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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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7 news at noon is next. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. we begin this noon with a 7 news exclusive. investigator res leasing the moment a garbage truck went over the edge of i-95 last month. good afternoooo again. tim pact of the 100-foot fall splitting the truck in two. >> diana: let's get right to the highway patrol office with rosh lowe. >> reporter: you know, i covered the case extensively and one thing to see the damage and another to speak to family members saying it's a miracle and another whole ball-game when
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a video inside the city of miami garbage truck and you see the i-95. take a look. incredible video released by the florida highway patrol. it's president's day. you can see mr. smith here driving the city of miami garbage truck. it's i-95 near southwest 7th street. all of a sudden, he loses control. watch it here. the garbage truck falls 100 feet off the side of i-95, lands in the park. troopers say it's an absolute miracle no one lost their life. >> in the video, you will see him hitting the left guardrail twice and then overreacting and
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it's a miracle that he survived. >> he was hospitalized. he is now out of the hospital. when he was in the ryder trama center, we spoke with his family. >> i thought my brother was gone. i said he's dead, like, can't nobody survive that. like, he's dead, like, i honestly thought he was dead. iept calling and his fiance called me and told me he's still alive. he was literally breathing still on the ground. >> reporter: and now we have this view, side the truck the moment it flies off the side of i-595. fhp tells me they are continuing their investigation. we willl have much more of this video coming up later today. one final note, when w w spoke with trooper, they tell me and you can see that there in the video that he was thrown out of the truck, landing on the
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he is at home this afternoon, surviving all of this. much more of this video coming up later today. for now live in sweetwater, r rh lowe, 7 news. skyforce over the scene in oakland park where an accident along dixie highway lands four people in the hospital. 7's brandon beyer is on the ground gathering the details on this one. >> reporter: this is still a large investigation underway here in oakland park. and both northbound and southbound traffic remains closed behind me on dixie highway. you will see the pole that the r ran into where dixie highway and northwest 56th street. traffic north and southbound remains closed and here's why. let me show you the first piece of video from sforce hd. that suv that you're seeing there driven by a person who lost control of the car for whatever reason, slammed into that pole, injured two people, a woman and juvenile.
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both of those people rushed to the hospital in serious condition. then police say the driver of the suv fled the scene. he fled the scene, was picked up a short while later. he too was injured and also taken to the hospital. he was taken to broward health in fort lauderdale not too far from where we're standing now. we spoke with a woman who actually called 911. she said she stepped out of the office, saw someone on the ground and called 911 as fast as she could. >> i was outside on the phone and woman in a black suv she said please call 911, someone's down. there's a really bad accident. they hit the pole. that's all i know. i called and went outside, saw someone in the street. i'm not sure if it was the street pole or some sort of telephone pole that came down and cars were smoking on fire and police were there and ambulance. they came rather quickly. >> reporter: and i want to show
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top of our live truck, our news truck onnhe scene here in oakland park. you can see the investigation as it continues. that is the car driveve by the suspect who deputy say lost control heading south on dixie highway slamming into a pole, two people, injuring those two people seriously, injuring himself as well. he was in the hospital and he will be in custody after that. live in oakland park, brandon beyer, 7 news. police on the hunt for a hit-and-run driver in north miami beach. that driver strucucand killed the victim while crossing the street at northwest 178th street and 19th avenue early seasoned mornrng. the driver then taking off. people who live nearby were stunned. >> he save his life, just stop and call 911, just stop, just stop, just stop, please, pleas because it could be one of your
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>> have no eling. >> ashley: so far police doot have a description of the car. if you have any information, call miami-dade crime stoppers. that number 305-471-tips. and now that boy was part of the amber alert has been found safe and sound. police arresting the biological mother and this noon, we learned there are three additional arrests. the search for the child taking authorities all the way to texas. >> ashley:'s alex de armas is standing by live to give us the new developments. >> reporter: ashley and diana, we are learning that three more people have been arrested in connection with this one-year-old abduction from this home here in miami. we know that the boy's biological mother is being held responsible as well. we have new information and we also know that the first story this family told police was
