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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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memorial in 2013. the president arrived to a light ceremony and today accompanying these visits, the playing of facingal anthem4 and review of the troops. earlier, the president paid tribute and the poet long coidered a symbol of cuba's independence from spain jose marti. the president paid special tribute to him tat guest book he signed at the museum that bears his name. the president wrote it is a great honor to pay transcribe put to jose mart who gave his life for the independence of the homeland. his passion for liberty, freedom an self-determination lives on in the cuban people today. the president's words at the guest book tat jose marti museum earlier this afternoon when he arrived here. the president and raul castro e involved in one-on-one, face
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speak. they will be joined by aids all together. they will be there about 9 # minutes and we will get insights and they're set t to deliver statements. not sure the will take questions but they will deliver statements and progress they may or may not have made and that progress will be this afternoon. live in havana, cuba, craig stevens, 7 news. >> diana: and now reaction to the president's historic trip to cuba. not everyone celebrating the milestone. >> christine: ann keil is live in little havana where protests are underway. >> reporter: i can tell you that the president's trip to cuba is certainly top on mind, emotions are run aring high. this group of protesters this morning, making sure their
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are in hand. signs with the words democratic party are being run over by protesters. theyeye drinking up and talking the president's trip to cuba. >> i think it's great. he's going to open up the minds of the people that have been enslaved for so long. >> reporter: the historic trip opening up a wide range of emotions. as you can see, protest among those with cuban ties. >> we are here to stand up for human rightsnd freedom for the cuban people. >> reporter: more than 200 people holding signs one reading cubans are human toos. the distaste for the castro regime is clear and they believe the president's new approach for misstep. >> w w come from country that
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tees last thing we're getting in cuba. >> reporter: in a statement, the congressman writes the president should refuse to shake the bloodstained hands of the oppressors instead meet withh activist who is are cuba's true leaders. and congresswoman ileanna ros-lehtinen had this to say. when president obama shakes raul castro's hand, the hand that is responsible for the murder of american, he should remember the many cuban who is have sacrificed their lives, liberty and property to negotiate this new partner. all eyes are on cuba and what might happen next. >> reluctant to believe it's going to do any good short-term. it may do gd long-term. we will have to wait and see. >> (inaudible). >> reporter: and we watched as one woman was run off by protesters.
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what we're seeing in little havana t. protests are expected continue throughout the day. reporting live, ann keil, 7 news. dissidents are expected to meet with the president >> diana: and many were arrested before his arrival. >> people in miami are the ones thatay them. they send people here. everybody in cuba knows that. torture? what torture? they never torture people here. >> reporter: protest in the face vowing to demonstrate every weekend for change. there was no torture seen in the street earlier sunday but there was this. otesters aligned under the hashtag, everyone marches provided to us and woman
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local journalist was attacked by local authorities. >> today he arrive chd h h was beaten on the corner over there. it left a lot of legions on him. he was bleeding a lot. >> reporter: in the sleepy neighborhood outside havana, the faithful is joined by journalists. palm sunday services drawing a massive crowd to the church of the ladies in white. were you invited? >> i am one of the people president. obama. they said first meeting. >> reporter: he is considering whether to meet with president barack obama to talk about his concerns about human rights on the island. >> i think it's not good idea to come here without pro conditions and president obamaas opportunity to stay the direction of the political process because until this
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taking advantage of the process. >> reporter: the ladies in white who fight for the release of the political prisoners take to the streets after a 45ir silent protest after mass. >> today is 46th day of detention of the ladies in white because we're all involved in the everyone marches campaign an pleading to the cuban government for human rights and liberty foror everyone. news. >> christine: the president is scheduled to deliver a speech this afternoon following his meeting with raul castro. a that's w en an toe owe said he will decide if he meets with the president face to face. >> diana: the president has a full plan today. here's ha is left on the schedule. in another hour he will have a sit down with raul castro and they will hold a joint news conference. from there, the president will head to an event to unite entrepreneurs with american businesses. stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the historic visit
