner, enhance our national security and uphold the values that show us as americans. i'm absolutely committed to closing the detention center at guantanamo. will continue to make the case
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>> we're not going to close guantanamo. we shouldn't be releasing the people that are there now. they are enemycombatants. in essence, soldiers -- well not soldier bus terrorists of foreign terrorist organizations. many of whom you release them they rejoin the fight against us. >> ashley: and the president said he doesn't mind making this push during an election year because neither he or vice president biden is rung for office. live in the satellite center, i'm ashley jones, 7 news. and here is a live look outside our north bay vililge studios. south florida is a hot spot. mother nature soo will be giving us the cold shoulder. >> diana: and meteorologist vivian gonzalez is live in the 7 weather center with more of these cloudy details. viv? >> vivian: we have been seeing these clouds moving in along the breeze and some of them will produce showers.
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that will heat things up possibly to record levels and also brings wet weather before we chill outful right now the local storm-tracking radar is showing some shower activity starting to fire . very isolated in sunrise and the turnpike even around 595, pines boulevard getting some light rain. and in miamamdade, we have to take a look at miccosukee cause you're going to get drenched shortly. some heavy rain showers are starting to develop and right now around parts of tamiami trail and southwest 8th street, homestead also getting some rain and even around sections of key largo. tavernier, islamorada, all areas of the overseas highway nice and dry. we have a front starting to develop around parts of the gulf coast states an starting to deepen and intensify. that's what we're going to be looking at today because of the highest potential of seeing severe weather. that risk is moderate range all the way into florida panhandle, mississippi, alabama and
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for tomorrow, look for cloudy and stormy weather, mainly in the afternoon right around 5:00, 7 o'clock in the evening. after that, cooler weather and slow clearing is what we can expect. before the front crosses through, we're looking at a marginal risk of seeing strong to severe-type thunderstorms late in the afternoon, so prepare accordingly. you're going to need the umbrellas before we start to chill out. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a few minutes. prayers for peace after yet another child tragedy that claimed the life of a six-year-old. the community demanding that the gun violence stop. 7's lorena estrada is live in northwest miami-dade with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: earlier this morning miami-dade police returned to this northwest apartment as they continued to investigate the debt of six-year-old king carter. it appears that police may have some leads. we know that this apartment complex does have surveillance video. it may have captured something.
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say they hope it's just a matter of time before an arrest is made. as each day passes, the memorial for six-year-olding carter continues to grow. these posters made by students who went to school with the first grader. this one saying rest in peace. another you will be missed. early tuesday morning, miami-dade police returned to the scene as they continued to hunt for these responsible. police not the only ones taking action. on monday, hundreds gathered to pray for king carter and his family. they also marched to the streets and into t park where king played football. king's father demanding a stop to the violence. >> my son decease, k kg carter is time to bill up. if i got to stop doing everything i'm entitled to, i got to bill up. >> reporter: his son was hit by a stray bullet. the six-year-old was simply playing outside ark crime
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>> over the past 12 months alone, over 60 children have been shot. over the past 12 months alone, 24 have been killed. >> i'm scared for my kids to even be outside. >> reporter: king carter's death creating a fight for justice and demand for peace. miami-dade police is offering a reward for any information that helps lead them to an arrest. $26,000. that i up from $25,000 for anyone that can help police. the number to call miami-dade crime stoppers 305-471-tip we're live in northwest miami-dade, lorena estrada, 7 news. a mother makingg an appeal for prayer this noon as her daughter continues to show small science of improvement. new pictures of 23-year-old danielle jones, who was brutally beaten an stabbed by her roommate. she's been at jackson memorial hospital ever since valentine's day, since the attack. sunday she began opening her eyes. police say she was mutilated at
