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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  March 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> la claire races his left arm d comes at him with his right arm. that the point victor,r, an officer trained in officer safe kind of shoved him way. >> it was kind of a defensive action. because again i was shocked that he knocked me to the ground. >> reporter: bus ternal vitd yo in court shows the other angles which the defense shoaps hoaps will proft officer's action where's justified. >> so a ramirez faces two charges of brairt and false filing a police report. the jury will begin deliberations tomorrow. reporting live in fort lauderdale. vanessa medina. 7 n%ws snie all right vanessa. a south florida bailiff busted. the 45-year-old who works at the broward unty courthouse charged with attempted murder and sex ought battery. he has been suspended without pay. police saye picked up a pros ta tiewlt at a gas station in
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forced her to perform a sex act and stabbed her in the back the. the woman did manage tl get out of the car. she was hospitalized for a week. >> lynn: a man accused of animal cruelty strike age deal. gragoria santa an na was arrested for running an illegal slaughterhouse in northwest miami-dade last year. more than 9000 animals were found on the property. many of which had to be euthanized. >> danielle: a big night in the race for the chiet white house. the fight for florida take center stage as voters head to the polls here and in four other states. >> lynn: senator marar rubio and ohio govenor john kasich hoping for home state victories and then both men say they may need to stay in the race. >> danielle: and trump and cruz both confident they will be the last men standing when all is done tonight.
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and clinton in a dawvment one hoping to take a come mangd lead and the other looks for more upset windz wins. allize on the sunshine state in the first w wner takes all primary. >> danielle: that's right. we have 99 dell gaipts for grabs today and a loss tonight could be the end of their bid to chief. >> and the director of fiu, part pol ticks and international relations once again joins us. brian, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> danielle: so here's the first question. how important is tonight to senator marco rubio. >> i think tonight is fairlrl insignificant in my opinion in the grand sheet. race for marco riewb riewfnlt i think marco rubio is pretty much it out of at this point. a lot of it comes down to pride for mark o. rin winning the home state is important to his pride. but even a win tonight doesn't ceem him in the race for the
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required to become the nominee. >> >> lynn: and with that what kind of reaction are you flook for from rubio? what are you looking for him to say tonight? >> lynn: what is next foror him. >> i think he will stay in the race. it's interest for himo stay in the racing and if kasich doesn't win ohio, the plan is to keep donald trump from getting noment nation. getting the 1237 delegates need to win the combinationment and i think they are pressing for a contested contention that the int. >> danielle: let's move to the democratic side here and talk a little bit about hillary clinton. did you expect that she expected that she would have as much trouble but that bernie sanders would be doing as well as he has and whato the other states moving forward for hillary and bernie? >> i think a lot of us are sthookd we are any hasome as close as he has keeping with secretary clinton. secretary clinton will likely
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tonight. think what we're looking for is ohio to see how she ens nup ho o- high o this evening. bernie sanders has been flieghtz povmentz if bernie wins ohio, i think i i shakes up the raise. don't think it changes the out gom. i think the out come will be clinton wake with the nom naifntle the super delegates are important in the democratic primary but i think again secretary clinton is probably going remain the front runner. >> lynn: but how many states does mrs. clinton have to win to feel that bernie i iin theast? bernie is in her sail? the wind in her sail? >> he continues to linger. don't know if there's a number of states she has to win. think she is wing states she needs to win and she will continue to win the states she needs to wi in order to retaint nomination. again, one of the things we have deep in mind for the democratic process is the porches the soup de gates. she firmly con troltz majority
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weigh incredibly heavy on enshiewrg she gets the democratic nomination process. and at this point you know, sanders is still significantly, even with out the super delegates, significantly behind secretary clinton in the race. now, again, ohio could be trsmght i think it shakes it up a little bit. by still think that she will continue to lead with relative comfort. >> danielle: brian fonseca, as always, thanks somehow for joining us. >> lynn: and stay with 7 news for complete election coverage on air and on line at and throughout our sprois your choice app thaivmentz great app if you haven't down loaded it yet. we'll wring all the results as soon as they come in. >> danielle: also on 7, a florida woman saying a deputy saved her life while make the ultimate sacrifice. she says she would have been killll nay wrong way wreck if it wasn't for what she calls a hero. >> lynn: 7's craig stevens in