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look for live reports throughout the week on 7 news and on today in florida. customs and border protectionlwith 22 cuban migrants offshoree along mile marker 24 of highway 1. they were dropped off in an island in the lower keys near key west. and a shooting overnight in the keys. it started with a domestic dispute and ended p up opening fire t. man on duval street lining up for a concert. he was shooting at a woman but hit three men. their injuries are said not to be life-threatening. the shooter, 34-year-old derek
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counts ofggravated with a deadly weapon. and spring is in the fore kavms let's get a check on that with meteorologist vivian gonzalez. >> vivian: thank you for joining us. it's been cloudy with the cold front and finally pushed through and temperature readidis have stayed on the cool side, especially this afternoon. now as far as tonight is concerned, we're going to need to break out those sweaters and jackets and then it's back to toasty by the middle part of the week. right now the loc storm-tracking radar showing dry conditions and it should stay this way throughout the majority of the week. the clouds have settled in sponse with the passage of the bay. right now 63 degrees in fort lauderdale to 65 only in miami with that strong wind from the north-northwest out of the cool air direction, right now to 18 miles an hour and rather gusty in key west u to 32 miles an hour and why we have beach an boating advisories in effect at
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we will have these advisories in place. if the skies manageeo clear out by tonight, temperature readings will tamble into widespread 50s tomorrow morning and in-house computer model run is suggesting just that. tomorrow morning before sunrise, low 50s around the inland areas to mid to upper 50s along the coast. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a few minutes. 7 news on the sustain of an ambush at an a.m. atm in fort lauderdale. a customer injured by an assailant with a knife. brandon beyer is following this for us from the scene o othe crime. >> reporter: that customer approaching the atm trying to use it to get cash out approached by the suspect, the 22-year-old man. the suspect pulled the knife out and cut him in the arm and upper body as well. weshow you surveillance video from a nearby gas station. you will see the victim rush into this gas stays.
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they give him bandages. they call 911 for him. you will hear from the person who calls 911. he goes outside. the fire crews get there and he's loaded up i i the ambulance and taken away. surveillance capred all. that let me show you another piece of video.o. this the investigation at the atm on davie road and 31st avenue. this was early this morning before the sun was up. according to police, this man was trying to use the atm when she was approached by that suspect, pulled a knife, cut him a couple of times. the person who called 911 said he was bleeding pretty badly when he came in the gas station. >> i ask him what happened he say. now i'm scaring,ou know. i you know i never see nothing like that happen. >> reporter: so the suspect got away t. victim is in the hospital. the injuries are
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need stitches for those stab wounds. the suspect got ay f. you know anything, call broward crime stoppers 954-493-tips. in fort lauderdale, brandon beyer, 7 news. police searching for a gunman after house party in p plantation. 28-year-old serge duh mas was injured. more tan 400 people were there near northwest 4th court and is 118th avenue. officers arrived. >> there was shooting and somebody got shot and nobody ended upetting up dead. when i heard, that i said man, i going home right now. >> reporter: the surviving victims rushed to broward health medical center f. you have any information, call 954-493-tips. the south florida teacher accused of having an
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a student now back in court. jason meyers slapped with two new charges of sexual activity with a minor and now will remain on house arrest. the english teach fired from palmetto senior high school after the sexual allegation surfaced. he had inappropriate relations with a student on at least two occasions. this year's ultra musical festival is history. >> diana: but sadly, one person lost their life and a woman was attacked. rosh lowe is live. >eporter: this morning we are getting news of a very disturbing arrest and happened over my shoulder at the metro mover station not far from bay front park. according to miami-dade police, it was a 25-year-old woman in town to enjojo ultra, instead,