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northwest second avenue and 10th street in miami. > when i ask people to please continue their prayer, you know, because really there's nothing doctors can do rightowow at this point, nothing they can tell me. they can't give me any promises. it's really in god's hands and we have to put our trust in god. that's our only hope. >> diana: police have arrested her roommate, 35-year-old byron mitchell. he remainsehind bars on attempted murder charges. ao on 7, the chilling sight of a driver hitting a high school student and then speeding away. the teen left to fight for his life. 7's alex de armas is live at jackson memorial hospital where the victim is being treated. alex? >> well, christine, this 15-year-old's family tells me that he has made no progress since yesterday when this all p happened. he h h a lot of swelling on his brain. meanwhile t driver rponsible for hitting him and leaving him
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there. >> front emblem from the vehicle left on the scene. >> reporter: traffic homicide detectives say this is the piece of a car that ran down a student monday night t. driver nev bothered the stop. look closely at the surveillance video. it shows the moment just before javier was hit. we froze the video just before the mercedes hit him. >> there's no doubt it is a mercedes. and this is paint chips that were left all over the scene. >> reporter: javier is a gifted student and basketball player at middle school in miami. he was scrambling across northwest 22nd avenue and 9th street to catch a county transit bus. he was trying to get to school at about 6 o'clock in the morning monday. >> i heardrom an a student on previous bus stop from him. she said that he was hit by a car crossing the street with his brother. >> reporter: a backpack, shoes, water jug and basketballere all scattered around the intersection.
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she saw him on the floor with the ambubunce. >> reporter: what was missing? the car that hit the teenage basketball star. detectives are using this surveillance video with and pieces of the car left behind to track it down. >> it's kind of rude and it's kind of harsh for somebody t do that because he's so young and it's not fair. i just hope he gets better. we miss him. >> reporter: are and so here's a photo of that silver mercedes that detectives are looking for. remember, the front of the car is damaged. it's missing the emblem. if you've seen this car, pick up the phone andontact crime stoppers. that phone number in miami-dade county is 305-471-tips. as for javier, he is still here in icu. reporting live outside jackson memorial hospital, i'm alex de armas, 7 news. in the race for the white house now, republicans in nevada
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front runner donald trump gaining steam in south carolina to keep the momentum, not holding back on the attacks. don and truch is hoping to lock in another win in nevada. > forget the word caucus, just go out and vote. he's argrgng it's time for republicans to rally behi him as alternative to trump before it's too late. >> if we nominate someone half the party hate, we will fight against each otherful we will never win that way. >> reporter: right now donald trump's blows are firmly trained on ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's something wrong with this guy. >> just hours before they cast their ballots in nevada. >> it is las vegas, a little tricky. >> reporter: cruz was still trying to nix the narrative that his group plays dirty. >> this guy lice more tan any
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with. unbelievable. >> every single day cool something comes out of cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> yesterday he filed his communications director. >> this morning, i ask for rick tyler's resignation. >> reporter: that's after the staffer appeared a video appearing inaccurately showing rubio dismissing the bible. >> they base exly made et up. >> reporter: as they struggle led to regroup, john kasich saying women left their kitchens report his 1970s state howed bid. >> we just got an army of people and many women, who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door an put yard signs up. >> reporter: his offhand comment quickly called out. >> i'll come out to support but... >> i got ya. >> reporter: south carolina
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coming up next on 7 news at noon, a thief gunning for cash. but thanks to quick-thinking ve, a south florida woman walked away without giving up any money. she's talking to just one station. a family helplessly trying to save her money from a snow hole emergency. a team in the right place at the right time. and plane grounded by snow. passengers rushing to get off after hearing an explosion. we have tour de broward taking place this sunday at miramar regional park. it wl be chilly, so prepare accordingly.
