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tv   Channel 7 News at 4PM  FOX  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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a couple of hours ago, they had a news conferencend spoke about the historic meeting. >> the united states recognizes progress that cuba has made as a nation, it's enormous achievements in education and healthcare,, and perhaps most importantly, i affirm that cu's destiny will not be decided by the united states or any other nation. what i've said to president castro, we're moving forward and not looking bards. that we don't view cuba as a threat to the united states. [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: in order to move forward to its normalization, it will also be necessary to return the territory illegally occupied by guantanamo bay. >> give me a name or names, or when after this meeting is over, you c give me a list of
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have those political prisoners, they will be released before tonight ends. >> reporter: earlier in the day, presidt obama paid tribute to a cuba independence hero. he called it a historic moment. and he then wrote in a guest book, it is a great honor to pay tribute to jose marty, who gave his life for independence in his homeland. >> the embargo is going to end, when, i can't be entirely sure. but i believe it will end, and the path that we're on will continue beyond my administration. the reason is logical.
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for 50 years, did not serve our interests or the interest of the cuban people. >> reporter: tonight, raul castro holds a dinner for the president and the first lady at the palace of the revolution. in havana, cuba, a ax diprato, 7 news. >> lynn: as president obama's historic trip puts the spotlight on cuba, some cuban dissidents made their voices heard, especially ladies fighting for liberate. havana, with that story, robbin simmons. >> reporter: palm sunday at st. rita's church outside of havana, ended with a silent march d dn seveval blocks, and then dozens of protesters backingent cubanan dissident, no more hunger flyers flew, and with uncanny accuracy, antonio rodriguez described what would happen before it did.
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repressive is the cuban regime. and a couple of blocks, you're going to see people thi they bring here to repress us. >> they detained all of us. everybody who participated in the march was detained. >> lucinda was there. she's carrying her white clothes were her, she says, so she can t to her destination without being stopped. we talked to the two protesters hours before their arrest. >> they were like this, because they're husband and wife, and they were dragging them on the ground. gomez too. >> reporter: we spoke to a lady in white he was here alone, because she said a meeting was happening at 11:00. she was unable to make it quod. the moment we went down the street, we turned around and she doesn't carry a cellphone because she doesn't want them to
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the ladies in white fight for rights on the island. for any who question their rights, gonzales says this.% >> in other countries, the police protect you. in cuba, it's the opposite. this is a right that all cubans white. all cubans have a right to gather in protest. >> reporter: that's robbin simmons there, and now to the reaction in south florida. not eperybody is applauding the president's historic trip cuba, lorena estrada has their >> reporter: well, everyone agrees that they want to see historic change in cuba, but what's dividing them is how its playing out. many are not happy with the images of mr. obama shaking has with raul castro. and at least half a dozen protesters were making that loud
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let's show you what i looks like. you'll see protesters carrying signs and chanting things liketrator, and stay in havana, obama. they say that they do not see how this trip will actually bring change to the people of cuba and believe that the u.s. has gone too far, while receiving nothing in return from the castro regime. that's one side. and we also have heard from folks who support, and believe that mr. obama is taking necessary steps to bring change to the island. mr. focuses on the issue of human rights. let's listen. >> people have suffered. it has been very hard, the communism. but i feel that the change is inevitable. however the opposition is, how the community feels about it, i think that it's the best thing ever. >> i hope that it's courageous enough to talk about human rights and to talk about the
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in cuba, his own visit is causing repression against the dissident movement inside of the island. and he should raise his voice for them. >> i don't see anything substantial happening on their side. so at this point in time, i am very reluctant to believe that it's going to do anything short-term. it may do good long-term, but we're going to have to see. >> reporter: some are open mined and they want to see what comes of this trip, but first, they want to hear what mr. obamamaas to say when he addresses the ep of cuba tomorrow. and you better believe that many south floridians will be watching it closely. lorena estrada, 7 news. >> reporter: okay, lorena, much more ahead on president obama's visit to cuba. from cuisine to a be baseball game.