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the ultra music festival in downtown miami iscomplete. over the weekend, they say there were 67 arrests, including 29 felony arrests. the county made arrest for sexual battery on employee, a metro mer supervisor, accused of sexually batring a 25-year-old woman from brazil who was intown for the ultra music festival. >> count one, no bond. >> reporter: they saw them take a heavily-intoxicated woman in a utility room. they found the man wit his zipper down and the woman unconscious. this occurring off 8th street. the weekend with also brought the tragic news of the death of a university of miami student adam reveen, a senior majoring
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he passed away after attending the ultra music festival. >> adam levine was heret ultra and apparently had a medical condion that required fire rescue to respond. >> reporter: according to an obituary he died from complications to a seizure. i knono the um community will join me in supporting adam's family and as many friends and honoring adam's memory during this dficult time, end quote. we heard from a verer close friend of adam. >> even if you never met adam, you knew his face and knew he was a great ambassador for the university. >> reporter: and the suspect mentioned in the story still in jail with no bond. as far as ultra, we will be getting a lot more information this afternoon as far as those $%
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live in miami, rosh lowe, 7 news. turning to the race fororhe white house, donald trump is meeting with about two dozen republicans. it comes ahead of a meeting. doug has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: after rowdy rallies in arizona, donald trump is trying to appear more diomatic, many see him as volatile, predictable and a threat to the party brand. >> donald trump said many times i can be presidential when ever i want to, this appears to be the day when he's going to try to be presidential. >> reporter: some gop hope his opponents will g g enough delegates to deny trump those necessary to secure the no,
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others considering a third party candidate to siphon votes away. >> trump has to transition from being a remarkably successful insurgent candidate to build know men tum that nobody thought% possible, make a transition over to being a president. >> reporter: the meetings come ahead of appearance of the american israels public mitt tee. and former secretary of state and front runner hillary clinton beat everyone to the punch appearing before the same group this morning. >> the united statesesnd israel must be closer than ever, stronger than ever and more determined than ever to prevail against our commoned a ed aed a ed aed a -- common adversaries. >> reporter: trump has been
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for lacking experience. pope francis has taken instagram by storm gaining more than one million followers in less than 122 hours. the first follow shows him kneeling in prayer in nine hang wages. the previous record was held by former soccer star david beckham. the pope's instagram francis cuss. coming up next, the first family not the only ones in havana. the tampa bay rays also on the island. the final touches being made to the stadium. they will be playing an exhibition game.
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may be bigger than anyone thought. they rounded up a ton of the reptiles. and predatory roud rage may
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with choose your adventure, you can explore four parks for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings. more adventures. shots are fire department, police kault -- call it a case
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the woman performed cpr until the police arrived. >> pop, pop, pop like a firecracker. >> reporter: a quiet sunday turning into anything but that. this neighborhood full of families. now the center of homicide investigation. a chaotic moment seen on video. this man giving him cpr trying to save him but he wouldn't make it. detectives on scene. the m died at broward health medical center. >> i called 911. >> reporter: this man said he was outside fixing his truck. his children not too far when the shots went off. >> very scared to see my children outside somebody shooting. >> reporter: shots rang out southwest 40th avenue and southwest 13th street in unincorporated fort lauderdale t. broward sheriff's office said it started as road rage between two men. >> and never think it would
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>> reporter: elitsa bizios, 7 news. >> christine: and we just got refraction the victim's mother. take a listen. >> i came down here. i'm not from here. i came down here and my son was dead, dead. oh no, no! >> christine: that's heart-breaking. sunday night police say they questioned the shooter and so far no charges have be filed. >> vivian: good afternoon, south florida. we have clouds around and this is going to us a little bit of a spring break with our temperature readings. it's been so warm for the month of march and now your afternoon commute looks mostly dry. let's look at these temperatures.
