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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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forecast in a couple of minutes. now at 5, the gop hopefuls in florida for show down. >> ashley: and that means that things are about to heat up. alex de armas is live where things will take place. >> reporter: this debate is very important for the republican candidat. it's the last debateefore the florida primary. they're focused on you and h h to get your vote. >> it always comes down to florida. >> reporter: for marco rubio, it will come down to floloda t. senator acknowledging at a rally hialeah that he has toin his home state. he admits he's close to ending the campaign. >> and now people spreading rumor wes ear ending the
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i will be on the ballot tuesday and campaign as long as hard as it takes. >> reporter: trump with 40 percent of republican support. rubio has 24, ted cruz has 19 d john kasich has 5 percent. >> god bless miami. >> reporter: ted cruz spending the day before the next debate campaigning in miami. campaign insiders say he's looking to tack down rubio and john kasich an make it a two-man race between him an donald trump. >> i think him and john kasich are going to have to look at the race and assess their prospects. >> reporter: and se not so subtle messaging from the trum trm campaign fresh off his win of three primaries tuesday. he said there's no room for doubt, no need for an an a convention. he said he will keep winning hearts and minds and votes until he reaches the magic number of
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>> i see probably getting the delegates. like the fighter, you knock them out. nothing can happen. >> you going for knock out? >> i would rather go for knock out. >> reporter: and good news for john kasich, a new poll shows him taking the lead in his home state. fox survey showing kasich ahead with 34 percent of the vote, donald trump in second at 29 percent. kasich highlighted his commitment to blue collar voters because that's how h h grew up. >> as this campaign goes on, i just feel more an more responsibility. you know, i'm just a human being. just one guy trying to do the best i can. i can't levitate. i can't turn water into wine. i'm just a guy that comes from hard working, blue collar
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every day is make things a little bit better for you. >> reporter: kasich hoping to land all of ohio's 66 delegates tuesdayful he's yet to win a primary or caucus. and so we have until sunday for early voting. our primary is on tuesday. the debate here at the university of miami is tonight at 8:30. and, of course, we will bring you all of the details. reporting live in the university of miami, i'm alex de armas, today in florida. from the republicans to the democrats, omar lewis is live in southwest miami-dade where clinton and bernie sanders have their debate. >> with the florida primary election less than a week away, the questions here were very blunt. the latest polls predict that hillary clinton will win by 30 ints over bernie sanders. the question did bernie sanders perform well enough at this
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders call for comprehensive immigration reform and path to citizenship in t tir opening statements at wednesday night's uni vision debate. other topics is the historic change in cuba. >> i believe that we should move for a full and normalized political relations with cuba. >> i certainly told the president towards the end of my time that i hoped he would be le to move toward diplomatic relations. >> reportete the candidates face tough questions from moderators. clinton was asked about her loss in michigan. >> i won one of the contests and lost a close one. this is a maratatn and a marathon that can only be carried out by theind of inchild abusive campaign i'm running. >> reporter: sanders was questioned about clinton's demanding lead. >> whenn we began, i'm three percent in the polls.
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movants. >> reporter: lynn on the discuds r cussed her e-mails. >> it wasn't the best deal. it's case of overclassification. >> reporter: and series of in-depth questions about immigration-related legislation. and deportation of children. per happens the biggest surprise of the night was when moderators showed sanders answering a question from more than 30 years ago. >> this ia what you said about fidel castro. >> in 1961 they invaded cuba and everyone was convince that had castro was the worse guy in the world. they forgot he educated the kid, gave them health care an tote tly transformed the society. >> reporte now sanders did clarify his 1985 comments by saying what he really meant was he wanted to see cuba become a
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trying to say is that the u.s. never should have invaded cuba. hillary clinton held an afterparty with eva long gor ya in attendance. and stay with 7 news for continuingoverage of the race for the white house. we have a list of early voting locations on our web site and download the voice you choice app with the latest from the campaign trail. 5:07 now your time. on jt one station, a bold burglar hitting a south florida home twice n. 24 hours she caught the burglar inside her home tuesday night and then saw him again yesterday morning. the man got away with thousands ofollars in jewelry. she believes it is a neighborhood. they identified the suspect as michael hrnandez. >> broke my heart. let him play with the dog all the time.
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track down the 26-year-old, he does have a criminal history f. you have any information where he is, call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. 29-year-old lady beth hernandez charged with interterrence custody. the child's caretaker new his mom had boarded a bus to texas with the toddler but gave police an a fake story. 21 21-month-old logan hernandez was found safe in texas over the weekend. and sombe salute for the nancy reagan. her casket is now at the library. viewing continues today allowing the public to pay their respects. reagan died sunday of herd failure at her los angeles area home athe age of 94. yesterday marking nine years
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south florida vanished in iran. bob levenson disappeared- senator nelson renewing his bush to bring him home. >> president of the united states, secretary of state, head of the fbi t head of all of our alphabet agencies, it's time to get the information about bobob and bring him home. >> ashley: a 2013 associated prs said bob was working to glean information about nuclear program. iranian government insts he is not being held hostage. and ground break procedures. doctors say the first ute rouse transplant has failed. she developed a serious
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to be removed. it was performed late last month. they have successfully performed nine resulting in five births. new concerns surrounding the zika virus in florida, this coming following news of the first confirmed sexually-transmitted case in polk country. previous the cases were only from those contracted outside the state. governor scott released a statement it's important to stay ahead of what's a ailable so we can watch it. we will continue to do all we can to keep families across our state safe. reminder of what to look out, rash, fever, joint pain, red eyes, which can last 7 to 10 days an the illness especially dangerous to pregnant women and
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there is a 24 hr hoes line to answer any questions. we've posted that number on our web site. time now to check on stories making news today. >> ashley: christine cruz is in the plex with that. >> christine: tournament time. cane wills take on virginia tech. anytime mime is number three in the acc seed. two more hopefuls heading home. the american idol final season shrinking down to six. catch all of the action right here on 7. and high-flying fun coming to american airlines. cirque du soleil setting up for a run. the first show tonight at 7:30 n. the plex, i'm christine cruz. and next from the newsplex, ben and jerry revealing a trio of treats.