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this one-year-oldld boy was found safe and sound. but now, a total of four people are arrested in connection to his abduction. his biological mother, miss herndez, this man who lives with her, his mother and a third woman. here's rebecca rodriguez. she was the toddler's court-appointed guardian at the time. we spoke to her befe she was arrested sunday. she calls her son in the middl of the night telling him one-year-old logan hernandez had been taken. it turns out it was all a lie. according to this arrest affidavit, rodriguez and her son, juan pablo,old police the boy's mother came in the middle of the night and too her son from his crib. but as seen here, police say quote during our investigation, it was revealed that the codefendant had boarded a bus
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the defendant was totally aware yet gave law enforcement a false story, end quote. a statewide amber alert issued. billboards like these lining the highway sunday. >> he was so happy boy. he was so cute. >> reporter: hard to understand. she was logan's former foster mom for amonth last april and never thought anything like this would happen. >> my nephew was the one told me what was going on and i said no that can't be true. >> reporter: 7 news crews there as rodriguez was escorted from her home on southwest 34th court sunday evening. officers finding the biological mother's silver mazda just a few blocks away. and there is a court hearing about this case later this afternoon. now the boy's biological mother is expected to be brought back here to south florida where she faces charges. reporting live from miami, alex
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an nfl player tased and cuffed in south florida. they arrested nfl running back tre maison. he faces charges of resisting an officer and possession of marijuana. they spotted mason after he was spotted driving recklessly in hollywood saturday. he was tased twice after cooperate. he later posted bond and was released from police custody the same night. also on 7, the country remembering former first lady nancy reagan. she passed away at her home at the age of 94. this noon, the flags of the white house have been lowered to half staff in honor of her passing. she is being mourned throughout the political world by both republicans and democrats. here's how people are paying their respects at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. >> it was a blind date and i
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took him an a little bit longer. >> reporter: nan reagan is being remembered in her role of a love story that brought glamour to the white house. she died of heart faire at her home in los angeles. she was 94 years old. >> she's one of the best first ladies w wve ever had. 94 years old. that's a long-time to live. bless her heart. i'm glad they're together again. >> sad to see her go. everybody has their time. she's lived a good long life and out to p respects for the passing. >> reporter: the white house released a statement. the former first lady redefined her role here. in her long good-bye of president reagan, she became the voice of millions of families going through the depleting acng reminder of alzheimer's.
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clinton, bernie sanders all tweeting condolences. nancy reagan will b buried next to her husband at his presidential library in california. in simi valley, i'm paul reporting. a few months after declaring he's cancer free, former president jimmy carter announced he's cance free. he announced it during church in georgia. he had an aggressive form of melanoma that spread to his liver and brain. he was declared cancer free in december. turning now to the race for the white house, the candidates in both parties hardt work stumping for support ahead of the florida primary. >> diana: ann keil is live with a look at their strategies. >> reporter: the race for the whiteeouse is heating up and some primaries coming up in the sunshine state is on that list
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decisive, especially in the florida rashgs especiaily determining who's in and who's out. gop front runner donald trump at his resort in doral golf championship making sure he's seen and heard with the primary right around the corner. >> they say if i w florida it will be pretty much over. we will see what happens. i have a nice lead now. >> reporter: he leads ted cruz and marco rubio and said sunday that rubio suld drop out. >> i would rather go one-on-one with ted cruzuz that would be an easy victory for me. >> reporter: cruz won caucuses in kentucky and maine saying he could trump trump. >> what we are saying there are many good people running in this race coming and joining us because we're the one campaign that has beaten repeatedly and
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>> reporter:r: campaigning in idaho, rubio said florids primary isn't just a must-win. he will win. >> i have experience of beating people who portray themselve to be one thing and are something else and you will find that out march 15th in florida. >> reporter: and he got a much-needed boost with a decisive win in puerto rico sunday. but puerto ricans can't actually vote for president in the november election since the island is a u.s. territory. another republican needing a home state win to keep his candidacy afloat, governor john kasich. he got reenforcement from actor and former california goverr arnold schwarzenegger. >> as chairman of the house budget committee, he pushed through the first balanced budget, the first balanced budget since a man walked on the moon. >> reporter: the democratic presidential contenders bernie sanders also staying vocal while poles suggest clinton holds a