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up next. and now, a crook lookingngor quick money outwitted in the drive through. >> i was acared. >> the victim keeping her cash and talking about the clever escape. >>iana: the victim was quick to outthink the man with the gun. >> christine: she got away with her money and telling just one station how she pulled it off. cindy is at the bank of america atmat sunrise boulevard at 10:15 p.m. christmas eve when a man with a gun appears in the darkness. >> and i screamednd he showed
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i'm not trying to kill you. i just need money. >> reporte he said he needed money but the 23-year-old college student was not about to hand it over. she put her card into the atm and tried to withdraw $800, which she knew was over her limit. when the amount was rejected, she reached into her purse, took a ring off her finger and g@t a credit card she also knew would not work at the atm. >> but it was no chance for me to be scared. at that time, i was scared but couldn't show it. >> reporter: she said the man appeared the be more frightened than s s was. she believe this is was the first time he had the grade school pull off a crime like. this >> he was very nervousful he was looking around, you know. >> reporter: when the car lled up in the next atm lane, the would-be robber ran off. wall fabian wasn't injured emotionally.
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anan lives with a sense of optimistic outlook. >> since that day, i'm a little scaredbnd changed because never thought of. that you hear every day that happening but i never thought that was going to happen. >> reporter: and here is another look at the crook. if you have any information that can help, call 954-493-tips. >> vivian: good afternoon, south florida. we arewake up to lots of sunshine. we have some clouds settling in and especially along the breeze. as far as the satellite picture is concerned, we are finding more clouds especially around the gulf coast states. that's where we're looking at a cold front starting to deepen. now as far as your commute is concerned this lunch hour, key
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now along the overseas highway. the rest of the florida keys are mostly dry. let's move on over to closer to broward county to show you just some spotty activity around tamarac and griffin road and pines boulevard, especially in davie. that hees where we have some light rain. now heavier rain is starting to develop out west by the everglades f. this hold, it wilil be impacting parts of tamiami trail and miccosukee shortly. right now miami international airport getting a popup shower. 99 degrees in miami, including marathtn, 78 degrees in key west with the strong wind out of the south-southeast between 13 to even 21 miles an hour along the coast. now this front is getting stronger. and it extends into the mid-atlantic states and for tomorrow, the threat for severe weather moves into the mid-atlantic ststes. here at home, we have marginal risk of seeing strong to severe-type s orms especially late in the afternoon.
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chance of scattered showers and tomorrow it will be a lot warmer d windy ahead of the front between 5 and 7 o'clock in the evening and thth's when the front will cross through and we will see downpours. after that we will cool down. risk of rip currents for swimmers. e caution for boaters, seas choppy and coastal waters as well. 9:40 in key largo tonight. highs in the low 80s, tonight lows in the 70s with your extended outlook calling for types of wet weather late in the day on wednesday. we're going to start to cool out and it will be ver chilly on friday going into the upcoming weekend with forecast lows in the 40s and 50s. that's your 7 on 7. caught on camera, a dad desperately trying to rescue his little girl after getting stuck in the snow hole.
12:25 pm
call to let go. he knew he needed to help get her out so he took his chances. that help arrived sooner than expected. you can barely see her little arm struggling to hold on. that's ten-year-old samantha white while snow shoeing in castle head. >> when my dad tried to help i fell more. >> reporter: her mom captured the video. she stopped and jumped in to help once she realized samantha was sinking deeper and deeper. >> i could hear her but not see her. i don't know how deep it was or what sheas going to fall into. i had no idea. >> reporter: her dad is a retired firefighter who has seen this dozens of times before never thinking one day it would be his own child. >> agonizing, daughter screaming don't let me go, daddy. wife yelling don't let her go, honey. >> reporter: he made a tough decision and let her go.
12:26 pm
and live with that, if something baba happened or hold on and more than likely all three of us end up in the hole. >> reporter: samantha fell tenen feet and landed in ank deep frigid waters. her dad thinking by the time help arrived, sh would be in grave condition. by sheer coincidence, the help they needed walked by. >> this group of probably 12 to 15 snow shoers came down the hill. andd i was a little preoccupied talking on the p(one to dispatcher and one of them said do you need some help? and i said yeah my daughter's in a hole about 12 to 15 feet down. who are you? they said we're marine county search and rescue. and i was like oh thank goodness. >> reporter: they used rope to pull her out within a matter of minutes. >> they asked a lot of questions like did you hurt yourselfnd i said no.
