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tv   Channel 7 News at Noon  FOX  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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shut down an we are now learn tag people there now are being told they can move around again. it was rush hour in brussels, belgium tuesday when the attacks broke out t. attack happened at the airport where at least two explosionsent off. more than a dozen people were killed and at least 81 others were injured in the blast. folk there is werer seen on video running for cover. the belgium prime minister saying this is what he feared while also extending his condolences to those affected. >> ladies and gentlemen, what we feared has happened, our country an citizens have been hit by blind, cowardly attacks. >> omar: the airport shut down an evacuated. all flights cancelled to that airport. three suicide belts packed with ebbs employeesives have been found at the brussels airport by police. other sources say shots were fired and shouts in arabic were
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after the terror attacks in paris last november, the president there is speaking o condemning the attacks in belgium. >> it was europe that was aimed at and the whole world was just concerned. we have to bear in mind the extent and the gravity of the terrorists threat. >> omar: and not far away at the metro station, another attack. the mayor of brussels confirming at least 20 dead and 55 injured in the metro station blast. the subway system was shut down. witnesses describe the chaos. >> total confusion. there were upset women falling down and crying. it was truly hell. >> omar: the attack on the subway happened close to a government building. the european commission locked down their staff after the attacks. in cuba, president obama reacting to the news. >> president obama: the thoughts and prayers of the
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people of belgium an we stand in solidarity with them of these outrageous against innocent people. we will do whatever is needed to bring those responsible. >> omar: belgium has raised their terror thrt to the highest level urging people to stay where they are. the foreign chief broke down during a news conference. european officials have been bracing for an attack for weeks no and warned that the islamic state was preparing for another attack. >> president obama: thisp is another reminder that the world must ite. we must be together regardless of nationalili or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> omar: and we have learned the airport in brussels will remain closed at least until tomorrow. social media stepping up to make sure folks are safe. facebook has activated their safety feature where peoplen
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everyone know they are okay and hashtag open door is being used for those folks tt were stranded on the street. people opening up their homes giving them a warm place to stay. this afternoon live in the tellite center, omar lewis, 7 news. >> christine: we are hearing from some of the passengers inside the airport and subway station during the bombings. >> diana: ashley jones continues ou coverage from the newsplex with the accounts of those attacks. >> ashley: the brussels p airport and railway remain shut down during this morning's deadly attacks as terrified passengers describe how they ran for their lives. >> leave your luggage here. >> ashley: belgium on high alert after massive explosions at the airport and subway system in the capital. it shows people running for their lives, others stunned by what happened. >> it was very loud explosio >> yes, it was. it was not something that fell
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that fell kind of shock. >> i heard it i. was in duty 3. very frightening. >> ashley: passengers describe being evacuated by the airports. >> they had us wait out by the gates almost a half hour and evacuate by foot to the, to the, on the airport tarmac bringing us back towards the main building and the airporthere we could see the damaged windows of the airport, an aot of military obviously police, fire and planses arriving on the scene. >> ashley: the scene also chaotic outside one of the subway stations also targetedn brusselsful emergency crews rushing to help the injured taking many of them away in wheelchairs and stretchers and others treated on the scene.
