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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  March 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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on a dirt bike s sding on nfl to player to the hospital. the vick sympathy nfl corner back tre lker. alex de armas is live at jackson memorial hospital where he's being treated.d. >> reporter: nfl player mr. walker is in critical condition here at jackson memorial hospital this morning. police say he was on his dirt bike when he crashed right into an suv. this was the scene of a motorcycle accident thursday night that sent an nfl player to the hospital. 23-year-old baltimore ravens corner back tre walker was riding in northwest miami-dade. that's when he collided in an suv 2591st avenue and 71st street. >> the motorcycle as you know we were seeing before didn't have any lights on. it was a dirt bike.
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that our detectives are looking into. >> reporter: walker was rushed to ryder trama center at jackson memorial hospital. >> obviously we hope he will pull there. that's why doctors at jackson trama are good at what they do. >> reporter: walker, a northwestern senior high school alum went onto play at texas southern before he was drafted into the nfl. the baltimore ravens head coach released a statement that reads oh my god this is devastating news. our prayers and hop are with tre and his fally tonight. and his family members just waiting and hoping. >> just, just, just hoping that he survives. hoping that he survive, make a full recovy and um continue to do what he likes to do bt and, and, that's to play football. >> reporter: and police are still investigating.
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all, give them a call. reporting live outside jackson memorial hospital, alex de armas, today in florida. horror at home for a south florida woman robbed at gunpoint. barbara was enjoying a cup of coffee in her backyard. she heard the intruder come in thtough the gate and point the gun at her and her mother. she screamed so loud her neighbors heard it and called 911. the brazen act leaving them on edge. >> i've never been afraid here and now refuse to have a cup of coffee in the backyard. >> ashley: the thief took off with her cellphone an her mother's purse. if you have any information, call crime stoppers 954-493-temps. you may be eligigie for a camp reward. and gomez appeared in bond
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grand theft and misdemeanor charges. officials say he ransacked and ofofce and stole a safe filled with about $5,000. theoney was not recovered. breaking overnight, a car slamming into an apartment building in northwest miami-dade. >>iana: 7's christine cruz is live at the news desk with the details. >> christine: this is northwest miami-dade. the car slammed into an apartment building at northwest 17th avenue and # 1st street. witnesses tell us that the driver careened out of control after going over some train tracks. the car bouncing off the wall of the blding and taking out a pillar, which hems suppo the second floor exterior hallwa it did damage part of a second pillar. they evacuated part of three
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one of them was downstairs at the time and grazed by the car hurting his leg. >> i saw when the car hit. (inaudible) it hit the door behind me and hit my ankle. thank god for that. >> christine: the driver of the car was taken to the hospital in police custody. we don't know of charges filed. at the newss desk, christine cruz, 7 news. president obama jt days away from his historic visit t to cuba. >> diana: and every day cubans appear to be ready to greet him even more. ex diprato is in havana and
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will be visiting. >> reporter: roads not paved in decades are getting a new layer of asphalt. buildings with a fresh coat of paint ahead of president obama's visit. he will be the first sitting president to visit in nearly 90 years. >> i believe that change is possible especially for cubans. we are getting a new era. >> reporter: president obama arrives sunday. one of the first stops at the cathedral, a nod to the role the catholic church played in the normalizations. on momoay, the president will lay a wreath at the poet. he will meet with human rights groups on the island. there is a meeting set with raul
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not sit down with fidel. he is scheduled to deliviv a message from cubans to the national theater, whi is home to cuban ballet. on tuesday, he will comom here to the stadium to watch the tampa bay rays take on the cuban national team. raul castro will also be in attendance. there is excitement the president'sisit will usher in a sea of change to the island, which is just 90 miles f fm the united states. she says it's very positive for them and us after being so separated from e eh other. the white house hasn't announced which dissidents the president will meet with all though several have said they he a meeting at the embassy. alex diprato, today in floridaful >> ashley: and president obama's presenen being felt days before he sets foot in cuba.
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writing a letter to the manneder in chief and response has been delivered to her in first batch of direct mail to arrive to the land in 50 years. an invitation to join the president and mrs. obama for coffee. she wrote after hearing the president's plan to visit cuba. >> i said well what is this? it's obama's response. and today, i'm here waiting for obama to come to cuba. >> ashley: she said she's written many letters to the president sense he took office in 2009. days before his arrival, she got her reply. and philip will be first and part of relations. and stay with continuing
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we will have a live report from havana coming up at 6 o'clock. senator marco rubio getting back to work after dropping out t of the race for the white house and he received quite the warm welcome. there you have it. he was greeted by his staff. he also took questions about what he plans oroesn't plan to do next. >> i'm in the going t be anybody's vice president. i'm not interested in being vice president. i don't mean that in a disrespeful way. i'm not running for governor of florida. i'm going to finish my term hered a work hard. we have things we want to achieve and then i'll be a private citizen in january. speaking of donald trump, he was reportedly the victim of online hackers t. group
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pubbished the front runner's social security number, cellphone and other bits of personal data. it said to include information for trump's agent, attorney, birthplace, date and campaign has not commented. parts of miami-dade county will be ultra busy. parts of biscayne boulevard will be shut down for the dance festival. it's spring break. you can expect to see more police present on miami beach. jazz in the garden and home design and remodelling show. andlorida schools making this year's tournament. gators take on albany.