12:27 pm
scale of 1 to 10 and moswly said like about 6. >> reporter: she was able to walk a mile and a half back to the car. she thanked the rescuers and took a picture with them. now she's ready to get back to the snow. >> i still want to go to the snow but just not off the trails. >> reporter: the team of rescuers on tear way back from hiking as part offer that training not knowing practice would end with a real-life test. wow. talk about perfect timing for that little girl. >> diana: stay on the trail. ahead on the newsplex, as you're driving around, are you driving around with dangerous recalls? one company is make sure you fine out. it's our special assignment report: risky ride. and plane burst into -- a
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welcome back. you could be put you an your loved ones in danger every time you crank thear and not know it. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest car recalls ever. 34 million cars with faulty air bags. >> air bag could rupture and metal can come flying a you. >> oh my goodness. >> my car has a recall for the air bag on the driver's side. it's scary. qt can be facing serious injury. >> reporter: george and angel re shocked when they learned they were driving with dangerous air bags. >> a little bit paranoid nowful a little scared. want to go to dealership and get an update as soon adds possible. >> reporter: and they're not alone. with a representative from app called car fax, we shopped and their cars had unfixed recalls.
12:31 pm
ignition key f. that part fail, your car could lose power while driving. it's an issue with the rear axle. did you know about that? >> >> reporter: he missed a major recall on the axle of his car. >> i had done my previous research, i didn't fine out about this recall. >> reporter: and ha you don't know that could hurt you. >> did you know about the recall? >> any one of these recalls could cause accidents, fires and exploding air bags. >> reporter: hen chris met stephanie, she said as long as the car runs, she doesn't worry about i. >> when lights and stuff go on, i ignore it until i have to get it taken care of. >> one of these recalls is almost ten years old. they could cause danger to driver and others on the road as well. we have a free app that checks for recalls.
12:32 pm
entering your license plate or vin number. the app will come back with any recalls an let you know if any new recalls coming up down the road. >> i'm us an on my phone and when notifications come up,ly get it right away. >> reporter: these drivers a a happy knowing they're protected from taking a riskyride. life. reporter: and car fax app takes care of tire changes, oil changes and registrations all for free. go to to find out how you can download it. in the plex, craig stevens, 7 news. and flexion the plex, trouble on takeoff forcing plane passenger off through an emergency exit. an explosion revealing snow may be to blame. (stock market bell) >> the dow is down 163points. the nasdaq is down 48 and s&p is down 19.
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a teen is now recovering at jackson memorial hospital where he will soon face charges for the incident. police are still looking for three others believed to be involved in the attempted carjacking. a lauderhill apartment building goingp in flames. the fire breaking out this morning. the flames bning a huge hole in the roof. residents were evacuated and, fortunately, nobody was hurt. and the president's plano close the detention center at guantanamo bay, cuba t. plan faces stiff opposition from the gop congress and calls for the
12:36 pm
prisoner who is remain at the center. the president asking for millions of dollars to build a new prison here in the u.s. at a location that has not yet been decided. live in the plex, i'm ashley jones, 7 news. coming in off the satellite, a crane catching fire and collapsingarly this morning. at least 13 fire trucks were % sent to fight the flames in melbourne, australia. crews b bmed it on a motor that malfunctioned at 2 base of the flame. during the fire, the arm of the crane fell missing everyone below. and a plane taking off filling with smoke. once after takeoff they returned to airport in japan, they say snow got sucked into the engine causing it to cash fire. wow. and ahead on 7 news this noon.
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grdchild after her daughter gave birth and the baby was suddenly put up for adoption and she was neer told.
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with patrick fraser. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? exple the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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. your child has a child and you want to raise a baby. they decide to put it u` for adoption without telling you. >> do you have a right to know where the child is? >> one woman is calling help me howard with patrick fraser.