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65 i miami to 68 degrees in key west. the winds are out of th cool air direction and they're windy up to 18 miles an hourr in key west. gusts have beens a high as 32 for you. the front crossed through has left some c cuds and the front is anchored to a spin of low pressure that continues to spread snow over portions of boston, eastern long island including rhode island and cape cod. improvements they can look forward to seeing tonight and tomorrow morning. the nation's mid-section looks great. around mid-section of the country another cold front developing and this would come arrive in south florida late in the week. much of thth country feeling cool temperatures. 54 in dallas, 53 in salt lake city. here att home, temperatures will tumble overnight. we will need to break out those sweaters and jackets. little by little we're going to bounce back to warmer levels as
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the return of an ocean breeze. it should be toasty by friday and we're going to be introducing the next best chance of rain and not until wednesday, count on warmer weather and the possibility of an isolated shower. small-craft advisory in fect, biscayne bay is rough. extremely rough in the coastal waters of the florida keys. next high tide 7:36 tonight for dade and broward, 9:05 in the lower keys. the rest of the afternoon, temperature readings will struggle toeach 70 degrees. tonights lows if the clouds manage to clear out will tumble in the lower 50s inland. and on your extended outlook, we're going to be much warmer as we round up the week with a beer chance of rain on friday followed by the next front. and python round up in south florida. more tan 40 burmese pythons weighing about a ton have been rounded up over the last three monthsful one snake measuring 16
12:25 pm
it the largest male python ever documented in south florida. massive. resechers hope to study where they're living in order to catch other snakes. what do you think it eats to get to 140 pounds? >> diana: a couple of you. >> chrisisne: very funniful still ahead on 7 news at noon, a musical sign of the spring.
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gardens. some of the biggest names in
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sounds of jazz fill the air in miami gardens. they wrapped up with a highly anticipated performance. as chris van vliet report, fans were fired up. >> reporter: r & b star usher wowing the crowds. >> it's balance from the very beginning to the end. we got a little gospel, r & b,b, jazz. >> reporter: 70,000 fans packed in to the festival and success isn't measured by how many people come through the gates. >> what we measure are people having fun? that's how it built. >> reporter: a little rain didn't hamp l anything. >> happy to be here. it's my third time. >> reporter: ong with usher,
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face to nees name a few. baby face telling # he lvs being in south florida. >> you've arrived when you get to perform here. >> reporter: chris van vliet, 7 news. time fo a break and check on wall street. (stock market bell) >> the dow is up about 4 oints. the nasdaq is off a point and s&p is down almost 3.
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president obama and cuban leader raul castro coming tot for a ceremony not moment ago. cameras captured the moment first of two meetings schededed r today. the president laid a wreath at the tombf jose marti, the man they call hero for fighting for independence from sprain. and back home, locals protesting in the streets of little havana opposing mr. obama's visit. and a look at what's next on his schedule. in less than an hour he will be meeting with raul castroo again, in which they will hold a joint news conference. mr. obama will head over to ann event to unite entrepreneurs with businesses. and on the agenda, the great
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>> diana: that's right. tomorrow he will get a chance to play against -- or watch the tampa bay rays play against the cuban national team and alex diprato has a preview. >> reporter: major league baseball has shipped in 60 tons of clay. it's being added to the pitcher's mound. the field is being watered. outside, a fresh coat of blue paint being added to the walls faded by the havana sun. the sidewalk where thousands will step to watch the tampa bay rays take on the cuban facingal team is being repaired. >> we were chosen through a picking lottery and quite frankly, we're the best suited for it and going forward because as i said, the distance from here to cuba. >> reporter: major league baseball has sense security officials to havana. president obama and raul castro
12:34 pm
game in the 55,000-seat stadium tuesday. not just everyone can come to the game. the government has handed out tickets with the names of those cubans invited to watch. >> it is not so easy to get a ticket. >> reporter: why not? >> some people say -- well,itis not for everybody. >> reporter: you have to know somebody? >> yell, you got to know somebody, you know... >> reporter: to get a ticket? >> to get a ticket. >> reporter: nonetheless, the prospect of americans and cubans playogether has drawn excitement. >> the common bond between the to countries is baseball and i'm looking forbrbd to seeing the fans and how they react. >> reporter: he says very happy and proud that a game is going be played with a team outside cuba" they will be cheering on different team, this game may
12:35 pm
now haveore similarities than
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alex diprato, 7 news. lights, camera, action. a palm sunday live event taking place in new orleans. >> christine: and as shireen sandoval report, it's packed with music. >> reporter: the passion taking ceceer stage literally in the heart of new orleans sunday night.