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experts say she should not p expect a slam dunk. if we heard anything in flint, michigan as they debated, they're both fighting hard for each and every delegate. >> one of the major issues clinton says i guess so, my one issue is trying to rebuild a disappearing middle class. that's myne issue. >> we're going to top this kind of job exporting and start importing and growing jobs ain in our country. >> reporter: and with the florida primary fast approaching, now is the time to download the 7 news voice your choice app. it's always up to date with the latest from the campaign trail n. the plex, ann keil, 7 news. >> diana: and with the primary fast approaching, now is the time to download the 7 news voice your choice app always updated with the latest from the
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the end of an era for quarterback peyton manning. a month after winning the super bowl, he is retiring. he is going out with a slew of records. some of those include all-time leading passer and t`e most wins as start quarter back. also my hero. >> diana: so well-deserved. >> ashley: hopefully not gone for good. sports casting thing. >> diana: i'm sure he will on sundays. coming up next, a diver shares his story of survival after nearly getting sucked into a pipe. and plane makes an emergency landing on the golf course. hear why a teenager may be in trouble over this oneful and south florida, throughout the next three day wes will be experiencing strong winds from 10 to 20 miles an hour along the coast creating choppy seas. we have boating advisories in effect and high risk of rip currents for swimmers t.
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more visits. more savings.
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a diver is now telling his terrifying tale. robbin simmons with the details. >> reporr: christopher and
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they go out on thehe boat any chance they get. on july 129th, they were boat off the island near port st. lucie when they came across a yellow buoy. underneath was a massive structureful he dove into the water for a closer look. >> i swam right up to a big structure and looked like a build, i felt a little bit of a current and said this ain't right. noodle. >> reporter: he got sucked into a pipe from a nuclear power plant. >> like i got sucked into a water fall, ecomplete darkness getting tumbled around and around trying to hold onto my mask and regulator. as far as you can see black. >> it's used to suck 500,000 gallons of water a minute to cool the plant's reactors. >> about a four and a half to five minute ride. you get to do a lot of thinking.
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and all you can see are these horror movie, a big turbine and i'm cool coming for it. i pulled the regulator out of my mouth and just di >> up above the water, his wife was fearing the worse. >> get ahold of power plant and turbines came to my mind and i lost it. >> reporter: meanwhile, he seemed to find a way out. >> all of a sudden in the distance, the tiniest match and all of a sudden daylight, fish everywhere, crystal clearwater. is this heaven? >> reporter: he pulled himself out and used an employee's phone to call his wife. >> she said hello. and i said i'm alive. chris filed a lawsuit.
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said the buoy has always r rd stay back 100 feet. reporting from the news desk, robbin simmons, 7 news. a terrifying moment for one teenage pilot who was forced to make an emergency landing off course in florida over the weekend. the 18-year-old and his dad we headed to sarasota when this small plane began having mechanical problems. now police say the pilot was initially told to land at an airport in st. petersburg, but he quickly realized they wouldn't make it. luckily, he saw the st. pete untry club and decided to land. >> we didn'tnow if we would be able to play through and they said it was all right and luckily i didn't hit the plane. i was a little worried about that. >> ashley: the pilot was able to land the plane safely without harming anyone in the process and the national transportation safety board is currently
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failure. good afternoon, south florida. occasionally we have been seeing more clouds move on through. these passing clouds will move on through quickly because of the breeze and we have a decent amount off sunshine underway. the local storm-tracking radar continues to show dry weather for your lunch hour and measure rain will be hard to come by for the next five days. right now 75 degrees in miami, 75 key west, 74 in fort lauderdale with that breeze picking up steady now to 24 miles an hour in fort laerdale, rather windy, 18 in bimini roughing up the seas for swimmers and boaters. we have rain moving into the west coast of california turning into snow in the higher elevations. the nation's mid-section an southern plains dealing with cldiness and developing rain. this is where we're looking at the potential of seeing severe weather tonight. 64 degrees in dallas and right
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our weather is going to be in firm control because of high pressure. we're going to connue on this weather pattern throughout the next several days. call it warm and windy with that persistent breeze off the ocean. a lot of people are visiting in town since spring break is around the corner and wind and sea wills be@ the problem. be extra caution out there. we have high advisories in place, high risk for swimmers, small-craft advisory for boaters, biscayne bay choppy with seas five to nine feet. outside the ree six to nine feet and coastal waters are rough with an advisory as well. 7:10 tonight, 7:50 in key largo with forecast highs in the mid to upper 70s. tonight's lows will be in the 60s once again an we could tap into moisture from the bahamas and introducing a small chance of coastalal showers. we are calling for warm and windy wk across the area.