12:40 pm
>> that was the last day i had seen my granddaughter, t t think i buckled her in the car seat and everything to never see her again. >> reporter: jennifer is talking about her granddaughter monroe, who was born last september. did you help rais the baby? >> i solely took care of the baby hehe. >> reporter: when she was pregnant, jennifer's daughter said she wasn't sure she wanted to keep the baby. >> i tole her she this wouldn't change her life. she could go back to school and i would do everything for the baby. >> reporter: she lived in a home with toys and clothes and everything for monroe. >> i dressed herer like a little print setsz every day. >> r%portete at night the baby slept in a crib in jennif's room. >> adored the baby. i lived to stay up at night and mornings. i loved it. >> reporter: jennifer was happy. her daughter was trouble.
12:41 pm
coaster with her emotions doing a lot of crying. >> reporter: then right before christmas when monroe was three months ole, she said she was taking her baby to show to her friends. a few hours later she got a phone call. >> she saiaid mom, i know you're going to hate me for this. so i won't be coming home. i gave the baby up. i just started screaming no, no. no, you're lying. >> reporter: jennifer's daughter td her she had given monroe to an adoption agency, devastating jennifer. >> what did i do wrong? did i pay too much attention to the baby? was shejealous? >> reporter: jennifer called police. she called dcf, went to court and kept being told the same thing. we can't tell you anything about your grand daughter. >> private and confidential. >> reporter: so she's just disappeared. >> she's gone. i worry about her all the time. >> reporter: jennifif's daughter changed her phone number and moved away and
12:42 pm
little granddaughter is. >> i'm her biological grandmother. i lo her as much as i love my daughter. >> 2eporter: howard, what legally can jennifer do? >> this is horrible. it is terrible because the law does not recegnize grandparents rights meaning once the mother put the child up for adoption, even the mother lost any rights. as for what the grandmother can do to change things? she cannot. >> reporter: the father wanted nothing to do with the baby and the adoption agency wouldn't tell me anything, even if she suffering from asthma, they woulden tell my anything. >> i have to get this baby back. >> reporter: she won't give up and leaving the baby's room the way it was. she was told she has no rights but is hoping for a miracle. >> if they're really good peel
12:43 pm
need to bring her back home where she belongs and thahas the truth. >> reporter: it seems so unfair for jennifer nevadaer to see her granddaughter grow up. but the state doesn't care about the grandmother's feelings. the state's concern is what's best for the baby and the state's eye, no one, even the mother has a right to know who has the child.
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reefceline deon returning to the stage months after her husband died. she will have a ten-minute tribute a a the start of the shows. it will go for at least three months. morgan freeman is the latest celebrity voice on google's free navigation app wave. the feature is tie in for london has fallen, the sequel to olympus has fallen. and rihanna is workiki it straight to the top. it's hit the top of the billboard hot 100th. that puts her in third place all-time behind only the beatles
12:47 pm
we start with the heat who are going for their they ared straight hosting the pacers will it would take extra fun to decide this one. dwyane wade back in the hindup. finds whiteside for thehe slam t. heat up one after three. miami down three with less than a minute to go. george hill can't hit it. gives to dragic. he passes ahead to wednesdayay low. heat down one. same score, seven seconds left. waed with the ball, wade finished with 16. miami up one. pacers with a chance to win it. less than four seconds to go. ellis would hit one of two shots. it was all miami in the ot. dragic drives and heat win 101-93. the heat at it again wednesday night hen they host the nba champion golden stata warriors.
12:48 pm
but prior to gaga, d wade artsdzed cb's situation. >> we know we're going to do everything he can and no one can wait on cb or replace him. big monday meant a big litmus test for the hurricanes who welcomed to hurricanes to so-flo. at the buzzer, drain. canes by five at the break. miami opens the second half on a 9-2 run. for three. five triples in the contest, miamip ten. just over ten minutes left. again from the land of three, a career high 21 points. virginia just wld not go away. down three final seconds. londonith a chance to tie. no good. canes win 64-61. they're now in second place in the acc. marlins started full squad
12:49 pm
where all the star power will be on full display. they talk about what happen if they face each other in their prime. >> he can do all he want t >> i can hit it farther than you. >> he would never be able to dominate me. >> always joking. i love that. >> i love him, but that ain't going to happen. i'm sorry. i'm going to have go with bonds. if his day he was a bad man. that's sports. until we meet again, make it a good one, south florid a rescue mission for a young whale tangled in a fishing line off san diego. one of his pectoral fins preventi the mammal to move around. it took nearly two hours for rescuers to cut it in several places.
