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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. the top, two accept brat shootings. >> ashley:nd one accused of gunning down a six-year-old boy out on bond. those suspected shooters denied bond. >> diana: and now another mystery to solve and witnesses
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alex de armas is live in northwest miami-dade with the investigation. >> reporter: diana and ashley, two more shootings. two more teenagers shot. now at noon, we have photos of these victims as members of this counity say enough is enough. >> and i'm fed up. i'm, i'm overwhelmed. i'm overwhelmed. i'm confused like what are we doing? >> this north miami-dade community is outraged after two teens were shot wednesday evening. the viclims 17-year-old david gold burn who was shot and killed. shot in the knee. both gunned down a few block ace apart. >> like killing people for no reason, you know why we killing for? honestly, what is it? >> >> reporter: miami-dade police responding to the two separate scenes just before 5:30.
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>> the v vtim was walking along the roadway when a black male subject approacaed him, produced a firearm and began shooting at him. >> reporter: 17-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. 7 news cre were there moments after grieving family members were given the news. >> that's my son. >> reporter: this was the scene near norththst 19th avenue and 75th. investigators trying the figure out who shot 16-year-old gordon and 21-year-old man. >> the subject fled on foot and jumped into an awaiting newer in model toyota camry red in color. >> reporter: police not confirm iffing these two shootings are connected. this man seen here was with a 16-year-old when he was shot. he said the shootings need to end. >> man, y'all shooting innocent people. y'all coming to kill somebody kill, don't shoot other people. (inaudible) >> reporter: and right now the people or person responsible for these shootings are still out
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if you know anything at all that can help detectives, pick up the phone and call crime stoppers. that phone number in miami-dade county is 305-471-tips. later this evening, there is an a rally for these victims and, of course, we will be right there to bring you the very latest. right now reporting in northwest miami-dade, alex de armas, 7 ws. and while police@ investigate the latest shootings, two people remain behind bars in a child tragedy. elitsa bizios is live in northwest miami-dade where the victim was killed. >> reporter: just a heart-breaking story every time we talk about it, every time we bring this up. and wa just spoke with the little victim's father. we told him that the two teenagers accused and charged in the killing of their little boy were not issued bondhey were denied bond. and he said while this is not going to bring his son back, it does start the process of healing.
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murder and attempted premeditated murder. >> reporter: 18-year-old leonard adams cuffed and in front of a judge thursday. >> second-degree murder, no bond. count two, attempted premeditated murder, no bond. >> reporter: 17-year-old erwin presley also making an appearance, both denied bond after being charged in nnection with the shooting carter. king's dad speaking out wednesday. >> i get a call they crying, crying saying i'm so sorry, blaze. i'm so sorry. i'm going to call my mama right now. going to turur myself in. >> reporter: police say the teens got into a fight on facebook with a person they only identified as juju. according to the arrest affidavit, the friends armed with guns drove to the blue lake village apartment complex friday and open fire once they spotted him, who fired back. little king was walking to get
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the cross fire and later died. >> they were punking each other out on the facebook saying derogatory comments to each other and starting a fuel of hatred. >> reporter: prosecutors say the public helped crack the case. and presley on probation for strong-armed robbery had a gps ankle monitor on him that put him at the scene. >> everybody asked the community please help us and ty did. >> reporter: police won't say anything adams or pretsly fired the shot that killed the little boy, but cops are still looking for juju. >> you want your kids to grow up and graduate from high school and college and have their own family, not too bury my son six-year-old. >> reporter: bk at the scene, memorial continues to grow with stuffed animals and notes that read we miss you in heaven an
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and presley had that monitoring bracelet on him and quote provided a post miranda confession. police are still looking for juju f. you knono where he is, call crime stoppers, ca it in 305-471-tips. for now live in north west miami-dade, elitsa bizios, 7 news. also in the news now, plane problems causing a rough landing. the pilot didn't touch down on an airpopo runway. 7's omar lewis is live in the plex with more on th. >> omar: that pilot taking drastic measures when a small plane has engine trouble. he brought it down in the middle of a hollywood neighborhood. >> this road looked like the best one to put it down on and did what i could to get it down and walk away from it just have to keep your cool and fly the plane down. >> traffic reporter: the aircraft came down in the neighborhood. >> reporter: but southwest 73rd avenue in hollywood would not