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downwnfter a suicide bomber struck there. and france's top security officials say they are now reenforcing security at all of thr airport, train stations and metro stations. in addition to being famous for its beautiful country side, chocolate andndbeer, it's quickly becoming infamous for recruiting growed for jihadi fighters as well. what we feared has happened says the prime minister. our country and citizens have been hit by blind violence and cowardly attacks. belgium has been a h h bed
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cities and there were no checks between the nations in the european union. intelligence agencies had been on high alert since friday since accused paris conspirator arrest salah abdeslam. >> one of the most important foreign fighters we were looking for. >> reporter: he tole authorities they were planning attacks. it's unclear if the brussels terror attacks were already planned orr direct response to the arrest or if it'seven his terrorist network that set them into motion. officials had been after his attacks in france and the arrest wasn't t end of their search. monday french an bellgium officials annnced t another and attacks were set off one day after his sketch. it's also exporting them as
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nations per capita belgium has the highest foreign fighters to join isis and syria. and security being s spped up here in south florida following the bombings in brussels. lorena estrada continues our coverage now live from miami international airport. >> reporter: well, it is very clear that miami international airport has really stepped up security here. we've seen heavy police presence. there's been police activity an we've talked to pasasnger who is are waiting to see how and when they will get to return home to belgium. near concourse g at miami international airport, two belgium men wait to learn when they can return home. they were on a flight to brussels until tragedy struck.. >> it's horrible. really horrible to hear it an at the end of your holiday and horrible for the family. >> reporter: they're relieved
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mourning the losses of others. countries around the world on high alert. security visibly heightened. heavy police presence and k 9 units around the terminals and authorities conducting random inspections at airport entrtrces. there's no direct threat to miami international airport, but they want to keep travers safe and make them feel at ease. so that's what is happening here at miami international airport. everything is operating normally. i want to take you to fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport there where they're also on a level of high alert. security also has been stepped up because, again, security always a concern hen something so horrific happens. i can tell you both airports are taking the necessary precautionsful they want to make sure a a travelers feel safe and both airports also asking
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they're advising travelers to give yourself plenty of time before coming to the airports. live at mmi international airport, lorena estrada, 7 news. security also being s spped up immediately across new york city. the nypd boosting the number of police officers by the thousands on the streets and subway systems across the city's five bureaus. and heavy presence at jfk and la guard ya and increasing vigilance at all higho file areas. >> this included heavy w%apons teams, special weapons teams transit k 9 special operation division, k 9, vapor weight dogs that can move through crowds and detect suicide bombers on the move. the terrorists want to undermind our democracy. they want to see news a panic an refuse to be afraid and refuse to change who we are.
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made it clear there is no specific or credible threat against the city at this time. >> diana: and stay with 7 for theh latest on the terror in brus els. we will have mumu more on the newscast and our web site as well, as we heard a few moments ago, 4he president's final day in cuba started with a message to about belgium delivered in english and spanish. >> diana: craig stevens joins us by phone from havana with more on the president's speech. >> reporter: good afternoon. the president did begin with a brief statement on the terror attacks in brussels, pledging to do what's necessary to find those behind it. behind the great theater here in vana in a speech broadcast on government-run television, the
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sated he's come here to bury the last remnants of the coraled war in the americas. >> president obama: today as president of the united states of america, i offer is cuban people [speaking spanish] i have come here to bury the last remnant o othe world war in the americas. i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people particularlyy as so many cubans came to america. in miami, you can find places to dance the cha-cha-cha or the salsa. our countries have sung along
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estefan an now pitbull, many of our people share a common religion, a faith that i pay tribute to at the shrine of our lady of faith in miami. swe have open relations andnd begun initiatives to cop rate on health and agriculture. the people o both sides of this debate have asked why now? why now? there's one simple answer. what the united states was doing was not working. we have to have the courage to acknowledge that truth, a policy of isolation designed for the cold war made little sense in the 21st century. the embargo was only hurting the cuban people instead of help chlg and i always believe what martin luther king jr. called the fierce urgency of now. wehould not fear change but embrace it. as president of the united
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lift the embargo. cuban people. it's a burden on the americans who want to work and do business or invest here in cuba. it's time to lift the embargo. but even if we lifted the embargo tomorrow, cubans would not realize their potential without continued change here in cuba. i believe that every person should be equal under the law. every child deserves the dignity that comes with education, health care and food on thehe table and roof oaf their heads. i believe citizens should be free to speak their mine without fear. to organize and to criticize their government and protest peacefully.
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not include arbitrary detentions of people who choose to exercise those rights. i believe every person should have the freedom to practice their faith peacefully and publicly. and yes, i believe voters should be able to choose their governments in free and democratic elections. this is not just about politics. this is about family. people are people an cubans are cubans. we can make this journey as friends and neighbors and family together. [speaking spanish] >> reporter: the president from the outset has set the human rights picture here improving that is among his primary goals. an he met a group of people who have dedicated their lives in doing that at great personal cost. he met with about a dozen members tellingng them that during
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they are doing work to bring about t a free cuba. this the afternoon president will end his visit to the island at the exhibition ball game bebeeen the tampa bay rays and cuban national team. after that, he's scheduled to debart argentina about 3:30 in the afternoon. we will be at that game as the president winds down his trip to havana, cuba. reporting live, craig stevens, 7 news. >> christine: and stay with 7 news and for the president's hihioric trip to cuba. we will have much more throughout the day. in other new, rob ford, toronto mayor losing his battle with cancer. he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer in. his can rear nosedived after cellphone showed him intoxicated and apparently smoking crack. he was 46 years old.