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introduce a chance@ of rain. that's your 7 on 7. a hollywood actress suffering a health care. she's hospitalized for an ovarian cyst. the star of the hbo series girls has been open with fans. just last month, she was forced to pull out of press tr because of the flairup of the disorder. hulk logan ready to rumbl as he gawker trial begins. it's $100 million lawsuit against the site. he's claiming they violated his pryivacy for publishing part of a sex tape. it comes after both sides failing to reach an agreement despite rounds of mediation. erin arews is getting closer to settlement in her case. it will be handed over to the jury tomorrow after both sides made their closing arguments
12:25 pm
she's suing marriott international of $75 million accusing the hotel to book the stalker right next to hers in nashville. he went onto filmm her in the nude. vacationing in the cues paid off for a pennsylvania judge and brother and we're not talking about relaxation. and later on, the miami heat
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blunder during his latest stunt. winner winner. two brothers cashing in on powerball. one claiming a giant jackpot after buying the ticket at a south florida gas station. now his brother has $291 million reasons to be really nice to him. a family is celebrating the luck of two brothers who both won in the latest jackpot but how much each one will shock you. the pair of pennsylvania brothers each buying a winning ticket but with varying different results. one holds a check for just $7 the other for much, much more. >> your head line one lottery ticket sold in florida keys for $291 million.
12:29 pm
i was just in the keys. >> ashley: he hit the jackpot for nearly $300 million on a ticket he purchased in marathon on his way home from vacation.. he's splitting it with two buddies who were with him when he bought it. >> well $47 million is a workable wage for one day. >> ashley: his brother got three numbers right. don't feel bad for bob. his millionaire brother said he's looking forward to using his jackpot first and foremost. >> if we can't help family, who can you help. >> ashley: that family now 47 million dollars richer. he's receiving itn his birthday, no major plans yet and is just going to putut nit the bank for now. coming up next on 7 news at noon, we have snapshots of will
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george and charlotte along for the fun. and how zootopia did more than dominate the box office in its opening weekend. (stock market bell) >> diana: and we're watching wall street this noon. the dow is upp about 62 points. the nasdaq is up 4 and s&p 500 is up 2.
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back. welcome back.
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video of garbaba truck going over the edge. the driver was hospitalized after surviving the 100-foot fall. he's been leased. several pedestrian res covering after being struck in oaklanddark in both directions of dixie highway now/closed after driver slammed into four people and took off. three adults and a child were rushed to the hospital. police have tracked down that driver. he too suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital where he will later be taken into custody. today the country is mourning the loss of first lady nancy reagan. she passed away ater area home sunday at the age of 94. she's being remembered for her passion for her husband, president ronald reagan, and her just say no campaign. in the plex, lena estrada, 7 news. police in ireland sounding the alarm on a pair of spected
12:34 pm
emergency vehicle for a joyride. they broke in a fire station, got in the trucknd took off. >> diana: with lights on and sirens blaring their drove down the street and crashed into anything in its path. >> reporter: this was the@scene in northern ireland. what happened in the early hours saturday was something out of the action film. the stolen fire engine careened down the street with blue lights and sirens flashing, plowing into gardens, cars and a home. seeing the destruction and thinking there was an explosion at first, one neighbor couldn'tt understand how a fire crew arrive sod quickly. >> and then we start to look around at the various debriri and one of those funny things at that time of the morning. you couldn't abbing hully sort of get your mine focused on what actually happened. >> the drivers leaving behind an expensive cleanup but it could have been worse.