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of a runway wednesday afternoon. he had been out flying his cessna 152 near north perry airport when he lost power and aimed for runway 19 left three blocks away, but those three blocks were too far. >> i saw the roadway, nobody was aroundnd that was my first priority to make sure i didn't hurt life. >> heard a big boom and ran out and neighbors are like oh my god. >> heard the boom, cutting tile. i didn't see it but heard the boom. >> heard someone scream. >> wow. >> reporter: that's miguel. he lives in this house. the plane coming to rest on his drive way. >> was very, very scared, very afraid, you know. >> the front wheel of the nose gear came up and ended up getting wedged under the car in the driveway. >> reporter: the plane hauled
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no damage to any homes and randy suffered only a minor injury to his head. >> did what i was trained to do. any good landing you can walk away from is a good landing. >> reporter: neighbors who live around that area say he was thankful he was able to land safely and no one else was hurt. the pilot said he will be flying again soon as soon as his plane gets fixed. live at the news desk this afternoon, omar lewis, 7 news. and now a live look outside our 7 news studios where there is a wave of storms that have paved the way for a cool change. >> ashley: meteorologist vivian gonzalez is live in the weather center with your forecast. >> vivian: goo afternoon, ladies and south florida. well, mostly sunny skies are underway an overall pleasant feel is out there. a chilly change is on the way as early as tonight. we will need those sweaters and jackets. right n 66 degrees in miami, fort lauderdale at 67, 68
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showing it remains mostly dry. we don't have to worry about the radar in the next cououe of days. we still have a lot of snow around michigan, missouri with blizzard-like conditions in indiana and illinois. the front came through late last night providing for se rain and now it's out of the way. it's beautiful around here because high pressure is settling in around the southeast united states. so it's picking up that breeze out of the north. so bundle up, south florida, model runs are suggestinin that going into tomorrow morning temperature readings will tumble in the low 50s along the coast by 7 o'clock in the morning. a few upper 40s in the western suburbs and we take you throughout the day. it's pleasant, temperature readings tumble even more generally widespread upper 40s for dade and broward come saturday morning. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a few minutes. and now to a story you will see on just one station.
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hit-and-run driver walks out of jail. the 33-year-old posting a $15,000 bond but he is not alowe lowed to drive. he was behind the wheel of suspended license driving on one, when he hit the 15-year-old javier valdez on monday. the teen is still recovering in the hospital. it happened at northwest 9th northwest miami-dade. he turned himself in on tuesday. a group home going up in flames forcing everyoneout o. this afternoon, investigators may have a cause for that fire. 7's vanessa medina is at the scene in fort lauderdale with the details. vanessa? >> reporter: it's been an a really tough morning for about a dozen men who lived inside this home. theye men in transition. now they have to find another place to live. you can see the home has been deemed unsafe. an a firee moved through here very early this morning, as you
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it happened just after 7:30 this morning. fort lauderdale fire rescue was called out to this house fire. you can see from their video they encountered heavy smoke. once inside, heavy flames covered one room in the back of fast. now, this is a group home, so there were 12 men inside. fire fighters went in looking for people possibly trapped inside. inside one of the rooms. they went room to room fighting the firerom inside and outside. the fire destroyed the home. fifi feshls saying the building is now unsafe. the men who lived here all have been displaced and need to be placed and need to be placed in other homes. >> on arrival, crews faced heavy smoke and flames. we put two linis in operation and report of somebody still insideful we're going to remain on scene. where she 12 people displaced and we have red cross responding to get some shelter and get
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we still have a lot of hot spots. it was a pretty intense fire inside. we are remaining on scene to make sure that the hot spots are contained and fire marshalls office can do their investigation. >> reporter: again, back out live, you can see the home. there'sing in left. a lot of these men, like i said, are in transition. so they took whatever they could grab from inside and now are looking for another place to live. it appears t tt a lit cigarette on a bed may have sparked this fire. reporting live in fort lauderdale, vanessa medina, 7 news. wicked weather slamming the east coast. the damage done. pieces. several systems wreaking havoc with deadly results. chet meyers reports. another round of storms pummelling states up and down the east coast.