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noon, more on the top story of the day. terror attacks in brussels. at least 36 dead and 136 injured in bombings tat brussels airport and at a subway station. and in south florida, a disturbing discovery involving a teenagerful and house up for sale not worth much anymore.
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come back. a group has claimed responsibility for the bombing. the brussels airport will be closed through wednesday as well. and you may be wondering what's being done to keep us safe? >> christine: rosh lowe is live to tells. >> reporter: that's what a lot of people are asking. are we say here in south florida? let's get into some video now. we were just brought into a special room at the miami police department. they have cameras that are set up at strategic aas throughout the city of miami, for example on biscayne boulevard. they havav people inside of the police department here that actually monitor those cameras. and what law enforcement is telling me,t t is so important at a time like this especially, for the c@mmunity and law enforcement to work together,
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we just spoke with the deputy police chief. let's listen to what he told us. >> the most important thing is that we have to protect ourselves. we have to be vigilant. we have to be cognizant of our surroundings and work together in a unified manner to prevent these terrorists acts to occur. we have the see something say something campaign. it opens the doors for the police department and community to communicate with each other and provide information that is critical and crucial, not only in prevention but should action occur. >> reporter: and you saw where that camera is set up there. what the deputy chief was talking b about, if you're out there onhe streets and you see something suspicious, they really to want to hear from you. we talked to law enforcement from miami-dade to miami police throughout south florida and this message continues to resonate. just last month, they went
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here, active shooting drills. they say they will continue t do this but they need the community's help. much more comin up on this later today. for now live outside the miami police department, rosh lowe, 7 news. and me information on the suspects in that brussels attack. >> diana:: omar lewis has more on that. >> omar: we want to get you the latest information coming into the newsplex. belgium police are asking for the public's help identifying the man o the right of the screen in the light colored clothing. he may be a potential suspect who may have information about the attack on the airport there in belgium this morning. that unknn man seen dressed in the light colors is thought to be linked tohat bombing that left 14 people dead. the idedeity of the other two men on the left of the screen is still unknown at this point. police and prosecutors there in belgium confirming they do want
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of your screen, potentially a subject who has some information that they could use.
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from the satellite center, omar [ experiencing technical difficulties ] >> reporter: and some walls have been ripped apart to address hot spots. firefighters are still on scene. to make sure there are no additional problems and clean up some debris again, two fire investigators also on scene to
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reporting live in north miami, ann keil, 7 news. skyforce hd over the scene as a business burned in hialeah gardens. fire fighters dousing the hot spots alonon 99th street and 79th avenue. cellphone viewer sending photos of the flames as i ihappened. if you can do so safely, snap a picture or send vis you to hashtag send it to # 7 at and they're investigating who he is and how he died. and still ahead on 7 news at noon. south florida, wetarted off on the chilly side of things and conditions are startinin to warm up. we didn't reach any records and what can we expect throughout the remainder of the day and the week?
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historic change in relations with cuba giving green light to the cruise line to set sail for
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good afternoon, south florida, this is how we woke up. 57 in miami and florida keys in the 60s. temperatures pleasant in the 70s. 70 currently in fort lauderdale, 72 in miami to 73 in miccosukee. the local storm-tracking radar continues to show dry conditions. we really won't introduce a chance of rain in the forecast until friday. the breeze is already swinging around m me off the ocean from the north-northtast between 12 to 14 miles per hour.