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story today. craig. >> craig: deanl and lynn. sworn stworn protect and serve a deputy did just that shielding strangers from a head on collision i was flashing my lights crazily at him like a stroke like like click, click, click, i couldn't thief any other way to say stop drive agent me. please don't hit me. >> craig: sara gair enwas returning home from work when she saw a wrong way driver speeding towards her. >> i started to pull over to the side of the road but that hadn't even occurred all the way when the officer rushed around me and one or 202 seconds after he passed me he ended up hitting the car instead of me. >> craig: make the ultimate sacrice she is sure that the deputy drove his cruiser into the path of danger saving her life. >> this man put himself in front of us as a human sheecialtiond absolutely. he definitely saw what was going on when i take a s sp back and look at wait everything
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human shield for us. >> craig: gair ren says she will never forget the deputies heroic act and the colleagues remember him as a friend with an infeious smile. >> he was a rel well round person thaw wanted to be around. and they feel his legacy will live on as a founding member of the safety net team who helped people with special needs who wandered way from home. >> john made us better. he makes this program better and he made this sheriff's office better. he will be missed. the wrong way driver was also killed in that crash. investigators waiting on results of the toxicology toast seeee if alcohol knight might have been involved. in the satellite center. craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: take you cross country tonight. new home owners getting an unwelcome party in california. this is what they came hohe to. wait 'til you see inside. hundreds of teens throwing a house party at a recently purchased home near s sramento. teens punch owght walls and
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it's unclear how me the managed to get inside. >> none of the people who were at the party had a permission to be at the residence. it was basically a brand new howell house that had just been sold. >> lynn: at least 14 teens yietd criminal trespassing. police say others maybe facing felony charges. >> danielle: an suv falling from a park garage in maryland. the vehicle landing upside down on a sidewalk near baltimore. the driver taken to the hospital ands expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> lynn: a police pursuit take bizarre turn in new mix cost covment a driver seen throwing hingz o%t of her window in santa fe. >> she ran two red lights before getting struck by an on coming truck. the 51-year-old jumped out of car. you just saw her a minute ago. she was naked. arrested and charged with driving under the in flew erns. >> danielle: well, coming up on seven news, a south florida school targeted by aburg lamplet
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a day later a generous gesture on just one station. >> lynn: one week before president obama's historic stroits cuba and more historic changes. but not every one is happy. >> danielle: place, dog losing his best friend nay house fire finding a new forever home. how social media helped match him to the perfect couple.
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>> lynn: a dog who say sole survivor when a home goes up in flamesesetting a new leash on light. the pet managed to escape the flames running into the woods. >> danielle: it would beays before the couple came to her rescue. belkeys nerey live in the newsplex with this story. belkeys e guys, when that dog last it's family, the mission for the community was to find her a new home and that came thanks tie facebook post. >> it's been a rough winter for
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mix survived house fire in missouri only to lose her owner and a k9 companion. she survived by running away and hid in the woods. >> we split up with the flashlights&until they found her. pepper stayed in a shed next to the burned house for days after the fatal fire. every day she would walk out of shed and look at the burned house as though she were looking for her owner. raymond and tina read reed found out about pepper on facebook and pride to adopt her. after she they wereelected. the former firefighter drove five hours up and back to bring her to her new home. >> she was infested with fleaz. they werembedded into her scifnlt they were nesting and so we had to do really extensive fleaeareatment not only on pepper but our house.
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and extreme hypothyroidism. the vet assured that the 129-pound cou be saved through care. it's the leg in the front. she's like oh yeah. pepper had nightmares and dried in the middle of the night when she a first arrived at her new home but now she is able to night. >> it's a blessing us to to have her here. she's just part of family now. ramon and tina have created a go fund me page to ceep help pay for her nedical care. love facebook and pepper. thanks belkeys. much more ahead tonight from the news station day. some south florida veterans will never forget. find out what has been taking to the skies once again. plus, what happens faux hackers get ahold of your cell phone numberer and run up an ee nor muse bill. it happened.