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when he did, he said mama, tornado, tornado. reran and i ran. >> reporter: two days of storms. over 50 tornadoes reported, 7 killed and hundreds of thousands without power in the last 48 hours. in virginia, a state of emergency declared. tornadoes leaving dozens iured dead. >> it was tragic, man. never seen nothing like this before. >> reporter: three people in a mobile home were killed including a two-year-old boy. powerful wins lifting their trailer almost 300 yards and slamming it into a church. >> our prayers go out to the three people that lost their life. we thank god that we went through a lot of damage but the church is still standing and we're going to recover. >> reporter: cars crumbled like alum numb cans on the highway. >> cars were tossed and i'm so sorry people were killed. >> reporter: the debris p trapping some residents.
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was scared. >> reporter: three more tornadoes touching down in the sunshi state packing ferocious winds. in carolina, five tornadoes causing a path of destruction. four people inside this home when heavy winds sent a massive tree toppling on the roof. the residents miraculously emerging. >> our hearts just goes out to anyone who lost their homes or lved ones in this. fishermen getting a lift york. the men calling the coast guard after their 76-foot fishingngoat wound up ashore in queens. when help an arrived, they too found themselves in trouble. the response boat capsizing after getting hit by o 10 to 12-foot waves. >> my information right now, they have been out fishing for about eight days. betwn the conditions and mechanical issues, they wound up
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onshore. >> reporter: the five coast guard members were able to swim safe to shore and additional rescuers were called to air lift them from the water. all checked out onscene and are said to be doing fine. three pregnant women from florida have tested positive for zika virus after traveling outside the u.s. it prompted rick scott to request 250 additional antibody sts to the state. it allows pregnant women and new moms to see i they ever had the virus. zika is possibly linked to babies born with unusually small head, defect that can signal underlying brain damage. so far 255 tests have been used since february 9th, with a total of nearly 12 tests available. out of 32 confirmed cases, only three are showing symptoms. they are subtle and include rash, fever, joint pain and red eyes.
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there is a 24-hour zika hot line in florida to answer questions and concerns. the number on y/ur screen: we also have that posted at our web site. as of now, we d/ not know what county those three florida women are from. republican presidential candidates face must-win primaries in their home states as donald trump continues his victory lap after three straight wins. bernie sanders tries to gain momentum looking ahead to super tuesday. joel with an update from the campaign trail. >> reporter: as superuesday nears, texas senator ted cruz faces a crucial race in his home state with gop jagger nut donald trump. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald is our campaign. >> reporter: the stakes are arably higher for senator marco rubio. a new poll shows t tmp with a huge lead over rubio in the
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a win for trump that could seal rubio's fate. >> he has noter formed as well as he hoped in other races. he h not won anything yet. >> reporter: rubio has stepped up attacked against trump in several days, which could happen again in tonighs presidential debate in houston. >> can't just say when i get there i'll higher the smartest people and they will tell mejia to do. >> reporter: mean whiem, senator sanders is courting ohio appearing to be looking past this weekend's south carolina primary, instead, focussing on super tuesday. >> what this campaign is about is taking a hard look at where we are and where we want to go. >> reporter: hillary clinton, meanwhile, remains focused on south carolina chris krsz -- chris crossing the state today even as her private e-mail account continues to swirl
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and reminder to download the 7 news voice your choice app. it's always up to de with everything happening on the campaign trail and available for apple an android devices. and new twists in the supreme battle between president obama and congress. and moderate. they say the decision should be left to the n nt president. mr. obama not commenting on the report saying he will select the best person for the job. >> president obama: we will see hox this plays out and i will nominate somebody. the american people will determine if that person's qualififd. >> my view and i share that of nerve my conference is that the nomination should be made by the president the people elect in the election that's underway