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miles per hour to even 24 in miami, roughing up the seas for swimmers and boaters. it is this ocean-type air that will warm things up gradually throughout today and going into tomorrow. the big view is showing the northeast looking at improvements and more snow stting to impact the upper great lakes region and we have more cloudiness on the western half of the country with a developing cold front, that will eventually spread more snow around the plain, upper midwest, great lakes between wednesday and thursday. it is 47 in men minute, 33 in salt lake city, 61 in los angeles and heading to the northeast, 40 in boston to 52 degrees in washington. our forecast is calling for high pressure to b b the dominant feature throughout the next couple of days. it's going to slip slowly in the western atlantic ocean. as that happen, we will have a better accomplished breeze out of the east so keep things toasty each afternoon, highs i i
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we will remain mostly dry, moisture will start to move into the area as we go into thursday and friday with the front approaching parts of north florida. we're going to start to bump up the rain chances thursday, an isolated chance, a better chance of 245 happening onn friday. we do have a small-craft advisory in effect. the east-northeast wind will continue 15 to 20 knotsnd seas building five to nine feet around biscayne bay. coastal wats in the keys are very rough with an east-northeast wind between 15 to 25 knotts. 8:15 is next high tide in dade and broward. forecast high wills top off in the 70s. ernight low this is the 60s. the extended outlook is calling fof a better chance of rain friday through saturday, much nicer and warm through easter sunday. this's your 7 on 7.
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giving clearance to start sailing to cuba. right now only one city will take cruise line passengers to the island naon. >> diana: sheldon fox with the travel fans. >> reporter: cue the commercialism, crowds of hungry tourists an cruise ships. so far it's just one ship operating by fathom. come april 1, it will be officially open to cuba. >> today we made history. carnival operations has become the first cruise company in more than 50 years to be granted approval to sail to cuba. >> reporter: they made their historic announcement on a day president attended a meeting of entrepreneurship as part of his visit.
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cruise expected to pull in in may. >> reporter: here's how it goes. it starts on sundayful you would set sail at port miami at 4:30 in the afternoon and get to havana late the next morning. you will take in the flay vors of old havana. >> will take you to revolutionary scare where you will see and walk where the pope has visited and given o'ruation and whether or not you agree with politicians of the castro regime where a lot of speeches have been delivered. after havana, you will hit santiago and another before getting back to miami the sunday evening. >> what they are booking is completely new an different and realal exciting. >> reporter: the booking process really isn't all that new. through carnival you can book a trip to cue baffle >> similar to other travel. >> reporter: it will run you a
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you would also be one of the american cruisers to hit havana in more than a half century. sheldon fox, 7 news. >> diana: and to travel, you'll need an american passport, visa and signed affidavit tha your ear going to cuba for cultural policy. time for a break andnd check on wall street. (stock market bell) >> the dow is downright now ten points. the n ndaq is up six and s&p 500 is off almost a point. 7 news is coming right back. what would you do, if you could choose your ultimate adventure?
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race like a cheetah at 60 mis per hour. or fly down a waterslide. with choose your adventure, you can explore four par for less. enjoy any two parks for just $99, then add an additional park or visit for only $10 more. more visits. more savings.
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police need your help this afternoon. they released a rape suspect. >> christine: ashley jones is live with more. >> ashley: it's march 13th rape and bbery. the victim was walking southbound on grenada boulevard when the unknown male suspect grabd her, stole her property and sexually battered her. the suspect is white hispanic male 30 to 40 years old, 5 feet seven to five in feet nine. he was muscular build, possibly driving a white suv or van.
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sketch of the suspect in that crime. if you have any information call crime stoppers 305-471-tips. deadly terror attacks rocking brussels belgium. isis has claimed responsibility for killing at least 30 people. today belgium officials are conduct ing conducting raids to find those who unleashed chaos t. entire area was shut down andn now people are being told they can move around again. it was rush hour in brussels belgium tuesday when the attacks broke out. it happened at the airport where at least two explosions went off. more than 81 others injured in the blast. folks there seen on video
12:37 pm
the belgium prime minister saying this is what heeared and an extending his condolences to a l of those affected. >> ladies and gentlemen, what we feared has happened. they are hit by blind, cowardldly attacks. >> reporter: all flights are cancelled to thatairport. reports say three suicide belts packed with explosioniviv have been found at the brussels airport by police. other sources say that shots were fire department and shouts in arabic were heard before the two explosions. after the terror attacks in paris last november t president there is speaking out, condemning the attacks in belgium. >> it was europe that was aimed at and the whole world was just concerned. we have to bear in mind the extend and gravity of the terrorist threat. >> reporter: and not far away
12:38 pm
the mayor of brussels confirming 25 dead and 30 injured in the blast. the subway system was shut down. they describe the chaos. >> total confion. there were upset women falling down and crying. it was truly hell. >> reporter: the attack on the subway happened near the government building. the commission locked down the stafffter the attacks n. cuba, president obama rcting to the news. >> reporter: the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. we stand with them i these outrageous attacks. we will do whatever is nessary to support our friend and ally to bring those responsible. >> reporter: belgium has raised their terror threat to the highest level. they have been bracing for
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that had the islamic state is preparing for attack. >> president o oma: this is another reminder that the world must unitefel we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of rrorism. and this afternoon, belgium police are asking for the help to identy the man seen on the right of the screen. the unknown man in light colors and hat are thought to be linked to the bombings this morning. the other two identities are not known. this jt into the plex this afternoon, governor rick scott ordering that all flags be flown at half staff at local and federal buildingshroughout from today to monday.