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coverage. >> lynn: also now, a live look outside of our north bay village studios, where much of south florida is cool, and nippy night is ahead. >> and the breeze stirring up biscayne bay as well. a big change for us in south florida. most of this month of march has been on the warm side, going back three weeks now. you ha to go back to february before you find the temperatures as cool as you get tonight. so if you didn't have the jackets out today, they're going to be needed, especially into the laid evening hours, and tomorrowow not as windy. after that, we can start to see the temperatures rising quickly. the keys, south florida, everybody in the mid 60s now, heading for lots of mid 50s. coral springs, hialeah, mid 50s when you get up on tuesday morning.
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of miami-dade, as well as the keys. slightly colder across the western suburbs by just a couple of degrees. we have the winds pretty strong out of the north. that will be the case tonight. and then a turn out of the south later this week, and we'll allow the temperatures to spike back up to spring levels. back with all of thehe forecast in a few minutes. >> craig: now to a news alert. sosth florida teen has gone missing, and blood hounds out on the search to find her. >> lynn: jessica holly has the latest developments. >> reporter: that's right, a desperate search for a 13-year-old girl who the police say is mentally challenged. this is the town park area in overtown, and the police as you see in the park, as the police for the park,ou sigh the pictures of the little girl. we have a f fer. jasmine went missing last night
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17th street. the police say that she was wearing a pink to and striped packaga bottoms. and at 3:15, we spotted the child. they took offff with several officers following, headed to hospital. and we have a look from overhead. 7's skyforceover the area, and you can get a better look at the search area. a 13-year-old child who the police say has the mental capacity of a six-year-old, missing at 10:230 last 10:30 last night. in the overtown park area. they're very concerned about her safety. she's 13 with the mental capacity of a six-year-old. if we get more on this, we'll
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live from miami's overtown neighborhood, jessica holly. >> lynn: also, a man's desperate cry for help after he was slashed by a dash crazed crook. church that's when they and the unthinkable. >> reporter: well, that victim is still in the hospital. he has undergone a surgery today, and he's willing to talk to the detectives about today. but first, you see the victim run into the gas station where the attempted robbery occurred, he didn't get away with money, but did seriously injury this man, trying to get money from an at off of davy boulevard and 31st avenue. they enter the gas station, and give him towels and call the paramedics, and he's eventually
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let me show you another piece of video, the investigation underway. and the atm is reopened and the bank has business as usual. that's all happening before the sun came u this morning. we spoke with the man who called 9-1-1 as the rim is rushed into the gas station. >> he just say call 9-1-1, because i'm dying, he says. so now i'm scared, you know? no, i never see anything like that. >> reporter: so the victim should be okay. he's in the hospital. and he has had a surgery today, and he's waiting to talk to the detectives. meantime, the suspect got away. and we don't have a description. but if you know anything about the attempted robberyt the atm in fort lauderdale, call broward crimestoppers. 954-493-tips. brandon beyer, 7 news. >> craig: a man in be trouble in
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officers said that what started as a domestic dispu ended with bullets flying. it happenedn duvall street in key west. the officers say that he shot at a woman but instead struck three n. >> i heard what sounded like firecrackers. and then i heard another pop and my forearm went numb. i wasn't expecting this for sure. >> craig: the victims were taken to the hospital nearby, and darryl david is charged with three counts of battery with a deadly weapon. stay with us for more on the story, a live report from key westast 6:00. >> lynn: ahead on 7 news, road rage taking a tragic turn. and now the police are investigating why a driver was driven to shoot and kill another man. >> craig: a ceo with a
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tennis players >> lynn: after the ultra mic festival. that's not all. >> craig: the snow is not don
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northeast. >> controversial comments about players caused an uproar by players. serena williams slamming him for s comments. >> lynn: now donovan campbell has more. >> reporter: miami hits the key,