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court tomorrow. and midsummer night's dream. first performance tononht at 8 p.m. un survive-- um surviving. five ening in double digits and tw in double-double. they play saturday against wichita state. and coming your way, mutants return to fight another day. we have the sneak peek of x-men apocalypse trending. and we're waking p up to clouds around. we're going to keep them in place. temperaturewise it will be above average. this weekend could be a wet and stormy one. your complete forecast is coming up next. and in our next half hourr of new, from fun to fear.
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south florida high school. welcome back. if you're a marvel fan, you're going to love the new x-men movie. take a look.
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turn out to be alternate reality. they identify the origi of a species. thth latest trailer for the x-men movie focuses on the villain posing danger by apocalypse and four horse men. happy friday morning, south florida. hopefully everyone's off ta great start. we are waking up to mostly dry conditions. well to our north around north and central florida we are follow speak. clouds have settled in and 71 in fort lauderdale, 72 in miami, 76 degrees currently in key west. in the western suburb, the upper 60s to low 70s, homestead 67, hialeah at # 1, the bree is calm along the east coast and mainly out of the south and that
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of heat and humidity our way as we go into the afternoon. it's all ahead of this system producing downpours and round of severe last night around the florida panhandle. it does seem like it will be flebt the next -- next 12 hours. by tonight we shoul start to see scattered shower activity. better chance of rain, we bumped up the rain to a 60 percent of seeing times of rain. it won't be a complete wasas out. any time we see shower activity, we will see heavy rain and
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today marks spring and slowly workts way across the area. we have risk of rip currents in placac bay waters at a light chop with t coastal waters at a light chop. next high tide in dade and broward at 5:11, 7:08 in the lower keys. forecast highs once again on the steamy side and tonight's lows in the 70s with showers. the extended outlook is calling r times of wet weather through the weekend and much drier with temperature readings going down a couple of degrees.
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we will be right back. years ago, the united states pass dz the americans with disabilities act to in part allow handicap people to access the same p aces that everyone else goes. >> ashley: but is it now being abused by those who attack hundreds of businesses? here's special assignment report. >> reporter: questi, which side do you take? let's begin with patricia who needs a wheelchair to get around. >> i just wan access to that place of business so i can go in there, have a dinner, go to the best room, go shopping just like anybody else. >> reporter: when sheentioned
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businesses that are n n ada compliant, they don't have wheelchair ramps or their bathroom is difficult to useful she considers herself an advocate to force the businesse to follow the law. >> we have right to go any where and everywhere. >> reporter: tom bacon sues businesses on behalf of handicap people like patricia for not following the americans with disabilities act. >> it takes person willing t challenge the practice in federal court to get a place fixed. >> reporter: and then there's the other side, the businesses being sued. >> and got the subpoena and currently in a legal battle. >> reporter: on th day he was sued, several nearby businesses were also sued. mario's violation, access to bathroom is difficult t light
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need to be changed. >> we have disabled customers and none of them have issusu. >> reporter: it was spotted by a tester, a person like patricia, who travels around, sees violation and files suitful she's very busy at it, once seei 20 businesses in a day. according to court record, 220 businesses overall. she doesn't think this's excessive. >> i don't feel if there's somebody toatchdog over these issues, theynever be fixed. >> reporoer: he can sue several hundred places and said it's important to get it.
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>> my job is to get them out of litigation a quickly as we can and get access for the disabled. >> reporter: the attorney suing like bacon is usually paid for the business owner like mario, money to pay the other side and his attorney. >> if we're not compliant, i really understand that we have to remedy these things and fix them. to come at us out of nowhere, it's fair. it's not fest cal or moral. >> repororr: some people criticize her for going to so many places. >> one side of the story, testers have filed lawsuits against thousands of binesses costing a lot of money. there are thousands of businesses with ada olations.
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a new view of the driver major mistake. customers at local pizza shop in the bath of danger.
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getting ready to kick off. that is today in florida at 5. i'm ashley jones.
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more news in two minutes. a fiery situation in south
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a driver getting a new meaning to term drive through. > chilling moment when an suv slams into a pizza shop. and ready for one of the biggest musical parties of the year. ultra kicking off in downtown miami. and what happens when a magical teams up with broadway? fine out in our morning must see. good morning. i'm christine cruz. >> hi, everybody. i'm diana diaz. let's get a check of the weather. itis friday and almost the weekend. viv. >>hat's right. it is finally friday. we have some big weather c cnges happening this weekend. so far we're off to a mild start. it is mostly dry. we have more humidit and moisture in the air as clouds have settled in dueo a front nearby. that front bringing us possibly a wet and stormy weekend, so prepare accordingly. we bumped up the rain chances.
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and 76 degrees in key west. your day planner is going with isolated activity late this afternoon, mainly towards the inland areas. afternoon highs in the s especially in miami, which came a degree shy from tying the old record of 88 yesterday. by tonight, we're bumping up that rain chance to 40 percent and not a bad idea to have those umbrellas. going into your morning commute and we will have those clouds settle in overnight. i'll be backith the complete forecast. prettyry morning for this as we happen to have some serious wrecks out there. please save time as you're head egg oututhe door. i-75 has this ash, three left lanes blocked and we have delays. and instead of i-9595 i-95 has a crash southbound before pembroke road, the left lane is blocked.


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