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satellite center, omar lewis, 7 news. and team coverage continunu now at miami international airport. >> christine: lorena estrada is there as security is stepped up. >> reporter: that's right. we have been here all morning. it's very clear that miami international airport reay beefed up security. we are seeing 4e6 i have police presence. we're talking officers in twos and threes. you will see video of that in a moment. you will hear of passengers stranded waiting to learn when and how they will return home to belgium. near concourse g at miami international airport, two belgium men wait to learnhen they can go homeful they were on a 5 p.m. flight to brussels until tragedy struck. >> it's horrible. it's really horrible just to hear it and at the end of your holiday and it's horrible for the people and the families. >> reporte they're relieved their families are okay an more than 200 families are mourning the losses of their lved ones. countries around the world are
12:41 pm
security visibly heightened at mihm myself tuesday. heavyolice presence and k 9 units in and around the terminal. increased patrolsnd conducting random inspections at airport entrances. they say there'sp no direct threat to miami international airport, but they want to keep travelers safe and make them feel at ease. so that's what is happening here at miami international airport. let's now take you to fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport where you'll see much of the same. they are also on a level of high alert there as always. they're also beefing up security, wanting to make travelers feel at ease. again, safety always a concern when something so horrific happens. but both airports taking the precautionary measures, everything they need to do to make sure they feel at ease once again. so that's the latest here from
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we'll be right back.
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wiped out every number on every phone. >> diana:f they can't retrieve them, what do they have to do for you? find in and out help me howard with prick fraser. >> reporter: keith roberts has his own company helping small businesses supply for government contracts. >> i can contact the business and say hey there's an at no time here and i would like for you to look at the opportunity and see if it's a fit for you. >> reporter: keith travels a lot and uses his cellphone to stay in touch with his krkts. >> i would say several hour isn't as because that's the nature of the beast. you have to have a data base of vendors to go to. >> reporter: he bought his wife a new phone and planned to give his work phone to his daughter. >> her information from old phone transferred to new phone an i would have my old information from mine to my wife's because i would be in
12:46 pm
everything was done. he goes home. >>he said honey, where are the numbers? i did not checkt the store. >> reporter: the numbers had not been transferred. they had been deleted. >> look at the phone and shocked because pi wife's numbers are missing. my numbers are missing. >> reporter: keitit went back to the store. >> the contacts were deleted a all three of our phones were what you call wiped clean, meaning nothing on the phones. >> reporter: all of the contacac of potential customers that took ten years to accumulate were gone. >> there were several hundred contacts in home data base, not to mention the 300 on my wife's. they're all gone, unfortunately. >> reporter: the phone company and a corporate office said there was no way to retrieve them. keith was stunned. >> it took the win out of me literally. i cannot believe that this is happened.
12:47 pm
what can you do if this happens to your phone? >> legally, you are out of luck because we checked with four major cellphone companies. in the contract that you signed, they are not responsible for data loss transferring one phone to another. meaning they do not have to compensate you. >> reporter: we first contacted t mobile. since he signed a form promising not to disclose what t mobile did, they can't talk and spokesperson said we were happy to reach a successful resolution. >> delete does not mean delete. >> there is a factory reset. they made it as brand-new phone. >> reporter: despite them being wiped clean, robert off aered to find contacts and found quite a few.