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we have tdean the comments made by one of the tour executives. before the open, indiial well's ceo, raymond moore had things to say about the women tennis players. >> they're on the tails of the men, and they don't make any decisions. they're very very lucky. >> if didn't stop there. >> if i was a lady player, i would go down every night on my knees and thank god for roger federer, because they have carried the sport. >> reporter: women's world player, serena williams, took exception to moore's sexist remarks after her match. >> i don't think that that's a very accurate statement. i thqnk that there are a lot of women who are exciting to watch and a lot of men exciting to watch. i think that those remarks are
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very inaccurate. >> reporter: wow, after catching major flack across the globe, the 69-year-old from south africa called his comments in extremely poor taste and erroneous. >> craig: ming up at 4:00,
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for tech. >> craig: apple unveiling new gadgets and price cuts as well. showing off the se. and it measures in at just 4 inches, and it's smaller than other phones right now, and it has the same processing power of their i-phone 6s. and the company releasing new apple td apps as well at this conference. including a march madness app. and a space exploration app.. officials are celebrating one year of the apple watchith the discount. a $50 slash from 300 to 250. >> and good afternoon, everyone. on this monday, we're feeling a bit different here in south florida. much of the day in the 60s, an that's a drop of about 15 ,
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mid 60s in broward. 64, and miami, 65, as well as key west. everybody with a breeze, with a steady barometer, and the winds e a little bit brisk. the relative humidity making for some very dry air that's in place. that was at 38%, and there's nothing on the radar. you'll remember, we were tracking showers around here over the weekend. and long gone now, though we have lingering clouds. so the front is through, and pressed to the south and the east us. we won't worry about that front, it's not coming back in our direction. but we're worried about the air behind that, and see these thin clouds in our way out of the west for the most part. and if those were not there, we would find temperatures slightly colder than what we expect during the night and during the day on tuesday, when temperatures will be falling into the others for all of you.
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from the 60s to the 50s, and that will be the cas around daybreak on tuesday. also tonight, places, gainesville up to ocala, to the west of jacksonville and the southeast, bracing for frost a freeze warnings. moving out to the western atlantic, and that will usher in warmer aware for us. ifawe have another front later on in the week, deep into the week, it will be from the western states, that's where the active weather is this afternoon. small aft advisory this afternoon, and keys with rough ters. winds out of the north-northeast. and the temperatures on the chilly side through mid morning tomorrow, and then notice a steady warming trend, back into the middle 80s, and that will
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friday with a few raindrops. >> lynn: that is 7 news at 4:00, i'm lynn martiz. >> and i'm jeff lennox.
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ahead. >> anchor: off the top at 4:30, road rage taking a turn when police say an argument spun out
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good afternoon, a man shot o o a residential street. >> lynn: a woman performing cpr% until help arrived, but it would be too late. nicole linsilata has more on our top story. >> reporter: well, lynn, deputies say that this began with one driver cutting off another, and one of the drivers followed the other to his own driveway here to his own house, followed him home, and according to the deputies, that was the decision that would cost that man his life. >> just tell me why he did that to my son? whying? why? why did you do that? >> reporter: but the broward county sheriffs investigators before that they know why don william alvarez was shot to death. he and 28-year-old jack molino were involved in a road rage incident on sunday. and according to deputies, alvarez wouldn't let it go.
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and detectives have recovered surveillance video that was on a cellphone, the girlfriend's cellphone. she was in the car with her boyfriend when this was going on, and it shows them actively pursuing this individual. >> reporter: in front of bellino's home, bellino made it clear that he had a gun. >> he even asked someone nearby to call 9-1-1. he was clearly not the aggressor, based on the statements that have been taken, and the video thaha the detectives have been able to review. >> i hear a pop, pop, pop, and i see the lady in the garagag performing cpr. >> alvarez shot and the efforts to save him too late. the police believe that thi is a case of self defense, b b a mother still in pain. >> i don't understand why he took my child. >> reporter: now, according to the deputies, they say that bellino does have a c ccealed weapons permit. and they, based on the


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