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>> diana: the president has said he wants to fill the vacancy before his term ends. we'reless than a month away fromresident obama's historic trip to cuba and controversy is at an all-time high. >> diana: the casto regime is making changes ahead of the commander in chief's trip to the island nation and raising a lot of questions. in an uncommon move for the recessio. the government is loosening restrictions on dsidentses allowing them to travel broad. the president said the trip is key to improvement there. >> president obama: the best way to hemp their lives i engagement. i'm confident my visit will help promoting business and values for the future of cuban people for freedom and more
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>> reporter: however, many are questioning the cuban government's motive. part of them 11 dissidents inprisoned duringrack down known as the black spring. they claim only 7 of them will be free to travel at one time as reward for good behavior. the other four still restricted. a member of that group are, it's a chance to see fally in the u.s. >> the cuban government wants to be a step ahead of its problems and i think this is sething a gesture of gift they are giving to obama. >> reporter: but hector, among the 11, he said he@will not use his permit unless every member is allowed to travel. >> i don't accept this offer unless everyone goes is allowed to leave the country. i won't accept it and i will stay. >> reportete they have seen this behavior from castro regime before. >> cubaill make a grand show once again of releasing hundreds of prisoners. we've seen this move before.
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been jailed in the first place. >> reporter: despite the opposition by some, many are flooding the embassy to apply fo visas. and president obama has said his visit is designed to push raul castro to release cuban people. stay with 7 news and for comeprehensive live coverage of the president's visit next month. a high honor for a good samaritan who jumped into action after a child was found at the bottom of a pool. and couple of men taking a test ridi with a brand new mustang but not returning with the car. policece looking to put the brakes on the thief. th story on just one station. and a driver hitting record and then taking action when a fedex driver starts to swerve. and a gorgeous afternoon is underway, south florida. temperaturewise feeling very pleasant.
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67 in fort lauderdale.
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up next. and now on just one station, two men shopping for trouble taking off. they hit the road before the salesman had a chance to react. >> ashley: brandon beyer with
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>> reporter: it's not the sight of a brand-new mustang being stolen and driven off the hot that has the ownership at pines ford lincoln upset, but the fact someone could have been so easily by the thieves as they made their get away. >> frustration because something they're doing against the community. >> reporter: it's monday night just before 6:30 p.m. when the suspects enter the parking lot. they say the men asked to see the keys to this white mustang. when the sales man turned his back, police say they sped off, driving right into oncoming traffic. >> the situation when they took off from the dealership and headed in the opposite direction on pines boulevard. >> reporter: thankfully no one was injured but they could have been. that's why the owners are offering a $2,000 reward for catching the suspects. >> it's time to change. they need to be caught. >> reporter: they say they got away this time, but confident their luck will run out. >> eventually they will get caught, hopefully and just a matter of time.
12:26 pm
for so long. >> reporter: brandon beyer, 7 news. >> ashley: and here is another look. if you have any information that can help police, you're asked the call crime stoppers. that number 954-493-tips.` >> vivian: good afternoon, south florida. hopefully everyone is having a wonderful day so far. weatherwise it's been speck tack you lar. we had a front move through las night providing for some rain and now the skies have cleared out nicely and we have a refreshing change in the air. mostly sunny skies underway with the radar sweeps not even picking up a drop of rain. temperaturewise we remain in the 60s. 66 degrees in miami, 67 in fort lauderdale, 68 degrees for our friends in grana bahama, freeport, 6 in key west. the breeze is picking up out of the north-northwest out of the cool air direction and up to 17 miles per hour at times, 20
12:27 pm
gusting as high as 28 in fort lauderdale. this is certainly roughing up the seas for swymmers and voters and will allow cold air to filter through tonight. the big view is showing we still have a spin of low pressure around the great lakes producing a lot of snow around michigan, missouri, indiana, even parts of illinois. rain spreading around parts of the northeast. here at home, the front has cleared out nicely, leaving us with low humidity in place and dry weather into the upcoming weekend. tonight wilil be chilly with lows in the low to mid-50s. going into saturday morning, that's the coldest day this weekend we are expecting with overnight lows dropping down into the upper 40s practically around most locations for broward and miami-dade. now, if your plans take you beach or boating, please be seas. we have a small-craft advisory in effect, biscayneay is choppy. coastal waters of the keys are rough.