12:35 pm
situation ift wasn't at 4 o'clock. there could have bee absolute carnage here and thankfully very few, if any injuries. >> rorter: they're investigating the fire station. it has been substantially damage because of the break in. a 66-year-old man an another in he has late teens have been arrested. before being questioned, one of them was treated in the hospital. it's unclear h or why the fire engine was stolen but emergency services says this was reckless and stupid. it's in the just the case of cleaning up but now a case. replacing expensive equipment used to save lives. the fire station commander s ss while the station was damaged, fire rescue services in the area were not affected. reporting from the satellite center, omar lewis, 7 news. coming in off the satellites, hundreds of people
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because of flight mh 370. friends and family of the 239 people on the flight marking nearly two years now sense it went missing. they gathered to renew call for search. tomoow is last day to file claims against the airline. a daring rescue caught on camera. the u.s. coast guard rescuing two british adventurers after the men were stranded in alaska. they tried to ski and kayak across a frozen lake. it didn't stop them from pursuing their future endeavors. they're planning a full crossing of the bearing straight from russia to the gnus march of 2017. and prince hitting the slopes.
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in the french alps with their
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they got these shots. s the nation mourns the passing of first lady nancy reagan, president obama is speaking out. >> reporter: this is the first time we hear from president obama about the passing of first lady. let's listen.
12:40 pm
opportunity to meet mrs. reagan once. obviously she w w already advanced in age but could not have been more gracious and charging to myself and michelle when we first came into office. i think it's been well documented the extraordinary love that she had for her husband and the extraordinary comfort and strength that she provided him dururg really hard times. as somebody who's been lucky enough to have an extraordinary partner in my life as well, i know how much she meant, not just president reagan, but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to be her and i'm sure he would be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> reporter: mr. obama calling her gracious and charming. that's how he will remember ler
12:41 pm
country will remember her as well. in the satellite center, lorena
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and we will be right back. shrimp is always a treat especially when served up with
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>> reporter: hey have you heard of mario batali? he's got a shrimp dish that might be easy for us mere mortals to make. so why don't wee try it. for sh you're going to need: so first we're going to start with red curry paste, a little bit of fish sauce and then sriracha. if you're a nonspicy person, leave it out. and sweet chili sauce. these sound exotic but they're alll in the section where they supermarket. easy to find.
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now we're going to take our rimp. this is peeled and deveined shrimpith the tail off. we're going to put it in our sauce. and, of course, we're going to toss it up and make sure it's nice and coated. we're going to let that heat u` a little bit before we put our shrimp in. i think it's nice and hot but if u want to test, that's happening. it's nice and hot. we're going to saute for about two minutes. give it a little stir. now we're going to throw in some scallion, stir this around again. we're just going to cover this for about two minutes. all right. let's uncover that. now we're going to throw in our soy sauce. we're also going to throw in our
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and we've got this saucy shrimp. we're >> jeff: going to finish it off with a little cilantro and like a boss, it's done. mmm! just like the iron chef. if i can do it you can do it. i'm belkys nerey, bon appetito. >> ashley: i don't know b about... >> and for more information on this and other recipe, click on and check out bite and also click on belkys's web site. your heat beat philadelphia on friday. sunday they hoped to make it back-to-back. dragic with the three. he finished with 23. down to the fourth quarter, 76ers make a run. he launches the three.
12:47 pm
later in the quarter, miami comes back. hasan whiteside blocks the shot. takes it up court. dishes to dwyane wade for the dunk. whiteside is pumped. wade had 23 and heat's up four. a minute to go, miami up 6 and dragic will drive this time. whiteside monster sl. whiteside had 14 point, 3 rebounds and 7 blocks. the heat win it 103-98. >> we play against philly in three days and really tough n. the end, we didn't play so well in first three kwaur terms and conditions but that fourth quarter we did well. >> i like to see us when we responded down six. i didn't like getting down six but liked to see that response finishing out the game. >> mike: final round the gfer coming in won in palm beach. couldn't ask for a more perfect
12:48 pm
saying bubba, by the way. 60-foot eagle on eight, finished at 11 under but second again. here's adam scott coming off that win. canes to the hole at 12 under par. going right over the water. let's watch it together. the ball will stick right in the grass and it stays dry. he will which i have off to have this. adam scott your winner. his second win in the event. you push yourself so hard to be the class of player that's out here. i can't believe i won back-to-back and i'm just going to keep pushing the next few weeks. your florida panthers about to start up a big three-game home stand. th're one point ahead of the boston bruins in town tonight.