12:38 pm
friendship, betrayal, faith and forgiveness. >> reporter: the live event hosted by tyler perry, a contemporary musical recounting jesusu last fite on earth. jim starring as jesus. american idol alum chris as judas. seal as pontious pilate and trisha yearwood as mary. she posted this, excited to work with this wonderful guy, hashtag, theassion live. and the show itself tweeting at chris on what he hopes you take away hashtag the passion live.
12:39 pm
people to take away is that we can come together as a people and accept who we are. >> reporter: and trending on twitter during the live broadcast. zach tweeting i'm already tiering up. can't believe this is on at fox tv. and tweeting jesus is hanging with the disciples drinking lattes sort of the bible meets friends hashtag the passion live. not everyone was feeling it. calvin responding with if you're gogog to call yourself a live show, don't pretape every sg with studio vocals and instagram filtering. some parts of the program were indeed prerecorded because of onset logistics. the massive stage and different locations making it impossible
12:40 pm
everything live. producers choosing new orleans for the musical because it resurrected itselel after katrina. they say it's a direct correlation to the story of jesus. the passion lives inspired by a similar production in the netherlands. each year a modern day musical is held on holy day in special chosen city. if sunday's show is a hit, producers plan to do the same thing here. shireen sandoval, 7 news. in reel news, zootopia claiming the top spot for the third straight weekend t. animated comedy rakingany that are than 38 million and now made more tan 479 million since its
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series far lower than two predecessors and roundong out miracles from heaven making $15 bucks. i'm mike dipasquale. the preview of the canes marching onto the sweet 16. pat riley talks fact chris bosh will be back this season. the panthers begin a big road trip for teams fiting for
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details in 7 sports. original italian comfort food with a recipe easy ands delicious. >> christine: you think we can make it? >> diana: easy. >> christine: let's grab a bite with belkys. >> diana: and delicious. >> reporter: hey, everybody. i don't know about you, but i love, love pasta. what i don't like is a pasta production. there's an easy way to get the flavor without the drama, so let's do it. you're going to need whole wheat pasta, butter, garlic, baby spinach, some grated parmesan cheese, and, of course, salt and pepper. we're going start by putting a little butter in that pan because that's your flavor right there. butter is fat and fat equals flavor.
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don't freak out. we're going to throw in two drove ins of minuted garlic. once you smell it, that's your cue that it's done. and now we're going to throw in the pass that that we have alady boiled. i turned down the heat so the garlic doesn't burn. we're going to toss it around so it gets coated with that butter. now we're going to throw in our spinach. it looks like a lotut it's going to built down. now is a good time. toss that in.
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so there it is. and for more information on this and click on bite and the latest and greatest on all things culinary. the canes back to take care of business. they're four-point underdogs.
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on on. and good plan to win the game. >> somes good to me. e back-to-back road trip in new orleans. ey enjoyed heat family fest over $6,000 raised for various chararies. the heat lost chris fwosh another blood clot. open minded. >> absolutel open minded. that's our position. we're just supportive of chris and what he's going through. we're going to wait and see what the future holds. we will see where it goes. >> and chen will be the opening day starter and signed deal in
12:48 pm
fernandez now second in the rotation with hitting coach barry nds. and goes three inningng struck out five and weekend set with louisville. they got two runs in the inning. handle it. zach score, 1-0 miami. louisville will get the next four. cardinals took the lead and this one came in the 6th with the bases loaded. not enough. miami loses 4-3. thth do take two of three in the
12:49 pm
panthers begin road trip. and cats blew a 4-1 lead in the third. cats lead the atlantic, ten games leftntil the playoffs begin. >> we stopped playing. we didn't get any chances. the pat mobile with stand that crash into the wall. he would be okay. the main draw play starts o& wednesday. that will do it for sports.