12:50 pm
in good health as it swam away. and next on 7 news at noon. > an inspirational quote goes a longway when it comes to changing a gust's bedroom. it's martin's tip in room for improvement. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a ton of fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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habitat for humanity for
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building glitz w. the help of volunteers. >> so habitat helps low-income families to build ownership. they work hard building them and then purchase them at the end of the project with zero percent mortgage from has been tachlt it's a hand off, not a hand out. it's great to see so many giving of their time and resources. this saturday, the selected families will celebrate their new homes in a dedication ceremony when the homes are expected to be completed. inspirational quotes are big design trend these days. one thing is motivating our maestro to glam a guest room in today's room for improvement. at the moment, where she a hot mess from a deck raytive perspective. we're missing a night stand,
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dated, plain walls and needs a more cohesive design. that's what i'm going to. do let's begin with the bedding. audios, so dusty. i'm introducing a cool steel blue color helps to upte the space. i saved money on the bedding by getting a comforter set. the pillows that came with it not the greatest by i can incorporate my own down-filled pillows. beautiful accent table will do just fine. these lamps are functional but not the best in terms of style. they kind of remind me of a dorm. i have something much better. now w 're talking. i love how the base compliments the bedding and has much of a designer look. new bedding, check. new night stand, check.
12:55 pm
the color doesn't work. i'm using a decorative knob instead of a hook to hang the art work. and the final touch to complete this guest bedroom makeover are accessories for the night stands. and like the art work reminds us, do small things w wh great love. in this case, small changes made e difference in this bedroom. until this me, i'm martin, more tips in online extra. rain is starting to develop on the local storm-tracking radar. we have some lighter rain in hollywood, miramar and around pembroke pines including i-75. now as far as miami-dade is concerned, we're getting some pockets of heavier rain around
12:56 pm
the way into coral gables, south miami and downtown miami and as far as homestead is concerned, you're getting some steady, heavy rain including for the upper keys north of key largo. the rest of the keys mostly dry. we have a front that stretches all the way into the mid-atlantic states. this one will be producing a risk of severe weather a few tornadoes around the gulf coast states today. as the front crosses through tomorrow between 5 and 7 o'clock tomorrow night, we could see some strong storms of our own. cooling and slow clearing will take place into thursday. we do have a slight risk of seeing some severe weather with the 40s and 5s in the forecast on friday. that's your 7 on 7. that is 7 news at noon. thank you for watching. i'm christine cruz. >> and i'm diana diaz. join us again for 7 news torrow morning at 5 o'clock. have a great day, everybody. real-time closed captioning
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company. >> today on "fablife"... men actually have better sex lives when they do more chores. >> that's a lie. >> i don't think so. "oh, you took the trash out? i didn't have to ask? okay."
1:00 pm
red-carpet event of the year. things that you could do to rock every single day. >> this is amazing. >> plus, the girls from "vanderpump rules." >> and chrissy has another big announcement. >> ahhhhh! you've got to watch to find out. (chuckles) (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife." it's a second day in our week-long countdown to the biggest red-carpet event of the year-- the oscars! >> who (applause) >> and we are going full red carpet today with makeup artist to the stars, charlotte tilbury. plus... now, i'm not sure anyone can contain themselves, and by "anyone," i mean leah and chrissy. >> whoo! >> but the "vanderpump rules" girls are here. (cheers and applause) and they're gonna be hanging and talking fashion. >> it's gonna be good. it's gonna be good. >> it's goa be good, okay, but before we get there, one of our favorites is also back with us, and he's actually got tips on how to get up when you get down.


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