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fraser when we come back.
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>> >> >> danielle: a group of veterans gaighf chance to soar in the sky on board a world war ii airplane. now, they weren't just passengers. >> lynn: a aone point they were able to takeover the controls. what i thrill for them.
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hollywood with their story. >> reporter: 97-year-old corporal jj p smits claims from the cockpit to the applause of his family. >> it was beautiful. you know right in the open air, nothing like it. i'm going to start taking flying lessons. >> reporter: instructor would be a better fit for the hero who served in five tours and earned four bronzee stars. >> one fella told me if you ever get a chance, get in the nose of a b17 when it's landing and i did but this was better than that. >> reporter: corporal schmidt one of four veterans flying tuesday morning at north perry airport. plane looks brand new but i i was built in 1942. this is the same plane that these guys trained on before heading off to warm. a lot of these pilots haven't seen this plane since world war
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diane helps get the pilots airborne with the programmed called age less aviation. we love stlierg smievmentz we love giving them something to look forward too. hard to tell if corporal schmid was morning pleased to be in the error doing it in front of his great grandson. >> what did you think if him flying around up in the sky? esome. >> reporter: do you think you maybe would like to fly a plane wawn day. >> maybe he will be around to teach him. >> is this it or maybe more. >> maybe more. i'm not that old. not even close. in pembroke pines. brandon beyer. 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: and a hat hot day here across south florida. a huge dome of high pressure brieng naig lot of heat and humidity anywhere from texas to kentucky and tennessee.
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croots northern half of the u.s. teeratures right now 84 in atlanta. check out texas with 89 san antonio. 82 in dallas. cooler as we move to the upper midwest and northern rockies. mid 80s now across south florida. but check out the highs today. hollywood came in at 90 degrees. upper 80s through pompano beach. hialeah west kendall. miami and fort lauderdale. homestead at 84. and key west you're high was 82. average high anywhere between 78 degrees and 80 and tomorrow promises to be even warmer. no advisories tonight. the wind vair able. biscayne bay with a light chop. for you throughout the florida keys, five to ten knot winds. seas beyond the r rf one to 2 feet. now, you're next high tide will be at 2:41 in the morning. 4:49 for the lower keys. the water temperature 78 degrees. for tonight mostly clear.
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will be present once again for over night fog developing that could stick around through early tomorrowoworning. the lows will be in the mid 50s to the low 70s. by tomorrow plenty of sunshine, highs once again way above average. low 80s for the keys. upper 80s just about every where here across mainland and now i wouldn't be surprised if the western suburbs come in with 89, maybe even 90 dree reading once again. here's your extended out look. continued hot here on thursday. 85 on friday. a few showers over the weekend. by the way, sunday, that's your qirst day of spring. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> danieiee: all right phil. thairchg thank you. >> lynn: next up from the newsplexn the clock is toing primary day in florida. a live picture of the polling place with one person there. what time is it? an hour and a half. >> danielle: have you 'til 7:00. >> lynn: that's right.
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get out and vote and moik your voice heard. >> danielle: and w@'ll have complete coverage of the watch parties moving your way. don't move. we'll be right b bk.
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>> danielle: well,any of us own cell phones and we pay a monthly bill ievment but, when would you do if your bill for one month was $26,000? and you were told bit phone company you had to pay for it. it's tonights help me howard with patrick fraser. >> i think it's safe to say, most of us have a cell phone. leo nez or is ston has two. >> i use my personal cell phone and my work cell phone. >> and since she o oen works from home she went back to the
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land line in her house. in an emergency, if you lose your cell phone. altogether the cell phones for her and her family plus the land - line cost 237 dliers movement everything was fine. and then i received an e-mail from ver vice vies on to let me know there are suspicious illegal activities going on on my phone. she contacted them and t ty told her everything was straight ind out. don't worry. >> and the next day she got her phone bill. i thought maybe i needed glasses. i couldn't believe it was $26,000. a 26,000-dollar phone bill. leo nez%quickly called verizon and was told her land line number had been used to make calls all over the world. australia. aws tree a. cuba, argentina. all over the place. leo nez says she doesn't make the call and no one in her family made the calls. then the phone company told her they figured out what happened.