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a group of bartenders smiling ear to ear. their gratitudede tipping over after meeting a comedian. ashley jones in the newsplex with the rest of the story. >> ashshy: big smiles for sure. amy was checking out the block buster hamilton and bartender gave her a surprise. se posted pictures on instagram take aing in the block buster hit hamilton saturday ght. she and her friends got the hottest tickets in town, if you're lucky to get a ticket and enjoy a round of drinks. >> free double reds and one sam adams. >> reporter: they 0rderred a second round of drinks, $77. that's when bar captain wasas hit with the real show stopper. >> they paid with credit card and slipped me the slip and said
12:54 pm
get a tip. i look at it and i'm completely, completely shocd. >> and i notice her becoming totally still.l. she was totally shocked, you know, lookingt this piece of paper. >> reporter: bar manager has the receipt to prove are it. a $1,000 tip. >> i was speechless. first thing is, are you sure? he was walking away,yeah, yeah, of course. and i was thank you, thank you so much. >> reporter: they split it among the 7 selecting about $160. >> i started to choke up little bit, something i never witnessed like that kind of generosity and kikiness. >> reporter: schumer has been to hamilton before. >> she used to do bar tenng in the day. everybody knows she's
12:55 pm
how are they going to spend the windfall? >> put it to rent, go out for drinks. >> you know, really good chocolate. >> reporter: random people are commenting. i live off tips. this is unbelievable. and amy is no stranger to brbrdway despite her success to hollywood. she lives on the east coast and tapes her comedy central show in new york city. ashley jones, 7 news. and reminder as the president continues his historic trip to cuba, in a few minutes he is scheduled to have another sit down with cuban leader raul castro t. meeting will be held behind closed doors. >> christine: when it's over, they will hold a joint news conference and we will bring it to you live. i'm christine cruz.
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we will see you then. >> today on "fablife"... >> spring has sprung. spring cleaning, that is. >> and you might be surprised to find out what germs are lurking. a purse is filthier than a public toilet? it is true. (cheers) >> and viewers recreate some of our favorite looks. >> oh, my god! you look fabulous. >> plus, spring trends with hair god ken paves. >> beauty is liberating. use the hair as a frame to only
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(cheers and applause) >> welcome, everyone! you guys, as of yesterday, it is finally spring! (cheers and applause) how awesome is that? >> thank goodness! >> oh, my gosh, i can't wait. >> i'm so excited. >> and so, of course, today we are having a fab awakening and getting everybody ready for the warm weather that's to come, hopefully. >> yes, hopefully. >> hopefully, right? >> hopefully. >> yes. >> so, chrissy's out today, but we still have lots of goodies planned for you guys. so, our friend kenaves is back with everything you need to know about springtime hair. >> i can't wait. >> i know, so exciting. and we're also doing something i'm so excited about, you guys. we are taking some of our biggest fans and having them` steal our style. >> you can't have my necklace! (laughter) >> and that's a fashion show you guys will not want to miss. plus, we'll be cooking with chef eric greenspan. oh, my god, what an exciting day. >> this is gonna be fun, you guys. >> i know. i'm getting warm aeady. >> all right. well, 'tis the season for spring cleaning, but we wanted to do it in a little bit of a nontraditional way-- "fablife"
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starting with something that women love the most-- our handbags. >> yes. >> oh, i was gonna-- i thought you meant your husband. >> oh. i love him too. i love him very, very much, but this is just in a very different way. (laughter) all right, so earlier in the season, we put our handbags to the testo find out who had the dirtiest bag. take a look. >>ou guys know i swabbed all of your bags, mine included, when y'all weren't looking. so, no-- but it's true, though, 'cause you know i had to get in( there because i had to see which one of you guys were the filthiest of all. okay, well, you all heard about leah's bacteria and everything that was in her bag and how much fecal matter was on there. >> okay. >> and then we also tested lauren's. so, i'm gonna say the person that's the germiest of all is lauren. >> (screams) i cannot believe you broht that mess up again. >> sorry, lauren. >> wait, has it t anged your handbag routine? >> it's changed everything. you guys have no idea how crazy-- what kind of psychoses i go through now when it comes to, like, anything touching anything else. like, you know-- >> do u wipe your bag down every day? >> i wipe everything down.


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