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and zookeeper taking on a new role to help an orphaned kangarooful and we're off to a partly cloudy skies and great start.
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up next. ben and jerry's coming out the with new flay vors of ice cream. browny batter, cookies and cream cheesecake and coconut caramel. they broke the news online and
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social media. browny batter is split between chocolate and vanilla with chunks of browny. cheesecake, ice cream and coconut flavored treat with line of caramel split down the middle. the new flavor wills hit grocery stores laterhis week. and we are waking up to mostly dry weather on the local storm-tracking radar. luckily rain will be hard to come by in the next 48 hours an we are looking for our next chance of rain possibly seeing some showers on sunday. 73 degrees in fort lauderdale including miami, 73 in key west, nassau and bimini with
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70s, hialeah 74, the breeze is still windy, expected to turn breezy by this afternoon and this is creating concern for swimmers and boaters any where between 13 to 21 mile per hour winds in fort lauderdale. take a look at this system around the nation's mid-section. we still have an a steady stream of moisture moving in through texas, louisiana, now parts are of the ohio river valley seeing clouness, rain showers extending into indiana and ohio. as far as temperature readings are concerned, cooler on the back end, 34 in minneapolis, salt lake city and much warmer around the s uth eastern u.s. here at home, high pressure anchched around the south eastern atlantic ocean keeping that away from us will be seasonably warm and breezy through our friday and then going into saturday and sunday, more humidity and few showers
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if your plans tak you beach or boating, please use caution. we have high ris of rip currents for swimmers, small-craft advisory, seas building four to six feet. coastal waters of the keys remain rough with seas building 8 to 11 feet outside the reef. next high tide 9:28 for dade and broward, 10:42 in the lower key, forecast highs range in the 80s and overnight lowin the lower 70s under partly cloudy skies. your extended outlook is calling for the next best chance of owers happening on sunday. we also spring forward, so we will need to set this clocks ahead by one hour. that's your 7 on 7. and ahead on today in florida. crooks working together to create a distraction and rip off a shoppert a local grocery storeful and dash cam video capturing
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distressing situation. police officers will tell you that domestic violence cases are tough. >> ashley: now they have started a program they hope will stop the cycle of abuse. lynn martinez has this special an assignment report. >> he swept me off my feet. >> reporter: laura thoht she had met her prince charming. >> tall, handsome, came into my life when i was at the end of my rope. >> reporter: she had lost her job and couldn't pay her rent. he came to her rescue and
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>> seemed like the perfect situation at the time. >> reporter: within a few week, the romance turned rocky. >> he was in charge of the finances. my every movement was dependent upon him. >> reporter: he took control, isolating her from friends. >> unbeknown to me, put an app on my phone that retrieved my deleted text messages. >> reporter: when they we about him, he became enraged. >> at this point, i'm more scared than i've ever been in my life. >> reporter: he beat and choked her. >> he even crossed over to sexual abuseful at that point, i kind of felt like it was my fault. >> reporter: she called police and he wasarrested. by the time he was released. she took him back an dropped the charges. police officers say most victims of domestic violence never prosecute. >> the moment of that anger dissipates and just kind of
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this anymore, put him or her through this. >> reporter: hollywood police hope to stop the cycle of violence that focuses on the abuser. >> you know who the perpetrator is before it happens. it's something we should be able to g ahead of. >> reporter: officers create a data base of those involved in domemeic disputes from minor spatso serious altercations an and then hit the streets to hand dli deliver the warning. >> they're coming to your house in the terms of a letter. >> i am writing to let you know hollywood police department is taking new approach of domestic violencece >> reporter: they hope by letting offenders know the lice are watching them it will make them think twice before becoming violent. >> now i'm in your head or we're in your head and you're thinking
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knows what i did and could change the behavior next time around. >> reporter: laura said his violent behavior didn't end until he ended up in prison. next time tell somebody. >> you're so ashamed it's hard to tell anybody. >> reporter: and telling her story hopefully can help someone else. thee number of domestic violence calls in hollywood is down dramatically. to get more information, log
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lynn martinez, 7 news. that's today in florida. i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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much more news. a teen arrested after he used an app to commit crime. and mother said she made a dangerous decision. and jetblue looking to grow with an e eansion in florida. good morning. i'm christine cruz.
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let's get a check on the forecast. >> christine: meteorologist vivian gonzalez is here with the forecast. >> vivian: good morning, ladies, south florida. for now we're going to leavehe beach and boat advisories in effect. going into the weekend, temperaturewise we are going to warm up a little bit more and the humidity will be higher. temperature readings in the 70s across the board, 73 degrees in miami, fort lauderdale, 72 in west kendall with the day planner calling for a slim chance of rain in the forecast. afternoonighs in the 80s, mostly d d and few clouds around the keys. i'll be back with the complete forecast coming up. good morning. it is thursday. and as you're heading out the door, nothing worry about. incidentwise we don't have any crashes.


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