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compromised by another country because i returned a call that came into the line and she was relieved because she thought that meant the 26,000-dollll phone bill would be erased. but. they transferred me over to an investigator and said the calls were coming from the line. there was nothing they can do for me and that ieed to pay. well, howard if a hack ser able totaccess your phone number and run up a ridiculous bill without u knowing it. descrow to pay the phone bill. >> no, are you not responsible unless you you were negligent and by that i mean you give someone access to your phone or you give them your pin number so they can access it remotely to make calls. if you do, that have you to pay the bill. if you don't do that and you don't know it's happening. are you not responsible for the bill. >> we contacted verizon to find out how this happen. a spokesperson told us they uncovered new information about
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details of a customer's a fault. it was not her. if you they wrote verizon strides to give the best customer service every time. in this case we d d not deliver on this promise and we apologize. ver rise on the does thehe right thing and more. not only did they wipe out the $26,000. bill they gave letter three months of free phone service. something they did not have to do. >> this hack wears clearly a scam ner and so difficulto track down so law enforcement rarely gets involved. have you to protect yourself and hope that is enough. and hee leo nays is happy. channel 7 and. >> i don't know what we i would doithout "help me howard" eye oo. >> and why would a crook hack into you phone lierchlt to make free calls of course or settle action 120es someone else so they could make cheap long distance calls. as in any scarnlings it's all about the money.
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getting the answer with your problem. want to hang up on the heated aifnlgt call us, you won't get a busy signal. instead we'll try to dial up the solution for you. with this "help me howard" i'm patrick phrase i irks 7 news. wow. wow thiefnltz credible. well, that is 7 news at 5:30, sthiewrchg much for watching. >> lynn: danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez. 7 news at 60:00 begins now. >> now, on 7 news. >> it could be a crucial night for a south florida senator's bid for the white house. it maybe do or die for marco rubio. >> a business mogul could take the sunshine state. and others rivals con cft they will have key wins. and one democratic candidate hoping for a big night her challenger hiepg revolution changes things. and tee the fight for florida. >> historic change brz a president ace historic visit.
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oovmentd also, a heart felt two nation for some students. one day after a heartbreak heist. just one station with the story. this is 7 news at 6:00. now at 6:00, a florida senator says he'll take his home state. >> we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. >> but a billionaire and two other rivals have other plans. >> you now the beauty would be if we win florida and we bin ohio, we can go and attdck hillary the way to beat dol donald trump is beat him at the ballot box when ch is what we haveveeen doing. >> but continuing to run the race, the oppose tiff campaign is starting to shine through like a beacon. >> and to the democratic candidates hoping for a big night. >> join me in this mission, join me in making this come true. >> let's stawnd for a political revolution. leles be prepared. >> in just hours, the fight for
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>> and these live pictures from a polling station in the city of miami. there's just one hour left to cast your vote in the sunshine state showdown. hello and welcome every one. tonight that could very well have a major impact on the race for white house. five states are holding primaries night the biggest prize florida, and we have live coverage from the voter turnout to how the candates will spend this all important evening. we'll begin with the florida senator who maybe facing a major break nightht >> belkeys: 7's sheldon fox is with the mco rubio campaign in west miami-dade. >> sheldon. >> reporter: and he is expected to hit the podium within an hour. this is called a celebration but if ty he can't win his home stairkts they will be doing anything but celebrating. >> on this day, the home of the golden panthers is also being called rubio country.
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fiu. like we're getting presidential candidates here. i think it's pretty cool. >> reporter: and this is the settle up to what his campaign calls a celebratory night. >> and. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is talking to 7 and voters in his home state. >> he arrived at his home town monday and looked comfortable and confident in west miami. but if he is disanointed orida's primary like several polls suggest he might and losses tuesday night, will he drop out of race? >> no, we'll be campaigningext week on tuesday and tomorrow in utah and i would just caution everybody about these polls. i'm telling you, they are just not being conducted the way they once were. >> reporter: some would say and a hate to harp on this that if you can't win your home state, don't have a prayer, so you're not dropping out. >> but that's not true.


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