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start to subside a little bit after sunset. next high tide in miami, 10:31 tonight. and in key largo at 10:54. otherwise the rest of the afternoon will be beautiful, high temperatures will struggle reach the low 70sful tonight with mostly cheer skies, i i should allow temperature readings to tumble. sweaters and jackets with you through sunday. next week we gradually warm up, chance of rain returns into the forecast on wednesday. this's your 7 on 7. the city of miramar is honoring its sanitation truck driver who saved a one-year-old boy fm drowning. last year andyy perez garcia was driving his regular garbage route through miramar when he heard cries for help from behind a home. he ran to the backyard in the home to find a little boy pulled from the pool unconscious. he gave cpr until paramedics arrived and helled to save the child's life. today schools celebrating 2015 united way fund raising campaign.
12:29 pm
after raising $1.5 million, it is now the country's number one school system campaign. the president and ceo of unitedd way of miami-dade hosting the annual breakfast ceremony with a brief awards celebration. alberto carvalho along with other board members there. great year. >> ashley: sure was. ahead from the newsplex, she was a shining star on the x factor and ready to return to the spot lying. it's a special news assignment report: melanie's music.
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>> diana: melanie amaro's journey hasn't been easy but now back on track. >> reporter: it was december 22, 2011 when a 19-year-old from season rise heard the two words that changed her life. >> melanie amaro. >> reporter: by winning the first season of the x factor, melanie amaro scored a $ million recording contract and starring role in super bowl commercial with elton john. but fast forward more than four years, the 23-year-old is oldld and wiser. >> definitely my 19-year-old self bac then was naive. >> reporter: 7 news caught up with melanie, who still has deep ties with south florida. at a miami recording studio, we got an exclusive listen to melanie's soon to be released
12:33 pm
>> it's just for anybody who's ever gone through that time when think ear like i can't do this anymore. my heart can't take it. i'm done. >> reporter: melanie said the song is about romantic relationships gone south. but the break up with her recordd label that made news in the news after her x factor win. >> i have no hard feelings towards anybyby. i love la reed, simon my mentor, i still love him. >> reporter: now feeling melanie's four, a come back. >> this music that i'm'm working on now, bomb. i spend hours in the studio. i was writing with a lot of things that have happened over the years and hell -- it's kind of broken my confidence but i've always come bk from it. >> reporter: melanie said one inspiring moment for her was a
12:34 pm
houston in los angeles. >> she turns around and is like mimi melanie amaro. i go silent and couldn't believe who was in my presence. >> reporter: just two days after their conversation, whitney houston was gone. >> getting a chance to chat with her even for that fiviv mens i got with her was gone. i cried a lot. to hear the news two days later, i didn't believe it. >> reporter: melanie's belief now is in herself and in her fans. >> i have some solid fans. thosee are the people that i just want to say thank you to. >> reporter: her new single the one is now available for download. we've got links to melanie's music at in the newsplex, shireen sandoval, 7 news. and next from the 7 newsplex. and in trouble. an officer showing bravery
12:35 pm
story into one of survival. (stock market bell) >> and we are watching wall street for you this noon. the dow i i up 42 points. the nasdaq is down 7. ileehe s&p 500 is up 2.