12:49 pm
cats had a horrible game. they had all kinds of opportunities to score. cat cats drop fogr or five on the road trip. they better figure it out. >> it's not easy to score in this league. find ways to score and get in front of the net and jam away. >> it cost this road trip. we he to forget about it and look forward to next three games. >> reporter: race in las vegas, ufc championship saturday night. batten down the hahahes. crazy wind gusts and i mean crazy. he passes kyle bush for the lead. he holds off joey lagano, first win of the season and first win since last march.
12:50 pm
canes basketball team beats manhattan, congratulations to canes basketball coa from being the acc coach of the year tachlt will do it for sports. i'm mike dipasquale. have a great day, everyone. beie's birthday. oh my. what not we would call a picture perfect landing. >> ashley: ouch, a flip turning into a flop for mascoco bernie. he attempted too a front flip over six mascots and came up about two mascots short there on the jump. best part he hopped up with great confidence like he nailed it. give him a break. >> diana: they're nonhuman. >> ashley: i don't want to be on
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we're coming right back. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure? explore the ocean with a tour guide that's a tononf fun. race like a cheetah at 60 miles per hourn or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for lels. enjoy any two parks for just $99,
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a colorful collection of animals roaring to the top of the box office. zootopia racking up more than $70 million and passed frozen for the best opening weekend ever for a film by walt disney animation studios. london has fallen, the action-packed sequel to olympus has followed coming in second place and rounding out the top three is the antihero piling up another $15 million during his fourth weekend in theaters. and also in the buzz, a museum dedicated to mary kate and ashley olsen. it will feature a chicago artist painting of the siblings trying to hide from the camera. they will be shielding
12:55 pm
clothing and venti starbucks cups. beyce doing the cool thing performing an iconic song. she sang her version of witny houston's i will always love youful she performed the song for center of early education gala in los angeles over the weekend. calling all believers. u have a chance to meet justin himself t. purpose tour giving them a chance to nce. to enter, contestants have to film themselves performing the dance routine in his music video children. lady gaga taking a polar plunge in chicago. it was second superstar's time taking part in this annual event
12:56 pm
fiance. the today's show al roker and another stars confirming it was about 40 degrees during the event. they a stronger than me. much tougher. we should do that. >> diana: we should never do. is go home. that wraps it up for 7 news at noon. i'm diana diaz. >> ashley: and i'm ashley jones. have a great day, everyone. real-time closed captioning
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company. >> today on "fablife"... >et a fresh spin on somold faves. >> the classic dessert-- s'mores. oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh! >> plus, stars of "geral hospital," michelle stafford and kirsten storms. >> and our very first male swimsuit fashion show! >> lauren, do you want to switch spots? hall of famer deion sanders joins us too. >> i'm already sitting over here insecure. now, don't size me up. >> (chuckles) (cheers and applause) you guys, welcome to "fablife!" listen, we could not wait for spring, so we've decided to make
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>> yay! >>o, get this. we're giving you the fresh spin on some old faves, and the stars of "general hospital" are gonna teach us how to soap it. plus, we're gonna get you really excited for spring break with-- get this, you guys-- our very first male swimsuit fashion show! (cheers and applause) >> i feel like someone answered your prayers. >> it's not us. it's not u >> oh, it's not you or joe? >> no, it's not. >> damn it. well, thth, let me introduce you. >> she's okay with that. >> yeah, i'm okay with that. that's all right. and we're also showing you the best ways to upgrade your man to get a much-needed pedicure. ladies, you know what i'm talking about. this is gonna be a great show. i'm so excited. and since we're giving you a fresh spin on things, we had to bring back one of our favorites to impart a new, fresh perspective. you guys, please help me welcome hall of famer and host with the nfl network and cbs sports, mr. deion sanders. (cheers and applause) are you sure you're not gonna walk in that fashion show? >> i may. i may. i got to do some crunches. >> oh, oh, i'm not worried about you. >> i'm sure it's just fine. >> yeah, it's been four days since he worked out, guys.


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