12:48 pm
from one of the phone and the other no contacts able to be recovered. >> reporter: good news for keith. >> very attemptive -- appreciative of the services provided. >> reporter: be sure to back it up. >> it's important to back they will up. do that regularly. >> reporter: we all know we need to back up our phones but when is the last time you did it? if it's been a while, you might lose that phone tomorrow with all of your contact information. got a problemou want to delete from your life, wiped out trying to fix it? phone us. hopefully we can find a backup for you and dial up a solution.
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fraser, 7 news. occupied car going into canal in coral springs. >> christine: 7's ralph rayburn is above the scenes to tell us what's going on. >> traffic reporter: >> traffic reporter: combrae, good afternoon, ladies. a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed southbound in the area of ramblewood road and atlantic went through the guardrail here, a cement guardrail here, destroyed that guardrail and ended up in the water. now coral springs fire rescue responded along with the police department and there are divers in the water right now. they have located the vehicle. there may be one person still strapped inside that vehicle and
12:52 pm
what we are hearing also they have a number of phone calls about that occurring from witnessshis is the area. the canal bank here, there are officials on both sides of the canal bank north and south. they have lowered a ladder down to let them get in the water. as we get more information we will get back to you. we're going to throw it to commercial.
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break. terror attacks rocking brussels, belgium. >> christine: omar lewis is back in the satellite center for the latest. >> omar: it happened in brussels today when the attacks broke out, killing 30 people and injuring more than 100. this noon the belgium police are asking the public's help identifying the man on the screen in the ligig colors and hat. he's believed to be part of this. two attacks happened, one at the airport where more than a dozen re killed and 80 people injured and second one at a meo station. that does it for in the satellite center, omar lewis, 7 news. thank you for watching. i'm christine cruz. >> and i'm diana diazful much more coverage throughout the day. real-time closedaptioning
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company. >> today on "fablife"... >> the '90s are back. >> yes! >> don't call it a comeback, but it i >> oh! it's a full house in here! >> jodie sweetin and andrea barber. >> cut it out! >> plus, "dadaing with the stars'" kym johnson. and super fly '9-inspired beauty trends. >> like it or not, you guys, blue eye shadow is back and in a big way. >> talk to the hand because booyah! >> high five. thank you very much. (cheers and applause)
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>> welcome to "fablife!" you know what? thursdays get all the love, so we're making today throwback tuesday, and we're taking it back to the '90s. >> yes! oh, nice. >> amazing, right? >> any excuse to post an old swimsuit photo of myself. (laughter) >> so, look for that. but today's show is also gonna be that and a bag of chips, you guys. we are showing you how to bring quintessential '90s hair and makeup style into 2016. and you know what else is back from the '90s? >> what? >> "full house." >> oh, i know! i know. >> we love it. and this time as the netflix hit "fuller house." and of course we'll be cooking with two of the stars-- jodie sweetin and andrea barber! i'm so excited. >> oh, my gosh. >> and since we like to eat around here, we're actually gonna get things started off in the kitchen, you guys. we are there with another special guest. leah, lauren, take it away. >> hey, guys. thanks, joe. well, nobody understands personal transformation quite like our next guest. as a dance pro on "dancing with
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celebrities like jerry springer and donny osmond and turned them into ballroom superstars. >> i am dying. i love "dadaing with the stars." >> and now she's ready to transform the way you think out dieting. please welcome author and two-time winner of "dancing with the stars," kym johnson! >> kym johnson! (cheers and applause) >> hello. >> (laughing) >> a group hug. a group hug. >> so much love. >> we e e so excited. >> you look fabulous. >> thank you very much. you look gorgeous. >> fabulous. fabulous. and congratulations because you are recently engaged to your former "dancing with the stars" costar, robert herjavec. >> he's such a cutie. >> he's such a cutie. i mean, you never know where u're gonna meet someone. >> that's right! >> so, yeah, thank you, "dancing with the stars." (laughter) >> all right, so you took this season off to focus on your new book. >> yeah, i have a new book out. so, people wouldome up to me all the time and say, "i wish i could be on 'dancing with the stars'" to transform myself like the stars do. >> me too! >> we both want to come. >> 'cause you see that, dot you? but we're training eight hours


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