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back. time to check on today's top stories. two more south florida teens shot in a pair of shootings just miami-dade. 17-year-old david killed near northwest 14th avenue and 71st street yesterday afternoon. aa 16-year-old hit in the leg while standing outside a home at street. police have notot linked the shootings and the shooters are
12:38 pm
two accused killers staying behind bars. 18-year-old leonard adams and 17-year-old erwin denied bond. investigators say six-year-old king carter got caught in the cross fire when social media argument spiralled out into a shootout. both facing murder charges. residents forced out after a fire bres out in fort lauderdale. officials say the group home near northwest 10th avenue and 16th street went p up in flames around 7 o'clock this morning. everyone made it out safely, though. firefighters believe a lit blaze. we arere live in the newsplex this afternoon, omar lewis, 7 news. coming in off the satellite, a texas police officer rushing to rescue a driver from a burning car. he watched an suv crash into a wall in corpus christi and burut into flames. the officer broke the window with his baton and pulled the 29-year-old to safely. paramedics took him t the
12:39 pm
the officer was not hurt. crash. and back here to the sunshine state, a man filming a sleeping fedex driver in tampa swerving into oncoming traffic. jonathan pulls up to the truck.0 convincing the driver to pull over and hand over his keys. they believe he was impaired because the keys were not in the truck's ignition, they could not make the arrest. that's scary. >> ashley: that is really scary. coming up on 7 news at noon, she has a handicap sticker but apartment. and said the complex refuses to make one for her.
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12:42 pm
patrick fraser. she has a disability and like many people she would like to park closer to her complex. >> ashley: but doeshe complex have to provide one? it's today's help me howd with patrick fraser. >> reporter: 2016 has not started well for roni smith. >> my mom pasd away shelf was almost 93. glad to have had her. >> reporter: she just moved into a complex in plantation. after her mother passed a, she took in her dog. then more bad news. >> they won't allow me to keep it because i have two other pets and i'm ver sad. >> reporter: since bad things come in three, she needs knee surgery. >> the plastic kneecap is breaking through my skin.
12:43 pm
find a home for her mother's dog. as for her knee problem, there is something to help her get around. >> she has had two knee replacements andill have surgery to replace one of those and needs a handicap parking space. >> i need to turn around and step out on my right leg meaning i have to get my car door wide open. if a car is parked by the line i can't get my door open. >> reporter: there's just one handicapped space for her building and another person who needs it uses it. but a nearby building has four spaces. so she contacted the apartment manager to ask her t another one to her building. >> i asked if she could put a space closer to my unit and she said no, she absolutely can't. >> reporter: she called the city of plantation to see if they c cld help and they said call the federalgovernment. >> i did file a complaint with the ada.
12:44 pm
big deal to add a place but to her it seems simple. >> i don't think it's a horrible thing i'm asking for. i'm not just moving out in two weeksful i'm here for the long haul. i like it here. it's very nice apartment. >> reporter: if you'r'r legitimately handicapped, do you have right to a space or if your condo or apartment complex don't have one, do they have to make one? >> at a rental apartment complex ere there is no assigned parking, the complex has to provide reasonable accommodation for disabled people. at this complex, they have to mark off a handicapped space that is near her apartment. if it's a condo with spacece owned by the residents, the best solution is probably just to turn to two guest spaces into a handicap. >> reporter: after three strikes of bad news she finally got good news. i spoke to the manager.
12:45 pm
the request a corporate headquarters for the handicap space and it would takak time. time. few daysater she came home to this exactly where she asked it to put . >> it's per feblth, just wonderful. >> reporter: she got the space right next to her apartment the to make life getting easier getten in and out of car. >> i am so grateful and never would have happened if not for patrick and help,me howard. >> reporter: we're happy for you. and it's easy to add a handicap space. what about a condo that doesn't have guestparking? legally the condo association can refuse to create another handicap space there because the law says they can. someone parked a problem in your life? need some space so you can walk away from it?% contact us and be our guest as we reserve a solution just for you.
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patrick fraser, 7 newfuls 7 news at noon is not over yet. coming up next. >> we are going to take a look at sports. i'm mike dipasquale. your miami heat ready for a fight against the golden state warriors. we have highlights at the aaa. and things will change with
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you will hear why in # sports. hi, everyone, your miami heat ready to go toe to toe like a heavyweight contender. the golden state warriors at the aaa. they came in with a 15-5 record. not going to be easy against curry and company. heat came out hot in the first quarter. dragic to whiteside. one handed slam. whiteside 21 off the bench. heat led by as many as 12 in the first. curry pulls up for the 3 just inside the half for money. that's why he's mvp. in the second, dwyane wade jumper. season high 32. heat up 4 at the break. staying close in the 3rd. middle of the 4th, the other splash brother, thompson finished with 33 and that put the warriors up with four minutes left. heat back up 1. blocked by whiteside and green gets it back to curry, nails a
12:50 pm
curry hadad a game high 42, 7 assists and 7 rebounds. credit the heat. they stayed in this one before losing 118-112. >> a test any time on the road playing this basketball team, task. >> great when you can transcend teams, transcend talent, competition levels at an all-time high right now. um, so there' the official tip of the hat to a great mpetitor. >> after the game, coach spo was also asked about chris bosh. spo would only say cb is in great spirits andn the team had no other comments. within 24 hours he will meet with pat riley and team owners. he's being told to sit tout rest of the season. bosh sfered a second blood clot in over a year.
12:51 pm
coach adam is busy at the combine, he is answering questions about quarterback ryan tannehill. recentlyjennings said tannehill is not a lead quarterback due to scrimmage. he has not been given the audible green light at the line. that will change. >> the quarterback in this system has the ability to move in and out of place and how much can our group handle. earlier ent won't be as much as later. bobcats number two. with extras bottom of ten, canes with runners at second and third. pitcher can't handle it. canes w this one 7-6. panthers lead and host the arizona coyotes tonight. they will announce extension for key player. that's sports.
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enjoy any two parks for just $99, then a an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings. more adventures. topping the buzz, jennifer lawrence the highehe paid. she earned a whopping get this 52illion in 2015. i should have been an actress. leonardo dicaprio snagging second place with 29 million. matt damon trailing in third but
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>> diana: and i should have been a basketball player. michael b. jordan, this one is an actor too leaving the boxing ring to become a scheming businessman, so to speak. the creed actor set to star in remake of mgm's thomas crown affair. this will be the third time the film has been remade since debut in 1968 t. project is still in development, so no word on release date just yet. and vice president joe biden heading to hollywood this weekend. he's set to take the stage at the academy awards. she will be performing her nominated song until it happened to you, the hunting ground. biden is promoting the film that sheds light on sexual assault at college campuses. a nice afternoon is ununrway, south florida, with temperature readings in the 60s, struggling to reach that 70 degree mark.
12:56 pm
radar showing that it remains mostly dry. and at least through the next five days we're not expecting rain. the big view is showing snow happening around parts of the midwest turning into rain around the northeast. nation's mid-section looking pretty good, but it will be dry and less humid going into tonight with temperature readings tumbling in the 50s. the coldest morning will be on saturday, where the models are suggesting will feel the 40s pretty much everywhere. and it's indeed the wind will make it feel colder. at least through sunday, count on having the sweaters and jackets, slight warming trend begins on monday. and that is your 7 on 7 forecast. all right, that wraps it up for 7ews at noon. i'm diana diaz. >> ashley: and i'm ashley jones. have a great day, everyone. real-time closed captioning
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company. >> today on "fablife"... (applause) >> the hottest nail trends. how do we get the perfect at-home manicure? >> that's a great question. >> plus, food network's alex guarnaschehei. you competed on "iron chef." what was that like? >> how did you fit in there? >> a lot of cake. (laughter) >> the girl who set the internet on fire, our friend kyemah. actually have a little surprise for you. >> i just feel like dreams can really... don't let anyone tell you no. (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife," you guys. it's time to put on your sparkly heels, grab your mother's pearls, and get all blinged out because we are this close to oscars this sunday. but guess what, you guys. >> i'm so excited. >> i know, i love it, but we are still thick in the middle of our red-carpet week on "fablife." >> whoo, i love it. >> it's been fun, right? >'m so excited. >> so, in the kitchen today, we've got the amazing alex guarnaschelli, and we have such a treat for you guys too, 'cause


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